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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 September, 2003, 22:12 GMT 23:12 UK
Ask Prince Hassan bin Talal
Prince El Hassan bin Talal
Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan answered you questions on Islam and the West and on the role dialogue plays in bridging differences between cultures and faiths in a special edition of our global phone-in programme Talking Point.

Prince Hassan, who served as Jordan's Crown Prince for more than three decades, is a prominent and passionate advocate of dialogue between the Muslim world and the West. He argues that such a dialogue is critical in helping to bridge what some see as the widening gap between Islam and some of the West's values and assumptions.

Although he acknowledges that dialogue is not a panacea, he argues that it does provide a bridge that enables people of different backgrounds to live together.

Prince Hassan has also warned that on the streets of the Middle East, West and South Asia there is emptiness and despair and argued that this need to be addressed urgently.

What do you think? Can a dialogue between Islam and the West be made meaningful to ordinary people? Do you think that there are some irreconcilable differences that cannot be bridged? Can differing and distinct cultures ever come together?

Jordan itself lies at the crossroads of the turbulent Middle East, juggling a strategic alliance with the US and the UK with a sometimes critical Arab population. Has it got the balance right?

What does the fall of Saddam mean for the Arab world? Can democracy take root in the Muslim world? What are the new challenges facing Muslims across the globe?

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