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How does David Blaine do it?
David Blaine gives a thumbs up after jumping off a 100 foot tall column
Illusionist David Blaine walked free from his Perspex box in London on Sunday, after completing his 44-day starvation stunt.

According to his pre-exit medical briefing, prepared by Professor Marinos Elia from the University of Southampton, he will need careful monitoring in order to avoid sudden death when he starts taking in food.

This is the latest of Blaine's bizarre stunts. Previous separate challenges had him encased in a six-tonne block of ice, buried six feet under and balancing on a 100-foot column for 34 hours.

Are you a David Blaine fan? Does his work give you the creeps? How do you think he does it?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

We have quite enough self-publicising show-offs of our own, thank you
Paul, UK
This man is American, and the vast majority of his fans are in the US. Why, then, come here to do this? If it's to try and gain a fan base here (which seems likely) then I don't think he has succeeded. Stick to NYC, Mr Blaine, where you are known and appreciated. We have quite enough self-publicising show-offs of our own, thank you, and the Metropolitan Police have more than enough to do without wasting resources on keeping an eye on a bloke in a box.
Paul, UK

I am scandalized that such a non-event could become news. There are millions of people starving in this world. I am ashamed, as a human being that this can happen in the 21st century and receive such media attention.
Judith Wuarin, Switzerland

A quick note to all the 'Blaine Baiters'. Just what did you think you were trying to prove? David Blaine might not be doing what you consider to be worthwhile and you might not even like him, but what you did to him was totally unacceptable. His stunts and illusions have been enjoyed all over the world by people like me and when he gets to the UK you made us all look like thugs. When you went back to your mates and proudly boasted over what you had done, did you not feel even the slightest remorse? We (the British) used to have a worldwide reputation for being polite and approachable, now we are tarnished with the reputation of being antisocial and rude. If this is what a visitor to our country is likely to expect, then I pity us all.
Nathan Williams, Wales

I have been to see David Blaine three times, I hope he liked the taste of the British weather. He was lucky he got away from the ice and the snow. He chose the right place - there was nothing to entertain children, at least one organisation gave my daughter and her friends some chalk to do some drawings on the pavement, they received some tee shirts. Come on David you should have thought of the children who came to see you - perhaps you should have threw some souvenirs out of your box for a little bit of magic.
Amy, Hayes, Middlesex

There are millions starving around the world. If David Blaine had undertaken this stunt to high light their plight and raise sponsor money he would be respected. Sadly David is obviously incapable of thinking outside the box.
Steve, London, UK

He still lasted 44 days hanging over the Thames in a plastic shoebox. Give the man some credit for that, at least
Sarah JC, UK
Quite honestly, I don't care whether he was having a sausage sandwich every hour on the hour. He still lasted 44 days hanging over the Thames in a plastic shoebox. Give the man some credit for that, at least. Whatever the rights or wrongs of it, how many of you could give up your TV, computer or warm bed for even a fraction of that time?
Sarah JC, UK

He is a showman and is brilliant at it. People fail to understand this.
Sahil Zutshi, UK

Why are so many people suddenly enraged by the risks he has taken, the (possible) costs to the tax payer, and the morality in relation to the third world? The same criticisms could be directed to those who climb the highest mountains, descend the deepest oceans or cross the Polar Regions. All have serious consequences, result in individuals requiring intensive healthcare, and all such expeditions cost a fortune. But they are classed as heroes. What is the difference?
Richard, England

For somebody who has supposedly not eaten anything for 44 days he has not lost much weight. Although he has clearly lost some I do not believe that it is four stones. The whole sham is an illusion in the same way that David Copperfield did not really make the statue of Liberty disappear. The water supply must have contained some nutrients.
Richard, UK

I hope that he is providing funding for the police used and his hospital treatment, or will the UK taxpayers be paying out yet again? Go back home Mr Blaine and entertain those that will entertain you.
Mark Thompson, UK

He is not a special man so why should he get all this publicity
Carrie Boleswortj, Scotland
I think what David Blaine has done is wrong. He will be getting a lot of money for doing this stunt, i.e. through his website etc, but what about these people in the third world countries, that don't have food and have to walk for days on end just to get water. He is not a special man so why should he get all this publicity, when people have been doing this for centuries, and they will be for more centuries to come.
Carrie Boleswortj, Scotland

I couldn't care what David Blaine has "achieved". He has made a lot of money out of starving himself, something that is forced on far too many people around the globe. If he wants any admiration from me he should donate that (and any other profits) to help people who are really starving. I hope he pays for his hospital bills too and doesn't lump the cost on the NHS.
Paul, UK

I think it's an interesting statement for a millionaire to go without food for over a month in a society that excess and wastage is totally acceptable.
Tanisha Curthan, UK

Never mind how, how about WHY? If all this publicity was used for something more worthwhile than inflating one mans ego and pocket. He should donate any money he makes from this to people who actually live in conditions of suffering. It amazes me that so much money has been wasted on media coverage and the expense of keeping him in there, when all that he or this coverage actually has achieved is nothing, only himself and the ratings of C4 and sky see benefit...he can only be fuelled by greed, ignorance and delusion..
original89, England

I think Blaine was unwise in putting his system at risk in this way
Miland Joshi, UK
I think Blaine was unwise in putting his system at risk in this way. The personal qualities he showed, if carried out in different circumstances (like an operation in wartime) would no doubt qualify him for a medal, but under the circumstances I can't honestly say I feel like congratulating him.
Miland Joshi, UK

