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Ronald Reagan's death
Nancy Reagan kisses her late husband's coffin
It has been a week since Ronald Reagan, the actor who became America's 40th president, died aged 93.

Mr Reagan's body returned to California yesterday for a private sunset burial at his Simi Valley presidential library.

His 1981-89 White House tenure was marked by the Cold War climax and the beginning of the end of Soviet communism.

The final years of his presidency were overshadowed by the Iran-Contra scandal, with Mr Reagan accused of failing in his constitutional duty to uphold the law of the land.

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Thank you for your tributes to Ronald Reagan. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your comments:

His death was tragic because we never had the benefit of his company after he left office and his demise told us what we already knew - that is, that we never would. He was a man of goodwill, common sense and a common touch that all of us related to. However, the coverage of his death was overkill. I'm not the only person to get Reaganitis after watching the repetitive commentaries for a week.
Kurt E. Matthews, USA

Blind nostalgia seems to have obliterated the memory
Eran, Belgium
Blind nostalgia seems to have obliterated the memory of Reagan supporting the impunity of right wing dictatorships in Central America and elsewhere; to spend enormous amounts of money on absurdities like Star Wars while people were hungry and homeless; to accuse the indigent of being homeless by choice. This is the man whom America is now mourning as though a saint had passed away? This is the man America wants to immortalize by placing him on US currency - or maybe on Mt. Rushmore?
Eran, Belgium

What stands out in my memory is when he emptied the patients of the mental hospitals. We started to see what was rarely seen before in America; homeless people on the streets. Reagan's reaction was to deride them as derelicts and say it was their fault. I also remember the mass firings of the air traffic controllers as a way to break the strike instead of negotiating. Then the cuts like those to housing assistance for the poor. Yes, he could laugh and be genial. He was well off. I cannot erase all this from my mind.
Eileen Senko, USA

Great sadness. He was the last President (like his policies or not) who was well grounded, knew himself and had a sense of his place with God.
Daniel Sullivan, USA

Like all of us, Ronald Reagan was human. He had human failings and also a genuine sense of goodwill towards all. It hurts to read the harsher comments made on a man who tried so hard, with remarkable courage and conviction, to leave the world a better place than he had found it. Did I agree with his politics entirely? No. Did I have great respect for him as man? Yes. Thank you Mr President, for showing the world how much can be accomplished when you combine grace with wit and integrity.
Heidi, USA

He had a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face while stabbing you in the back. The rich got richer, and the middle class and the poor got poorer under his leadership. The US went from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation under him.

President Reagan was among the few real leaders that knew the direction the world needed to go. He weakened the clutches of communism in El Salvador.
Carlos Huezo, El Salvador

I remember watching Mr Reagan on the news throughout the 1980s and he was always something of a cool dude to me. He had a lot of charm and charisma, something very endearing about him and I am saddened by the news of his death.
Mark Farringdon, UK

His love for the US was indeed infectious
Emmanuel, USA

President Reagan was one of the greatest Presidents that the US ever had, and he was one of the greatest world leaders. He was not afraid, along with PM Thatcher, to stand up to the Soviets and break down that contagious epidemic. President Reagan was a true patriot and his love for the US was indeed infectious. Thank you President Reagan for making us all proud to be Americans. May God Bless Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan and the United States of America!
Emmanuel, USA

Conviction and compassion best characterize Reagan. One the greatest Presidents of the USA, despite his unconventional background.
Jean-Pierre de Nes, Houston, TX

What do I remember about the Reagan era? I remember the social security benefits to my recently widowed mother and her children were dramatically cut. (My father was a professional working for the government at the time of his death.) I also remember each of my brothers having great difficulty receiving decent loans for college.
JoAnne, USA

I have only just begun to appreciate Reagan's qualities as former president
Kurian Abraham, UK

With his passing, Reagan's historical legacy will surely begin. He let the American people see the light after years of Presidential mismanagement. Reagan accomplished the almost impossible task of restoring public faith in the American presidency. I believe this is his greatest personal accomplishment. Even more so than helping to bring the Cold war to an end. I have only just begun to appreciate Reagan's qualities as former president of the United States.
Kurian Abraham, UK

He took a country that did not believe in itself and made it proud. He was a very great man and an exceptional human being.
H Jerry Haris, USA

During the Reagan administration I was 11 - 19, as a budding young liberal I remember hating him and his politics. It seemed like he was against everything I stood for. But over the years and looking back at history, I have softened my views of him. I now have to admit that he was the right man for the times and it is hard to imagine the 1980s without him.
Jennifer, Chicago, USA

A very influential and yet controversial president. On the one hand he was instrumental in the downfall of the Soviet regime, but on the other hand he wreaked economic havoc with his reagonomics. Many people have forgotten that that caused one of the most severe economic downturns in American history.
Arnoud, Netherlands

It seems the combined press services in the United States are tripping all over themselves to find ways to lionize Reagan
Peter Martinez, USA

I had great pity for Mr Reagan when I learned he was stricken with Alzheimer's disease but my pity was tempered with having lived through two of Mr Reagan's terms in Office.

It seems the combined press services in the United States are tripping all over themselves to find ways to lionize Reagan. A man who never went to war, effectively immobilized and nearly bankrupted the Federal Government, tacitly approved the inane philosophies of the religious right, gave tax breaks to those already enormously wealthy, spent a great deal of time heating up the Cold War to a very dangerous level, accrued a horrible track record on environmental issues and let a cabal of bungling amateurs run the government.

