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Baftas: Your views
Julie Walters with her Best Actress Award for Murder at the British Academy Television Awards
Ricky Gervais won two Bafta awards on Sunday, repeating his double success of last year with awards for best comedy performance and best sitcom for The Office.

Other winners included Albert Finney, who won best actor for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in The Gathering Storm and Julie Walters, who was awarded the best actress prize for her role in BBC Two's Murder.

Coronation Street won best soap, I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here won the award for best entertainment programme or series whilst The Kumars at Number 42 failed to win anything despite three nominations.

Do you agree with the judges' selection? If not, who do you think should have won?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received

I was surprised at some of the awards - I hadn't heard of half the programs. David Jason is a legend though and he is so modest about his talents which makes him even more appealing. I agree that Ronnie Barker should be a Sir!
Sarah-Jane, UK

A lovely awards ceremony ruined by Anne Robinson
Carys, Britain
A lovely awards ceremony ruined by Anne Robinson, she was cold and harsh and wrecked the whole thing. I have never seen anyone so incompetent at reading autocue. What was wrong with Michael Parkinson? Doesn't he usually do it? I'd rethink your choice before next year if I were you.
Carys, Britain

How on earth did Anne Robinson get to present the Baftas. She was totally wrong for the role, it was embarrassing to watch her. The best part of the show was with David Jason and Ronnie Barker, they are both brilliant. At last the boys were back in town .
Amanda, Wales

Anne Robinson is absolutely hideous and totally funny! I am still cringing from her comments!
Tracey S, London, UK

Can't believe that Kenneth Branagh didn't win best Actor. The two shows he was nominated for showed the breadth of his talent. He was totally believable in both; not as Kenneth Branagh - but as the characters he was portraying. Don't get me wrong (to quote Barry Norman) Albert Finney was good in the Gathering Storm - just not great. How long can the Academy go on ignoring Ken's talent?
Jane, England

The only one showing the least bit of red carpet presence was Minnie Driver
Kelly, UK
Having (unintentionally) been outside the theatre when the "stars" arrived I really must question where the glamour of the awards was. The only one showing the least bit of red carpet presence was Minnie Driver - who's obviously learnt well in Hollywood. Now if only these other "celebrities" could take her lead and just try to look as though they look after themselves...
Kelly, UK

Maybe, just maybe, it would have been worth watching if Anne Robinson was not presenting. I ended up turning her and the programme off.
Ruth Bradley, England

Just had to "get on t'internet"!! How on earth was Peter Kay passed over for an award? There is no justice!!
Jo House, Manchester, UK

Sorry to see Angus lose out on another award - I really hoped he would win. I have seen a different side to Paul Merton and I won't be watching the new series of Have I Got News For You. Good luck Angus!

As for Paul Merton, I don't really see what the fuss is about. As far as I'm concerned the only thing different about him last night was the beard. Anyone who is used to his approach should know that he plays EVERYTHING for laughs. Any self-indulgence is to be expected considering how many times he's been nominated and not won anything in the past. I think his Bafta is very well deserved. He was even kind enough to compliment Anne Robinson on her hosting of Have I Got News For You... even though we all know it wasn't any good!
Tom H, UK

Peter Kay was robbed. Wake up and smell the garlic bread Bafta.
Joanne Crowther, UK

Why is it that the British can't accept differences and can't accept that two people can be brilliant? Ricky Gervais' acting in The Office was simply superb. The Office concept and writing was also absolutely fantastic. The wit sharp as a knife, the cast amazing. Peter Kay is clearly a brilliant comic. Phoenix Nights was ingenious and he was the only prize-giver who held my attention. They're both wonderful and we should be proud of them both, not pitting them against eachother.
Jane, UK

I think the highlight has to have been the reunion of Ronnie Barker and David Jason
Morvyn Finch, UK
I think the highlight has to have been the reunion of Ronnie Barker and David Jason at the end! It was pure magic, and heart-warming to see such a comedy legend as Barker showing he has not lost any of his genius!
Morvyn Finch, UK

I was very happy and moved with David Jason's speech. I'm extremely happy he won the award. And yes Ronnie should be a Sir by now!
Rob Lewis, UK

What were they thinking of when they chose Anne Robinson to do the honours? I'm a fan of such love-ins, shallow as they may be, but I could barely bring myself to watch it when I discovered she was fronting the show. Still, watch it I did and was pretty shocked to see the award for the Soham news team. Good as their coverage may have been, I thought it was pretty insensitive for the families. Having said that, Julie Walters, Ricky Gervais - good on yer!
Mary, England

Did I miss Peter Kay getting his award? Surely he was recognised as the best funny man of all time? He deserves the recognition.
Rita Batstone, UK

I was sad to see that Sarah Parish was not up for a nomination for best actress. Her performances in Cutting It, Unconditional Love and Trust to name a few have been exceptional. The ceremony lacked ambience and was tending towards the boredom side. Best thing was seeing Ronnie Barker who I thought was dead! He did make me laugh.
Camilla, England

