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Last Updated:  Sunday, 23 March, 2003, 18:45 GMT
Iraq invasion: Your views
US-led air raid in Baghdad
US-led forces have been continuing their march on Baghdad and, according to military spokesmen, are now half-way between the Iraqi border and the capital.

The coalition has met stiff resistance in Umm Qasr, and American and British soldiers are also involved in clashes near the towns of Najaf and Nasiriya.

Iraqi TV has broadcast pictures of what appear to be the bodies of several American service personnel, and interviews with five prisoners including a woman.

Meanwhile, the bombing of Baghdad continues, although the scale of the air raids has become smaller.

What are your views on the course of the war so far? Send us your comments.

This is a fifth page of your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

If you hate America for this war remember the protesters here. If you think France is wrong, remember that some of the French agree with you
Jessica Daugherty, Virginia, USA
Reading all these comments I begin to see that the lines are drawn not by our countries, but by our beliefs. There are those even in Germany and France who support the war and those in the US and UK who do not. I am an American who does not support the war. Whatever you think of the war and the nations involved please remember that people are individuals. If you hate America for this war remember the protesters here. If you think France is wrong, remember that some of the French agree with you. No administration can speak for all of its people. It is easy but dangerous to hate an entire nation. That hate will lead to more conflict.
Jessica Daugherty, Virginia, USA

The Iraqi war, in essence, is a scuffle between the big mafia and a street gang.
Sean Lloyd, Suva, Fiji

Democracy has never been successfully introduced by means of military force, but dictators don't just go when you ask them. I hate war but I hate dictators even more.
Robert, Venlo, Netherlands

It's heartbreaking to see my city set on fire on TV, but who is to blame? Certainly Saddam Hussein but let us not forget the fact that he has been supported by the US and the UK for years to oppress his own people to fight neighbouring countries. Today the very same allies are liberating the Iraqis! Don't destroy my country Mr Bush...not in our names.
Sadir, Baghdad

Sometimes peace comes after war, like the sun comes out after the rain
Sanjeev Vijayan, Dubai/India
Saddam's actions over the years have resulted in this current situation. What goes around certainly comes around. Wake up people, learn more about Saddam. Think about how Iraqi people suffer under his regime. Nations cried similarly when Afghanistan was bombed by the US and its allies. When freedom finally came to Afghanis, they celebrated and that shut the critics up for good. I wish peace for the Iraqis and the rest of the world. Sometimes peace comes after war, like the sun comes out after the rain.
Sanjeev Vijayan, Dubai/India

Wow, what diplomacy - the US presenting itself as a saviour of Iraqi people, bypassing and ruining the integrity of the UN. Can anybody stop this wild oppression on innocent Iraqi people?
Ghufran , Pakistan

What Bush and Blair are doing is far worse than the dictatorship of Saddam If Saddam is to be removed then war is not the way. War against Iraq will burn the hearts of the Iraqi citizens. This may lead to terrorism which is an evil that has to be wiped out.
Muskan, India

We will know the actual truth about who is right or wrong from the real Iraqis who survive this war. Would they rather have the old Iraq or the new Iraq? We are watching and we hope the press will give the outcome and the lessons learnt the coverage it deserves.
Victor Akpaette, lagos, Nigeria

Everyday I hope and pray that we move beyond the old world economy, may our scientists and engineers develop new sources of energy that will power us into the future, a future free from foreign energy imports, oil and gas. What need would there be to assure the stability of such regions if they did not control such a critical resource. I just hope that the campaign will be brief and well executed with minimal damage to Iraq's infrastructure allowing for immediate supplies and aid to rush into the country.
Angelo A, Phoenix, USA

Maybe we will we see a worldwide backlash to everything that is American
Ron, Burlington, Canada
Although I support the cause to disarm and move Saddam out of Iraq, I have less understanding for all those protestors and their brain-washed views. At the same time I have strong concerns about the future. Will this mean an increasing American world presence? or maybe we will we see a worldwide backlash to everything that is American.
Ron, Burlington, Canada

No matter how guilty Hussein is, you can't stop violence with more violence. Wars only make wars. The only way to get to peace is by setting an example. The Iraqi people not only have to suffer the government of Saddam Hussein but now they also have to be a part of a war that will only hurt them and bring no good to this world. It will only feed the rich and bury the poor. Peace.
Cecilia, La Plata, Argentina

The freedom we enjoy today has been paid for with the blood of generations before us. We are free to state our opinions in public without fear of reprisals from our governments - we have it pretty good. Hussein runs a country that has vast oil supplies but the Iraqi people, as I understand, live in third-world poverty. Shame on the people who rubbish the efforts of the armed forces while they enjoy the freedom they are fighting for.
Dave, New Zealand

The war is morally unjust and illegal. Bush and Blair are fully responsible. If each bomb or missile costs $3 million and 1,000 have been used by the US so far, that is $3 billion. Imagine how many houses that money could build for the homeless who have no place to live, eat or sleep.
Jack, Australia

