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Last Updated: Monday, 22 December, 2003, 13:31 GMT
What should happen to Saddam now?
We held a special edition of our phone-in programme, Talking Point, immediately after Saddam Hussein was arrested.

The US says it will be some time before Saddam Hussein is put on trial as the prosecution considers their options.

Meanwhile, the American administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, has said he survived an assassination attempt earlier this month.

He confirmed the attempt on his life this morning to journalists but gave no more information.

Saddam Hussein was found hiding in a cellar in a town about 30 kilometres south of his ancestral hometown Tikrit.

What is your reaction to Saddam Hussein's capture? How should he be dealt with? Where should he be tried?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Give him a tiny country to rule. Let him stay there for 20 years and then give up WMD etc and then the West can rehabilitate him as has happened with Gaddafi.
Paul Bridle, London, UK

Glad he was captured the way he was for it showed him as the coward that he really is. Bullies are usually big cowards.
Cecil Williams, Valrico, USA

He has made enough of a gash in history to be remembered for a very long time indeed - regardless of whether he lives or is executed. The most we can do is look at the situation, not just the man, and understand why all the atrocities happened. No crime is ever committed by one man alone.
Michal Zlotkowski, Christchurch, New Zealand

May you all very soon be the masters of your own destiny
Terrie, USA

How incredible some of these comments are. Without the courage and leadership of George W Bush, Tony Blair and the rest of the coalition, Iraq would still to this day be suffering and under the control of Saddam while he continued to aid and support terrorists. Congratulations to the Iraqi people and may you all very soon be the masters of your own destiny. I know the Americans over there would like nothing better than to get home as soon as possible!
Terrie, USA

Saddam Hussein is already a defeated man, to pound or beat a dead snake does not make too much sense, to me the best thing that can happen is to forgive him, and make him spend his rest of his life in prison.
Antony, Bangalore, India

Saddam is indeed a criminal
Eero, Helsinki

Saddam is indeed a criminal, but many of his crimes were committed with the approval of those who now accuse him.
Eero, Helsinki

Saddam Hussein is one of the world's great monsters. Nothing would be more welcome than to have him put on trial, a trial which could offer Iraqis and the world an honest accounting of his many crimes. However, as so often happens, when a trial is organized by those who are themselves guilty of serious crimes, truth is not the goal.
Alok Chaudhry, New Delhi, India

If Saddam is killed what will be the difference between him and presidents Bush and Blair? Treat your enemy better than how he would have treated you. Vengeance is for God but justice has to be done on all.
Francis Manjimela, Luanda, Angola

Western statesmen past and present like Douglas Hurd and Donald Rumsfeld will be embarrassed when Saddam dishes the dirt on them at his trial!
Kevin, Korea

Put him down like he has done to hundreds of thousands of his own citizens.
John Consett, England

I think Saddam should have trial by international court and should have life sentence.
Harun, London

He should be stoned to death. It is morally wrong to pity Saddam, whosoever lives by the sword should die by the sword, remember!
Ebong Itoro George, Lagos, Nigeria

It seems inadvisable and unwise to have a US appointed leader - Chalabi - passing judgement on a previous US appointed leader. As the position of Pinochet and the trial of Noriega shows, the US aren't that good at picking responsible representatives for other nations.
Dan Tanzey, England

There is a reason why democracy is divided into three clearly distinct branches (judicial, legislative, and executive). One should not interfere with the other so that justice for instance should not be replaced politics. The judicial branch can only decide the fate of Saddam and he should not become just a pawn in political game.
Anestis Pap, Athens, Greece

In my opinion Saddam has already been given the ultimate punishment as the humiliation of getting captured by his enemy (US) is the biggest setback for him. Death is not the ultimate penalty for any crime. Now let Iraqis decide what to do with him.
Arvind Joshi, New Delhi

We wish to see him humiliated and make him suffer more just like what he did in our country and to our people
Fadi, Baghdad

It was a great day to see Saddam captured by the Americans. We wish to see him humiliated and make him suffer more just like what he did in our country and to our people. He should be convicted in front of the world in an Iraqi court before executing him.
Fadi, Baghdad, Iraq

