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Last Updated:  Thursday, 20 March, 2003, 16:42 GMT
Iraq war: Your views
War has broken out against Iraq

Explosions were heard in Baghdad, an hour and a half after the US deadline for Saddam Hussein to go into exile or face war expired.

What are your views on the start of hostilities?

This is a second page of your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

This is a shameful day for both countries
L J Atterbury, Pila, Poland
The truth is that this is a 1939 style invasion to support American and British economic interests. It is a war that is being fought in the interests of a few very powerful multinational companies. It has absolutely nothing to do with the needs of ordinary people. It is America and Britain who have the weapons of mass destruction, and this is a shameful day for both countries.
L J Atterbury, Pila, Poland

Even now, as Baghdad denies firing missiles into Kuwait, there are those who say that inspectors should have been given more time. What will it take for these people to see Saddam for what he really is or is their own hatred of America blinding them to the evils of the man and his regime? Would they rather Saddam's people suffer further so that their own cosy glow of self-righteousness is not disturbed?

For once Blair has rejected his preference for populist politics and taken a stand against tyranny and oppression. This may not please those who follow the tyranny of political correctness or the politics of appeasement but, when the dust settles, let the Iraqi people decide what was right, not the Islington intellectuals.
Andy D, UK

I have experienced war in my own country... Innocent people on all the conflicting sides always suffer
Sao-Kpato, Freetown, Sierra Leone
I am a Sierra Leonean and I have experienced war in my own country. I can never be objective in my opinion about whether the decision of the United States to invade Iraq is justified. In wars there are no clear cut winners or losers. Innocent people on all the conflicting sides always suffer. The question I always ask is, "Is it worth it?"and the answer that comes to my mind is "No". I strongly oppose any form of dictatorship or terrorism but I also strongly believe in the peaceful resolution of conflicts.
Sao-Kpato, Freetown, Sierra Leone

It sickens me to hear all the moaning pacifists. Saddam has been flaunting the UN for the past 12 years. The man should have been sorted long ago. He kills his own people, tortures anyone who disagrees with him - he should be stopped now. Good on you lads - get the job done.
Craig J, Leicester, UK

It was clear that 150,000 troops are there to take over Iraq, but it is not clear who will win. The USA might have found another Vietnam. Bush must know Saddam is not someone to mess with. The war has bad effects on the surrounding countries, including Iran. Many flights were stopped today in Iran. What will Bush do If Iraq strikes Israel and Kuwait??
Mohammadreza Yavari, Iran

A leader must lead based on his or her own analysis of facts and information; not based solely on popular opinion
Andre, USA
Despite what has been posted, nearly two thirds of American citizens, in recent polls, agreed with Bush's stance to rid Iraq of this dangerous despot. A leader must lead based on his or her own analysis of facts and information; not based solely on popular opinion. If you do not endorse Bush and Blair's actions, don't vote for them at the next general election. That's democracy.
Andre, USA

I was not convinced at first that the US and UK were following the correct course of action, but Iraq have shown their true colours by using SCUD missiles which are banned under the UN agreement and they have all along said they do not own. I think the countries that have not supported the US and UK know have to think long and hard who was ultimately correct in this endeavour and how they can get involved to complete this obviously correct course of action to a quick conclusion with the minimal loss of life.
Martin Carson, Manchester, England

Our troops and troops from around the world will complete the job to the highest standards
Matt Leyland, St Helens, UK
The UK and US are at war our troops, my and your neighbours are fighting for a cause and to see the amount of people protesting this cause makes me sad. They should be ashamed to call them selves British. We need to be showing full support for our troops and PM. No matter how many banners you hold up and objects you chain yourself to it will not change the situation. I have full support and confidence that our troops and troops from around the world will complete the job to the highest standards. Good luck all
Matt Leyland, St Helens, UK

If the CIA apparently knew where Saddam was last night and took the opportunity to "take him out" I presume there will be no need to bomb him tonight as obviously with America's renowned "intelligence" and "precision bombing" they must've killed him 40 times over? Right?
Ryan, Paris

Peace is coming! The leadership of President Bush has enabled him to do what Bill Clinton wanted to do in 1998 - free the Iraqi people. Years from now, when Iraqis' lives have changed, they'll thank the U.S. When the rest of the Middle East's people witness the Iraqi miracle, reforms will follow there as well. I am glad we did not yield to the pessimists today, just as we did not yield to the who said that standing up against the Nazis or Soviets would only bring more doom.
David Lekse, United States