There are many governments the world over perpetrating atrocities on 50 per cent of the population - their women
SC Nair, Jamnagar, India
I have heard in western media that Saddam is cruel to his own people and that is why the bulk of the people there seem to feel he should be removed. But there are many governments the world over perpetrating atrocities on 50 per cent of the population - their women. Please root for your governments to oust such regimes.
SC Nair, Jamnagar, India

In this world what USA wishes is supposed to be done. The United Nations is just a facade to fool the smaller and less powerful nations. What is happening in Iraq will soon happen in many more nations for less significant reasons.
Arul, Rehovot, Israel

The World is blind not to realise that what is happening is nothing more then the reviving of the British Empire, only this time the USA is leading the world domination. Thank God for the French in EU, who seem to have noticed what is going on. I hope the world is awake.
Amado Sosa, Puerto Rico

I am proud of the way my country (Kuwait) and the people we elected to our parliament are standing in this war. We know what it feels to be liberated from the Saddam's regime. I just hope the allied forces know what they're doing. Good Luck!
Amatullah, Kuwait

Saddam should be removed, yes. Do I agree with the manner in which this is being done? I am uncertain, and therefore, concerned. Using missile attacks targeting specific *people* does not seem right. Laying waste to a city does not seem right. Using weapons that have pinpoint accuracy - yet destroy things the size of buildings - seems strange.
T. Reckah, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

Is this Armageddon or simply the last rites of a desperate Empire as it heads towards self-induced oblivion?
Michael, London, UK
Is this Armageddon or simply the last rites of a desperate Empire as it heads towards self-induced oblivion? The founding fathers must be turning in their graves. Truman and Lyndon Johnson would be proud of you. Roosevelt would condemn you for destroying the Republic. After Afghanistan and the imminent fall of Iraq, which country is next?
Michael, a Christian, London UK

To Americans: Has it ever occurred to those of you supporting the war that the criteria of "being the greatest nation in the world" are somewhat less obvious. And, also, all these outrageous comments of the type "finally, someone had the guts to..." - Jesus Christ, people, it's the 21st century. It's not a kindergarten where you can punch a guy cause he's got a toy you like!

As a foreigner living in the US, it makes me sick to my stomach to see the kind of "show" the media has created around the bombing of a city where 5 m. innocent people live(half of them 15 years old or younger). Explosions described as "spectacular" and "awesome" by Americans sitting in bars watching the conflict on live TV gives you a clear indication of the way these people think.
Jackie, NY, USA

I believe removing Saddam from power is a worthy undertaking. However, I was taught that the ends don't justify the means, and that the way to deal with outlaws is due process of law. By acting outside of UN authority, the "coalition of the willing" has set aside the process of law that they created, with unknowable consequences for the UN's future and international rule of law.
Joe , USA

No one should be fooled about the intentions of USA foreign policy, and their total disrespect of international agreements
Shahab Asgharian, Sundbyberg, Sweden
UN was created as a tool for maintaining peace & world order, a service it no longer can provide since there is only a sole military superpower remaining doing whatever it wishes by either threats, bribery or brute military force. No one should be fooled about the intentions of USA foreign policy, and their total disrespect of international agreements. Viva La France!
Shahab Asgharian, Sundbyberg, Sweden

The sympathy and sorrow I felt for the American people after sept.11 has now dissipated.
Dan S, Melbourne, Australia

To those who say that this is a war for oil or to enrich the US economy. Please realize that this will cost our country billions of dollars. Far far more than any economic benefit than we would ever gain. Also, if it were a war for oil we would have made our presence known in Venezeula during their recent troubles.
Brad, Atlanta, USA

There is no doubt in my mind that if 9/11 had not occurred we would not be here today. 9/11 totally changed the equation for evaluating risk and makes the results of "what if" more real and likely. Those that do not seem to understand why President Bush is taking this stand do not have the responsibility for the nation's safety.
Hank, Grand Haven, USA

How embarrassing! When the dust settles and Iraq is free, the anti-war brigade will wake up to the voices of the free people of Iraq thanking them for sending in the troops to free them. They will feel very stupid, but I wonder how many of you out there will accept their gratitude and pretend that you were for it all along? Watch this space!
Alan, England

Those that are so against this war need to apply their rationales to an earlier event, the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. That blockade was also a unilateral pre-emptive strike against a sovereign state without UN approval. If the USA hadn't forced the USSR to withdraw from this island 90 miles from Florida, a horrific war would eventually have occurred. The eastern USA was within the range of the missiles then deployed just as all of Europe and the USA will be if Saddam and his henchmen are allowed to continue. Hindsight shows Kennedy made the proper decision 41 years ago, as it will Bush and Blair very soon.
Stan Grzech, Concord, California, USA

