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Should Idi Amin be granted a transplant?
Former President of Uganda, Idi Amin
Idi Amin's son Hashim says the unwell former Ugandan President is trying to find a kidney donor who can save his life.

The 78-year-old ex-military leader is surviving on dialysis after spending the last month seriously ill in a Jeddah hospital. Two kidneys have been offered from anonymous donors so far but both have proved incompatible.

Mr Amin's regime was one of the bloodiest in African history, with up to 400,000 deaths and disappearances. He is hospitalised under armed guard after receiving death threats.

Should efforts be made to find a transplant for Idi Amin to save his life?

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

Amin himself never gave a second chance to the people he butchered in Uganda, why should he have one himself?
Moses Musisi, Uganda

I think any human being should get a second chance in life. And i also think Mr. Idi Amin is no different than any of us.
Ifrah, Canada

Why is Amin so desperate for life when he has no regard for other people's lives?
Samuel Mugala, Zambia

Ironic, isn't it? Maybe one of those 400,000 people he was responsible for killing would have been a match for a transplant!
Scott Gout, USA, USA

Did he apologize? He should apologize to the Ugandan people over the atrocities he committed. How can the world show compassion to someone who hasn't realized the enormity of his sins. If he apologizes, me included, then it will be fitting to donate kidney to him.
Ephias waMakau, USA

It's easy to say no in light of his history. However, that is for God to judge. He should be given a transplant
Abisha, USA

It is strange divine justice
Pkadah, Singapore
It is strange divine justice. The butcher of Africa is dying and need kidneys. One should recall the tragedy that Ugandans faced during his ruthless rule...where livers, kidneys, hearts etc were mutilated. Donate it to another more deserving soul.
Pkadah, Singapore

Of course he should get a kidney, assuming he can negotiate a deal with the crocodiles that he fed so many humans to - the crocs might have saved a kidney for just such a situation.
Carol, Kenya

Just give him the service he need cause he is a human being and can make mistakes. He is to be forgiven.
Mecky Ndetengo, Tanzania

He could have saved a couple of kidneys from all the people he killed and some he reportedly ate.
Vijay, India

Is it not ironic that the man who used to dismember his victims is now seeking a body part? Poetic justice?
Ssemaka Day, Uganda

As civilised human beings, we should make efforts to save his life. To do otherwise is sinking to Amin's own low standards of respect for human life.
Mark Stewart, Thailand

Medicine, euthanasia, and justice should be kept in different camps.
Steve, Jamaica

It is the responsibility of each of us to protect one another! Amin was in power and misbehaved but now is ill and requires assistance. As a Christian I would pay back his evil with good deeds so that he may learn by example. His actions when in power can be linked to his poor background and wrong information by his inner circle of cronies. Many of these are back to normal life here because of the policy of FORGIVENESS! Give him a lifeline so that OTHERS learn how to BEHAVE when in POWER.
Andrew, Uganda

Donating a kidney to him would look like approving the damage he did to Uganda
John Baptist Tumusiime, Italy
Amin's regime killed many Ugandans and humiliated many foreigners. Many of the deaths were ordered by him. He does not deserve to live. Actually, he should have died long time ago. Donating a kidney to him would look like approving the damage he did to Uganda.
John Baptist Tumusiime, Italy

Yes. He should be given the kidney so that he can get a new lease of life and be able to pay for the atrocities he committed in Uganda.
Jabulani Kubheka, South Africa

No. Why waste a perfectly good kidney on such a mass murderer and butcher? That would be despicable, disgusting, and reprehensible. This bloodthirsty criminal deserves to be arrested, tried and hanged as a warning to other African dictators and despots.
TKS, Zimbabwe

Amin should die as soon as possible. The more we read his stories memories of his atrocities keep knocking in our hearts
Kiyingi, Uganda

I'm horrified with so many people linking medical treatment with so called justice! This man must answer for his crimes. Most certainly he does. But to let him suffer or die in by not giving him medical help is barbaric. That has nothing to do with justice at all. Or at least with justice as it should be.
Stanislav Stankovic, Switzerland