The fact we're at war is the fault is entirely the fault of the French
Mark, England
The fact we're at war is the fault is entirely the fault of the French. By threatening to veto any resolution that gave Saddam a deadline to comply they totally undermined the authority of the UN by effectively telling Saddam "keep developing weapons of mass destruction, killing your own people and trying to use chemical weapons on the Kurds, and we'll stop anyone attacking you"

Thank god Bush and Blair have decided enough is enough and bypassed the French to finally get this sorted out. Diplomacy doesn't work on unstable murderers so 12 years of it is far more than he was entitled to.
Mark, England

Shame on the United Nations. Their inspectors go ahead and disarm Iraq to make things easier for the US's strike? What kind of organisation is that?
Fernando Santiago, Belo Horizonte/Brazil

A majority of the UK parliament supporting Blair does not make this a morally justified war. Most of the world is against it. Calls to support our government because a motion has been passed do not make the case for this illegal attack being morally supportable.
Dr Bill Evans, Slough, UK

It is a war against Islam
Humera Abdul Basith, Abu Dhabi, UAE
The military action against Iraq is absolutely deplorable. It is in fact not a war against Iraq only, rather a war against the Muslims all over the world. It is a war against Islam. Why on earth are the Muslims called terrorists? Military action against Iraq proves that the so called powers of the world are seething in fury and revenge for the harm caused to their national integrity. Well, they asked for it. Now using their power unjustly on a country that is already in ruins and without proper facilities to its citizens doesn't speak of any impressive courage. It will NOT solve problems. It will only complicate matters. Stop the war. Save the world from destruction. The mass public is against a war. So stop it before it is too late. It is high time that the leaders of all Muslim countries come together and retaliate with equal measure. Again, stop the war in the interest of the betterment of the world.
Humera Abdul Basith, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The proof of the pudding is in whether, having declared unprovoked war against Iraq, they find weapons of mass destruction. If they fail to do so, George W. Bush and Tony Blair will look foolish and a lot of civilians and military personnel on both sides of the conflict will have died for nothing.
Martin Fahy, Dublin, Ireland

Europeans are too divided to form a decent coalition. They decry our actions as crimes against innocents. Never mind that tyrants torture and kill innocents in secret chambers within closed borders. Were it not for the USA, we would still be seeing images of innocents massacred. Ask the people of Kosovo or Afghanistan; do they want their old way of life back under their tyrant ex-leaders? Do the Russians? How about the former East Germans, the Poles, the Czechs, the Romanians, Bulgarians, etc.? Are citizens of North Korea given any chance to vote their preferences? We must be vigilant to throw off the yoke of oppression from monsters that would oppress us.
HC McPherson, Heidelberg Germany

This war was going to happen no matter what was said or done
Sacha, Brighton, UK
The voice of the people has ultimately been ignored. Now, why am I not at all surprised? This war was going to happen no matter what was said or done by the United Nations, no matter how many MILLIONS of people protested against it. What Bush wants Bush gets and he wanted war. I don't think he'd be so keen if he didn't have a nice bunker to go and hide in. It's not his family and friends that are going to be blown to smithereens so therefore it doesn't affect him at all. It's a sad day today.
Sacha, Brighton, UK

We, the people of the world, must stand against the state terrorism of US which slaughters the innocent people of Iraq. I the citizen of Japan cannot approve my government's support for this crime.
Hiroyasu Takahashi, Tokyo

When will Tony Blair stop to listen to the opinion of the people he governs. I agree that Saddam Hussein needs disarming but to go to war is to extreme. Send in the SAS and assassinate him, his doubles and those who follow him. That way no innocent people can get in the way.
Anon, England

I have just seen the pictures of Americans destroying music CD's by the Dixie Chicks in reaction to anti-Bush comments. Is it just me, or does anyone else see the similarity between this and the flag-burning performances by the Iraqis? Whatever happened to feeling secure in the expression of ones beliefs?

