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Last Updated:  Saturday, 22 March, 2003, 17:40 GMT
Blair speech: Will the UK unite?
Prime Minister Tony Blair has broadcast a televised message to the nation calling for unity behind the British forces in Iraq.

In his speech, Mr Blair justified military action and said the world faced a new threat of disorder and chaos from "brutal states" like Iraq.

His TV address came after thousands of people around the country had joined protests against the war.

Mr Blair said the course of action had produced "deep divisions of opinion" in the country, but that he knew British people would "be united in sending our armed forces our thoughts and prayers".

What did you think of the speech? Will the country unite behind the military action? Or will the divisions remain and the protests continue?

This debate is now closed. The following comments reflect the balance of views we received

The speech was excellent and given with conviction. But, while the anti-everything protestors continue their childish, selfish and un-caring of everyone but themselves; there is very little chance of the population ever being united.
Mike, UK

Does Blair pay no attention to the anti war protests everyday? Part of having a democracy is having different opinions and different ideas. If everyone thought the same, had the same political views this world would be a very dull place.
Nadia, England

In the past I have thought Tony Blair to be a wishy-washy politician who only did what opinion polls told him. I was wrong
Chris Smith, Pewsey, UK
An excellent speech, full of conviction. It is good to see the art of oratory is not dead. The action in Iraq is the right thing to do. In the past I have thought Tony Blair to be the kind of wishy-washy politician who only did what opinion polls told him, and never had an idea of his own. I was wrong.
Chris Smith, Pewsey, UK

I've voted Labour since I was 18. After the last few months behaviour from the current leader I will never vote for the party again. Mr Blair cannot purport to represent the people if he's already made up his mind and blots out the beliefs of a great many within the UK. We are not talking about a few hundred people but millions throughout the UK who have an alternative opinion. He will ignore them and face the consequences.
Paul Griffiths, England

The vast majority of the ordinary working people are in complete support of our troops and the leadership shown by Tony Blair.
Bill Moir, UK

Well done Mr Blair, history will show you as a great leader.
Clare, UK

Once again we had rhetoric rather than the truth. I am becoming convinced that Blair is so out of touch with honest Christian values that he doesn't recognise the truth when it stares him in the face. One life taken is as evil as a thousand lives taken. Murder is murder, whatever name it goes under. I am sorry to admit that I voted Labour in the last elections - never again! I never thought this country would be so cruelly deceived.
Margaret, UK

The country should unite behind him and support our service men and women
Douglas Cook, Belgium
Excellent speech, delivered with conviction. The right man at the right time. The country should unite behind him and support our service men and women. The protesters being able to protest prove his case, and if they don't believe that they should try protesting against Saddam in Iraq.
Douglas Cook, Belgium

It doesn't matter, as long as the troops believe in the cause they are fighting for. If the war is over quickly all will be forgotten. People will always protest - but sometimes public opinion has to be ignored. Would Blair be risking his political future if he didn't strongly believe in the justification of this war?
Mark Jordan, Knaresborough, England

I believe Tony Blair is a great leader and is doing everything in his power to keep the UK together in this time of war, but what more can he do? People are uniting all around him and I congratulate the ones that are backing him. If the whole country was behind him it would send a great message and would boost morale of our troops over in Iraq!
Michael, Scotland

I think Mr Blair should resign when this war is over
Rob, Scotland
How can a man betray his own party, his own country and generally go against the international opinion? What's at stake for him? It surely isn't in the interest of England, let alone the civilians of Iraq.
Dave, UK

I think Mr Blair should resign when this war is over, it has again shown his complete lack of judgement (the previous was the fuel crisis) regarding the wishes of the British public. It also demonstrates that he did not realise that Bush and his two warmongers Rumsfeld and Cheney would attack Iraq anyway whether weapons of mass destruction were found or not.
Rob, Scotland

I think that once the war is over, and this terrible regime has been removed from Iraq, the people of the world will look upon Tony Blair as a great leader.
Terry Langford, USA

