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Nina Simone: Your tributes
Legendary jazz and blues singer Nina Simone has died at the age of 70 at her home in southern France.

Simone, one of the last divas of jazz, was considered one of the finest songwriters and musicians of her day, and was a staunch supporter of the American black civil rights movement.

She was perhaps best known for the famous single My Baby Just Cares For Me, a song which became one of the most popular and most listened to singles in the 20th Century.

Thank you for your tributes to Nina Simone. Read a selection of your comments below.

I heard Nina's music when attending school in the US. Her voice spoke of longing in a manner that spoke to my heart. Her music and her sprit have been with me through the tribulation of exile. She was truly the guardian angel of the human heart. The world has lost a voice.
Dawit Hagos, Ethiopia

A real original
Marlon, UK
Sadly I never had a chance to see Nina in concert. However to me Nina Simone was a strong woman, unafraid to speak her mind, always original, and true great in the real sense of the word. A real original who I will sadly miss.
Marlon, UK

I have been listening to Nina since I was a young girl, and was always amazed by her wonderful voice and presence. She will be greatly missed and remembered forever with her beautiful songs.
Victoria Piper, UK

I saw her in concert in Rome in 1968 and then not again till 30 years later in Oxford. She had not changed, was studied in her movements and quite breathtaking to watch let alone listen to. A "Grande Dame" who did not suffer fools but whose music transcends the mundane.
James, UK

A feisty lady with real presence
Adam, UK
I met Dr Nina in 1999 when she agreed to perform at a charity ball in London we had organised for Marie Curie Cancer Care. When the hotel staff started to serve the dessert course while she was singing, she stood up and yelled, "If you ain't listening, I ain't playing!!". A feisty lady with real presence, she will be sadly missed.
Adam, UK

She was breathtaking at the Royal Albert Hall, where I had the privilege of seeing her perform with her daughter, Lisa. A fascinating performance and one of the most memorable evenings I have had in a while. A beautiful woman through and through. You will be missed.
Sophia, Scotland

The one thing I will always remember about 1994 is sitting in the dark in my flat in Pretoria, watching the light show rehearsals for President Nelson Mandela's inauguration at the Union Buildings, with Nina Simone's powerful haunting voice filling the night air. I had only just discovered her music and it will forever be part of my memories of a truly remarkable year.
Ikati, South Africa

I saw her perform in Washington DC a few years ago quite by accident. A tiny ad in a local paper caught my eye and I frantically called the theatre to try and round up tickets. As luck would have it there were a few tickets left and I took my parents to experience her power for the first time of their lives. When she opened her mouth and the notes poured out I broke down and cried. I cried through the entire concert. She was breathtaking.
Anne Mozena, USA

I had the privilege of knowing Miss Simone's parents (her mother was a minister) and brother while growing up in the south of the US. I've often wondered what became of Samuel. My sincere condolences for the loss of a great and moving voice.
Cheryll Gerelle, Switzerland

She was a true poet with an old sweet soul
Sheresa, USA
I was introduced to Nina's music in Amsterdam in the 90s and I have been in love with her sound ever since. She was a true poet with an old sweet soul; who lived her life the way she wanted. Her music will always inspire and affirm. So long Nina, you will be missed.
Sheresa, USA

I accidentally came across Nina Simone's CD a few years ago and I fell in love with that dark sultry voice. When she sings I can hear my feelings in her voice. It is for sure that there will never be another like her.
Noiger Wilks, Canada

She is simply irreplaceable - I Got it Bad has taken me through any heartbreak I've ever had, and today I am unable to stop playing it.
Afi Drake, USA

I grew up in the South and wish I could just see this wonderful person sing once; just once. God bless you Nina.
Don, USA

I am most saddened to learn of the death of Nina Simone, my favourite singer. As a matter of fact my daughter Raquel carries Simone as a middle name. The first album I purchased was High Priestess of Soul which I loaned to a friend but it was never returned. Ironically last week I visited Borders in Fort Lauderdale and purchased the CD, and placed an order for Nina's Anthology. Nina was and always be my NINA. She visited the Bahamas in the 70s and put on a great concert. She will be greatly missed. May her soul rest in peace. Heaven is much richer by her passing.
Glenda Lightbourne, The Bahamas

