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Where is the worst place to live in the world?
Hull: Worse place in the UK?
Hull is the worst place to live in the UK, according to a new book published on Saturday.

The pocket sized guide called 'Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places to Live in the UK', has jumped into the top 200 titles on Amazon's internet pre-order list.

The idea to invite nominations came about as its authors were having a late-night conversation about their grim origins - in this case, Morecambe and Alresford in Hampshire.

Hull takes first place in the poll - decried by a former resident as "a sad story of unemployment, teenage pregnancy, heroin addiction, crime, violence, and rampant self-neglect".

But what about your neighbourhood? Does your town or city deserve to be described as 'the worst place in the world'? If you have any good photos send them to yourpics@bbc.co.uk

This debate is now closed. Read your comments below.

Your reaction:

Having travelled to many exotic countries and states, the most boring place on Earth has got to be Bellingham, Washington. I hate Bellingham and have for years. You know, there is talk around town that there is a curse here that makes it so that when you live here for a while, you can't leave, and if you try to, circumstances seem to throw you back. Have you heard of that? Do you know why that is? I heard that it might have something to do with a mining accident here last century that killed 200 Chinese workers. But who knows.

At least in Hull you haven't got people shooting each other
Masiye Phiri, Colchester, Essex
I was brought up in Hull from the age of 18 months old and left at the age of 19. EVERY town has it grim parts especially in the UK, and Hull is no different to any other town. I now live down south due to my Job in London, and if you strolled around some of the suburbs here (if you dare) you would see some sights, and at least in Hull, you haven't got people shooting each other, homeless people left right and centre on the streets. As for drugs and teenage pregnancies that is widespread all over the UK as well. How can they justify it's the worst place to live when the people are quality and genuine? There are a whole lot worse places to live believe me.
Masiye Phiri, Colchester, Essex

Wrexham, North Wales. A complete armpit with absolutely no saving graces at all.
Helen, UK

You haven't seen the inside of my flat!

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK, is a pretty awful place to live! This town has a great divide between the "haves" and the "have nots". The local council conspire with the local police to turn a blind eye to its crime-ridden council estates; the cost of housing is ridiculous; the born-and-bred inhabitants are very insular and the traffic system is an absolute nightmare! And it's overrun with rowdy students!
Alan Hall, UK

A concrete outhouse
Neil Small, Scotland
East Kilbride. Originally built as the first Scottish "new town", it was designed to be a town based on the community. Sadly, South Lanarkshire Council (controlled by Hamilton) is turning in into a concrete outhouse and closing half the schools. On the plus side, we have about 80 roundabouts.
Neil Small, Scotland

I've never been, but I'm sure the Gaza Strip wouldn't be too pleasant at the moment.
Matt, UK

How about Hialeah - a frightening city/suburb off the poorest city -Miami, FL. Forget about Guantanamo; this place is where you send your worst enemies.
M Lozada, USA - Hialeah

Swindon: A place with absolutely nothing to recommend it to either the casual visitor, or the hapless resident.
Richard, UK

No place on earth is that bad, it's just the people that spoil things. A world without people would be great!
Gavin, Wales

Everyone living downwind is in danger
Linda, USA
The absolute worst place to live in the world is within a few miles of Hanford, Washington, USA. From 1944 to the late 1980s Hanford produced many WMDs for the US, including lots of plutonium for nuclear weapons. Now, everyone living downwind is in danger, and according to the EPA, the site may not ever be able to be made safe.
Linda, USA

It seems to me Grozny in Chenia is a very very unpleasant place to live in. Any opinions?
Alain Hernu, france

I think the US is the worst place to live, racism, crime, corruption, rude people, and pollution. You might think the US is a nice place to be in but maybe for few days then you just wanna get out of there.
Bill Hornicok, USA

The Pacific Beach neighbourhood of San Diego, CA is by far the worst place to live in the world UNLESS you are a raging alcoholic! This neighbourhood has twice as many alcohol licences as it is zoned for. Public urinating, vomiting, fighting, sex and poor behaviour are all too common!
Mick, San Diego, CA, USA

