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Last Updated: Friday, 15 August, 2003, 09:17 GMT 10:17 UK
How are you coping with the heat?
Girls ride the Raging River in Adventure Land at Southend, Essex
Extreme weather will continue in the UK with sweltering heat in the south and cooler weather in the north.

Sunday saw the recording of the hottest day ever in Britain when the temperature in Gravesend, Kent soared to 38.1C (100.6F).

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But torrential rain and thunder storms hit parts of northern England and the Midlands.

Are you enjoying the heat wave or do you find it too hot? Do you have any good tips for keeping cool? How are you coping at work? Are your pets suffering in the heat?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

Due to my total physical inability to stand what many people would consider mild heat, I'm hating this. Conventional medicine does not recognise my 'condition' so I'm forced into hiding away with a fan, closed curtains and regular cold showers just to stay comfortable. It's absolutely incomprehensible to my body how people can like this weather, or even anything approaching it, and I wish I could enjoy it similarly.
Andy, Nottm, UK

I can enjoy the weather when I am not at work and don't have to travel
Steph, England
I can enjoy the weather when I am not at work and don't have to travel. I am complaining about the hot stuffy tube or late running mainline service only to have to sit in a non-air conditioned office for the majority of the day only to return home to a house that is too hot because it's been closed up all day. The travelling takes the joy and energy out of me and by the time I get home I am too exhausted to do anything other than drop after a nice cold shower.
Steph, England

The hot weather is great. What isn't so great is those many thousands of people who don't realise deodorant and regular changes of clothing are a must in this weather!
David Hughes, England

The people in this country are never happy, and we like it that way. In the last year we have had great weather; a blustery autumn, loads of snow at winter, a sunny spring, and a stunningly hot summer. By rights we should not be complaining at all... but that would be uncharacteristic of us. Fortunately, our public transport system can't cope with any form of weather whatsoever - so we can all continue to moan and sulk.
Ali, England

The weather is fantastic, don't let us forget that it is peak holiday season and those who are having a well deserved break should be allowed to enjoy the weather. All those who are complaining because they are at work are simply jealous (and I write this in my non-air conditioned office)
Mike, UK

I'm willing to bet that those who tell us to "stop whinging about the heat" are the very same people who, on a winters morning in a freezing wind, cheerfully whistle loudly before telling us all what a 'glorious day' it is! Do they know how annoying that is, and that everyone just wants to see the ground open up and swallow them?
Gerry Noble, UK

With the British climate changing the houses should be fitted with ceiling fans. At the moment the houses are made to keep out the cold winter winds. This makes homes too hot in the summers.
Hyder Ali Pirwany, England

Adopt our local siesta when the sun is too strong at noon!
Lia, Greece
That's funny! All northern Europeans claim it's too hot, but when they come to Greece, they spend 12 hours a day sunbathing until they probably catch a skin cancer. Enjoy it now that you don't have to pay for it, drink water, eat fruits, and adopt our local siesta when the sun is too strong at noon!
Lia, Greece

For some of us it isn't a case of "whingeing" about the heat. It actually causes health problems so don't lump us all in the same boat just because we can't enjoy this weather. Roll on the autumn/winter when I can breathe again.
David, UK

If you find the heat difficult and a problem, please have some thoughts for my wife who is eight months pregnant. This heat is causing her to be very uncomfortable; she can not wait for it to cool down.
Andy G, Cov, UK

Can we nail the global warming thing once and for all? All models predict for the UK on average: slightly warmer summers, much warmer winters, hardly any change in rainfall, and reduced windiness. In short, the UK will continue to be a rather nice place to be, spoilt only by the moaning tendency of a substantial ignorant minority.
Tom, UK

I was travelling to Madrid some couples of days ago and the bus that I was in was so hot that I thought that hell had broken loose due to the heat. It is a devastating life indeed.
Chernor Jalloh, Almeria, Spain

Scotland in particular is notorious for having miserable weather, and indeed some summers are very wet and depressing. To have some sunshine is fantastic and we should all enjoy it while it lasts. As soon as the first burst of rain you can be sure that we will all start moaning again. If people find it too hot anyway, why do so many of us go abroad to much hotter tourist resorts? Explore Scotland first I say and you'd be amazed at how beautiful it is when the sun is shining!
Rob, Scotland

Until the public transport can cope, we should be given automatic bank holidays
Suzana, UK
I love the hot weather the only thing that bothers me is getting on the tube. Until the public transport can cope, we should be given automatic bank holidays whenever it's over 30C. Surely there are rules that prevent you from transporting animals this way, so why can't we get a day off as well?
Suzana, UK