It is a sad day to the peace loving World who loudly opposed the War with Iraq. However, the World is much danger if bigger nations like the US impose their values to smaller nations. As result, the US imperialism has embarked on a dangerous course of action with devastating consequences.
Jama Gaani, Mogadishu, Somalia

I had some communications with Iraqis and I can't help but thinking about them
Anastassia, Moscow, Russia
My work is connected with supply of humanitarian goods to Iraq. Now this program (Oil for Food) has been stopped by UN. So as I cooperate with Iraqis the war worries me a lot. Not because of my business - the reason is that I had some communications with Iraqis and I can't help but thinking about them. I believe that most of Englishmen are against the war in Iraq too and my next words I address to those who are for it: People, I hope that you'll never know what the war IS, neither do your children, friends, parents, brothers & sisters!!! Be happy, people, and let others be happy too.
Anastassia, Moscow, Russia

Looking out of the office window at the protestors I notice most are of Arab or Asian background. If they choose to live in our country they should back our troops. If they want to live under a dictator then go and live in Iraq.
Lynne Aske, Basildon Essex

The reason why this war is happening is because of Saddam and the ineffectiveness of the UN Security Council. It is ridiculous for the condemnations to keep coming from Countries like Russia and France, they have not yet realized that they words no longer mean a thing in the case of Iraq. The war is just and the US will carry the banner of its positive outcome. The US should no longer depend on the council for US safety.
J. E. Flores Jr., TC Texas, USA

I believe all these words about Iraqis' liberation are just words. Behind them are economic interests of the USA: to control Iraq, Iraqi oil and eventually the Middle West. Don't forget that it is the USA who created Saddam (to fight Iran), Osama and those who became later Talibs (to fight USSR in Afghanistan). This is happening now, and this happened many times before.
Dmitry, Moscow

Our million voices have fallen on deaf ears
Carrie Smith, MI, USA
This is the first time my generation has faced war and I feel more fear and sadness than 9/11. I do not support this unnecessary war at all. I have been protesting for months but our million voices have fallen on deaf ears. It is completely disheartening to feel powerless in a "democracy" and hear some of my fellow Americans say that we should trust a leader who wasn't even fairly elected. Our leaders are acting against the wishes of the world and causing great suffering.
Carrie Smith, MI, USA

Research says that around 80% of the Icelandic nation is against war on Iraq. I wonder if it is legal for the government to support the attack on Iraq against the peoples will... I'm offended as an Icelandic citizen to hear that my government doesn't give a damn about the will of their people... Peace!
Hlynur Ingvi Sam˙elsson, Kˇpavogur

As one of three brothers serving the American military let me say thank you to all the anti-war protesters. Your support for Saddam Hussein has put us here. Any blood spilled is on your hands not Bush's, Blair's or the military's.
Jim, USA

When we learn that imposing our will on other people leads to more violence? If we spent the same time and money to make sure that people throughout the world didn't live in poverty and without hope there would be no need for war. The sad part is that all we are doing is reinforcing the hatred of America worldwide. In this way we have played into the hands of the terrorists more than they ever could have hoped. In history we will look back at this event as the one that changed the world forever.
Scott, New York, USA

The only victor in this war will be death
Suyeon Khim, South Korea
The only victor in this war will be death. Liberation will not be achieved through war. Monstrous dictators may have bomb shelters, but the civilians do not.
Suyeon Khim, South Korea

My thought is with the people of Iraq. I only wish that they know the freedom and peace we all know as a nation in America and the UK. Once we rid them of this evil oppressor, I hope they will soon thank the US and British forces for liberating them. God speed to all involved in this war. Sometimes you have to fight a war to gain your freedom. We hope the people of Iraq, and the world, realize this. And thank you for standing with us!
Ginger Sitler, USA

I am ashamed of my country, I am ashamed that my "President" would take these actions. As far as I am concerned, Bush is striking while disregarding the views of most of the rest of the world, making Bush the enemy. I think this will create a huge shift in the way that the United States is dealt with and seen in the rest of world, probably forever. I will never be proud to be an American again after tonight. Bush has done permanent damage not only to the global community, but to the people of the US as well.
Laura, USA

I have never been more proud to be an American
Yonathan Lio, USA
I have never been more proud to be an American. My admiration and support for President Bush is every bit as strong and steadfast as I am sure our liberation of Iraq will be. Bush's speech was short, but strong with nothing wasted. So shall the liberation of Iraq be.
Wayne Reid, United States of America

I am happy. My son is somewhere in Kuwait and I want him back as soon as his job is done.
Yonathan Lio, USA

I am angry, sad, and ashamed to be an American right now. The official line here in the U.S. is that anyone who opposes the war is unpatriotic and isn't supporting our troops. This is an immoral and unnecessary war which my conscience requires me to speak out against. The fact that it has started doesn't change the fact that it is wrong, done for all the wrong reasons. I am no supporter of Saddam Hussein, but the lives of Iraqis, both soldiers and civilians, are every bit as valuable as American lives.
bob, U.S.A.