As an Iraqi I think that this event is at least 15 years too late. Having said that it is still a relief to see him captured. I think that he should be put on a trial in Iraq. Let Iraqis whom he has been torturing for more than 30 years now deal with him. With all due respect to The UN, we the millions of Iraqis had to pay for Saddam's actions. Not much was done to save us from him or from the sanctions - with all due respect, it should be the Iraqis' say.
Nhda Alamin, Auckland, New Zealand

Why does Saddam "deserve" anything other than the wrath of those he has kept under tyranny for decades?
Kevin, Charlotte, NC, USA

He should be tried under International courts and it should be televised. He should be allowed to name off all affiliated parties involved in his crimes. This includes Weapon's suppliers and WMD manufacturer's who supplied him the weapons. He surely didn't do it alone and he surely shouldn't face the charges alone.
Ajani, USA

Saddam should be given a fair trial and the trial should be made public so that people can also hear his side of the story
Marium, Texas, USA

There is no justification for a trial at The Hague, other than for international crimes. Saddam's crimes were mainly against his own people. They should take priority. There is no justification for intervening in the legal processes of a sovereign state, simply because one does not like the possible penalty. Only if there is likely to be abuse of human rights and the denial of a right to trial, should the Hague even get a mention.
Nigel Cubbage, UK

Saddam deserves better than to be tried by an American puppet tribunal. He should be sent to The Hague and if proven guilty given a life sentence. No one has the right to take a life - no matter what the crime.
James, Putney, England

He should have as much information extracted from him as possible. Iraq simply cannot hold a trial, but it is true to say, it is their ex-president and they must decide his end. Once we have all the information, he should be shot.
A Coates, Bristol, England

Great news especially the way he captured. We knew he doesn't have any courage and now everybody else knows as well. He was found like a rat hiding in hole in the ground. I wish they would put him in a cage and take him to Baghdad Zoo. This wild animal belongs there. He killed humans for fun so definitely he is not human. And to all the people who like him or defend him, you don't have a drop of humanity in you soul.
Sahab, Iraqi living in Glasgow UK

We are as bad as him if we condemn him to death
Anisa, London
I agree, Saddam is a monster and has committed some serious atrocities. However, we are as bad as him if we condemn him to death. Taking a life is not something that we can decide. Fair enough Bush and Blair got him, but the violence is still going to continue. Haven't enough innocent Iraqi people died as a result? Why is it suddenly so important to get Saddam now? How can Bush and Blair decide that it is completely wrong what he was doing if the two governments were providing things to him? This war is a sham, there's an ulterior motive so don't be blinded by the search for a monster.
Anisa, London

How curious that nobody who was against the war (and therefore considered it illegal) has suggested that Saddam should be released and re-instated as President.
Steve, UK

I would like to thank Mr Bush and Mr Blair for helping the Iraqi people; this is a great time for Iraq. We've dreamt of this for a long time. We must look forwards to the Iraqi future. I'm sure that the Iraqi people will build Iraq again far away from the hand of the devil Saddam Hussein. My regards to Mr Bush and Mr Blair - I would like to thank them for making Iraqi people happy.
Karimnaji, London, UK

Saddam must be given to Iraqi judges, not anyone else. He should be given a chance to express his reasons.
Ahmad, Ghazni, Afghanistan

The man that still has the blood of thousands of Iraqis on his hands should be kept in a prison and make him watch Halabja being gassed and the mass graves being undiscovered over and over again to the last day in his life.
Dalia, Iraq/Canada

We just want Saddam Hussain to tell the Iraqi people to stop fighting and to explain what he did and why he did it. We believe that this should happen as soon as possible to help the security of the Iraqi people.
Shawkat Adel Abed, Manchester

Will they be 'minded' to set him free?
Mike, London

What will happen if Saddam is too mentally ill to stand trial? (such as Pinochet) Will they be 'minded' to set him free? Or will he be executed because the USA have turned against their former ally. Furthermore, how many other dictators will stand trial in the future or does it depend on whether they are supported by the USA?
Mike, London

Waste no money on this man. Try him in Iraq by Iraqis, and then shoot him. No pity should be shown, no ceremony, nothing.
Dave, Netherlands

Saddam has come to the realisation that he could only run but could not hide, if Saddam claims to be a good father, he should not insist to live but should rather go and join his two sons there. Thanks to Mr Bush.
Ebong Itoro George, Lagos, Nigeria

He should definitely be prosecuted in an open, transparent and public international tribunal. The ICC is preferable, but special tribunal such as the one established to try Slobodan Milosevic is appropriate.