What it is about Blaine that brought the worst out of part of the public? Is it that these people who harassed him all the time have no life, no concept of respect for someone different and the only emotion they could display was hatred? Well done Blaine, for staying up there, and in those conditions.
Emma, UK

The day they prove there was no liquid food in the tube, or nutrient supplements is the day I'll believe he has done something special!
Scott, UK

What David done was good so why can't all the people leave him alone? He came to the UK to entertain and no one appreciates it! Well, I think what he did is brilliant and I wish him the best for what he does next!!
Anisa, UK

For whatever reason Blaine did this stunt, I don't think he deserved being ridiculed and tormented by spectators. If people don't agree with what he is doing then don't watch. Regarding the people who claim he is somehow making light of world famine, look at yourselves, are you contributing to the problem are to the solution? You will find most are hypocrites.
Rob , Canada

Let's hope his next trick is a disappearing one
Rick, UK
What a waste of time. Another American lasted longer in the original version of this stunt and that was 50 years ago. And recently a woman was trapped in a box for 60 days without even water - she survived - goes without saying that Blaine with his massive support team would have. Let's hope his next trick is a disappearing one. Give me a rabbit out of a hat anytime - That's magic.
Rick, UK

Like him or not, everyone in the country is talking about him. How many people can do that by being in a box?
Jewad, UK

What David Blaine has done is really humanly achievable. But what you, the public have done really goes to show you narrow-mindedness on such matters. Perhaps you all should learn more about other 'feats' practised by people in different countries. Perhaps then you, the western civilisation, would learn to respect and understand others that live in the same world. You think performing such feats as climbing Mt Everest is historical and the person to do so is made out to be a hero, but what about the simple folk like the Sherpas who climb it daily, who also are ones whom carry the load for the 'heroes'? Your reaction to what someone like David has done really shows your lack of understanding and insecurity.
Imran, Malaysia

If you don't like it, don't watch it!
Sandra Waldron, UK
I wish the idiots will leave David Blaine alone. Nobody has to watch him if they don't want to. Only in England would idiots purposely go to where he is encased and throw abuse and eggs at him. If you don't like it, don't watch it!!
Sandra Waldron, UK

Don't worry, it's just a man in a box.
Kate, Newcastle, UK

So, he might be an idiot, trying to kill himself and making a show of all this. But I simply can't understand why some people try to harass and abuse him. It is none of their business!
Fiansis, HK

That is magic
Steve, England
Despite all the people saying they aren't interested in it, there are a huge number of comments here. He has succeeded in getting people to flock to watch him doing nothing, for days. That is magic. Any corporate sponsors for my "live paint drying" show?
Steve, England

The one thing Blaine is likely to have learnt from his experience is; what a bunch of barbaric, moronic idiots live in this country. I don't suppose he will be coming back, and I don't blame him. Shame on us.
Graeme, England

How does David Blaine do it? Being a complete and utter pillock helps. What a waste of space he is.
Ben, Scotland

He is doing it to boost his ego, his popularity, and his bank balance - pure selfishness
Helen, UK
I feel that he is making a mockery of the thousands of starving people across the world who don't have a choice about whether to eat or not. If he were to do the same thing for a charitable cause, I would fully support him, but he is doing it to boost his ego, his popularity, and his bank balance - pure selfishness.
Helen, UK

For those who seem to abhor this silly man, why don't you do him the ultimate indignity for an entertainer: ignore him?
Matt, US

We in the US are puzzled as to why people are so upset with David Blaine. "Why is he doing this," they ask (ask him when he's finished, if he hasn't said why already). "What about all the truly starving people in the world, why isn't he helping them?" (and what are YOU doing about those who are starving?). "Let's go throw food at him/wake him up/etc." Really, why do you care?
Sandy, USA

Sorry to sound like a sadist, but wouldn't it be funny if they dropped the box? Heh heh heh...
Jon Lipscombe, UK

I'm appalled. This is clearly a mockery of an historical and punishment - solitary confinement. He should be ashamed!!!
Mick Bell, Australia

Why on Earth do people keep rattling on about how Blaine's stunt is making a mockery of the starving people and political prisoners of this world?! Why can't people get into their tiny minds that David Blaine is an ENTERTAINER, he is an ILLUSIONIST and this is a free country. People should realise that this STUNT is not making mockery of these issues at all, it is just one man trying to push himself to the limit. I suppose the people who have this opinion of Blaine's stunt also think that marathon walkers are trying to make a mockery of WW2 POWs that were forced to do death marches through Burma or that the popular knife throwing magic trick is designed to push fun at people who have died in violent knife attacks! He is a performer performing. Nothing more.
Liam Ballinger, Leeds, UK

I think the people of London are pretty damn pathetic and have no knowledge about what he is doing
Sarah, USA
I think the people of London are pretty damn pathetic and have no knowledge about what he is doing. It kinda says a lot. If you don't think what he is doing is right - get over it and do something better with your time other than tormenting him. He is a wonderful man that is doing this for himself. And the fact that he suspended in the air in the middle of London is entertainment for you. So appreciate it and respect what he is doing. I sure as hell know the USA wouldn't be treating him like that.
Sarah, USA

Isn't it wonderful how, in this modern age, it's possible to become world-famous for doing ..... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! No wonder China is trying to get to the Moon ... it's probably the one place where this self-indulgent idiot can't lock himself in a box!!!
Ian, Brit in USA