I grew up on the US east coast, where the summers are regularly hotter than this (and the winters regularly colder). So I've been enjoying a little taste of old-time summertime. It's been lovely! Not all my native born and bred friends seem to agree, but they complain about the cold all winter, too - some people are never satisfied.
Carl, England

Flies, wasps, bugs, underground stations and shops choking with heat, sweat, insomnia, drought, ugly pink and red bodies on slow cook. What a nightmare! Am I the only man in Britain who absolutely adores winter? It can never be too cold.
Richard Montgomery, UK

I cope with this heat by staying at my workplace morning, noon and night. At least they've got air conditioning and an amply supplied restaurant. An added bonus: my boss thinks me a dedicated worker now.
Vonette, Holland

Yes it is far too hot! I live in a ground floor flat and I don't like leaving windows open when I go out or at night! A tip for poor sleeping is to immerse you feet in a bucket of cold water for several minutes before retiring!
Len Williams, England

The UK just isn't geared up to cope with similar weather!
Christina, England
I have lived and worked on a kibbutz in Israel where it was normal to have hotter weather than this! We started work in the orange groves and cotton fields at 4am and finished at 10am to avoid the hottest time of day. We had siesta in the afternoon and leisure activities at night. It was a great experience, but the UK just isn't geared up to cope with similar weather!
Christina, England

I moved to Australia in 1988 and have encountered many days of 40C plus without air conditioning. Have regular cold showers or a swim. Enjoy the sun in the evening when it isn't so fierce and the sun sets are magical and remember only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun.
Giles Wragg, Australia

I didn't know what all the fuss was about till I realised that you guys don't "do" air conditioning up there. That is tough. Temps here in Oklahoma range from 90F to 110F. 90F is a pretty cool day during our hottest months...but air conditioning is the norm. When I first moved out and didn't have that luxurious cool air, I took at least three showers a day and kept a wet rag in my hand to wipe my face and arms...kind of homemade air conditioning. Good luck to ya'll.
Cyndi Walkup, Tulsa, OK, USA

To be honest, the weather here is quite ok compared to the rest of the world. But maybe I'd better think again about whether to invite my grandparents to come here for their holidays next summer.
Helen Fei, China (in Bolton, England for sixth form education)

I work in an engine room and have seen the temperature on the first ship I sailed with rise to 72 Celsius in the Far East. Now moan about the UK. The average temperature in a ships machinery space in warmer countries is 42 degrees C and after a couple of weeks it all seems pretty normal. Just get used to it and enjoy.
Mark Chisholm, UK

It should be a lesson that the world has to be careful with the Ozone layer!
Mwanzi Josephat, Tanzania
I thought it's only Mwanza (Tanzania) has been affected with the increasing heat! We taka shower 4 times or so per day, we put on light clothes though some young girls go beyond that...light, transparent and short gowns! It should be a lesson that the world has to be careful with the Ozone layer!
Mwanzi Josephat, Tanzania

In a weeks time this will all be forgotten and we can all get back to complaining about how cold and wet it is.
John, UK

You're all saying it's too hot. As soon as this "heat wave" ends you'll all be complaining it's too *cold*! Here in Central California it's often over 120"F - for weeks on end. It can be 110"F in the *shade*. Enjoy the change, and just be glad you're not *here*.
Michael Austin, Southern California, USA (ex UK)

Moan moan moan. The only thing that's really suffered since the (lovely) hot weather started has been conversation. Enjoy it while you can and stop whinging
Andrea , UK

Can people not see what worrying effects pollution and the inability of anybody, these days, to attempt to recycle the Earth's resources is having on our planet? Feeling suffocated and constantly yearning for a drink is NOT my idea of bliss. And living in Britain, it shouldn't be! I'm sure opinions differ in other countries where beautiful forests are turned to ashes with no chance of damage limitation because the climate is so excruciatingly dry.
Emma, UK

Fantastic! Love it! Could live in this every day! Life would be wonderful if it wasn't for the pathetic performance of the railways!
Arabella, UK

I'm not sure how anyone can say this is glorious. It's so hot you can't go outside, it's too hot to be productive at work, and it's too hot for my young baby.
Dom, UK

At least the wines of vintage 2003 should be excellent!
Carl, France
Here in the centre of France we have had 10 consecutive days around + 40C. Although France is used to higher temperatures than Britain, nobody can remember a summer this bad. For us in our first year of our plant nursery business, we have certainly been kept busy with the watering - luckily we have a very good and deep well. For once the weather is the no. 1 topic of conversation here too! Still at least the wines of vintage 2003 should be excellent!
Carl, France

I'm working in an office with no air conditioning or fans just old fashioned windows. The underfloor heating is still on since it's broken (apparently - funny how in winter it's broken then as well, just so it's off and we all freeze). I've lost two stone in two weeks - it's great, though we all do tend to smell a bit pungent now.