It does not matter what season you find yourself in, Kumba is the pits
Che Sunday, Cameroon
Two places have been named here and I happen to have visited both. The share first prize. Gary, Indiana and Kumba in Cameroon. It does not matter what season you find yourself in, Kumba is the pits. In Gary, no matter how dark the night is, you can still see the abject poverty starring at you.
Che Sunday, Cameroon

Crap Towns! It's great. The English media is so... direct, you would never see that on CNN or Fox News. My nomination is Bremerton, Washington. Formerly a naval shipyard in WWII, Bremerton has been dying since 1946. 'Kind of like a train wreck in slow motion.
Bryce, Washington DC, US

I was not surprised that that Bexhill-on-sea managed to get in the top 10. It has to be the sorriest place for a teenager to grow up in the world. The coastline is grey and boring as is the town. Hastings just down the road is as bad, if not worse. I was glad to return to vibrant, trendy Liverpool.
Anastasia, UK

I have travelled quite extensively through 46 countries around the world and the worst city I have ever been in was Elbusan, Albania. It is horribly polluted by communist era Chinese built industrial facilities, the buildings are crumbling and the streets are dismal. All of the young people have left and there is literally nothing of interest there or anything to do. It feels spiritually poisoned and I couldn't wait to leave - so I hired a cab and did so!
Michael J. McNeal, USA

I was a student in Bradford, and in many areas rotting mattresses in the streets and alleys probably outnumber the inhabitants
Steven Hitchen, France
I come from Blackpool and agree with Carlos that it is awful. After one final summer on the prom outside the Pleasure Beach I knew that I had had enough. Great for a laugh, but it is ugly, depressing as hell in winter, and totally devoid of culture and or anything remotely intellectual. However, I must add that Carlos's town comes a close second. I was a student in Bradford, and in many areas rotting mattresses in the streets and alleys probably outnumber the inhabitants, and that's without mentioning the rats.
Steven Hitchen, France

Carterton in Oxfordshire. Over 15,000 residents and one of the biggest RAF bases in the country, and only three pubs! Terrible.
Simon S, UK

I honestly feel the mind can make hell out of heaven and heaven out of hell -you are as happy as you make up your mind to be and the people make a place!
Dinaz Divecha, Pakistan

The tourist info centre in Port McNeil, Canada promotes the big attraction here as "the world's largest tree wort." Need I say more?
Paul, Canada

Seattle holds the somewhat dubious title of "Suicide Capital of the World"... any more silly questions?
Ian, Brit in Los Angeles

Seattle isn't the "suicide capital of the world" - that distinction is claimed by a place called Trondheim.
Simon Richardson, UK

Hollywood, I was born there
Michael Jones, Chico, USA
Hollywood, I was born there. Everyone thinks it is glamorous and exciting, but the reality is air pollution, traffic jams, crime, moral depravity, and dirty facades. At least in other bad places, some people will admit it.
Michael Jones, Chico, USA

Actually, no matter how ugly, dreary and boring a town is, it's the people, esp. your neighbours and co-workers that will make you want to stay or go.
Brenda, USA

Worst place to live....Bakersfield, California. Truly the armpit of America!
Gay Revi, USA

Kumba is the worst place to live on earth. There is no constant power and water supply. In the raining season the mud is as high as hills and in the dry season the dust is unbearable as every white object turns brown.
Dr Oben sammy, Cameroon

I have lived in 30+ countries in my lifetime and have found their cities to all be the same. It is a function of too many people and too few resources. The worst place is always living next to the person who believes they live in the worst place and refuse to either fix what they perceive as wrong or lack the motivation to gain the skills to move and become productive. Fortunately, most of us are busy happily raising our families and do not have the leisure to whine incessantly.
Daniel D, USA

