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Robert Palmer: Your tributes
The singer Robert Palmer has died in Paris of a heart attack at the age of 54.

Mr Palmer had been in the French capital with his partner Mary Ambrose for a short break after recording a TV appearance in the UK.

He is best known for hits such as Addicted to Love and Some Guys Have All the Luck as well as being a member of the supergroup Power Station.

Thank you for your tributes to Robert Palmer. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

I think his collaboration with Nile Rogers and John Taylor at the Powerstation was the last vinyl record I ever bought. I used to play it over and over again very loudly as a teenager. Very sad to hear of this sudden and unexpected death of a man with charisma and a rich voice. The wannabe Pop Idols would have done well to learn from him.
Jane, UK

I'm an old fan who loved Robert's concerts. I last saw him at Great Woods in Massachusetts and he made it really fun; made me dance and feel young and hip. I will miss not seeing him but at least we'll have memories of him and his music forever.
Rebecca, USA

What an awful shock and dreadful, untimely loss. As a lifelong fan, my heart goes out to Robert's family and friends. His music lives on, thank goodness.
D. Gamble, UK

This year has seen the deaths of irreplaceable stars, people who have devoted their lives in order to enhance those of others, and Robert Palmer was no exception. I was just a young girl of 20 something growing up in America when I first heard Robert sing. He did indeed "turn [me] on" with his sophisticated, rugged good looks and that voice of his that could melt the thickest of icebergs. We have really lost another wonderful and talented entity. Goodbye Kathryn Hepburn, Buddy Ebsen, Johnny Cash, John Ritter, Farewell Robert Palmer... may you all soar with the eagles and ride upon the beautiful, silver-lined clouds. We will always remember you. Thank you for giving us so much of yourselves. You have succeeded in making the world a better place.
Kathryn Sindell, France

His soul will truly be remembered in his music forever
Fernando Gonzalez, United States
As Robert sang "maybe yellow, black or white, it takes every kind of people, to make what's life about yeah, to make the world go round!" Such simple but catchy lyrics. Smooth and sharp, were my first impressions of Robert, not to mention classy and cool. To this day, I still can't figure out his musical direction since each album had something new and different performed in such a diverse style. Certainly liked by both genders. You couldn't classify it as "chick" music, catering to more of a female audience and that's because Robert Palmer Rocks! His soul will truly be remembered in his music forever. Thank you Robert Palmer, "the best of both worlds, double fun".
Fernando Gonzalez, United States

His single 'True love' showed the true emotional depth of Robert Palmer and is my favourite of his songs.
Robin Pearce, Southampton, UK

Only last week I was listening to Sneakin' Sally through the Alley and Double Fun, thinking what great LP's they were, and still are. Both of these as well as the Clues LP and Addicted to Love have a special place in my heart and my memories associated with these will remain strong despite his sad and premature departure. Just want to say "thank you" for the pleasure your music has given me.
Brian, England

Robert was one of the few white singers who was born with soul and calypso in his heart. As one who followed his career from his Vinegar Joe days and had the privilege of seeing him live on several occasions, this is indeed a sad day for me. A talent that was rare and unique will be sorely missed by many music lovers throughout the world. RIP
Ash Sen, United Kingdom

I am devastated... such talent, part of my life and loves
Janet Forbes, UK
The news of his death whipped round the British community here. A very sad loss of a highly talented musician who preferred to live a quiet life and not one in the headlines. His music reflected that.
Stu, Paris, France

I'm in shock... I'm still getting over the loss of Cash but to lose Robert Palmer at his age... he had so much more to give.
Troy Nott, Canada

I still play "She Makes My Day" on the pub's juke box every time I'm there. It's precisely because of beautiful and finely crafted music like this, I know that Robert's musical legacy will always remain. Thank you Robert, goodbye and God bless.
Steve Connolly, Scotland

I am devastated. Such talent, part of my life and loves. Rest in peace
Janet Forbes, UK

Robert Palmer's Double Fun album was an anthem of my college days in Stafford. A very sad day indeed.
Craig, Wales

What a talent, what a voice, his music really made you want to dance. I saw him at Bentley College in Mass many years ago... he was great. What a loss.
Gina, MA, USA

Oh my! Robert Palmer! I can't believe it! My girlfriend just called me and told me. I love that guy! "It Takes Every Kind of People" tells it all. He will be missed. But I will play his music to help the cause.
George Hollis, USA

I was shocked to hear of the death of Robert Palmer, he was an oasis of musical talent in a desert of manufactured dross
Cheryl Beale, England

The world will enjoy the perpetual resonance of his music and remember the pure unadulterated class of his character
William Silva, USA
I am very sorry to hear of Mr Palmer passing away. I will keep him in my prayers and my thoughts are with his family.
Chuck B, USA

I was saddened to hear Robert Palmer had died of a heart attack in Paris. I liked his music, he was so cool and suave. I can tell you that I know his US fans are just as shocked and saddened as we all are.
Valerie Page, England

I met Robert when I worked with EMI/ Island [St Peter Street] UK... he impressed me as an immaculate, articulate and immensely talented musician. For many of us he embodied the very best traditions of a singer/songwriter and a gentle Yorkshire man. My heartfelt condolences go to his family.
Alexi Drove, UK (currently working in Canada)

