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Last Updated: Saturday, 26 April, 2003, 12:50 GMT 13:50 UK
Is the US right to pinpoint Syria?
A worker hangs Syrian flags, with a Baath Party flag at centre, next to a portrait of Syrian President Bashar Assad on a building in Damascus.
US Secretary of State Colin Powell will press the Syrian Government not to give sanctuary to Iraqi leaders as part of his planned trip to the Middle East.

Damascus has denied Washington's accusations of developing chemical weapons and harbouring members of Saddam's regime who are in flight from Iraq.

Senior Bush administration officials have threatened sanctions and Egypt has responded against what it called America's targeting of Arab countries one by one.

UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw denied suggestions that Syria was "next on the list", but said it had to answer some "important questions".

What can Colin Powell achieve in his Middle East visit? Is it appropriate to put pressure on Syria?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

You people are all misguided. The USA will never invade Syria. They have been extremely valuable to us against Al Qaeda. This pressure is just a warning to prevent them from repeating in Iraq what they did to us in Lebanon. Take a pill and calm down!
Tom Lazarus, Rochester, NY USA

They haven't justified the Iraq war to the world before they start shaking fingers at the Syrians
Megan Simpson, Columbia, Maryland, USA
I am sick to death of this posturing at Syria for no reason. No one in their right minds would call Bashar Al-Assad a brutal ruler. So he's a dictator, so what? Our own president is beginning to act more and more like one every day, though he may not hold that title. I second the point brought up by many before me: where are Iraq's WMD? For all the insistences on the part of the Bush supporters that Saddam was hiding multiple "tons" of the stuff, here we are a month into occupation (yes, occupation) of the country, and there is no sign of it whatsoever. They haven't justified the Iraq war to the world before they start shaking fingers at the Syrians
Bush has already completely destroyed any positive light the US may have ever been cast in. He needs to accept that fact that terrorism will never be eradicated as long as there are governments to oppose, and move on to protecting our own soil and quit traipsing all over everyone else's.
Megan Simpson, Columbia, Maryland, USA

The current US government has again revealed its sad lack of diplomatic skills and habitual overbearing arrogance. It has started a verbal bullying campaign against Syria. And now we hear the note of revenge coming from Washington and even from Powell - nasty hints that France will pay because it held a different opinion to the US on the legitimacy of the war on Iraq.

So what claims to be the greatest democracy in the world is displaying a crass intolerance for those who do not agree with it at all times, and even more disturbing is its public admission of a need for revenge. If that is the case and if US shoppers prove to be that intolerant (dare I say 'stupid'), I think consumers in other parts of the world could minimise their purchase of US products.
H Troy, Dublin, Ireland

I have to laugh at the people from the UK posting against the US government here. Don't you realize that your government was just as involved in the action against Iraq as ours was? Bush isn't going to act against Syria. He's just rattling his sabre in order to get as many Iraqi ex-pats and chemical weapons out of that country as he can.
Chris, California

It may not be a good idea for Syria to give anyone from the old Iraqi regime sanctuary
Lynn, Hitchin, UK
It may not be a good idea for Syria to give anyone from the old Iraqi regime sanctuary for all sorts of obvious reasons - the biggest one of validation for Bush and Blair and revenge for Bush. However, there is absolutely no reason for Syria to be attacked for possibly developing chemical weapons when the biggest "owner" of weapons of mass destruction is the US!
Lynn, Hitchin, UK

It's a shame the US Government doesn't have diplomatic skills to match its military might. Bush and co have done more to harm the reputation of the US than anyone that has gone before.
Dan, Iver, UK

Why shouldn't Syria have WMD? A country has a right to defend itself. The US has shown that it is compulsory to have WMD now. If like Iraq you have none, you will be "liberated". However, if like N Korea, you do have them, the US will seek a "diplomatic solution". I encourage ALL the countries of the world to build as many WMD as they can. A bully will only talk to those that it knows can hurt it, as the US has demonstrated again and again. Happy to attack those who cant fight back, but will run away when a fight is put up (Vietnam).
Vish, UK

Is it appropriate to put pressure on Syria? No, it isn't. The USA is famous for taking inappropriate and unsophisticated action, and to change the habit now would be an improbable first. In it's naively conducted "War against Terrorism", the USA is about to score yet another own goal.
Chris Hunter, UK