There is nothing more depressing than an aging industrial town
Jack Draper, Brazil
There is nothing more depressing than an aging industrial town. The US has plenty of them, towns like Buffalo NY, Pittsburgh PA, Detroit MI, and Cleveland OH come to mind. It sounds like the UK is not lacking in them either. These towns really are pervaded with a morbid atmosphere. Even though I don't like big cities that much, I would prefer living in a big city in a developing country like Brazil (where I live now), rather than in a town on its last legs (albeit it in a richer country). From a broader perspective, though, while the American towns I mentioned certainly qualify as "crap" on many levels, if I were poor and without a job, any place could be hell - be it in the Third World or the First.
Jack Draper, Brazil

Glasgow for sure. The spiritual home of misery and despair.
Charlie, Ireland

I took some clients from Nebraska to a Nets (basketball) game in East Rutherford, NJ. One of them asked "How do people live here?" meaning northern NJ in general. Guess it is the population density, industrial look, and the occasional unexplained foul odour. Of course I couldn't answer that I would probably find life in Nebraska about as exciting as watching paint dry.
Jim, NJ, USA

Who voted on this poll? Whoever it was needs to visit Loughborough
Tom Batch, Hull, UK
Who voted on this poll? Whoever it was needs to visit Loughborough, I am a student there, originally from Hull and as a town Loughborough offers nothing in comparison to Hull. One university and a few bars doesn't make a town let alone a city. When you go to the only cinema in the surrounding 20 miles of Loughborough they don't even print you out a ticket, because they don't have the technology. There's no bowling alley, ice-rink, high street shops of any mention and the crime rate is appalling. Whoever decided upon Hull as the worst place to live in the UK was blinkered to say the least!
Tom Batch, Hull, UK

I am shocked not one person here has voted for Watford, a town that needs another trendy bar like I need a hole in my head. Boring and another heaven for asylum seekers whom when given housing fail to keep the houses and surroundings in a good condition.
Andy, UK

Hull, boasting the best stadium outside of the Premiership, great nightlife and restaurants, some of the most affluent suburbs in the UK and a rich vein of history and architecture - an obscene decision.
Tom Batch, Hull, UK

The worst place to live? That's inside your own head when you are felling unhappy with the world. All the comments so far received show unhappy PEOPLE, not unhappy PLACES. Even Hull ain't bad when you are feeling good.
Ben, Italy

I am amazed by the standard with which people apply what is truly liveable or not. Most of the cities and countries mentioned are democratic and have a decent infrastructure intact. Think for one moment what it would be like to live in Afghanistan or some of flavelas in Brazil. No electricity, running water, basic health care, schools, etc. It seems to me it would behove the previous posters to look around at the what's good about their cities and build upon that. And to give thanks that they don't live in Kabul.
Gwynneth Thomas-Lee, USA

What make Omaha so bad is the stark hopelessness of the place
Christopher J Wick, Omaha NE, USA
My vote on this little tour of "horrorsvilles" is Omaha NE. You will never find a more wretched place. It does not have the excuses of wars or poverty to make it hell. It doesn't even have that high a crime rate as far as U.S. cities go. What make Omaha so bad is the stark hopelessness of the place. Everything is grey. It is all potholes concrete and power lines. The people here show no pride in anything that they do. Every time I visit another city, and so far it hasn't mattered which one, I am always sad to go because I know my destination will be Omaha. Everywhere else people are friendlier, more considerate, and are living life. Omaha is for those who have turned their back on life and are constantly trying to convince themselves that this the best place to be. Omaha is a place to stop if you don't have the nerve to commit suicide. Chronic apathy is nearly always fatal.
Christopher J Wick, Omaha NE, USA

You think London or Paris are awful? Think again. Syria is just about the worst place in the Middle East. Ugly buildings, garbage piled high, pollution and rampant corruption. The streets are in a sorry state and everyone is rude ready to rip you off. The cars are disgraceful - and tourist facilities are almost non-existent, despite the natural beauty of the country. Technology is badly lacking. (You can wait an hour just to check your email, and the cell phone network is always breaking down.) The police and government are brazenly exploitive. The country is in its own league where hypocrisy and repression are concerned. In the restaurants, they even charge you for the tissues and the use of spoons and forks! You're even expected to tip the cleaning ladies when you go to the restroom. Syria is hell on earth.
Wael, Bahrain

