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Moscow explosions: Your thoughts
Flowers are laid at the site of Saturday's suicide attacks in Moscow
Memorial services have taken place in Moscow for those killed in at a music festival on Saturday.

Two female suicide bombers killed at least 15 and wounded over 50 at a rock concert near the Russian capital.

Russia's Interior Minister blamed the attacks on Chechen separatists, but a Chechen envoy denied the charge.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

The justness of the Chechens' cause no longer matters. Those who target civilians must be punished. Those who think that it will further their cause must learn that it will doom it. There must be no compromise or negotiation with terrorists--as all the Chechen separatists should now be considered to be. Otherwise who else will the next group of terrorists target, when they see that these ones got their way?
Maybe you.
Jeremy, Canada

One of the main causes for this attack is that these terrorists feel encouraged and motivated by the fact, that Palestinian tactic of terrorizing innocent civilians has managed to gain strong support and to cause great confusion in the western democratic world. If the world will take concrete steps and unity to eradicated that evil, we're going to see more minority separatist groups (N. Ireland, Basques, Curds, etc.) resorting to this tactic, simply because it seems more effective.
Igor, Canada

Negotiations are the only way to attain peace with modern day terrorists, since they are normal humans.
zulfi, India

Just talking to people could have educated the youths at the show
Jim , NJ, USA
A rock concert filled with young people probably would have been a good place for Chechens to peacefully raise awareness of their cause. Holding a peaceful protest, handing out pamphlets, or just talking to people could have educated the youths at the show. With some planning, maybe they could have even convinced one of the bands to support their cause.
Jim , NJ, USA

I wonder how some people can say that Chechens are forced to fight to be heard. It's nothing more but stupidity and blindness. Normal Chechens always lived in peace, not one of them wanted to fight or to kill. My family has Chechen neighbours. They never wouldn't injure or kill any Russian. So let's separate "terrorist" and "Chechen". It's not the same.
Elena, Russia

Walk a mile in their shoes before you judge them. The Chechens' plight is similar to that of the Palestinians. Resourceless and weak against powerful oppressors and occupiers. We can never truly understand how helpless they feel and should be thankful that God hasn't put us in the same desperate situation.
Shehryar S, USA

I am sickened by the scenes shown after this horrible attack. But to people who say "This will not earn the Chechens support". What support? They don't have any international support. Tony Blair recently congratulated President Putin on his heavy handed tactics and brutal oppression of the Chechens. How else will they get any attention? The world only pays attention once blood is spilt.
Nadeem Shaikh, UK

There is no justification whatsoever for suicide bombings
Boris Forey, Australia
There are some on this forum who attempt to make excuses for terrorists and their actions. These kinds of remarks must be very hurtful to those who lost loved ones. There is no justification whatsoever for suicide bombings and any attempt to make the bombers look like the "true victims" is ridiculous and insulting. My sympathy to the friends and families of the victims.
Boris Forey, Australia

I find these desperate and cowardly acts of terror, very curious. Is there some tactical or strategic benefit that is gained by attacking concert goers, office workers, or commuters? By avoiding military targets and focusing on civilians, these sadistically vengeful acts appear to serve no purpose other than to strengthen the resolve of the general populous against those of the attackers.
Dan Murray, Boston, USA

Russia is a democratic country. Instead of participating in this democracy, the radicals of Chechnya have decided to go the course of murdering innocents. Our hearts go out to our Russian friends and their struggle against these terrorists.
Cliff, USA

To all those who justify Chechen terrorists: why don't you justify Al-Qaeda? All terrorists have a reason to commit the atrocities, they don't agree with the politics of this or that country. But this doesn't justify them. Terrorism is evil and should be eradicated by all means.
Natalia, UK

This is a real tragedy - music festivals are about peace, love and a good time. Plus, in my experience of Glastonbury and other festivals, festival-goers tend to be left-wing people with a good social conscience who may have some sympathy for the Chechen cause - so the terrorists have chosen a strange target for their aggression.
Tim, UK

I have a problem with the favourite phrase that is often used - "one man's freedom fighter is another's terrorist." That could be true in some circumstances, but how on earth can it be true in instances when a person decides to blow themselves up and harm innocent civilians? That is not freedom fighting, that is a blatant disregard for the life of others and the use of their "cause" or past injustices as justification for the murder of others. Let's call it like it is. It's not revenge, it's not an eye for an eye, it's definitely not two wrongs make a right - it's an excuse, and a pretty lame and ineffective one at that. What have suicide bombings brought for the cause? More grief. What have they inflicted? More violence. This is lunacy.
Katie, US

