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Gregory Peck: Your tributes
The Hollywood actor, Gregory Peck has died aged 87.

Mr Peck starred in more than 60 films including Cape Fear, Spellbound and Roman Holiday.

He was nominated for five Oscars, winning just once for his role as a lawyer defending a black man against an undeserved rape charge in To Kill A Mockingbird.

He also served as president of the Academy Awards body and was active in the Motion Picture and Television Fund, American Cancer Society, National Endowment for the Arts and other causes.

Thank you for your tributes to Gregory Peck. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

Today I pay tribute to my favourite actor. Atticus Finch was a father figure to me. I lost my father a year ago and losing Gregory Peck today is like losing him all over again. They both symbolize decency, courage and elegance. He will always be remembered.
Marian Gonzalez, Puerto Rico

He was a giant, both personally and professionally. He defined the essence of what a father should be in two films, The Yearling and To Kill A Mockingbird. In the words of the Minister, we should all be standing up as Mr. Gregory Pass is passing.
Maria Valdemi, USA

One of the last of the true Hollywood idols
Henry, London
A man who inspired warmth and trust in all who experienced him, whether on set, on screen or in life. One of the last of the true Hollywood idols. May he rest in peace and find grace in the arms of heaven, and may those he leaves behind find solace in their memories of a great and good man.
Henry, London, UK

Gregory Peck was my dad's favourite actor, and he has won my admiration as well that I named my son after him, making a tribute to my dad and the legend himself. He will be remembered not only by our family but by the whole world for his art, his kindness and more importantly for his humanity.
Sinan Toprak, USA

Like all the other Hollywood Greats, he lives on forever young and handsome in the films from the golden era. Let us hope that they will all be preserved and made available on DVD so that today's youth and future generations can compare the grace and dignity of those old films to the vulgarity of modern films. Whatever happened to the double bill of oldies on Saturday afternoons? Along with Cary Grant and Tyrone Power, Gregory Peck was one of the handsomest of Hollywood's leading men.
J. Kandola, England

It is unusual for a young person nowadays to respect older Hollywood actors, but Gregory Peck is an exception to me. I watched 'To Kill a Mockingbird' as part of my GCSE English Literature course, and it will forever remain one of my favourite films mainly because of the exemplary acting skills of Gregory Peck.
Vicky, UK

I could recite dialogue to any of his pictures
Helene Mensh Lerner, USA
Gregory Peck has long been my hero, reminding me of my own father whom I adored. I could recite dialogue to any of his pictures and have seen them all many, many times. When I was 16 years old in Washington, D.C., I got close to his car as he left a benefit for the National Cancer Society. He smiled at me, a smile that has endured in my heart for 36 years. He was the actor of actors -- a gentle man and a gentleman -- the model for all actors, all human beings. He touched my life, and I will never be the same after this loss. I wish his family only the wonderful memories of a man who has left an unparalleled legacy to our country.
Helene Mensh Lerner, U.S.A.

It has been said by author Harper Lee, that Gregory Peck's performance in "To Kill A Mockingbird" was the exact recreation of her late father (the character Atticus Finch in the book). Most people who knew Gregory Peck, saw the performance as a portrait of the real Peck himself, forthright, gentle, strong, honourable and sincere. He was all of these things and a magnificent actor as well. His thoughtfulness extended to even my family. In 1987, he was in Columbia, Missouri to promote his new film, "Amazing Grace and Chuck." My mother had wanted to go to the event and perhaps meet Mr. Peck, but she was seriously ill with Lyme disease, which was almost unheard of at that time. My step-sister contacted Mr. Peck and he wrote my mother a sweet note, wishing her a speedy recovery. Needless to say, my Mom treasures that note greatly and we treasure the memory of Eldred Gregory Peck, for all the times he brought his acting talents to us on the theatre screen and into our homes. He truly was Atticus Finch.
Paul Daniel, United States

Gregory Peck was a gentleman of the same school as James Stewart. Modest, decent, honourable and family-minded men who believed in giving their best and trying to make the world a happier place. Gregory Peck, thank you for all the enjoyment you gave us. God bless you.
Sarah, Brussels

