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Last Updated:  Friday, 21 March, 2003, 11:39 GMT
Iraq invasion: Your views
US Army 3 Battalion 15th Infantry aim towards Iraq
The invasion of Iraq is under way.

The US-led ground assault has begun in earnest and the capital Baghdad has been heavily bombed.

What are your views on the start of hostilities?

This is a third page of your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

It is a shame that the apologists for Saddam Hussein are busy criticizing the United States
Hemingway, Bangalore, India
Those who are opposed to this war to dislodge a horrible dictator because "it is a violation of international law" should read a little history. Twice in recent history the United States has had to liberate the world from the clutches of monsters like Hitler. Now the democratic secular world is threatened by terrorists and rogue nations which use terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and weapons of mass destruction as instruments of state policy. Iraq under Saddam Hussain is a prime example of such a rogue nation. United States and United Kingdom have risen to the challenge of countering this threat. It is a shame that the apologists for Saddam Hussein are busy criticizing the United States. They should move to Iraq or one of the other oppressive middle eastern states and live under dictatorship. That will teach them that freedom and democracy are worth fighting for.
Hemingway, Bangalore, India

The outbreak of war in Iraq marks a sad day. It marks the moment at which it became apparent to every citizen of the world that we are nothing more than US colonies. Despite this war being illegal, deplorable and against the wishes of the clear majority, President Bush has forced it through for his own ends. Yet for this he will remain unpunished. There is no international law, there is only the tyranny of the most powerful.
Ross, Glasgow, UK

Are we a democratic country? Blair is elected into power and then can do what he pleases without support from the public. No wonder so few people vote, we have no say on important issues once the government is in power.
Andrew Hutton, Reading

This war is dishonourable and totally unjustified
Anita Cheung, Hong Kong
This war is dishonourable and totally unjustified. Any straight thinking person will know that it will bring far more problems than it will solve. Bush's and Blair's arguments are totally unconvincing and hypocritical. Not to say they are setting a bad example for our new generation. I had thought our civilization had advanced since the last World War. But looking at this, I am saddened to say we have NOT at all. We have to remember, when one day the Third World War breaks out, who have put us into it. History will be the best judge.
Anita Cheung, Hong Kong SAR, China

This isn't a war, it's a massacre. Are we seriously supposed to believe that this pathetic old despot, whose total resistance appears to amount to a half a dozen dilapidated missiles crashing harmlessly into the desert, posed a serious threat to world peace?
Tom V, Christchurch, New Zealand

My Grandfather told us how he and his family prayed that the Allies would come and help the German people to free them from the tyrant Hitler, and the allies came and most of the German people where thankful for that. I am sorry to hear Canada and Germany are not supporting this war.
Karin B, Vancouver,BC

I do not want my nation to be an empire. This war is clearly illegal. Bush is in violation of Article II of the UN Charter. As you'll recall, this is the very violation that sparked the liberation of Kuwait in 1991. That time, Iraq broke international law and was punished. This time, America -- my country -- breaks international law, and I am told to be silent about it, because I might support the enemy with my opinion. America used to be the nation of free speech, of justice and hope. Now, our Muslim citizens flee to Canada from fear of us, and our foreign policy (if it can even be so dignified!) is one of rank imperialism. America is becoming the evil it used to deplore.
Patrick Dunn, DeKalb, Illinois, USA

People are quick to condemn the war in Iraq claiming that the inevitable casualties are unacceptable. Yet, here in New York, I have repeatedly listened to these same people and the groups that support them protest about the US failing to come forward and defend oppressed peoples in other areas of the world. Which way do you like it because you can't have both?
Michael Weaver, New York, USA

I am ashamed to be an American. How can we act like this and still call ourselves leaders of the free world?
Michael Hendersen, Texas, USA
Americans here feel that the attack has increased our risk of being physically assaulted, put us in the embarrassing situation of being identified with a US policy that many of us don't agree with, and has isolated us by alienating our former European friends.
Andy Knoedler, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I am a former soldier of the U.S. Army and was a participant in the 1998 campaign to disarm Iraq that was snubbed by the U.N. I am writing in hopes that our British partners know my views on the fabulous Prime Minister Tony Blair. I had the privilege of watching PM Blair before the vote in the House of Commons to permit British forces to participate in the war in Iraq. All I can say is if I were a British citizen I would be elated to call PM Blair my Prime Minister.
Bryan Brownlow, USA

I am ashamed to be an American. How can we act like this and still call ourselves leaders of the free world. Like Senator Byrd, I cry for my country.
Michael Hendersen, Texas, USA