He should not be tried by the US or the Iraqis. Clearly, they are incapable of objective judgement. If there ever was a case that cried out for a "change of venue" this is it.

It is extremely important that the trial be carried out in the highest traditions of justice. This an extremely important precedent.
Ray Lauzzana, San Francisco, USA

The death penalty will be too easy an escape for him
Santanu, Chennai, India
Saddam should be put on trial by the people of Iraq. He should be given a chance to explain himself before his countrymen. The death penalty will be too easy an escape for him from all the brutal activity he has done.
Santanu, Chennai, India

Now that his identity has been verified I suggest that a quick trial and execution is the only answer. It is only a matter of time before his supporters start hijacking and kidnapping, demanding his release. If he is dead then that is the end of it.
Ross, Western Australia

The capture of Saddam Hussein is good news for all those who love justice. However, the US and the coalition forces should remember that Saddam is a human being and he should be treated like a human being and be given a fair trial. He may have committed many crimes and behaved in an inhuman manner, but that shouldn't make those who are responsible to put him in a trial behave like him. Only the Iraqis have the right to try him and give him the punishment that he deserves. I'm totally against death sentence. Just by killing him, the world is not going to find a solution to the problem of terrorism or tyranny. With the execution of a criminal, we are creating a dozen criminals.
Albert P'Rayan, Sengottai, India

Let the Iraqi people decide what punishment they find suitable for this scourge of the Arab-world. After all, they are the ones who suffered under his rule.
K. Wikman, Gnesta, Sweden

Try him under international law. Make whole the process transparent and let the proceedings be released to the world media. The former president of a country like Iraq must not be humiliated revengefully in the name of the law. He must be given a fair trial.
Sachin, India

Saddam's trial and punishment will just end up being a political spectacle designed to give maximum benefit to the powers that be. The notion of the most "appropriate" punishment is irrelevant in a realistic world.
Andy, USA

The fact that Saddam has been captured loads the obligation on the world to bring him to justice under international law. He cannot be tried just by Iraq because his crimes have gone beyond the borders of this country. He should stand trial in The Hague, The Netherlands. This will not only ensure a fair trial but also no death penalty.
Wil Voitus van Hamme, Blandford Forum, Dorset

To Wil Hamme: Saddam Hussein should be tried by the countries whose people he killed such as Iranian and Iraqis. If he's tried by (western controlled) international court whom he didn't do anything to, this is another sign that the western world is trying to dominate the world.
Rakib, Dhaka, Bangladesh

This seems to be a catch-22 situation! If he is executed he may become a martyr, if he lives in prison even for life he will remain a rallying point for extremists. Is there any solution?
Brian, Prudhoe

Saddam should be given a fair trial and the trial should be made public so that people can also hear his side of the story.
Adil, Karachi, Pakistan

Have people forgotten his crimes?
Joel, Bakersfield, USA
I am incredulous at the response to the capture of Saddam and his possible execution. Have people forgotten his crimes? Why should Saddam spend the rest of his life in prison when he callously denied the right to life to so many hundred of thousands?
Joel, Bakersfield, USA

Saddam's capture has been a victory for the coalition. I believe that as Saddam's atrocities were committed in Iraq it is deemed important that the Iraqis should try him according to their policies.
Ambi, India/USA

After viewing the distasteful examination of Saddam Hussein's "medical" which I found totally unnecessary, I feel the western world should be ashamed of themselves for stooping so low. Let the Iraqi people decide the fate of this man, as it is they that have suffered.
A Comley, Ipoh Malaysia

How can Saddam be fairly tried in Iraq when the country doesn't have a sovereign, autonomous government with a functioning court system? The only way to engender impartiality is to try him in an international court with Iraqi, and perhaps Iranian and Kuwaiti, representation.
Chris, New York, NY, USA

Saddam should be jailed for what's left of his natural life
Joe, USA
Unless the absolutely unconceivable happens and he's found not guilty, Saddam should be jailed for what's left of his natural life.
Joe, USA

