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Your tributes to Johnny Cash
Country singer Johnny Cash has died at the age of 71.

Cash died in hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, his manager said. He had recently suffered a stomach complaint and spent time in hospital.

Known as The Man in Black, he was an iconic figure in American music spanning country, rock and folk.

Thank you for your tributes to Johnny Cash. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

More than just a great, great artist. Johnny had humility and compassion for his fellow man. A great American.
Pete Stinton, UK

Great Man, great music and a huge gap to fill. Play your music upstairs with your June and make more people happy. So long cowboy.
Ben, New Zealand

I feel very sad that he passed but very glad we have his music
Lansing Small, Nova Scotia, Canada
As a Kid growing up here Johnny Cash's music helped me cope with many of life's ups and downs. He did a great Show in Downtown Sydney back in the late 60s that was the talk of the City for days. The people thought very highly of him as a person and a singer and showman. He was a special man and role model. Why? 'Cause he was human and had his crosses he carried and was honest with us and himself on how he did it.

I feel very sad that he passed but very glad we have his music and know he will not suffer where he is now with God and his wife June. Will always be a fan and respect him greatly. The three top songs he did I loved were, Tennessee Stud, Ghost Riders In the Sky, and # 1 Don't Take Your Guns To Town. God did Bless you Johnny. He never gives a man a load he can't handle. You carried yours well to the end.
Lansing Small, Nova Scotia, Canada

The one consolation we have is that he is now with June and they can be happy for eternity. And of course we can still play those magical, heartbreaking, stunning records. He will be missed like no other.
David, UK

"The Black Man is a lasting legend. Let's enjoy his music and defend the country values. No more Latino sound, please. I'm from Spain and I can't resist Caribbean music anymore. I'm just a prisoner of rock and roll and I love you, Johnny"
Angel, Spain

I was sad to here of Mr cash's death, he was my all time favourite singer. I've been a fan of his for 37 years he will be missed but his music will live on in my house hold forever. Rest in peace to the man in black, god bless you Mr cash.
David Bowling, United States

Loss of a Dad is immeasurable. Consolation is in the will to remember with fondness and listen to the murmurs of the heart and the undulations of an everlasting singing voice. May God BLESS Johnny's soul and have it rest in PEACE.
Nu'man Dajani, United Arab Emirates

His calm deep voice filled the whole auditorium like no other
Tim H, UK
I saw Johnny Cash play at the Royal Albert. His calm deep voice filled the whole auditorium like no other. A true legend, speaking up for the downtrodden when very few celebrities bothered. Each of his songs was a little story, a little lesson in word play, a little touch on our deeper emotions. Farewell to a great man.
Tim H, UK

I am at a total loss. This man, whose music only grew stronger as the years went on, has left us with only the fond memories of himself. Walk the line, Johnny, and rest in peace.
K. Wikman, Sweden

Heartbroken! Saw Johnny in 1966 with the Carter Family and Statlers. Great shows. First song I ever sang on stage with a band in '57 was "I Still Miss Someone". Guess what? I will miss someone. He was so special. An equal to the great Hank Williams!!!
Mike Lynden, Canada

I was able to play tribute with my band on Saturday night
Richard Keenan, Australia
The king of the underdog, he could make you laugh and cry in one instant. The world is different now Johnny is gone. I was able to play tribute with my band on Saturday night; no glass went unrazed for 'The Man in Black'. So long cowboy, ride that Orange Blossom special up to the sky !
Richard Keenan, Australia

Influenced by my father, the appreciation for Johnny and his music grew to admiration... Just as I arrived at that point, Johnny left the stage for good. It was a shock, but his music and my admiration will live on.
Jasper, The Netherlands

The first music I remember was Johnny Cash. I like many types of music but his should have its own special category. Johnny Cash never had to follow trends or try to make a quick buck like they do today, he was a true artist. He gave his fans the best he had in him to the very end. I will always remember the Man in Black.
Venny, USA

No country road will ever be the same without the Man in Black. RIP, Mr. Cash.
Stella, Canada

I loved Johnny Cash - the singer and the man and I am so sad that he has departed.
Ruth Albert, Canada

This man was and is my hero
Teresa Grams, USA
This man was and is my hero. He was a very big part of my growing up and remained in my life and will always remain there even with his passing away. I love this man. I'm very sorry to see him gone, but want to thank him for the many years of great entertainment. And I'm proud to say I once met this man and got an autograph and briefly talked to him. Something I will never forget. Thank You Johnny.
Teresa Grams, USA

Sad that he's gone but I wouldn't exactly call him an American icon. He made contributions to country music and he'll be remembered fondly for that.
Scott, USA

Johnny may have left us, but so long as there are people who love good music, the man in black will never die.
Loon, UK

Johnny will be sadly missed by all he is now with June bless them both.
Kathleen Cox, USA