In these days of rapidly growing technology and speed, I fear we are losing those values which have made men great. Gregory Peck was a model all could try to, and hope to, live up to. His character gave us all purpose if we wanted to find it. Life, and society, has lost some of its goodness and future with his passing.
Scott Crane, Russia

A great example of a life dedicated to one's craft and carried out with true dignity, class and style
Siddhartha, USA
Education is like a diamond, but culture is its brilliance, as Rabindranath Tagore, the great Bengali poet once remarked. In Mr. Peck's case, his culture and inner light shone as brilliantly, if not more so, than a diamond. A great example of a life dedicated to one's craft and carried out with true dignity, class and style. His life should serve as an example to be emulated. What wonderful gifts he has left behind for all to remember him by. This is true immortality.
Siddhartha, USA

When I heard the news of the death of Gregory Peck, I was saddened beyond belief. It was like a light being switched off. He was a "true" star with integrity, honesty, grace, dignity, kindness, caring, goodness and love shining out from him. He was real! and he was s gentleman, both on and off the screen. May God grant him eternal rest and happiness and be with his family in their sad loss. There are very few stars of today who can hold a candle to him. Gregory was the best!
G Kendrick, England

I was saddened to hear of this news, however Gregory will live on in our hearts for along time. As a child I never missed a movie if I could help it - Gregory Peck was a favourite of mine and any movie he appeared in, well you just had to see it. Gregory exuded a powerful honesty and a nobleness that stands head & shoulders above a lot of today's young guns. The fifties in Northern Ireland was an austere time so the cinema was well attended especially the matinee. I remember the first time Moby Dick played in our wee picture house and the impact of Gregory's performance as Ahab. Gregory was one off, he made all our lives a wee bit richer for being so.
Tommy, N.Ireland

Rarely does an artist through his art touch the heart of millions across generations and across the globe. Gregory Peck was such an actor. As a young girl growing up in India - I consider myself privileged to have witnessed some of his most exemplary performances in movies such as 'Spellbound' , 'Roman Holiday' and the 'The Guns of Navarrone' . One could just go on looking at him in awe - those chiselled good looks coupled with a grave baritone contributed to an unforgettable screen persona that will surely be remembered by movie buffs for many years to come. What really saddens me is that fact that there are still lot many people who haven't been as lucky as me to have seen his work and felt it - At this time, one hopes that TV channels all across the world decide to put together a retrospective of his movies as a tribute to the legendary actor.
Shalini Mahanty, India

The world used to be a much simpler place to live. People had simple dreams yet had a sincere desire to change the world to a better place. That is how Gregory Peck made me feel when I used to watch some of his movies. Those days are gone and so is he. May Almighty rest his soul in peace!
Shafqat Zaman Khan, Bangladesh

We read that in real life he was as refined as his acting. A gentleman who cared about his Family as much as he cared about his acting. You are now in everlasting peace - you will be missed.
Arif Sayed, Dubai,UAE

I couldn't dislike him even when he played a baddie. Rest happily in Heaven. Best wishes to the loved ones you have left behind.
Hyder Ali Pirwany, England

He was an icon of dignity, sober entertainment, respectful glamour. He had unforgettable style of acting which was imitated by number of other actors. I cannot forget those philosophic eyes which used to be thoughtfully peering into the horizon. He was extremely loveable actor.
Shri Mamgain, Indonesia

What a lovely collection of tributes to this man who was one of a kind. His dear face will be missed so very much. One of the few who were appreciated by all ages and both sexes. What a pin-up he was too. I hope the BBC will sort out all his films and put them on the box as a tribute.
Juliet, Cornwall

He chose to leave some unanswered questions still unanswered
Chris Grant, US/UK
Mr Peck was once asked on TV how he wished to be remembered, and he smiled his shy smile and replied "As a good entertainer!" He knew acting was just another part of life. He was one of few that knew fame did not abrogate social conscience, but rather it demanded expression in the most responsible manner. He was really good as General Douglas MacArthur, when he chose to leave some unanswered questions still unanswered. Fine actor, fine man, a worthy hero!
Chris Grant, US/UK

