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Jakarta bomb blast: Your experiences
Indonesian police officers try to push journalists away from the site of an explosion at the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta
At least 14 people have been killed and many others injured in a bomb explosion at the luxury Marriott Hotel in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

The blast damaged five floors of the American-run hotel, shattering glass and damaging cars parked outside.

The Indonesian government has ordered an immediate strengthening of its anti-terrorist laws and also asked the Australian police to help in the hunt for those responsible.

Indonesian police investigating the blast say the explosives and methods used in the attack are similar to those used in the Bali bombing last year.

This Have Your Say is now closed. Thank you for your comments. The following selection reflect the balance of opinion we have received:

I feel sad that this happened in such a nice country. Do these people really don't have a heart or any feelings?? I hope the Government will punish the people who did this; there is no better option to give them the death penalty!
Juan Pedro Damiani, Uruguay

Education must become a priority again, be it for the poor people of Indonesia or for the top-ranking people of the US
Martin Kay, Indonesia
It's just so sad that there are too many uneducated people in the world. They can easily be persuaded by radical thoughts and can't absorb other views. Education must become a priority again, be it for the poor people of Indonesia, for the top-ranking people of the US, or for anyone in the world. Only with good and sufficient education can we expect to have good and honest discussions. Hopefully peace can issue afterwards.
Martin Kay, Indonesia

The entire approach to the so-called "war" on terror needs rethinking. Are current US policies fighting terrorism or encouraging it?! What, if anything, can the UN contribute? The world needs a more convincing solution.
Terris, France

Although I'm against the death penalty there is no other punishment for these people who are responsible for this inhumane attack! After a enjoyable stay in Indonesia I'm sad what happened there. I really hope the Indonesian government will now do something, not in words but in real action, against terrorism! My condolences to all the victims, may God bless you all.
Kevin Moore, Bermuda Islands

I think the bombing in Jakarta, where I live, is really bad because it killed a lot of innocent people and I believe this government needs to do more to stop groups such as JI from doing this. But I believe that the westernizing of Indonesia needs to stop and that the Americans should have less presence here and that there war in Iraq and the occupation of Palestine is not right either.
Amir, Indonesia

This is a crime against humanity. The government should punish the perpetrators of this heinous crime.
Joshua Bassey, Nigeria

I hope the world will help to rebuild this beautiful country
Bjorn Steingrimsson, Iceland
I'm married to an Indonesian girl and live in Jakarta at this moment. I love this country very much and I feel so sad what happened on the 5th August. Indonesia really needs foreigners for investment and I hope the world will help to rebuild this beautiful country. May God bless to all the people who didn't survive the explosion and their family.
Bjorn Steingrimsson, Iceland

Why..why..why??? I live in Jakarta for almost 3 years and never felt unsafe in this country. I left the Marriott Hotel 1hr before the bomb went off! Now I'm looking in different way into my life and luckily I'm still here. My condolences to all the victims of the bombing. The world now has to support Indonesia against terrorism!
Mike Kruiger, South Africa

My deepest and condolences and sympathy goes to the families and friends of the victims in the recent Jakarta blast. To those responsible that claim you did this for the sake of Islam, you're wrong. To me and to all the Muslim community out there you are nothing but butchers killing innocent lives and at the same time tarnishing the good name of Islam. I hope those guys will be brought to justice soon and received the punishment their deserved.
Mohd.Fairuz, Malaysia

I was sitting in the meeting facing the Marriot Hotel; suddenly I saw a ball of fire erupting, before I could make out a loud thud of sound shook me. I was sure there was a bomb explosion. In half an hour we were seeing the deadly pictures of smashed bodies. God please help us all to live as human beings
Manish Mundra, Indonesia

I was staying at a nearby hotel and saw the damage. I am sickened. Now Amrozi is getting the death penalty I hope that sends a clear message to such people. He will be sorely disappointed when he meets his maker who doesn't reward him with a harem of beautiful ladies.
WS, Singapore

My condolences go to all the victims
David Cohen, Israel
I was in Jakarta on the day of the explosion and I'm still in the city. I'm travelling around with friends in this country and I was totally shocked! It's the Indonesian people, themselves who suffer most from this horror terror attack! My condolences go to all the victims and also to the employees of the hotel who are now jobless.
David Cohen, Israel