When I weigh up the circumstances - a labour leader agreeing to war with so many opposing it - I have to conclude that he must have compelling information not available to the rest of us. He knows that if he is wrong it will be the end of his career in politics. It would be much easier to brush it under the carpet and go with the flow. The fact that he has opted for war demonstrates the truth of what he says. I found him convincing. I don't like war, but I trust him to do what's right.
Alistair, USA (ex-pat)

Sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you've got it made
Cedric Knight, England
Sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you've got it made. The only meaningful bit in the speech was where Mr Blair talks about what "we" shall do with Iraqi oil money - a trust fund sounds like the present oil-for-food arrangement under which malnutrition kills thousands. We should bring the troops home immediately.
Cedric Knight, England

I fail to see how Blair can unite the country. He has turned the UK into the 51st state of the USA.
Anon, Netherlands, (ex-pat)

Parliament has spoken and backed Tony Blair. Democracy has decided the course of action that the UK will take and so the whole nation must now unite behind that decision, leaving behind personal opinions, for the common good of our people.
Phillip Jones, UK

Is England still a democracy? Tony's job is to represent the majority of people in this country - but it seems that he is deciding against the wishes of English people.
Yvonne, United Kingdom

History is being made, it is up to us all to support our leaders and troops at this time. I have no doubt that "hindsight" discussions will criticise both the UK and USA but the world must learn from mistakes not ignore the warning signs.
Victor Pledge, UK

I admire his determination and for keeping words he says
Marlena, Poland, living in UK
I think generally people take freedom they have got in England for granted. If we do not want to believe the PM, let's take a history lesson. I admire his determination and for keeping words he says. It is pointless to discuss problems if we are not prepared to act.
Marlena, Poland, living in UK

The speech was flawless as of course it would be. War is wholly justified unless you read between the lines and then the dark and sinister plot is all there is to see. I'm behind our boys and sincerely hope they return home alive without taken a life. I think sceptics will remain and demonstration will go on. The children who protest today are our future; of this I am very proud, as at least they can see through the smokescreen. We the voters will be your downfall Mr Blair and these children will rebuild what you are trying so hard to destroy!
Zahid, UK

I am proud to have Tony Blair as my PM. I think he is a good honest man and a great leader. I hope he stays in power for years to come. Well done Tony.
Blue, UK

Whilst I don't disagree the regime in Iraq is distasteful, I have seen no martyrs on the streets of Baghdad, no demonstrations from within Iraq. Some may say this is because of the oppression - yet we have seen oppressive regimes removed by people power such as the demise of the Eastern Bloc. If ever there was a reason to fight for democracy surely that reason was Tiananmen Square. If ever there was justification for removing an imposed government that is Tibet.
Terry Davidson, England

Blair is totally out of touch with the British people
Nick, England
A very emphatic NO. Blair is totally out of touch with the British people and is in danger of becoming the very thing is he is obsessed with defeating in Iraq.
Nick, England

Bush and Blair have given "justification addresses" after the war has started and like listing all countries that agree with them. It is like watching two schoolboys caught doing something wrong and using the excuse that "most of the class thought it was a good idea". They would both be better to wait, show the world proof they were right and go in and say "I told you so," as opposed to continuing to win votes by discrediting nations who happen to have a different opinion.
Marc Thomas, Cayman Islands

While the majority of us do not want war, everyone knows something had to be done to remove Saddam. Tony Blair's speech reminded us all that sometimes action is necessary. If the world had united against Hitler perhaps those atrocities would not have happened.
David Wakefield (Brit), USA

I see no greater leader at this time than Tony Blair. He is a man of solid character, superb delivery, and a man Britain should be proud of. I hate war. However, I cannot help but liken those peace protestors to those who would have supported Hitler. What provocation did Iraq have when it invaded Iran or Kuwait, or gas its own people? What kind of man are the protesters backing? Despite what protestors say, Blair has the backbone to see through it and do what is right. God bless the UK for such a great man.
Joe McGregor, USA/China

those who were against the war before it started cannot be expected to be for it now
Louie Macari, Scotland
While Tony Blair is good at putting over a case, those who were against the war before it started cannot be expected to be for it now that it has. I do not wish harm to our military; they are only doing what they are told, but I do not think that this is a just war, so I want it over, and will protest as much as I can even if Tony Blair says we should rally round. This war is going to make the world a dangerous place, not a safer one - so why should anyone who opposed it change their mind now?
Louie Macari, Scotland