If the US truly wishes the Middle East, and the world, to be a safer place, then it has to look at the reasons for Sept 11 and other terrorist acts against it, rather than march on a 'terror crusade' of their own. Pinpointing Syria (and others) will only further alienate them in the eyes of the world, and create a new wave of terrorist activity. The Middle East needs peaceful reform, not bombs, and this reform needs to begin in Israel. For too long now, the US has ignored this issue, vetoing several UN resolutions (in the same way that France threatened to do over Iraq), rather than deal with it appropriately. The only way to fight terrorism is to stop the cause of it.
Gordon, Melbourne, Australia

If they have evidence against them, then yes they can blame Syria
Doug, UK
If they have evidence against them, then yes they can blame Syria. They should publish any findings to gain support from the international community. On another note, why does everyone blame Israel against the Palestinians? Do the Palestinians not use terrorist tact?
Doug, UK

The US should not single out Syria. The entire ME should be declared a WMD free zone. Most Arab countries in the ME have a chemical weapons programme which was started and in some cases accelerated because Israel has both chemical and nuclear weapons. Since the US never criticises Israel nor holds it to account for failing to comply with UN resolutions the Arab countries felt they had no choice but to pursue their own weapons programmes.
Andrew Richards, Sydney Australia

The lesson of Iraq is simple - responsible governments will be left alone - whatever their politics - those that that are not responsible, harbour criminals, WMD, and hold the views of their own people in check by fear - have a stark choice - reform or get blown away - it really is that simple. The Syrian regime has time to prove which side of the line it wants to be on - let's hope it picks the right one.
Andy, Gloucester UK

I can understand the USA being blinded by the status of the super power, not understanding that acting like all the previous super powers (Roman, British etc) i.e. by conquering will only bring about their downfall, but what about Britain who went through the downfall? Couldn't they learn from their experience and advice the USA how to avoid it?
Peter, Cyprus

Iraq should be a wake up call to despotic nations around the world and not just in the Middle East. Syria has long been a Middle East agitator and supporter of terrorism. It's a long list and Syria just happens to be on the top and currently, the most obvious entry. I'm not an avid Bush supporter, nor an advocate of war, but perhaps it is time to settle outstanding issues in the Middle East and elsewhere (North Korea listen up). After all, inaction resulted in 9/11 and action has resulted in the fall of the Taliban and Saddam. Most American's (and our truly real friends, you know who you are) are feeling like we've finally hit a little pay dirt and that perhaps the aggressive strategy does work. Perhaps this sleeping dog is only just starting to wake up.
John C., Ringwood, New Jersey, USA

Even if Syria has WMDs, then why should it be condemned? Hopefully these countries can help to deter Israel from ever using its even nastier cache of weapons on other countries.
Peter, UK

This is just another attempt by our imperialist leadership to widen the war
Aaron Boothby, Portland, USA
This is just another attempt by our imperialist leadership to widen the war. From the start it has been clear that Bush was after a ticket to an unending war. After Sept 11 when he declared a war on terrorism anyone could have seen this coming. No country should be able to declare war on the world. By the wording of his declaration he basically gave himself the right to attack any country that is suspected of harbouring terrorists, to look at this from a technical stand point he gave himself the power to attack any country in the world including the United States of America.
Aaron Boothby, Portland, USA

I'd like to call on Syria to accelerate its nuclear programme or initiate one if they don't have any already. I wish to see the day military power in the Middle East will be balanced. Only then will Syria, like China and North Korea be immune from the American crusade and the Jewish lobby. Iraq is too recent and too close an example.
Collins Smith, Bauchi, Nigeria

It is almost a pity that one nation in particular allow itself to carry out allegations freely for the sake of it. We all known Syria position towards the Israeli issue. What a coincidence really. I think the USA should honestly come down in this issue. However, the President Bashar Assad is clearly prone to an economic reform at the moment and clearly contributed to the release of 800 political prisoners which in my own view is a memorable first for a so-called dictatorship. The Syrian's question I'm afraid doesn't meet the Iraqi one. Threatening a country of producing or hiding weapons of mass destruction is a tediously volatile situation.
Chris, Edinburgh, Scotland

WMDs will be found in Iraq, Syria is developing chemical and biological weapons. Syria obviously sponsors terrorism and I do believe there are Iraqi fugitives in Syria, although the government may not be aware of them. However I do not think Syria will be attacked, because Assad is an intelligent and pragmatic leader and will do what is in the best interests of Syria.
Doug, Landover , USA

