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Ladan and Laleh Bijani: Your thoughts
Bijani twins
The conjoined Bijani twins have died during a marathon operation to separate them.

Ladan Bijani was the first to die, followed an hour and a half later by her sister Laleh.

A team of 28 doctors and 100 medical assistants were involved in the surgery at Raffles Hospital in Singapore to separate the Iranian twins.

The sisters were warned that they had only a 50-50 chance of survival, but said they were willing to risk death for the chance to lead separate lives.

Read a selection of your thoughts on the Bijani twins below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

I am very sad that these young ladies died. While nations and nationalities may have differences, the rules of human nature control us all and bring about our similarity. I saw pictures on the T.V. of these young women and they seemed innocent and happy. Everyone can grieve the death of individuals filled with joy of life. I am sorry their goals were not fulfilled in this life.
Dave, USA

It was really a shock for us in Iran, since we had lived with them for 30 years. But the important note is their courage will remain in our minds for ever.
Mehdi Rahmani, Iran

It was a choice that the twins made for themselves and a goal that they had pursued for some time. They were fully aware of the risks involved, and also aware that any complications discovered along the way could adversely affect their chances of survival. They still wanted to take the chance and they should be remembered for the bravery of their choice.
E.Dalley, England

Laden and Laleh have become the symbol of determination and courage. Along with many of their admirers I attended the funeral prayers here in Singapore. It is amazing how people from different background, nationality and faith were united in identifying their personal resolve as something to be carried forward by every man and women bravely and irrespective of the consequences. Though they did not live to see that but they did achieve their resolve of being separated from each other. It is like we have lost someone very close to us.
VH, Singapore

The outcome was sad, but the courage was great
Rosalind, Singapor
As one, you lived for 29 years. As two, you will always live forever in heaven. The outcome was sad, but the courage was great. May the both of you rest in peace and may the freedom you fought so hard for, be a lesson to all. I loved you both.
Rosalind, Singapore

Thanks to the doctors and medical assistants for their help - I am very sorry to Ladan and Laleh's family. I have tears in my eyes and prayer in my heart these two girls are real heroes of my life. I learned the lesson of desire and courage from these two sisters. May God bless you and I don't have words to explain my pain.
Yasir Akhtar, Canada

What courageous ladies! No one can imagine their pain and helplessness. This is one of the cruellest actions of nature. Why weren't they allowed to fulfil their wishes and dreams?
Anil Goyle, India

I admired their spirit and power. God bless them!
Fabio, Italy

Laleh (Tulip) and Ladan are the name of two flowers in the Persian language. These two flowers faded away so abruptly. I can't believe it, I want to cry.
A'hura, Iran

How difficult the simplest things in life must have been. The turning of a head, the decision to go to sleep/to wake up, to cross a road, to climb a set of stairs. They did not have the chance to do these things easily, and yet, what Ladan and Laleh most looked forward to was to see each others' faces. What a powerful expression of love! The love they had for each other was deeper than many of us will even be able to imagine. I hope that this love will be a source of strength to the family and friends of Ladan & Laleh. Ladan & Laleh were always smiling, spirited, strong. They have given us so much reason to believe in the power of love.
Gloria Ayob, Malaysia

Courageous women, you will be remembered throughout my life.
Christine Tsai, Taiwan

Although they did not succeed, but very sincerely, I thank the medical staff who worked on these girls but very unfortunately did not succeed.I am sure they more than anybody else wanted them to live.It was not so, and we thank them for their very hard and difficult work.
M.Naficy, Iran

Their courage and determination will always be an inspiration to me.
Gholam, USA
As as Iranian-American, I am very proud of Ladan and Laleh, and the dignified manner that they conducted themselves. Their courage and determination will always be an inspiration to me. As a heart surgeon I can fully appreciate the pain that their dedicated medical team is experiencing . They are to be commended for their painstaking effort and amazing skill.
Gholam R. Mohammadzadeh, MD, Los Angeles, California

Laleh and Ladan are going to be my best symbols in my life. They gave us big lesson that we all can live in peace with each other without any problem in the world, even if we have different thoughts, ideas and religions...etc. God bless their family.
Mehdi, Canada

Iwas so sorry about their deaths.All of the Iranians were too.I thank all of the doctors who did this surgery bravely
taravat, Iran