His personal war against the communist bogey man whose mainstay was the already crumbling Soviet Empire, led him to illegally support the very regimes the United States is currently at odds with.
Peter Martinez, USA

Ronald Reagan was just what the US needed at the time. Reading some of these comments, I am somewhat disgusted with many of the negative remarks. Mostly from people outside the US, who's leaders have constantly been disappointments - perhaps if they had a Ronald Reagan, they would understand the effect that Reagan had to so many.
Dalo, USA

I was really young during Reagan's time as President however I know some things from learning my history: I do not admire Reagan as a President, nor would I have many positive things to say about him. How could someone represent our country who doesn't even have the good intentions for every body? How could we so highly revere someone whose policies were to aid the rich and hurt the relatively poor? How could I respect a former President who supported the oppression of so many Latin Americans in the name of democracy? A contradiction I think instead.
S Patel, USA

Malaysians fought and beat the communist terrorists years ago. President Reagan brought it to an end in Europe without a shot being fired. Well done!
David Anandarajoo, Malaysia

Reagan's reckless defence spending gave us a huge national debt, which was finally brought under control by higher taxes in subsequent administrations. He also gave us trickle down economics which really just amounted to most Americans getting trickled on. Don't understand why so many people were impressed with his phoney bologna.
Lynn Anderson, USA

Reagan's foreign policy played a critically important role in normalising relations, bringing the Cold War to an end and making it possible for the Iron Curtain to fall down. The final results came after his presidency, but he helped get the snowball rolling. Those who cannot see that are ignorant. I think I speak for many Europeans when I say that the defining moment of his presidency to European eyes was the speech he held outside the Brandenburger Tor in West Berlin. "Mr Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" I'll never forget that. May he RIP.
Boye Bjerkholt, Norway

I was a young boy when Reagan was elected but even I could see the turnaround the US made under his leadership. His greatness has only been magnified since then by the ineptitude of his followers. If I live long enough to see another American President with his abilities I will consider myself lucky.
Anthony, USA

Cheerful and charismatic which tends to obscure dark and inhuman policies.
Andrew, USA

However, as he's passed, curiously I find myself remembering him as a fine American president
Jeremy, USA

As a libertarian I found Reagan's tripling of the deficit frightening and his interventionist foreign policy in Latin America appalling. However, as he's passed, curiously I find myself remembering him as a fine American president.
Jeremy, USA

President Reagan has been the best President our country has ever had. He was the main force behind the collapse of communism in Europe and was always a determined and smart President who carried out many outstanding accomplishments.
George Rodriguez, USA

A great man of all times has gone. Though I was born and brought up in the poorest part of the world (Bumbo, Uganda) where there was nothing modern, be it running water or a normal toilet, everybody knew and admired President Reagan. He was the man and he will always remain the man in our minds. Hey Mr President, may your soul rest in eternal peace.
George Mafaabi, Japan

We love you Mr Reagan. Two of the greatest American presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, were born in Illinois. May he find the peace he strived for in the next realm.
Jason Canon, USA

He leaves the world a better place
Andrew Evans, Greenville
What did Ronald Reagan do? He had the vision and conviction to liberate millions of people behind the Iron Curtain from the tyranny of communism. He also set in motion the greatest economic growth the world has ever seen. He leaves the world a better place. I thank him for his service to the world.
Andrew Evans, Greenville, SC from Yorks, UK

Ronald Reagan was a great president and will be sadly missed by all. My sympathy goes to his family. I salute you Mr President.
Richard, UK

I didn't agree with his politics, but he was a nice guy.
Andy Daniel, USA

A charming actor and shallow individual, who lucked upon the highest position in the world. I lived in the former USSR and will never forget how he called us "the evil empire".
Laura, USA

This is unbelievable. Though the Reagan family have my condolences, neither I nor any of my twenty-something friends agree that Mr Reagan was a great man in any way.
Diane la V, USA

While it is tragic when anyone dies, I think that it is important not to forget some of the small details of Reagan's time as president such as the Iran-Contra Affair, escalation of an ineffective war on drugs and grossly over-sizing the US military. Additionally people should be sceptical of the media spotlight shifting from the prisoner scandal to an American hero.
Nat Needham, Nepal

As a person who was born during the Reagan years, I am honoured to have been born during a time when a great man brought about the demise of, as he put it, an "evil empire." He divided the world into two spheres: good and evil. With his pure ideals and sincere optimism, we can continue to bring freedom to the world, as he did.
Brett, USA

He was the right man at the right time in history.
Robert Word, USA

The same passion he brought to fight communism is needed today to fight terrorism
Patrick M Callaghan, Toronto

This marks the beginning to the end of the Great Cold warriors. Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul II saved millions from being enslaved by the Soviet empire. The same passion he brought to fight communism is needed today to fight terrorism.
Patrick M Callaghan, Toronto, Canada

Reading the comments posted on this page and listening to the coverage on American television, I am struck by the diversity of opinions expressed him and the policies he pursued as president. Whether or not one admires or damns his presidency (I admit to not being impressed) he proved to be an individual who was impossible to ignore. Perhaps that is the great triumph of his life.
Jeffrey Curnoles, USA

Having been an eighties child I can only remember the Reagan years, he is one of my personal heroes for bringing about the end of the Cold War as well as thawing the freeze with Russia and include them to bring about a safer world... may he rest in peace.
Kieran Klaus, UK