What are Bush and Blair really aiming at achieving? Creating peace and ridding the world of terrorism, by wagering war? How is this justified? Where is the evidence against Iraq? Why has it taken the U.S over 12 yrs to attempt to rid the world of Hussein? This war is about nothing more than economical leadership, which is the oil. May God be with the Iraqi people, who know more about war and its consequences much better than the rest of the world.
Genan , Australia

It takes a clear vision to act pro-actively against terror
Geoffrey Cope, Israel
It takes a clear vision to act pro-actively against terror and not wait until it is too late like the French, Germans or Belgians. 12 years was too long to wait for Sadam Hussein, he laughed at the World. Blair and Bush have vision and will be seen in history to be correct against the weak pacifists. All those who believe in freedom should rally behind and give if not military support verbal support.
Geoffrey Cope, Israel

There is no place in this modern world for dictatorships. We elected our respective leaders with the most powerful right we have as an individual - the vote. If we lived under a murderous dictator who invaded our neighbours, brought foreign sanctions on us and even used chemical weapons on us, we would pray for the day we were liberated - that day has come for the people of Iraq.
Richard, Leeds

"Liberating" the Iraqis? This is the terminology that Hitler used when talking of his conquests. So US expansionism has started. Watch out Iran - you're next.
Nik Lawrence, London, UK

I will put my trust in the people my nation voted into power
Ross, Edinburgh
We need to back the people who have the facts; Bush and Blair's administrations have the facts and are doing what they believe best. People reading this have access to the same information I do, I don't know if it's right. I will put my trust in the people my nation voted into power.
Ross, Edinburgh

This war shows the total incompetence of Bush and his administration as diplomats. They couldn't catch Bin Laden so go after someone who can't/won't hide. Would the Americans have been so eager to start a war if they had actually experienced a war on their own soil?
Ranjan, Germany

Picture the most intense thunderstorm imaginable - with blinding lightning and earsplitting thunder - lasting several days and accompanied by a relentless earthquake. Think of the impact of this on old people, young children, and babies. Then recall Jesus' injunction to treat others as you want them to treat you, and recall too the words of Confucius: "Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire." May God forgive America for the crimes of its demented rulers.
Dr. Zeljko Cipris, United States

My I remind Dr. Zeljko Cipris of United States what Sun Tzu said ''The ultimate aim of war is peace''
Dan, London

No matter whether anyone supports this act or not, I am sure that they join me in wishing our troops the best of luck in keeping the casualties on both sides to a minimum.
Phil, Wales

Most of the debate about Iraq has been wrongly based. The issue is not whether Bush is right or wrong and neither if Iraq possesses the alleged weapons. The issue is whether global institutions will be considered authorised to handle such questions or pure self-justified force.
Christos Georgiadis, Hellas

I can't wait for the day when Saddam Hussein breathes his last breath
Mike Babb, China
I feel totally elated that the US and the British are finally going into Iraq and remove that megalomaniac Saddam Hussein and the murderous regime that he has ruled over. I will shed no tears at all for them. I can't wait for the day when Saddam Hussein breathes his last breath. I will celebrate.
Mike Babb, China

I just two minutes ago viewed and heard TV's first recordings of the initial airstikes. Those were absolutely the most unpleasant sounds my young ears have heard. What's worst is the feeling that there is really nothing I can do. We Americans could not elect our president, and the guy we ended up with refuses to listen to the people over whom he rules.
Sonja Bittner, USA

I believe many opinions are going to change rather quickly in the aftermath of possible terrorist attacks. While I hope they do not occur, I fully expect that they will, and I will be shaking my head at the neverending lust for power some people in this world seem unable to overcome. With so much of the world crying out in unison that war is no longer an acceptable end to conflict of interests, it is utterly disgusting that world leaders continue to ignore their own people. I can only hope these same leaders are held responsible for the death and destruction the wreak upon this planet. Stand up for peace.
Bryan Preston, USA

Good luck to all my fellow Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airmen
Mark in the Persian Gulf.
Its about time. Good luck to all my fellow Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airmen. I am ashamed to be British with all the opposition and lack of support for our PM and troops by the "band wagon" riding peace protestors who probably support the fire fighters. This just shows their naivety and arrogance.
Mark, HMS ?, in the Persian Gulf.

