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Harry Potter plot: Your predictions

The plot of the long-awaited fifth Harry Potter book - released around the world on 21 June - remains a closely guarded secret.

Author JK Rowling and publishers Bloomsbury have gone to great lengths to keep the Order of the Phoenix storyline under wraps.

Legal action has been taken in the UK to ensure that none of the text of the plot is published - although an extract from the US audio recording has appeared on the internet.

Rowling has teased fans by writing a series of clues on a piece of card, offering a tantalising glimpse of Harry's future.

The card, containing just 93 words, sold for 28,000 at a charity auction.

Amid all this secrecy, there has been the inevitable speculation among fans - including rumours that one of the cast may even be killed off.

What do you think will happen in book five? If someone is to die, who will it be? Send us your views.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

Dumbledore will die in the fifth book - and snape will become the new Headmaster
Emma Palmer, Australia
Dumbledore will die in the fifth book - and snape will become the new Headmaster! He is probably the next strongest opponent against Voldemort and Dumbledore knows this and will leave him in power. Ron and Hermione will become a couple, and Ginny will become a main character as Harry obviously likes her. Hopefully Hagrid wont die but if he does it will be by protecting Harry against death. 'The order of the Pheonix' could be referring to a group of people who join together to fight Voldemort or it may be related to a showdown between Voldemort and Harry - as they both are linked to Fawks!
Emma Palmer, Australia

I think it's Sirius Black who dies. He's Harry's godfather and looks after Harry and it would make JK Rowling cry to have him die. Maybe the Dementors finally get him. Or maybe Voldermort puts a powerful spell on him because he knows Sirius is helping Harry.
Elizabeth, Canada

I think Harry is the heir of Gryffindor; the only real power against the true heir of Slytherin, and therefore the only threat to Voldemort's power. As for the death, it can only be someone who was in the series from the very beginning, so that narrows it down to any of the main three, Dumbledoor or Hagrid.
Andrew Crawley, UK

I am addicted to Harry Potter
Nicola, Ireland
I am addicted to Harry Potter. I'm going to get the book at midnight and I can't wait. I heard Mrs. Weasley will die because all the newspapers are saying she will as J.K Rowling's mother died recently. I think that maybe Hagrid will die though. I also think that Ginny and Harry will get together. I'd say Hermione will be really jealous because its so obvious she likes him.
Nicola, Ireland

The person I believe that is going to die is Peter Pettigrew! The reason - remember words said by Dumbledore to Harry, that he will always remain in debt to Harry for saving his life and not killing him. We should also remember that Peter Pettigrew had cheated his friends and somewhere down the line he may be guilty about his act and I believe he realises his mistake just in time to probably save Harry by risking his life.
Manohar Bharwani, Spain-Tenerife

I think that Voldemort is Harry's father. I have read the four books with my son and daughter and waiting for tomorrow's release. I think Ron will die and Lord Voldemort will happen to be Harry's dad in one of the next books.
Alexandra, Costa Rica

Harry's father, James Potter, switched places with professor Lupin
Trey Stolworthy, USA
I think that Dumbledore will definitely die because he is the only person Voldemort is scared of. Also I heard rumours that Harry's father, James Potter, switched places with professor Lupin when they were younger. So James Potter didn't die. Professor Lupin did. That is why Professor Lupin has always protected Harry...
Trey Stolworthy, USA

Although I hate to guess this, but I think Snape will die. I think he's still torn between his loyalties to Voldermort and Dumbledore. As for love story, maybe Hermione is on long distance relationship with Victor Krum.
Aida, Singapore

During press junkets for the first HP film Robbie Coltrane mentioned he'd talk to JK Rowling about Hagrid. Robbie said "I know all about Hagrid and what happens to him in the fifth book." Does that mean he's the one for the chop? We'll soon know for sure.
Peter Aitken, UK

I think we'll also find out that Dumbledore is Harry Potter's grandfather.
Anil Solanki, England

I think that there will be a situation where Hagrid will put his on life on the line in order to save Dumbledore
Charlie Rhinehold, U.S.A.
I loved all the Harry Potter books and can't wait for the 5th one to come out. I think that the person that dies in the 5th book will be Hagrid. Hagrid is such a central character in the books and Dumbledore mentions in the first book that he trust Hagrid with his life, I think that there will be a situation where Hagrid will put his on life on the line in order to save Dumbledore inevitably getting himself killed. If Hagrid dies Harry won't have any to go talk to about problems in the middle of the night, meaning hopefully Harry will step up to the plate and start acting a little more like strong, powerful 15 year old wizard.
Charlie Rhinehold, U.S.A.