Let's see him do some real magic. For example he could vanish from the box, or get out looking just as he did, when he went in.
McNigel, UK

If all those who use starving people as their excuse for abusing this man contributed 1 to a relevant charity maybe the starving wouldn't be such an issue
Andy, UK

After all those things I heard and read about him, my only conclusion is that, David Blaine is an alien, which, firstly, has the ability of not eating anything for 44 days and secondly, has such a stupid idea of locking himself up in a transparent box like an animal in a zoo.
Joyce Ng, Hong Kong

I don't really care how he does it. I saw Tilda Swinton lying in a glass box at the Serpentine Gallery 8 years ago - and daft as it sounds it was a thing of beauty. It was like stepping in to the Sleeping Beauty fairytale, and was magical. This is just a boring stunt.
Ellen, UK

Like most criticism, it's a reflection of our own failings
Some say he should pay for the policing... he is just sitting in a box doing nothing. Some say that no one is interested...how many people are talking about him? Some say it's an insult to starving children - how many of his critics stuff themselves day after day? Some say there's nothing to his stunt - how many of those would survive one day in the box? Like most criticism, it's a reflection of our own failings.

It's a case of mind over matter, and a lot of money can focus the mind very well. I do wonder what's in the water, though?
Mike Seycoum, UK

I don't know what to believe, I don't know how someone could do that. What propels him to think up such crazy stunts? I can't wait to see him come out of the box, and I think he's really brave but stupid at the same time. I only hope he hasn't done too much damage to his body not eating for 44 days.
Emma Brown, Cumbria

David Blaine is stupid. What is the point in doing all of these stunts? He should be arrested for attempted suicide. Anybody else would be, so why shouldn't he?
Jonesy, England

I had seen Blaine on the streets of New York before he was famous doing his acts - There is something there, without doubt I can say that - but starving yourself is not a magic act or an illusion - There are people starving without any intention to do so! So, please "give us a break!"
Maryam, USA

To be honest it wasn't what it was made out, a stunt which would suspend him really high and no contact, not a few yards off the ground with contact from his friends and manager. Maybe he should stick to impressing the US.
Adrian Bester, UK

Blaine is a great entertainer and good luck to him
Andrew, England
Coma patients are kept alive for years on end using intravenous liquids. What verification has there been that David Blaine has not used that sort of liquid as opposed to water? All the same, Blaine is a great entertainer and good luck to him.
Andrew, England

You can't see what he is hiding in the black tube! If he's not eating there is no reason for the tube as he is not doing number 2s.
Deborah Wills, Ireland

Big deal. In most developing countries, living just on water and having no food is sadly a normal way of life.
M M Zaman, UK in US

Why would a person be so willingly to starve himself in an aquarium? Why would anyone enjoy being a fish in the bowl while the real fish longs for freedom? I personally think that his acts are stupid and if he does have time, he would do more good in working for Oxfam or sweeping the streets continuously for 44 days trying to break the book of records.
Vanessa, Hong Kong

In a world where so many die each year from diseases caused by over-eating, David Blaine is to be admired. Whether deliberate or not, his stunt serves to bring to our collective attention to the resilience and adaptability of the human mind and body. What is most interesting must be the reactions people have to what he is doing. Clearly, the great British public have reverted back to London mob mode and would be happier had he placed himself in stocks. Well done David but choose a more sophisticated audience for your next one.
Bill O'Connell, UK

Why would anyone enjoy being a fish in a bowl when the real fish longs for freedom?
Vanessa, Hong Kong
Why would a person be so willingly to starve himself in a aquarium? Why would anyone enjoy being a fish in a bowl when the real fish longs for freedom? I personally think that his acts are stupid and if he does have time, he would do more good in doing voluntary for Oxfam or simply sweeping the streets.
Vanessa, Hong Kong

I don't think it is an illusion. In fact David Blaine should be admired as he is very much the modern day Houdini, who often performed similar feats to similarly disbelieving crowds. The one thing Houdini never faked (even though he was also a gifted magician and illusionist) was the endurance levels required to complete this sort of task. It is clear that David Blaine is trying to do the same sort of thing here. Good luck to him.
Nick, Liverpool, England

Call him what you will. Believe what you like. But I've seen him and I think he may really got magic! By the way, I think some people are a little too angry here Jill.
Rick Hunter, USA

So he may be an egotistical idiot but he's doing no harm (except to himself). People who don't like it should just ignore him. The fact that they go there to ridicule, shout abuse and throw things suggest that he is not the only idiot around. I can't believe that some people here feel proud of such behaviour.
Jill, UK

It is only an illusion
Michelle, Hong Kong
I think it is only an illusion. Perhaps after he gets out of his box, he will explain everything and we will know that we have been fooled.
Michelle, Hong Kong

Too be honest I really don't understand why anyone would want to do this! I don't have a problem with him doing it and think people should lay off him a bit. Maybe he IS hoping to be the next Houdini, if so, good luck to him. He certainly is a strange one!
CJB, England

Well I think his latest stunt is great. Went with the kids last week and it was a nice day out. Got ice cream. Waved at David Blaine. Took a photo. It had a definite air of the Victorian spectacle about it. Don't forget he's an illusionist/entertainer not a hunger striker.
Christian, UK

He is a ILLUSIONIST. I don't know how he does it although i do find him rather creepy. I say good luck to him although I think he should stick to impressing America ...
Amy, Wiltshire