The danger of Mr Reagan is that apparently many people are willing to forget his policies because he reminded them of a respected grandfather figure for the country...What does that say about us?
Brad, USA

God bless Ronald Reagan, who was not perfect, but did his very best at a tough job at a tough time in American history.
David, USA

Weep now America,
for a son of the Republic is lain to rest,
he now awaits his beloved Nancy,
in that shining city.
God bless you Ronald Reagan.
Kirk, USA

Ronald Reagan was one of a kind! He was the first candidate I ever voted for, and back in 1980, we needed him. He gave us back our pride, and lifted our spirits when we needed it most. The rest of the world called him a cowboy, and they were right. He was forthcoming in what he said, honest, and down to earth. He was not untouchable. I cried the day he was shot and I cried again when I heard he died. I hope he is in a better place where all the jellybeans are red and his ranch goes on forever. God bless Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy.
TG, New Jersey, USA

He stands as a wonderful testament to the American dream - anyone can become president, even actors
Pete, UK

Why is it that some of the posts on here are from Americans upset at criticism of their former leader? Just because I don't agree with the actions of the US president doesn't mean I hate the country, nor is it improper to remember someone's faults along with their victories. Although I think that many of the things Reagan did were wrong, he could have done a lot worse; and he stands as a wonderful testament to the American dream - anyone can become president, even actors.
Pete, UK

I am a Liberal Democrat, and at this time I can only remember a couple of things which I thought Reagan did well. The speech he offered the night that the Challenger blew-up was brilliant. Still, he led a secret war in Central America, sold weapons to our enemies, ignored the largest epidemic since polio was conquered, and ran the national budget straight to hell by running the highest deficits ever. Who in their right mind would want that back. He was great with ceremonial stuff, and would have been a great American King, but as a President he wasn't as hot as many now believe he was.
Bruce, United States

The man of creativity, he did what he thought. He took Russia out of Cold War. May his soul be kept by God for peace.
Surinder, India

When his tough policies brought freedom to Eastern Europe, including my home country of Latvia, my boyhood dreams came true!
Girts Jatnieks, USA

I first learned about Ronald Reagan as a kid from his movie Law and Order where he played a reluctant former Marshall who took on a star to rid a town of bad guys, and later in Prisoner of War about the tortures and brain washing of North Korean POW camps. He was my ideal for truth and justice. When his tough policies brought freedom to Eastern Europe, including my home country of Latvia, my boyhood dreams came true!
Girts Jatnieks, USA

When I was 18 he was a guest speaker at a high school leadership conference. He inspired and led the country out of the dark. He is and will be important.
Jim Walker, USA

At the time of Mr Reagan's presidency I was a child under 10 years old living in the Soviet Union. I can remember very well the caricature of Reagan riding the nuclear bomb on our school's wall newspaper and adults talking about him as of an "evil hawk". After growing up, it was surprising to discover that he was actually an excellent president and played a very important role in the Cold War outcome.
Tanya, Australia

Reagan may have been a nice guy to meet, however his policies were a disaster. The Iran Contra scandal, Grenada and the general Central American atrocities were outrageous.
Garry, Canada

Let's not engage in revisionist history and distort the reality of his Presidency. A great communicator, but a man who cut numerous programs for underprivileged people. Reagan simply did not champion the rights of all individuals.
Nedra Campbell, USA

He once said in the eighties, "this is the end of nothing and the beginning of something". Now is the real end of a gallant leader, a legend. May your soul rest in peace dear Mr President, our thoughts are with him as a free world.
Fidel, Harare, Zimbabwe

His best feature was his charisma - but he used it to the advantage of the few at the expense of the many.
Charles Barnard, USA

Our great leader is gone but never forgotten. He made our world a better place. Thank you to our non-American friends for your tributes. Perhaps his death will bring the world a little closer as did his life. Go with God, President Reagan.
Jim Swiger, USA

My husband and I are saddened by the death of our former President. We also supported him as governor while living in California. Mr. Reagan's love for America was contagious to all who followed his political career. He made us hold our heads up just a little higher. Thanks you Mr President.
Catherine Riley, USA

He made us feel good about being American. He was a good speaker and just fun to be around.
Russ Black, USA

Ronald was the only US president that if ever he was on telly here in the UK then I would actually sit down and listen to him. It's a sad loss
Maryann, UK

Reagan was damn right about nature of socialism - as right as Maggie was. I thank them that I can write a comment for the BBC so freely here in Latvia. Because they won the Cold War.
Ritvars Eglâjs, Latvia

His legacy especially in foreign policies is overrated. History will not remember him as a major contributor to the crumbling of the communist block. Gorbachev played a much more important role in that process, at least from a continental European point of view. Despite Reagan's poor economic record with an abysmal budget deficit, it did not prevent him from being re-elected.
Wilfred, France

Let's hope he is now at peace
Dee, UK

After reading all the comments listed here, what most people seem to have forgotten is that he was a human being who suffered from a most debilitating illness. Let's hope he is now at peace.
Dee, UK

Remember him. Respect him. He was a good man and a fine President. He gave dignity and humour to the 80's.