Tony Blair is doing a splendid job in telling the UK all out why we have to go to war. I support him entirely and it is right for us to go to war. Saddam Hussein must be stopped. I'm glad President Bush and Tony Blair are paving the way for peace in Iraq. The war is necessary for peace.
Alistair Woolley, UK

Why should the public back these troops? This is a war the public didn't want! The soldiers knew the risks of joining the army; that is their choice. Personally i wouldn't choose a career that takes lives and fights other people's battles. The only way Blair will get backing is to stop the madness and bring the troops home!
Paul, UK

Blair has not united the British people, he has betrayed us. This war is illegal and immoral. I can't believe that this is a Labour government warmongering in the Middle East and tearing apart the EU. I call on Blair and the Cabinet (you especially Clare Short) to resign immediately!
Tom Sutherland, UK

Our boys will only return with the help of our thoughts and prayers, let us concentrate on that
Julia, England
My full support is behind Tony Blair at this difficult time. My boyfriend is fighting in Iraq with the air force. Although I miss him greatly, I accept we had no other option but to go to war. And if people like myself, who are overcome with worry for our loved ones' safety, can come to terms with this war, then what right have these self righteous people to campaign against the war as manically as they have been doing. Our boys will only return with the help of our thoughts and prayers, let us concentrate on that, rather than on our petty disagreements. Make us proud lads!
Julia, England

100% support for a fantastic and inspiring leader.

If two million take to the streets to demonstrate against a war that MIGHT happen, then how many will join the protests at an illegal invasion that is now underway and killing British troops? Our troops have my prayers - that Blair will see sense and pull us out of this disastrous attempt to conquer the middle-east before it is too late.
Paul, Britain

It is my strong belief that what ever Tony Blair says the country will be divided, but I don't see why. Now that our troops have moved into Iraqi territory we should unite and support them with all our hearts.
Charles Albrow, England

I fail to see the consistency in saying we are against war but support the troops
Nadim J, England
Blair cannot use emotional blackmail to get us to support the troops. I fail to see the consistency in saying we are against war but support the troops. The troops may have a job to do but at the end of the day they are moral cowards who have no excuse to think - the politicians do the thinking on their behalf. We cannot support the troops if we do not support those who give them orders. Sorry.
Nadim J, England

Having watched Mr. Blair's speech, I believe more than ever in his convictions in supporting this conflict. The US is fortunate to have allies and friends such as Mr Blair and the UK. We will never forget how Mr Blair and his nation stood for principles that are right, and just at a time when it would have been easier to let fear rule out.
Rex Crum, San Francisco, CA, USA

Whatever he says doesn't justify the war. By going to war all that has been achieved is that the UN is now no better than the league of nations, deeper rifts have been made in the EU, the world is less stable, and Bush and his cronies have got the war that they obviously have wanted since 9/11, benefiting at the expense of the people along the way. I don't trust a word that comes out of Blair's mouth. He's a war criminal along with Bush.
Mike, UK

I think that Mr Blair has shown good leadership by sticking to his word, even when it seems that the country is against him.
Robert Theed, UK

We are all thinking about ourselves too much
Louise Meldrum, UK
We are all thinking about ourselves too much. The people of Iraq live under terrible conditions and terror, this war will allow them to become a free and peaceful country. Yes innocent people will die but I would give up my life if eventually it meant women and children could live a life without threat and disease. I support Tony Blair 100% and believe he has made this decision from a humanitarian view point. Bush's reasons, however, I am little less sure of!
Louise Meldrum, UK