I've got one thing to say - this country has gone to the dogs. We spend eight extra hours in the winter sitting in snow on the motorways and we spend five extra hours in the summer sitting on the trains! What does the future hold for us?
Becky, Hants - UK

I have some friends who have come to the UK to cool down. They live in Dubai, where the temperature is in the high 40s to 50s.
Andy, UK

Enjoy the great weather but be sure to do what we do here in sunny Southern California: Wear a hat and sun-screen and drink plenty of water BEFORE you are thirsty. Do not drink alcohol or caffeine drinks. The human body is designed to take-the-heat if you help it. Enjoy!
Michael, California, USA

I love fine weather but this beyond a joke
Trisha, Wallingford
It is too hot; I can't sleep even though I have two fans in the bedroom. I love fine weather but this beyond a joke. Colleagues in work ask why I can't cope as I did live in Cyprus for three and half years. Air conditioning, marble floors and sea breezes. 20 degrees lower and I would be comfortable.
Trisha, Wallingford

I love the summer, although I am fair skinned and so cannot sunbathe much at all. I would like it to be a few degrees cooler just to be able to cope better when I am out and about. We shouldn't be complaining too much as we don't get decent weather like this too often. I much prefer the heat to the cold, cold winter.
Tracey, UK

I can't understand the constant descriptions of extremely hot weather as being "glorious", "fantastic", "healthy" (!) and cold winter weather as being the complete opposite. Being a redhead and of a fair complexion this weather is excruciating for me and I resent the notion that I'm something of a "killjoy" because I don't enjoy it. We are not all sun-worshippers - roll on October !
Colette, York, England

I am absolutely loving the heat - and long may it last! This last weekend (when we finally broke the 100 degree barrier), I walked 20 miles in the Surrey hills on Saturday, cycled 60 miles on Sunday morning and played football in Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon. I have developed a nice tan and saved myself a fortune by not having to go to Ibiza to have the same amount of fun!
Chris, London, UK

If you think this heat is wonderful come down to the South-East for a day and see how much you can bear it then! The problem is that this country is not prepared for such extremes of temperature such as this. Yes, it would be wonderful to go to Spain or Greece and for the weather to be like this, but there they have air conditioning, swimming pools, white houses with flat roofs and no carpets designed to reflect heat... Bring on autumn!
Anna, England

For all those pessimists who are moaning not only about the hot weather, but all the impact of Global Warming and how we are destroying the earth. Well the Earth, together with Mother Nature will sort out most of the damage we have caused I reckon. They are great healers. Climatic change was inevitable and if it makes England more tropical... well bring it on!!!
Sharon , UK

Bad weather is when you're wearing unsuitable clothing
Randy, UK
I cope with hot weather similarly to cold weather. I adapt to it. As Billy Connolly said, there's no such thing as bad or good weather. Bad weather is when you're wearing unsuitable clothing. Whatever the weather, accept it, stop moaning and get on with it. Why this constant concern with weather extremes? Haven't we lived in this country long enough to blow it right off the comments agenda? The way some people describe it, it's as good as someone's fault that the weather changes. Grow up, you lot.
Randy, UK

It's great! Please stop moaning everyone. Of course it's hot but constantly banging on about it won't change it and certainly won't help you stay cool! I'm sure those carping about the current weather will also be the first to moan when the rain comes back.
Lucy, UK

Oh yes the heat waves great, apart from being stuck in a train carriage with 700 other people for five hours last Wednesday, three hours last night and again for two hours this morning in over 100 degrees of heat with no ventilation and no air conditioning. No I'm not travelling to Scotland every day just trying to get to work and home again. The infrastructure in this country is a disgrace.

Other countries suffer extremes of weather but do not suffer these problems. No ones ever accountable or to blame. It's about time the government stopped playing world power and stopped throwing our money (taxes) around abroad and spent it sorting out the diabolical infrastructure in this country, maybe then we could all enjoy the heat wave without fainting.
Alan Baker, England

Nudism. That's how I'm coping. The Nude Rambler had the right idea - delete the clothing and chill out! Nudism is guaranteed to get a seat (if not a whole compartment) to yourself on the commuter trains, too!
Nick Hing, UK