I first heard Nina in the early 60s I was in High School. I still have her albums. God Bless you Nina. I will always love you.
Mayann Streppone, USA

I had tears in my eyes while she was singing, she was very special
Maria Castro, England
I was lucky to go to her performance at the Royal Albert Hall about three years ago - that night I decided I would miss the train back home so that I could stay until the end of the show; I had the feeling I might not see Nina again. Indeed, it was hell to get home that cold December night, but I did not regret it. I had tears in my eyes while she was singing, she was very special.
Maria Castro, England

Nina, you put a spell on us, with your truly magical lyrics and your genius piano playing. Thank you for the 50 years of music that broke all barriers. You will live on with us playing your music the world over.
Martine Groves, England

She had 'edge' and attitude - she said what she felt, which is more than can be said for the current crop of musicians. Brilliant, truly brilliant - the world will not see her kind again. I am just glad we still have her recordings to remind us.
Pete Morgan-Lucas, UK

Nina Simone was of the 'greats'. A true artist, who 'talked' the talk and 'walked' the walk. Her songs had a life-affirming, uplifting and inspirational quality about them and the words somehow manages to linger on in one's mind long after the music had finished playing. I never met her but she was like a friend to me. Good night, dear friend - sleep well and sweet dreams.
Jennifer Ogundipe-Nakazuki, Osaka, Japan

Nina is dead, it makes me sad. I loved her music from the late sixties, when I was 14 years old. I collected her records over the last 25 years. I had the chance to see and hear her in 1997 at two concerts she gave in Germany. And after the Hamburg-Concert, she even gave me (and others) autographs - what I would have never expected. She will live on through her great music!
Albin Hoff, Germany

Nina, we'll miss your marvellous voice and personality
Bart Robbrecht, Belgium
When I heard our singer in our jazz band sing, she reminded me directly to Nina Simone, same voice timbre, same gesture. She also died a few months ago. Now Nina has died and I am sure those two are now talking about their great love; jazz. Nina, we'll miss your marvellous voice and personality, we'll never forget you. We wish you a good voyage.
Bart Robbrecht, Belgium

She has led a good life and she has put her footprints in the sand of time. May her gentle soul live in peace {amen}.
Omodayo Omoniyi, Nigeria

Thank you, Nina. What can I say? You are simply the best. Your music is with me always.
Judith Bennett Henry, Bangladesh

She never failed to rouse me. Something which touches the deepest chords of my feelings. I know that I am in presence of another Human Being. She will live on forever in her music and in my heart.
Harsh Govil, India

I first encountered Nina Simone´s music when I was at Liverpool University, at the time of the Beatles & Cavern Club. A different smoky gritty sound, Nina became one of my best loved jazz singers, and The Best Of is still regularly played as a late night chill out album. Few will have the greatness to walk in her footsteps. She will live on in her music, for a long, long time.
Michael Law, Spain

A few years ago, I found my mum's vinyl copy of Nina Simone - Blues, it has rarely left my stereo and anyone who heard it ended up trying to track it down for themselves. There is/was no one who sounded liked Nina, no one whose voice could match the effect it had. Her cover of Bob Dylan's "I shall be released" and the short, sweet but engaging "Buck" are my all time favourites.