We are all to blame for this war, not just Iraq
Heather, USA
Peace is patriotic. I do not support this war, which means that I am sad for both sides. As an American, I am saddened by this war not only by the prospect of American lives being lost, but by Iraqi lives as well. When an American soldier kills an Iraqi soldier, or when an Iraqi soldier kills an American, he is killing himself at the same time--both are fighting for the same reasons in the context of their respective societies. We are all to blame for this war, not just Iraq.
Heather, USA

Let us applaud a new world order that will safeguard the interests of the citizens of Great Britain as well as other western nations. We were warned of a potential North/South conflict decades ago and have conveniently ignored it. Now that militant Islam and Arab nationalism have combined to become a menace to Europe and North America not seen since the rise of fascism and communism 80 years ago, let's be grateful that the US comes to our rescue once more.
Pat, Bath

All the people protesting against this war, wake up and smell the threat! This is an evil regime that has to be stopped. Congratulations to the courageous effort of Bush and Blair and all the armed forces involved
Bill, Canada

Saddam has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis during his rule, invaded other countries and defied nearly every UN resolution. Isn't this reason enough to go to war?
Mark, Knaresborough, UK

Shame on my government and fellow citizens for not supporting this. It is typical of us French
Christian, Les Mureaux, France
As history has shown, the doomsayers are always proven wrong. During Saddam's reign as many as 100,000 Iraqis have been murdered by him and his henchmen. How many more will be killed in the decades to come if Saddam and his sons were to stay in power? Clearly, current military action will result in far fewer innocent deaths than simply containing Saddam. Shame on my government and fellow citizens for not supporting this. It is typical of us French.
Christian, Les Mureaux, France

This war is France's fault. By trying to lead an anti-US coalition in the UN, they undermined the entire inspection process. The UN needs some major restructuring, and France needs to have a much better foreign policy. Shame on the French.
Sean, Cincinnati, USA

I'm so proud of the military for moving so swiftly thorough Iraq to liberate the Iraq people. The Butcher of Baghdad will soon be gone. I hope the Palestinians can now be liberated too.
Shaam, Slough

US is the most powerful and the richest country in the world and therefore should have the right to decide what is right and what is wrong. There is little to be gained by arguing with a nation with such self-righteous intoxication and power. Try arguing with a traffic cop when you are right, let alone when you are wrong! On the other hand, if they are honest, you would expect all the dictators and military regimes shivering. Only time can tell.
Vinod Dawda, UK

I lived in a country that was devastated by 16 years of war. Israel came in for their strategic reasons, the US came in for their own good, and Syria did the same. I have yet to understand why politicians insist on putting up a facade for waging wars. Call it what it is - this is not a 'fight for the freedom of the Iraqi people', this is a cold-blooded economic war.
Serene Serhan, Beirut, Lebanon

If we stop without toppling Saddam he will be more powerful than ever
Clive Tiney, York, UK
Now that the attack has started it has to be seen through to the end. After the last Gulf War people in Iraq were encouraged to rise against Saddam and then were left to be destroyed by his still powerful army. That must not happen again. If we stop without toppling Saddam he will be more powerful than ever.
Clive Tiney, York, UK

We watch with horror and sadness the bombardment of Baghdad. I feel for the Iraqis who must be terrified. What makes things worse are Rumsfeld's arrogant comments about the 'liberation' of Iraq. Any lawyer (myself included) would tell you that this war is illegitimate and against international law. Shame on you America. What a sad time for the human race.
Tariq, Amman, Jordan

Saddam Hussein must be stopped. He is a killer. I'm backing the USA 100%. Good luck to US and British troops.
Bernhard D, Tema, Ghana

The war on Iraq brings about not only a great civilian catastrophe in Iraq, but also, which presumably in a longer view is to be considered as an equal catastrophe, a huge unbalance and disorder within the UN and the until recently united coalition against international terrorism.
Håkan Tegnestål, Arnö, Sweden

This war only proves that "might is right". All other human lives are expendable.
Adam Moore, Madrid, Spain

War against Iraq is totally illegal, immoral, unjustified and worse, a complete form of cruelty. Does America have the right to invade a country without a UN mandate? If so can anyone tell me in their heart of hearts that they are satisfied with this unethical attack?
Khalid Abdullah, Islamabad, Pakistan

I was born in London during WWII and know the pain and fear of growing up with the bombs dropping around me. I left England in the hope of finding peace and freedom and came to the USA in 1963 and married a wonderful lady from Germany who also paid the childhood price of being a refugee during those awful War years. We have both now seen what the awful power the US can inflict on the innocent. I was counting on Tony Blair to sway this bible thumping idiot in the White House. HE FAILED. Has anybody taking a total account of all the lives of every nation lost to American Bombs?
Peter H Duffy, USA/UK

A shame Saddam Hussein wasn't taken out in the first Gulf conflict. What would the anti war protesters do? Ignore the antics of a modern day Stalin. Sometimes force is the only way
Peter, Huddersfield, England