First heard Johnny in 1966, have loved his music ever since. The Man in Black may have gone but he will never be forgotten.
Ivor, England

I think i could write a book about Johnny Cash, the inspiration and all that i have learnt from his songs; poems and stories. I feel I have lost my best friend. The greatest cowboy of them all. God bless my good friend.
Richard Gardner, England

On her album "Press On" June Carter Cash credits herself only for writing "Ring of Fire". I'm happy they are together on the banks of the Jordan. Thank you Johnny and June for your music.
Dolores, USA

It's a huge loss to music fans everywhere!
John, USA

So very very sad to see him go. Thanks for the years of enlightenment and truth for the common man. Irreplaceable and I feel honoured to have shared the Planet with him.
Martyn, England

Cash laid his emotions bare for his audience
Steve McNamee, UK
I never met Johnny Cash, and I never got to see him perform live, but I feel like I knew him as intimately as I've known anyone else in my life. How? You only have to put on any of his LPs (but particularly the last four he recorded with Rick Rubin) and you feel as if you've opened a door leading right into his heart. Cash laid his emotions bare for his audience, singing of love, heartache, death and despair, and I'm sure it's that quality which enabled so many people of so many different cultures and tastes to relate so closely to him.

That ability to stamp your own personality on your art is surely what makes the greats stand out from the crowd, and is the reason why his death has saddened and touched me like no-one else's ever could. When I heard the news I was drawn back to playing his majestic version of Nick Cave's The Mercy Seat, and the line "I'm not afraid to die" just wouldn't leave my head. Way to go, Johnny.
Steve McNamee, UK

My father had a lot of his records and I grew up appreciating his music. He will be very sadly missed.
Pam Hughes, UK

"I plan to crawl outside these walls, Close my eyes and see. And fall into the heart and arms, of those who wait for me. I cannot move a mountain now; I can no longer run. I cannot be who I was then: In a way, I never was." RIP
Trevor Blayney, N. Ireland

Extraordinary man with extraordinary soul. Had the ability to touch people with his songs.
Pasi Karpppinen, Finland

He will be missed, by all who would like to see a better world for all! May he find the road at the end of the lonesome valley all he wished for! Happy Trails old friend.
James Kearney, UK

There will never be a more honest true American than Mr Cash
John Pritchard, USA
The Man in Black was the only artist to be respected by everyone: punkers, rockers, rappers, bluegrass and country performers. All women loved him and all men wished they were half the man he was. There will never be a more honest true American than Mr Cash.
John Pritchard, USA

Johnny Cash single-handedly took country music worldwide. His influence on generations of musicians and fans alike is immense. We have lost a true legend but his music will live on. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
Bill Milne, Scotland

I saw him in concert at the London Palladium in 1968 and it was just magic. I shall never forget him.
Grace, England

I'm now going to go and raise a glass of whisky to the Man in Black. I'm betting that if there is a heaven, then John R. Cash is standing outside them Pearly Gates right now, telling St Peter that if he's 'gotta wear white', then he 'ain't coming in!'
Adam Sulkowski, England

A voice of extraordinary character and depth
Joseph Doyle, Northern Ireland
Johnny Cash possessed a voice of extraordinary character and depth. His voice, music and character will resonate forever in the hearts and minds of those who experienced his greatness.
Joseph Doyle, Northern Ireland

One of the true, true legends. He may have left us, but his music, spirit and sense of what was right will live on forever. There is a new star in the sky tonight.
Ian Butt, Maldon, UK

Without question, the greatest music icon that has ever set foot on a stage. One of the few who could in some way make you feel that, the song you loved so much was written just for you. Although it is a sad day in country music, the Man in Black has met up with his Angel in White. God bless.
Warsaw Stag Boys 2003, USA

It is sad to see the passing of the Man in Black. Such an amazing talent. I once had the privilege of attending one of his concerts and it was an unforgettable experience. My thoughts and prayers go to his family.
Mary, Scotland

Johnny Cash was and will remain the greatest songwriter that has ever lived. Long may your music continue to inspire, move and touch emotions none of us knew we had.
Thank you for making me appreciate that music truly can change lives. One of the Highwaymen has passed, but his legacy will live on in his music. Johnny's deep haunting voice and heartfelt lyrics gain many crossover fans from all music lovers. We will miss you Johnny Cash.
Chris McLeod, USA Houston Texas

I think it is fitting that his last work on video was 'hurt' as it summarized his whole life
Bill Mclellan, England
The Man in Black has left us and joined his wife June. I think it is fitting that his last work on video was 'hurt' as it summarized his whole life. I saw him in his last UK concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 1987 and even though he was ill he produced an amazing performance. I feel as if one of the last true legends of music has died and one of my greatest heroes has gone. I will have a few whiskies and listen to some of his classics this evening.
Bill Mclellan, England

He is one of my all time heroes full stop for both his music and life style. Now he has gone to join those ghost riders in the sky but he will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Johnny.
Chris Leppard, UK