I really do hope so. What the well-meaning Peace protesters are missing is the fact that they are sending a message loud and clear to Saddam Hussein that our countries are divided over this conflict. What we need to be concentrating on is projecting a united front that will firstly show this crazed dictator, and others like him, that atrocities like his will not be tolerated by the rest of the world. Secondly, this unification will show our dedicated, beloved servicemen and women that we are behind them 100%. They are prepared to die for justice and truth; we must be prepared to honour them
Anna, UK

Putting aside the content of Blair's speech (and there really was nothing new here) I found the style of the broadcast rather more interesting. Shaky camera, clumsy close-ups no make up and poor lights - this was an attempt at documentary-style realism in an effort to convince us he's stripped away the spin and this is the real Tony Blair laid bare. A shame the effect was spoilt because he doesn't "do" sincere very convincingly.
Tony Leonard, UK

I cannot say whether it will unite the UK, but he has done what an elected leader should do
Rosaleen, Australia
I heard the speech on the radio driving to work today. A great speech. I cannot say whether it will unite the UK, but he has done what an elected leader should do. Act on the knowledge and information he has - in the best interests of his country. Listen you dissenters. Blair has not subjugated you - ordered you arrested and tortured, made you live in fear of your lives. Saddam has proven he is an evil, malevolent man. Even if you think Blair and Bush are misguided - they are certainly not evil. Be grateful and stop whinging!
Rosaleen, Australia

Many posters say that we should support our soldiers and back the war. The two are not the same thing. I support the soldiers who are doing their job out there, but the war is unnecessary and wrong. I am as disgusted with the peace protesters who condemn the soldiers and call them murderers as I am with the pro-war hawks who say it is wrong to speak against the war now it is underway.
Chris Q, England

Bush and Blair have known all along that if they could get to the stage of starting the war then people would not want to be branded as unpatriotic by not supporting the troops. Not only am I ashamed to be British I also feel that the ramifications of Bush and Blair's actions will haunt our children and generations to come.
Stuart, Scotland

Many people in the UK do not realise how dangerous the tyrants and dictators really are
Dmitry, UK-Belarus
Blair's appeal for support is not 'trivialisation' as some people on this board suggest. Neither is it a gesture of a political desperado grasping for survival. Many people in the UK do not realise how dangerous the tyrants and dictators really are. Taking a wonderful touchy-feely, blubbering approach as France and Russia did is the easiest path. The hardest one is to face up to realities of having a mad murderer living nearby and DOING something about it.
Dmitry, UK-Belarus

I have never voted for Blair and never thought I would. Now I see him as one of a very few politicians with a spine and the guts to do what needs to be done. At least now Saddam is disarming the very weapons he said he didnt have, it's just a shame he's resorted to firing them into Kuwait to get rid of them. I stand behind what Tony Blair has done and I stand behind the UK and US troops over there. Not so keen on Bush but you cannot win them all. Oh and Tony, you can do it "in my name"
Nat, UK

I felt as a good many other people in this country did, it should have come earlier it should have been live and it most certainly did not change my view of being anti this war! Of course the anti war protesters are behind the British Forces, I would say more so than the pro war lobby. Because we want them to come home and be safe, and the best way to achieve this is to keep hammering home to the government that we do not want this illegal, unjust and immoral war.
Nina Coten, UK

No one wants a war, but who wants another 9/11?
Rob, Glasgow, UK
I've always supported Blair on this issue and watching his speech its obvious where he's coming from - only ignorance would see it otherwise. It makes me angry that people are still critical of his determination to make the world a safer place. No one wants a war, but who wants another 9/11?
Ross, UK

I will have no considerations nor say any prayers for the troops sent to Iraq. Few British troops are likely to die in this war. A large number of civilian casualties and deaths is expected. My thoughts and prayers lie with those INNOCENT people, not with the soldiers who choose to fight on behalf of power-hungry politicians.
Rob, Glasgow, UK

Any new support the military action receives will be on a purely personal level
Ross, UK
Tony Blair's speech was good and provided a welcome and marked contrast to the cowboy "shock and awe" rhetoric of the Americans. However, I feel that the public, having been exposed to countless arguments on both sides of the debate for weeks on end, have made up their minds on the principle of going to war and any new support the military action receives will be on a purely personal level, directed solely at our troops in the Gulf.
Ross, UK