Assad does not have an unsavoury terror regime like Saddam. Any move into Syria would not be liberation
Craig Dillon, Chicago, USA
Syria should not be pinpointed publicly. Assad does not have an unsavoury terror regime like Saddam. Any move into Syria would not be liberation. The responsibility, effort, and cost of dealing with post-Saddam Iraq must be recognized and dealt with. Now is the time to start re-building ties and relations in the Middle East. Syria's misbehaviour should be handled with behind-the-scenes diplomacy.
Craig Dillon, Chicago, USA

When using what happened on 9/11 as an excuse for war, one has to remember what caused 9/11 in the first place. The tragic attack that day was not unprovoked and its consequences did not and will not only affect the US. If we continue to allow ourselves to use war as our only solution then we will never stop terrorism. In the name of those who died in the Twin Towers we must stop inflicting suffering on more innocent people. War and hatred breeds terror, it cannot be stopped, or prevented, by force.
Lizzie, Scotland

Since Syria has always been a responsible member of the international community, USA is just calling Syria's bluff! Bush can't possibly go to war again if Syria asks for a show of cards.
Ali, USA

Yes Syria has WMD; as does Israel, the two countries have been antagonistic for years, this is about a balance of power in the region which the US is destroying by continually favouring Israel and vetoing the UN dozens of times with regards to Israel's aggressive foreign policy.
Nick, London

Syria is a terrorist state and an "occupying power." Remember their troops occupy Lebanon and support numerous terrorist organizations. The US is right to pressure Syria, but it should not consider attacking Syria at this point in time. Is it possible that Syria should have restrained itself from sending supplies and suicide bombers into Iraq? Probably!
John A, Buffalo, USA

Syria is a terrorist sponsoring state. Its ideology is evil and should not be accepted
Joshua, Auckland New Zealand
Terrorism is evil. Syria is a terrorist sponsoring state. Its ideology is evil and should not be accepted. Not only should the US put pressure on it; so should the UN. How can the UN have France (Greenpeace terror) and Syria on its council when these states breed terrorists?
Joshua, Auckland New Zealand

Syria's proposition of a WMD-free Middle East was a wise one, bringing attention to the fact that the only country proven to possess weapons of mass destruction in the region is Israel. Therefore, making threats to Syria on weak or false grounds is not right and it just shows that WMDs have nothing to do with the whole issue.
Lauri Martiskainen, Finland

Don't we all miss the collapse of the Soviet Union? I can guarantee you none of these will be happening if the Soviet Union was still around. Definitely the world will never be safe with one super power, especially for the weak countries.
Kristoff, Phoenix USA

It has become obvious that the US is pin pointing regimes that are Anti-Israel. The real questions is should the US really place itself in harms way to defend a country who continues to commit war crimes against the Palestinians? The only difference between 2 tyrants is one is stronger than the other thus making the weaker tyrant look bad. The US foreign policy will prove to drive the world into war if it doesn't stop illegal occupation and supporting the illegal occupation of Palestine.
Ajani, USA

It is just a shade hypocritical of President Bush to tell the Syrians to hand over Iraqis to the Americans with the threat of sanctions when the USA has repeatedly refused to extradite convicted IRA terrorist escapees to the UK. Meanwhile, the USA still harbours terrorists on its own soil and supplies them with weapons. The USA does nothing to hinder these Cuban terrorists, in fact it encourages them in their plans to overthrow the Cuban government that kicked the mafia out of Havana.
Dr Duncan Campbell, York, UK

The US will come calling when provoked
Joseph Tildern, Erie Penn
It's refreshing to have world leaders (Bush/ Blair) that are not afraid to take care of age-old problems on their watch. The Middle East terrorist organisations now know that the US will come calling when provoked.
Joseph Tildern, Erie Penn

They still haven't found the alleged weapons Saddam Hussein denied having. The world should make Bush justify his last war before he launches another one in the name of re-election.
George, London, UK

I hope other Americans break the grip 9/11 has on our minds, and dump Bush in 2004. This talk about Syria having WMD is just pathetic, our leaders swore Iraq had them and each day that passes makes it less likely they were telling the truth. Now we are supposed to believe the same excuse to attack Syria?
Jeremy, Florida USA