Artistry, power, and elegance of execution, Robert's work is woven into the fabric of our lives, a true one-of-a-kind. While we will miss any new works, the world will enjoy the perpetual resonance of his music and remember the pure unadulterated class of his character. Goodbye, Robert
William Silva, USA

Oh God. I saw something flash up, couldn't quite make it out, went back to re-check and even then, couldn't believe it. What a loss of serious talent. In the words of Billy Joel - "Only The Good Die Young." RIP Robert.
Andy, UK

I loved his music and his contribution to the world of music. He will be greatly missed.
Alex Pope, UK

Mr Palmer was an amazing talent and he will be truly missed. I loved his work with the Power Station and my favorite songs of his were his remakes of "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On," and "Mercy, Mercy, Me/I Want You."
Gary Williams, USA

He understood a lot of musical styles
Phil Walker, UK
Robert Palmer was a fantastic singer with great phrasing. He understood a lot of musical styles and brought those to a lot of people's attention. He did everything from techno to reggae to rock to standards. I saw him live in Nottingham years ago and he was tremendous.
Phil Walker, UK

Robert and his family were my neighbours in the Bahamas in the late 1970s. We all worked for Island Records and I remember vividly all the fun that we had and the birth of his son and daughter. I shall miss him very much and would like to pass on my condolences to Sue and his children.
Richard Lee, US

I am truly saddened for everyone who knew Robert and to his family. Back in the 1980s I had the opportunity to get to know Robert Palmer when he was recording Riptide, and I have to say, he was one of the nicest and more intelligent people I've ever met in the music industry. He was also a great performer who could successfully work in a variety of genres of music. He will be sorely missed by everyone who ever knew him or his music.
Mark Frieser, US

A sad loss for a fellow Batley lad. Had the privilege of meeting him at Compass Point recording studios in Nassau. His house on Love Beach, opposite the studios, had a beautiful sea view. Gone but never forgotten. RiP
Barry, Singapore

I remember Robert as a good friend from years back when he lived in Scarborough singing with the Mandrakes. He has been brilliant all through his career and will be sadly missed.
Kelvin, UK

He could incorporate so many musical styles
Justine, USA
I am so sad to hear of Mr Palmer's passing. I had the great fortune of seeing him in concert years ago. It was spectacular, I thought, that he could incorporate so many musical styles in one show and keep it so natural and fluid. He gave so much to all of us and this is truly a sad day. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this very sad time.
Justine, USA

I saw him perform a couple of times and although he apparently was a nervous stage performer, he was great both times. He made some excellent albums - Clues, Riptide, Supernova - he had one hell of a voice and wrote many memorable songs, although no doubt he'll mostly be remembered for Addicted to Love. Ruined my day, this has - the man had talent, class and style, and there aren't many you can say that about.
Tony, London

I knew Robert Palmer and his wife Sue in the early days when he was with Elkie Brooks in Vinegar Joe. I dated their keyboard player Mike Deacon. It is sad to hear of Robert's early death. I am sure Elkie Brooks and the other members of Vinegar Joe are all remembering Robert and the great friendships and fun they had but just a little bit sadder at his passing. Robert brought class and style to pop music. Godspeed.
Patricia Taylor-Lancaster, Canada

In a world of manufactured music - he was the real thing
Geoff, UK
From his early days with Vinegar Joe, to the present, I have always been a great fan of Robert Palmer. In a world of manufactured music - he was the real thing.
Geoff, UK

I remember buying Power Station records and Robert Palmer's 'Riptide' album with THAT video in the 80s. He'll be missed.
Doug Nolan, UK

A big shock and very, very sad. I think he's been one of the most under-rated performers of the last 25 years. Not one to go blowing his own trumpet - seemingly a very quiet and private man. I know nothing about him other than he made fantastic music with just the best production. Serious respect is due.
Sara, UK

I'm saddened by the news of Robert Palmer's death. I and many other Duran Duran fans respected and admired his work, both solo and with Duran members in the Power Station albums. Thanks for your contribution to music Robert. RIP.
Paul, UK

He was so suave and handsome and what a voice!
Jennifer Harris-Frowen, USA
He was my first concert when I was 13 years old in 1985. He was so suave and handsome and what a voice! I just bought his latest, "Drive," a couple of weeks ago, and his bluesy voice still blows me away! You will be missed, Robert. Rest in peace.
Jennifer Harris-Frowen, USA

I just learned about the passing away of Robert. My feelings go to his family and friends and all his fans over the world. A great musician passed away.
Cor van Kruchten, Netherlands

Robert Palmer had always made wonderful music - always experimenting, never afraid to choose new avenues or different feel to his sound, but always with passion and humanity in his songs. There was often also an optimism and humour in his lyrics that is rare today in the world of pop/rock. For me and many other fans he'll be sorely missed.
Michael Field, Wales

Robert Palmer was one of the few performers who consistently created exciting music throughout his career without 'selling out' or burning out. He didn't make a bad record.
John, UK

Thanks for the music and the pleasure you have given me over the years through the music. You will be missed.
Fiona, UK

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