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Last Updated: Monday, 14 April, 2003, 08:30 GMT 09:30 UK
Is it right to ground Concorde?
Concorde is to be grounded permanently more than three decades after the dawn of luxury commercial flight.

British Airways and Air France announced that they would be halting all flights of the supersonic airliners from autumn.

Concorde has been beset by repeated safety problems, while passenger numbers have never recovered since the Air France crash near Paris in 2000.

What are your views on the end of Concorde flights? Is supersonic flight a thing of the past? What impact will this have on future aviation development?

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

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It would seem that the cost of supersonic transport is not feasible in today's air travel economy. Naturally, the fleet should be able to sustain itself. Of course I would still like the option to be able to travel such long distances in less time, but of course I could not afford the price of a ticket anyway.
Giuseppe Romani, Roma, Italia

It is a shame so see this fabulous technological break-through grounded, but supersonic flight is too risky if the hardware is no-longer up to the job. I hope that a replacement aircraft is designed and built using more modern and much safer science/technology as I firmly believe that this is not the end of the supersonic passenger aircraft.
Isen, UK

The Concorde should not be grounded. I am sure that what ever problems exist can be corrected. Other airlines have had problems far worse and have recovered. Stay with it. For every problem there is a solution.
Howard Liverpool, USA

Concorde is the living example of what French and English can do when they work together
Romain, France
Concorde is the living example of what French and English can do when they work together the same way. More than a thing from the past, Concorde has been one of the starting point of Airbus that is, now, the word leader of airliners manufacturing. So even if I am sad to do not see her flying anymore, I am glad and proud to know that there is a part of her spirit in each Airbus flying over the word.
Romain, France

Supersonic flight, space travel, fusion power. All seemed so achievable in the 70's but now seem like impossible dreams. What is left to inspire the young?
Geoff, UK

Concord certainly is old, but shamefully we haven't built a passenger aircraft that can cross the Atlantic as fast since, so I say keep it going until we do! If the French didn't spend so much of their time moaning about the war and other forms of British beef, we might be able to put our heads together and come up with something better!
Lawrence Brown, UK

Yes, but not stop. Make another designer plane, without the bang of the supersonic boom, to make it more marketable, and cost worthy, to be allowed to land in other countries, at super fast time. Make a world plane, and cost effective. Fran Williamson England
Fran Williamson, Tees side England

Sad as it is to see Concorde go you have to put safety first
Lynne, Scotland
Well I think it is the right thing to do, sad as it is to see Concorde go you have to put safety first and it has been hit by safety problems after that terrible accident - I think Concorde should have been retired then. Safety must come first.
Lynne, Scotland

This is very sad news, I liked Concorde very much. However, as the two great nations, the British and the French seem to be so divided now, isn't it a right time to find a new idea which could bring them again working together, for the common and world's benefit? What about Concorde II?
Maciej Janowicz, Poland, currently Germany

I think that the Concorde is a very good aircraft with enormous potential but it is a dangerous aircraft and should stop from being able to flown. Also, I think that it is a little bit too expensive to go on.
Ben Nicholls, England

It's good to see an example of envelope-pushing technological progress being rejected as of little use to mankind, especially in a world where communication has taken on a stress-inducing urgency demanding immediate response. Technology delivers, sometimes.
Steve B, Scotland

I think grounding Concorde is a very big mistake. Maybe if the world was not so paranoid about terrorists' threats the plane would fill its seats. I mean in 30 years it has had one crash, which was not the plane's fault. How many 747s or 737s have falling out of the sky? Yet everyone still flies them.
Dean Durand, Uxbridge

My wife and I have friends that live on Concorde's flight path. At a little after six each evening she goes overhead. Yes, she's noisy but, God, she's beautiful. Our friends still dream of being passengers, one day, and will miss their nightly fly-past. On a different note, am I the only one who thinks it is sheer spite that makes BA refuse to sell Concorde to Virgin?
G Tully, UK