Growing up in Northern Ireland in the sixties and seventies was sometimes very sad. My highlight was going to the cinema with my father to see the latest Gregory Peck movie. Mr Peck represented all that was good in the world. The perfect gentleman. God bless him may he rest in peace
Dorothy, Canada

So how many 30-something Gregs are named after Mr Peck?
Greg Brown, UK

In a troubled world it's very important to have role models with good character and a certain dignity tempered by a sense of responsibility. His movies and speeches seem to indicate that Mr Peck had all this and more.
Giles, Yugoslavia

A true gentleman has left our company. A man with true humanitarian spirit, who incurred both the wrath of the corrupt Nixon presidential regime and had the privilege of incurring the undying love of his wife for 48 years. A true artist, sadly missed.
Len, Australia

He made me feel that it was possible to find someone like that - and I have!
Lee, England
My heart skipped a beat when I read online, the words "Screen legend Gregory Peck dies"... As a young girl, when I saw To Kill A Mockingbird and Roman Holiday, he inspired me and made me feel that it was possible to find someone like that - and I have! I have no doubt that he was a beautiful man in his private life and I send my best wishes to his wife and family. Your spirit lives on in your work!
Lee, England

I was mesmerised with his and Audrey Hepburn's performances in Roman Holiday. I was convinced they really did love each other! He will be greatly missed.
Margaret, UK

Gregory Peck was a quintessential gentleman - who exuded integrity, honesty, kindness and courage on screen with such a richness and intensity, it could only mean they were an integral aspect of the real, off-screen man. I am so heartened by the admiration and respect that he has deservedly inspired, but saddened by how few people of his genre he has left behind.
Aditi Shankardass, London, UK

Atticus Finch as portrayed by Gregory Peck will forever be the absolute epitome of what a father and a man should be.
Ann, USA

He was "the" leading man both in film and in his private life. He had real star quality, the one that is born in your heart and shines through you. He will live forever in our souls.
Maria Veiga, Uruguay

What grace and dignity Gergory Peck had! An all time gentleman on and off screen. May his soul and family be blessed.
Tanveer, UK

The finest of Hollywood actors who radiated goodness and authority
Tim, London, UK
The finest of Hollywood actors who radiated goodness and authority. His performance as Atticus Finch is one of those indelible moments which are almost life-defining when first experienced. What possible better role models as a human being could one have than that character and the actor who brought him to life. I treasure too his recording of Copland's "A Lincoln Portrait". His recitation of the spoken part is underplayed and therefore overwhelming. It always brings a lump to my throat for its exposition of democratic values declaimed in Peck's strong, noble voice set against stirring music.
Tim, London, UK

Thanks to my Nan's love of the BBC2 afternoon matinee on a Saturday, I saw some great films as a kid. Of these my favourites were always Gregory Peck films. I'll never forget watching Roman Holiday and To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time. Guns of Navarone was my dad's favourite.

As a little kid, his performances were awe inspiring, he dominated the screen with his talent. I sat there spellbound not caring about the black and white picture, he always played the lead with passion and conviction. I knew, aged only 7, that I wanted to be just like him when I grew up, noble, principled and passionate for what he believed in; just like Atticus Finch. As I've read about him in later life, I've learnt he was also a great humanitarian; a real gentleman. Rest in peace Gregory and say Hi to my nan from me, she'd be made up.
M Thomas, UK

Fantastic actor - full of charm and authority when he was on the screen. My favourite was To Kill A Mockingbird, that film had an impact on my principles in life. A great legend. My condolences to his family. He shall be missed but not forgotten.
Suzie Rollins, UK

Reading the comments from around the world gives an idea of the impression this brilliant actor made on people across the globe. At the centre of these feelings is his decency and integrity, values which shine through and touched us all. He is the actor we all wanted as our father and we are less because of his passing. Sincere condolences to his family but reading these comments will surely strengthen their feelings that he was an utterly unique actor who touched the hearts of millions of us.
Peter Connelly, Scotland