Things could get ugly if we are not careful
Stacey, Sarasota, FL, USA
The US should be careful who we start pressuring. This is not "Who wants to go to War" We went into Iraq illegally, and now we are pinpointing Syria for its wrongdoing. Things could get ugly if we are not careful.
Stacey, Sarasota, FL, USA

I find no difference between Saddam's Iraq and Syria. The US has already given its reasons to pinpoint Syria. What Collin Powell will achieve in his Middle East visit is sending the message that America has changed after September 11, 2201.
Agha Ata, Houston, USA

One thing this illegal war has precipitated is the sight of leftists and rightists becoming almost self-parodying in their ritual condemnation. Continuing will simply segregate the factions in the US and Britain (in the main) more viciously than ever.
Richard Blake-Reed, Bath, UK

When you want countries to follow your example then you should lead by example. So when the USA and its allies (especially Israel) gets rid of its own substantial cache of WMD then it has the right to demand other nations do so but until then people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Tunji Akinsehinwa, UK

The US is once again using stupid excuses to attack countries it doesn't like. It'll be Iraq all over again, lets not let that happen.
Ross Speer, Reigate,England

It is imperative to remove weapons of mass destruction from Arab region. If US takes UN channel to deal with Syria they will be successful in their pursuit to keep the world safe from WMD, and most importantly they can save thousands of innocent lives by avoiding yet another war.
Rama Krishna Yellapu, Palmerston North, New Zealand

It seems that the US needs to go through witch hunting every now and then
Wafa, Manama, Bahrain
It seems that the US needs to go through witch hunting every now and then. First the witch hunts in Salem then the McCartney Era and now hunting for WMD and all the gaps in between. It is not important to have a real proof. It is enough that the US feels the threat!!! It's really sad that a country as strong as the US turns up to terrorize other small nations.
Wafa, Manama, Bahrain

WMD - We'll Make Dollars. No oil in Syria so it's unlikely to be 'liberated'.
Craig, London

If they attack Syria, the world would start hating America, and they would lose the touch as a super power.
Wali Mirranay, Victoria Australia

Terrorism is not new. It has been around for almost 3 decades. I wonder how long would the world tolerate this fiendish activities in the name of religion. I am ashamed that the people of the world are pacifist! In the name of the 5,000 died in Sept llth, terror support and rogue nations must be firmly dealt with!
J.Tan, Singapore

How ugly are the bush and his gang!! While they have yet to "unearth" WMD from some "secrete locations" to justify the Iraqi war, they are now doing the same dirty trick to another "unfriendly" Arab country. Shameless!!!!!
Qi Shi, Xiaoshang, China

I thought, because Syria haven't signed the necessary treaty/agreement, then it's perfectly legal for Syria to develop Chemical weapons. The US has not signed, either, that's why they have them. Case of "Mr. Kettle, Mr. Pot calling on Line One"
Andy, Oulu, Finland

U.S.A cannot afford to have more enemies in Arab region. The invasion on Iraq was without any cause and reason. The so called liberation of Iraq has ended in loot and killing of innocent lives. By the way where have these W.M.D gone? With the wind!
Qazi Ajaz, Srinagar-Kashmir,INDIA

Powell's visit to Syria won't change anything
Andreas, Germany
Powell's visit to Syria won't change anything. It was the same with the weapon inspectors in Iraq. For me it seems that the "Pax Americana" will come to an end in the next 10 or 20 years. The US shovels its own grave in the Middle East!
Andreas, Germany

Of course it's not right to blame Syria, but the USA is determined to continue and try to dominate the Middle East while Israel continues to destroy the Palestinians without so much as a comment.
Alec Lyall, Glasgow, UK

How reliable are these intelligence sources that give these accusations of countries harbouring terrorists and developing WMD? Seeing these intelligence sources were proven wrong regarding Iraq possessing WMD, why should they be given the benefit of the doubt regarding Syria now? This is all false propaganda making the US look like a hero, where in fact it is the villain.
Fares Abukhater, Canada

The US wants and needs other countries around the world to like us. Just let the terrorists keep attacking us like they did on September 11th. Welcome!! Destroy us all. Will all the countries like us when we are destroyed? When they are done with us, they will come for you, too. As goes America, so goes the world. Like it or not. Face the facts.
Diane Underhill, Windsor, VA USA

The US needs to stop this warmongering stance and that includes its verbal assault on Syria. If the US wants to know "Why do they hate us?", this is a prime example. The US plunders a country (both Afghanistan and Iraq) and leaves them in chaos. Gee, I wonder why they hate us?