Long live Concorde!
Detroit, Michigan, USA
I was fortunate to see the Concorde SSC aircraft (British Airways and Air France) at Washington Dulles Airport some 25 years ago. For roughly 100 million (US $200 million) it was not just a piece of machinery but a technical leap of what man kind can do. Unfortunately, its age is against the fleet. The cost of keeping these aircraft in the sky is now astronomical, like the old Cunards Queen Mary and Elizabeth. The upkeep and, operating cost outweigh the benefits. May Concorde live on in legend like the old Cunard ships. Long live Concorde!
Arthur John Boyko, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Perhaps now Airbus or Boeing will go to the drawing board and give the world a more modern, hi-tech, pollution free and more economical "fly by wire" wide body aircraft, capable of equal or similar speeds. There's clearly a demand for faster flights over longer distances at more affordable prices and for more people.
Steve Davis, Canada

Concorde is a symbol of Anglo-French engineering and partnership excellence. It marked the biggest breakthrough in aviation for 50 years and marked aviation's future for another 50 years. No aeroplane on earth turns heads like Concorde, and with it demise no aeroplane ever will. It was a symbol of aviation brilliance and a conquest of the near impossible. That standing will be lost if it is left to rust in museums or the humility of freaky pleasure flights.
Butty, Maldon, UK

Concorde's time has come and I hope now we will remember the aircraft with affection and not rancour. The greatest measure of what a great aeroplane this was comes in the fact that so many other countries were so envious of France and Britain.
Richard, Italy

It's the correct decision
Stacey Turner, UK (ex-US)
Given the recent safety issues with the Concorde and the economic problems plaguing both BA and Air France, it's the correct decision. You should not operate a prestige aircraft at a loss while risking the safety of its passengers. It's bad business...and what's more, it's not ethical. I'm sorry to see it go, but it's time to retire it.
Stacey Turner, UK (ex-US)

Having read all the comments here there is not muck more I can say, except if it has to be grounded it should never be scrapped. The planes should be sent to museums all over the world for all to marvel at.
P. Jones, Australia

I find it hard to understand what all the fuss is about. We complain like crazy about the cost of air travel and then complain again when BA and Air France decide to take Concorde out of service when it's not paying its way. It's hugely noisy and consumes vast amounts of fuel. OK it was kind of cool to look at (except if it flew over your house when you were trying to get your kids to sleep) but flying in it actually wasn't all it was cracked up to be - it was pretty cramped and if you can afford 8k for a ticket then - let's face it - a free glass of Krug and some Beluga aren't really that big of a deal.
Robin Johnston, London, England

Concorde is and always will be a symbol of great pride
Andy Wright, Canada
The outpouring of emotion and largely positive comments following this announcement really says it all. Concorde is and always will be a symbol of great pride, technological achievement and inspiration. Whether you were involved with its development, watched it from afar or were lucky enough to have flown in it, you cannot help but be awe-struck by its beauty and capability.
Andy Wright, Canada

Concorde is the Lambourghini, Maserati, Porsche of the sky. We all aspire to those luxuries that we can't yet afford. We don't scrap the sports cars because only a handful of wealthy people buy one. Please don't take the dream of flying on Concorde away from those still striving to 'FLY'.
Wendy Davenport, Hatfield, UK

The Concorde is a machine. When a machine has lost its value, economically, it is discarded. I do not believe that great nations, such as the UK and France, need to display an aging machine as a symbol of their technological greatness.
Joseph Mercvieca, USA

How sad. Now BA and Air France are no different than all the other airlines. Concorde's cachet was priceless. God save us from the economists. If they ever take over the world, it's going to be a very bleak place indeed!
Bruce Greenshields, USA

The truly sad thing about the end of Concorde is that like royalty and the aristocracy, it's time will never come again
Jorge Abellas, USA
The truly sad thing about the end of Concorde is that like royalty and the aristocracy, it's time will never come again. Sure, we will have supersonic airliners that will eclipse Concorde's performance, but it belongs to an era when technology riding on the coattails of geopolitical strife brought us the innocent beauty of the moon landings. All of us that have hope for technology to be the saviour of mankind's soul will miss the graceful shape of a Concorde at speed.
Jorge Abellas, USA