While I wholeheartedly wish peace was possible immediately, in this instance, I believe that in order for peace to exist in the long run, the war needs to occur now.
Jena Fujimoto, California, US

My opinion remains that this war is wrong and marks a black period in our lives. None of the arguments make sense. This is not about liberating people. This is not about weapons of mass production because a far greater threat exists in North Korea. This is not about terrorism because there is no link attached to terrorism.
George, Australia

America, remove Saddam and then leave Iraq.
Woko Enugu. Nigeria

This is an illegal war. Bush is acting alone. You cannot kill people in the name of freedom.
Kumar S, USA

Our government is leaving our children with more enemies and economic difficulties with their foolish decisions.
Allan Border, San Fracisco

I am all for a peaceful end to this war, I'm even for protesting the war, but why don't all these people protesting this war come out when Saddam was killing his own people, and all the other killing that is going on. If you are going to protest killing, protest it all. Do not just protest it when you think it will be the "cool" thing to do.
Danny Fraser, Harrison, USA

So far this war has been successful. The Iraqi military has been crippled, and their people may soon see and experience freedom. Bush did not start this war, Saddam did. His tyranny and disregard for the UN has forced the United States, after months of failed diplomacy, to strip him of his illegal arms and liberate his people. May the war end in swift victory with minimal casualties on both sides.
Anthony Lupo, Pusan, Korea (Camp Hialeah, USFK base)

This attack is not in our name
Thomas, New York City
This attack is not in our name, and many, if not most, New Yorkers are appalled at the Bush administration's naked, unilateral and imperial ambitions in Iraq. As an American I thank the protestors all over the world for standing up, and I can only pray that God forgives us.
Thomas, New York City

Saddam is a threat to world peace, a supporter of terrorism, a terrorist himself and a career criminal. The Iraqi people are not capable or not willing to overthrow him, therefore they are partially guilty for his actions. It is about time someone does what is right and ousts Saddam. That being said, this is not a proud moment for the US. I can't believe we have to resort to invading a country in order to promise a better future. This is opening a dangerous new chapter in the history of the US. I don't agree with you Bush. I don't think the time was right, nor your diplomacy. But, I will wait and see. Only time will tell if your course is the right one.
Brian K, Boston, USA

How can anyone say that the diplomatic option was not adequately exercised? After nearly twelve years of sanctions and weapons inspections the Iraqi's still have missiles to fire? What else do they have? Time will soon tell. How much more time should the inspectors have had? Bush is simply cleaning up the mess that was left after Gulf War I.
Don, Peoria, IL , USA

For the American people and British people who are ashamed of their country I would suggest that you go live in Iraq. I prefer to be free. Freedom has always come with a price. It is all in our history books.
Jan, Seattle, USA

The US appears to believe in its own supremacy and the supremacy of its way of life
Lindsay Dunseith, Mbabane, Swaziland
Ancient Rome believed in the supremacy of roman citizenship and the roman way of life. Hitler's Germany believed in the supremacy of its people. The US appears to believe in its own supremacy and the supremacy of its way of life. Can history teach us something?
Lindsay Dunseith, Mbabane, Swaziland

I don't want any of our men and women to be injured and I don't want innocent people in Iraq to be harmed either. I suggest to others around the world and in the US to start praying for all of us instead of complaining. Complaining isn't stopping this war conflict. It's happening - get down on your knees and pray to God to get us through it!
Catherine, USA

No war is free of long-term consequences anymore. And everyone deserves a future free of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons - Iraq and neighbours included. We should think twice before going to war now more than ever.
Krystallia Papadimitriou, Athens, Greece

I am very proud to be an American, we have threatened Saddam for 7 months and it is time for some action. As far as I am concerned America and the United Kingdom are doing the right thing. The time for talks is past, war is upon us.
Amanda Wayman, USA

I feel ashamed to be a part of a continent where a country like the 'mighty US' plunders a nation for their selfish motive with no other country coming forward to support Iraq militarily. Who's next?
Ravi Shankar, Toronto, Canada

Are the peace protestors saying the US is wrong to undo its misplaced trust in Saddam?
Paul Tyrrell, London, UK
The only reason the US ever helped Saddam was that the Arab world told them it was a good idea. Many Middle Eastern leaders said Saddam was a man who could be negotiated with, right up until he invaded Kuwait. Then it became clear he wouldn't stop until he had taken on Israel and Saudi Arabia and the West had to step in. Are the peace protestors saying the US is wrong to undo its misplaced trust in Saddam and end his reign? The only shame of this war is that it wasn't prosecuted sooner.
Paul Tyrrell, London, UK