I am glad someone is willing to question these terrorist states
Hemang Bhatt, Leicester UK
I am glad someone is willing and able to question these terrorist states. Syria has been well established to sponsor terrorism as a national policy and so is Pakistan who has been sponsoring terrorism all the time in Kashmir region. These militants get all their support of arms and training in-house supported and financed by these nations and they should be brought to account for spreading terrorism.
Hemang Bhatt, Leicester UK

I think the US is making a serious long-term mistake trying to play school-yard bully in the Mid-East and with the EU. If Bush makes these men any "madder", they will gang up on the US and we citizens will have to pay for it. Rumsfeld exercises a lot of hubris in the defeat of a security force weakened by 12 years of sanctions! The US has become like Russia: it is never as strong as it looks or as weak as it looks.
Harold, Cincinnati

There is a pattern here. First, create the impression that a certain country poses a threat by vilifying them. Use unsubstantiated accusations of harbouring bad people or WMD or doing terrible things, whatever, it really doesn't matter. Then bully the wimpy media, the UN and other nations into accepting the legitimacy of the cause. Then go bomb the hell out of the target country. Finally, praise yourselves at how good, brave and tough you are. Then pick the next country.
Yaroslav, Canada

Well, whatever is said here does not matter: Before the war, the majority of UK residents were against the war. Did it stop the war? No. Bush's government has labelled Syria as a bad country. We all know that that whatever argument is brought up in defence of Syria, it would be spun using quotes such as "We have strong intelligence indicating that Syria is: a) Developing WMD b) Hosting Saddam's sympathisers, c) Cooks French food, d) Hosting the Devil himself, e) All the above. ..." Bush is riding the US populist wave against non-Christian countries which are not in North America or in Britain. Together with the simplistic view of the world politics, the only reason the US will not attack Syria would be a lack of funds or weapons.
Pat, UK

We are just sending a strong message to that part of the world that terrorism will not be tolerated
Richard, Denton, USA
If you "enlightened" Bush bashers would look around - where does terrorism come from? For the most part from the radical Middle East. Some of you say that nations should have the right to self-determination, I agree. Is there anything that resembles that, in that part of the world? How do citizens of a country with a brutal dictator decide how to govern themselves? Spare me the rhetoric about the U.S. being the only nation to use "the bomb". Want to bet whether or not Hitler would have used it? We didn't start WW2, we ended it. Just as Saddam started this war back in 1991, we just finished it.

I believe Syria is not going to be invaded. We are just sending a strong message to that part of the world that terrorism will not be tolerated. The Iraqis will be liberated, no one said it would be easy. It will benefit the entire world if a West friendly influence takes hold there.
Richard, Denton, USA

The Bush administration is using imperialist language to set the record straight. Bush is creating a US war against the Middle East. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? In Iraq? Let's start with taking weapons away from Israel first, who has weapons of destruction. I believe that the White House is trying to shape public opinion to accept future attacks on Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and then wherever the vital economic interests are for the administration.
Shiraz, USA

Just one simple question, who anointed the USA not only the judge and jury for deciding what country (in this case Syria) should be targeted as "terrorist state", but also the enforcer of these unilateral decisions?
Jevan, Boston, USA

The United states current stance on Syria is extremely dangerous and will only cause the Arab states too draw together for mutual support. It is time for the UN weapons inspectors to be given free and unlimited access to Iraq so that the international community can see any evidence of weapons of mass destruction. And isn't it time the UN considered pulling itself out of the US altogether and relocating its offices to a less hostile member state.
Steve Baldwin, Nottingham UK

Great Empires do not go on forever. If the US keeps steering away from diplomacy, other countries will organize themselves to find its weaknesses and exploit them. Perhaps recent events are a wake-up call for Europe to step up and start competing on the world scene, instead of disjointedly reacting to US headlines.
Daniel, Montreal, Canada

President Bush spoke very clearly on this subject; We will hold any country that harbours or supports a terrorist group, just as responsible as the terrorist group itself. How can that be any clearer? World wide terrorist organizations cannot exist without the support of governments. This support will no longer be tolerated, period. Many of you will say, "What gives the USA the right!". Simple - we were attacked and we'll not forget. If the truth be told, I think you'll be very surprised at the number of people in the world that are just as tired of these thugs as we are.