And once Saddam has been tried and punished are we going after the people who kept him in power and sold him weapons? I'd guess not.
Dan, UK

If Saddam is executed he will just be seen as a martyr to all of the rebels currently in Iraq. Instead, he should be held in a maximum security prison.
Tyler, USA

The man is finished
Eranive Chilembwe, Blantyre

He once lived in a golden palace and has ended in a pit. The man is finished. And this is proof enough that he does not have the weapons of mass destruction because he would have used them by now! Leave him alone!
Eranive Chilembwe, Blantyre, Malawi

Saddam should be an example to other dictators in Arab world and in Africa. We should give him the maximum sentence to be fair with the victims of this evil man. America and west should stop supporting all the dictators in Arab world. I'm from Arab world and I now what it is like to be in the mercy of your leader.
Farid, Algeria

Saddam should not be sentenced to death. Instead, world should try for the better reconstruction of Iraq and let Saddam see how he could have developed Iraq instead of being dictator.
Acchut Bakal, Bangalore, India

Saddam should be tried in Iraq by his own people and laws. If it's the death penalty if he's found guilty, then United Nations should keep their nose out of it.
Mick, Derby

As part of the coalition that deposed Saddam, we should have a very strong say in his trial
Robert Smith, Swindon

Saddam's trial will provide a true measure of how subservient the UK is prepared to be. As part of the coalition that deposed Saddam, we should have a very strong say in his trial. That means that the UK should continue its policy of opposing the death penalty in all forms. Saddam does indeed deserve the harshest punishment for his crimes against humanity, but that does not include committing another murder under the auspices of justice.
Robert Smith, Swindon, England

To Robert Smith: I don't see what the UK would gain by saving Saddam from execution. I understand many Britons feel Blair is a puppet of Bush, but if the UK wants to flex its muscles, surely there are better causes to support. Saddam did not spend decades murdering and torturing the people of the UK so it is arrogant to insist his punishment. Most of Saddam's crimes were committed in Iraq against Iraqis. He should be judged and punished by Iraqis.
Jim, New Jersey, USA

The Western standards of justice are a sick joke
Russ James, Aberdeen

Saddam should go to The Hague where the European taxpayers can hold another incredibly expensive trial, fill the lawyers' pockets again and end up putting him in luxurious accommodation for the rest of his life with all mod cons and good company (Milosevic). The Western standards of justice are a sick joke.
Russ James, Aberdeen, Scotland

It is a very good development to have captured Saddam. This will allay the fears of the Iraqi people. What I know is that Saddam should be left with the Iraqi people, they should what they see fit for him. The Iraqi people must decide that.

I am against America detecting to sovereign nations as if they are the custodian of justice, democracy, morality, and good governance.
George Livingstone, Freetown, Sierra Leone

If the toppling of his statue in Baghdad was anything to go by, it looks like the citizens would like to see 'death by a thousand shoes'.
Doug, UK

It is true that Saddam has been harsh and inhuman to his people; still he gained our affection when he was seen behind the scene.
Aziz, Fes, Morocco

If we don't give Saddam a fair trial, then won't we be just as bad as he is?
Dave Mastrocola, London

To Dave Mastrocola: If you think that if Saddam doesn't get a fair trial then we are just as bad as he is then I'm a monkey's uncle. This devil has systematically raped, tortured, robbed, gassed and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. How can you compare this to one example of the due process of law - as the west sees it - not being applied in one case in a foreign land?
Dan, Eastleigh, UK

It will be more better to lock him up or throw him in the pit like the one he was keeping refuge in
Mohammed Yasir Khan, Ashton Under Lyne

Saddam, the blood of the devil deserves every inhumane treatment that is known to man. However simply killing him will give him the easy way out. It will be more better to lock him up or throw him in the pit like the one he was keeping refuge in.
Mohammed Yasir Khan, Ashton Under Lyne, England

For those of you, who are advocating for this great tyrant to receive a fair trial, please ask yourself whether he himself offered a fair trial to the millions of people he eventually killed. Just think of how those people whose relatives died at the hand of this dictator and there you will have a right judgement to make of how this man should be treated.
Jim, Uganda

