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Thursday, November 13, 1997 Published at 20:36 GMT

Talking Point

Curry rivals fish and chips as Britain's favourite food

Britain's best-loved boxer Frank Bruno has announced the winner in this year's Best Fish and Chip Shop Competition at an awards ceremony in London.

Around the world, fish and chips are seen as Britain's national dish and are the first thing tourists from abroad would like to eat.

But on Monday, the first National Curry Day was held as it was revealed that curry had overtaken the traditional fish and chips as the nation's favourite food. The number of fish and chip shops has declined from 25,000 in 1914 to just 8,500 today.
Your Reaction:

- I love a curry, I also like chips. I think that curry has such a wonderful flavour. We have a curry as a treat as fish and chips has become a bit dull.
David Brunton, England
- I think both dishes have become part of the nation's popular cuisine. Long live the richness and variety of all of our ethnic dishes.
Jules Horne, Scotland
- I think nothing beats fish, chips and mushy peas on a cold winter's evening, covered with salt and vinegar.
Pete Lanham, London

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