I stayed at the JW Marriott for over 6 months until I left Jakarta a couple of months ago. I knew that the place was vulnerable, despite the tight security at the entrance.
Manoj Hingorani, USA

Two days ago on NPR a man who was at that hotel a short time before this event in Jakarta stated that he had a friend drop him off at the hotel and there was no security checks whatsoever. He said they were both amazed. Maybe this should be looked into.
Inesanl, USA

This is a crime against humanity
Evan A.L., Indonesia
Things are still shadowy, and we shouldn't assume anything. From what I read in the news, it seems that some "group" wants us to think that JI is behind these bombings. I think we should really be careful with what we conclude. But, I totally agree that this is a crime against humanity, and whoever did this should be put to justice!
Evan A.L., Indonesia

The thing people forget is the law of cause and effect. This rather farcical 'War on Terror' is trying to fight the effect without considering the cause, all it's succeeding in doing, as should be obvious is exacerbating the cause.
Alan, UK

The force of the blast blew out the windows of my apartment on the 17th floor. Thankfully my daughter who was home at the time was not injured. My condolences to the families that lost loved ones.
Bill, Indonesia

To the terrorist who have taken upon themselves the exclusive and sole representation of Islam, and to those who have showed contempt to the verse " In the name of GOD the COMPASSIONATE and the MERCIFUL", I wish to say that the enemy of Islam are proud of you. In fact they are ecstatic! The damage you have done to image, economy of the largest Muslim country in the world (Indonesia) is irreparable! Every Muslim is now a criminal suspect. To all decent Muslims (the 99.99%) I say fight these people like a plague. They are a parasite who are destroying the very little we have. They are not us, they are simply and 100% against us.
Suhaib Ahmed, UK

Calling for more attacks to wipe out terrorists will not solve the problem
Chan Chow Wah, Singapore
The blast is a tragedy. Calling for more attacks to wipe out terrorists will not solve the problem. We also need to look at the big picture. We need to find out why the motivations behind this group. They may have alternative views of the world that are being frustrated or they may have felt alienated. I am not saying the attack is right or justified. But what difference is it from countries that attack another country for whatever reasons they claim to be. Thousands of people died also but are they remembered? Some honest self reflects will be helpful.
Chan Chow Wah, Singapore

Your Jakarta correspondent says "A warning by the administration's top security official¿seems to imply that the measures might entail a further curtailment of human rights" As a resident in Indonesia with an Indonesian wife and children: I say so be it. The lawlessness and terror destroying this country and the welfare of its citizens must be stopped. While the old regime was also corrupt it worked. The ordinary people had food in their mouths and could walk the streets in comparative safety.
Stewart Maxworthy, Bali. Indonesia

My condolences go to all victims of the Marriott bombing. However, I am concerned to the elusive Anti-Terrorist Act that might end up curbing freedom of expression which is universally guaranteed as a basic human right. International support -instead of mere condemnations- is surely needed, not only to tackle the terrorist problems in Indonesia and South East Asia in general but also to scrutinize the enforcement of the Anti-Terrorist Act.
Gita Widya Laksmini, Indonesia

The recent terrorist attacks in Indonesia, Morocco and Saudi Arabia are a proof that Islamic terrorism is not about Occupied territories or historical wrongs. It's a clash between civilizations. Capitulation and appeasement are not the solution to this problem.
Yoni Simson, Isreal

Thank you Mr Bush and friends for making the world a safer place...
Bez, UK

The time has come for the people & governments of the civilised world to unite
Anand Kapoor, India
With bombs going off across Asia - be it in Indonesia, Chechnya, Kashmir, Karachi, Kabul or Baghdad - the time has come for the people & governments of the civilised world to unite and reiterate their commitment to fighting and rooting out terror from Human society. Alas! It cannot be accomplished unless the US led 'War against Terror' stops being a mere slogan and starts tackling the real terror spawning regions in the continent.
Anand Kapoor, India

Although I wasn't there at that time, I only watched it on TV .But I cried¿God I cried.. how can people do such thing, again ??Don't you have heart anymore?
Chrystie, Indonesia

I am an Indonesian Moslem. I hate attack terrors because terrorist is devil wherever name. I hope for peace in my country, no attacks, no bomb blast, and no war. I hope the terrorists go to hell....
Nanik Budiyart, Jakarta, Indonesia

I live and work close to JW Marriott. I had come home for lunch and heard this big bang which initially I thought was a lightning. When I started hearing sirens, I looked out of my bedroom and saw smoke billowing from JW Marriott.