I wish Bush had acted responsibly to obtain international support because this war is necessary
Jason Hegland, Chicago, USA
I'm 100% opposed to the war Bush has decided to wage, because he has not thought about the bigger picture - how his actions will scar international relations. However, if we let certain members of the UN have things the way they want it, we would reach a stalemate with Saddam at a later date. I wish Bush had acted responsibly to obtain international support because this war is necessary. I commend our armed forces for making it a less bloody battle than any war in history. My heart goes out to the innocents in Iraq as well as the soldiers. Hopefully when the dust settles, it will turn out we did the right thing.
Jason Hegland, Chicago, USA

A lot of people who are pro-war justify this with things like "we are liberating the Iraqi people" and so on. My question is, why Iraq? There are many countries with dictatorships oppressing people, why doesn't anyone liberate them? What's the catch with Iraq? Do we only care to liberate people of countries with something to offer us in return? Oil? Hypocrisy is what it is. Of course, the removal of Saddam is good but the reasons given are disgusting.
Lalle, Sthlm, Sweden

I believe that this war is justified, Saddam is not only a world aggressor; he has also killed his own people mercilessly. He ignores sanctions and has siphoned millions of dollars from his own country. He is evil and must be stopped at any cost for the sake of the Iraqi people and for the world's peace of mind. I know I will sleep a lot easier when he is out of power.
Tara Aird, Yeovil, England

Shock and Awe? What is this, Hollywood? This is war, and the so called shock and awe tactics are raining bombs on a city of nearly four million innocent civilians, around half of which are under 15 years of age. How does Bush expect to minimize civilian casualties when he is maximizing firepower and bombing? The US and the UK have successfully attacked millions of children. I don't know if anything is more immoral.
Chad, Mesa, AZ USA

The worst thing to happen in a civilized society with democratic practices
Benoy Thomas, India
The worst thing to happen in a civilized society with democratic practices. The people who feed those independent terrorists are thirsty of blood and resources of a democratic and sovereign nation. We had condemned the attack and creation of ground zeros which were the results of US fed terror groups. More of such ground zeros we may have see and condemn in the days to come.
Benoy Thomas, India

There are numerous other ruthless regimes around the world. Fearing unilateral preventive war, they will arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction, because they know that neither Blair nor Bush would risk a war, if they had to fear major casualties among their troops. This will lead to proliferation of such weapons, the opposite of what Bush pretends to achieve. International law is the only mean to make this world a safer place.
Richard Neher, Munich, Germany

God Bless Tony Blair for having the fortitude to stand with America as we, together, continue to root out evil. Prayers and condolences to the brave UK soldiers and their families. God Bless the UK!
Rich Council, Bristol, USA

Whatever past crimes, and whatever the reasons for doing so, the US and UK invasion of Iraq will ensure that, long-term the Iraqi people will have a better quality of life. A brutal dictator who has stolen from his people and abused his position for so long will be gone, and UN sanctions of "containment" can be lifted, bringing proper food and medical care to the Iraqi people, and bringing Iraq back once more into the international community and prosperity where it belongs.
Rachel Johnson, Colchester, UK

This is humanity at its worst. People are proud of killing other people. We all know how bad Saddam is but are we any better when we kill Iraqis? Unless we do not count them as human beings, then we should be ashamed of what we are doing to them. I have watched some people going on TV and cheering for this war. It is too bad that we use the 9/11 disaster to justify to our conscious that we can kill others. I guess the rule of the jungle still applies in this world.
Fadi Kanan, Montreal Canada

Let's get behind this war and help give the Iraqi people the country and life they deserve
Paul Cooper, Bristol, UK
My feelings have changed towards this war. At first I thought the USA was out of order, but how many times has Saddam been asked to disarm and cooperate? What are we meant to do - sit and let him build his weapons of mass destruction so he can then do his best to destroy and take over the whole world? We should get behind our troops and the government and the country. OK we have lost lives and I admit that's horrible, but there's not been innocent Iraqis killed or the wrong places bombed like the last war. Let's get behind this war and help give the Iraqi people the country and life they deserve, one that's without the evil dictator they have got used too.
Paul Cooper, Bristol, UK

The Bush administration along with Middle America has no idea of the long term implications of this war. I support American/British forces, but in no way does that support filter to the administration that runs the country I used to love.
David, New York City

In a post 9/11 world, I am disgusted by the coverage of the war here in North America! Addressing dropping bombs as "spectacular", and "awesome", is insensitive and rather without compassion. I am ashamed!
Mike, Montreal, Canada

War should be our extremely last choice. I believe that Bush is completing what his father would had done 12 years ago. But no one knows why he never completed it at that time. I believe it is not a war, it is a revenge between Bush's family and Saddam's regime. That is all about. Civilians are killed and children are feared. Is this the democracy price? I don't need it then.
Ghazi S Mahmoud, Niagara Falls, Canada

People who protest against this war have no idea what these poor people have endured for over 30 years or they don't care. No one in his right mind wants war but there are times when it is justified. The definitive answer for the justification of this war or not will not come babbling protestors or politicians but from the Iraqi people who have suffered daily under this unquestionably evil regime for a generation.
Steve B, USA