The situation that has developed over decades, if not centuries, in Chechnya is largely misunderstood by westerns. While Chechen men, women, and children continue to suffer westerns continue to ignore the role that Russia plays in the massacre of a people. Chechens are not terrorists or bandits. You cannot withhold help from Chechnya for the actions of a minority of the people who have been backed into a corner and use such tactics. There are plenty Chechen songs, books, art, and peaceful protests. We just never see these things on this side of the world. Chechnya will suffer for our ignorance.
Anna, USA

In the end like most conflicts, whether justified or not, this will be solved by peaceful negotiation rather than by senseless killings on all sides
Arif Sayed, Dubai,UAE
In the world of politics it's so difficult to know who is actually responsible for these atrocious acts. In the end like most conflicts, whether justified or not, this will be solved by peaceful negotiation rather than by senseless killings on all sides. Unfortunately until commonsense and sanity prevails more innocent blood will be shed.
Arif Sayed, Dubai,UAE

Strange how the word "terrorists" is not being used here, yet is used every time the same acts are carried out against Israel. Chechnaya wants independence, so why does the US, call these fighters for independence, terrorists then? Does anyone tell the truth in the west?
Russlan, Ukraine

Chechnya is Russia! Why is the media misinforming the public on this?
Pavle, Australia

A very sad start to my day as I heard about the two bomb explosions, this is the work of some very desperate people who are merely trying to make the world focus on their problems. Chechnya is the poorest part of Russia and something needs to be done about it, to give these people a better standard of living and to include them rather than exclude from Russian mainland
Dharmesh Agravat, UK

March in protest, write books, and sing songs? Would they show that on the western networks? Would it be some quaint cause for some Hollywood celebrity, like "Free Tibet"? When you're young and devoid of hope, you don't want to spend your whole life shouting and protesting at deaf ears. It's much easier to blow the ears up. It's the only way the world seems to take notice of you these days.
Andrew Bunyan, NZ

Acts like these will win the Chechens no friends and will not further their cause. A waste of life.
Cyrus Forouhar, Spain

While I abhor the suicide bombing near Moscow, I do feel that, if Chechen separatists are responsible, such an act is almost understandable given the atrocities carried out by Russian forces against Chechens. When a powerful nation attempts to destroy a weaker one, nobody can be surprised if they fight back with whatever means are available to them.
Colin J Allen, England

I hope the russian public will now focus it`s attention to Chechnya problem and realize already that people don`t just commit suicide attacks for no good reasons! Do you really think russian treatment of chechens has nothing to do with chechens wanting to blow up them selves in a middle of a crowd in Moscow?
Jernej orn, Slovenia

When Russia bombs Chechen towns to rubble no one seems to care. May be all these writers accusing the Chechens of terrorism should speak out against Russian atrocities so that young Chechens don't feel compelled to address their people's plight by blowing themselves up. Also, make no mistake, people who are willing to die, rightly or wrongly, for the good of their kith and kin are the bravest; not US or UK soldiers fighting in Iraq for a wage.
Amuthan, UK

I can only say to people that nothing justifies killing civilians by stealth and guile
Eric Dickens, Netherlands
Assuming this bomb outrage is not the work of devious elements within the Russian secret police, and it is the work of Chechens, I can only say to people that nothing justifies killing civilians by stealth and guile.
Eric Dickens, Netherlands

Chechnya practically was given independent status in 1996. Still they continued their terrorist activity and in 1999 crossed Russian border and attacked Dagestan (which belonged to Russia) claiming they were going to liberate Dagestan. A lot of Russians are not against Chechen independency, but they don't quite believe it would end war and terrorism.
Anna, Russia

Suicide bombing has become standard tactics for these terrorists. We've already seen Arab suicide bombers slaughtering masques filled with fellow Arabs simply because they follow a different interpretation of their own faith.
Mark, United States

A person prepared to give their life in a terrorist act is virtually impossible to stop
Tony, Canada
When will the world realise that when you oppress a people to the point where they feel their life is worthless,then you will be presented with a prolific number of people prepared to give their life for a cause. And a person prepared to give their life in a terrorist act is virtually impossible to stop without seriously restricting the personal freedoms of all.
Tony, Canada

Matt, UK

To quote "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" underlines the need for us to understand these situations rather than just pass them off as attacks of mindless violence. Until then, such tragedies as this will continue.
Justin Hayward, Hong Kong

Why don't they march in protest, write books, and sing songs to cultivate support if their cause is truly social justice? Instead they choose urban warfare, attacking and hiding among innocent civilians like cowardly rats.
Tara, USA

Russia has terrorised a people and bragged about it. By doing so, it sowed its own seeds for a terrorist response.
Naved Siddiqi

The recent attacks in Moscow show how dangerous life has become even for innocent civilians who scarcely have anything to do with the political events and decision-making mechanisms in the leadership and nation of Russia.
Igonikon Jack, USA