The level of intellectual dishonestly expressed here is appalling. These same attitudes cost the world more than 100 million lives last century, do you hear me Western Europe. But of course, France's opposition to the Iraqi war was based totally on high moral standing, it couldn't possibly have anything to do with them protecting their own vested interests.
Jerry, Oregon, USA

I am sure Bush will find every angle to win the next election like he did the first time. The American people should realise this Administration has tarnished their reputation in the world enough. Pointing the finger at Syria and not at Israel which the world definitely knows has WMD will be a step in the wrong direction for America, very wrong. Don't think the US can't be stopped. For those US patriots out there - Remember a dictatorship no matter how big will one day fall and a bully will always be put in his place one way or another.
Korrina A., Australia

The US is continuing its shameful attack on Arab states. I fear that the only way to stop Bush from conquering the Arab Middle East is the American voters who, unfortunately fail to see the evil intentions of the president.
David Brigham, Albany, NY

I wanted Saddam gone like the rest of the world. Am I the only one who sees why the timing of this war was so convenient? Wake up! The more countries Bush tramples, the more his ratings will go up. It is a known formula. This is devastating the world. I feel sorry for the countries Bush will be pointing at with his big stick. It looks like Syria is next. Can you imagine all the campaign money that will be flowing in after these conflicts take place? Nobody wants to lose their job. Nobody.
Nathan, USA

Who would want to live in a world without a policeman strong and determined enough to guarantee safety, freedom, and happiness against rogue states?
Michael Wong, Hong Kong, China

All you who seek to be politically chic in the world ought to wake up to the real threat of terrorism. Those who are not from the USA cannot possibly have any idea how much the Americans treasure freedom and their rights to pursue happiness (with safety). I trust the world will be a more enlightened place without all these people getting down on every move that America takes to make the world a safer place with freedom for those who treasure it. Who would want to live in a world without a policeman around who is strong and determined enough to guarantee safety, freedom, and happiness against thugs and rogue states who may have WMD. Would you?
Michael Wong, Hong Kong, China

Michael Wong says "Who would want to live in a world without a policeman". I thought the world had solved this issue long back by appointing the UN. Hmm, looks like some people are not satisfied with that. So what do they do, act as policemen!! Now is that right? You tell me.
Nate, USA

By conducting an unjustified war against Iraq under the "disarmament by force" label, the US is terrorising the whole world. By threatening Syria now, he is confirming Mandela's comments: "US is a threat to the world". Together with peace loving people in the world, all the Americans need to stop Bush right now before it is too late.
Nam Thanh, Vietnam

I find it incredible that people say that if Syria is prepared to give refuge to Iraqi war criminals it should be attacked. On that basis we will all be attacking each other. How many countries have not given refuge to war criminals or handed them over when they've been found out?
Linda, Hull, UK

I totally agree. Just right here in Florida, we have a string of Latin American war criminals living in relative comfort and security. Such hypocrisy.
Tere Delgado, Miami, FL, USA

Before you know it the entire region will turn against the US and a war between Islam and the western world will be a reality
MG Silos, Västerås, Sweden
The US is walking a dangerous path. It thinks it does it to liberate people, but what they don't know is that the people they are trying to 'liberate' have a strong hatred of US values. The US administration must think twice before taking any actions against Syria. Before you know it the entire region will turn against the US and everything that is Western. And then a war between Islam and the western world will be a reality.
MG Silos, Västerås, Sweden

Before the war who was being advised to leave his country by George Bush? So what's with this safe haven talk?
Ishmael, Freo, Australia

History has a habit of repeating itself in this world when politicians galvanise the patriotism of the people they serve. Getting the people ready for their 'just' cause. One country falls after another. Is fascism alive and well? When will the world community realise what is happening? Will Syria be the next nation to fall?