Security had generally been tight these days due to various intelligence reports. This business area, because of the location of Embassies and big business houses, was relatively safe and secure. But now even that has been breached.
Mahesh Swaminathan, Indonesia

Whoever is behind this are people that no longer realise what is love, peace and humanity. God create us with feelings and we only live once, die once. Why are we living life like this?
Lela Sany Morrison Jamal, Singapore

Nobody can believe it happened at the Marriot Hotel
Ary Prasetyo, Jakarta, Indonesia
I was in an office about 2km away, and felt every second when it exploded. It was really terrifying. Nobody can believe it happened at the Marriot Hotel, where security has been very tight every time I went to that place. It proves that this can happen everywhere and anytime. No matter it is in Indonesia, or your home country. It's been very hard for us Indonesians to step up from such tragedy, but we are not giving up to terrorists. May God help us. Condolences for the families who lost their loved ones.
Ary Prasetyo, Jakarta, Indonesia

I worked at JW Marriott Jakarta and resigned 2 months ago. My message for those terrorists; "How could you do that thing to my country???"
Sorta, UAE/Indonesian

In our house we have a calendar with photos of daily life in Jakarta. The calendar was a charity initiative, the money was to help Indonesians in need. The calendar was made by Hans, this will be our memory to a good and generous man after he tragically died today in this act of horror.
Marcel Hassink, The Netherlands

I left the country some 9 months ago as you could see the signs clearly on the horizon. The Indonesian government is completely incapable of dealing with Islamic militant terrorism. Megawati has to speak out clearly now to her people that there is no heaven waiting for murderers in the Islamic faith and put stern action against fanatic clerical leaders who can easily turn into militants the uneducated and impoverished masses with their lies. The international community has to speak clear words to the Indonesian Government instead of having to send condolence letters every other month!
Bert, Austria

The entire building was shaking as if it was an earthquake
Henk de Weers, The Netherlands
I had spent the night at the JW Marriott and checked out around nine o'clock this morning. I was staying in a nearby office when the blast occurred. The entire building was shaking as if it was an earthquake. The sinister truth came only minutes later. My heartfelt condolences go out to the bereaved families of the victims. My dearest sympathy to all the victims of this tragedy. I honestly do not understand those who think they achieve anything by destroying innocent lives.
Henk de Weers, The Netherlands

As an American tourist currently travelling in Indonesia, I am saddened by the recent bombings. It is the Indonesian people who will suffer the most from these attacks, as their economy is dependent on tourism. The majority of Indonesians, including the Muslim population, are peaceful and welcoming individuals. They are distressed by the savage murders of human beings, and the resulting poverty it causes amongst themselves.
Nancy Grzybowski, USA

Lived in Indonesia for three years till 2002 - driven past the Marriot and had business meetings there almost every month... The peace and elegance of Mega Kuningan area of the Jakarta CBD has been shattered. This is one of the most modern and cosmopolitan area of Greater Jakarta... Wish you peace, fellow Indonesians.
MVyas, US

I have been here for 3 years. Today's bomb was anticipated by many. The security forces here are ineffective - an embarrassment.........more interested in taking money from motorists than hunting terrorists. Not a hope of improvement until the government get serious.
Jo, Jakarta, Indonesia

Surely some action has to be taken against these terrorists
James, UK
I am deeply shocked to hear that another bomb has hit Jakarta. I have a friend who lives near this area and I was lucky to visit Jakarta last year. I found the people forthcoming and friendly. Surely some action has to be taken against these terrorists. It is such a shame to see so many problems within this beautiful country. I send my deepest sympathies to those who have been tragically killed and those who have been injured.
James, UK

All these bombings will do is eventually deter western investment in Muslim countries which hurts the working class people who need jobs.
John, USA