Mr Peck was one of the greatest actors in the world. I will never forget how he touched my heart when I first saw him in Roman Holiday when I was a school girl in China. He was my dream prince and he will always be. Nobody can replace him. Love you, Greg, you will live in my heart forever.
Lisa , Australia

He was funny and warm in telling some of the stories he had lived
Patricia Nametz, U.S.
I heard Mr Peck a few years ago in "A Conversation with Gregory Peck" in Madison, Wisconsin, one of a series of evenings in which he told stories of his life and Hollywood career from an armchair on stage in various cities around the US. He was funny and warm in telling some of the stories he had lived, and he had great comic timing. For me the evening was lit by the glow of a long-ago first crush, when I was 12 years old, for Mr Peck as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. He was also one of the most attractive men - both in looks and in magnetism - ever to appear in the movies.
Patricia Nametz, U.S.

He was a true acting legend. Instantly recognisable and a true Hollywood leading man. There won't be many like him in the future.
Simon White, UK

Sad day for moviegoers. I grew up watching old movies in glorious black and white TV sets and Mr Peck was always there. In Spellbound, Roman Holiday or To kill a Mockingbird. A fine actor and a true gentleman. You did a wonderful job. Rest in peace dear Mr Peck.
Marķa Eugenia Parga, Chile

Gregory Peck made a huge impression on the people of Melbourne
Philip Davey, Australia
I'm deeply saddened to hear of Greg's passing. Because I am writing a book about the making of On The Beach in my home town of Melbourne, ("When Hollywood Came to Melbourne") I feel that I had got to know Greg very well. When filming On The Beach down under in 1959, Greg was regarded as a true gentleman and held in high regard by the Australian people. He was the consummate professional dedicated to giving his absolute best as an actor. Gregory Peck made a huge impression on the people of Melbourne all those years ago.
Philip Davey, Australia

Gregory Peck was one of my favourite actors. He was one of the truly great, and graced the screen with his presence and his professionalism. Among his many outstanding performances were To Kill A Mocking Bird, The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit, Spellbound, and Roman Holiday, all of which I saw several times.
Vernon L. Fenty, Barbados, West Indies

Great actor and wonderful person. Will be missed by many people.
Lada, Czech Republic

My life was changed by Mr Peck's portrayal of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. I suppose I am one of many who feel this way. In addition, that movie helped me to understand what true love between a father and his children looks like and I thank him for that gift to me. I wish words or deeds could comfort the Peck family; know that he was loved by you most likely selflessly because without your love he would not have been able to communicate to all of us what genuine love was in such a clear and understandable manner. He was so lucky to have you; you lucky to have him; us lucky (and thankful) to you, his family, for letting him be with us for a lifetime. Thank you... thank you... thank you...
Mary K. Campagna, USA

He was the one actor I emulated more than all others
Alan Alexander, USA
No words can describe how I feel at the passing of this wonderfully humane and gifted man. When I was a boy he was the one actor I emulated more than all others and to this day and for the rest of my life he will always be like a friend to me. I had the rare opportunity to hear him speak during a speaking tour in 1997 and I made a point of taking my two young sons to see him and to remind them of the legend he was. They were probably the only kids in the theatre and I was proud to have given them the opportunity to experience the genuine warmth and intelligence he projected so effortlessly. Greg, the world is truly grateful for your contributions to the spirit of mankind.
Alan Alexander, USA

In my small town in Puerto Rico, I will continue enjoying Gregory Peck's artistry. Movies give meaning to my life and an actor like him become a part of me. May God receive him in his loving presence. May his family be blessed.
Jimmy Collazo, Puerto Rico

We are a profoundly deaf couple who love to watch him in his films, Our favourite is Moby Dick and The Yearling, also Omen. We will never forget Gregory and think of him. God bless his family. Love from,
David & Jennifer Johnston, Scotland, UK

Let's not forget his Ahab in Moby Dick and his performance in Spellbound. A gentleman, a humanitarian, and a damn fine actor.
Edward, US