When I first saw the electrifying performance of Nina on TV in 1968 as teenager, I developed an insatiable appetite for her music. It was so shocking when I heard the woman of high virtue has passed on. Good night Nina, till we meet again on the glorious resurrection morning. Rest in Perfect Peace.
John P Wiltshire, Abuja, Nigeria

Nina took "I'm Gonna Put a Spell on You" which was originally sung by Screaming Jay Hawkins and made it a potent declaration of "voodoo" love. Heaven must be rocking as the sister saints (Billie, Carmen, Ella, Sarah, Betty et al.) welcome her home.
N. John Chike, USA

Whenever I used to feel down, Nina Simone's music would always help me feel better
Hassan, Qatar
Whenever I used to feel down, Nina Simone's music would always help me feel better. Whenever I felt good, her music would make me feel great. She truly was a legendary and she will be deeply missed, but will continue to live through her music and in our hearts.
Hassan, Qatar

When I was 18, I listened to my first Nina Simone concert. We were all hushed in that nightclub in Wash.,DC for fear she might walk out if we were either unruly or un appreciative. We weren't, she didn't and I'm thankful for that introduction in my life of artistic and political rigour from so proud, talented and determined a Black woman. She was a standard bearer of what an artist is to herself and to her society. Thank you Nina and thanks to the BBC for allowing so many to share thoughts and feeling of loss.
Aldridge, France

An individual among people, with style and amazing talent, a great mind, we were lucky to have her grace us with her presence, God be with her. Thank U. x x x x
Vernon Wilson, New Zealand

Oh Nina, we will miss you so very much. I bought my first Nina record album for 99 cents in the 1950's at age 11 and have loved you every minute since. You are like no other. As I write this I am listening to you sing "If you knew/Let it be me" ...you and the Everly Brothers...my childhood brought into adulthood by you, Great Lady. Thank you Nina. We love you
Susan Kelley, U.S.

The world has lost one of the greatest and perhaps may even be the best female figure in the Jazz music arena. Though she came to prominence before I was born, I have grown to adopt and liked her style of music especially her consummate style of presentation. My favourite from her was "My baby just cares for me". Nina epitomize the truly altruistic qualities of a woman that was born to sing and make it to the heights despite the many obstacles. May her soul rest in peace.
Winston R. Mollison, Jamaica

We are very sorry to have never seen her in concert...she had the guts to speak up and be ahead of her time whatever the immediate price, and that voice is awesome too!
Tim and Linda Ransford, Chicago, USA

Her voice was my lilac wine
Robert Goins, United States
Her voice was my lilac wine. Heavy. My favourite and trusted Nina Simone album is "Afterhours". When I am down, I listen to every weighty words to assuage my sorry. I bid you adieu, Madame!
Robert Goins, United States

I was deeply saddened to hear of Nina Simone's death. Her distinctive voice and music had touched my soul in a profound way. But more importantly, her deep love and pride for her people is something that is terribly lacking amongst many African American leaders today and will be sorely missed. I will keep her family in my prayers
Ihsan, USA

Ms. Simone, I loved you then (when I found you) and I love you yet; I've read every word I could find about you, purchased every record or CD I could find. The world will be very demeaned by your death; but it has been soooo enriched by your presence. Bless you.
Patz, USA

Nina Simone, The High Priestess of Soul will be greatly missed, but never ever forgotten. Her music, her voice, her strong attitude, her soul will continue to be an inspiration for future generations of those who are Young, Gifted and Black.
Nandi Hajar, USA

Oh no. I found this out just by chance. I don't know what to say: she, she was an inspiration to me. "The birds flying high. They know what I mean". I'm just not Feeling Good. But hey Nina, tomorrow, on a new dawn, a new day. I just might. I thank you for that. Goodbye.
Colin, England

My sincere condolences to the family of Ms. Simone. Indeed she will be missed by many. It was only a week ago riding in my recently deceased father's car that I pick a tape from his collection and as it began the sultry voice of Ms. Simone came through the speakers. I began reminiscing about some of her most memorable songs, my children and I loved to sing and dance to, one in particular "To be Young Gifted and Black". And I was sadden this morning to hear of her departure. Nina Simone will live on in her music. I am glad to say that I had an opportunity to listen and experience the joy of her music. May God Bless her spirit.
Valerie Good, USA - America

Nina Simone's music has been and will continue to be food for my soul. I went to see her in concert, about five years ago - it was a deeply moving spiritual experience which has remained with me.
Terrence Mignott, U.S.A