It's official, the world is fully controlled by the US. Let's see who is next in their lists. They exploit third world countries to support their lifestyle. Now they will control most of the oil in the world too. They are showing the world who is in control now. Go with them or against them.
Felipe, Barcelona, Spain

The basic thing is oil - first and foremost. Nobody rushes to the aid of poor African countries caught in civil war. Why? US companies have already been lined up for lucrative contracts for Iraq reconstruction - paid by Iraqi oil money.
Santashil, Houston, USA

People condemn this war because of inevitable Iraqi casualties. For three decades the population of Iraq has been subject to such atrocities. There are two evils here: oppression and war. The lesser evil will prevail to help stabilise future of the region.
Fraser, Glasgow Scotland

I can't help thinking, from the few TV reports I've seen, that Iraq looks quite clean and prosperous - more so than many parts of England and the "Western World"??
Jake, UK

The world needs a show of U.S. muscle so that any potential aggressors will be left in no doubt that attacking the United States of America poses serious consequences.
Bob Howard, Huntington Beach, USA

This war is immoral and insane. How the world has come to this at the behest of one man who wasn't even elected by a majority of this countries people is beyond comprehension.
JC Homola, San Antonio, Texas US

I believe that what the U.S has done is a step in the right direction to ensure future world peace
Dipo, Nigeria
I believe that what the U.S has done is a step in the right direction to ensure future world peace. I am surprised France and other dissenting voices cannot see that.
Dipo, Nigeria

It seems that the US Government is willing to defy its people as well as most of the world in order to keep `US democracy´ intact, with the support of `broad coalition forces´ (small, tactically unnamed in national speeches but economically dependent of course).
Jim Denley, Stockholm, Sweden

God Bless the soldiers of America, Australia and Great Britain. Saddam your tyranny can be measured in hours. Apologists and appeasers you have been proven wrong yet again. Perhaps you should accept and learn from the errors of your ways lest you lead the courageous into another fight.
Declan, USA

Greater sanctions and increased number of weapons inspectors rather than war, when no proof of weapons of mass destruction has been found.
James, Western Australia

This is not an attack on the Iraqi people and innocent civilians. It is a clear and necessary movement to remove a very hateful and destructive villain and his murderous infrastructure.
Mike Jensen, Smithfield, RI

I commend Senator Robert Byrd for speaking out against Bush
Lauryn, Olympia, WA, USA
I commend Senator Robert Byrd for speaking out against Bush and the majority of this administration's opinions on war in Iraq. What is happening now makes me tremble with disgust. The American people in general do not understand the humanism hiding behind the name of war. The mainstream media here does a good job of hiding the faces and true concerns of the civilians we are bombing.
Lauryn, Olympia, WA, USA

The main justification that is being offered for this war is that Iraq stands in violation of 17 UN resolutions. A perusal of modern history will show that Israel has violated more that forty UN resolutions. How does then one can justify this illegitimate attack on the Iraqis? Warmongers will always find some excuses. I just ask any hawk to answer this question satisfactorily. If you cannot offer a just explanation, then please tow the line of peace.
Ankan Paul, Kolkata, India

If a poor person on my street lives and he beats his wife daily, do I have any right to go and ask him to leave the house immediately?? I take this war the same way and it's so ridiculous. America must realize that these acts of aggression come with a price - the threat of more terror attacks.
Raza, Lahore, Karachi

Were I listening to Tony Blair's hard truths rather than to George Bush's lies during the past months I (and the world) might be more convinced that this is a legitimate action. Bush destroyed the possibility of disarming Iraq multilaterally and with legitimacy.
Stacey Jones, Seattle, USA

Saddam Hussein should be dealt with by the international community, not the USA
Carrie, Los Angeles, USA
While I support those men and women who risk their lives defending the country, I do not support the decision to send them to Iraq. My only hope now is that this conflict ends peacefully and quickly. Saddam Hussein should be dealt with by the international community, not the USA.
Carrie, Los Angeles, USA

I want the rest of the world to realize that not all Americans are like GW Bush. I think it is wrong for Bush to ignore the rest of the world and the UN. However, now that the US has begun bombing, I don't think it will end soon. I fear we have a long road ahead.
Libba Kelly, Baltimore, Maryland USA