Was I imagining it, or were half the women swanning down the red carpet trying to emulate Catherine Zeta Jones, with style of dress and, in some cases, darkening their hair? The agents and stylists have obviously spoken to their "charges" and told them to dress classy, not tarty.
Linda Plant, England

Why do so many people think Ricky Gervais and The Office are so good? He is one of the most unfunny "comedians" and The Office is the least funny programme ever.
Alan, England

Did not see most of it (hooray) but did see Ronnie Barker present David Jason with his award, and have to say I agree with David Jason - should be Sir Ronnie Barker (oh and Sir David Jason as well)!
Shirley, England

The Office was comic genius and deserved the award
Diane, England
Anne Robinson was terrible. I kept having to turn over at the beginning because it was so embarrassing! I agree with David Morris in that Ricky Gervais will struggle with new material, and that Peter Kay will be around for a long time, however The Office was comic genius and deserved the award. As for Ronnie Barker - he is still the governor!
Diane, England

Well done David Jason, we all love you. You are one of the best British actors ever!
Charlene, London

I cannot agree more with the comments regarding Peter Kay. Ricky Gervais hasn't got even half the talent that Peter has. The Office is just one joke stretched over a series while Phoenix Nights and its characters are written to perfection. Peter Kay has more talent in his little finger than Ricky Gervais could ever dream about. I'd like to know who the 'judges' were.
Pauline Burns, West Midlands

Thanks goodness for Ronnie Barker and David Jason, the only sparkle in this pointless programme. The mutual respect as they looked at each other on stage was a real heart-warmer. The rest of the program? Usual drivel, no originality. If there's one person who accurately represents this garbage, it has to be the equally pointless Anne Robinson.
Jay, England

I admire your British television, but your actors; they are so lost without a script, so very embarrassing. Anne Robinson and Ian McKellern's jokes about gay sex were also very inappropriate.
Francoise Delacroix, UK

I was extremely disappointed that clips of many nominated programmes were not shown. The Baftas are supposed to be about celebrating excellence so why not show clips from nominated documentaries. For heaven's sake, which is more deserving of the word 'excellent' - a nominated documentary or television trash such as I'm A Celebrity which is puerile nonsense of the lowest grade? I was unimpressed by both the television coverage of the ceremony and also by the ridiculous categories.
Sarah Sharp, England

David Jason's award was thoroughly deserved and I have to agree with him - it should be Sir Ronnie Barker
Clive, UK
Anne Robinson was dreadful, Spooks winning? Give me strength. Alistair McGowan? Talented guy with rubbish scripts. Move him after the watershed and let him loose. David Jason's award was thoroughly deserved and I have to agree with him - it should be Sir Ronnie Barker. Ronnie was the highlight of the show. Until next year folks!
Clive, UK

I thought it was wrong to include multiple excerpts from the soaps and other programmes that were nominated in more than one category, and to show no clips from the documentaries except for the winning entries. Britain has a very strong reputation for documentary making but that didn't come across from the programme last night. Additionally, nothing would have been lost if Anne Robinson's opening remarks had been heavily edited before transmission.
Margaret Glover, UK

Sorry to say that I have to agree with the general consensus here; Ann Robinson was awful, Paul Merton is a self-obsessed ego-maniac who made me cringe. Good luck to Ricky Gervais and, as usual, Julie Walters impressed. As for the others, who cares?
Penny, Salisbury, UK

What was Anne Robinson doing hosting the Baftas? Apart from being totally unfunny, she made the whole event seem superficial and boring.
Hannah Green, England

Was it just me, or was the 'winner' of best News Coverage in appalling taste? How on earth can the UK's greedy media bombarding a small village overnight, whose inhabitants were undergoing a living nightmare, justify a BAFTA? Why not just ask Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr to come on stage to present the Award? Look forward to next year's breakdown over "The War on Ratings".
Simon, London

I was disappointed that Peter Kay didn't get the recognition he deserves. His humour in Phoenix Nights and during his stand-up routines is second-to-none; yet he never seems to win. The Office was good but I don't believe Ricky Gervais has the same all-round ability as Peter Kay. I suppose it's down to the "North/South divide". I know I much prefer good old fashioned Northern humour any day of the week.
Julia Wright, England

Julia Wright - don't be such a regionist. Both Peter Kay and Ricky Gervais are excellent, but The Office is quite unlike anything seen before. It's clever and it's subtle - just like us Southerners...
Russ, London, UK

Peter Kay was as brilliant as Ricky Gervais and deserved something
Jonathan Lighthill, UK
Most deserved their awards. However Peter Kay was as brilliant as Ricky Gervais and deserved something, and Kenneth Branagh should have won for Conspiracy/Shackleton. What was this Foyle's War thing? How can you compare Corrie and Eastenders, on 4/5, times a week to a drama of four episodes? Oh well - just shows that the public are strange sometimes!
Jonathan Lighthill, UK