Anyone ever been to Nairobi, Kenya? When it rains, Nairobi residents lack water! There is even a road in Nairobi that stinks - accumulated rubbish. Worst place to live? Hands down to Nairobi!
Peter Wanyonyi, Nairobi, Kenya

It would appear that many people have been, erm, Paris-bashing. Mr John Hall sayes (quote) "try walking through some of the suburbs in Paris". If Mr Hall lives in France, as I do, then he should know that the suburbs are not IN Paris but outside. Ms Sue Hudson writes (quote) "Paris is one of the beautiful cities of the world - its inhabitants must be amongst the unfriendliest people in Europe." This sounds like a typical case of NOT speaking the language. If you make an effort where ever you go, then it will be reciprocated. I have lived here for 7 years and, yes, you do come across a few unfriendly people but I doubt England is full of smiling happy people. I remember getting off the Eurostar at Waterloo a year or so ago and the first person I spoke to was a London cabbie - misery personified - 'Bienvenue en Angleterre' - and I speak the same language!
Stu, France

This city should certainly be included in the top ten list
Raimundo L. Santos, Brazil
For those who think Rio de Janeiro is one of the worst places to live in the world, perhaps they have never been to the outskirts and slums of São Paulo. This city should certainly be included in the top ten list.
Raimundo L. Santos, Brazil

Grozny, Chechnya, hands down. The buildings are falling down from Russian artillery and old foundations. Crime is rampant with many organized crime groups.
Igor Muhadmia, Chechnya

Toronto Canada, a bunch of 1970's style high rises and the rest is just a run down looking city. Winters are bitter cold and the people there have an inferiority complex and are always trying to tell you how much better they are than Americans.
Nigel, Bermuda

Nothing to do at all except look at the sea
Chris Newman, England, UK
Rockall. Awful place, nothing to do at all except look at the sea or occasionally talk to a members of the SAS camping out to claim territorial rights. Not even a MacDonalds (yet)!
Chris Newman, England, UK

Guguletu, Cape Town, South Africa. This township on the outskirts for Cape Town is home to some 2 million people living in utmost poverty. The area is made up tin shacks with little or no electricity or sanitation. These shacks are so close together there is little privacy and they are often home to families of 5-10 people.
Tops, South Africa

Instead of just naming and shaming "crap towns" we should also concentrate on solutions to urban blight and dysfunctional communities.
Iain Sproat, Oxford, England

I don't know about the rest of the world, but Gary, Indiana is the armpit of the US. People get speeding tickets for trying to get out of there!
Gregory, Chicago, USA

The worst place to live is modernity with the unstoppable spreading of Walmarts, suburbs, MacDonalds, traffic and huge parking lots everywhere. Whether it is in Japan, the EU or Mexico that model of city is unbearable.
Areli, México

Herne Bay - it's full of ignorant, Burberry cap wearing idiots whose idea of a good time is to vandalise anything and everything they see.
Dan, England

Garbage, pollution, architecture, traffic ... All this is very sad, of course. But have you ever lived in Russia? Do you know what it means to live in a country where you do not have any legal protection, in fact, no protection whatsoever? Where any policeman can do with you whatever he wants, if he is bored or drunken enough and does not like the way you look, and you won't be able to move your finger? Where you cannot plan your life because you are not sure that the government will not invent new tricks that will take away all your life savings? Where you cannot trust anybody? Where people have no idea about personal dignity and the word "privacy" doesn't even exist? Where all strangers see an enemy in you? You must be joking talking about Paris and London!
Irina, Moscow

If you think the towns in the UK are bad, try walking through some of the suburbs in Paris
John Hall, France
If you think the towns in the UK are bad, try walking through some of the suburbs in Paris. Ten minutes away from the glamorous Champs Elysees, lies Nanterre. Shabby slum housing, excessive noise, rubbish lying all over the place, all it needs is an airport to complete it.
John Hall, France