To Mark on the HMS? in the Persian Gulf, who's ashamed of the protesters against the war: as Colin Powell said quite rightly, it's your job to protect their right to protest. Please don't forget that.
Edward Winkleman, New York, NY USA

So, Mr. Bush has attacked the poor people of Iraq at last. This action must be condemned by all.
Dayanand Deshpande, New Zealand

At last it is here! The liberation of the republic of Iraq! Today will be a great holiday for future generation of Iraqis who will be enjoying the peace and prosperity that this campaign will bring!
Omar, USA

Could we please stop the bickering and get behind the troops?
Adrian, UK
Could we please stop the bickering and get behind the troops? The decision has been made whether you agree with it or not. The people that matter now are our troops - and they need our support. If you don't like the fact that they are fighting take it out on the politicians at the next elections - you are all lucky you live in countries where you have that freedom.
Adrian, UK

Blair is a war criminal. Bush is a war criminal. I hope to see both of them in the International Criminal Court one day.
Christine Maher, Australia

Happiness. My heart is full of happiness for the people of Iraq who will soon no longer have to live under the tyranny of a murderous dictator. Let us not forget the millions of people who do not have the freedom to express their opinions as we do, who stand to gain most from this action.
Kevin, UK

The majority of people around the world have expressed their views against force
Alfred Schmidt, Germany
The majority of people around the world have expressed their views against force. However, Mr. Bush prefers to ignore the opinion of the people. What kind of a democracy is this? Bush behaves no different than Saddam Hussein and should also be disarmed, if need be by force.
Alfred Schmidt, Germany

I know my government will conduct this liberation with far more care for the citizens of Iraq than Saddam has ever given them. I hope that the lives lost are kept to minimum and I look forward to the day when Iraq is a free, prosperous country.
Nate, USA

President Bush is not doing good job. War is not the source of peace. He has pushed the world into uncertainty. Anyway, Good luck for Bush and Blair
Ram Sharma, Nepal

Saddam Hussein is an evil man who has done nothing to advance Iraqi society. That said, I think President Bush has pursued this problem in the worst way possible. Even before he went to the UN it was clear we were going to war. He didn't waste any time in getting thousands of troops deployed. This entire dilemma could have been avoided had Bush not been such a war hawk and been patient. Iraq was not going to attack us. A few months of further inspections would not have posed any more of a threat. Bush is just exerting his military power because he doesn't know how to handle the domestic issues.
Ryan W., USA

Finally the Iraqi people will be free
Ryan Garrity, United States
Finally, after twelve years, the tyrant of Iraq will be gone. Finally the Iraqi people will be free. Shame on all of you who condemn your governments for doing what is right. God bless the brave soldiers of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
Ryan Garrity, United States

I feel for the innocents. Imagine the terror of waiting for bombs and not knowing when or where they will fall. Imagine the desperation and despair of parents unable to protect their children, Imagine the terror of the children as they tune in to the fear of their parents. Bush did not subscribe to the international court. Is this why?
Mark, Hong Kong

For or against, don't you agree Bush is all rhetoric with little regard to reality? If not the most dangerous man on earth, surely one of them. The similarities of the rhetoric of Saddam and Bush are unnerving. I just hope the Bush administration comes to their senses before Bush loses it altogether.
Benjamin, Sweden

It is a very bad decision. It is an illegal decision
Malin Dissanayake, Sri Lanka
It is a very bad decision. It is an illegal decision. Mr Bush doesn't have the right to change another country's leader. Changing the leader is a right of the Iraqi people. If Mr Saddam Hussein is a dictator Iraq people will stand against him. Therefore Mr Bush should not worry about Iraq's people. Mr Bush's only aim is "Oil". I request France, German & Russian leaders to take practical action against the war.
Malin Dissanayake, Sri Lanka

Forgive us for we know not what we do.
Michael Taylor, USA

Now that it has begun let us all hope for this insanity to be over as quickly as possible, with minimal casualties on all sides.
David, Australia

I believe it is only a matter of time before we have sufficient evidence for others to join us in this war
Elizabeth B, US
We have elected our leader. We must trust that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Saddam has not proven that he is innocent. Very disappointed that we aren't supported by more countries. I believe it is only a matter of time before we have sufficient evidence for others to join us in this war. Peace does not necessarily come from doing nothing.
Elizabeth B, US

Saddam Hussein has ignored the rest of the world for long enough. He has never been honest with the UN weapons inspectors. Through his sheer arrogance and contempt for the western world the Iraqi people are now going to suffer. The sooner he's removed as the leader of Iraq, the sooner we can help rebuild Iraq to the prosperous country it once was.
Kevin Watts, New Zealand