Her courage to sing out against racial injustice marked me for life
Alexa Dvorson, Germany
Nina's music took me places most young white girls in 60s America didn't get to very easily. Turning 15 the decade after, I insisted I had to see her perform live when she came to San Francisco. Her courage to sing out against racial injustice marked me for life. If there's any segregation in heaven, it's between the best singers and the rest of them. Nina, gifted chile, you go straight to the front.
Alexa Dvorson, Germany

Anyone who could make 'Mood Indigo' swing, as Nina Simone did, is like the composer of that jazz classic, "Beyond Category." No vocalist is as deserving of that accolade as Nina Simone. We were lucky to have her grace us with her gift several times during the last decade here in Washington D.C. There goes the sun. A sad day indeed, but a legacy to be celebrated and cherished. Thank you Nina.
Y. Islam, USA

Ms. Simone's art and life have been and will continue to be a testament to personal integrity and unwavering commitment to strongly held ideals. She is and will always be a one of a kind artist who's music has a unique power to inspire, unite and mesmerize. I feel a great sense of personal loss to know that her voice has been stilled, but take great solace in knowing that her music and her ideals will live on (my children, who are now 4 and 2, will certainly grow up listening to her!). My sincere sympathy to her family and friends. What a loss.
Nancy Taylor, USA

A Black woman of renown fame. Her music in the 70's was an inspiration to us young Jamaicans seeking our own identity. Her music will live on.
David Nevins, Jamaica

The World has lost one of the most gracious figures of Jazz Music. She was not only an artist, but a devoted politician to her cause in conjunction with the Black Civil Right Movement which gives her a great credit.
Hany Rengier, Germany

I met Nina when she was brought by a friend to my 21st birthday party in November of 1956. She played piano with me and my friends playing other instruments. We woke up the neighbours who at first called police but then joined the party. We became friends when she was living at 52nd and Race in Philadelphia. She was a great talent with a large following here even before she made her first recording which included "I Loves you Porgy". I last saw her in Los Angeles in 1986 or '87, when she was playing at the Vine St. Bar and Grill. It was obvious that she had been greatly changed by the traumas and other events of her life. Although I haven't seen her since 1987, I will miss her. But she will live on in her recordings. May she rest in peace.
Walter Johnson, Philadelphia, USA

A truly wonderful talent, a great diva in both style and elegance. Outspoken, independent, but always sincere. So many great recordings, such a storied career. The music will live on always, but she will surely be missed.
E M Bishop, USA

Her voice gave me strength
M Azefor, USA
"Ain't Got No-I Got Life" This was the piece that first instilled in me the rich content of Nina's music and ever since, I have loved to listen to her. Her voice gave me strength as an African student in what was then quite a racist community in London of the late 1960s. She will be missed by millions of my type all over the world. Michael, Washington DC, USA.
M Azefor, USA

Lost another dear from the world of jazz. It is your heart left in your songs for us. We will join you someday, somewhere... God bless you
Andy R, Poland

Nina told stories through her songs in a voice that made you felt unperturbed. Her raspy, at times off key, vocal added to the story telling a touch of reality. While Billey Holliday touched our heart, Nina Simone touched our humanity. Thanks for being true to your craft Nina.
N Girma, United States

This is a very sad day. The world has lost a giant. I can't express my sorrow at the loss of this great woman. I always be grateful for Nina's music, her beauty and her tremendous spirit. My thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family. Nina, you were loved and will be loved until the end of time.
Carsonlea, Canada

Like a star you shone, but the unfortunately it can not be forever. Goodnight Nina.
Lade, UK

A legend. My favourite Nina Simone song is Sinnerman. Thank you for your music to the world. Farewell Nina.
David Wong, Malaysia

It was a magical experience
Teresa Giles, UK
Saw her at Ronnie Scott's about twenty years ago. Like many people we arrived for the first of two sets, which was fantastic, and stayed for the second. She started an exact repeat of the first set and a few people heckled her. Knowing her reputation we thought she'd storm off but she didn't. She pulled from somewhere an even higher level of performance, singing spontaneously whatever songs moved her. It was a magical experience.
Teresa Giles, UK