I fail to understand why so many people cannot see that if Saddam Hussein was not in Iraq, and was just a regular person he would have been consigned to a mental institution a long time ago. He is an extremely dangerous person who has felt he can act as he pleases for far too long. Why is it that whilst we are at war, people cannot just stand united behind their country and ask questions later? We have young men and women prepared to die for us out there.
Camilla Brown, New York, USA

What is the point of the United Nations resolutions if powerful leaders are able to act alone?
Marcia Trewern, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Have we learnt nothing from our previous mistakes?
Annie Palone, California, USA
Have we learned nothing from our previous mistakes? We lost in Vietnam, and if getting rid of Saddam was part of America's goal in the first Gulf War, then it looks like we lost that one too. Do not be deceived by Bush's rhetoric, this strike is motivated by revenge. If Iraq has banned weapons, chances are they got them from America. Stop the hypocrisy. Stop the war. Stop the unelected Bush and his war-mongering minions.
Annie Palone, California, USA

This utter disregard for the UN is a disgrace. The "war" itself is an illegal attack on a sovereign state by aggressors who claim that Iraq may cause potential instability! No one denies Hussein is a dictator but how anyone can justify an attack on a country, who has been weakened by sanctions and bombed continuously for ten years, on the grounds they are a threat to world security is absolutely unbelievable!
Fraser Osborne, Vancouver, Canada

All of my sympathy is with the people who will fall victim the war. I sometimes think that war is a necessary prelude to peace. I hope this is the war brings about peace. God bless America!
Agota Kriczky, New-York,L.I.C.

Countries have moral obligations to the citizens of other nations. We have an obligation to protect those who cannot protect themselves. France, Russia and Germany have shown moral bankruptcy; I'm proud that as Americans, we have a leader who will pick up the sword and protect the innocent.
Judy, Phoenix, AZ USA

Thank you so much Mr. Bush for disregarding the voice of more than ninety percent of the planet earth. Nothing justifies this war; this war is immoral. The US government treated the Security Council as a game; this war shows that who ever has the power and money can buy and destroy every nation they want.
Farhad Omar, US

Blair is trying to impose democracy by undemocratic means
Kim, London
Blair is trying to impose democracy by undemocratic means. I cry for anyone - but particularly for pregnant women, like myself - with nowhere to go, just sitting in Baghdad, waiting for the bombs to fall. Are we assuming their lives are worth less than ours? We should all be ashamed for not stopping this horror.
Kim, London

Hopefully with the displacement of this warmonger - yes, I say warmonger - the Iraqi people will one day know the elation of thinking for themselves, expressing themselves, and defending themselves against dictators and tyrants like Saddam Hussein. Thank you!
Courtney, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

We're saying that 'we know' that Saddam still has weapons of mass destruction. We 'know' this because it was America and England who gave Saddam the weapons. Why should millions of people suffer because of the stupid mistakes our presidents and governments made a few years ago?
Chloe, Northampton, England

Of the threat to civilians in Iraq, I mourn for the plight of the oppressed and the inevitable casualties among civilians. But we must realize that Saddam Hussein is the one who has put his people in harm's way. And we must respect the fact that the unified military forces are not the product of a brutal dictatorship but are trained professionals who are making every effort possible to protect the lives of the innocent.
Shanda, South Carolina, USA

The Iraqis have survived the most repressive of regimes and the UN sanctions. Iraqi people want change. If there is a war, they would not mind sacrificing something if it brings the possibility of change. Anti-war demonstrators here don't know what it is like to be living in Iraq.
Micki, Washington state, USA

As a military wife who has sacrificed her husband to the cause, I feel the US is doing the right thing
Lisa Marie, New York City
As a military wife who has sacrificed her husband to the cause, I feel the United States is doing the right thing. I'm tired of listening to all of the negativity toward the U.S. and also the lack of balanced opinions in your online polls such as this. You complain that we are working to disarm Saddam and yet you'd complain if we didn't disarm him and he actually succeeded in launching weapons of mass destruction. Our safety is what is driving our military, not oil, not power.
Lisa Marie, New York City

As a Christian I understand that there is a time for war and a time for peace. Have you forgotten about the ethnic cleansing which killed 60,000 people Iraq? Who will speak for them? Did they have a choice? Hearing the negative talk I have to ask myself, how would you feel to have no rights? I will support my country; I will support our men and women in this war.
Robert, Texas, USA

Today is one of the saddest days of my life. My pride in my country as a beacon of democracy and multi-nationalism has been replaced by shame and fear. Shame that we have chosen to violate international law by attacking Iraq unilaterally; I fear that this move has destroyed our relations with the rest of the world. I am scared of the xenophobia and infringements of civil and human rights I see happening in my country. If this continues, the terrorists will have achieved their objective of destroying my country and the liberty it stands for.
Gwen Sancar, Chapel Hill USA