One by one, the truly great actors are leaving us
K Peridot, USA
One by one, the truly great actors are leaving us. I was so saddened today when I learned of Gregory Peck's death. Class, talent, gentleman, dignified, humble, handsome. It just doesn't seem possible he could have been all of these. And yet, he surely was. A real man, as God surely intended. How sad for us that the likes of his generation of "movie stars" are almost all gone. Isn't it something how these truly dedicated and gifted people managed to make outstanding films without filthy language, without gratuitous violence, without graphic sexual content, and so on, and so on? The ones today who are called "stars" aren't even close to being in the same league with Gregory Peck and his contemporaries. Goodbye, thank you, and God bless you Gregory.
K Peridot, USA

Gregory Peck was a true gentleman. I highly respect him for his quiet dignity, integrity, and highly principled character. A very compassionate gentleman too. I am two generations younger than him, and I have to say that the actors of today cannot match his inner qualities. A human being of class. He will be very missed.
Brian Chao, USA

It was with unexpected sadness that I read of the death of Gregory Peck. Although too young to have seen his rise to stardom, he still became a familiar movie actor to me in such films as the Boys From Brazil and the Omen. Despite these sinister roles, Gregory had an air of warmth and humanity, and I think he will be remembered not only as a fine actor but also as a great man. We need more of his kind in all walks of life.
Alan Glyn Jones, Taiwan

What can I say? This man was older than my grandfather, and yet I could identify with his persona since childhood. He was the man I wanted to grow up to be. Gregory Peck personified assurance and confidence, and yet he looked so approachable. I wish him all the best, wherever he is. I am also sure he will manage quite alright without.
Tanmay, Singapore

Modern actors would do well to watch his films and see how it should be done
Lucy, UK
I absolutely loved Gregory Peck - he is and always will be my favourite actor. I remember being overwhelmed when i first watched To Kill a Mockingbird - one of my favourite novels - to me, Peck as Atticus Finch is just the finest performance on screen. Modern actors would do well to watch his films and see how it should be done. He is one of those great American actors who truly shone on screen and turned screen acting into an art form. He will be missed but hopefully his family take some comfort in the immense cultural legacy he has left us.
Lucy, UK

Every good thing must come to an end - I grew up on Greg Peck - his convincing roles made a lasting impression on my generation. For me, it was his role in The Guns of Navarone that is the enduring memory of stiff-upper-lip do-or-die heroics - and he did look great in uniform! A full life, no regrets, be proud of him!
Chris Collins, USA (ex-UK)

I think we've just lost a very decent human being. It is impossible to portray those kind of good traits in your films consistently unless you have those traits inherent in your character. I'm going to put on Roman Holiday and remember this great man once again!
a masood, England

Gregory Peck is a reminder of a time when film stars were quality
John Clement, Wales
With the passing of Gregory Peck mourn the loss of great actor and for myself a part of my childhood. I remember watching him as a small boy in films on a Sunday afternoon, westerns, historical dramas and of course "To Kill A Mockingbird". In this age of multi-million dollar "stars" Gregory Peck is a reminder of a time when film stars were quality. He will live on in his excellent work.
John Clement, Wales

Few actors have ever radiated as much dignity and quiet heroism as Gregory Peck. A much more versatile actor than is generally acknowledged, he made an astonishing number of great films that will endure. In his work, as in his life, he was an inspiring model for us all.
Derek McGovern, South Korea

His role in To Kill A Mockingbird somewhat mirrored his real life, insomuch that he was a supporter of the oppressed. He was truly a great actor the likes of which are becoming exceedingly rare.
Tony Whittle, England

Gregory Peck was proof that you could be a true star and a true gentlemen. The presence he brought to the screen included charm, nobility and depth in equal measures. He is a great loss.
Mark, York, UK

He was one of those in Hollywood to stand up to McCarthy's witch hunts
Steven Rhodes, England
At this decent man's passing, let us remember that he was one of those in Hollywood - all too few - to stand up to McCarthy's witch hunts. Some of those others are keen to guard their reputations for posterity; but they don't stack up against Mr Peck.
Steven Rhodes, England

As it happens my uncle, who worked in America in the 70s, worked on the cast for The Omen. Thus he gained Peck's autograph, which was a real boost to him since Peck was his favourite actor.
Marcu Mortensen, Norway