With the growing preponderance of manufactured bands and overnight celebrity, I find the passing of a true talent hits me even deeper. I was lucky enough to see her at Wolverhampton in 1990 - superb. And whilst her version of 'Here Comes the Sun' wasn't strictly jazz or blues, it shimmers with beauty. You will live on, Nina.
Chris Friday, UK

I will never forget seeing her chain-smoking like crazy on Richard and Judy's show! Well done for having the guts to be who you are and not conforming to suit others!
Elisabeth Smith, UK

Nina Simone was a great person, she has inspired the lives of many people. May the good Lord grant her eternal rest and may her soul rest in piece.
Constantine Madurampulle, Saudi Arabia

I had the privilege to be the president of Nina's first British fan club from 1965-70 and beyond the impact she had on me through her music, I learned so much from her personally about standing up for one's beliefs, about artistic integrity, passion and honesty.
David Nathan, USA

Very saddened to hear the news. She was a legend. Saw her in concert in London, Hammersmith and very very moving to hear her voice especially when she sang "My father". Wonderful songwriter, will be missed.
Lorraine Campbell, Bermuda

She said her piece, and just got on with it
Graeme Hawley, Edinburgh, Scotland
A while ago Nina appeared at an awards ceremony. They asked her which other artists she rated, and she replied with a drawl "Maria Callas". The compare looked a little awkward and asked, "Well, which current artists do you admire?" and she replied "I don't". Superb. She said her piece, and just got on with it. No time for all that faff. Pompous, but with such class.
Graeme Hawley, Edinburgh, Scotland

I am "Young Gifted and Black" thanks to your inspired work and dedication. My parents played your music when I was a child and teenager. I finally as an adult was able to take them to a concert in Saratoga, California. One of your last. I will and my parents will be forever blessed by your music. Rest in peace.
Bessieb, USA

Nina was an inspiration in my youth. My proudest possession in my home is a painting of her, done by a friend of mine in Prishtine, Kosova, which shows her universal appeal.
Eddie Machen, Albania

I saw Nina in Nice in 1989, a wonderful concert. Her death is a sad loss to the world.
Simon Henry, Egypt

I am so thankful we got that chance to see and hear her
Donald C. Lawson III, United States
My wife and I got the chance to see Nina in Philadelphia two years ago. Her voice was just stunning. I am so thankful we got that chance to see and hear her. She spoke of her life as an artist and the commitment she felt to tell the truth. An incredible wit and charm was evident from the stage, how unfortunate that so many were denied the chance to see her due to the politics of the era (1960s). Do yourself a favour and get every CD of Nina's you can find and listen carefully to the words and the beauty of her magical voice. I love you Nina.
Donald C. Lawson III, United States

You have added so much to my life, Nina. I write this with tears in my eyes. I loved you. Loved you. How precious you have been. I saw several of your concerts and convinced more than a few of my friends to subscribe to your camp. Yours was one of my first investments in jazz albums, Mississippi Goddam. I played this album over and over and over loud enough that all neighbours in my building and the next heard your beautiful voice. Finally, I met you backstage at the Hollywood Bowl. Even though I'm not a fan-type person, I felt as if I were in the presence of a deity. Thank you, my dear Nina, for having opened your mouth to this world and to my life. I will miss you so much.
Runninghorse, USA

To the Great, The Beautiful, our shining STAR. Nina Simone... Rest in Peace Baby girl - you'll be missed. I now believe in Heaven, because there is no other place befitting for such a voice. Thanks
JahSun, Boston, MA USA

Since Nina's start in music, I have never stopped playing her records over all these years. Her music is timeless. I first saw Nina perform at Storyville in Boston, MA during the mid-sixties. This experience has always stayed with me. Nina Simone was one of the first people to bring 'art' into me life, and joy. Like the passing of Ella Fitzgerald, Nina's death leaves me greatly sadden.
Ernie Andrades, Boston, MA, USA