I recently heard about Johnny Cash's work... Country and rock, rock and country. His "Hurt" cover it's the most moving song I've heard in the last years. Rest in peace, Man in Black.
Cristian Kaltwasser O., Chile

The first LP I ever bought was Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues. As a child of the punk era, I subsequently became a devotee of The Damned and The Sex Pistols, but I have remained a huge fan of Johnny Cash's simple, haunting songs throughout my life, and am greatly saddened to hear of his passing. I was lucky enough to be able to see him play live, when he came to Leicester's DeMontfort Hall more than a decade ago, which is a gig I'll never forget. RIP, Johnny.
Ian Kelly, England

Not only was he a great singer, but he was one of the first celebs to speak out against AIDS - long before other people got on the bandwagon. He had the class to do what he knew was right despite what advisors thought it might do to his career.
David, UK

Johnny Cash was rock'n'roll incarnate. Goodbye, Man in Black.
Janja Bobic, Serbia & Montenegro

Saw him at San Quentin on BBC when a kid and been a fan ever since. I saw him live a few years ago. He was a towering integrity - a one off.
Don Brookes, UK

He may have been a country star, but he was more than that to me. Inspirational, comforting, touching. I feel like I've lost a best friend that I never met. My thoughts are with those who met, know and loved him.
Andy, UK

Awful news. Two in one week. First Warren Zevon on Sunday and now Johnny Cash. The thought that we'll hear no new songs from these two geniuses is very sad. It makes contemporary music a much duller place and the world a slightly darker place knowing these two aren't in it any more.
Martyn, UK

You walked the line Johnny, hopefully, one day, I'll walk it with you.
James Clarke, England

He was a rock artist, a folk artist and a country artist but above all a man of the common people
Willie Moir, Scotland
I grew up hearing my father listen to Johnny Cash LP's. He undoubtedly influenced my musical tastes until they turned full circle and I became a fan. It is wrong to call him a country legend, he was a rock artist, a folk artist and a country artist but above all a man of the common people.
Willie Moir, Scotland

I was saddened to hear of the great man's passing. His songs have meant a great deal to me and given me strength and inspiration as I deal with the tacit scenarios life throws at me.
Dan, UK

I am happy he is no longer suffering. I am happy he had his first gold record in 30 years, as his swan song. I am happy he is with his beloved June. But we have all lost a great man.
Kevin Fillips, USA

There are very few artists to whom the title "legend" can genuinely be applied. Johnny Cash was one of those few.
Michael Thompson,

He was a genius: the voice, the songs, the man. He will be missed. Rest in peace.
Andrew Farmer, UK

It's a sad day when you realise that you will never here "hello I'm the man in black". His last album got me through the toughest nine months of my life.
Daniel Fisher, UK

Johnny Cash's death is a real blow for admirers of real music everywhere. I have never engaged much with most 'country' music as so much that falls under that label was little more than themed pop, lacking the real soul of the blues tradition. Johnny Cash was different - and whenever I heard his majestic voice and earthy poetry I could not help but be moved. It was the sound of a life lived and a people's poet - a heart and mind rooted deep in the human experience. The echoes of that voice can be found far and wide across the musical spectrum - the shadow of the Man in Black will always be there as an eternal challenge to the reams of meaningless product pop churned out these days.
J Sorrels, UK

Although I am only 23, I love Johnny's music. Although he will be sadly missed, his music will live on in the hearts of all his fans.
Gregg Pendlington, UK

His style and music bridged American Roots Music to Modern Country. He was authentic in his music and his life; there was no ego, only his family and his music. Listen to him sing "Hurt" by "Nine Inch Nails" for a stunning piece of work. There aren't too many like him around in any one generation. We'll miss you, Johnny.
Patrick, Ireland

A sad day indeed, I see Johnny Cash as being more rock and roll than Elvis. He never sold out, He never compromised. We have witnessed the passing of a legend.
Adam Priest, Scotland

Today we have lost a legend. A man with the true American spirit.
Ryan , USA

Johnny Cash was a huge part of my upbringing - my dad would play his records on a Sunday and occasionally so do I.
Music may have lost one of its finest, but I feel like I've lost a part of the family.
Paul White, UK

He made inspiring, courageous, beautiful music
Paul, Holland
I am devastated. This news reduced me to tears in public. Some of my earliest musical memories are of Johnny Cash - my mother being a huge fan. He made inspiring, courageous, beautiful music. He was a true genius. Rest well dear Johnny, rest well.
Paul, Holland

Ah, I'd love to wear a rainbow every day,
And tell the world that everything's OK,
But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back,
'Till things are brighter, I'm the Man In Black.
The Man in Black - Johnny Cash
Robin Hull, UK

I was listening to his latest album only yesterday. He kicked like a mule, and bit like a crocodile.
Martin Tisne, Hungary


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