Please stop because your just destroying the world, all the people's lives and dreams, we still want to live for the future. Some people are sacrificing by being apart from their families to work in Middle East to give their families a better future, and now, this war is destroying their hope.
Ann, Philippines

The American people did not wish for this war
Aleks, USA
We are seeing today the greatest unilateral military action since Hitler's invasion of Poland. What happens next? We have stepped into an abyss. Now we do not know what we are doing. My only hope is that the people of Iraq will understand that the American people did not wish for this war. It was provoked and created by a government that has ceased to represent the people, a government that has no concern for the will of the people, no concern for human life; a government driven by ideology and economic interest. Today is a sad day in the history of mankind. No longer do the principles of peace, justice, and diplomacy, established after the Second World War exist. They have been replaced by a war that will create fear, suffering, and hatred. And America has ceased to be a beacon of freedom; she no longer has hope.
Aleks, USA

A sad, truly tragic day. My heart reaches out to the Iraqi people caught in the cross-fire. This sets the worst of precedents - attacking another to prevent them attacking you years from now. The Bush administration must not be allowed to get away with this.
Mano, Singapore

Thank God the Iraqis will soon be free. It's about time someone had the courage to stand up to these tyrants. V
Joshua Soch, United States

Why have we let it come to this stage so quickly?
Laurie Bassett, Australia
Why have we let it come to this stage so quickly? The diplomatic process was still in it's infancy and our 'leaders' have been so keen to go to war. We have been so wrong on two counts; going to war and letting our respective nation's leaders do this.
Laurie Bassett, Australia

Finally! What diplomacy for over 12 years could not accomplish, is about to get done.
Brian, New York, USA

Saddam Hussein should get out of Iraq and quit making his people suffer. Shiites, Kurds, Marsh Arabs, etc He shows partiality to his own family members and any other puppets. The common man has no freedom. Iraqis are slaves in their own country to their fellow Iraqis.
Daoud, India

It is about time. May all the military and civilians be safe as possible. Unlike others I'm proud to be American. May the world be a safer place for our children. Osama hopefully you are next!
Sherri, U.S.A

Democracy has never been successfully introduced by means of military force
Gerard Aartsen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Democracy has never been successfully introduced by means of military force. The best way to promote the growth of democracy around the world, namely the United Nations, has been marginalised by the American refusal to accept the outcome of the vote in the Security Council. Shame on the US.
Gerard Aartsen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

It is gratifying to read these comments and see how many ordinary people have been able to see through the smokescreens and propaganda of the Bush administration. People who read and are able to think for themselves.

Most Americans who support this war actually believe the reasons given by Bush and his cronies, but as the war and what follows unfolds, perhaps their eyes will be opened to the imperialistic agenda of this administration, and its indifference to democracy and freedom in Iraq, or in the US, for that matter. It's not really about Saddam or WMD at all. Robin Cook said it so eloquently!
Suzanne, US

Is it good to "play" war only for economic interests? War is always bad, because it produces famine, poverty, destruction and death. Nothing justifies this war, because the victims aren't soldiers, the victims are the civilian people. War is the first animal instinct, are we not humans?
Students from Castellˇ d'Emp˙ries High school, Catalonia, Spain

As the fire died down, all that was left was the beautiful image of dawn coming
M. Connaughton, USA
Tonight's television broadcast was interrupted by a view of Baghdad and some anti-aircraft fire. As the anti-aircraft fire died down, all that was left was the stupid commentary of the reporter AND the beautiful image of dawn coming to a city halfway across the world from me. I hope the world knows that all Americans do not agree with this action and we are doing everything we can to voice our opinions. The failure of diplomacy in this situation is entirely on the USA.
M. Connaughton, USA

This is outrageous - I don't know who I feel more sorry for, the people of Iraq who had bombs raining down on them, or the unfortunate young men and women who are ordered to take over Iraq. Surely the free world should have been able to find a better solution? A small UN force sent over there could have made sure that Saddam Hussein disarmed, without going to these extremes.
Christine Graf, US

Bush and Blair have started the killings. These people have never been in a war zone... and they think war is a game with large monitors and funny buttons. Let's all think of the thousands of children that will get killed in Iraq.
Steve, Greece, USA

Why do people seem so shocked?
S, Kent, UK
Why do people seem so shocked? They knew it was coming. Finally it's here. At last, hopefully the war will be over quickly, and the people of Iraq shall finally be liberated of this savage dictator.
Adam S, Kent, UK