I came across 'My Baby Cares for Me' on a soundtrack and instantly I was drawn to her passionate, seductive charismatic voice. I was hooked. Alongside Louis Armstrong she fuelled my fire for liking jazz music. I'm now going to try my best to get to heaven and catch "Louis Armstrong and Nina Simone- One Night Only!"
Chris, Wales

A salute to one of the greatest performers of all time. We will miss you even here in Cairo. I'm a singer and I will sing "My Baby Just Cares" in her memory.
Ahmedito, Egypt

Her beliefs and values were brought out in her music
Justin Perry, England
Nina Simone, her music was so fresh and pure. Her beliefs and values were brought out in her music. I am 21, and my mum introduced me to her music, and I glad she did. As will I to my children. Rest in Peace.
Justin Perry, England

Nina Simone inspires me daily with her powerful voice and beautiful, deep lyrics. Although she has sadly passed on her music and spirit will live on in my heart.
Jo Spooner, UK

Mr Bojangles, and later, Baltimore, moved me to the core. Nina Simone, you gave me some most precious gifts and memories. Thank you so much. Heaven now has a new angel.
Gary Bailey, Australia

Any time any mood Nina's always a lift; decades of dancing to her ageless lyrics with friends and family from generation to generation none of our parties are complete without her beautiful voice. Love you Nina.
Katy Hepburn, UK

Nina; a legend with a lot of soul.
Emily, South Africa

Nina, you have been there with me through every break-up and low point in my life. You always got me back on track. I will miss you but know your light will live on through your music.
Ivan, UK

One who will never be forgotten. She was as Wild as the Wind and her music will remain with us always. God bless Nina.
Victoria Barr, UK

Her voice was hypnotising
Julie Appleby, UK
Undoubtedly one of the worlds best, she will be sadly missed. Her voice was hypnotising, especially when singing Baltimore which I will often listen to with soft lighting on a romantic summer evening.
Julie Appleby, UK

I was four years old when I first heard her version of "Ain't Got No-I Got Life" on the radio. 35 years on, I still look up to Nina as the key goddess of 50s/60s vocal jazz, and she will be greatly mourned by many.
Gene Robertson, London, England

Gone too soon, sadness prevails, but your voice will live on to inspire others and to continue to give pleasure to those of us who "grew up" listening to you.
Angela Williams, UK

Wow! Nina Simone gone! Amazing lady who gave so much to so many people. We will all miss her. Thank you Nina.
Nicky, UK

Nina I love you! Your voice will always be in my heart. You are my shining star. Thank you so much! I am kissing you.
Mariana Todorova, Bulgaria

She ruled! Listening to her made me forget where i was!
Harvey, UK

An unforgettable, sultry, sexy voice
Karl Aiken, Jamaica
Nina Simone had an unforgettable, sultry, sexy voice that once heard, was never forgotten. Her song "Young, gifted and black" became a sort of unofficial anthem here many years ago, and has been rerecorded by dozens of black artistes. That says it all. We'll miss her voice and her message.
Karl Aiken, Jamaica

A visionary for the past and future. Faithful to her roots, her blues, the world is a dimmer place, keep shining.
Adam Wakeling, UK

Nina, your soulfulness and courage to sing in the face of all that acts to deny our humanity will be deeply missed. Knowing you were there playing your piano, singing, helped me to get through the really rough times. Your music lives on and your spirit will continue to form the rhythm of life.
Gregory Tewksbury, Brooklyn, USA

Sadness only. RIP
Dermott Carr, USA/Ireland

"My Baby Just Cares For Me" - I first heard this song in 1987 and I was enthralled and captivated by her voice and the melody.... I dashed out to pick up my first Nina album! Her music and I remain inseparable.
Lekan, Nigeria
Cherish is the word I use to describe... a unique talent who epitomised the personal as political....
Jane, England

Nina, your strength and ability to be yourself - no matter what the circumstance - have inspired many a young African American, and many others around the world. Forever there will only be one Nina Simone.
Tobias Tanner, Switzerland

Very overrated, like Madonna in that respect. "My Baby Just Cares For Me" was quite annoying, actually!
Simon Bree, UK