It is sad to see Ronald Reagan finally pass away. He had that rare gift of being a man in power with a great sense of humour. This clearly helped break down the barriers in his international dealings and negotiations.
Alan Lane, Thailand

As a young, naive and idealistic socialist, I disliked him during his presidency. Having had the benefit of additional years of life experience and seeing the world develop, I now appreciate the man for what he was. Ronald Reagan was one of the all-time greats - his vision made America great again.
Neal Richardson, USA (ex-UK)

I was only 15 when Reagan left office. But for me he was the Father figure of this country. When I think how a President should act and speak I think of him. He always said the right thing and had this amazing way of making us Americans feel safe. I am happy knowing he is now at rest no longer suffering. God Bless you Mr. President¿
James, Seattle, USA

A man of integrity and charisma
W E, Singapore

A visionary, an optimist, a man of integrity and charisma, a great communicator, a peacemaker... the list goes on... Thank you and God Bless President Reagan...
W E, Singapore

He made being an American more important than being a Republican or a Democrat. He gave all of us not only more respect for the governing process but for the people in it. We have lost all of that. But we do remember.
Bob Guy, USA

I am so proud to have served in our Armed Forces while he was in command. They were very anxious times, but his confidence and conviction filtered down to even the newest enlisted personnel. We respected his command because we believed in him and his views.
John Wlodarek, United States

The USA and the world at large will miss such an influential, inspirational and beloved leader, Ronald Reagan. My deepest condolences go to his family and friends. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Dennis Ssembajjo, Uganda

Whilst we celebrate the victory of the D-Day landings, let us spare a thought for the man that finished the job off and helped to unite Europe by making the Russians realise that they could not hold onto the countries that they swept through whilst helping us defeat the Nazi war machine. President Reagan was truly a great man. So great in fact that I believe that both the EU and US should have a national holiday on every 5th of June from now on and to celebrate this great man's life.
Graham Wright, UK

I shall be forever grateful for his eternal optimism about this country
Jenn, USA

Ronald Reagan was and still is my one true hero. He opened my eyes at a young age as to what it meant to be an American and what it meant to live in the land of opportunity. He was a man of strong beliefs and truly in my opinion, the greatest American President of my lifetime. I shall be forever grateful for his eternal optimism about this country. He was a true patriot. RIP and thank you, Mr. President.
Jenn, USA

As a liberal democrat, I cannot believe that I yearn for Reagan's civility, humanity and conviction, which is so lacking in the political realm we have today. I did not like all of his political views, I often deeply disagreed with him. But our current leaders have much to learn from this president about honesty and courage. As wrong as Iran-Contra was, at the end of the day, he took responsibility. May he rest in peace and may his legacy remind us of the importance of civility and statesmanship in political discourse.

I was born in California in 1957, and grew up while Mr. Reagan was our Governor and then President. I may not have agreed with all his politics, but he is the only real leader of our country I've ever known. He really brought us together and represented us well in the world arena. I can only hope to see another such true leader as president in my lifetime!
Betsy Miller, USA

He was a man of his time
Danny, Romsey, UK
He was a man of his time, I admired him greatly. History will show what he and Margaret Thatcher achieved through an attitude of quiet strength. The free world should be grateful.
Danny, Romsey, UK

My deepest condolence to his family and his nation. A great leader who will be truly missed.
Kay Rentta, UK

Reagan was a great man and a great leader. I will miss him but feel relief that he is no longer in pain.
Sean, USA

I was barely 17 when I joined the Air Force under President Reagan's leadership; so I grew up in a military barracks. He would never have sent us into harm's way without the best the country could provide, and we loved him for it. Goodbye my President. May you rest in peace.
Drew, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

President Reagan visit to Russia in 1987 was a new experience for me. I participated in the preparation of one of the events - the speech in Moscow State University. We worked together with the White House Communication Agency people: that was really good example of co-operation of the ordinary people of the Soviet Union and the United States doing small but important job. At the time I felt we put a very small stone in the foundation of the new relations between the Soviet Union and the West.
Andrei Sedin, Moscow, Russia

The world cries out for a leader with the stature of Ronald Reagan now, one of the best U.S. presidents.
John C. P, Canada.

While Americans and others will remember Ronald Reagan as a great leader, who ended Communism in the world, some, especially, those in the Third World would remember him as a leader who turned his back on them. During his administration, those countries who criticized his foreign policy were denied of American foreign aid.
Jimmy, USA

Laudatory comments here show that a stock of simple ideas and clichés, when presented by a competent actor, goes a long way in the USA. That's what's worrying about the country - and we're witnessing more of it now, just somewhat more garbled. Reagan was unfailingly amiable, but is that necessarily a good thing in a president when he is also uninterested in detail and totally unanalytical?
Allan Healy, Australia

He was a perfect symbolism of America: You love him, but you don't know why.
Maurice Achach, Kenya

Be silent, honour him. A great man and leader is passing us.
CF Olivier, South Africa

Whether he ended Communism is highly arguable (it seems that Welsea and Gorbachev are better choices), but it is clear he is a true American patriot. Of course, that has little meaning to the rest of the world.
Angus Tse, Hong Kong

I voted for him twice. Enough said.
Keith Rolland, United States

He could talk the talk, and unlike most other leaders, when the time came, he could walk the walk
Francesco, Sweden

Reagan had the guts to fight for his beliefs. He had the guts to act decisively. Nowadays people see that as warmongering - these people prefer endless diplomacy to decisive action. These people pay the price with other people's lives, not their own. Reagan would not stand idly by - he could talk the talk, and unlike most other leaders, when the time came, he could walk the walk. A true hero.
Francesco, Sweden

A true giant has passed from the scene. He will surely go down as one of America's greatest presidents.
Robert, USA

If anyone here is interested in knowing more about Reagan than just his charm, they should read the work of Noam Chomsky.
Necip, Dubai