I have never heard such a pathetic appeal for support in my life. We are not the world's police force. God help the troops and the future of the world.
David Vousden, UK

I know it's my second mail about this matter, but I work in a shop and see lots of people, and we haven't had one person come in who's against the war. The BBC keeps saying the whole country is against it, but where are all these people?
Ian Ervin, England

The British troops should not be out there in the first place.
Lori C, Switzerland
The British troops should not be out there in the first place. Blair should have made more effort to help the Iraqis to overthrow its own dictator instead. Even if I lived in England, I couldn't put myself behind the British troops, because I am worried for the Iraqi troops too. Now that the war has started, I hope it will end soon with few casualties on both sites.
Lori C, Switzerland

Don't people realise it was Saddam who started this war. He choose not to comply with the UN and to put his people in harms way by remaining in Iraq. He is to blame for this conflict, not anyone else.
Julia, London, England

Everyone should back the troops even if they don't believe in the war. They are merely doing there job and should not be condemned for following the orders of their superiors. By backing the troops you are not backing Blair or Bush. You are just hoping for them all to return safely.
Cat, UK

While I support British forces, I do not support Blair
Dave Bowling, UK
While I support British forces (some of my old school friends are in the Gulf), I do not support Blair, neither do I support this war. Why, after 12 years, does Iraq suddenly pose a threat? If Weapons of Mass Destruction are the real reason, we'd be invading North Korea.
Dave Bowling, UK

I'm anti this war. Having said that, I've huge respect for Blair. There is no-one else with the influence over the Bush administration who could have delayed the onset of war as long as Blair has managed to. Taking that position took guts and determination.
Don, UK

Blair is high on rhetoric and low on beliefs for international law and the UN charter. He failed to convince his constituency of the legitimacy of this war. He is bad news for Britain. He is no match with Thatcher and Churchill.
Olivier Sarme, New York, USA

To tout for support is to trivialise the whole thing
Paul Eccles, New Zealand/UK
It's wrong what we are doing out there and so it's not a matter of getting behind anyone. This is not a football match and people, ours and theirs, are getting killed. Therefore to tout for support is to trivialise the whole thing.
Paul Eccles, New Zealand/UK

Too many people pass judgement without knowing the cold hard facts. I think we should put trust in our PM and support our British Troops out in the Gulf.
Chris, UK

I do not understand why people keep whinging on about this and the conflict. We are at war. British soldier are fighting and dying as I write this. Let's wish them well and a safe and speedy resolution to the conflict. After all, we sat here in the UK are not the ones being shot at.
Rod Bridgman, UK

He's still trying to link Iraq and 9/11, and still failing dismally.
John Farmer, UK

He should have addressed the public long before he did
Emma, Berkshire, England
I thought Tony Blair's speech was direct, to the point and overall very encouraging. Although I am against this war I do support our troops and after Tony Blair's speech I understand more where he is coming from. My only complaint is why didn't he address the nation earlier? All day I've seen and heard George Bush's speech and views yet our own PM stayed silent until 10:00 last night (GMT time). He should have addressed the public long before he did.
Emma, Berkshire, England

As I see it, no one will condemn UK or US soldiers, since they are simply doing what they have been told to do. Let's hope that not too many will die. On the other hand it is beautiful to see how people all over the world are organising peace marches and speaking out against the atrocities of war. Maybe there is still hope for humanity.
Daniela, Berlin, Germany

Our troops have gone to war, let's get behind them and back them. We are a 'United' Kingdom after all. Well done Mr Blair. I support you all the way.
Jay Cartwright, UK

He is an outstanding statesman on the world stage
Steve, Russia
I've never particularly liked Blair on the home front, but I can't help but think he is an outstanding statesman on the world stage. Complaints that his speech was pre-recorded are incredibly petty at this time. It is also a shame that the protests continue, we should be thinking of our servicemen and their families and showing some national unity - for once. I can't see it though.
Steve, Russia