It speaks volumes about certain Londoners
Toby, UK
The crass treatment of David Blaine doesn't say anything about Britain but it speaks volumes about certain Londoners. Our nation's capital isn't coming across too well is it?
Toby, UK

The one thing that is undeniable is that he is a fantastic entertainer. The amount of time spent by everybody including his fiercest critics is proof of this.
Sebastian, England

Who cares? I think he has too much money and too much time on his hands. I don't hate him, I just don't see the point.
Nancy, UK

"It speaks volumes about Londoners" - yeah - it says we don't have time for egotistical idiots who have nothing better to do with their time. By the way, I would think given the location of his stunt that it's not just Londoners who are partaking in ridiculing him.
Nancy, London

These comments are hilarious. The one comparing him to Christ is the best so far! I also liked the one about hanging Blair in a box. Good show!!!
Malcolm, UK

I think Blaine is doing really well so far. Already it is an achievement
Simran, England
I think Blaine is doing really well so far. Already it is an achievement. I have been watching Blaine since day 1. And also why do people keep throwing things at him? He is doing this stunt for himself, not so people can throw things at him. Secondly, people say watching him in his glass box is so boring, if it so boring why do you watch it then? Can every one please just leave him alone. PLEASE.
Simran, England

David I love you, Jesus loves you, the higher you go the closer you get to God. I really want to meet you. Lots of love Bridget. xxx
Bridget, Wiltshire

The question should be; why does David Blaine do it, not how he does it. I fail to understand why he thinks people enjoy watching him starve himself.
Bob, USA

I think David Blaine is a complete ding bat and should stop playing god.
Alan G, UK

To everyone who says it's an illusion - how do you arrive at that statement? How is it done then?
Graham, UK

The only thing he wants is publicity. The best thing everyone can do is to ignore him as without an audience he gets nothing.
John R. Smith, UK

David Blaine is a genius. Perhaps even better than Houdini. He is criticized now, but all controversial artists are. His bluntness of doing amazing things without the glitz and the glamour is incredible, it's beautiful.
Matt Alland, USA

He is supposed to be an illusionist so the clown probably isn't even in the box
Scott, Edinburgh, Scotland
I agree with the people who say this idiot is taking it too far. There are millions of starving children in the world, he is making a mockery of all the less unfortunate of our 3rd world countries who really do need help to get food every day. Can I point out that he is supposed to be an illusionist so the clown probably isn't even in the box!
Scott, Edinburgh, Scotland

Maybe he can study a few topics of interest while he is up there in his box. Then when Eamon Holmes interviews him again, he will have something to say.
Sheryl, Scotland

He does it for money and ego. It's a pity that the starving of world don't have the same choices. As for suffering and boredom, he's lucky. It's a lot worse for us on the outside! Maybe I should try it to get away from it all and sit in a box for 44 days
Chris, UK

If David reveals his levitation secret to the public, he may put all airlines out of business. Get ready for "frequent levitator miles"! Seriously, I think the guy is great! Good luck David!
Michael P, USA

I feel his antic in the box above London is making a mockery of an historic and powerful method of protest; the hunger strike.
Sean Ward, Ireland

"His antic in the box above London is making a mockery of an historic and powerful method of protest; the hunger strike" I ask you, When did David Blaine ever say he was on hunger strike? There is clearly no connection between a STRIKE and a self endurance test/show.
Conor O'Reilly, Ireland

It is just mere mental strength
Kamarudin, Malaysia
How does he do it? It is just mere mental strength. We have to take advantage by doing a thorough research on his mental and physical strength immediately after he finishes his stunt. That will give additional knowledge to science.
Kamarudin, Malaysia

I hope he's considering donating the millions he's making from the TV rights, etc. in order to put food in the mouths of the TRULY starving people of the world.
Steve, England

Even if this is an illusion it will keep us intrigued as to how it is being done. That in itself is good enough for me.
Rob Jones, Guernsey

Blaine is not doing anything that isn't frequently done by yogis. Westerners are not familiar with this kind of discipline and spiritual devotion.
Paul Prideaux, UK

I don't care what anyone says, but I think that what David is doing is really cool. I just don't get why people are hating on him. You go David.
That Shaw, USA

I thought he could self-levitate. If that's the case then why does he need a box?
Frank McQuade, Scotland, UK
I thought he could self-levitate. If that's the case then why does he need a box? Now that WOULD be something. Other than that, the Great British public et all should disappear, along with the cameras - like magic and do him out of his publicity stunt arranged to try and stop the decline in his popularity.
Frank McQuade, Scotland, UK

All the varying comments in this debate prove that David Blaine has achieved his goal with this stunt - everyone on here is talking about him whether negatively or positively. The real illusion is why people react in the different ways they do to a simple image - a man in a box with no food.
Joanne, UK

The only test is to see how gullible the British really are!
Mari, England

Does anybody really care if some theatrically moody American wants to dangle himself over Tower Bridge for 44 days. If all the media coverage stopped, he'd stop.
Mark Ryan, UK

The most hilarious aspect of this stunt is the caterwauling emanating from some corners of Britain. Mind you, I have little time for a fool in a box, but he has succeeded in raising the hackles of not a few and ratcheted up people's awareness of starvation around the world. Is he in there? Who cares? I'm having more fun watching the public.
Chris, US