It has to be Tendring in Essex. The lucky residents can enjoy sky high council tax bills, a wide selection of depressing seaside towns, a high crime rate, a proliferation of dirty grey concrete buildings, second rate healthcare facilities and awful road/rail links.
Paul, UK

Yep, I agree, hull is a hovel.
Neil, UK

Hull's cool. Larkin lived there. It's got a great church. Hull Kingston Rovers used to play brilliant rugby. There's a stunning portrait of William Wilberforce in the slave museum. The equestrian statue of King Billy is the best anywhere. There are superb roman mosaics in the Transport museum. St Charles RC church in Jarrett Street is a gem of Victorian baroque, as it were. The beer's cheap and good. The people are friendly. Hull's cool.
Phil, Edinburgh, UK

I have never driven through a place more bleak and depressing than East Saint Louis, Ilinois
Timothy Spruill, New Hampshire, US
I have never driven through a place more bleak and depressing than East Saint Louis, Ilinois. Most of the buildings are boarded up and it does not appear safe to venture from the interstate highway. I use to drive through frequently and just hold my breath and pray that I could make it safely over the river and into Missouri.
Timothy Spruill, New Hampshire, US

You want to know the worst place to live hands down? Simple, that's Oakland, CA. Illiteracy is high, unemployment high, high school drop-out rate very high and the murder rate is so high it's going to be a new record this year. Dreadful
Dee Dee Lewis, San Francisco, CA, USA

Some of the 'crap' features mentioned are the very reason that I like some of the towns. My home town has the largest estate of 'community housing' in England, with high crime, drugs and teenage pregnancy rates. It also has beautiful open spaces and shoreline with some of the most expensive houses for miles around. It just goes to shows that you should view all surveys with distain, so often the answer depends on the words of the question asked not the meaning. My crap town, anything within the circle of the M25.
Barry P, England

Houston, Texas. It scares me
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA
Houston, Texas. Horrible schools, terrible traffic and pollution, minimal public transport, a far too conservative population and nothing unique architecturally or culturally. It scares me.
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA

Mexico City, no doubt. How come 30-million people living in such a small place, having to share scarce resources (water and electricity supplies often fail), lousy jobs, extremely high pollution, lack of public transportation, organized crime and endless road-blocking demonstrations haven't yet started a civil war ?
Humberto Gumeta, Mexico

It has to go to Lagos, Nigeria. That city is just one large garbage dump with traffic jams that can last more than six hours. Talk about rush hour.
Kelvin, DC, USA

I was angered to see Morecambe placed as third in this list. How a small town with a fantastic view across the bay can be classified as "crap" is beyond me. I'd like to know whether the person who wrote this book has ever actually been to Morecambe.
Morecambe Resident, England

Detroit Michigan is the most awful place on the plane
Linda, USA
Detroit Michigan is the most awful place on the planet. Trust me when I say you don't even want a connecting flight through that wretched place. It's never had a good reputation and these days the city and its surrounding areas have become even worse. I wouldn't send a criminal to Detroit.
Linda, USA

The worst place to live must be San Salvador. A filthy and tasteless city, violent people (they could kill you if you drive faster than them). The public transport system is famous for the high rate mortality that it produces and it is plagued with corruption.
Oscar Toledo., El Salvador.

The worst place to live in the world must be borough of Hackney in London. The place has high rates of unemployment, drug addiction, violence, deranged people wandering on the streets, dilapidated old Victorian buildings and rubbish dumped just about everywhere (including the canal)!
Caesar, UK

All cities have problems but I can say Hull should not be anywhere near the worst
Michael Riding, UK
I have been to Hull. My first impression was positive. All cities have problems but I can say Hull should not be anywhere near the worst. Take a look at The Deep, The Humber Bridge, the architecture, the museums, the night life, the friendly people, the coast less than 30 minutes away as well as the Yorkshire Moors take the ferry every day across to Rotterdam/Amsterdam or to Belgium.
Michael Riding, UK

