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Your tributes to Barry White
Barry White
Barry White's songs always paid tribute to love
Generations have enjoyed the smooth deep tones of Barry White's singing, whose music not only topped the charts in the 1970s, but saw a return to the fore in the 1990s.

His death at the age of 58 represents a tremendous loss of someone who epitomised the disco soul sound.

His hits included You're The First, My Last, My Everything and his first international hit Love Theme back in 1973.

Thank you for your tributes. Read your comments below.

What a great loss to the music world. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, he will be missed by millions of his fans all over the world.
Mustapha Ogunnowo, England

Some of my best memories of growing up in a developing country were the seductive baritone of Barry White that inspired and soothed many people of my generation not only to fall in love, but simply to love. He was a great singer and his songs touched us all. My friends and I are greatly saddened by the loss of this wonderful man who has been a mainstay of soul music for decades. We all mourn his loss and my condolences to his family. Can you imagine those dulcet tones in heaven?
Sharon Williams, St Lucia, West Indies

Barry White will be missed by all. He was a great singer. Our hearts goes out to the family. Barry, we love you and always will.
Stephen, USA

I am unbelievably sad! The master of love, the legend of soul has passed on. Barry, your music touched my heart like no other artist ever has. I go crazy when I hear your music, I have to sing and dance, no matter where I am. Thank you for your wonderful everlasting gift. Your music will always be with me.
Simone, Netherlands

The world has really lost a golden sound
Dr. Osman Dennis Chikumba, Malaw
It's really a great loss. The world has really lost a golden sound. We will miss him a lot. May his soul rest in peace
Dr Osman Dennis Chikumba, Malawi

The great man has died - but we are blessed to have his music which will last forever. Thanks and God bless Barry, for so many memories.
Matt, New Zealand

Barry White's style of music reflected his own struggles. Those struggles resulted in an unbridled musical spirit of love and complete and full compassion. The depths of his voice and lyrics evoked an emotional response we will not witness again.
Walter McCaffrey, USA

Barry White your songs will shine on forever, a man who shared his talent with the world and we loved him back.
Brenda Veasey, Canada

Future generations have been deprived of the majestic sound of his voice
Harsh Sahni, Belgium
The world has lost a legend. Future generations have been deprived of the majestic sound of his voice. His deep passion for music is incomparable.
Harsh Sahni, Belgium

Mr White, you will always be remembered. In my mind, you're my hero.
Thomas Kwein, Liberia

What a great loss to music of love and passion! Barry White was the icon of soul music, and will remain so eternally in the minds and hearts of all of us who continue to enjoy his exceptional voice.
Mulugeta, Ethiopia

Though you have departed this earth the legend will live on through your music.
Robert Kudakwashe, Zimbabwe

The messenger is gone, but his messages will live forever
Michael C. Akwuba, US
He was a big gift to soul music lovers around the globe. The messenger is gone, but his messages will live forever.
Michael C. Akwuba, US

Too young to die. what a tremendous loss to the music world! He was unique. He was love.
Sarah Smith, Surrey

What a voice! I feel lucky for seeing his comeback in the nineties having been too young in the seventies. My girlfriend and I both have the same CD of his; we didn't want to share that one.
Enrique, Colombia

He will never be forgotten
Louise, England
He was the first the last the everything. Our hearts go out to Mr White's family. He will never be forgotten.
Louise, England

I feel so sorry. I need to hear his voice every morning in order to feel willing to get up and go to work. He made me feel young, when I started to grow old. Thanks Barry, get the light.
Eliza Torres, Argentina

He was the first singer I can remember as a kid. A big influence, as I am now a musician. He will be missed.
Gareth J Richards, England

Thank you, simply thank you for your time here Mr Barry White. It was soothing to the end.
Albert D Rich, USA

Nobody ever truly dies until everybody that remembers him dies too. Live on Barry, always remembered, always loved, always Barry.
Les, Greece

Barry was the king of love. He will live on in our hearts. He will never die. May God bless your soul, Barry.
Wahhab Thomas, USA

A humble man who moved soul music to new levels. Will be sorely missed.
Marc, England

Nobody can do it like Barry, the master of smooth. He will be sorely missed for his deep passionate voice and flowing music. His music will be around for a lifetime. Bring back my yesterday... Rest in peace brother.
Sean, South Africa

Truly, an irreplaceable musician
Charles Thompson, UK
Barry White was a giant in every sense of the word and he recorded some great music which will never be forgotten. Although unique, he was the inspiration of many other performers and his long illness and untimely death are deeply saddening. Truly, an irreplaceable musician.
Charles Thompson, UK

After hearing Barry White's music for the first time, I played nothing for months. His music helped relieve the stress of a heavy day, and helped relax you in the evening. I saw Barry on stage in Manchester at the Apollo twice and he and his team were fantastic. I will miss him very much. However he will live on through the music he brought us. RIP Barry.
Richard, England