Some of my favourite films starred Gregory Peck, he was a fine actor who brought to life some of the characters from novels I read as a teenager, his portrayals were just as the writer must have wanted them.
Andy Burton, England

I met Gregory Peck and his family in the mid-70s in London
Cindy, England
Although I have now lived in England for 23 years, I met Gregory Peck and his family in the mid 70's in London, when I was a tourist. My parents and I were at a play in the West End when my Mother realised that he and his family were sitting right behind us. My star-struck Mum didn't know what to say, so she turned around and said "Hello fellow American!" He couldn't have been nicer and we chatted to him and his wife. You will be missed Gregory.
Cindy, England

He was and will be my favourite actor of all time. No one comes close to both his presence and his humanity on screen and off.
Michelle, Pasadena, California, USA

At least he had the decency to grow old in private and leave us with the memories of him as a great actor. Good on ya Greg for growing old and snuffing it gracefully.
Peter, Hong Kong

Actors like Gregory Peck are like fountain of guidance for young actors
Abbas Ali, Pakistan
The movie world has suffered an irreplaceable loss, actors like Gregory Peck are assets and are like fountain of guidance for all young actors.
Abbas Ali, Pakistan

A fine actor. I lost count of the number of times I saw his three movies, Roman Holiday, Guns of Navarone, Macanna's Gold. He belongs to that genre of actors which is fast getting depleted.
P.V.Prasada Rao, Hyderabad, India.

He gave me good memories in my youth. He will be fondly remembered.
Ismail Carrie, Malaysia

Gregory Peck was a class act. I enjoy watching him in movies. I will miss him. He was a great actor.
Mary Clare, Alice,Texas,USA

He was a great humanist and exemplary character in public and in private. While he has left our physical world, he will continue to inspire us and future generations through his unforgettable movies.
Burkhard Bein, USA

Not only was Gregory Peck one of the finest actors, but also a gentleman. They don't make men like Gregory Peck any more. My deepest sympathy to his wife and family.
Helen, USA

He was the epitome of the American man
Patrick Aguilera, Chile
A brilliant humanitarian. He was the epitome of the American man we can all learn from. I adored him in To Kill a Mockingbird, my absolute favourite.
Jacqueline Pernicone, USA

A real gentleman is gone... an endangered species these days. Thank you for those magic moments!
Patrick Aguilera, Chile

One of those actors that actors today could learn a thing or two from. As a fellow San Diegan, he will be remembered for his immense contribution to the local theatre, the La Jolla Playhouse. He will be missed.
Jennifer, San Diego, Calif, USA

Last week I saw a list of Top 50 movie heroes that placed the character of Atticus Finch, played by Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird, as number one. That would have been my vote. Gregory Peck helped me figure out what it really meant to be a hero.
Dan Silvia, Republic of Korea

One of those never-to-be-forgotten moments
Peter, Costa Rica
On Sunday I rented the Guns of Navarone. Hadn't seen it for years but it was one of those never-to-be-forgotten moments of my childhood when my parents took me to see it on a giant screen in the West End. Peck had "class" written right through him, like a piece of holiday rock. A sad loss.
Peter, Costa Rica

I went through RAF officer training in the late 70s. At one point we were shown Twelve O'Clock High, it was the only film we were ever shown during the 18 weeks of training. Peck's character highlighted many of the pressures on a military commander, and the actor's performance was perfect. Peck was a very fine man, and I am sure he will continue to inspire many future generations through the legacy he has left behind.
Iain, UK

Gregory Peck - one of a kind. A kind more and more difficult to find in today's films. Irreplaceable! Fortunately, he will live forever, because his films will never be outdated.
Nelson Casella, Uruguay

He was a great actor and will be missed.
Jan, Czech Republic

In college I had the opportunity to be awarded a rowing medal by Gregory Peck (he rowed for Cal). In life, as on the screen, he was large, gentle, inspiring. You will be missed Mr Peck. May your spirit live on in the many characters you portrayed on the screen.
Lay, USA