These are no longer rebels fighting for independence, but terrorists bent on wanton destruction. It is time for the world to support Russia in its war on terror.
Ralph, USA

Why are you still calling them "rebels"? They are terrorists, much like those in Israel. Fortunately they were stopped before they had entered the field, otherwise there would be much more victims. The worst thing is that it again stops the peace process in Chechnya. Those terrorists make it impossible to solve Chechen problem in a peaceful way.
Oleg Lissitsyn, Russia

Completely agree with Oleg. How long would it take people to call them by their real names: not suicide bombers, not rebels, not freedom fighters, but terrorists. The reason why they became terrorists is absolutely irrelevant.
D. Gutman, USA

Soon innocent people in Chechnya will pay for the Moscow attack
Elzbieta, Poland

The plight of the Chechens must not be ignored. Chechens do NOT want to be ruled by Russia. It is time that the international community recognises the desires of the Chechen people. Its sad that the Chechens are forced to violence to make their tragedy heard by the international community.
Haris, England

The Chechen people don't support this so why do you refer to these people as rebels? They are terrorists. Let the western world support Russia against these criminals, and yes by being heavy-handed.
George, Canada

Chechnya is to Russia as Palestine is to Israel. What I don't understand is why the Russian government won't give Chechnya independence like they did to so many other Muslim states. There are serious cultural differences between Chenchnya and Russia and the Russian government is helping to fuel these terrorist acts by not taking steps to grant Chenchnya independence. They instead take the same "hardline" approach that was taken by Israel. The hardline approach never stopped the bombings in Israel, and they won't stop in Russia until Russia takes steps to grant Chenchnya independence.
Matthew D., Idaho, United States

If this is another Chechen incident, the media (including ours) should stop using the word "rebels" for those terrorists. Note that I am Turkish.
Ilgaz, Turkey

If the 'War on Terrorism' is really a justified war, then Russia deserves our support
Jon Taylor, England

It's terrible that civilians are killed, but it seems that the media never reports the atrocities committed by Russian soldiers against Chechnya civilians. All is fair in love and war.
Ryan C., Canada

Terrorism affects ALL COUNTRIES, and I feel the US should step in and help as long as these other countries are willing to accept that help.
Cindy, USA

Which is worse: a secret gang resorting to isolated acts of terror, or a state continuingly using its state machinery to commit mass terror and murder of entire communities? Today's selective use of the word "terrorism" stands in the way of understanding and stopping terrorism.
Russia has terrorised a people and bragged about it. By doing so, it sowed its own seeds for a terrorist response.
Naved Siddiqi, England

If this had taken place in America, there would have been calls for military action against the terrorists' country. Yet we offer no support to the Russians against Chechen terrorists. If the 'War on Terrorism' is really a justified war, then Russia deserves our support.
Jon Taylor, England

It is sad that another stupid and cruel attack by Chechen (if they are really responsible for that)terrorists will only worsen the tragic plight of Chechen people, who suffer so much from war. I feel very upset by the fact that so many innocent people were brutally killed in Moscow, and soon innocent people in Chechnya will pay for that attack.
Elzbieta, Poland

The deeply disturbing fact is that terrorists will now target anyone, no longer just government or military targets. Most of the people at the festival have been described as "young", which is a typical audience for a rock festival, most probably many don't even yet have the right to vote for their leaders. There is no way to justify attacking innocent people, no matter what their creed or affiliations when they are not politically involved.
Edd, UK

It is sad because two people were killed in a replica of such a festival in Samara, south of Moscow. I hope we will know the motive soon.
John Kangethe, Samara, Russia

It is yet another example of why American and Russia must stand together as allies
Jeffrey, United States
If this turns out to be a terrorist incident, it is yet another example of why American and Russia must stand together as allies and friends in the war against Islamic fundamentalism.
Jeffrey, United States

Russia is occupying a foreign country! You cannot expect a nation to lie down just because the UN has decided to ignore the situation.
Jurgen Donaldson, Scotland

I would never forget the long lines of Russians bringing flowers to the US embassy in Moscow after 9/11 events. We should stay united in our fight against terrorism and should provide moral and technical support to Russians.
Robert Staple, New York, US

This is a terrible act of violence. It seems that the Chechens have resorted to disgraceful terrorism. The Russian-Chechen conflict has had very little media coverage over the past few years. These terrorist acts are just going to make the situation worse and give the Russian army plenty of leverage to be heavy handed in the name of a "war on terror".
Ameer Ali, England

I am shocked to hear this news. It appears that terrorism knows no boundaries. In these uncertain times, the whole world should be on a higher level of awareness. Have all of us learnt anything from Sep 11?
Dave Mears, Thailand

Moscow mourns bomb victims
06 Jul 03  |  Europe


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