It may sound terrible to say, but I believe that organ transplants should be for someone who is expected to live a good number of more years. I would have to say that anyone who has reached age 78 has lived a long life. Let the donor kidney go to someone younger.
Davie, USA

If you refuse him a transplant, Amin becomes a martyr after his death
George Oyemu, Canada
Don't forget the man is a Muslim. If you refuse him a transplant, Amin becomes a martyr after his death. I think Amin deserves a transplant to stay alive and he should face the international courts for his barbarous and inhuman atrocities.
George Oyemu, Canada

Although I subscribe to Christ's teaching that one should not return wrong for wrong but practise forgiveness and compassion instead, I would not donate my kidney to Idi Amin unless there are no other takers in the world for it.
John Seet, Singapore

Life has no meaning to this man. It pays to have your people at heart. Power comes and goes, but humans will always be there. We need each other.
Rudolph Kla Hweye, Liberia

Amin deserves a right to live
Suleiman Otieno, Malaysia
Why not? Just like any human being Amin deserves a right to live and only God should judge him. If we find it hard to accept this fact then we ought to reconsider our faith (whatever it may be).
Suleiman Otieno, Malaysia

Idi Amin has life like any other person. From the health point of view, he needs to be saved. His deeds will be looked into by the Lord. The Lord has prepared his breakfast table and he must eat it one day.
Agas A Gassama, Canada

I don't think anyone in their right mind would donate a kidney to someone who never valued the life of others.
Ola, MD, US

To give one to Idi Amin would condemn someone else to slow death
Ariel Rabkin, USA
The world has a serious shortage of organs for transplants. To give one to Idi Amin, an old and sick man, would condemn someone else, perhaps someone with better long-term prospects, to slow death. Idi Amin has killed enough people; there's no reason to allow him to deprive someone of live-saving organs.
Ariel Rabkin, USA

I wonder if now Mr Amin is considering the value of a life?
Marysol, US

I think his name should be placed on a list just like any other, and that, I think, is more than giving him the benefit of an enormous doubt. Notoriety notwithstanding, an objective effort should be made, if only to exemplify and remind Mr Amin of the consideration and humanity which he denied to so many.
John Blosnich, West Virginia, USA

Someone who actively took away life doesn't deserve a kidney
Anna Charlton, UK
It is a personal choice for someone to give a kidney. But surely of all the people in the world he is one of the least deserving. Everyone has a right to life but as someone who actively took away life he doesn't deserve a kidney and it is about time we started treating these people with the justice they deserve.
Anna Charlton, UK

Yes, he should be treated as any other patient, regardless of who he is. Medicine should be blind, and should be concerned only with the fact that he is a human being and that he is sick. Making an exception to this rule, even for a moster such as him, could set a precedent for rather scary practices.
Samantha, France

With his record I am surprised he is asking.
John, France

Yes, Mr Amin should be kept alive as long as possible, to suffer the memories of what he has done to his victims, for as long as is humanly possible. In no circumstances should he be allowed an easy and quick exit from life.
Robert Morpheal, Canada

He should be shown some forgiveness
Margaret Engel, US
I think that perhaps he should be shown some forgiveness, and yes allowed a transplant. I don't believe that sinking to his level in the name of revenge is the answer to his brutality. If he has a donor, let the transplant take place.
Margaret Engel, US

Idi Amin should have the opportunity to suffer for his sins. If that means a languishing demise on dialysis so be it. If it means a quick death to meet his maker that too is acceptable. But to furnish him with the means to improve his quality of life is against any reasonable measure of decency.
Adam Pearce, Canada

The UN should find him a suitable kidney on condition that he surrenders to face justice in a UN-monitored tribunal in Uganda.
Matt, US

Someone will try to help him find a kidney because people love to be associated with a famous person, regardless whether the person is famous for good or bad reasons. Personally, I believe that unless every person in need of a kidney who hasn't murdered hundreds of thousands of people finds a compatible donor, it would be a sin for anyone to spend any time helping him.
Jim , NJ, USA

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Idi Amin seeks kidney donor
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