Ms Simone soothed and uplifted me at significant times in my life. I still refuse to date a man who hasn't heard you sing!
Jenn Pelley, Australia

I'm saddened by this great loss. A great performer with a courageous conscience. Mississippi Godamn!
Brendan O'Neill, Madrid

You have been an all-time great jazz musician, along with Bessie, Billie, Ella, Dinah and Sassy. You gave us years of enjoyment. Now you will hopefully be the lead singer in the heavenly choir. God bless you.
Allan & Lynda Davis, USA

I bought your first album in 1969 and your testimony to incredible music is even my kids love you and play your music to this very day. God bless and thanks.
John McCash, UK

You were a piano virtuoso, a singer with a range and timbre unmatched and a powerful voice for the freedom of being. Like any true legend, it is hard to believe that anyone could hear your music and remain unmoved by it.
James Clark, UK

A wonderful voice. Gone. xxx
James, England

Cherish is the word I use to describe... a unique talent who epitomised the personal as political.... if you knew how I loved you...
Jane, England

I grew up in a house that rang to the voice and piano genius of Nina Simone. "I love you, Porgy", and "The Backlash Blues" will ring in my ears forever. A sad day, but one that reminds a son of his father's excellent taste in music!
Alistair Leeson, UK

Nina was larger than life and a born legend, I was lucky enough to see her perform at a packed show at the NJ-PAC center a few years ago, one of her first shows in the US after a long absence.

She was amazing, vibrant and truly breath taking. I was listening to her album The Blues just last night, she will be greatly missed.

Thank You Nina, you gave it all, and with such grace, style, class and love.
Samantha Bliss, USA

Ever since I learned about blues, jazz, gospel and the like, I have always been a great admirer of Nina Simone. One of the best television programmes I have ever seen was Nina during her production of one of her LP albums - always the professional with a great talent and sense of humour.

I just hope the BBC will show again the series "Brown Sugar" in which she featured with many others of her generation. I shall miss her as I do many others, such as Mahalia Jackson and Louis Armstrong.
Michael Chandler, England

God bless you Miss Simone, your songs and your beautiful voice got me through the sad days. You're one of the greatest.
Alan, UK

Thank you Nina Simone. Your songs were and will be a tribute to all the black people. Your voice came from the roots... If you keep on singing you can even make the Angels swing. Thank you! Bye.
August Wolters, Netherlands

Ms Simone:
Your music always made us proud We will always miss you. Have a peaceful rest.
Kwadjo Wordie, Ghana

A gift and a joy for me and many others I know.
Nick Holden, UK
Ms Nina Simone. A true example of beauty and talent. She showed the real blend between jazz and blues. Her clear sexual soulful voice is pure and strong. I write this in the present tense because her music is she; and her music will live, with me, forever! A great African American daughter is now tour to sing for the almighty. Farewell my sister, farewell
Henry Cheatham, USA

Thank you for the songs and the memories, you put a spell on us!
Ademola Oshodi, Toronto, Canada

I am 31 years old and discovered Ms Simone in my 20s. She has since become my voice. Her music has seen me through happy times and sad times. She will be greatly missed!
Shellae, USA

Thank you, Nina.
Peter Juselius, USA

Nina, you helped me through thick and thin... You are much loved and will be greatly missed
Chris Kurecka, UK
Thanks for the legacy!!
Shandrolyn Bell, USA

I had tickets to see her in Manchester last year but the concert was cancelled because of her illness and now I will never see her sing live. But her voice and her personality live on in her recordings. Rest easy, Nina and thank you for your passion and your commitment and for sharing the magic of your voice
Jo Raine, UK

A gift and a joy for me and many others I know.
Nick Holden, UK

I am simply devastated: what more can be said about such a tremendous loss?
Jason Harrell, Netherlands

Nina, you helped me through thick and thin. You are much loved and will be greatly missed.
Chris Kurecka, UK

Nina Simone captured the beauty of art and the intensity of struggle in her music. She is gone, but her spirit lives on in all those inspired by her to work for a more just and beautiful world.
David Peterson, USA

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