Say what you like about Ronald Reagan, but for me, there was never a time like the first part of the 80s and with Reagan's passing those memories are also fading. Whether it be his comical statements or actions, the issues he was involved with, or just the way he seemed to energise the Americans, he made US politics interesting. Interesting to watch, interesting to follow. Since his term ended it has never been the same with lacklustre presidents who barely hold a candle to his charisma. He may have been a lot of Hollywood (smoke and mirrors) but it sure made for good viewing. Giddyap pardner...
Edward Krzywdzinski, Australia

I am puzzled by these descriptions of Regan as a great man. Are we not referring to the same Reagan who tried to topple various (democratically elected) Central American governments because they had different beliefs about how to run their countries?
Haluk, UAE

Reagan was president during most of my youth. I'm part of the last generation that will have lived during the Cold War. Right or wrong, Reagan was instrumental in ending that conflict. Looking back, life under Reagan was pretty good.
Joseph Kraft, USA

To the man who won the war!
Måns Montell, Sweden

America has lost of its greatest charming leaders. Reagan has shown us that charms and romance can enrich the life of a political leader. He is in fact a patriot for his country and the civilized world. Reagan will be missed a lot!
Walter Lodwa, Torit, South Sudan

Reagan was a charming man. Period. We vote for puppets and the president is nothing but a figurehead... our government is actually run by Wall Street, oil, chemical/pharmaceutical, military interests and so on. It's a thankless job... condolences to the Reagan family.

There was a time when Reagan was a film star that I used to like seeing his films
Thomas Lowry, Cirencester

There was a time when Reagan was a film star that I used to like seeing his films however, when he became the US President, and started to get friendly with Thatcher that turned me against him.
Thomas Lowry, Cirencester, UK

At my 64 years old I have seen the ex-President Ronald Reagan's style of life as a good example to be copied for younger people around the world. God bless his soul.
Francisco José Ribeiro, Brazil

A great man has died. He was intelligent, principled, informed and dedicated to decency. He and Margaret Thatcher led the West out of a malaise and for that can never be thanked enough. It is sad to read comments from the bitter, the obstinate and the uninformed. They cannot let go of their hatred long enough to see the real Ronald Reagan. The great man who did more than his part in fighting the Cold War. The man who should be honoured.
Ken, Florida, USA

One of the greatest Presidents in American history. He had a simple, united vision of the world that he carried with such passion that he transformed it by ending the Cold War. Interesting that it is only persons west of the Iron Curtain who question that legacy.
Dan Oberg, USA

A charming B class actor and supreme A class statesman. Never to be forgotten.
Peter Alexander, Hong Kong

He said what he believed
Robert, Minneapolis

President Reagan was a great man. Not because he was a great politician but because he said what he believed. He helped lift America's spirit after two decades of tumultuous events. He wasn't perfect but I respected him. God bless President Reagan.
Robert, Minneapolis, USA

He wasn't the best (but then who was?) and he wasn't the worst President. You can't judge him by the standards of 2004 since times have changed, but in 1980 - 1988 he was the right man in the right place.
John, UK

Ronald Reagan's youthful optimism was truly admirable. I will always remember fondly the gentle and good-natured way in which he responded to harsh personal attacks. In words and actions, he revealed himself to be well-reasoned and genuine, rather than petty and defensive. I will always remember President Reagan as a patriot.
Rita Beeman, Texas, USA

There is mourning in America for the greatest president in my lifetime. President Reagan will be greatly missed and leaves a wonderful legacy for love of freedom that continues to this day.
Tina Buchanan, USA

A true great man.
Peter Lyon, Costa Rica

I will not celebrate his death, but neither will I mourn. It is hard to mourn for someone who gave weapons to a country to kill its own people. Yet another sad example of American democracy.
Brenna Park-Egan, USA.

Ordered the bombing of Libya in 1986... not sure what that achieved apart from killing my 18-year-old cousin while she was sleeping in her bed and countless other civilians. He was just another corrupt, greedy, warmongering president...not much different from the one we have today.
Karim MB, London

Sad that he was stricken with that awful brain disease in his last years. He certainly made the 80s interesting
Rob, UK

A monolithic figure in post-World War II history. Arguable as to whether he made the world a better and safer place by bankrupting the Soviet Bloc. It might have collapsed under its own weight without him, but I think he accelerated its fall. Sad that he was stricken with that awful brain disease in his last years. He certainly made the 80s interesting.
Rob, UK

He deserves to be on Mount Rushmore!
Craig Traylor, Houston, Texas

My sympathy goes to his family, He was a great man and a good President. We all miss him
Manuel Diaz, USA

A man devoted to principle and founded on optimism. History will judge him well; a far better president than many acknowledged at the time, not least in Europe. Perhaps George W Bush's presidency will have a similar fate?
Al, UK

What exactly did this guy do? Everyone talks about his legacy, freeing the world of communism etc etc. What legacy? Trillions of dollars in debt? Iran-Contra Lies? Freeing the world of communism - you are all confused - that was Lech Walesa and Pope John-Paul II. Great actor? Maybe. Great president? Never!
DSF, Germany

I met Mr Ronald Reagan in the 80s on his visit to Costa Rica. He surely impressed me for his way of communicating with the press and his fellow men, his energy defending democracy and the most clear foreign policy of the US in the last century. The Contras affair and Glasnost and the end of the Cold War are part of Reagan legacy. My condolences to his family, friends and the brave people of the United States.
Tony Villeda, Costa Rica

I am lost for words.
Simon, UK

A very sad day, the death of a truly good American president who brought the Russians in from the cold
Barry Hedges, Scotland

A man of conviction. A man of strength. A man of peace.
J. S-H, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Rightly or wrongly, his straightforward views and cheery disposition made life worthwhile.