Bush, Blair, Howard and company have had to work hard to lower themselves to Saddam Hussein's level. Unfortunately, they have succeeded, and we all will reap the whirlwind.
Steve Sawyer, Netherlands

Will we never, ever realise the horror of war without being made to go through it ourselves? The guilt for this lies on the head of Bush and all the other warmongers who think that two wrongs make a right.
Isabel Taylor, Canada

I believe the best thing that the allies could do when they catch Saddam Hussein is to give him to the Iraqis!
Tony Jones, Australia

War is immoral and useless. Bush should have been there, because it is HIS war in order to avenge his father (who has not won the Gulf war.)
Maros, Uruguay

A relief to finally get going
Charli, UK
A relief to finally get going. Now we can get it finished, hopefully quickly with as few casualties as possible. Godspeed our men and women.
Charli, UK

It's about time someone had the guts to follow through with the ultimatums that were set over 11 years ago.
Ronda, USA

This is a sheer failure of the UN. I believe the UN HQ should be relocated to a country that is non-confrontational and can be viewed as non-hostile and is willing to "lead by dictation." I am not against war with Saddam but I am definitely against war with the Iraqi people who I believe, have become clear victims of domestic and foreign hostilities. May God bless and protect the innocent Iraqi civilians.
Kaivalya H. Rawal, USA

It will be interesting to see what part the UN plays in proceedings now. I reckon they will go back to being the toothless waste of time, money and paper they normally are after their brief time in the world's spotlight.
Tim, Wiesbaden Germany

A very sad day. Why do the US and UK think that they can start military actions in foreign territories? How can they call themselves democracies if they don┐t respect the basic democratic principles and values and simply kill thousands of people in order to reach their goals? Poor brainwashed people, hope you will see how wrong you are!
Liza, Russia

Whatever misconceptions may exist about Americans around the world, make no mistake about this: We take this situation with the uttermost gravity, and no matter our individual opinions on military action, all of our hearts are very heavy tonight. Our prayers are with the poor Iraqi people.
Matt, US

Saddam Hussein must be punished, he is an evil and harmful dictator.
Shpendi, Kosovo

This day will be remembered in history as the beginning of World War III
Lindsay Dunseith, Mbabane, Swaziland
We knew it was coming, and we knew it was to come this morning. But that does not make it any easier to bear. Somewhere deep in the earth there must be a great mourning, reflecting the grief of all those who opposed this war, and our grief carries through to the Iraqi people who must bear the aggression imposed on them. This day will be remembered in history as the beginning of World War III. If we have a history. The US and British strikes are not only illegal but they are irresponsible. God help America.
Lindsay Dunseith, Mbabane, Swaziland

We now know that this war has started. We do not know when it will end and how many will die in the process.
Bernard Savage, Brussels, (ex Glasgow)

This war will violate the principles of our civilisation. Mr Bush now stands in a clear violation of the international law governing the use of military force. Without the permission of the Security Council he defines himself as a war criminal. A sad day for our race.
Walter Janowski, Toronto, Canada

Today diplomacy lies six feet under, tomorrow thousands of Iraqi civilians will join it.
Nader Henein, Egypt

Iraqi people don't want the freedom that Bush offers
Volkan, Turkey
Iraqi people don't want the freedom that Bush offers. What Bush does is to find an excuse for his atrocity. At the end of this war, he will be responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians. I still believe European countries such as Germany and France can save the innocent people of Iraq.
Volkan, Turkey

What a sad, sad day for the human race. We wake up to a more dangerous and unstable world this morning. This time it's a war of choice. There was no immediate threat to any of us, no reason why the only solution was war. Travelling with a British passport has now become a dangerous pastime. The repercussions for the future are frightening. Just imagine if a now cornered and desperate Saddam as a last resort decides to throw something really nasty at Israel and how they will retaliate. With his bombs today, Bush, along with his poodle Blair, have opened Pandora's Box. As none of us can slam the lid shut again, we all have to ride it out, hope and pray.
Norman, Thailand

I have never been more proud to be an American! May God bless our troops! Peace be with them.
Paul, Washington, DC, USA

Brutal dictatorship! An act of mass destruction that the Bush administration has just begun cannot be justified for whatever reason. Now the self-appointed leader of the world has trampled the peace-seeking people's hope, sullied Christian faith and made the new century as primitive as that of cavemen.
Makiko, Kobe, Japan

I do believe that Saddam must be stopped from the belligerent harm he imposes on his own people, let alone others. He is a ruthless leader and a horrible representative of the human race. I agree with the war, but not with how it is being presented, nor how our leaders speak here making it seem a holy thing. After all, we gave Iraq its weapons. As with any person though that abuses a weapon, it should be taken away. That is the morality.