More to the point, why does David Blaine do it? Surely not money?
Beth Green, UK

I think he's great, all my faith is with him, he can do it
Hamaseh, England
It's not an illusion! I went with a friend too and these guys were singing for him and he smiled and clapped, how the hell can you say that it's an illusion??! This is to all of you that think that, it is NOT an illusion, stop being so self involved and understand that it pays off when you show respect to other people! I love him, he's amazing, I hate the fact that he comes to England thinking people here will support him and yet gets a load of people swearing and throwing stuff, it ain't fair, I think he's great, all my faith is with him, he can do it.
Hamaseh, England

That man in the box, 28 days into his stunt, is too alert for someone who has had no food for that time. He may be in the box but he is not without nutrition.
John M, LyneMeads, UK

How can so many people find the art of sitting in a box so upsetting? This man is an artist with the same rights as you and me. If David Blaine did his stunt in the USA, then everyone would have the utmost respect for him. It's just the fact that the British don't recognise his right to be an artist and feel he is invading their space. So stop hating the people who sit in boxes and starting appreciating the real problems in this world.
Michael, UK

Blaine's comment on day 31 that he was looking forward to soup but the thought of hamburgers 'repulsed' him seemed gorgeously misplaced opposite the big McDonald's advert on his website. Magic ain't what it used to be.
Cazzie, UK

Well David there are many people all around the world who have been starving for quite a while, at least Jesus did it in the Desert!
Jason, UK

If Blaine leaves without significant weight loss he is a fraud; else he is a fool
Mark H, Canada
Only in Britain can one make money by starving while millions around the world go to sleep each night hungry. If Blaine leaves without significant weight loss he is a fraud; else he is a fool. The reality is that this man makes money by using hunger as an illusion. Hunger is no illusion to millions of people around the world deprived of the resources to live healthy and productive lives. Why aren't more Brits protesting this charade to ground? Blaine is a disgrace to humanity.
Mark H, Canada

Well I've always been a firm believer that human mind is the most powerful thing in the world. I respect what David is doing to test his endurance. He has a goal and his heart is set on it. When a man is in that mode anything is possible. This is a day and age of science and solid facts. I think David is very spiritual and turns to God for help. We should see this as an inspiration to give up all our bad habits. For example quit smoking for 44 days. Anything seems easier than this.
Salman Khan, United Kingdom

I went to have a look at him with a friend and we decided that he was not really up there but maybe hidden in the bushes behind and there was some kind of reflection. The gestures he made - i.e. waving, sitting down, standing up were incredibly repetitive and seemed "programmed" in some way.
Sally Roberts, UK

He's not really there! It's all an illusion!
Neil, UK

What is interesting about seeing a man starve himself to death?
Gemma, UK
I think spending 44 days in a box is the most boring and ridiculous thing I have ever seen. What is interesting about seeing a man starve himself to death?
Gemma, UK

I think the whole thing is rather boring - if he really is only having pure water, I'd be surprised. There must be something else in it. And who actually cares anyway? He's obviously a bit loopy!
Emily, UK

This is a stupid and thoughtless joke! There are two outcomes that could come from this, 1. He makes the 44 days and looses lots of weight - not a good advert for people trying to loose weight. 2, It's all a sick illusion to create publicity. I used to think he was a very skilful and clever entertainer - I don't think that now!
Mitch, Bristol, UK

All those people who believe he is actual in there are more daft then I thought, it's just an illusion! Even I can do that if I have the time to sit in a box and dream all day. Plus more important things are happening in the world to worry about.
Samed Patel, UK

What strikes me most in all of this commentary is that no one seems to have noticed that all David's stunts range from the sub-blaine to the ridiculous. As do reactions to them.
Peter, UK

Blaine's stunts are idiotic
Jake, Canada
Blaine's stunts are idiotic. I think it's great and natural that the Britons are trying to disturb him.
Jake, Canada

At the moment, he is dehydrated, suffering muscle loss, and heart problems due to his starvation. Usually, people in this condition end up in hospital for a while to get them back on their feet, so who is going to foot the bill for the ambulance ride and the stay in the NHS A&E department? I hope he makes a big donation to the children's ward of the hospital that saves his life.
Eden Y, England

This madman should not be allowed to starve before the world. This is negligence on the part of our nation to allow someone to do something as stupid as this.
Rob Clohesy, UK

If anyone in my street locked themselves in a box with no food they would be taken away in a white van. Who in their right mind wants to watch someone starve themselves - David and his voyeurs should all grow up, this is a bad example for all our children.
Julie, England

I think David Blaine is great, why can't people just leave him alone and let him get on with it I admire what he does.
Kirsty, UK, London

I think David Blaine is a amazing person and mentally so strong
Warren Davies, England
I think David Blaine is a amazing person and mentally so strong, to keep going after all the abuse and pranks. I've been watching on sky one since day once you start watching you can't stop. I love it when he starts talking about how he is feeling. Last night (day 27) was a bit frightening when he had his face right in view of camera then jumped into side off box trying to make it bigger because he thought it was coming in on him he is definitely starting to lose his mind but you cant stop watching.
Warren Davies, England

My eight year old son keeps asking me why is this man is in the box? Can someone give me a good answer other than "because he wants to make lots of money."
Caron, England

How he's doing it? Like everybody else would do it: drinking and not eating makes you lose weight and eventually you die. He just calculated how long he will be able to survive and has doctors on standby. No problem really. It will get him through to think that there are millions to be made out of the publicity he gets for it.
Volker, England