May their souls rest in peace.I appreciate their boldness to attempt the operation despite doctor's guarantee of 50% chances of suvival.Being at work I was always checking the BBC website regularly for the update.
Jacob, Saudi Arabia

Every once in awhile a news event comes across that touches the hearts of people across the world, crossing barriers of race, cultures and religions. The courage of these two beautiful girls who faced their extremely difficult life with such joy and determination it makes all of us value life and each other that much more. I was completely devastated to wake up to the sad news that we lost them. I shall never forget them and hope that God holds these two precious girls in his arms tonight.
Jeff Ammon, USA

I was shocked when I reached home and was informed by my wife that the twins has died a couple of hours before, My 6 year old son Kamran when saw this news on TV , tears started flowing from his eyes and he could not control him self seeing this my wife also cried, we all pray for Laden and Laleh, and our condolence to the grieved family, May Allah the almighty give patience to the family members. Kaleem Ahmed Siddique,Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
Kaleem Ahmed Siddique, Saudi Arabia

This topic was suggested by Anthony, Germany/ UK
A tribute to the Bijani twins. Laleh and Ladan reached out to the whole world and cut through all national, political and cultural barriers.

When I first heard about Ladan's and Laleh's surgery, I hoped it would be a triumphant success. The news of their death has saddened me. My deepest sympathies go out to their family and friends.
J. Petersen, USA

Ladan and Laleh had a spirit that shined so brightly, it was impossible not to be captivated by them. As those of us in faraway places morn the death of these two amazing women, I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for those who knew them and loved them.
Debra Jay, USA

The courage and utmost bravery of these two people to undergo such a risky procedure should be commended and lauded the world over. May they rest in peace.
Brian O'Hare, New York, New York

Very sad to hear about these remarkable women. I pray for their family and for the people who worked so hard to help them.
Sarah King, Canada

It is a tragedy that they did not survive the operation. Yet it is through repeated attempts that the issues revolving congenital separation will be resolved and some day we will be able to safely perform separation surgery.
Andrew Hammond, UK

I had seen Ladan and Laleh on TV several times when I was in Iran (my home country). It's extremely sad to see they are not alive any more. They will be always the symbol of courage for all of us.
Borzoo Bonakdarpour, USA

I wish them ever lasting peace
Mrs J. Stone, England
I am so sorry that these 2 beautiful and gifted women have died. I wish them ever lasting peace and their friends, family and nation God's comfort.
Mrs J. Stone, England

The planet has lost two beautiful souls. Their courage and determination should be a lesson to everyone.
Bob Rossi, USA

I admire the courage and determination of Ladan and Laleh to proceed with the operation. Also remember the skill and dedication of the surgical team who, I'm sure, gave 110%. My thoughts are with the family and friends of these two brave individuals, and the hospital teams who worked relentlessly in this endeavour.
Dave Jowett, UK

Two beautiful women...may God bless your souls.
Nsh, England

They were willing to take a great risk for what they wanted. I'm sure all those involved will have learnt much. Despite the sad outcome, it is bound to help others in the future.
Simon Watson, UK

Very sad day for Iranians all over the world. I was seven years old when news of their birth surfaced. Our country went through lots of ups and downs during their life and sometimes we forgot that they were still attached. The twins were so charming and full of life we never saw or heard of them except smiling. Only now I understand how brave they were too. May God bless their soul with permanent peace.
Mohammad, Iranian from Toronto, Canada

All of our thoughts should go to the family of these very brave women
Adrian Jordan, UK
This is a heart wrenching story that has unfortunately come to a sad end. All of our thoughts should go to the family of these very brave women. I am sure that the twins will enjoy their new found freedom in heaven just as they might have done on earth. Godspeed.
Adrian Jordan, UK

Dear Ladan and Laleh, We hope you are happy in heaven. You are very special people and we will never forget you.
Morgan and Saskia Brooke (12), England

Ladan's and Laleh's courage should serve as inspiration for all who seek self-determination. May they find peace and eternal grace in the hereafter.
Chris, USA

Well, what more can you say? They were two very brave ladies. My heart goes out to their families.

I was deeply saddened on hearing about the death of these two brave women. Rest in peace, Ladan and Laleh.

I feel bad for the family and friends of the girls. They showed a lot of courage for something that was probably less than 50/50.
Mike Daly, USA


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