There is nothing but praise to spare for President Reagan. He was truly a great politician who eventually brought down the Iron Curtain. May he rest in peace and always be thought of as the great liberator of Eastern Europe.
Christian A. Hehn, Hanover, Germany

Rest in peace, Mr President. A great man, a great presidency. The one blackspot on the Reagan legacy would be the failure to pass immigration reform during his first term, when bipartisan support was there. A small omission, but his Shining City on a Hill will fall because of it.
Jay Maxwell, USA

This guy proved the point that anyone with enough money and enough publicity can become president. Maybe there's hope for Arnie yet.
Matthew, UK

It's sad when someone who made such an impact in the world moves on. Just be glad that he is in a happier place now. My deepest sympathy to his family.
Fitz, UK

His leadership will be missed, his legacy will live long after we will be gone
David Valente, USA

I would celebrate no-one's death, but neither will I mourn for Reagan's passing. His comment of "They that live in sin shall die in sin" for those with Aids can never be forgiven.
Tony, UK

Ronald Reagan: the president who, in a time of politicians, proved himself a statesman; the leader who, when others demanded compromise, preached conviction; the gentleman who, in time of average men, stood taller than anyone else. The world is a darker place for his departure, but his legacy will live for an eternity. May he rest in peace.
Neil Saunders, UK

It's strange that out of all the American presidents Ronald Reagan was the one I remembered most; he just seemed so different from the others. It's a shame that he had to spend the last 10 years of his life fighting such a horrible disease.
D Burnham, UK

It's difficult to remember anything good about the Reagan/Thatcher axis of power except that it is now consigned to history. Perhaps he can rest in the peace which he so assiduously denied to others during his years of office.
Derek Blyth, UK

Thanks to Richard Nixon, Reagan was not the worst president of the 20th century, but with the Iran/Contra scandal, he came close.
M. S. Dow, Northampton, MA, USA

Words cannot express the mixture of sadness and relief that I feel right now. Sadness at losing the finest President in US History. Relief that his suffering, and his family's, is now over. His leadership will be missed, his legacy will live long after we will be gone. God bless you, Ronald Reagan.
David Valente, USA

Yet another Republican warmonger
Tom Amos, England
A much maligned and mocked president who I believe history will record as having done more than most to rid this world of the tyranny of communism.
Mike, UK

A very sad day, the death of a truly good American president who brought the Russians in from the cold.
Barry Hedges, Scotland

Ronald Reagan started a new era in Indo-US relations when he held a summit meeting with then PM Rajiv Gandhi. He was the man who started it all. May his soul rest in peace.

Yet another republican warmonger. I hope he saw the error of his ways before he died.
Tom Amos, England

I remember how he and Gorbachev treated each other with respect. This was an icon of hope as I grew up in the 80s - he helped change the world.
Cailean MacAulay, Scotland

Tom Clancy said it best in the intro to one of his books: "To the man who won the war." What a hero.
Evan, UK (USA Native)

Rotten actor, rotten president. Symbolised everything crass and shallow about Americans.
Ross, UK

One of the most overrated presidents in recent US history. Iran Contra was far more worthy of an impeachment than Monicagate.
Philip Straumann, Switzerland

My opposition to his politics and many of his deeds notwithstanding, may he rest in peace and rise in glory. My condolences to Nancy Reagan, too.
Nigel Baldwin, UK

May his soul rest in peace!
Anil Alias, India

Even people who reject Reagan's beliefs can be endeared to his charisma, honesty, steadfastness and civility
Steve, USA
He was an actor, intellectually limited and self-confident political "Rambo" with an outdated view of the world.
Warren, Cleveland USA,

President Reagan was a source of great leadership to all Americans and a great pattern to all Presidents that have and will come after.

Thanks, Ronnie, for your trickle-down economic policy, still in use today: partially because of it I have trickled down from upper middle class to middle class poverty! Thanks also for denying all the early U.S. sufferers of AIDS any federal assistance. Can you take time out of your schedule to say hello to my friends who died of that horrible disease at some point in your afterlife?
Christopher, NYC, USA

If it hadn't been for Reagan, the Soviet Union would have still existed to this day. Compare the threat of all out nuclear warfare to the current threats today, and you can understand that we all owe this man a great deal of gratitude.
Michael Anazapela, Aberdeen, Scotland

Ronald Reagan exemplified the essence of what America stands for. The world is the poorer for his passing. RIP.
Graham Haigh, Philippines

President Reagan was not only visionary and courageous leader but also a gifted actor. May he rest in peace.
Patrick Tum, Czech rep

He was one of the most irresponsible presidents that we ever had. It is a tribute to America, that we survived his term in office.
Lenny Laks, US

In hindsight, he appears - to this observer - to have been far better than what followed
Richard, UK
I express my condolences to the Reagan family. Nevertheless, it should never be forgotten that it is Ronald Reagan who put America on its present course of militarism. America traded the self-sacrificing Carter presidency for the self-serving presidency of Reagan and his followers, including that of he present President, Geo. W. Bush. May Reagan Rest in Peace.
Mike, USA