As a former resident of New Alresford, Hampshire, I was surprised to see its inclusion in the list. An attractive town, with a variety of pubs, a number of restaurants, good local shops in the main street, excellent marked walkways, paths for walking, cycling or horse riding and fine views of the South Downs. How many people have nominated these towns? Is there a sample size or can one nomination suffice.
Frank, Ireland

I nominate Nottingham - armed police patrols?
Simon Pugsley, UK

Invercargill, bottom of South Island, New Zealand. Flat as a pancake, cold as a politicians heart, they burn brown coal to keep warm so you can imagine the long brown cloud that hangs over the town until the chill Antarctic winds come to blow it away.
Richard, Australia

Tuzla in Bosnia is the worst place in the world
Morgan, Bosnia
Tuzla in Bosnia is the worst place in the world. It is built atop an old salt mine which is now collapsing. Buildings are thus quite literally sinking into the ground! Water is rationed and only on once or twice a day for an hour because all the pipes are cracking. The town is dominated by a chemical works and a power station.
Morgan, Bosnia

Minsk, Belarus. No contest. The old town was torn down by the soviets, who replaced it by the cheapest possible high rise in the fifties. Since then, no one has even bothered to sweep the streets, let alone wash a window. It is freezing cold, dark (streetlights broken or light bulbs stolen by the citizens); everything is grey and filthy; there is a permanent smell of a mixture of industrial pollution and the boiled cabbage which is the staple food here. And there isn't a decent cup of coffee to be gotten in the whole town.
Simon, Netherlands

How has the city of Coventry not been mentioned in this poll? A big grey area of concrete...
Karl Manning, UK

To the person who complained about Coventry, I suggest you visit the ruins of the old cathedral.
Alex, UK

Has anyone been to Mackay on Australias East coast? a strange backward hillybilly place. Paranoid locals seem to think outsiders want to know all their business. Inbred, just a little bit.
Mark D, UK

Newcastle in south africa is the worst place to live, they are still fighting the boer war there and racism is alive and kicking
Fraser Henderson, south africa

I am astounded and horrified that Hull has been called the worst place to live in the UK
Andy Dyson, UK
As an outsider (from York), living in Hull I am astounded and horrified that Hull has been called the worst place to live in the UK. I travel all over the UK and I come across few towns and cities with such friendly residents.
Andy Dyson, UK

Paris - soulless and just plain BORING!
John, UK

Has no-one else been to Port Stanley in the Falklands? Give me Hull any day!
Garry Stanton, UK

How can there be a worse place to live in the world than the city of Detroit? I would be writing all night long if I were to list all of the reasons why.
Todor, USA

A dirty, cold, rainy place
Jeremy, Houston, Texas, USA
I noticed how most of these "worst places" are traditional industrial cities, usually in the northern areas, that have been hit by unemployment and decline. My vote is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The (former) "steel city" has had massive steel factory closures and is a dirty, cold, rainy place with the usual features: high unemployment, crime, deranged people on the streets, crowding, dilapidated old houses and buildings.
Jeremy, Houston, Texas, USA

Surely, Blackpool has to be the biggest dump in the whole of the UK. The beach smells like a dirty toilet and the amount of shops selling tat and erotic "toys" to families is just disgusting!!
Carlos, Bradford, England

It has to be Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife. It is the pits, full of discos, bars, concrete, cranes and does anyone really live there or claim to originate from there?
Teresa Simmons, France

The Twin Cities in Minnesota. They are cold and BORING! Also, the people are rude.
John, USA

Nobody has mentioned how Hull literally stinks! Between the fish docks, cocoa factory, yeast factory and cooking oil smell of the vegetable oil plant I felt sick every day for the hellish two years that I lived there.
Danny, ex Hull now USA

It is a very, very sad place
Lee, USA
Earth, its inhabitants are immature, violent, uncaring, uncivilised and brutal. They allow their children to starve and take each others' lives for little or no cause. It is a very, very sad place.
Lee, USA