He is a magician after all, so this is just an illusion. He must be having some liquidised food or some form of sustenance fed through his water tube.
Stuart Glover, UK

The fact that it's so simple makes it so interesting and cool
Barnaby Gillett, England
If you believe this act is real or not (I do), it all comes down to the fact that it's a guy in a box. Nothing else. The fact that it's so simple makes it so interesting and cool.
Barnaby Gillett, England

I don't think that he is really in the box i think that he is trying to fool every one because he is a magic man.
Stephanie, UK

I just hope he's got sufficient medical cover to pay for all the treatment he will need when he gets out. Or will he be getting it on the NHS? I certainly hope not.
Debbie, UK

This type of passive performance turns the spotlight onto the audience - which is acting like a medieval rabble of narrow minded bigots, live and let live!
Chris, UK

I believe that the stunt is real and David is showing that the mind is stronger than we could ever imagine. However, it is so unbelievably dull and I can't wait until he starts talking to himself and seeing stuff that aint there! Now that would be entertainment!
Steve Mahood, UK

He is testing his own endurance for the world to see
Kou Yang, UK
To all these people complaining and criticising Mr Blaine for the stunt he is performing. Yes he is a street magician, but I don't recall him ever claiming that this was magic. He is testing his own endurance for the world to see. His only mistake is performing in a country that has no appreciation for what he is doing. So for all the people complaining, they should jump in this box as soon as he is finished and try it for themselves. If they are not willing to do that, they should stop all the negative criticising.
Kou Yang, UK

If the police have got time to stand around a silly magician in a box, why don't they have the time to come out to a house, either during or after a burglary? It is a sad state of affairs when the dwindling police force can't be bothered with the people of the UK, but can find the time to baby-sit a magician starving himself in a plexi-glass box. I think I want a tax rebate for this!
Andy, UK

Can we lock Tony Blair in a perspex box above the Thames for 44 days please? That would be far more entertaining.
Paul, UK

I'm starting to admire him as the days go by
Debbie, Manchester, UK
As a feat of endurance, I'm starting to admire him as the days go by & find the physical/psychological effect of starvation interesting - will he make it? Trying to link this in with pensioners and the Third World starving is just missing the point and crass.
Debbie, Manchester, UK

Say you like it or loathe it, claim it's all a trick or not, throw stuff at him or ridicule him. He has already achieved a great deal of publicity from this and the more everyone talks about him in whatever way, the more publicity he gets.
Paul Harrison, England

Drafting in more Metropolitan Police to guard a ridiculous man engaged in an irresponsible stunt is a ludicrous state of affairs. British Police are under enough pressure as it is. He should do more than pay for the policing he should put the money gained from such inane over-exposure to good use and contribute to charity for those who would be grateful for a glass roof over their head and some hot food in their belly.
Julia Bateman, Belgium

I don't understand why people are so in awe of some daft American sitting in a plastic box for days on end.
Claire P, UK

If he started causing traffic jams on the Brooklyn Bridge people would react negatively
Anthony, USA
The media acts as if this stunt says something about American and/or British culture. It doesn't. Blaine isn't universally loved in the US. Most Americans probably have no idea who he is. Blaine's outdoor stunts in the US have all been performed in private areas of no particular interest. This stunt is being performed at a historic public site while causing traffic jams. Of course some people will react angrily. Trust me when I say that if he started causing traffic jams on the Brooklyn Bridge people would react negatively.
Anthony, USA

Who cares? This type of entertainment is not suitable for young and impressionable minds.
Claire Morrison, Scotland

How does David Blaine do it - more like why? I can't see what is so MAGIC about a guy starving himself!
Bec, Scotland

"Did nobody look in his pram" or something. Blaine...get real, get down and get a life. No one is interested. Go and get a job.
Alan Tidbury, England

Even though I don't agree with the nature of this stunt, David is doing this for his own reasons, and if this is what he feels he wants to do then people should respect it. This just goes to show the immaturity of the British public, if he done this in America things would have been a lot different. Best of luck for whenever you come out.
Dawn Jones, Portsmouth, England

Why haven't the medical profession sectioned this man? He is a danger to himself. I am happy that the British public are prepared to tell him that "we are not amused" but I am saddened that this ever made the news, how sad are we to even care?!
James, England

Blain come home we love you. The Brits can't take it anymore!
John Fred, USA

What he's doing now is nothing special - pensioners have to manage every day without food, heat, company etc. This guy is a genius at street magic - he should stick to that and entertain us!
Liz Valentine, England

He is irresponsible and selfish. How much taxpayers' money is he wasting - police, paramedics - while these resources can be given to people who genuinely need it?
Kathy, London

I'd be more impressed if he ate solidly for 44 days.
Sean Thompson, England

Instead of sitting in a box looking bored for 44 days, expecting us all to be impressed, why doesn't he work unpaid in an Iraqi hospital for 44 days? Then he would deserve our respect.
C. Heather, UK

So far the most amusing part of this stunt is all the antics of the passers-by
Christian Tiburtius, UK
The guy's an entertainer and certainly shouldn't be treated with any reverence. So far the most amusing part of this stunt is all the antics of the passers-by. The twerp will have the last laugh however when he pulls the inevitable surprise at the end and then banks his cheque.
Christian Tiburtius, UK

What a good way to earn lots of money "sit on your backside and do nothing". He should become an MP!
Walt, UK