To Jim: This is exactly why Saddam needs to have a fair trial. If we are on a high moral stand i.e. if we believe our values are "better" than others, then we should apply them, otherwise we are no better than him and add to the massive hypocrisy already present in our so called civilised societies.
T, Marseille, France

To T: To even speculate that someone in Saddam Hussein's position could have a fair trial is ludicrous. What would the judges tell the jurors "Forget what you've read about the trial and don't discuss it amongst yourselves"? I think he and his principal ministers and soldiers should be tried and, as happened at Nuremberg, an attempt should be made to reveal as much of the truth as is possible. I believe that is a very important weapon against a future dictator.
Sandra, Luxembourg

What Saddam did to his people and his country alone is too horrible to comprehend. Yet I firmly disagree with the demand for the "ultimate penalty". He should serve life without parole. It's no use to be vengeful and we should give a better example by acting more merciful.
Peter Nadig, Aachen, Germany

He should get the death penalty just like he did to others.
Lisa Chen, Carbondale, USA

It is important that all of Saddam's crimes, or as many as possible, be heard in court - first against Iraqis - Kurd, Shia and Sunni, but also against Iranians and Kuwaitis. For this reason there must be some international dimension to his trial.
David, London, UK

The capture of Saddam Hussein, no doubt, is good news for Americans and Iraqis, but he should be treated fairly. Once again, is the war justifying only this? Who will be responsible for the Iraq war, killing thousands Iraqis and hundreds US soldiers? Saddam or Bush Administrations? While the main objective of the war was destroy mass-destruction weapons.
Belal, Sweden

Shame on Hamas and all pro Saddam Palestinians. Is the blood of millions of Iraqis wasted by this despot worthless to you? Palestinians, be ware. It is safer for you to be ruled by Sharon than by your own rulers who hold Saddam as a model.
Shireen Azad, Erbil, Iraq

Thanks to USA and thanks to Bush
Faranj, Tehran /Iran
He must be delivered to the hand of justice and all of the crimes that he has down must be appeared for the world and finally he must be sentenced by death. Thanks to USA and thanks to Bush.
Faranj, Tehran /Iran

If it was that easy to capture Saddam and defeat his army, why did the West starve 1 million Iraqis to death in the past 10 years? Saddam did not kill my cousin's two sons, but the UN sanctions imposed by the US did.
Hussein, Iraqi Ex pat

Those who live by the sword only deserve to die by the sword. To hell with dictators!!!
Violet, Harare, Zimbabwe

Iraqis will never be satisfied unless Saddam is tried in Iraq and by Iraqis, and the prosecution has a representative by every group and religion Saddam had persecuted and killed for many years.
Soadad, Iraqi living in the UK

Send him to Iran! They'll take care of him.
Armando, Indianapolis, USA

His capture should not be over celebrated, as focus should be on a fair trial.
Tony Laya, Warri, Nigeria

If we in the West sincerely value justice, surely we need to insist that he be tried by an impartial international court
Dick, Durham, England
If Saddam were to be tried by an Iraqi court, by judges who may well have also been cruelly affected by Saddam's rule, would this not be a little like handing him over to a lynch mob? If we in the West sincerely value justice, surely we need to insist that he be tried by an impartial international court, as has been done with other war criminals. Otherwise, aren't we just being hypocritical, perpetrating also injustices ourselves. Although considering that, as someone has already remarked, both the UK and USA played important roles in aiding and abetting Saddam's rule, having him tried by an Iraqi court may also let these governments avoid their own culpabilities.
Dick, Durham, England

Give the man a fair and impartial trial, and stop displaying this broken man on television immediately. The UK and US were up in arms when captured allied troops were shown on TV - are we above our own rules?
James McEnaney, Glasgow, Scotland

Let him idle in jail and slowly fade away. Executing him would be another American blunder in the Arab world.
Joe, New York, USA

Only the Iraqi people have any right to try Saddam. As other commentators have said, the West saw him as an ally when it suited their needs and ignored his crimes against his own people, the Iranians and Kurds.
Graham Jones, Manchester UK

Put him in a bullet proof box and parade him around all the Iraqi cities and villages
Dilnareen, Koya, Iraq