The US should remember what happened in Vietnam and Somalia
Manoj, Dubai, UAE
The US spends a lot on its military and they have a huge stock pile of all kinds of weapons (including WMD) and need to "test" them somewhere. They will use every opportunity that comes their way. But they need to remember what happened in Vietnam and Somalia.
Manoj, Dubai, UAE

I do believe that Saddam Hussein is a dictator. He's been ruling Iraq for more than 30 years. The question is: where were the US and the UK and why now? Why the Iraqi regime and not the dictatorial regimes in Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, the Gulf States, and all other Arabic states?
Lamees, Jordan

I doubt it very much that the US government would really be happy about spreading democracy in Arab countries, as they say. Because for sure after free elections now there wouldn't be a single US friendly government left in this area.
Rainer Schneider, Berlin, Germany

Iraqi people will soon be free, the hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths that the peace campaign assured us would be the result of war haven't come about and the French have once again demonstrated that they act solely in their own self-interest all the time. March 2003 was quite a month.
Graham, Leeds, UK

Whatever the motivations for the US-UK-AU invasion of Iraq, it is certain that in the end the Iraqi people will be rid of a tyrant whom many millions of Iraqis fear and despise. It is clear that the coallition is attempting to minimise Iraqi civilian and military deaths and the US and UK is showing far more restraint than combatants did in other notable conflicts such as World War 2. Since my country is now committed to battle, any questions I have as to the necessity and cost of this war will wait until after victory has been secured. Now that we are in the war, it is clear that I have more in common with the interventionists than the anti-American and anti-western "peace" protesters.
John, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Right now I feel immensely proud to be British
Keith Abraham, Britain
Right now I feel immensely proud to be British; once again America and Britain and their true allies stand virtually alone against tyranny. Protesters should be keen to remember their freedom to protest was paid for in the past with American and British blood, as will the freedom of the Iraqis. History will remember our Troops with honour and may God bless our troops and hold high our fallen brave.
Keith Abraham, Britain

I think that the allies doesn't use the appropriate force and tactics, because a war was never the solution in order to resolve a problem, and a war must always be condemned, though it is used to make a people "free". The US must search for another solution. Who are the next people that the USA want to liberate?
Mihaja Nomena Raberahona, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Although I do not support this war I see the necessity for it. Saddam is a dangerous man who, as a Muslim, has murdered more than a million fellow Muslims. The World must never give in to dictators; they must be taken out by any means necessary so as to make the world safe. I applaud the steadfastness of the British and US governments and would like to convey my sincere condolences to the families of the service men who lost their lives for a just cause.
Sid, Singapore

George Bush is just finishing what his daddy failed to get right in the first place. This is not about the freedom of the Iraqi people. And everyone knows we wouldn't be having this war if the USA and other western countries hadn't sold them the weapons of mass destruction.
Lizzie Goode, Bexleyheath, UK

I have full support for our troops entering Iraq and believe firmly that Hussein has been lying to the United Nations over having weapons of mass destruction. People seem to forget the threat of modern terrorism and the effects of September 11. Hussein is well known as a dictator and a possible supplier to terrorists and America warned that they would strike countries they believe to have links to terrorism. Justice is now being served.
Craig, Hereford, England

Is it logical to disarm Iraq of Mass destruction weapons by using Mass destruction weapons? The use of nuclear weapons against the Iraqi people was confirmed after the gulf wars, and now who could stop the US from using them. It's a real shame on the British to take part in this criminal action, which I think would not pass without Heavenly punishment.
Gamila Gamal Abuzhra, Alexandria, Egypt

I am in awe and despair at the sheer savagery of modern war
Ken, Dublin, Ireland
I am in awe and despair at the sheer savagery of modern war, and the sanitised comments of the spokesmen for the belligerents. I am and remain opposed to this war. Have they really given any thought of how to win the peace? Oh, and who's next?
Ken, Dublin, Ireland

I'm amazed how much got done today by the Brits and Americans. Bravo! I'm sure Saturday night in Baghdad will even be more volatile. I've read a lot of USA bashing in other peoples' opinions. I'm sorry for the British and American Service Men who have died. For those who think the USA is breaking International Law; look back at all the resolutions against Iraq. For those who feel "ill", "sad" or "ashamed"; start watching the GOLF CHANNEL and stop bellyaching, you're acting like spoiled children that didn't get their way.
Mr Sandy Clark, San Francisco, USA

I'm very happy and grateful to the American and the British people for their effort in saving the world from Saddam's wicked regime and his chemical weapons. I say sorry to the families of the falling American and British troops, may the almighty be with them and their families. If i was asked to make any wish, I could wish to be in Iraq to get that killer out.
David Fatormah, Monrovia, Liberia