I think David Blaine is one of the most fantastic illusionists that I have ever seen. His street shows are absolutely breathtaking but what on earth does he think he's doing now? A man with such great talent and potential could blow his street cred in forty days (or less) and is in danger of being ridiculed as a pointless 'stunt man' rather than the great talent that he is.
Mike, Melton Mowbray, UK

My lovely boat ride down the Thames was ruined at Tower Bridge by that buffoon
Kirsty, UK, living in US
I couldn't believe that my lovely boat ride down the Thames was ruined at Tower Bridge by that buffoon. The many tourists who visited London to see Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and other magnificent historical sites are instead directed across the Thames to look at his enormous ego. How terribly sad.
Kirsty, UK, living in US

Blaine is getting more attention in the UK than the US. I saw the start of his stunt in London, and was surprised by the turnout, TV coverage, and crowds who gathered to watch a man convert oxygen into carbon dioxide in a box. Perhaps UK readers should direct their Blaine burnout at the UK media and the folks who gave him permission to do this silly thing.
Matthew, USA

I am embarrassed to be British. Visiting the site early on Sunday I was confronted by a number of drunken yobs screaming, 'Wake up you #$*&' at the top of their voices at the sleeping Blaine. Lovely.
Dave, UK

Blaine is an entertainer
Caroline, UK
Reading through the comments so far, the one thing which has really annoyed me is how many dislike the fact he is voluntary starving himself when there are so many who have no choice. Is it therefore safe to assume these same people are active fund raisers for various charities? I seriously doubt it. Blaine is an entertainer. Whether or not the 'trick' is just an illusion or not is neither here nor there. He's achieving what he's set out to do - self endurance while attracting attention at the same time. Fair play.
Caroline, UK

Did Mr Blaine not realise that pulling a stunt like this in the centre of London would just cause ridicule and laughter in his direction? No matter who it was sat in that box, the British public would go all out to pull a funnier more popular stunt on them. Sack his agents, I say, for not doing their research!
Chris, UK

The real feat of endurance here is on the part of the British public once again having to watch the pathetic UK media being led by the nose by a self-promoting money making machine. Do us all a favour and turn the cameras off.
Joe, UK

Fellow podsters could then marvel at his unique feat of endurance
Garry Simlett, UK
I think it would have been better to have confined David Blaine inside one of the sealed, revolving pods on the London Eye, with just a barrel of water, a potty and a constant loop of "Ready Steady ..Cook!", to entertain the magical trickster. Fellow podsters could then marvel at his unique feat of endurance whilst they devoured a selection of traditional British grub and beverages.
Garry Simlett, UK

Instead of focusing on the merits of Blaine's stunt, the world is left questioning the humanity of the UK citizenry. Though it is a small minority, I believe it is noteworthy to compare and contrast the treatment Blaine received in the US as he performed his previous 3 major televised stunts, to the current stunt at hand. To put it differently, how would you all feel if a UK citizen performed a similar stunt in the United States and felt the angst of New Yorkers throwing golf balls and attempting to intentionally hurt that person (i.e. - cutting off their water supply)?
Raj, New York, USA

I don't understand why people are asking if he's going to donate any money he makes to charity. Why the hell should he? As for the comment about his stunt belittling hunger strikes, I almost had a fit laughing at that. It's not a viewer-friendly stunt, but it is a test of physical endurance. I thought it was funny that people were throwing food at him, although the attempts to place him in danger by cutting the cables was irresponsible madness.
Jamie, UK

I suspect the water he is getting is more than just H2O
Mike Kemp, England.
It is all illusion. Take the pole in the USA he stood on top of, he clearly had a metal handrail either side. The London eye ? He had a strap attached to his right leg to support him. Take a look at the pictures on this web site to see what I am saying. As for his latest stunt, I suspect the water he is getting is more than just H2O, it is probably full of proteins and electrolytes. If it were just H20 he would be dead in a fortnight.
Mike Kemp, England.

The hostile acts of mindless morons towards David Blaine frankly make me ashamed of my fellow countrymen. The UK excels at breeding yobs, it would seem.
Julie, UK

I thought he was a fool but he is very talented at self-promotion. His current stunt is more interesting because he sits there and watches how everyone else reacts. I swear he must be paying Brits to torment him to keep him in the news. A dumb stunt but great self-promotion.
Frank , USA

If you really want to torture him, stop paying attention.
Jim, NJ, USA

Well, he certainly succeeded in making the rest of us talking about him
Maria, London, UK

I think it's funny that narrow-minded people think it 'belittles human famine and hunger strikes.' This artist is performing the human limits of endurance, mental and physical on a world stage in one of the worlds richest economies. It's truly inspirational. He doesn't work in politics. He is an artist. If you can't appreciate that then you must be the dullard!
Anon, UK

I think he fully intended the British public to react the way they did
Liam, UK
Blaine isn't a fool, I think he fully intended the British public to react the way they did. Anyone who thinks he's being plagued by injustices should think about what they're really saying. This man is in a 'see-through' box, he wants people to watch him and interact with him. I guarantee there will be a TV program about it afterwards and the actors will all be the unpaid British public. So get out your thinking caps and parade on down there to give him the best you can think of. I fully intend to make use of the radio controlled helicopter idea and spray sugar solution from the box to the ground. The ants can do the rest...
Liam, UK

The British public see through the hype and see Mr Blaine for what he really is. An attention seeking twit. If I were able I would also chuck eggs at him, and the enlightened public reaction makes me proud to be British.
R Scott, UK