I am ashamed of country's position
Tzvetan Tzonev, Varna, Bulgaria
I am ashamed of country's position - Bulgaria is supporting this war. I am ashamed that after million of years human evolution, "rule of the jungle" principles still describe human relations.
Tzvetan Tzonev, Varna, Bulgaria

I feel it is time to question the ideals of our political and spiritual leaders, to see if they truly stand for peace and harmony. We must make sure there is no secret craving for power, or any desire to employ divide and rule tactics.
David, Antwerp Belgium

It is funny that we are attacking Iraq to show Saddam that the UN cannot be ignored, but while doing so we ourselves are ignoring the will of the UN!
Kunal, Denver, USA

I'm a 14 year-old-student and at the moment I am very depressed. People are dying in Iraq which is absolutely terrible. I would support this war if the Americans were going to go after Saddam himself, but if America is going to devastate Iraq, then I am opposed.
Asad Fazil, London

All countries now have the moral right to intervene in the affairs of other countries without U.N backing. This act will now encourage other countries to take matters in their own hands. Bush and Blair led us back to the dark ages
ABUL RIZWAN, London, United Kingdom

The American government has a long history of imposing a singular and exclusive notion of freedom on others. I don't want George Bush to bring his freedom to the world in my name. His moral invocations chill me more deeply than the ranting of an isolated and ailing Iraqi regime.
Nigel Pope, London, UK

None of the leaders in this terrible story represent their people
Maryam, Dubai, UAE
Leaders are there to represent their people; none of the leaders in this terrible story represent their people. Saddam has not, does not and will not care about his people. Bush, Blair and Aznar seem to be forgetting that they are doing this for democracy since democracy also means listening to what your people want and agree upon. Is this the end of democracy as we know it?
Maryam, Dubai, UAE

Does Bush Junior have any idea what he has unleashed on the world? He has no idea what war means for the innocents on the ground - he strikes me as a posturing, deeply shallow man.
John Sinclair, Dundee, UK

Is war the most appropriate option for the Americans and British to follow? America and Britain have gone far from ensuring and maintaining peace in our world. We and those who are very poor and need to develop shall be affected by this dangerous attack. It is my prayer that the Lord will turn the hearts of both Bush and Blair, and restore peace in Iraq and in the world at large.
Patrick, Ghana

Since when did grovelling before petty dictators offer legitimacy?
Andrew, Houston, United States
We should dispel the rumour that the US declaring war is illegitimate. Since when did grovelling before petty dictators offer legitimacy? The resentment seen is because the US is not emasculated like the majority of the UN members - it can feed and clothe its own citizens, as well as our detractors citizens.
Andrew, Houston, United States

The US propaganda machine will always make out they are the liberators and the saviours, but when it comes to cleaning up the mess, it will be left to Europe and the UN, while the US will be finally secure in the knowledge they'll get their supply of oil for their wonderful 4 wheel drive killing machines.
Neha, UK

The strike hopefully targeted several high level Iraqis - this demonstrates President Bush's concern to limit civilian casualties. Unhappily Saddam does not seem to have been hit. Dictators have a bad track record of cowering behind innocent citizens as they tear down the pillars. Let's hope that Saddam doesn't go as slowly and painfully as Hitler.
Martin Burns, Oxford

Well if this war is about Iraq's WMDs, I guess now is the appropriate time for Saddam Hussein to use them. If he doesn't, and none are found, I trust Bush and Blair will broadcast an apology to their people (and the world) for lying through their teeth, before voluntarily handing themselves over to the war crimes tribunal (holding themselves responsible for thousands of needless deaths).
Luke, UK

Why now? If they'd waited any longer Hans Blix would have shown that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which would have left Bush with no legitimate reasons for the attack.
Ros Hancock, UK

Where was the US when Rwanda was suffering?!
Sachin, San Francisco, USA
I'm very sad to see so many Americans support a war in the name of "freeing" the Iraqi people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The war is just about US interests. Where was the US when Rwanda was suffering?!
Sachin, San Francisco, USA

In the modern world it is very easy to take some decisions, and it is very hard to take some. Chirac has proved that he is one of the very few men in authority who are brave enough to make the right decisions, however hard it might be to take them. He has improved the image of the nation he governs by a long way. He is a hero.
Jackson Oberoi, Cochin, India