I have so many friends who work in the hotel and even though I am in Dubai now, I can feel the sadness of them and the entire sadness of my nation. The news shocked me a lot and I feel really, really sorry to hear that. One of my friends here who worked before in the hotel is crying and all of us here in Dubai cry for what has happened in our country.
Eva, Dubai, UAE

I believe this will not be the last act of terror in Indonesia. It has been going on before and after the Bali bombing. Western governments must now press Indonesians to curb Islamic militants on their land. It is not enough to feel sorry for the victims, but the world must act now.
Lis, UK

This is tragic. Murderers! How brutal and heartless to do this to the innocents. My heart goes to the victims, their families and the innocent people of Indonesia. God bless those injured with a speedy and complete recovery. My deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of those who have lost their loved ones. May those unfortunate victims rest in peace.
Suzanne Cheng, Hong Kong

I feel extremely lucky to have got out
Mark, Jakarta
I was in the Hotel 10 minutes before the bomb went off. I was supposed to be having lunch with a client in the main dining room near the lobby. At the last minute the venue was changed. I feel extremely lucky to have got out, and I feel for the families of the mainly local people who must have died. There are always many staff doing the concierge and security duties outside the front entrance. Having been back to the Hotel this evening, I find it hard to see how these people could have got out alive.
Mark, Jakarta

I visited Jakarta just two weeks ago. My in-laws are Indonesian, and were trying to convince me to move there. It really looked like things were beginning to turn around. I passed by this Marriott many times, and kept hearing how business is so good here. What a shame for this to happen to a place with such potential. The extremist minority are ruining the country for everyone. My thoughts and prayers to those affected by this tragedy.

What a sad event, which happen today. I was only five minutes by car away when it happen. For the first time in 3 ½ years we looked optimistic into the near future, which changed in seconds. Anyway we will not give in or give up and continue to support Indonesia.
Markus Schneider, Indonesia, Jakarta

For few seconds people at the office thought it was an thunder or plane crash
MB, Indonesia
I was working at the office 200m from the Marriott hotel when the bomb exploded. It was like a thunder. For few seconds people at the office thought it was an thunder or plane crash. Then we saw a smoke going out of the JW Marriott hotel area. This terrorist act is a real tragedy for people who have been in the area and for Indonesia. It is very sad. I can just imagine what had happened when the bomb exploded near the hotel restaurant - it was a lunch time and the restaurant had big 3-4m windows.
MB, Indonesia

I have been staying at the Marriott Hotel for the last week and a half here in Jakarta, and I was lucky enough to be out at clients when the bomb went off. I had been thinking of returning for lunch but fortunately got tied up with work. I feel so sorry for the local staff. They were so nice and smiling all the time. I would joke with the lobby staff as they held the door for me and ordered taxis for me. I hope they are safe. I will always remember their smiling faces. This is so wrong, and it is hurting the local Indonesian people just as much if not more than the western travellers. I don't think it has fully sunk in yet for me. Maybe when I have to go and collect my belongings from my hotel room, things will begin to sink in. I am dreading that moment.
Elliott Douglas, Indonesia

This terrorist attack brings home just how unsafe this country is. 10 months after the Bali bombing where so many Australians died, the terrorist acts continue. Its just shows how little the government is doing. The question has to be asked: Why has the government not done more to find these terrorists?
Michelle, Australia

I spent two months in the country in 1998 and was bowled over by the friendliness of the people, despite their evident extreme poverty. However, even then the divide between the ruling, western backed elite in the malls of Jakarta and the poverty on the streets was stark. I cannot imagine it has improved since then and has to be the overriding factor in the growth of unrest.
steve w, UK

I was recently very lucky to spend 2 months in Indonesia. I had some concerns about safety following the blast in Bali in 2002, but I could not have been greeted with more kindness than in Indonesia. My heart goes out to the victims, their families and the people of Indonesia. I hope that the perpetrators of this evil crime are brought to justice rapidly.
Mark Smith, UK

The Indonesian president denied that there were any terrorists in Indonesia
John C, New York
Not long ago the Indonesian president denied that there were any terrorists in Indonesia. I also recall her pandering to local Islamic sympathies by accusing the U.S. of "insulting" the Muslim world with the war on terror. Maybe now it's time for her to wake up to the explosive reality.
John C, New York, USA