I think the next media spectacle should be paint drying. 24 hour coverage, on-line and on cable. Watch paint dry whenever you want, at home, in the office; I can see it now.
Steve, England

I don't understand why everyone is having a go at David Blaine. He is demonstrating to us that the human body is capable of more than we realise and that with the right mental attitude you can achieve anything. I think he should be applauded and supported every step of the way. Oh, and by the way, for those who think its boring i think the real crunch time will come after about week 3!
Gus Stanners, Britain

Why are Londoners reacting in such a hostile, and violent, manner?
Nana-Ama, UK
Why are Londoners reacting in such a hostile, and violent, manner? David Blaine is not harming anyone, nobody is being charged a fee to watch him. If he gives you the creeps then just don't go and see him.
Nana-Ama, UK

I saw him last week at three in the morning. I found it very distressing. It is an insult to the public, and should never have been allowed.
Natalie, SE London

Just seen the pic on BBC website of DB sitting in the box. And at his side was a water bottle. Which looks very similar to the water bottle he was carrying when he got out of the car on last Friday night, and kept holding whilst he was going through his medical checks etc. And that nobody was given the opportunity to test to see if it was just water. Another back up source of vitamins/sugar I guess!
Graham, England

I think the magic and illusions Blaine performs are superb. People slating him are jealous of his fame and secretly more interested than they are letting on. Why else would they bother trying to undermine him? Leave him alone and let him entertain us, he deserves full support for his stunts.
Matthew Cartwright, England

Each time he contacts someone on the ground, the 44 days should be re-started
Matthew Davis, UK
Blaine has been in contact with the ground during his 44 days. This is not 'isolation'. Each time he contacts someone on the ground, the 44 days should be re-started until he can promise to fulfil the promises of his 'stunt', which is not magic, not an illusion, and certainly not clever.
Matthew Davis, UK

Rather than criticising David Blaine, shouldn't we be looking hard at the brain dead hooligans throwing objects? Adam UK said he's proud of being 'British'. People on the continent must typically think yobs and hooligans represent what being 'British' is all about!
Johnny, UK

I think the actions taken to make it more of a challenge for him, and more entertaining for us have been great. The helicopter mounted cheese-burger being the best. My idea would be to drop some bird seed onto the roof of the box - I'm sure the pigeons would soon find it.
Phil, UK

By seeing him in a box, many people are being challenged to step outside of the narrow box that they live their lives in. A lot of these comments show that people react badly to what they do not understand or cannot explain. Blaine is an example of the unlimited power that it is possible for any human being to harness. Many people do not like this because it exposes how limited and meaningless their own lives are.
Matt P, England

It is about time this "stunt" was stopped. I live near Tower Bridge, and it is causing absolute chaos on the roads for thousands of Londoners trying to go about their daily lives. We suffer, so that Blaine can pocket 5m from the TV companies.
Chris, UK

What a waste of time!
Victoria Crowther, England
What a waste of time! I can't believe people would actually want to watch this on telly. People are starving in Africa and other poor countries but nobody would wants to watch that!
Victoria Crowther, England

I believe David's latest act is truly inspirational. Not in the American "wow, he's amazing!" sense, but in the way it inspires us to find evermore ingenious ways of amusing ourselves at his expense. A burger on a remote-controlled helicopter - hilariously inspired sadism. If a man voluntarily puts himself in the modern-day stocks, he should expect no less. It's a testament to British inventiveness, and we still have until mid-October to come up with more deviousness. Projecting a big yellow M onto the side of his box perhaps.
Stephan Jones, London, UK

He's an illusionist, just like Jesus before him, get over it.
Jon, UK

Poor bloke really had no idea what he was getting into by attempting this stunt in the UK. Rather than whooping supporters he's got people throwing sausages, opening burger vans below him and trying to cut his power and water cables. God I love being British!
Adam, UK

David Blaine is a wonder, and I support him fully
Mark, UK
Reading these comments make me realise what a sad, pathetic bunch of people the British public are. David Blaine is trying to take our minds off world events, he is showing that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything, as the human body can push itself, safely, further than you think. Even if it IS an illusion, that message must come across. Out of all the countries he could have chosen he chose Britain, and I'm proud of that fact.

What I ashamed of is seeing typical British, narrow-minded idiots, trying to sabotage his stunt, call him every name under the sun and ridicule him. The whole world is watching this stunt, but I guess that doesn't matter as long as you have your moment of fun. Britain is going to be looked shamefully on across the world now. David Blaine is a wonder, and I support him fully.
Mark, UK

The biggest problem with David Blaine's latest stunt is that it's very, very dull.
John Cheseldine, England

I believe that that he will survive the box and will come out and prepare another brilliant stunt!
Asif, Scotland

He is continually upping the stakes
Ray Sands, England
I can't tell. Did someone check that he's not getting any supplements (like glucose)? If he's not then I don't think he'll go the distance. I would also be concerned about his mental health. He is continually upping the stakes.
Ray Sands, England

David's actual challenge and its various implications for all of us is lost in the embarrassing, grotesque and dumb display of classic British stupidity, malice and vindictiveness. This is especially embarrassing since he's a visitor to this country. The whole thing shows British culture up for what it is - stupid, shallow and vindictive.
Chris, UK

Politicians are paid to sit around and do nothing, why not Blaine?
Jon, England

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