Concorde was visionary glimpse of the future possibilities of super sonic travel. Now, with it's retirement, I can't help but think that the future seems further away today. Yes it was noisy, yes it was costly - but it was beautiful to watch as it soared across the skies. A futuristic epitome of sheer unreserved power and gracefulness.
Duncan, Reading, UK

To say that Concorde is '1950s' engineering, as some do, is simply absurd. When the project started, much of the required technology simply didn't exist - it had to be developed. It was, quite possibly, the most innovative aircraft ever developed, and certainly the safest and most efficient supersonic aircraft ever made. Yes, we could so some things better now - the sad thing is that nobody is going to.
Steve, UK

The greatest machine man has ever made. I saw it one when I travelled to Heathrow some years ago - and was totally amazed. 'I must try to travel on it one day', I vowed to myself. Sad enough, sometimes technology are incompatible with business.
Derek Lee, Hong Kong

In the world of today, where cutting corners is widespread, the grounding of the Concorde serves as a standout in this increasingly stingy society. We cut corners here and there, for what? If we ground the Concorde we will lose the dreams of the children that hope someday to fly in it. We also lose the most exquisite piece of aeronautical technology to date. In the end we loose part of our heritage. If we continue to cut corners in our society in order to save money we will end up having nothing of sentimental or moral importance.
Guillermo C., Florida, US

It may be a dinosaur and it does pollute, but to lose such a lady will be very sad. I was working for Glos. County Council at Fairfield when the original test flights were carried out and spent hours watching her doing circuits whilst I was working. She must not be lost forever. Every airline needs a flagship and this is the best there is. BA and Air France have priced Concorde out of the sky. Shame on them.
Ray Adams, Brazil

Right or wrong has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, if it can't turn a profit - it won't fly
Joseph Esposito, USA
Right or wrong has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, if it can't turn a profit - it won't fly. It's a beautiful bird, and I see it come to Kennedy Airport everyday. I'll miss it.
Joseph Esposito, USA

Living very close to Heathrow, I have always loved the sound of Concorde as it flew over my house. I am sad that I will no longer be able to look out of my kitchen window and see the graceful jet go by. Another national treasure down the drain. I'm lost for words.
Emma, England

In 1969 when I was at primary school in my home city of Bristol, we were taken by bus to Filton Airport to watch the maiden flight of Concorde prototype 002. To this day I remember the awesome roar as she tore down the runway and shot into the sky. It was just about the most exciting thing a 10 year-old boy could ever want to see. And the test pilot Brian Trubshaw was a super hero in our eyes. It will be sad to see her go and it is even sadder that we have not developed the technology. Concorde would make a brilliant Royal Air Force One.
Chris Klein, UK

About time they scrapped that flying contraption. Let's face it; the Concorde was a beautiful looking bucket of assembled bolts. Good riddance!
David Dutra, Arizona USA

It's about time - the Concorde, although a magnificent aeroplane, is based on late 50's technology (slightly updated along the way). Most other aeroplanes designed in the 50's are long since out of service in the leading airlines of the world.
Nigel Pond, Brit living in the USA

Please don't take away our Concorde! Her place in the hearts of the British people was demonstrated by that fantastic flypast with the Red Arrows over London for the Golden Jubilee. It brought tears to my eyes. A 747 would not have been the same!
Jo, UK

Concorde's noise pollution should never have been allowed in the first place. A cost many had to endure for the privileged few. The grounding is long overdue, but very welcome. Ex-resident of Heathrow flight path.
Fiona Summers, UK

I feel saddened that this symbol of our air supremacy will be lost forever
Patrick Dalton, UK
Waiting to board a 747 to New York at Heathrow last year, I noticed that Concorde was parked at the adjacent gate. I stared longingly at it and slowly realised that almost every passenger in the queue and in the entire gate lounge was mesmerised by its unique beauty, its mystical quality, its sleek and irreplaceable style. Now I feel saddened that this symbol of our air supremacy will be lost forever. I challenge all those "mockers" of this gorgeous bird to turn down a journey so high and so fast that you see the curve of the earth, you chase the shadow of the sun and you arrive before you left. RIP Concorde!
Patrick Dalton, UK