Saddam should have a public trial and then be publicly executed on Iraqi soil in front of the nation that he terrorised for many years.
Rebecca Darcy, Haywards Heath, UK

We should use our energy to rebuild a strong Iraq, rather than waste it in anger, hatred and revenge
Jenny Collins, Pewsey, UK
I saw the photo of Saddam after his capture and only saw a defeated and crushed old man. Whatever he has done, he has to be helped to come to terms with his own soul and conscience. Surely what all the victims of his regime would most like is a sincere apology? We should use our energy to rebuild a strong Iraq, rather than waste it in anger, hatred and revenge on what is basically just another failed human being. By all means put him on trial, then hide him away in a prison, while the important work goes on in Iraq.
Jenny Collins, Pewsey, UK

How about putting him back in his hole in the ground?
Jamie, UK

Saddam represents a terrible aspect of the dominance of tyranny in the Middle East depicted as a fatherly or "conscientious dictatorships" that unify nations under meaningless rule and slogans. The US and UK have done a wonderful job against this dictator, but the Middle East needs more than his removal. If the US/UK and mainly the Iraqi people aspirations of an improved form of governance are realized, this will have a greater weight and impact on the rest of the Saddams in the region.
Qutaiba, Kuwait

Death penalty is not a solution to crimes. The important thing is to arouse a sense of penance in the mind of people who commits crime. Saddam is now alone, he lost his power, own people, sons, relatives and this punishment is more severe than death penalty. Many will ask for his execution, but letting him feel the pain of people whom he gave pain once, would be the best punishment for him.
Tanuj, Bangkok, Thailand

His followers must have thought twice after seeing how pathetic he looked after emerging from his "hole in the ground"
Tom, Maldon, Essex
I think that Saddam should be brought back to US and tried there, at least then we can make sure that we have him under lock and key. His followers must have thought twice after seeing how pathetic he looked after emerging from his "hole in the ground" just like the rat that he is.
Tom, Maldon, Essex

Let him rot in hell.
Figo Oliveira, Salvador, Brazil

Saddam was the de facto ruler of Iraq. De facto rulers up to now have not been executed. Napoleon, Kaiser of Germany were exiled. Mussolini was killed by his own people. Hitler committed suicide. The elites of countries had this rule in case it should apply to them one day.
Mike turner, Edmonton, Canada

Why USA is much interested in capturing Saddam? It can be proud only if it captures Osama Bin Laden. I don't think much can be done with him now. He can be tried in a International court where he will get justice.
Raj, Singapore

Hopefully, next November, the Americans will vote out GWB, and the world can really breathe a sigh of relief, that both Bush and Saddam have gone, let's get back to a sane world
Tony Sorace, Grenada

He owes France and Germany 8 Billion dollars! He must start washing dishes somewhere to pay it off!
Bob, Chesapeake, Va

He should be fairly judged as any other human being
Fernando, São Paulo - Brazil
He should be fairly judged as any other human being. Furthermore, if he must be judged for war crimes, so must be USA that have helped Saddam and even Osama bin Laden in the past. Justice for all!
Fernando, São Paulo - Brazil

Don't kill him....that's brutal. He's a broken man. Please don't kill him. Whatever he did during his rule is gone now...forgive him.
Kalpana Rana, Nepal

I am glad that he is captured but did we need a war for this?
Ajay Chauhan, India/USA

Saddam Hussein will be given a fair trial, I believe. Even a fair trial will not probably save his life because he is responsible for thousands of lives.
Maung Aye, Yangon, Myanmar

No good works go unrewarded, no bad works go unpunished, let the people who captured Saddam be rewarded and let Saddam face trial and let he be tried by the Iraqi people.
Songolo, Lusaka, Zambia

If anyone believes that Mr. Hussein will be brought to trial prior to the US election in 2004 they are dreaming. The idea of Hussein being allowed to testify in an open, fair international court about his relationships with US regimes prior to 1991 strikes fear in the hearts of the Bush administration.
Dana, Columbus, Oh USA

He should be tried by an international court. Why? Because Slobodan Milosevic is being tried in the World Court (The Hague) - and Saddam Hussain should be too. Saddam Hussain should be tried in the same way in a court that is fair, unbiased and not politically motivated.
Irfan, Preston, UK