I would support speedy action if I didn't suspect the Bush administration was driven by self interest. - Bush openly spoke of "protecting US interests" when reneging on the Kyoto Agreement.
Bob Howard-Spink, Kettering UK

I am supportive of the soldiers and hope that they return home. I am not supportive of the war.
Emily, UK

Well it's about time. All those people against the war, well I think you are all naive. We all know Saddam has banned weapons. All those people against the war should be ashamed of themselves.
Graham Taylor, UK

My only hope is that few people are killed and that when the next elections come round both Bush and Blair are thrown from office.
Steven Meredith, Manchester, UK

God speed the end of Saddam and the liberation of the Iraqi people
Saddam Hussein is a brutal dictator who has murdered, tortured and impoverished millions of his own people. To the so called anti-war people, I say what would you do to get rid of this monster? More people would die in another five years of Saddam than in any military action to remove him. God speed the end of Saddam and the liberation of the Iraqi people they deserve.
AS, London, UK

Only one thing: has Bush really wanted a new UN SC resolution? I do not think a new resolution inevitably would designate the limits of war, and Bush does not want limits, he wants to reach what he wants to reach and not what the UN wants to reach. The timing of starting the war could not be worse. Every country in the world, particularly Muslim, is watching quietly but intently as Condoleezza Rice quietly hands Israel enormous financial aid from George Bush. The perception that the US is in league with Israel in starting a crusade against Islam will be unavoidable.
Morris, Atlanta, USA

War isn't a pretty thing, and no one wants it, but i support all our troops and am very grateful for Britain and Spain's Support!
Kathy, USA New York City

The biggest crime here is that we've wasted so much time and money trying to adapt Saddam's plans for years. No matter what your views are on the war itself, now that our troops are over there, we should at least support them for risking their lives for us.
Carla Huntington, Norwood, MA USA

Do we have impartial third party confirmation that those so-called "scud" missiles were fired from Iraq? I can't believe that US hasn't identified and destroyed all missile launch facilities. You know Iraq is not that big.
Tom, USA

To all those serving in the forces of the coalition of the willing: THANK YOU. Because of you and your families' sacrifice, the world will be a safer place. To those of you opposed to this just and overdue action: You owe your thanks as well. These brave men and women are protecting your future, too.
Tim Krakowski, Marietta, GA, USA

This situation of allowing pre-emptive military action by a minority of states has shattered the notion of world democracy
Simon Corbett, UK
To those of you that support this war: You may be right in that the surviving Iraqis will no longer have to live under Saddam's rule. But what you have failed to realise is that this situation of allowing pre-emptive military action by a minority of states has shattered the notion of world democracy and international law. Any nation that disagrees with the USA now must worry about not only economic sanctions but also the possibility of facing "regime change" by force. An utterly terrifying prospect given that the most powerful nation on earth has a leader 'elected' on the back of spurious actions in the US Supreme Court. The power of the most powerful military machine can now be bought in the USofA!
Simon Corbett, Watford, UK

Simon Corbett's statement accidentally reveals the truth: world democracy is only a notion. For all that the US-UK-Australian alliance has committed a catalogue of diplomatic blunders, the UN has also been revealed to be deeply flawed by this event. We need a better balance between the wealthy countries that underwrite UN activities, and the rest of the world that should be (but isn't) providing that body with democratic legitimacy. The West should not have to bribe minor tyrannies to carry out outstanding UN resolutions, and the well-bring of the Rest should no longer be thwarted by apparently arbitrary vetoes and enervating handouts.
Paul Connor, Toronto, Canada

To all those that say there is no case for war, I ask a simple question...how come Saddam is firing Scud missiles into Kuwait, missiles he apparently does not have and should not have??
James, London, UK

I believe that now is a time for learning from our mistakes. Now that it has started we can not change it but we must think of the innocent people, our troops and their families. Now is a time for unity.
Katie, UK

Islamic extremists will redouble their efforts to spread their brand of terror
Heneage Mitchell, Bangkok, Thailand
Bush's statement that "this will not be a war of half measures" is likely to come back and haunt him - and the rest of the world - as I am certain that the Islamic extremists will take his words to heart and redouble their efforts to spread their brand of terror across the world in retaliation.
Heneage Mitchell, Bangkok, Thailand

Democracy has been successfully introduced by means of military force. Just look at Germany or even, if you will, America! The United Nations has been marginalised by the unconditional use of veto by members of the Security Council before a vote even took place. Congratulations to the US.
Karen Blackwell, UK