He ranks with Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt as one of the finest men ever to hold the office. A success as a radio broadcaster, actor, union leader, governor and President. He won election after election; he is still the man for whom the largest ever number of votes were cast in any Presidential election.
Rolant Ellis, Cymru, Wales

Probably the worst US president since Andrew Jackson. Obviously he suffered heavily in the last few years of his life, which is unfortunate, but his right wing ideology, support for South American Fascism and profligate fiscal policies did the US a great deal of harm.
James Thomas, UK

He helped fend off and indeed end communism in the world...ushering in a new era of prosperity and happiness for hundreds of millions
Kapil Tagore, Colombia
Ronald Reagan epitomized courage and grace under fire. He held to his convictions and as result ended the communist threat. Even people who reject Reagan's beliefs can be endeared to his charisma, honesty, steadfastness and civility.
Steve, USA

Though he was not a very good president, I do think his cheerfulness and the fact that he had an obsession with jellybeans made him the character he was. Rest in peace.
Aaron P Bliese, USA

When I was at school during the early 80s the topic of one essay was "Ronald Reagan may not be a great President, but he suits the spirit of the era. Discuss." Now, in hindsight, he appears - to this observer - to have been far better than what followed. RIP.
Richard, UK

I really admire his leadership, its great loss to the all world because most people were still dependent on his great and lovely advice, we will miss him very much, death is celebration, I hope Reagan soul will still be with us, my wife Rita and daughter Zein, we wish you well till me meet again in the Kingdom of God
Daniel Kibaga, Kenya

For all his failings, he had a charisma and gravitas that translated into good leadership and as a genuinely close ally of Lady Thatcher he forged a bond between the USA and UK that served both nations well.
Richard S Tadman, United Kingdom

Poland remembers!
Marek Swierczynski, Poland

Ronald Reagan won the cold war without starting WW3. What more can one say in tribute to his greatness?
Andrew Walden, USA

It is very interesting to read the other comments here, esp. how positive the comments from the UK are compared to the US. Reagan was the first president I remember while growing up and I thought he was so bad at the time that I sent him a letter telling him so. All I got back was a picture of him on a white horse. So began early my cynical view of politics. However, our current guy makes Regan look like a saint, and I wouldn't wish Alzheimer's on anyone. I am glad his suffering is over. Hopefully ours will be in Nov.
Glenda, USA

If it wasn't for Reagan, I might be speaking Russian now
Tony, London, UK
The imitable Ronald Reagan, a great leader of the American people, who had the uncanny vision of the truth, and he just naturally knew how to play his part in history- a man of great merit and faith in god.
Joshua Manevitz, Israel

Staunch defender of everything good people believe in, he helped fend off and indeed end communism in the world (despite criticism from the most unenlightened and evil quarters of the population) ushering in a new era of prosperity and happiness for hundreds of millions. His death touches us all.
Kapil Tagore, Colombia

Here's one last one for the Gipper...
Shannon Council, USA

A terrible Presidency characterized by the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, unprecedented deficits and, of course, the killings of tens of thousands of Central Americans as a result of Reagan's policies. Who cares if he liked jellybeans?
Anthony, Irvine, USA

An icon of modern democracy - a puppet mouthing platitudes
S Horton, New Zealand
I won't celebrate anyone's death, but nor will I celebrate this man's life. I do not look forward to weeks if not months of half-blind eulogies which stress his (dubious) accomplishments without acknowledging the tremendous damage he's done to the US and the world. When the shambles of our ruined environment are entirely in the hands of 1% of the population (as it will be with the trends he helped create), let us then remember this "great man."
Adam Arnold, US

To me, Ronald Reagan was summed up by his Spitting Image character in the "Land of Confusion" pop video: a man who seemed capable of throwing the world into disaster at any time. The foundation for the current state of the world was laid during his office. The end of the cold war and nuclear disarmament were made possible by the incredibly brave people that initiated Perestroika, and Reagan can at best be credited for the fact that he went along with it. Ronald Reagan may have gone, but we still have to deal with the consequences of his role in history.
Ed Karten, London, England

I'll take this opportunity to apologise to the Americans that are reading some of the contributions from Brits. You'll need to forgive the crass comments, we're currently in one of those 'anti-American' cycles that the leftists/appeasers of Europe have infected us with. If it wasn't for Reagan, I might be speaking Russian now.
Tony, London, UK

Ronald Reagan was an icon of modern democracy - a puppet mouthing platitudes.
S. Horton, New Zealand

My president, my countryman, my friend. Rest in peace Mr. Reagan. And know that it is indeed, morning in America, and the sun shines warmly upon the city upon the hill, which you defended so well. America's favourite son is home.
Joel, USA

The most beautifully worded excellently pronounced and lively delivered speeches of Ronald Reagan echo in my ears even now. The best ever made by any president of united states in recent history, clear of false pride and prejudices, sincere and loyal to his duty in a simple way.
M Ejaz Baig, Pakistan

What a great man he was. The greatest of them all. God bless him.
Erik Levin, Denmark

What a great loss of a great president.
Tony Wawn, Zimbabwe

I was always told never to speak ill of the dead. I'll just let Grenada, Iran-Contra, his "joke" about unleashing nuclear war on the then Soviet Union and the rest of his record speak for itself.
Steve C, Canada

He was not perfect, but was a man of unquestionable character, firm belief in the right and a passion for democracy who will be missed. Many fail to realize he was a bright student with near-perfect marks and a degree in economics, turning to the screen only to earn his keep. To say that he was of inferior intellect is a laughable disservice to reality.
J A Gross, USA

Re: "They that live in sin shall die in sin" - Tony UK (above) hangs his distaste for Reagan on a quote which he never made. Elizabeth Egloff, the screen writer of "The Reagan's" mini-series has admitted that the quote was entirely fictional. It is clear that with Reagan many people are obviously happy to swallow untruths like this that satisfy their prejudices. Like all influential politicians, Reagan did much that was commendable and much that was reprehensible. If you wish to criticise his legacy, at least pick something that actually took place.
Craig, UK

The People of Afghanistan and I will never forget you; for what you did to send the former Soviet Union packing out of Afghanistan! thank you & we'll Miss you!