Buffalo, NY. The city manages to squander miles of lakefront and its own history and heritage for the sake of... well unemployment, urban decay and political corruption from the looks of it. The only people who still live there are either in the federal witness protection programme or can't sell their homes.
Dave, USA

Isn't the common denominator in all the responses simply that the worst place in the world is where your in-laws are living?
Derrick, UK

I believe Buffalo, NY is one of the worst places to be in. Some of the reasons are as follows: 1. Very high crime rate 2. Awful weather... its freezing temperatures for 6-8 months. 3. Pathetic city council 4. Half the houses in the city are empty, sealed places... since the residents have long fled the city. 5. The downtown is the most ghostly of any N. American city... it sleeps at 5pm 6. No job opportunities... So this city sucks all over big time.
Taha Suglatwala, Buffalo, USA

Lima, Peru. The constant threat of violence, pollution, armed guards, electric and razor fences around residential property, the poverty and "rich" western middle age men with very young girls on their arms make it heart breaking.
Adam, Peru

It's grossly unfair to pick on Hull, which is a great city with much to recommend it
Stephen Trott, UK
It's grossly unfair to pick on Hull, which is a great city with much to recommend it, a proud history, some fine historic buildings, its own superb university, and really lovely people. Take a look at Leeds instead!
Stephen Trott, UK

It's got to be Wilmington, Delaware. Everything closes at 5:00pm, nowhere to go, dead concrete jungle, oppressive heat and flies... Entertainment? Local fast food joint with a seedy overweight owner, four tables and greasy fries, overlooking a dead street with miserable youngsters not knowing what to do with themselves.
Artem, USA

Nice... I grew up in Winchester - No:5 on the list - and for the past 5 years I've been living in Basingstoke - No:9 on the list...
Alex, UK

I don't know where the worst place to live is, but I'm just glad that for once, my hometown of Walsall hasn't been nominated.
M. M. Zaman, UK in US

Aberdeen. Try walking around Union Street without getting depressed. It's grey - not just the buildings, but the weather, the people, the sea - all grey. It also mings of fish, not a nice sea-side smell, but rotten stinky fishy seagull poo. The few days the weather is good, the fish gets worse. Blrrggh!!!
Mick McTavish, UK

The worst place to live in the world is Lowell, Massachusetts! Low standard of living, high taxes, unpredictable freezing cold weather, over population, obnoxious unfriendly people (typical of Boston) and impossible traffic!
Dina A. Muldoon, USA

"Don't bother breaking in, the central heating pipes have already be taken".
Andrew, UK
I studied for an MSc in Urban Regeneration, as part of the course we visited Grimethorpe, Barnsley of 'Brassed Off' fame. One of the estates just contained shells of houses. On one house there was a sign written by the previous occupant, that read, "Don't bother breaking in, the central heating pipes have already be taken". Apparently this was common on the estate. I have visited several 'third world' countries and I am still yet to witness such overt deprivation
Andrew, UK

Having travelled fairly widely, I think the worst place has to be Paris. I thought about Bucharest because it's a dump, but at least the people are friendly there! Paris is one of the beautiful cities of the world, but it's a city that's lost its soul, and its inhabitants must be amongst the unfriendliest people in Europe. I hasten to add that I've travelled all round France, and everywhere else seems friendly, it's just Paris - hell on earth!
Sue Hudson, London, UK

The worst is New York. So much pollution, racism present all over, people unfriendly and insolent, rip-off culture, street gangs, terrorist attacks, expensive, and the worst of the worst: unsecure for kids. In one word - a horror story!
John, USA

To call Milwaukee, Wisconsin the worst town in the US is a gross understatement. Words can hardly describe how truly awful the place is. The bleak cityscape looks worse than the scorched wrecks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after their bombings, the winters are something like an arctic ice storm, there's more culture in a cup of yogurt than in the entire city, and the unemployment rate is as high as the average citizen's rear-end is wide. God help anyone who's so unfortunate as to find himself there.
Ben, United States