I hope our troops do the job safely and get home quickly. Also, about the protesters; they are talking rubbish. Mr Blair is at war for the sake of our country's future - and our nation and other nations in the coalition have to unite as one. I hope Saddam and his regime are removed, and that Iraq can concentrate on there own future, without his evil ways. So good luck to all nations involved, and the troops over in the gulf, we're you behind 110%!
Tommy Ayton, Grantham, England

The anger I feel with our government is beyond words
Mark Husmann, Tynemouth, UK
As much as I'm relieved there seems to be only few civilian casualties, the whole operation disgusts me. If only we could have stopped this inhumane onslaught on an almost defenceless country. If only we had tried diplomacy for a change. I regard Tony Blair as a decent and honest man, and would like to believe that he had the power to moderate Bush's plans of taking complete control. Blair could have done a lot better, though. The anger I feel with our government is beyond words, and I'm ashamed to say that I've played with the idea of announcing that finally I have reason to be proud to be German.
Mark Husmann, Tynemouth, UK

I don't believe that this war is about oil. I'm not sure that it's about terrorism either. What I do believe is that, regardless of the reasons, Iraq should be liberated from this oppressor. 1-2 million of his own people already dead along with 17 ignored UN resolutions; I don't see that responsible nations have any other option. Wrong reason? Right war.
Andrew, Cheltenham, UK

This war is illegal and breaks every UN charter and resolution. It is not up to the US or the UK to invade a sovereign state and impose whatever they wish on this country. Any intervention must be via the UN. After all, isn't this the reason Bush has a problem with Saddam - because of UN violations? But now we're doing exactly the same! It's sheer hypocritical madness.
Clare, Wokingham, UK

I think that it's about time that we did do something about Saddam. But the same things are happening as in the first gulf war; the Americans are killing more of our British soldiers than what the Iraqis are. My brother is there and the family dreads the phone going in case it's to say my brother has died, and I'm sure families across the world are doing the same.
Kris O'Brien, Blyth, England

The allies are using more than required force. They are causing one of the worst destructions. The greatest beneficiaries will be the American Building industry. Saddam's power will see its dooms day but at the same time the world peace also. We the present generation is farsighted we all should stop this most destructive war. Let us join and raise our voice for peace and international solidarity.
Buradagunta Veerraju, Pristina, Kosovo

There will be no end to Bush's invasions
G, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Let us pray for the Iraqi people, and be prepared to prevent the next country from suffering Bush's aggression. Otherwise there will be no end to his invasions.
G, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The UN unanimously told Iraq to disarm or be disarmed by military action. Just because the UN can't keep its word doesn't mean the US should back down as well. We gave them fair warning, they failed to disarm. Furthermore, how could one believe that Iraq does not have WMDs? They claimed they didn't have Scuds, but hey, guess what they fired at our forces yesterday?
Ken, Worcester, MA, USA

I have religiously studied this conflict for the last six months. Prior to the war beginning, I was totally on-the-fence about the decision to go to war. Today, I can only pray that this war ends quickly with the fewest number of deaths possible. Also, I pray that not one of the deaths are in vain - Iraq must be rebuilt and free.
Lance, USA

I am ashamed that so many British citizens have no faith in their leader Tony Blair. Do you honestly think that you have all the necessary information to make judgements on him? Do you think that if he felt there was any alternative he wouldn't have taken it?
Sean Manning, Los Angeles USA

At least we know now, where the real self-deceiving evil lies. And I'm not talking about Iraq.
P Brien, Dublin, Ireland

I have been around for forty years now, and I have never known any time when America wasn't bombing someone. Please explain in what way America is a peace loving nation?
Gary Chiles, Wellington, New Zealand

It is sad to see that war has started. The bad that can come out of this war far outweighs the potential good. The US and UK forces will prevail and hopefully sooner than later. This is a historical moment. The world must find alternate means to neutralise the Saddams of the world. We should have given the UN more time.
Wayne Wells, Cameron Mills, USA

I support the Allies in toppling a sadistic regime
Colin, Australia
I support the Allies in toppling a sadistic regime. Forget the oil; forget the weapons of mass destruction. Would all the so-called lovers of peace like to live under the rule of someone like Saddam Hussein? I know I wouldn't. A recent report told of human beings being put through a human shredder for going against Saddam. My heart goes out to the families of servicemen who have lost their lives. May they rest in peace. God speed an Allied victory.
Colin, Sydney, Australia

Mr Jean Chrétien, I thank you for you decision not to be in this war.
Mir, Babolsar,Iran

This is the first time that I have felt compelled to write my views in any column. I do not approve of Saddam Hussein or the manner in which he runs his country but that does not mean that any other country has the right to breach its borders and bomb its innocent civilians. The pictures I saw on TV yesterday were shocking and I fail to understand that how can anyone claim that the civilians were not targeted. The West is applying different standards to different countries.
Imran, Karachi, Pakistan

I am disappointed about the US and their coalition to attack Iraq. They have abused their veto right. And I think states attacks the wrong places.
Hendra, Bondowoso, Indonesia

