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Edwin Starr: Your tributes
Edwin Starr as guest vocalist with the Cookie Crew performing the song Got to Keep On on Top of the Pops.
Soul legend Edwin Starr has died at the age of 61.

The American had lived in the UK for many years and is thought to have died of a heart attack at his home near Nottingham.

He was best-known for his hit War and rock star Suzi Quatro has led the tributes by saying he was the best live performer.

What is your reaction to the news? Did you see Starr on stage? Does his music have special memories for you?

Thank you for your tributes to Edwin Starr. Read a selection of your comments below.

I remember sneaking into the Palais with my friends about 1969, we were only 13 and you were meant to be 16! Edwin Starr was on stage - a real live Motown legend in Nottingham! Only a few weeks ago we were still dancing to 25 Miles at his live concert in Beeston. The word star is overused today. But with Edwin Starr, it was a title he richly deserved.
Wanda Georgiades, UK

I met Edwin in the early 70s; he had just finished an amazing set at a club in Birmingham. He was a very modest, self-effacing man. SOS, Headline News and especially Backstreets are songs that will live forever, particularly in the heart of anyone who understands soul.
Andrew Fawcett, UK

Used so many of his lines, writing cards to girlfriends
Ian Smith, UK
25 miles started me on the soul road when I was a teen in the navy, and that song reminds me of all those glitzy discos in Hong Kong at the time. Danced with him on stage in Portsmouth 1969 or 70. Used so many of his lines, writing cards to girlfriends - the best one - you light me up like a Christmas tree - got me a wife!! He was one of those guys whose music kept you going through those long empty nights that we all have. Cheers Ed.
Ian Smith, UK

I saw Edwin Starr perform on Jools Holland's program and got an inkling of what a live performer he was. His soul classics sound better every year, and knowing that a live performance made them even better is astonishing. He leaves the world a better place for having lived, and not many can say that. Many condolences to his family.
Guy, UK

They should re-release War as a tribute to this fine artist and as a reflection on the current world situation.
Mark, UK

SOS is one of my all time favourite soul tunes and is guaranteed to get people onto the dancefloor. His name will be in our memories forever. I don't think War should be hijacked by the 'No war in Iraq' brigade without his approval. That song referred to the Vietnam war, the current Iraq war is a different one with different reasons.
Del, UK

He played at our annual company dinner one year - he was awesome and he and his band gave it everything, he even stuck around for a chat and a drink afterwards. Very sad to hear that he has passed away: A true gent!
Andy, UK

One of the greatest voices, even into his 50s he could still belt them out live. He did a rendition of Black Box's Ride On Time and it amazed me how he could reach all those notes with such power and awe. He will be sadly missed as a person and a world class performer. Rest in peace, sir.
Mark D, UK

I saw him on a stag weekend. He leant over the stage, took my camera and took a photo of us... a real showman who treated the audience with respect. Sad to hear he has gone.
Alex J, London

His HWOAR! will live on
Melvin Bone, UK
Having dealt with Mr Starr on business I can say what a genuine chap he was. A sad loss to showbiz of a real gentleman. His HWOAR! will live on.
Melvin Bone, UK

I met Edwin Starr at a local club when he was our PA that night. We only chatted for two minutes but he was charming and genuine - no "I'm a star" attitude at all. A lovely guy and such a lost talent.
Dave, UK

I was fortunate enough to see Edwin Starr perform live at an open-air gig last summer. I had grown up listening to his classic records in the 60s, and, for me, the legend had lost none of his power to engage the audience. I remember he once played an April Fools joke on Dave Lee Travis during one of DLT's radio shows - I believe they were good friends. A great guy, and a very classy performer.
Sue, England

I help with mobile discos at the weekend and we've recently revived Edwin's classic floor filler Contact. It still goes down well with the punters. What a legend he truly was!
Mark Levy, UK

He kissed my hand whilst singing
Ellie, UK
I was lucky enough to see Edwin in concert about five years ago; he came down from the stage and kissed my hand whilst singing. He was fantastic, so energetic and such an outstanding vocal. He was a real live performer. Recordings do not do his ability justice. God bless Edwin.
Ellie, UK

A major, major loss. His heart may have given up on him but, unlike so many artists of his age, his voice hadn't. His recent live performances of Smokey's Tracks of My Tears were astonishing.
Tony Stiles, England

I had the great pleasure of seeing Edwin live, on New Year's Eve this year in Bolton. His was the first hand I shook in 2003. Discovering tunes like 25 Miles and SOS made me an instant fan. Edwin, you will be missed by music fans everywhere.
Rob Jones, England

What is there to say except Edwin live showed everyone the long way home! Possibly the last great soul man still keeping the faith. You'll be missed but thanks for every note. Good God y'all !
Mark, UK

His recorded music was rhythmic, romantic, political and FUNKY. The angels in heaven will be dancing once again as this seminal R&B artist joins them in heaven.
John Geraldo, US

His stage presence and musicianship were amazing
CW Chua, UK
I was fortunate enough to see Edwin Starr in concert with Martha Reeves and Freda Payne last year. The man was an amazing performer. His stage presence, his vocal range and projection, and his musicianship were simply amazing. Edwin's pure Starr quality will be sorely missed.
CW Chua, UK

I was planning my next trip to the UK around seeing him at the Jazz Cafe in Camden in May. Saw him there last January and he was absolutely brilliant and at Wembley a few years ago - he had the whole place rocking.
Anne, USA

Edwin now has the peace that this world cannot give.
Vincent Fiedler, USA

Happy Radio was the best song ever recorded by anyone ever.
Snail, Scotland

A Starr that will be missed by all Scooterists and Soulies alike... Rest in peace and keep the faith.
Chris Colclough, UK

I discovered 25 Miles in a box of oldies but goodies
John, USA
As a child, I first discovered his now classic 25 Miles in a box of oldies but goodies records I borrowed from a friend. Even more enchanting to me was its flipside, Love Is My Destination. War will always be ingrained in our collective consciousness as a reminder of the horrors of warfare, despite its necessity to ensure our the freedoms we often take for granted.
John, USA

His 1960s Detroit recorded song SOS was released in the UK and is a timeless piece of soul music. It's a song that turned me and countless others into a big fans of Edwin; a great singer and a wonderful guy.
Graham, Taiwan

It's a bitter irony that the man who wrote the words "War, what is a good for? Absolutely nothing" should die at a time when the majority of the world is repeating his very words.
Rahul, UK

I used to have a picture of a smiling Edwin Starr on my wall. Why? Because every time I looked at it - it made me smile. What a great guy - RIP Edwin - keep smiling.
Phill, England

The world will be quiet without Edwin but the sky will have one brighter star and heaven one hell of a man
Ange, England
A true star in every sense, Mr Charles Hatcher was the ultimate performer and person. War is his best known hit yet to people like me he was a lot more than one song. He took the love Northern soul fans had for him and returned it a thousandfold. The world will be quiet without Edwin but the sky will have one brighter star and heaven one hell of a man.
Ange, England

This is a man who was one of the founding influences of the music we know as 'soul'. He made songs that sound as essential today as they did when they were first made, and I currently hear War being sung in my office and in the street, over 30 years after it was made. This is the passing of a true legend.
Ian Cracknell, UK

Tributes paid to Edwin Starr
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