I would like to say my greatest sympathy goes out to the Indonesian people. With regards to John C, New York, USA , You need to get your facts right. Not all Muslims are terrorists - people should know this.
Nasir Adam , UK

I travel to Jakarta on business and stay at the Marriott. In fact I am supposed to fly Saturday (probably will have to change the hotel reservations). It is extremely surprising that a van could drive up to the hotel entrance and be parked long enough to go off. Generally its only taxis during the day. The whole area is pretty uncrowded compared to rest of Jakarta so a strange vehicle should have stood out. An investigation needs to be done into the security measures in place.
Prabuddha Ghosh, Cyprus

It's a criminal act to kill innocent people. One has however to put it in perspective. Poverty here has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. When you combine this with rampant corruption of judges, lawyers, government officials and extreme pollution levels, decaying infrastructure, etc... The country's authorities are playing with fire. A majority of people feel left out & will use such barbaric acts as a last resort. The government should act at the root of the problem: give your people the opportunity to live a decent life and the simmering hatred will go away.
Jack, Indonesia

I stayed in the 29th floor of the hotel since Sunday, but was at work when the blast happened. FYI: It's confirmed that we will get our luggage back from where it was in the rooms (dunno in which condition)
Benno Jaeggi, Switzerland

People started to panic and tried to get down to downstairs as soon as possible
Tarsim, Indonesia
I was on the 9th Floor, Mutiara Plaza Building when the bomb exploded. Suddenly, people started to panic and tried to get down to downstairs as soon as possible. I saw some people injured at their face because of the glass broken. It was a nightmare, and really hope that those who did this will suffer for all their life.
Tarsim, Indonesia

I was on the 27th floor in my office which is just 1-2 km away from Marriott. We felt the blast and we could also see from our glass window, thick smoke coming out around Marriott till very late. We could also see lot of ambulances and fire brigades moving around the area. May God save the injured ones and give the relatives the strength to bear the loss of near ones who died!
Himanshu Pathak, Jakarta

This attack proves that westerners are still unsafe in Muslim countries. Unless those same countries adopt a longer term approach to deal with extremism i.e. stopping violent anti-Western sermons by clerics and hardline religious parties, then the same problems will re-surface and the losers will be the ordinary citizens in those countries.
Krisha Memon, UK

Most windows were shattered
Lila, Jakarta
I was at a restaurant 2 Km away and could feel the effect of the bomb. Went to the Bombsite and it was sad. Most windows were shattered as a lot of Indonesians look on. Why? May God bless everyone affected by the bomb.
Lila, Jakarta

It is truly time for the Indonesian Government to take serious and effective action against the terrorist networks and religious fanatics in their country. What is the use of the President trying to restore the reputation of her father when the country is being blown up around her. She should not waste her time with trivialities. How many more lives will it take before the government tries to salvage their crumbling credibility and country?
Leslie Quahe, Singapore

My mother who was on her way to a meeting near the Marriot Hotel, was shocked as she heard about the explosion a couple miles away. She describes that so many people were rattled and disarrayed during this time. I hope what President Megawati said 4 days earlier, that "terrorism will end to its roots" will come true...
A. Tedjo, U.S.A

I was not in Jakarta but I can certainly feel that such an act is forthcoming when I saw how fanatical some of the suspects of the Bali bomb blast were when they appeared in court. The Govt must wake up and take some extreme measures. It really sends a chill down my spine to think that not longer ago the Govt is even denying that there ever was terrorists in Indonesia! Please do not run away from the problem.
Chew T P, Singapore

My daughter is staying in this hotel. Luckily, she was in her office when the blast took place and her office shook when it happened. We are extremely worried since she was supposed to travel back this evening but it looks she is stuck in Indonesia for next 2-3 days since she is not being allowed to pick her things from hotel due to tight security. God save her!!
Deepak Deshpande, India

I was working in my office that is perhaps 5 km from the Marriott and I felt the shock of the blast. It was so strong that at first I thought the blast happened on the building I was in.
J. Stone, Indonesia

I have a client who is currently visiting Jakarta. He was staying at the hotel last night and felt the blast en-route to our office today. We have managed to contact him and all is well, although he has described scenes of panic and disarray. Why? why? why? Surely, world politicians can put a stop to this terror diplomatically can't they?
Shimal Thakrar, London

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