I have no sympathy for any tyrants, but I do have respect for the law
Beatriz, Florida, USA
As America and many of the international community celebrates Saddam's capture, I simply shake my head in disgust - in disgust of a so-called "victory." I see no victory when soldiers continue to die and a country remains in unrest. Had the international community, through the proper institutions, cared for the matter of Iraq, the lives lost would not devastate families everywhere. I have no sympathy for any tyrants, but I do have respect for the law. Saddam should face an international Court and Bush should face another when the war is over, if that is even a possibility. Next time, the U.S. wishes to fight violence with violence, it should become enlightened by Mark Twain's "The War Prayer." Perhaps, an old wise man can shed real patriotism.
Beatriz, Florida, USA

Saddam is no longer a threat to anyone. Many lives in Iraq, Iran, Kuwait were lost to serve Western interests, some at the hands of Saddam others as a result of sanctions and wars fuelled by the Western powers and directed by the Americans and Saddam. What should happen is a change to value Iraqi lives. They are still been killed in their dozens every day while the occupation army that is supposed to protect them puts all the power to protect their oil and American interest in the region
Ahmad Hmoud, Jordan

Saddam must be tried by the Iraqis, anything else will make him a martyr for fundamentalists who will claim he was a victim of US/Western aggression and must be avenged. During the war Saddam called for all Muslims to support him in his fight so now let Islamic law deal with him. The West cannot be the drivers in this one.
Rama Mistry, UK

Saddam should be justly tried by his people and in his motherland.
Nabil Abdel Ahad Abdel Baky, Cairo, Egypt

He should be tried in Iraq where most of his crimes were committed. He is an evil, evil man and should be made to suffer like he made so many others suffer. If tried in Iraq he would most certainly receive the death sentence. Good riddance at last.
Audrey, London

Saddam Hussein has to be tried in Iraq. However, given the West's, USA & France et al, heavy involvement with Saddam in the past I think there are some things "they" will not want to come out in the trial.. There is probably a "lone gunmen" out there that will get to him first though.
David R, Plymouth UK

One can only wonder if the U.S. is hesitant to put Saddam on the stand for fear that he may describe in detail how America was his close supporter during his brutal reign throughout the 1980's.
Ahmed Sudais, Los Angeles, CA

Let's be clear, Saddam was a dictator, for 35 years he tortured people, murdered opponents, as well as the atrocities committed by his sons. Anyone who can argue that the downfall of his regime and the capture of Saddam is anything but a good thing really needs to sit down in front of a mirror and justify to themselves how such a person can be left in power to carry on with such atrocities.
Anon, UK

Thanks to US troops and also to the Iraqis for their support, but Saddam must get what he deserves.
Bridgid, Kenya

How the mighty has fallen! He needs to be tried for horrific crimes against humanity, certainly, but will he ever get a fair trial? For anyone (Iraqis or any international bodies) to try Saddam they will have to put aside all prejudices and hatred. Is this possible? I don't think so. Watch this space is all I can say.
Suchi Chatterjee, Brighton, UK

I don't know anyone who has said that his capture indicates that the job is done, so please stop suggesting it. The reasons and means given for the war can be debated. It makes me feel pretty sick that there are people sticking up for this inhumane tyrant. There is no excuse and no forgiving what this madman has done.
Dave B, Boston, USA

I have to laugh with disbelief when I read the Hamas leader and Saddam's sister say that the treatment he is receiving is "an insult to all Arabs and Muslims". Saddam killed more Arabs and stifled Islamism far more in Iraq than any western allies ever have.
Chris, UK in US

I think this is the best news in a long time. The capture of Saddam marks a place in history. I think they should now make an example of him, Saddam should be put to his death after all the lives he has wasted.
Jim, UK

Even if Saddam was to die under a trial by the Americans or the Iraqis, do we really want to create a new martyr for many people to follow?
Andrew, Suffolk, England

Outstanding! Now we've got a new feature for the next Saturday night live! What we have here isn't a captured dictator. He's become nothing more but a mere pop culture icon for us Americans. Good riddance, President Bush? How about a good ol' American welcome?
Aizaz Akram, New York, USA

You began sending us your reaction to Saddam Hussein's capture within minutes of its announcement.


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