Is Pakistan next on the US list? Right now being in a country with nuclear arsenal where Bin Laden is considered a hero by many terrifies me, and judging by the total disregard Bush has shown for anything except the resolve to destroy Iraqi weaponry and leadership, Pakistan with its history of dictators may not be far down the list
Amna Ahmed, Lahore, Pakistan

The diplomatic route was not exhausted
S. Okocha, Kent
I think this war is immoral. The diplomatic route was not exhausted. The only people that are going to bear the brunt are the ordinary Iraqis, women and children included. Saddam is safe in a bunker somewhere. America needs to stop being the world police and has no right to attack another sovereign state. What will happen the next time that Bush decides that he does not like the leader of another poor 3rd world country? Are we (Britain) going to join the US to attack? I applaud the French people and government for their moral stance. In years to come Iraq children who survive this will be on telly vowing to kill Americans and Britons anywhere they find them and then we will be appalled and label them 'terrorists'.
S. Okocha, Beckenham, Kent

I am hugely proud to be English today. It's about time that Saddam is ousted. And to all those who say that the US and UK are acting without UN approval... you don't know what you are talking about! Resolution 1441 was voted on unanimously, including the French and Germans. This resolution warned of "severe consequences" should Iraq not comply. Well, when the going got tough, the French and Germans wimped out. We are now seeing the severe consequences meted out. And it's about time!
David Brown, Leeds, England

Pray for as little lose of life as possible. Support the military. Get the violation of international law over with the minimum casualty. It is much like having your neighbour kick in your door in the absence of a warrant. I am ashamed of our top leadership. I have no faith in their doing the right thing.
Robert Benson, Belding, Michigan, USA

We are only 14 and 15 and we deserve a peaceful future
Rona and Lyndsay, Stonehaven, Scotland
As teenagers of the 21st century we are quite pleased that our future will not be shadowed by such an evil dictator. Although war is not an ideal solution to the problem, it is the last resort in our eyes. We are only 14 and 15 and we deserve a peaceful future.
Rona and Lyndsay, Stonehaven, Scotland

I hope the US realises that after this war September 11th is going to be a regular occurrence. To all those in favour of this war I hope that you never have to experience war on your own territory, or be driven from your flattened home, or watch your loved ones die. When will the killing end?
Natasha Saunders, Meylan, France

All the ones who cried for war because Saddam is such a violent dictator seem to forget that without the Americans Saddam would not be there. They needed him to fight Iran, they gave him the chemical weapons to kill his own people. The Americans seem to think that they can appoint and kick out dictators whenever and wherever they want. Osama Bin-Laden is exactly the same case, and the next one will be in Pakistan. They play a very dangerous game, and the Iraqis had and have to pay the price.
Katja, UK

We need to get the job done
Kexia, Atlanta, Georgia
I agree with President Bush. Saddam is a career terrorist who had no qualms about bombing innocent Africans who stood in the way in Kenya & Tanzania. Not one apology cam from him. Saddam supported rebels in Sudan causing untold suffering and grief. The man invaded a neighbouring state without any misgiving. Finally he supports terrorists who caused 9/11. What happens after the war is the real issue. We cannot afford to give up halfway as happened in 1991. We need to get the job done.
Kexia, Atlanta, Georgia

There is a large number of comments regarding "Bush and Blair doing what is right based on the facts". Firstly how do we know that these facts are true? Secondly how do we know that they truly are acting in our interests, and not in their own personal (business) interest? Thirdly, there is an awful lot more to this whole saga that none of us will ever know, dating back to way before the September 11th attack, whoever it was carried out by. I don't think anyone should blindly jump into supporting their government when none of us truly knows what is going on.
Jonathan Martin, Nottingham, UK

It is absolutely inevitable that during this war Saddam will use the chemical weapons he says he never had. When people lay dead or dying, what will the anti-war brigade say then? The anti-war brigade who were keen for cat and mouse inspections to continue to try to prove that these weapons existed in the first place. What absolute nonsense. This war is completely just and I back Blair and Bush all the way.
Sam , UK

I am glad finally to see the end of the beginning
Alastair Maxwell, Hong Kong
I am glad finally to see the end of the beginning, with hostilities beginning today. Among all the noise, I have confidence that President Bush will continue this campaign to an end that will satisfy all reasonable people, unlike the previous Gulf War, which, partly as a result of public opinion, was terminated prematurely in 1991.
Alastair Maxwell, Hong Kong