Of course it's right to ground the thing. It was the bane of so many people's existence. You won't hear many complaints from people who live near Heathrow or under its flight path. You could set your watch by that irritating sonic boom. Good riddance, I say.
David, UK

Of course Concorde should be grounded. They are very old planes that have been falling apart for many years - spare parts are no longer manufactured making them unfeasibly expensive to maintain. The last time I saw the cockpit of one Concorde it was fixed together with bits of tape and glue - obviously it was safe to do this on non-important parts, but there's only so much you can do this before putting passengers at risk. Also, Concorde uses a vast amount of fuel - it uses the same amount of fuel taxing to the runway as the 777 uses flying to New York! Development will continue along the lines of making a safer and more fuel efficient aircraft.
Lisa, UK

It is sad to see such a marvellous work of art and source of national pride come to an end, but it's also nice to see it finish at the top of its game. Whether or not you could afford a flight on one, it was a thrill to just to look at and hopefully this historical legacy will inspire us to cooperate internationally on more projects in the spirit of Concorde.
Frank Dodd, UK

This is absolutely disgusting: one of the last symbols of British pride, technology and power is pulled down. Let's hope Mr Branson is watching closely and is already putting together a package to bring the most beloved aircraft ever to enter service over to Virgin Atlantic.
Andrew White, Virginia, USA

I can't think of a better bit of marketing on the part of Air France and British Airways, than to threaten to retire their flagship
James, UK
It is sad that such a magnificent engineering feat should retire. I would like to have seen it retire of old age (fatigue) which is the eventual fate of all aircraft, if the economics don't get them first. What is really sad however is that the worlds engineers never got the chance to learn the lessons that Concorde taught. Concorde was an economic and environmental nightmare, so let's forget everything we learnt and balance the books? On a more cynical note (well I am an Aerospace Engineer), I can't think of a better bit of marketing on the part of Air France and British Airways, than to threaten to retire their flagship.
James, UK

This is another prime example of a brilliant idea just going to waste. Concorde will go the way of so many brilliant British inventions and ideas. I do hope that France continue to fly the French Concorde fleet for many years.
Steve G, Newcastle - Tyne & Wear

This was a typical European government boondoggle whose only value was to boost national ego at enormous expense to ordinary taxpayers most of whom never flew on it. Its noise, inefficiency, and pollution made a mockery of European calls for the United States to conform to the Kyoto protocol. A monument to hypocrisy, uselessness and stupidity.
Mark, USA

In my opinion, whatever it costs "Concorde" should be kept. It is now part of our great heritage and if the price of tickets were reduced then more people would be able to afford to use it. The main fact of business is that you sell more if you are more competitive in the prices you charge. By charging so much per flight B.A. have taken themselves out of the market, I live just three miles from Heathrow and even now every time she goes overhead it turns everyone's head towards the sky. Please B.A; keep on flying the flag.
Phil Shane, England

The plane epitomises the aspirations of those who dared to dream
Shahed, United Kingdom
The Concorde is one of the lasting legacies of the Space Age. The plane epitomises the aspirations of those who dared to dream. With technological advances in communications, there is less need for people to travel quickly to the other end of the world on business, thanks to video-conferencing and e-commerce. But still she'll be missed.
Shahed, United Kingdom

A sad day with an up side - I have always admired Concorde but have never been able to afford a trip on it, but thanks to its demise I can now afford a one way trip to New York. I have made a booking and can not wait, behaving like my four year old on Christmas Eve.
Owen Price, UK

Concorde is not only the most beautiful aircraft ever to grace the skies but on its launch it also represented such a huge advance in the technology of its time - back then the rest of the modern world was producing things like the Austin Allegro.
Ian W, UK