I'd echo Negv from France. London is just a sprawling mass of dirty streets, traffic jams, poor housing and crumbling infrastructure. It's run by a horrible bunch of fat-cats and politicians who, from their ivory towers exploit London's inhabitants either by stealth, or by brainwashing people into thinking it's actually a good place to be.
Richard, London, UK

Without doubt it has to be Stevenage. With its soul destroying concrete structures, highly dangerous local population and a teenage pregnancy rate second to none. You know you have hit rock bottom when you end up in the squalid hell hole
Neil Heitzman, UK

The oil town of Odesa, Texas. What to do on a Sunday? Suggestions include: Go see the "Crater" - barely discernable from the rest of the desert, or the "Sand Dunes" More desert - with less scrub on them.
A real hit of a place.
Gordon Smith, France

It's got to be Southend. The place is a concrete jungle that is used as a government dumping ground for illegal immigrants. At night it turns in to a ghetto that the police have no control over.
Keith, UK

Rio de Janeiro - where life means little in an environment where criminals willingly take it for less
The city of Rio de Janeiro is known for its beaches, g-strings and carnival. Yet under this happy facade is an oppressive hotbed of crime, where life means little in an environment where criminals willingly take it for less. Worst place to live in the world? Perhaps not, but it's in the top 10.

I'm a great fan of Bulgaria and Bulgarian people, but during one of my jaunts there I visited a place called Devnya....
Drab soviet style planned streets and blocks, the only entertainment I noticed was two old men sitting in what appeared to be a deserted classroom at the bottom of a square building and the entire town is dominated by an absolutely gargantuan chemical works. The place is not far from a pleasant city called Varna, if it wasn't I wouldn't live there if you offered me a million!
Pete, England

East Croydon - combines the architectural style and subtly of 1960 office blocks, with a populous of teenage thugs and lager louts!
Dan, UK

I lived there for five years and left vowing never to go back. A former fishing port with staggeringly high unemployment, it also has the highest rate of domestic violence in Suffolk as well as a scary amount of children on the at-risk register. There is huge amounts of run-down housing, drug abuse. To top it all, the roads and train access is appalling. It should just fall into the North Sea and if coastal erosion continues, it will...
Decca Harvey, United Kingdom

Liverpool - the capital of crew cut and tracksuit culture
Shawn, Britain
The worst place to live by far has to be Liverpool. The capital of crew cut and tracksuit culture. The scumbag per metre ratio has to be the highest there is - trust me I know! PS It's not my town but I have spent too much time there.
Shawn, Britain

London: over-rated, over-priced, over-populated, over-polluted
Negv, France

Blackburn - I wasted seven years of my life in that place and I'm not getting back! A pit of poverty and grime that few escape, living there is akin to the circle of hell where demons prod people drowning in their of effluent ... but, hey, I'm biased!
Mike Molcher, UK

The worst place to live is anywhere in the USA where they force you to go to one of their high schools. It's a wonder people make it out of them alive.
James, UK

Rotterdam - with its ugly buildings, dirty streets and the high crime rate
John van Breugel, UK
I'm originally from Holland. The worst place to live must without a doubt be Rotterdam. With its ugly buildings, dirty streets and the high crime rate. It is absolutely awful!
John van Breugel, UK

It has to be Newton Farclas in Devon. The constant pungent aroma of urban decline combines with an ever present threat of random violence. Even the dogs are cross-eyed.
Nigel Thrustoe, UK

Jaywick - a small 'hamlet' near Clacton-on-sea in Essex. Built as a holiday village in the 1930's, it went bankrupt and the pre-fabricated 'huts' became houses. It's impossible to describe the sheer feel of neglect that is unique to this place, although a scene in Apocalypse Now is a good starting point.
S Khan, UK, London

Basildon - want to know why. Go there. Where's the Luftwaffe when you need them!
Ben Shepherd, UK

Hull fights to defend its image
31 Jul 03  |  Humber

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