How you feel about Reagan's legacy, and how you feel about the current president, is marked by how you feel about the idea of 'America the good'
Michael, Canada
A great American, a great president, a very decent human being. Thank you Mr President for making this world a better place. Rest in peace.
AKWO Eseme, Cameroon

Ronald Reagan as president understood, exemplified and encouraged the ideal of "America the good." He was popular because he told Americans what they wanted to hear; they were the chosen people of the 20th and 21st century: chosen by history, chosen by the forces of capitalism and chosen by God to be leaders of the free world. How you feel about Reagan's legacy, and how you feel about the current president, is marked by how you feel about the idea of "America the good."
Michael, Canada

The most overrated president in American history has passed away. His contribution to the downfall of the Soviet empire was not much. Gorbachev and the Russians themselves were the instigators of that downfall.
Odd Hansen, Norway

Results prove Reagan was a great president. He released hundreds of millions of people from behind the iron curtain without firing a shot. And still, these European "intellectuals" have the guts to claim Reagan was a "warmonger". Well - thanks for being a real inspiration Ronnie, there are still some Europeans that admire you and what you achieved in life and for the world.
Mike, Finland

Reagan was always an actor first, a politician second. Remember when he confused 'costumes' with 'uniforms'? That said it all. The same confusion between appearance and reality presides over the Bush administration, only now it's much more cynical. Reagan, at least, was genuinely confused.
Sharkey, France

Another US president whose words utterly contradicted his actions. In case anyone has forgotten why we have gone to war in Iraq: this so called man of peace supported Saddam Hussein when he invaded Iran and gassed his own people with chemical weapons supplied by the US (and other Western nations).
Raj, UK

I just want to say how saddened I was to hear of his death. I admired him, not as a President or actor, but as a husband to Nancy. Every husband could learn something from him. My heart goes out to his family and especially Nancy. I'm sure she knows he will always be in her heart.
Janet Munkvold, United States of America

In response to Tom Amos (England): You refer to Ronald Reagan as a warmonger. Yet his presidency is one of the few where the US was not involved in a major conflict. Not bad considering he took over during the Iran hostage crisis, survived an assassination attempt, and saw communism rather bloodlessly defeated in eastern Europe. Give me a "cold war" over a "hot war" any day. Rest in peace, Mr. President.
Noah J., USA

Back in the early 70s, when he was Governor of California, I saw a copy of a speech by RR on my father's desk in London. It was of breathtaking elegance. My father said: 'One day he will be President of the United States'. I never believed those who said his gift with words was the doing of his speechwriters: the style remained the same over many years and over many speechwriters. It reflected clarity, intelligence and passion: for many of us overseas he stood for the good in America.
Andrew, UK

Here's a forum for condolences and I see many obnoxious hate filled posts by many Europeans. Truly inappropriate and classless behaviour. Glad that I live in a country where people may have their differences but don't use someone's death to insult them. Truly typical European behaviour.

Now with the death of Ronald Reagan, must we hear endlessly about what a great president he was? How easily we forget Iran-Contra, the invasion of Grenada, the disaster of "Reaganomics," Panama, the support of Saddam Hussein, and so much more. And he did NOT end the Cold War, as so many claim, the fall of the Soviet Union was bigger than that. The Reagan administration was one of the most regressive administrations this nation has ever seen, and its shadow continues to loom over American politics.
Alexander, USA

Reagan did everything that was possible to bring the world to war but luckily it didn't happen. He also set the US back 20 years in environmental policy. How is it possible to remember a political leader who cut spending on everything except the military kindly? He was a warmonger.
Andy, New Jersey, USA

Though I was an ordinary citizen, ex-President Reagan agreed to meet me and my neighbour in his office. Then the announcement came out that he had Alzheimer's. I assumed our meeting would be cancelled, but I was wrong. He was warm and charming, telling us about his days as a lifeguard. His aide kept telling him that he was late for a luncheon, but rather than heed her, he continued to chat with us. A completely genuine man without an ounce of cynicism or malice.
Chris Norlin, USA

To credit Ronald Reagan with the ending of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union is rather silly. Ronald Reagan was quite a normal president, with a regular-guy-charm just as current president Bush has. This helped cover over the fact that he knew very little of foreign affairs, or politics as a whole, and that he was really a president a lot like president Bush is today.
Ola Skaalvik Elvevold, Tromso, Norway

"Whatever else history may say about me when I'm gone, I hope it will report that I appeal to your best hopes not your worst fears, to your confidence rather than your doubts, and may all of you as Americans never forget your heroic origins, never fail to seek divine guidance, and never, never lose your natural, god-given optimism."

Ronnie's optimism, like America's, still shines very brightly. May God bless him, and from both of us, God bless America.
David Keown, Scotland


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