Mr Peck was one of the most gracious individuals that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with
Brett R. Henry, Los Angeles, California. USA
During my years with the American Broadcasting Company, I had numerous occasions to be in the presence of Mr Peck. Not only was he a consummate actor, but he was a consummate gentleman and human being, as well. Mr Peck was one of the most gracious individuals that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with. His death is not only a loss to Hollywood, but a loss to the world, as well.
Brett R. Henry, Los Angeles, California. USA

Gregory Peck reminded me of my Dad. I can't give him any higher an accolade. What a wonderful actor we have lost.
Brendan Flynn, Canada

A legend died today. Mr Peck was a man of impeccable character and hypnotic grace, and served as an inspiration for many. May his soul rest in peace.
Saleem Taj, Pakistan/USA

A true Hollywood legend
Simon, Bermuda
When I think of Gregory Peck, I think of 'The Boys from Brazil' and it still sends a shiver down my spine - and I haven't seen the movie for many years. Yes, a true Hollywood legend.
Simon, Bermuda

A sad day in the history of cinema with the passing of a legendary actor.
Reza, London, UK

I don't go to the movies much these days, but when I did and Gregory Peck's name appeared on the billboard, I would be there. A true giant of the silver screen, who had the unique ability to combine his classic acting talent, with a visual technique that was second to none. A very sad day for moviegoers. RIP.
Derek, ex-pat, Brazil

Gregory Peck was one of the greatest actors ever, from the Guns of Navarone, to the Omen, to Scorcese's remake of Cape Fear he shone on the screen. His most famous performance in To Kill a Mockingbird was heavenly. We will always remember his extraordinary face and unique charisma. You will be missed Gregory Peck.
Fergal McClean, Ireland

Last of the great ones is gone. I will never forget him in Roman Holiday, Guns of Navarone. He will be missed.
Manohar Jethani, USA

Sadly a true star of the silver screen has passed away. As a 30 year old my first memories of Gregory Peck were Boys from Brazil and The Omen, both roles he played well. However To Kill a Mockingbird will probably be the role most people will remember him best. Fondly he'll also be remembered in the UK for the rhyming slang Gregory Pecks - specs.
David Ogilvie, Glasgow, UK

It will be hard to imagine a movie world without Gregory Peck
Paul, USA
My favourite actor has passed and with him some of the best characters to flicker on the screen, Atticus Finch, Captain Horatio Hornblower, Colonel Frank Savage. Like the best he portrayed, Mr Peck was strong, modest, moral and unwaivered in what he strongly felt was right and good. There are no current actors who can measure in the depth, style and professionalism he brought to his craft. He, truly, was the last of the best of a generation of screen performers. It will be hard to imagine a movie world without Gregory Peck.
Paul, USA

Only last week he was voted as the all time screen hero as Atticus Finch. For me, this great actor was one of the all-time screen villains - but not listed - namely that of Dr Joseph Mengele in The Boys From Brazil. He was pure evil in that part and showed his versatility. RIP Mr P!
Darren Parmenter, Spain

Just a wonderful actor.
Neil, England

A true gentleman
Noura Adams, Canada
One of my favourite stars; a true gentleman unafraid to be principled and concerned about his fellow man. What a loss!
Noura Adams, Canada

It is always sad when another great legend of film passes, there will never be another like him...
Ben Rawles, Canada

Grand actor, good man, fine legacy.
Paul, UK

A true movie legend; He will be sadly missed.
Chris White, England

Heaven gains yet another star... together with Monroe, Garland, Harlow and Gable... Rest in Peace Gregory...
Julie, Northern Ireland

He brought a freshness to the parts that he played
Salty, UK
Only just this morning I had "To Kill A Mocking Bird" come through the post after I had ordered it a week ago. I found his portrayal of Atticus Finch very humbling and am glad now that I bought it. Like all the old time actors, he brought a freshness to the parts that he played. God rest his soul and condolences to his family.
Salty, UK

A true movie legend has passed away. When will we ever find the likes of his kind again? I don't think we ever will.
Martin, UK

Gregory Peck was one of the most well loved and great actors. He will be missed.
Jan, USA

Screen legend Gregory Peck dies
12 Jun 03  |  Entertainment


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