In my opinion it is an absolute travesty that British Airways and Air France have decided to decommission the Concorde. As a pilot I think it is safe to say that many of the top airlines in the world have very beautiful aircraft, such as the Boeing and Airbus range of aircrafts. However Concorde was unique to British Airways and Air France and also the only supersonic aircraft in service. I fear that British Airways has decided to get ride of an aircraft which made their fleet a cut above the rest.
Jonathan, Australia

Concorde was one of the things that was done when optimism ruled
Phil Hewitt, UK
Concorde was one of the things that was done when optimism ruled. Building a supersonic plane and landing on the moon were emblems of a time when anything was thought possible. Now pessimism rules and Concorde dies. How very, very sad.
Phil Hewitt, UK

One of my favourite authors wrote that as a child he always knew he'd live to see the first man walk on the moon, but he never imagined he'd see the last. Well, I never imagined the day would come when the last Concorde would come in overhead to its final landing.
Fletcher Cargill, France

Do not take this away from us. I have read that it should be our Air Force 1 and I agree. It is something that Britain and France have to be proud of, such elegance and beauty in the sky should not be grounded and destroyed. They are so unique and will never pass their sell by date, ever. They are timeless.
Nina, UK

I live in Reading, not too far from Heathrow Airport, and I shall be very glad not to have that terrible roar overhead every day. It is so loud that it's impossible carry on a conversation while it passes over. Noise pollution, air pollution and a status symbol for those with too much money - good riddance to it.
Gill Gough, UK

It is a truly a sad day for British and French aviation. I can not believe that these national carriers would ground their flagship aircraft. I would have loved to fly Concord, but as I am a student, the chance of me getting enough money to afford a ticket by October is very unlikely. On a side not, I agree with JT Walshe and Tom Powel, that any other aircraft probably would have suffered similar damage with runway debris as the Air France crash is Paris in 2000.
CA Veerappan, UK

It was killed off by petty jealousy and political motives
Peter, UK
The chances of us ever making something so historically significant again are very small. It was killed off by petty jealousy and the political motives of our closest ally. If it had been built by Boeing or Lockheed there would have been a thousand of them flying, and now we would have had Concorde Version 3 by now!
Peter, UK

One more thing to remove from the "When I'm rich I'll..." list. Shame.
Anton, UK

We have not seen the last of supersonic passenger aircraft - I feel sure that someone, somewhere will create such an aircraft in the future.
Jonathan, UK

Perhaps the most beautiful thing man has ever made.
Adam, UK

Concorde was always such a status symbol - you really knew that you had made it if you could afford to fly Concorde.
Emma, UK

Concorde is timeless style and national pride
Andrew Manahan, UK
To see Tony Blair turning up for conferences in Concorde even gave me (an Irishman) a sense of pride. What a shame it is coming to an end. Could the RAF not take over the fleet - maintain them properly and use them as an Air Force One? It would be money much better spent than on obsolescent items such as Nimrod or Phoenix which were both out of date when they came into service. Concorde is timeless style and national pride. Come on UK don't let it die - you have a lot to be proud of - especially recently.
Andrew Manahan, UK

Oh dear, I only have a few months to save up the money to fly Concorde! It's always been a dream to fly on this plane, to be able to see planet earth from much higher than normally! Let alone travelling much faster than by any other means! Guess I'll have to wait until I can book a flight on a space shuttle. I will definitely miss the roaring sound of Concorde's engines over our house near Henley-on-Thames! Such a beautiful sight too!
Werner, UK

The real significance and worth of Concorde lies not with the few lucky, overpaid passengers who got to fly very quickly, but in the technological mastery that was developed for it. Without Concorde, there would probably have been no Airbus. Concorde technology lives on in aircrafts carrying thousands of ordinary passengers every day. The accountants who denounce Concorde have no way of seeing this, and yet it justifies the investment that Concorde represented many times over.
Steve, UK

It's a dinosaur which rightly belongs in a museum
Roger Higman, Friends of the Earth Transport Campaigner, England
Concorde is a massive polluter. It's a dinosaur which rightly belongs in a museum. We are delighted that it is being withdrawn from service. The aviation industry must learn from its demise and invest in aircraft that are quieter, less polluting and use less fuel per passenger mile.
Roger Higman, Friends of the Earth Transport Campaigner, England

