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Your tributes to Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn: Career spanned six decades
The lights will be dimmed on Broadway as a sign of respect to Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn who has died at the age of 96.

Her career in Hollywood spanned six decades, during which she starred alongside other Hollywood greats, including Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart.

She won four Oscars for Best Actress for her roles in Morning Glory, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, The Lion in Winter and On Golden Pond.

Her death cuts a link with a golden era in Hollywood film-making. How will she be remembered?

Thank you for your tributes to Katharine Hepburn. Read a selection of your comments below.

Katherine Hepburn was authentic and true. She had style and dignity, class and humour. She's with Spence now but she (and he) will never be gone from us. She'll live on through her art and these wonderful and marvellous movies she left us.
Leila Younossi, Switzerland

Her sharp wit and unconventional attitudes made her a true role model
Zoe Fiander, England
Katharine Hepburn has been hugely influential and inspirational throughout her long life. Her sharp wit and unconventional attitudes made her a true role model. I will miss Kate.
Zoe Fiander, England

My interest in film history can be traced back to a viewing of her 1938 film "Bringing Up Baby." The charm of her performance in that film made me an immediate fan of hers. I have watched many of her films since then. There is no denying that she possessed a great talent. I hope that the publicity aroused by her passing will encourage people not familiar with her work to seek out the cinematic gems she has left behind and those of other great film figures.
Jeffrey Curnoles, USA

Kate was the first actress who showed that an actress is not on stage or silver screen just for men's sake. Her remarkable personality and zest for real life has been an inspiration for many women and actresses.
Boni, Sydney, Australia

Stubbornly clever, formidably obstinate, incredibly talented, tremendously humoured, angularly beautiful, truly regal: a queen of the screen. KH will remain forever a true shining star. Thank you wherever you are.
A. Dias, Portugal

A poignant loss
Rob Petretti, USA
A strong role model. She once said that she was just as afraid as everyone else inside, but believed that we each have to go on and do the best we can despite our fears. Pick up your oars and row. She was the last of the Hollywood legends - a poignant loss.
Rob Petretti, USA

She was a spectacular actress and an admirable human being. Certainly, she was one of a kind - we'll never see another like her.
Jill Jonas, United States

A woman ahead of her time
Charli, Australia
A woman ahead of her time, but thankfully we caught up with her. What a ride! Thanks, Kate.
Charli, Australia

She will be remembered (by me at least) as the only serious competition Bette Davis had in Hollywood.
Robert del Valle, USA

I can't think of any of today's stars that even come close. She was truly a class act both on and off the screen. Good night Katie. I know you're dressed to the nines and dancing with Spence right now somewhere in eternity.
Mary Kloss, USA

Besides seeing her pictures, I had the opportunity to meet her in a Washington store. She was adorable
Oscar Aguero Woods., Chile

She was always someone I aspired to emulate. She was extraordinary! I named a daughter after her. She will always be in my heart.
Barbara A. Case, USA

She will be greatly missed and always loved
Judy Wilson, England
One of the great stars. The old saying is perfectly true - they don't make them like this any more. She will be greatly missed and always loved.
Judy Wilson, England

Katharine Hepburn will be remembered both for her talent and determination to live life on her terms. She is an example of how the work of a true artist outlives them. Her passing is another sign that the golden age of Hollywood is truly ending.
Dan McGee, USA

My deepest sympathy to Katharine Hepburn's family and friends. She was one of the real Hollywood legends. I grew up listening to my mother talking about her. God rest her soul.
Mary McDonnell, Ireland

Nothing artificial, nothing fake about her
Daniela, Germany
Katharine Hepburn was the embodiment of grace, beauty, will power and individuality. Nothing artificial, nothing fake about her. Who can say that about anyone else in the film industry these days? Thank you, Kate! I'll miss you.
Daniela, Germany

She will be best remembered for her debut with Humphrey in the "African Queen". My son who is 10 sat down to watch it with me on TV a few weeks ago and he loved the film. He was so taken with both actors, that he still comments about it.
Pauline, Scotland

Miss Hepburn represented some of the best qualities in the American character. She was a true Connecticut Yankee. She will be missed and remembered fondly.
Ken C, Connecticut, USA

She will best be remembered for doing her own thing. The phrase that best epitomizes her life might be, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"
Stephen, USA

I wrote her an eight page love letter
Howard, US
When I first saw Woman of the Year, I fell in love with Katharine Hepburn. I wrote her what amounted to an eight page love letter, singing her praises. She wrote me back on her stationery, and I have been forever hooked. She was a queen in every respect of the word.
Howard, US