I think it is going to be Harry as this way it links into the title of the Phoenix - a bird that rises again after dying. He will come back stronger in the next book!!
Gwenda, UK

I think that Dumbledore is actually a follower of Voldemort. This is because of one sentence in Goblet of Fire. When Harry told Dumbledore that Voldemort had returned, Harry thought that for an instant there was a look of triumph in Dumbledore's eyes, but when he looked again, they looked just as tired as ever. Therefore I think that Dumbledore needs to stay alive and that probably either Hagrid or Molly Weasley will be killed off.
Anne, UK

I think Hermione will fall in love with Harry cause its so obvious that in the second book when she got better she shook hands with Ron and she hugged Harry. I think the order of the Phoenix has something to do with Dumbledore's Bird Fawkes. I think Hermione might die when Voldermort attacks her with a powerful spell. Hermione is my favourite character and I don't want her to die but what ever happens in the book I am still a Harry Potter fan no matter what.
Paulina, Canada

I believe we adults have the need to go to this wonderful fantasy land as much as children do
Dustina Buckles, US
So what if these novels are read mainly by adults. I believe we adults have the need to go to this wonderful fantasy land as much as children do. I worry that in the age of technology we are in, literature is put on the backburner. I fear the one who dies is Hagrid. He's so loveable, I can see J.K crying over the loss of this character.
Dustina Buckles, U.S.A

I've heard a theory that Dumbledore has to die at some stage, if only to take away Harry's all-powerful father figure. However, although I agree in principle, I'm not sure that now is the time for that, and the rumours seem to favour Hagrid. I do think that it's likely that some other questions may be addressed: Why were Harry's parents so rich? And why did Voldemort consider them to be so important?
Chris, UK

I have read all of the books and have found them to be quite amazing. I can't wait for the 5th one to come out and plan to be waiting in a line at a bookstore when the clock strikes midnight. I expect there to be more hormones abound and that Harry and Hermione will get together. As to who dies, i believe it'll be one of the Weasley's maybe Percy since he is so absorbed in his work and can't find time for anything else. I hope that Hagrid doesn't die for he is one of my favourite characters. There wouldn't be a book without good ole Hagrid and his interesting animals.
Caitlin, US

The Harry Potter books are over-rated and unoriginal
Darren Hill, UK
The Harry Potter books are over-rated and unoriginal, making a multi-millionaire out of someone who can only just about write. It was the media hysteria that made the books such a success in the first place.
Darren Hill, UK

I can't wait for the next Harry Potter book to come out. On Saturday I really want to get a copy, but I don't think I will. I think that Harry will be related to Voldermort and i think Dumbledore will die as there is no one with a hairy beard to play him in the films. I think Hermione will hitch up with Harry or Ron.
Sarah, UK

I have a nagging feeling that Dumbledore will die. In the 4th book it mentions Harry noticing how old and over stretched Dumbledore appears. It will be a sad time. But Rowling will put something happy in to cheer the readers up! But no Dumbledore means that Voldemort can attack... Can't wait.
Graeme Scott, United Kingdom

I think that Gryffindor will win the Quidditch Cup again
Gabrielle S, US
I think that Gryffindor will win the Quidditch Cup again, even without Oliver Wood. Someone supposedly dies, so I am guessing that it will probably be Ron Weasley, even though he's my favourite. Hermione will fall in love with someone, but I don't think she likes Harry. She'll probably end up going after some extremely studious prefect. Voldemort will attack, and Harry will save the day, obviously. Harry will also hear voices and have bad nightmares as a result of them.
Gabrielle S. , US

My guess is that Molly Weasley will be killed, possibly as a result of Percy's strict interpretation of all rules, and his ambitiousness. Molly Weasley is like a second mother to Harry, so her loss would be awful for him. it would also change the role of Ron and particularly Ginny- Harry might notice her in her own right.
Hannah, Canada

Who will die ? My guess is Neville Longbottom ... remember the Imperius curse that was demonstrated (by the fake Professor Moody (ch14 GOF)) on the class and the red that persisted in Neville's eyes for hours afterwards? I think he will turn out to remain under Voldemorts control and therefore be in danger in the forthcoming episode.
Greg du Pille, New Zealand

My son will be uncommunicative for all his waking hours
John, UK
Harry and co will beat "you know who" and my son will be uncommunicative for all his waking hours (apart from complaining when made to stop reading and sit at the meal table) until he has finished the book! As to who dies - why give away the plot, read it and find out yourself!
John, UK

It is obvious, Voldemort comes back stronger than ever. Snape is forced to confront him to protect the students and because he is "disloyal". Snape dies saving Harry who is only winged. Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione fall in love as do Harry and Ginny. This makes McGonagal sleep in the common room between the stairs and she becomes most cross.
Vit, USA

Well, let's just wait for the excitement and stop guessing so when the book comes out we can all be surprised!! We are all going to have faces in awe.
TaRhaun, USA

I have a feeling the one who dies will be Dumbledore. I don't know why I think that but I do. The 5th book sounds exciting. I loved all the other books, I have no favourite they are all liked. J.K. Rowling please keep up the good work.
Patsy Varpula, USA

Ron and Hermione will end up together, it is so obvious from the fourth book. Colin Creevey will die, and Voldemort will launch an attack on the wizarding world!
Charmaine, Australia