I can't quite see the logic of grounding it forever. If sales are falling, why not lower ticket prices so that the many people who would dearly love to fly on it can achieve their ambition? Ticket sales rise, hence more money for Concorde maintenance, and the development of a successor?
Mark Jones, UK

I had always wanted to travel on Concorde and last year I got my wish. It was superb and I would dearly love to do it again but also it seems that it is unlikely now, unless I could do it before October when it ends. It was such a great experience to have travelled on Concorde and arrive in New York at a time before I left London. The crew were superb as so was the food. Please let's hope somebody can stand in and stop this beautiful bird from being pulled out of service.
Jackie Rudd, UK

It's "So Long" and "Au Revoir" to the beautiful lady of the sky. It will be a very long time until we see a flight of such grace and such beauty again. And of course - such enormous power!
Craig D, Australia

The world seemed to be a much smaller place after flying on Concorde
John, Germany
I was lucky enough to fly to New York on Concorde in 1987 due to fog and a quirk of fate that got me an upgrade. It was an experience that I will never forget despite the fact that I spend a lot of my time travelling. The world seemed to be a much smaller place after the experience. Concorde is the closest thing we have built that comes close to being a time machine!
John, Germany

I flew Concorde last week for the first time and hoped it would not be my last. Alas, reality bites. Thanks for the memory.
Ross, Australia

The thundering sound from those Rolls Royce Snecma Olympus engines will be sorely missed! The media reported on all Concorde incidents to their utmost granularity, which has lead to its demise, putting people off flying on it. Only last week my 747-400 flight to Bangkok had a wing flap torn off. No one reported that!
Evan Jones, UK

It's an absolute pleasure to see the majestic machine fly down the coast
Mike Newton, Barbados
I'm working out in Barbados for a couple of years and every Saturday morning the Concorde flies into the island and week in week out it's an absolute pleasure to see the majestic machine fly down the coast into Grantley Adams International! People stop and stare in amazement all over the island. A sad day indeed with the decision to permanently ground her! She'll be sorely missed by all
Mike Newton, Barbados

As a child I loved watching Concorde from my grandparents' house in Richmond. Also fond memories of childhood trips to Duxford and being able to walk through one of the test planes. If BA needs somewhere to store a Concorde, they are welcome to park one in my garden so that my children can enjoy the sight too.
Rob, Belgium

As someone else noted, "a beautiful sight in the air". Not only that but it seems to be alive when its nose is lowered when taking off and landing as if it's able to see. I watched in awe as a kid at the test flights and at air shows like Yeovilton in the 70s. So sad!
Peter Metcalfe, Australia

It is sad to hear but deep down we knew that this day would come just like the DC-3 and 707. I will always remember Concorde flying out of Dulles Airport in Virginia. It was always a beautiful sight.
Bruce C Keener, USA

It is an awesome experience to wait at the end of a Heathrow runway as she roars 100 feet over your head
Greg, UK
When I was living in New York the proudest moment was when Concorde landed, it was the one thing they didn't have and the Americans knew it. It is a wondrous sight and to all those (yes you know who you are for I am also one) who have waited at the end of a Heathrow runway as she roared 100 feet over your head, it is an awesome experience. She will be sadly missed.
Greg, UK

It is impossible to see how any other aircraft could have survived the failure of the Air France Concorde. However the press appear to have finally killed off Concorde by reporting every fault that has occurred, however minor. Most aircraft suffer these problems everyday, however with Concorde it is apparently deemed newsworthy.
J T Walshe, UK

A sad day. I worked on her as an engineer in the 80s, and I just wanted to recognise the fantastic people involved in Concorde, and their pride in this wonderful aircraft. Thanks for the memories.
Dave, England

I have always thought the Concorde was awesome. I have seen it many times flying into JFK. I wish they would keep the route open, even if it only flew twice a week on the London/JFK route.
Dalo, USA