While Gervais et al were a class act; Peter Kay surely deserved recognition for the excellent Phoenix Nights.
S P S, Lincoln, UK

Lovely to see Ronnie Barker - what a great guy.
Cathy, UK

Paul Merton has made a mistake taking swipes at Angus Deayton. Not everybody watched Have I Got News For You to see Paul and Ian and their guests. Some viewers liked Angus, although Paul would prefer this not to be the case. He comes across as campaigning to persuade everyone to share his view of Angus. What's happened to viewing figures since Angus left? The stand in hosts just made it obvious that Angus was difficult to replace. Paul has shown another side to his character. I don't like him so much now. I'll not be watching the next series.
Debbie Davies, UK

Don't go in for award shows at all, and now I know why. I saw the presentation to the news crew who covered the Soham tragedy and my gut feeling told me that to honour this was wholly inappropriate - I was shocked. I just hope that the parents were not affected by it.
Tracey, Manchester, UK

Did anyone notice how Anne Robinson could hardly read her autocue? It was so painful to watch her squinting at the words. Loved the beginning, with Anne trying to be funny and the painful looks of shock from the audience as they listened on. Overall the luvvies were out in force Mr Jason; what would Del Boy have said about that crying and back slapping mange tout mange tout.
Lara McNamee, UK

Kenneth Branagh really deserved to win for two such wonderful and stirring performances.
Gina, UK

Why were no clips shown of the nominees for the Flaherty Documentary Award? Some of us are as interested, if not more so, in documentary quality as in entertainment. If the awards are only for soaps, comedy and entertainment, then why bother to even have a documentary award? It must be soul-tiring to work so hard on a documentary and then have the moment edited to a few seconds and almost ignored.
Laura, Scotland

Why put jokes into the script when the presenters will read them off the autocue so incompetently it's embarrassing?
Casey, UK
Why put jokes into the script when the presenters will read them off the autocue so incompetently it's embarrassing? As a television show it was unpolished, unrehearsed and felt utterly loose and shambolic. Sorry, but no Baftas deserved for Anne and the team.
Casey, UK

How Peter Kay and Phoenix nights did not pick up any award is a total injustice. IT'S SPITTING!
Steve McNally, Wales

Bad points; whose idea was it to get Anne Robinson to present it? I thought at first that it was just a poor script but actually I think it was a good script that she made bad. She has many talents. but comedic delivery and seamless autocue reading are not amongst them. Good points; David Jason.
Joanne Sly, England

When will the outstanding talent of Peter Kay get the recognition he deserves, Ricky Gervais isn't in the same class!
Julia Wright, England

If the Baftas are supposed to show the best of British television why did they only show the clips of the nominees in the soaps / comedies etc categories and not in the documentary categories? Are they really only interested in celebs and not in serious programmes? How disappointing!
Susie, England

Well done to Ricky Gervais; The Office was undoubtedly very funny. Now let's see if he can do anything other than be David Brent. Peter Kay won nothing, yet I believe he will still be around long after Gervais has had his moment of glory. Kay has the depth and range of talent to be one of the all-time comedy greats. Gervais on the other hand is a one trick pony albeit a very funny trick.
David Morris, England

The award for best actress was richly deserved by Julie Walters - that was an electrifying performance.
A. Legge, UK

I am glad The Office won; it's the best comedy we have had for years.
Nick, Wales

Ricky Gervais was just as funny in his "Meet..." series and the Eleven O'Clock Show. However, I don't think a judge would be left on the panel for long, if he or she were to award a Bafta to something so offensive. More's the pity.
Toby, UK

I don't really give two hoots who won what as, aside from the award voted for by the audience (which refreshingly didn't go to a soap), it's all a lot of industry insiders slapping each other on the back. I mean Alistair McGowan's Big Impression won the best comedy programme - he's about as funny as root canal work! The whole thing lacked any kind of atmosphere and was utterly dull from start to finish.
Becs, London

Sad to see Paul Merton picking up the award instead of Angus
Nicola, UK
Sad to see Paul Merton picking up the award instead of Angus. Paul has emerged as a bitter egotist, in what appears to have been a popularity contest on Have I Got News For You. His appearance on Parkinson the night before really changed my opinion of him. Good luck to Angus on finding an alternative vehicle for his undoubted talent. I will not be watching Have I Got News For You in future.
Nicola, UK

Anne Robinson was spectacularly inept at presenting this show. As for the awards, no big surprises, especially David Jason getting the award for being David Jason. Luvvies, backslapping, shameless self-promotion, the usual appearance by the usual suspects. What a total waste of air time.
Charles, England

I thought Anne Robinson was totally out of her depth. She's just not funny at all and couldn't hold the whole thing together.
Marianthi, UK

I was disappointed to see that Kenneth Branagh didn't receive an award. His performance in Conspiracy was superlative.
A. Galloway, Scotland

Gervais triumphs at Baftas
13 Apr 03  |  Entertainment

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