This aggression will further damage world opinion about the US war against terror
Raunaq d'Souza, India
This war is nothing but tragedy. The US and the UK have shown little or no respect to the United Nations' weapons inspectors and also the will of their own citizens. This aggression will further damage world opinion about the US war against terror. Do we have one leader of stature who can stand up and stop this madness?
Raunaq d'Souza, Mumbai, India

The freedom and justice loving people of the world should try to get rid of brutal dictators like Saddam and Qaddafi. As such I support America's campaign against Saddam, I cannot support war on Iraq because innocent men, women and children will be dead, disabled and put to immense difficulties in their future life.
Mukhtar Ahmad Qureshi, Karachi, Pakistan

I do not support as it is not UN back war
Maxim, Bombay - India

If weapons of mass destruction are not used against the coalition forces it will mean that Iraq does not have such weapons. In which case this war will be unjustified so Bush and Blair should be held accountable for every Iraqi civilian killed in this war.
Hani, Beirut

America has taken action against Iraq lot of times. The UN has passed resolutions against Israel and there has been no action against Israel. Where is the Human rights Commission? Where is International Court of Justice? It proves that all these organisations are made to protect the interest of Americans. Americans have increased their enemies because of their own bad policies.
Faryal Khan, Saudia Arabia

Bush and Blair are doing the right thing by ridding the world of heartless dictators. I hope they will proceed to Zimbabwe.
Eddy Moyo, Harare, Zimbabwe

I urge every child in this world to express his or her opinion against this war
Sandy Frandez, USA

I condemn the actions of Bush and Blair on the war against Iraq. I'm only a 16-year-old high school student, but I understand this war is totally unnecessary. So far I have not seen any indication of the weapons of mass destructions that Bush claimed Iraq possesses. The point of this war is to exercise his powers and to get his hands on the Iraq oil fields for his own use. Which country will be next? As a child of this free world it's our future Bush is playing with and I urge every child in this world to express his or her opinion against this war.
Sandy Frandez, Washington , USA

It is God advancing through the coalition forces.
Gliciem, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The world organ UN is toothless. What is happening in Iraq is a total breach of international law. It is high time the world had another balance of power for the sake of peace. France, Germany Russia and China should think of having another force.
Albert Malangalila, Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania

The truth is always bitter. Saddam Hussein's despotic attitude and disrespectfulness for UN resolutions is reason for war. This war is legitimate and justifiable to me. Saddam has shown the world he has no regard for the UN.
Victor Ofem, Lagos, Nigeria

Demonstrations and protests have not stopped the invasion of Iraq. No amount of popular opposition will make Bush and Blair blink. They know very well that no amount of precision bombing will prevent civilian casualties in this unjustified war. The blood of the innocents of Iraq will taint the conscience of Bush and Blair for the rest of their days!
Mike Wilson, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

The West will win this war in Iraq not because the West is right but because it is strong. Iraq will resist but because it is weak a humiliating defeat will eventually follow. The West's victory will add fuel to the flames of Arab and Islamic resentment. When the weak are bullied by the strong the weak lick their wounds in the short term and take revenge in the long term.
Andrew Wise, Ghent, Belgium

I fear the future we are creating for ourselves
Richard Meyer, London
For the next 25 years, Arab hatred of the West will be fuelled by the photographs of Baghdad in flames. I fear the future we are creating for ourselves through this incredibly blunt military action.
Richard Meyer, London, UK

Massive airstikes were carried out today and the aim of the mission is reported to be to kill Saddam and to end his dictatorial regime in Iraq. But what happens if Saddam is killed in the war? Can another US-led government run the country in peace? What will the US government do if Saddam or his followers go underground and initiate another massive world-wide terrorist activity? Will the US take another destructive countermeasure against them?
Koba, Tokushima, JAPAN

Although many Europeans would like to believe that they are somehow endowed with a superior and enlightened world view, I think that some of the comments posted here show quite the opposite. Many of you show a complete lack of understanding about America and Americans. Yes, it is true that many of us here in America are quite ignorant about the rest of the world, but many are not.
Rebecca, Seattle, US

Why do you insist on prefacing all accounts from Baghdad with 'so and so is under reporting restrictions'? All of your reporters in the region are under reporting restrictions. What's the point of embedding hacks with army units if it is not to control them? This is no Vietnam, when hacks went out and sought the truth.
Heather McKenzie, Hove UK

I just wanted to thank Great Britain for giving her sons to the cause of liberty. They are in the hearts of every American, I assure you.
John, Connecticut, US

Nobody likes war, but sometimes it's the only way
Lourens, South Africa
The UN did not do its job in Iraq years ago when it should have forced Saddam Hussein to disarm. France and Germany were silent then. Now that someone is taking action to do the UN's work, everybody is against them. The USA and the UK at least have the balls to do something about the matter. Nobody likes war, but sometimes it's the only way.
Lourens, Johannesburg, South Africa