Katharine Hepburn personified the 20th century woman who lived life on her own terms. Her huge talent was magnified by the force of her personality.
Connie, Texas USA

The dreams will be fulfilled as they are interpreted; she was the best interpreter of love.
Gudmundur Olafsson, Iceland

I do not mourn her - I thank God for her
Ann Whitehead, England
I smile when I remember reading an account of her and Spencer Tracey's first meeting. She, apparently, told him that she thought that she was rather too tall to play opposite him. He, allegedly, retorted that he would soon cut her down to size! I do not mourn her - rather I thank God for her long life and the joy that she brought to so many people. Katharine Hepburn is timeless - a consummate actor; a fine human being. She will never be forgotten. May Perpetual Light shine upon her.
Ann Whitehead, England

Thank God for Hepburn! She chose her parts well, sculpted them perfectly, and delivered lifetimes of memories. This world will be a poorer place without her, but her memory and her movies will live forever as a tribute to common sense, duty, honour, and what a person can do when the system is against you. Thank you Kate, and may there be more like you in the future. Salute!
Chris F, Nebraska, USA

We were friends for 30-odd years and she never wavered in her friendship no matter your station in life a truly great lady and a great star.
Eric Harrison, US

I will always remember Katharine Hepburn for her intelligence and her athletic, but graceful, beauty. She was a lady. Ms Hepburn will be greatly missed.

To me she was the most fascinating of film actors
Joan Bennett
To me she was the most fascinating of film actors. Beautiful, talented and yet not spoilt by the glitz of Hollywood. I would loved to have spent some time with her. She will ong be remembered and I hope the BBC screens some of her movies in tribute
Joan Bennett, England

Katharine Hepburn was an inspiration to women everywhere. Hollywood couldn't change her which shows the fortitude of her character. If only so-called stars of today could be more like her, we wouldn't have to worry about our girls choosing role models that are less than deserving of this honour. My sympathies to her family.
Lisa McCarthy, USA.

While it is not unexpected that most tributes will talk of her later roles, I will always make point of watching Morning Glory and Stage Door. Both are movies about making it on Broadway. Surrounded by ensembles that included Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Adolph Menjou, C. Aubrey Smith, Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball, Eve Arden, and others, she seemed really able to shine. Another favorite is State of the Union. Once again she was supported by Menjou. They seem to have a particularly fine chemistry. It may have formed naturally from his being an ultra-conservative and her being the ultra-liberal. The Callowlilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower, suitable for any occassion. I carried them on my wedding day. Now I carry them in memory of something that has died. From Stage Door.
Thomas Timmins, USA

A loving tribute to a woman who was bright, sophisticated, funny and real. She was true to herself and was and still remains a model for any woman today. Thank you Katharine for leaving such a marvelous legacy.
Joanne Hanna, Italy

She was a woman who brought reality to the screen; a positive image in a troubled century.
Will. Smith, Canada

There will be many more great actors and actresses of the silver screen, but there was only one Katharine Hepburn.
Gligor Cvetkovski, Macedonia

She will be always remembered as one of the greatest icons in movie history
Juan, UK
She will be always remembered as one of the greatest icons in movie history. How can we ever forget her as Eleanor de Aquitaine in The Lion in Winter or her roles in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and On Golden Pond. In fact, I watched again this last one on Saturday night, before the news broke.
Juan Melo, UK

Katharine was the most complete actress Hollywood has ever known. Most of what she did was groundbreaking, paving the way for other actresses. The world will be a bit lonelier without her.
Pedro Courela, Portugal

My father's secret love, my mother's idol and my ideal. I will remember you.
Gunda A Rylandsholm, Norway

A great loss, she can never be replaced.
Lisa Bruce, Malaysia

A very sad day when a beautiful and highly skilful actress died. She could move an audience to tears with great performances. I cried buckets over On Golden Pond.
Jo Dear, UK

Katharine Hepburn was magic on the screen. My favourite movie is The Philadelphia Story with Cary Grant and James Stewart. She was a strong, smart, sensible and beautiful person on and off the screen. She is a wonderful legend who will always be remembered and I will cherish my moments watching her movies over and over again.
Joanne, US

Her acting was unique and it is hard to find such qualities in the near future. The people will remember her for a long.
Baquer Hussain, Saudi Arabia

With Hepburn's passing the window into another era is almost shut. She was definitely one of the greatest actors of the golden age of Hollywood.
Monal, US