Levels of smog have been at unacceptable and dangerous levels
Alf, Cambridge
I work as an air quality officer in Cambridge - this weather is concerning and is showing a general upward trend of temperatures year on year. I cannot believe there are still people out there claiming it is good for children and fun. Levels of smog (highly dangerous for children and others alike) have been at unacceptable and dangerous levels in parts of the County. What is it going to take to wake up some of the naive public? Increase in asthma, bronchial problems, skin cancers, smog, nitrogen dioxide, particulates and I have still seen parents allowing children to run around in temps of 36 degrees with no hats on. WAKEY WAKEY!
Alf, Cambridge, UK

I don't see what people are moaning about. This weather is great! It makes me feel good, is very healthy, and hasn't lasted too long. Those spouting about global warming don't know what they're talking about. Heat waves like this regularly happened throughout the last century and before. The longest in terms of drought lasted through 1975 to 1976. Long before it became fashionable to be concerned about CO2 emissions.
Tom, UK

Come on everybody sing along...
"The sun has got his hat on hip hip hooray,
The sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play..."
Fantastic weather long may it continue !
Danny, UK

Global warming scenarios are making me really worried
Joan Lee, UK
I love the sun, hate the dull, grey weather we get in winter; but these high temperatures are OTT. Air conditioning may help comfort but it consumes yet more fossil fuels, worsening global warming. Ever-worse global warming scenarios are making me really worried for my 1 year old nephew's generation. Thanks, BBC weather people for acknowledging that this heatwave is hard work for some people. It would really make my day if you could tell me it's going to cool down in the SE and stay cool. I hear in Europe some rivers are drying up. I am really worried about the same happening here, if they are not replenished by rainfall this winter.
Joan Lee, UK

Come on folks this is glorious. Enjoy it while we can it will soon be back to normal. Only question is, why can't our transport system cope? My trains have been a nightmare for the last 2 weeks. If so called 3rd world countries can keep there trains running why can't we. I love this weather but having my working day extended by and hour or more is not funny. It could only happen in England anywhere else and there would be riots!
Bill, England

Every Summer I vow that one day, I'll immigrate to Iceland. Maybe one day I will. This heat wave has certainly reminded me of why I want to head north. One can dress up warm against the cold, the heat is altogether far harder to deal with.
Andrew, British in the Netherlands

I hope that this weather carries on for at least two more months. It is good for the children while off school and we all go away to the sun but now we have it here. It may not be good for some of the old or infirmed but then the rest of us should help them by doing there shopping or gardening. This is not extreme weather as looking back through history Britain was once a tropical area. We should enjoy it as next year it could rain all summer. The reporters should stop moaning and just report it as it is and not keep telling us about it being muggy and too hot. Long may it go on and keep people in there home country and not spending abroad.
Colin, UK

It is evident that the planet is heating up due to human greed and stupidity
Misha, UK
Reading these comments I find the level of denial shocking. What does it take to open people's eyes? We can measure the hole in the ozone layer; it is evident that the planet is heating up due to human greed and stupidity. The glaziers are melting and we will pay for this 'nice' weather by having torrential downpours - Antarctica is going to come down on us, you better believe it. Am I the only one who is outraged that we are still relying on fossil fuels and nuclear power when there are so many safe and sustainable alternatives?
Misha, UK

How to beat the heat - this works on trains, buses, tubes, cars etc. Get a half litre bottle of water, and freeze it overnight. Take it out of the freezer about an hour before you set off, to give it a chance to melt a bit. Then you can hold it to cool your hands, and sip it to cool your insides. I had one yesterday and it lasted until just after lunch. Fantastic, and the best bit is the other travellers enviously licking their lips.
Jeremy Smith, UK

The weather is beautiful and very welcome. Unfortunately when you are facing 14 weeks of road works (bus lane being installed) and are stuck in traffic on public transport some with heaters still going, it is not funny. More like torture! Having to face this morning and evening rather takes the enjoyment out of the sunshine.
Lynne, UK

You've taken our Soaps, Rolf Harris, Clive James and Kylie Minogue, now you can have some of our Australian weather. Enjoy it while it lasts!
Ann Teak, Australia

To all those who wish for this heat wave to be over - can I just say you are all mad! Each year we spend hundreds of pounds to get away from the English summer weather but these past couple of weeks have saved me a fortune! Yes it can be uncomfortable but you won't hear me moaning about it! Adapt with the weather! Get outdoor tasks done early morning or in the evening! Stay away autumn/winter!
David, England

Take it easy and keep hydrated
Richard Amos, USA (ex UK)
Here in Southern California it might be hot, but we do enjoy air conditioning everywhere. It must be terrible back home right now. Just take it easy, and keep hydrated. I don't believe that once again the rail system is affected by the heat. I suppose it makes a change from the wrong kind of leaves! Since leaving the UK, I've lived in Ontario, Canada (-30 C), and now Southern California (+ 40 C), and I've yet to see buckled rail tracks!
Richard Amos, USA (ex UK)