I think most reasonable people will unite behind our troops as they go about their work, they are simply following orders. This does not mean however that one also has to support the war and from people I speak to the majority still oppose the war and are looking for a peaceful solution to this situation.
Brian, England

Blair and all the other jingoists want those who oppose this war to fall silent and give up our protests. Sadly many of us have become defeatists, now that the war has started. But we must redouble our efforts. After all, would the US have pulled out of Vietnam without such manifestations of public outrage?
Dafydd Nicholas, Wales

I hope that British people realise the character and determination that Mr Blair has. Appeasement is not an option and international diplomacy was tried and failed. I hope that in the next election he will not suffer the ultimate price for believing that this is the right course of action (only history will tell). I would like to say that my prayers are with the troops.
M Doby, USA

Blair shall never have my support in this matter and I'm insulted that he would even try to solicit it
Cindy C, UK
Blair shall never have my support in this matter and I'm insulted that he would even try to solicit it. Does he think he's going to brainwash his recalcitrant flock with his monotonous repetition of his tired old rhetoric? On the other hand, I offer nothing but heartfelt best wishes and fervent prayers for the troops. These good men and women do not deserve the leadership they are being given.
Cindy C, UK

If we didn't want this war then why should we now unite behind our forces? Just because it has all kicked off, doesn't mean I'm going to turn around and start supporting it!
Ben, UK

If Tony Blair made a live speech, he would come across as nervous and would probably stutter his way through it. I suspect that was why it was recorded. He's not quite statesman material and always looks uncomfortable in the role.
Alan, UK

This was a great speech by a great leader. I have always had my doubts about Blair, I thought he would do or say anything to remain popular and remain in power. I believed that his ultimate aim was to be European President. Obviously this is not the case, he is a man of conviction and courage. The appeasers are cowardly to leave the Iraqi people under Saddam. I did not vote for Blair last time, but I will at the next election.
Roger Morgan Freedlan, England

Mr Blair is right, we are living in times where the threat is very real. A leader who will stop at nothing and ignore international law to attack and invade other countries as and when he chooses. He has weapons of mass destruction and needs to be controlled so he doesn't use them. Is the world really safe while Mr Bush is in charge?
Ant, UK

I think it was a good speech by the PM and he has my continuing support. Our thoughts now should be with our troops. God bless the loved ones of the troops lost in the accident this morning.
Wayne Young, Bristol, UK

I can't listen to him anymore. If Mr Blair's approach to his own people is what he intends to impose on the Iraqi's once he's finished bombing the pants off them then they have my pity.
Katy, UK

British involvement in this war brings a sort of legitimacy to it
Bob, USA
I think the British involvement in this war brings a sort of legitimacy to it. Bush is an oil man who was put in office by the US conservatives, and is dominated by a bunch of war hawks. So a view from a person who does not seem to have any financial interests brings to the conflict a moral legitimacy.
Bob, USA

Tony Blair's speech was moving and made me proud to have such a strong and passionate Prime Minister. We wish Tony Blair was our president, he is an inspirational leader.
MB, UK (living in the US)

Blair's high-profile backing of this war may have a dire effect on the state of Britain's long-term security
James, Hong Kong
Experts have said that action against Iraq will simply play into the hands of terrorist groups around the world by winning them thousands of fresh recruits - thus, I feel that this is a dark day for the UK as Blair's high-profile backing of this war may have a dire effect on the state of Britain's long-term security. As a result of this, I think it is vital that the British people come together not necessarily in support of their PM and his policies but in recognition of the precarious situation the country now finds itself in, and to face the grave danger that may lie ahead.
James, Hong Kong

PM Tony Blair's speech was, as are all his speeches, highly effective and articulate. As an American, I'll never forget Tony Blair's fine example of principled leadership during the Iraq crisis. Believe me, America will never forget either.
John Winkle, USA

I want to thank all the British that are standing behind my President. Thank God some are smart enough to put their necks on the line for our freedom and safety. Thanks again.
David, USA