Barry White was a one off
Jerry Dietrich, United Kingdom
Having followed the career of Barry White for more than thirty years, one feels a great loss at the death of such a great man. I think the memory that will stay with me the longest is the way Barry felt about the people who came to his shows. He would always take time to meet disabled fans and go into the audience to shake your hand. Barry White was a one off, never to be replaced and will be greatly missed. The most memorable song would have to be his tribute to Jesse Belvin, Goodnight My Love.
Jerry Dietrich, United Kingdom

l don't know Barry but I listened to his music. l think he was a nice man. The world will miss you. Rest in peace Barry.
Ken, Nigerian living in Prague

My mum loved his music and was devastated he died. He had a great voice.
Kirstyanne Robinson, Scotland

His voice was a true gift
Melissa Crampton-Smith, USA
Barry White will always be the master of the sexy love song. The memories his songs bring back are warm and sensual. His voice was an unmistakeable instrument and a true gift from God. He will be sorely missed and I wish his family and friends peace at this time, He was one of the greats. Goodbye Barry, you will always have a place in my heart
Melissa Crampton-Smith, USA

When I'm sad and down, Barry's music is the only thing can cheer me up. Thank you Barry.
Plev, Mexico

His hits coincided with me meeting my wife
Terry Craven, UK
I will always remember Barry because his hits coincided with me meeting my wife of nearly 30 years now; especially "You're my first, my last my everything" which she turned out to be. God bless and rest in peace Barry.
Terry Craven, UK

What a great man and what a great voice! Rest in peace.
Andrea, England

From crazy house parties in Liverpool in the 70s to cruising down Pacific Coast Highway today, the music of Barry White has been with me and always will be.
John Moss, Los Angeles

The walrus of love. Respect to the man, the music, and the love.
Paul, UK

I will always have fond memories of growing and listening to Barry White's music in the background. It set the tone for a period in my life which I will always treasure.

Not only a wonderful singer, but a role model
Randy W, United States
Mr Barry White has not only a wonderful singer, but a role model to me. He will be remembered by my family and I forever. My heart goes out to his family. May he finally rest in peace.
Randy W, United States

Dear Barry White: As I write this, your voice is running over, through and around me. It's aural velvet caressing my heart. When your albums came out, I was at college. Your music launched a thousand dreams for me. Sometimes dreams don't come true, but as long as I can listen to you it is alright. Thank you Barry. God bless.
Brenda C, USA

He will be sadly missed!
Dadagirl, USA

He will be greatly missed. Barry seemed as if he was related to me as an uncle I never met. All my customers tell me I sound like BW, being a man of 6'1"- 250lbs (almost a BW look-alike). As you would expect I take that as a great compliment.
Trent, US

I can truly say that there will never be another like Barry. No matter how much they try, it will never work. He had the voice that would make you stop wherever you were and grab your mate and just start dancing or singing out loud. I just want to say goodbye to Barry and say thank you.
Natosha Parr, USA

The real soul king.
Danny, Ireland

What a sad passing of an entertainer whose voice I compare to liquid gold. I could always count on putting a Barry White CD, listening to that voice and feeling the stress leave me.
Red, Canada

I followed Barry White's career from Love's Theme in 1973, I was 13. My mum and I went to see him in Birmingham in 1976, amazing night. I then arranged for her with the help of the local newspaper to meet him in 1999, he cancelled the concert due to ill health and my mum never saw him.
Rest in peace Barry you made a lot of women very happy including my mum and I and many generations of women will celebrate your life, your voice, your genius... The master of love. RIP.
Lyn Williams, UK

Barry, thanks for everything. Respect.
Gustavo, Brazil

I will miss seeing his smiling jolly face
Joy, USA
He gave us the best music to make love to - I will miss seeing his smiling jolly face!! Groove on!!
Joy, USA

Simply a legend. Happy his suffering has ended. RIP.
Phil, UK

A man full of soul and passion in his singing and performance - a quality lacking in modern times. It's sad when another one of the old school leaves us, love and respect to him and all his family.
Nick Aidan, England

You were my first in 1973, and now my last in 2003.Thanks for great feelings - you will missed all over the world.
Mike Ferris, Philippines

My dad introduced me to this great man's music. I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert three times. He is the first to go of the last generation of great musicians. Heaven has gained a rather large angel. Thanks for the music and the memories.
Richard, Adelaide, Australia

He sang from his soul, and sang with all his heart
Tonya Hicks, Las Vegas, USA
My husband and myself are extremely saddened by the passing of one of our country's beloved R&B greats. His voice and songs could bring your heart to your knees, and then back up again. He sang from his soul, and sang with all his heart. There will never be another Barry White. God's speed Barry. You'll be singing in heaven.
Tonya Hicks, Las Vegas, USA

Blessings to assist you on your journey...
Delores Bullard, US

Great voice, great man, will be missed.
Dave C, UK

Some of the best nights of my life have been spent listening to Barry White's unmatchable voice and emotionally charged lyrics. The music world lost a great one today. Pass onward Mr White.