It's tragic and should not be allowed to happen; it's a piece of beautiful engineering. If the prices were permanently low - within reach of ordinary people -more would have used it. It was one of the things I wanted to do but will now not be able to.
Linda Llott, UK

Have flown Concorde several times over the years, and it is a time saver that cannot be done without. It allows an early morning meeting in London followed by a whole days work in NY, or conversely a whole day in London followed by home in time for supper in NY. On the return, it allows an arrival in London for supper, or time to have a morning meeting in NY and still be home in London the same day. No other aircraft or schedule can manage this. I suggest that BA reduce the cost and implement a twice a day service ASAP, rather than ground it due to lack of interest. The ticketing should be brought more into line with Business class fares, with perhaps a ?500-1000 premium for using Concorde. BA; please do not ground your flagship so soon.
Aaron Hampton, UK

It was never acceptable that a handful of selfish people should waste so much fuel and create such horrendous noise pollution
John Johnson, UK
I'm so glad that Concorde is finished. It was never acceptable that a handful of selfish people should waste so much fuel and create such horrendous noise pollution. As long distance air travel becomes more affordable, passengers will become increasingly concerned with comfort and safety, rather than speed - if they are not scared off by the threat of terrorism.
John Johnson, UK

The void in the air travel market left by the removal of Concorde will be larger then many can imagine. I believe, in time she will be replaced in some form or another, but her grace, elegance and legacy will never be replaced or forgotten.
Phil M, England

Despite the oft repeated comments about Concorde's mechanical problems, it is worth noting that no passenger has ever died or been injured as a result. The Paris crash was, after all, the result of runway debris: the resulting damage was catastrophic, but how many other aircraft types might have also been fatally damaged in the same circumstances?
Tom Powell, UK

What a disappointing day in aviation history
Tony Mancini, UK
Many Sunday mornings, my young sons and I pop up to the visitors centre at Heathrow, just to see this fantastic bird take off at 10:30am. It is a marvel every time. What a disappointing day in aviation history. No other aircraft comes close to seeing Concorde. Let's hope they let her go out in style.
Tony Mancini, UK

A sad day indeed. Luckily enough my wife and I used seven years worth of BA air miles to fly to New York last year. All miles eaten up in just 3 1/2 hours - there's simply no other way to travel.
Alexander Clay, Switzerland

Being involved in the aircraft industry you come to appreciate great engineering. Concorde still amazes me in terms of the technological achievement that this country made so long ago. It really is a marvel and the background to the development of this aircraft is a historic story. It will always be known as the ultimate form of travel.
Wayne H Lucas, UK

I lived in Swindon under the westbound flight path for 17 years and never tired from trying to spot Concorde in the sky when that signature engine sound was heard. It was my greatest thrill and delight when I did actually have an opportunity to fly on one.
Cindy Mitchell-Clark, Allen Texas USA

It's like another part of my youth fading away
Frederic Lagoanere, France
As a teen, I went to Bristol in 1977 in a student exchange program. The father of the family I lived with then worked in aircraft maintenance at Bristol Airport, and he took us to watch the trials of one of your Concordes. What a thrill, I have never forgotten it. For me it's a sad thing to see it go, like another part of my youth fading away, but I suppose it's the common lot. So farewell, Concorde, you have been a beautiful dream.
Frederic Lagoanere, France

She may be gone for now! But all good things come back into fashion.
Dave, England

When you realise that nothing else since has equalled or bettered Concorde's technology in civilian aviation, it just proves that the engineers and designers of this wonderful craft were many years ahead of their time!
Darren Parmenter, Spain

It has a total mystique for the 99% of the population who have never experienced it
Antony Lupton, England
I'm just sad that it's looking like I'll never have the opportunity to fulfil a dream and travel on Concorde before it is retired. It's so much more than just an aeroplane - it has a total mystique for the 99% of the population who have never experienced it.
Antony Lupton, England

Concorde's demise will only open the market for a new form of supersonic travel to be developed. The ability to be able to board a plane in the morning in London and step out onto the streets of New York before lunchtime is something most people dream of and few have done. Now Concorde has left our skies, it won't be long until America builds and brings into service its own version. But we still did it first.
Jon, UK