For African Queen and on Golden Pond, she was a shining star, a deserved Oscar winner (if only for one of the two) and an example of a strong and beautiful woman. Her performance opposite Bogart in African Queen was the equal of anything that was ever done in film, and it is that movie that will forever represent Katharine Hepburn in my mind.
Brian, UK

She will be remembered for her electrifying performances, her charity work and her status as a strident defender and advocate of women's rights
Kevin Rogers, London, UK
Katharine Hepburn has been my favourite actress ever since I saw her in a double bill of Bringing up Baby and The Philadelphia Story. Since then I have tried to see as many of her films as possible. She is a most remarkable lady and I am saddened to hear of her death. Her films with, and her dedication to, Spencer Tracy were admirable, especially the award-winning Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

She will be remembered for her electrifying performances, her charity work and her status as a strident defender and advocate of women's rights. We'll miss you.
Kevin Rogers, London, UK

Katharine Hepburn broke the Hollywood mould and was very much before her time. She will be remembered for unconventionality, beauty, warmth and freshness that she brought to the screen. She was an original and totally her own woman. God bless her.
Linda Day, UK

The end of an era. For those of us old enough, she represented a time when a star was what it meant. Someone who shone. A time when beauty and an electric performance were truly appreciated. No body art and foul language, just perfection.
Tony Davy, UK

American royalty at its best.
Brian, Baltimore, MD, US

Thank you, Katharine, for showing brains works as well as beauty!
Shirley Elias, Australia
I was very sad to hear this news. She was a symbol of strength, independence and integrity to me and to lose a person like that in our troubled times is a bit unsteadying. I know we can't live forever, though, so I'm very grateful for her existence and inspiration. Her influence will last forever. My best wishes go out to her family and friends.
Deb C , US

What a spirit... what a soul... beauty on the highest level... Dearest Katharine Hepburn, you made this world a better place. God bless your soul.
Annike Andresen, Denmark

Your movies will live forever.
Airey, England

Thank you, Katharine, for showing brains works as well as beauty!
Shirley Elias, Australia

Wonderful actress. I still remember watching a rerun of Guess Who is Coming to Dinner. Understated Hepburn's reaction when she finds out about her daughter getting married to a coloured person: "Can I say oh my?" Her silent, moist-eyed expression of love towards her husband (Spencer Tracy) during Tracy's final speech. Unforgettable!
Hareesh, India/US

I loved her and still love her as one of the world's greatest actresses. Half a year ago I read her autobiography and could better understand which problems she had to face in the late 40s and early 50s of the last century, so she probably belongs to an era which has already gone - the time of stars with a solid professional background and a character not depending on fashionable attitudes to suit their audience's taste.
Tobias Mueller, Germany

She was one of a kind, someone who didn't compromise her integrity, and who leaves behind a legacy of wonderful films. There aren't many of the greats left, and she was one of them. And now there are only her movies left, but what movies they are!
Larry Boswell, Canada

Perhaps only Meryl Streep is worthy of being in the same group as Kate Hepburn, Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and the like
Keith Stern, Australia
Another quite sad day for film today. After Gregory Peck two weeks ago, Katharine Hepburn leaves a unfillable void in the cinematic world. All I sincerely hope is that future actors and film directors alike will never forget her striking presence and above all, her indispensible contribution to the craft of acting. May her memory live on for the ages to come and her legacy never forgotten.
Sébastien Smith, Canada

Katharine Hepburn was a cultural and social pioneer. She mastered the art of cinema not once but several times, rising to stardom with conventional though fine performances in films like Morning Glory. But she became truly great after aging beyond the retirement of most ingenues, portraying rejected, discarded, oppressed women who have no-one but themselves to rely upon in films like The Rainmaker, The African Queen and The Lion in Winter. She gave us insight into many and varied female characters like no one ever before, and left the world with a cinematic treasury that few in film have ever come close to matching.
Tom, US

As well as being a fantastic actress she will be remembered for her admirable stance on the right way to live and was an icon for many who believe in justice, fairness and downright commonsense. She has been one of the dominant forces in the way I carry on my life - outspoken, free thinking and very much for the rights of all.
Simon Prebble, England

Katharine Hepburn was one of the greatest screen actresses of the 20th century. Which actresses today come close to emulating her, Julia Roberts? Nicole Kidman? Michele Pfeiffer? I think not! Perhaps only Meryl Streep is worthy of being in the same group as Kate Hepburn, Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and the like. Hepburn had great parts and what's more she knew how to play them. Here's hoping that more up and coming actresses are inspired by her example.
Keith Stern, Australia


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