It is wrong to criticise Mr Blair for not making a live recording
Sam Tao, Oxford, UK
I think that it is wrong to criticise Mr Blair for not making a live recording. He is not on holiday but at an important meeting of European leaders. Maybe it's time to stop the swiping at the PM, trust his judgement and get behind him and this country's soldiers.
Sam Tao, Oxford, UK

As a lifelong Socialist, I cannot believe that a Labour Prime Minister can have become so distant from the views of his supporters. I always had a question mark over Mr Blair, but the events of recent weeks have confirmed in my mind that this man is neither a Socialist, or even a Democrat. I am totally devastated that, approaching my sixtieth birthday, I feel deeply ashamed to be British.
Mike Overs, UK

At a time when British troops are at war we get a recorded message because Blair is too busy having dinner in Europe. He should be in the country or at the very least, he should have made a live speech. The content was weak and uninspired, still trying to justify the action than support the forces now involved.
Gareth, UK

I back Mr Blair in his decision on Iraq. As a student I feel it is necessary to show that we are not all peace protesters and a large contingent of our peer group will continue to support our armed forces in their battle to free the Iraqi people.
Chris Atkinson, UK

I've lost the ability to take what this man says seriously anymore
Jim A, UK
On the face of it, it was a good speech but like so many other Britons, I've lost the ability to take what this man says seriously anymore. It is too easy to dismiss it as yet more Blair-brand spin.
Jim A, UK

I want to thank Tony Blair and the British people for backing the United States during this crisis. It is good to know who your friends are, and we will not forget it.
Spencer Casey, United States

He hit the nail on the head, an excellent summary of the state of affairs. A pity so few leaders lack his foresight and courage.
Jon D, UK

I thought Blair did a good job - he was concise, to the point and convincing. He believes what he is saying and his commitment is impressive. In contrast to his determination, the "peace at all costs" shrieks of the anti-war campaigners (who I had sympathised with until recently) are starting to look increasingly hollow.
Matt, England

Yes, it's the same stuff that we've heard before but what else does he need to say!? Saddam is a threat to us and the rest of the world and he needs disarming. I just wish people would have more faith in the man! Keep up the good work Tony you've got my support.
Lee, England

I strongly support this war
Paul, UK
I'm a little annoyed he put a dinner in Brussels ahead of being in the country when we're at war. Nonetheless, I strongly support this war, but the way he addressed the nation is very disappointing.
Paul, UK

Very notable was his complete and utter lack of advice on what we, his people, are meant to do if we are attacked. Ricin has today been found in Paris, but absolutely nothing is being done to protect us or advise us on what we should do if anthrax or ricin is released around us. We need shelters, safety, vaccinations, gas masks. Where are these Mr Blair?
Philippa, UK

It was a good speech - whoever wrote it. That it was recorded is indicative of how far the man is stretching himself, and also given the timings that he IS aware of what our forces are doing right now. He's had to make some very difficult decisions - I hope we'll never find out he's wrong
Edi, UK

Pure spin. Don't believe a single word this man says. Iraq a threat? I've seen bigger threats from the Legomen in my daughter's fairytale castles.
Nathaniel, UK

It was the same old stuff
Mark, UK
He looked tired, in a hurry and the autocue was spot on. I think we deserve better. A live broadcast would have been far more appropriate and respectful to us, and the services personnel who after all, can now be killed in action. It had all the hallmarks of 'I've got a plane to catch to Brussels and the gate is about to close, I'll just say something quick, keep 'em all happy!'. Content wise it was the same old stuff, but it lost its 'ooomph' because of the blatant outdated pre-recording.
Mark, UK

It was the same rhetoric that we have been hearing for weeks now. There was nothing new in this broadcast.
Natasha, UK

We have heard enough spin and sop from Mr Blair already. I have no respect for this man, who quite happily ignores international law and common standards of human decency. Why should I even make the time to listen to him?
Nicholas Britton, UK

If Blair really believes, as he says, that these people are terrorists because they hate our freedoms and democratic way of life, then he is living in cloud cuckoo land. He does not understand what it is all about.
Len Burch, UK

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