I remember someone on the radio once saying that "If chocolate cake could sing, it would sound like Barry White!". I always thought that was so true. Bless him.
Kate March, UK

A legend in our lifetimes...
Helmie W, UK

I've loved Barry White since the 70s. I happened to marry a man who also loves Barry! We have sung many of his songs to one another. I am a pastor in Southern California. Do you know his religious beliefs? I will miss him greatly!
Barbara Gilliam, USA

"Sex on legs" - RIP.
Joy Lazarus, United Kingdom

He will remain for me the ultimate king of soul and love
Asif Ullah Khan, Dubai
I can never forget Barry White because I grew up listening to him. My older brothers were his fans so the music I heard in the house was his. He will remain for me the ultimate king of soul and love. I remember when Oprah Winfrey asked him how come he sings about love and his answer was: "Oprah, it is love, it just come to me." Really his songs will remain in the hearts.
Asif Ullah Khan, Dubai

A great man whose music shall always be remembered - Let the Music Play on and on and on. Barry, thank you for your music. xx
Humble fan, New Zealand

Love whale with a voice like a bag of gravel.
Simon Smith, Nottingham, UK

Barry is an irreplaceable gem. Too young to die, RIP.
Val Jolaosho, Germany

My best mate at work will be heartbroken. I mean, I wasn't heavily into Barry White necessarily, though I wasn't ignorant of his existence, but my colleague used to do really good impressions of him. It got to the point where I ended up thinking maybe the bloke had something there. Like the premature death of Frank Zappa, this just is a sad example of the random slings of outrageous fortune.
Stuart C. Brownlee, UK

Saddened at the death of a great soul icon. What an inspiration to me as I was growing up, Barry White lives on.
Karen, England

I will always remember him as his songs were around the time of my daughter, who loved his music... Rest in peace.
John, Spain

Where will all the love go? We'll never see anyone like him again. RIP.
John Harvey, England

My teenage sex life was enhanced by his melodic moods. RIP.
Kevin Linaker, UK

Heartbroken. You will be missed by all generations. God bless you.
Jag Bola, UK

Just learnt of Barry's death. May his gentle soul lie in peace.
R. M. Abdallah, Nigeria

I am truly saddened at Barry White's death - I have had his songs in my head all my life.
David Palmer, UK

You will never like or understand classical music until you listen his love songs. Let the music play.
Denis, USA/Ghana

Every since I was a lil' boy, I can remember imitating and wanting to be like you. Calling the girls' houses with my (too deep to be 13) voice and their mothers asking me how old I was. We love you Barry. You is the King, now go sing for the KING OF KINGS.
Valynsky Calhoun, USA

He was a true musical legend
DJ, Wales
Barry White came to speak at the Oxford Union and what came across was an overzealous enthusiasm for singing and the music industry in the face of adversity. He was a true musical legend and will be sorely missed. God bless.
DJ, Wales

A natural Viagra, the man will be missed. Thank you, Barry, for many good nights.
Kerry White, UK

A true legend, say no more...
Craig, England

That wonderful deep soulful voice will never be heard live again! That is a goddam shame. Barry, rest in peace. Condolences to his family.
Susie Bell, England

Well, Barry as your words say: Never never gonna give you up! Great music.
Philixia, UK

Let the music play.
Mikko, Finland

Playing your game baby, your game baby... Nobody but yooouuuu and meeee...
Rest in peace Barry! You will always be the ultimate "ladies' man".
James Evansky, Chicago, USA

An amazing man, with amazing music
Jon, UK
I didn't discover his music until Ally McBeal and then wished I'd heard it an awful lot earlier. An amazing man, with amazing music. Rest in peace.
Jon, UK

You were "the man", Barry. Your music always felt new, no matter how many times you heard it. Your music had a way of taking me back in time. Rest in peace, my man. You were one of a kind.
Lambert Carthy, Canada

What can be said about that voice that hasn't already been said? More children have been conceived while his music was playing. I am saddened that such a talent has been silenced, but his gift will be with us always. Sing on Barry!!
Becky, US

Barry White respected women as much as he loved them! May God bless him!
N Millen, UK

I loved his music, and I will miss the man. He is irreplaceable.
Jeannette, UK

I only discovered his music early this year, and ironically I was playing Never Gonna Give You Up and Love Theme in the car tonight (and I played it loud!). Me and my girlfriend are saddened by the news. His songs will remind me forever of what love is all about. RIP Mr White.
Christopher Tsangari, UK

Your songs were a mainstay of my youth, your music will live on in my heart. Rest in peace.
Sue, Canada

Oh my God! I'm still in shock, I can't believe that he's vanished! Well, thanks to the BBC - I got the news asap. He will surely be missed, but his music will live on as has Marvin Gaye and like Marvin Gaye because of his electrifying bassy voice.
Ronald Elly Wanda, UK

Thank you Barry, for your music and your passion
Mia, Canada
Barry your lyrics touched my soul, your melodies melted my heart. Your songs taught me to look forward, not back - and brought me to a place of serenity and peace. When I heard you had passed to the great concert stage in the sky, I was compelled to play your songs once again. I was reminded of everything I have in my man, the love of my life. Truly, love is the greatest gift one can ever share. Thank you Barry, for your music and your passion. Your music lives on and your legacy is love. Rest in peace.
Mia, Canada

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