It is unfortunate that the U.S. and the U.K. governments are blinded by greed and pride. By their singular act of attacking Iraq against the desire of their citizens, the U.N. and the majority of the people of the world, they are actually cutting a very deep wound in the fabric of planet earth which will not heal until there comes a new world order. They should always remember that pride manifests before a fall. Breaking international law to enforce international law is the devil's idea.
Jones Okiah, Yenagoa, Nigeria

America is afraid of terror attacks. Fear is the strongest force there is. It is also the reason why my country and so many others don't stand up together with US in the war against terrorism. I support U.S. and its active allies. I think they are brave. Nobody likes war.
Ekman, Stockholm, Sweden

The UN has lost its significance as it is just a puppet of the US and UK.There is no way any country should try to override the UN's decisions. Now the time has come to restructure the UN so that such one sided, eccentric actions can be avoided.
Hari Om, Pune, India

I feel for the people of Iraq
Rachel diCerbo, New York, USA
I feel rather stuck in the past few days. I support the troops, I do not support the war. I do not support Bush in this venture, and I do not support Saddam Hussein. I feel for the people of Iraq, who have suffered so much in the past 12 years, and at this point may be considered lucky to escape with their lives. To be honest I don't know what to feel right now. I am numb. I can't justify to myself or to most people I know exactly why we are spending billions of dollars, potentially killing thousands of civilians and military officers, and further destroying an already disintegrating nation.
Rachel diCerbo, New York, USA

I believe the whole issue could have been dealt with peacefully. I have served my own country in a conscript army, and as a result my heart goes out to the Iraqi servicemen. The US may do its utmost to minimise civilian casualties, but one has to remember that until called to defend their country, those servicemen, like me now, are civilians.
Veku, Finland

If Saddam Hussein was so innocent, he would have accepted the offer of exile and nobody would have found any nukes, germs or chemicals, and he'd have been vindicated - returning triumphantly to Baghdad with Bush embarrassed out of office. But Saddam didn't do that, did he? He must know that occupying troops would find what weapons inspectors could not.
Anon, New York, USA

I know it's a violent world
Susan Taylor, Virginia, USA
I'm not a Bush fan - didn't vote for him and won't in the next election. However, I do support this war and the liberation of Iraq. Having seen the results of 9/11 at the Pentagon (close to home) and the World Trade Center, I know it's a violent world. I'm no longer lulled into thinking that bad/horrible things can't happen at home, and that two oceans can protect Americans. Saddam wouldn't think twice about selling or giving weapons of mass destruction to the terrorists. Also, I'd like to thank the Brits for sticking by us. Thank God for Tony Blair - his speeches convinced me more about this war than my own president's.
Susan Taylor, Virginia, USA

If Saddam has the weapons of mass destruction that Bush has mentioned so often in his rhetoric, is it not logical that he would use them now, at a time of war? This war has been a farce from the start. It is unjust, wrong and far from "righteous". How many people have to be killed in the "liberation" process?
Mugure N, Mombasa, Kenya

While this war is no more immoral or illegal than any other war, it was not the best choice. Diplomacy was lacking on all sides prior to the hostilities. But this is all spilled milk at this point. I ask myself: If I were in charge, would I choose to stop now? The costs seem to have largely been paid and whatever benefits there will be have yet to be realised.
Mike Watkins, New York, USA

What is an Iraqi to do with freedom if he has nothing to live for?
Tanya Zafar, Karachi, Pakistan
War can't be justified in any way. No matter how honest the motive is, it is going to kill innocent civilians. Bombs don't discern between the guilty or not guilty, they just kill. If this war kills thousands what will be difference between President Bush and Saddam? How can someone be thankful for a freedom that kills his loved ones? What is an Iraqi to do with freedom if he has nothing to live for?
Tanya Zafar, Karachi, Pakistan

Maybe some day the people of Iraq will have the liberty and freedom to voice their opinions like we do here. It is unfortunate that war is the only way to accomplish that task but history has shown dictatorships do not just fade away. This war is necessary and I can only pray it won't lead to more conflict elsewhere.
David, South Carolina, USA

Congratulations USA and England. You really deserved to be applauded for such stupidity. The only question in my mind is "who gave you the right to take over a country?" What would you think if war was declared on your country?
Joe Dylan, Toronto, Canada

People against the war are seeing a small picture and are thinking short term. There might be a few Iraqi civilian causalities but then there are more people dying, being mistreated, tortured and obliterated under the rule of Saddam.
Thomas H Myint, Burma

This unnecessary war just proves Mr Bush has no idea what he is doing. If USA does believe in democracy it should have followed the UN. This shows Bush's revenge-aimed mentality which will ignite more 9/11s in the future.
anon, India

I'm not sure who I feel most sorry for, the people of Iraq who have been kept poor and downtrodden by a despot, but are soon to be freed, or the anti-war protestors. Despite their best intentions these protestors are too blind to see that it is Bush and Blair who actually care about the peace and security of the people of the world. Despite outrageous personal attacks and biased press against them, they are courageous enough to actually do something about it.
D Johnson, Dallas, Texas USA

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