I don't think I'm alone when I say that this upsets me because I'd always wanted to fly Concorde at least once.
Andrew B Davidson, Australia

Ending Concorde's reckless pollution of the skies is a good thing
Chris, UK
Concorde belongs in the museums that celebrate amazing engineering achievements. Now that we better understand the impact that man has on the world, ending Concorde's reckless pollution of the skies is a good thing.
Chris, UK

No more sonic boom over Reading then!
Al, UK

This is just another sad example of how we in this country have been slipping backwards where technology is concerned. Concorde is by far the most beautiful commercial aeroplane to grace our skies, and it will be a sad day to see her fly no more. I'd always hoped Concorde would be replaced with something better. There is nothing better. It's very sad. Can't BA donate a few to the Red Arrows to bring out on special occasions, rather than just shove them in museums to rot?
Antony Shepherd, UK

I will sadly miss my run to the window or trip into the garden to see her pass overhead
Mike Eckhoff, England
I am devastated! I live in Reading, and go and watch as she flies overhead when taking off, and when she comes this way to land. I have dreamed of being a passenger, but sadly cannot afford to be one. She is the most beautiful airliner ever to fly, and I will sadly miss my run to the window or trip into the garden to see her pass overhead.
Mike Eckhoff, England

It's a great shame. Especially as so much was spent on safety modifications following the crash! Certainly at least one should be kept airworthy if only to appear at airshows etc.
Jack Norfolk, England

I will miss the boom as it flies past my house at ten to five in the evening
Paul Johnson, Richmond upon Thames, Surrey, UK

Smelly, expensive, totally unnecessary, but a beautiful sight in the air
Jo, UK
I was so sad to hear of the end of Concorde. This iconic aircraft may have been smelly, expensive, dirty and totally unnecessary, but she was a beautiful sight in the air, and seemed to stand for all that was good about Britain (and France of course!). Although I never had the privilege of flying on her, I always got so excited when I saw Concorde on the ground at Heathrow, looking longingly out of the window of my lesser aircraft. She will be sadly missed - it's the end of an era.
Jo, UK

I think today is a sad day for aviation. Concorde is one of the best ever aircraft to fly and is the only aircraft to travel twice the speed of sound. The crash at Paris in July 2000 was a huge tragedy but I don't think that Concorde should be retired. But since the decision has been made by BA and Air France, I say goodbye to a great aircraft.
Gavin McAllister, Ireland

This is more than the grounding of a plane. It is the changing of a lifestyle. A realisation that money cannot be spent without good justification. However what goes around comes around and luxury flights will return but this time, higher and faster. I'd give it 10 years.
Jason, England

It highlights just how little progress has been made in civil aviation over the past three decades
Dan, UK
It's unbelievable that something that first flew 34 years ago can be still peerless today. The demise of these beautiful aircraft highlight just how little progress has been made in civil aviation over the past three decades.
Dan, UK

It's hardly surprising that Concorde is not profitable, given the amount of negative publicity that it receives from the BBC and other media outlets.
Ray, UK

A sad day indeed when the last Concorde flies. The BA flights will now be full until then!
Peter Smith, UK

A sad day for the national pride of the engineering classes
Tom Sheppard, UK
When Britannia was mothballed, friends remarked 'we still have Concorde'. This is a sad day for the national pride of the engineering classes. It would be a shame if funds were not found to maintain one aircraft in airworthy condition. Surely this is the purpose of the national lottery heritage fund.
Tom Sheppard, UK

I agree with Tom, a sad day for Britain and its engineers. My father worked for Rolls Royce for over 30 years and did a lot of work on the Olympus engine. It may have been noisy and very eco-unfriendly but what a machine!
Ian, UK

Maybe EasyJet or Virgin Atlantic should snap up the aircraft and operate them - that would be interesting!
Glenn Payne, UK

This is sad news for aviation and sad news for engineering as a whole. This was a perfect example of what outstanding accomplishments we are capable of when we collaborate effectively.
Paul Johnson, UK


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