I hate this hot weather and wish it would end soon, I don't know how much longer the kids and i can bear it, we're already starting to flag with headaches and exhaustion. We're going through so much water we could take shares in the water company! I prefer 23 degrees, cool enough to wear a suit but warm enough to wear something nice and slinky too.
Louise Carlton, UK

I agree with the fact that this sort of weather is delightful when you can appreciate it. However like many have said, when you work in an office and have no air con it's an absolute nightmare. I think companies need to look at this as a serious issue!
Vicky, UK

To some of the Americans who have made comments to the British to quit whining ought to have their hand smacked. I start my day in an air conditioned home and leave for an air conditioned office. The USA is set up to handle the high temperatures in the summer. You ought to hear our whining though when there is an electrical blackout! So, I can definitely sympathize with your situation over there, and I hope it gets cooler soon for all of you.
Donna, USA (Ohio)

It stops me from being able to dash about getting things done and I constantly perspire - yuk!
Jayne, UK
I cannot cope with the heat. It stops me from being able to dash about getting things done and I constantly perspire - yuk! However it is still a bit of a pain when the weather keeps harping on about the heat wave and record temps when you live in the north east and it's freezing and wet! Don't keep forgetting about us lot up here, we do exist!
Jayne, UK

Although, it sounds quite nice to have such not weather this summer. Underlying this change could mean something is wrong with the environment. I've heard that parts of Antarctica been melted, being seen floating around southern America! Can you imagine if this goes on for like next year, don't think that it can be a threat to other parts of the globe. Hearing the forest fires in Canada and Portugal was quite horrific. Extreme weather will only mean more natural disasters!
Yvonne, UK

It's about time we got some warm weather. Just getting out there and enjoying it, drinking lots and ignoring all the people who moan about the weather all the time. Shame it doesn't last ALL summer and shame it's probably not going to last till autumn....Love it.
Sergio, UK

This weather is fantastic! What a great summer in the UK at last! My office is boiling everyday and my bedroom roasting at night, but it's too hot to be moaning about that! We brought a paddling pool to cool off after work anyway. Let's just stop making such a fuss and enjoy the few weeks we're having because as history shows, it probably isn't going to happen again for another 13 years.
Kirsty, UK

What heat? I thought it was just warming up!
Nick James, UK
What heat? I thought it was just warming up! Trouble is we in Britain never get a chance to acclimatise properly - the weather changes too frequently. The humidity is the killer, because we aren't used to it. Nor the air suffocating pollution. Overseas, buildings, towns and cities are better built and planned for the environment. Oh well. The price we pay for living in such densely populated chaos, lack of investment and forward planning. Maybe we'll get it right in time for the next ice-age.
Nick James, UK

I'm really enjoying this unusual spell of summer weather. It would just be nice if our non air conditioned, virtually windowless office wasn't 44 degrees at the moment, and we weren't being expected to carry on as if it were 18 degrees. But outside of work, I love it!
Dan, UK

I lived in Japan for years and they get temperatures like this through July and August. This and the humidity can be unbearable especially as they still wear suits to work! But they have a great aircon infrastructure (even in the subways) and their railway tracks don't buckle. What is it with British railways? Pathetic!
Ben, UK

The more of this weather the better
Tim, Kiwi in London
I love it! The more of this weather the better I say. Bring on the sun, enjoy the parks and the pools and the beaches and the ice creams and the cold lagers and the Pimms and the warm evenings in the back garden and the BBQs and the smiles on the kiddies faces and the cricket and the flowers and the.. did I mention cold lagers? I hate winter...
Tim, Kiwi in London

Without humidity, the UK really doesn't feel that hot (unless using what little public transport is running). In Bahrain, the apparent temperature today is a balmy 54C, i.e. 132F. Texans have it easy.....
Jez, Bahrain

If you're finding it too hot just trying storing your clothes in the fridge. Change t-shirts every half hour and you stay cool and fresh all day long. Gets you funny looks in the office, mind,
Ben, UK

I'm melting and not finding it joyous or refreshing in the least
Jen, UK (ex. USA)
Being an American from Kentucky, I'm used to a lot higher temps than what we had in Brum on Saturday (34C) but, saying that, I'm also used to having aircon in the house, the car, and every shop, store and office. Being in the UK now, 5 months pregnant, I'm melting and not finding it joyous or refreshing in the least. For those who tell us to stop whingeing, try being pregnant without aircon!
Jen, UK (ex. USA)

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