Harry will die but in a way that leaves it open for him to be resurrected in the next book.
Gerry, Scotland

Hogwarts will receive a damning report from Ofsted as a result of poor hygiene from all the owls
Jon, UK
I think that Professor McGonagall will have to be laid off due to budgeting shortfalls; Harry will underperform in his exams and be referred to a SEN school; Hogwarts will receive a damning report from Ofsted as a result of poor hygiene from all the owls and will be handed over to a private company who will utterly fail to turn the school's fortunes around.
Jon, UK

Obviously Dumbledore gets the chop as there's no-one left to play him - question is who gets to be head master (or mistress)? hmmmm...
George Blair, UK

I know who's going to die. I will if I don't get my copy very quickly! It will be my first book in English. But I can't wait until the French version in December.
Franck Bazin, France

Once again Harry Potter will do absolutely nothing whilst the ginger kid and Hermione and Hagrid do everything. Harry will accidentally beat the bad guy/monster at the end, and then take the credit for everything looking as bemused as I was when I saw the first two movies...
Mark, Brit in the USA

Well... I have been researching and listening and reading up on this. I reckon that Snape or Dumbledore or Hagrid will die. Apparently this book will be much darker than the other four and Voldemort will make a much more upfront attack to Harry. I also know that Ginny has a bigger role, and i think Harry might fall in love with her. I also think Harry is the heir of Griffindor, that's why he pulled out the sword!
Rebekah Atkins 13, UK

I think that Hagrid dies. It has already been said that one main character dies and I think Hermione will get together with Harry or Ron.
Cathy, UK

I predict it will end with Valdemort saying "No Harry, I am your father". Harry will shriek "NOOooo!" and fall down a huge pit, to be rescued by Ron in a flying car.
Martin, England

Each book appeared darker than the previous
Peter McGarvey, England
I read all the current Harry Potter books in an entire weekend. Each book appeared darker than the previous. So I think the third will be darker still. My own pet theory is that Harry defeats Voldermort. But, as Harry an Voldermort are linked on a magical level, such a defeat will force Harry to give up his magical powers.
Peter McGarvey, England

We (Blue Square) have been betting on who might be killed off and if the punters have got it right it could be one (or all three of) Siris, Colin Creavey and Arthur Weasley.
Ed Pownall

Dumbledore or Snape for the chop. I also think that Harry will end up being related to Voldemort somehow, not just from the scarring he gave him.
Claire, England

Harry and Ron will have enormous emotional problems
Stewart Rawson, UK
Harry Potter and the teenage years - Harry and Ron will have enormous emotional problems, horrific acne and an attitude to match. I expect them to be smoking in the corner of the quidditch pitch and casting levitation spells on the girls' skirts. I also anticipate massive vandalism sprees with Ron and Harry tearing around the nearby town trashing anything they can find while Hermione traipses along behind saying things like, "Telephone box repairo" and "Car tyres inflato" before losing her nut completely and turning them both into "The Police".
Stewart Rawson, UK

Lord Vordemort becomes enraged when he discovers that Hagrid has first edition copies of all 5 books signed by J K Rowling that he got from some bloke in the pub and threatens have Dumbledore killed if he doesn't hand them over. Loyal to Dumbledore he refuses and eventually dies at the hands of He Who Must Not Be Named.
Kelly, UK

Dougal, don't be such a spoilsport. Any book that encourages children away from their PlayStations into the library is a good thing. Secondly, some people can actually manage to read lots of different books, so my love for all things Potter doesn't mean I can't read adult books. A nice healthy dose of fantasy might be just what you need to cheer you up because you certainly seem quite sad....
Louise, UK

Dumbledore can't die! And neither can Harry's friends - it just wouldn't be the same!

If anyone is to die, I hope it's Harry Potter himself. Then children - and adults - might read something more worthwhile than this overhyped drivel.
Dougal McKinnon, UK

Dougal, have you even read the books? These books are one of greatest works of all time. There are not many books which boast the fact that children "QUEUE" for hours just to get a copy. Anything that gets children to read and open their minds to literature, is a good thing.
Simon Chang, UK

To Simon, UK:- "One of the greatest works of all time"?! You ARE joking aren't you? They are averagely written children's stories read mainly by adults. Let's not run away with ourselves.
Gladys Stovies, UK

Dougal, you ruin all the fun for us who actually like anticipating what is going to happen to Harry Potter. They are clearly well written books and J.K. has a brilliant writing talent. You just ruin it all by hoping that Harry will die. These are some of the best fantasy books ever written - right up there next to the Lord of the Rings. You need to back off and take a more fine-tuned look at the great literature before you before you open your mouth again.
Anna, US

Usual tale of good against evil. However, I think we'll see some boyfriend/girlfriend action with the main characters. Time that those hormones started kicking in!
Chris, England

Who might die in Harry Potter five?
Prof McGonagal
Prof Snape
Prof Dumbledore
Draco Malfoy
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