The game is up now for America. They just about got away with it in Iraq against public opinion because of Saddam's record. But Syria is a step too far that will bring mass public opinion worldwide against them. Where that will lead who knows? They are getting in a situation they cannot win.
David, London, UK

No one can stop us anyway
David, USA
If Syria is giving refuge to Iraqi war criminals, they should be attacked. No one can stop us anyway.
David, USA

In response to David from the US, don't be too sure no one can stop you. Russia, China and Europe could and one day might have to.
John Sterianos, South Africa

Anyone not blindly obeying the US is of course a terrorist and should be bombed back to the Stone Age.
Manos, Greece

The word imperialism is starting to creep up. Who watches America?
Denis Pajtak, Croatia

Here's an idea: Let a coalition draw up a plan for a nuclear disarmament plan for the entire Middle East to rid it of weapons of mass destruction. Start with Israel.
Earl Schipper, USA

Who's next? Is it not time the international community isolated the US through the use of severe economic sanctions?
A, Spain

I think we now have conclusive proof of who the real 'rogue state' is in world affairs. How long can this continue?
Jamie Thomson, Scotland

The US has moved itself to the top of the list of groups terrorising the Middle East
Farzam, Iran
With the recent threats that the US has made to Syria it has moved itself to the top of the list of terrorist groups, terrorising the Middle East and creating havoc. Who is going to stop the US?
Farzam, Iran

The US government is using the events of September 11 as an excuse to attack Middle Eastern countries one after another. Their excuses in this case are even shakier than for the Iraqi attack. Syria is supposed to have sold night-vision glasses to Iraq: what about the weapons sold by the West? "Syria is harbouring terrorists": well, they live in the US and UK, too! When can we expect an attack? "Syria has tested chemical weapons": we've yet to discover those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and what about Israel's arsenal, or are non-Arabs exempt from interference?
Julie, UK

So Mr Bush and his cronies have failed to find and apprehend Saddam and his sons, as they failed to apprehend Bin Laden. What else can he offer the people of USA, nothing except this suicidal route of accusing other states and justifying his aggressive actions. Isn't it about time the world community became firm and said no more before this warmonger starts World War 3.
Stuart, England

The US has a tried and proven formula - call a country terrorist, say it has weapons of mass destruction and then deploy shock and awe. That's what we're seeing here - they won't move in straight away, it will take a couple of years to stabilise Iraq sufficiently and then we will see a crisis materialise out of nowhere and they will move on Syria.
Muiris, Wales

With luck France, Russia and Germany will offer Syria a security guarantee
Fred, Australia
The Syrians helped the USA after 9/11 and clearly should not have bothered given the recent abuse they've copped. With luck France, Russia and Germany will offer Syria a security guarantee and stand up to America.
Fred, Australia

There is no oil in Syria so we now have the proof that it is not the reason motivating America's policy. It confirms that the US is running a proxy war on behalf of Sharon's Israel eliminating one after the other political forces opposing Israel's stronghold over Palestine.
HD, France

I think the US is treading on very thin ice following the latest statements against Syria. The US administration is going down the wrong route regarding Syria. Any conflict with Syria would inflame the entire Muslim world more than likely resulting in WW3.
Adam, Scotland

Now that the US has established the precedent that 'might is right', anything the US does must be right.

An attack on Syria is totally unjustified. Even if Syria does have a chemical weapons program, Israel has chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs, which are out of the control of the politicians in that country and developed/stored/hidden by the military. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and right now the US are the ones in the glass house.
Dom, London, England

Did the great US and UK coalition find the mass destruction weapons in Iraq or they going to start on Syria first?
Hend Ayad, Cairo, Egypt

It's truly sickening what the US is doing
IL, Russia
With troops in Iraq it's a good opportunity to attack Syria - less expenses involved in moving troops. After securing their oil and giving Israel more security in the region the US can always say that Syria moved their WMD to Iran. Then US could attack Iran and make them "move their WMD" to N Korea. It's truly sickening what the US is doing and I am sure they will get what they deserve for their crimes.
IL, Russia

First the allies have to prove their point in Iraq about weapons of mass destruction. It seems like now they can't find any smoking gun, they are trying to divert the attention of the public. I think the US wants to implement its desire on the countries which do not go along with them. Why can't they do the same to Israel which has nuclear capabilities?

I think the two aims are related and part of a wider plan to reconstruct the Middle East into an image more acceptable to the USA by force and the threat of force. The entire enterprise is morally repugnant and goes against the right of nations to determine how they run themselves.
Tom, England

This is partly proof of a wider US policy to strength Israel's position in the region.
Dan, UK

Widely known to possess Weapons of Mass Destruction. Support for extra-judicial assassination squads at ministerial level, routinely carries out espionage against the Western Powers. Tortures and imprisons civilians for extended periods of time without charge. Yes the US is right to threaten Israel for its track record within the region, sorry I meant Syria!
Ian, UK


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