Where is the gratitude from the rest of the world? The United States has liberated the entire world from tyranny twice in the past and now we are going to liberate Iraq. If it wasn't for the United States, Europe and the Middle East would be speaking German and Asia would be controlled by Japan. Only one country ever paid their debt to the U.S. and none could ever make up for the thousand of Americans that have died to free foreign countries. For all of the people who are ashamed to be American's, Leave now and go live in Iraq, China, North Korea. For all of the morons who think war never solved anything - think about slavery, Communism, Fascism, and Nazism. War is not good, but sometimes it is a necessary means to a positive end.
Larry, Marietta, USA

One look at the comments here and you can see that public opinion is not united behind the war effort. Nor is there a clear understanding of the objectives: removing Saddam Hussein and freeing Iraq does not remove the wider impact of the conflict. History shows that this is not a sound basis for waging war
Nick, Italy

This war is justified and Saddam needs to go
Dain, USA
Most people are ignorant to what really goes on in the Middle East. This war is justified and Saddam needs to go. Regardless of the protests and the anger, it is something that needs to be done. Second, citizens of the US should support their troops for ensuring you protestors have the right to protest and complain about our government. If it wasn't for them we would all live under the reign of terror.
Dain, USA

America & UK you're great both! What would this world be without you? God Bless all the freedom fighters in this war against the tyranny of the Iraqi regime! Expel Saddam Hussein!
Mario Micallef, Malta

In my view the war in Iraq is not only completely justified under international law, but also under the true traditions of decency and honour that the British people have sought to uphold. If we are honest with ourselves and recall the first Gulf war, I think we will all recall the sentiment of disbelief in this country when the coalition stopped short of taking out Saddam in his entirety at that time. Let us not now, after 12 years of Saddam's blatantly tyrannical actions and flagrant disregard for human rights and international law, shrink from enforcing what can only be the truly correct course of action at this time.
Tom Bonnett, Hove , England

The United States has once again indisputably shown that it is a hypocritical rogue nation
Jeremy Botha, South Africa
I think that the United States has once again indisputably shown that it is a hypocritical rogue nation. To spurn the resolution of the United Nations in the way that it has done should be grounds for stripping it of its Veto power within the United Nations general assembly.

I do not dispute that Saddam Hussein is a dangerous man. However, the government of Iraq is currently stable, in a region where instability reigns. What sort of governance can the US hope to instil in Iraq once the established government is removed? And will they, as elsewhere, withdraw and leave the clean-up to the UN?
Jeremy Botha, Cape Town, South Africa

As the bombing begins, the voices of the millions against war are ignored. In 5 years the oil of Iraq will be owned by American based multinationals, in particular friends of Bush and Blair. Is there anyone apart from government who doubts this?
Kit Hardy, London

Bush and Blair and all their ministers are heroes!
Robert Barquero, St Louis, USA
People of the world celebrate, for your brothers in Iraq will be free soon. Bush and Blair and all their ministers are heroes! Muslims, please recognize that we mean no harm, please stop the xenophobia against the US, Europe, Russia, Israel, India, China, Sudan...etc. We Christians, Jews, Hindus. etc are entitled to this Earth also.
Robert Barquero, St Louis, USA

My sympathies are with the soldiers and other men and women in uniform who have to follow the orders of their commanders. However, that doesn't mean I should deny my belief that they are fighting the wrong war
Gbenga, Lagos, Nigeria

Inspectors have found no evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Ousting or assassination of Saddam and his family is not one of the UN resolutions. So, Bush and Blair; can you tell the world what the real agenda is?
Abdulrahman, J, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

How many more innocents will die due to two power-hungry megalomaniacs like Bush & Saddam?
Karla, USA
As a Muslim, I'm embarrassed that one such as Saddam claims the same faith as me. (Still, God will judge him in the end.) As an American, I'm embarrassed that Bush was so hell-bent on war, that he couldn't wait the 1-2 months necessary to get UN Support and possibly avoid war. We are already responsible for killing 500,000 Iraqi Children with our sanctions. How many more innocents will die due to two power-hungry megalomaniacs like Bush & Saddam? Don't forget that a majority of Americans didn't elect Bush - we elected Gore!
Karla, USA

We should support the troops, but I believe the euphoria will be short lived when the first body bags arrive in Britain and the USA. I personally wish that Bush and Blair could be forced to take up arms and go on the front line to witness the results of their folly.
Peter, Brit in Canada

It is quite clear that the US, the UK and others like Spain are guilty of a hideous crime: attacking another without provocation and without international support. The only thing left to do for the rest of the world is to boycott the products of these nations. Let's cut the funds of this ridiculous war by avoiding any purchase or commerce with products of these nations. It's our duty to do so.
Daniel Nofal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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