This action should have been pursued 12 years ago, on the heels of the Gulf War
Meakin, UK
It's about time, too, that the free world took real action against the Iraqi regime. This action should have been pursued 12 years ago, on the heels of the Gulf War. The French position to block the opportunity to get the UN Security Council's support was absolutely disgraceful. The British prime minister has shown great courage and leadership in very difficult circumstances by supporting the US.
John Meakin, UK

What right does Mr Bush have to order Saddam Hussein out of Iraq? It is like your neighbour ordering you out of your own house. This war has nothing to do with humanity or liberating the Iraqi people. America is fighting this war when more than 80 percent of its own citizens don't want it. This is the clearest demonstration of the denial of the interests of the common man in this world.
Arun, India

It's not a war - it's a unilateral show of muscle power to the whole world. Neither Mr Bush nor Mr Bair can fool the world. Today the world's conscience has been stabbed in the back.
AbuBakar Ahmed Syed, UAE

The US regime is a very dangerous one indeed. It has moral certitude and a sense of self-proclaimed righteousness together with a vast arsenal. Their unconscious hypocrisy and double standards are simply astounding.
Phil, Hong Kong

A sad day indeed
Arthur, USA
I find it very frightening that we can just kill any leader we do not like. A sad day indeed.
Arthur, USA

I support the coalition's stand against terrorism and any country that supports it. This includes those countries that directly and indirectly support terrorism. At the present moment however, I believe that regardless of opinion, we should all be united behind our servicemen and women who are carrying out their duty. Their service and sacrifice is what allows us the freedom to debate issues such as this.
Peter Robinson, Australia

With the war just started I would like to say to all the troops from Britain and the USA, God be with you in this battle and come home soon we are all praying for you.
John Day, Canada

Bush said that the war was to restore Iraq to its people. No, somehow I don't believe that. The only reason the USA ever goes to war is in its own interests.
George, Australia

This is not good for the world. Bush is wrong.
Jai, India

This is ridiculous. America is trying to control Iraq just because they have oil. I think there is no justice anymore in this world. I am personally on the Iraqi people's side.
Sally Kaur, Hong Kong

It is a shame that more people don't see the morality of our actions at this great moment in history
Jesse Mercer, Kent, USA
Today is a great day to be an American! I am proud to proclaim my pride in my country, our democratically elected president, and our troops serving abroad. Those Americans who express shame in their country are not true Americans. They do not represent the views of the rest of us, the majority of proud Americans who support regime change in fascist states like Iraq. It is time that all members of the free world unite behind the universal banner of liberty and crush totalitarianism wherever it may be! It is a shame that more people don't see the morality of our actions at this great moment in history.
Jesse Mercer, Kent, USA

I am so ashamed to be an American right now. I do not support Hussein at all and fully support the men and women that are having to fight against the Iraqi people, but "President" Bush is an abomination to democracy and freedom.
Jennifer Nash, USA

I feel ill and sad. My heart and prayers are with Iraqi children.
Zenebu Tegegne, Ethiopia/USA

It seemed for the longest time that this war was inevitable. Although we cannot condone the deaths of innocent people, our feelings must go out to the men and women who represent the US and UK in this horrible mission. Fault we feel cannot be placed at the feet of Bush and Blair alone. Ultimately the fault in this matter lies with the so-called World Leaders who in their attempt to obtain international 'standing', were unable to solve this matter as a unified world force against the tyranny that has been suppressing Iraq for over 20 years. Shame on the United Nations and the five veto wielding powers that ultimately played right into Hussein's hands.
Kieren and Aubrey, Japan

I want to express utter sorrow and grief for peace loving people all over the world
M Asif Ghori, Pakistan
I want to express utter sorrow and grief for the people of Iraq and for the peace loving people living all over the world. This act of aggression is naked terrorism. At this moment of sadness we should express our sympathy and moral support for the people of Iraq.
M Asif Ghori, Pakistan

It's about time. God bless our troops (Brits and Aussies as well as the Yanks). Shame on Canada for not being around at this time.
Bev Brown, USA

It is really shame that the USA and UK have declared war on Iraq. Do they justify their actions? Do they have the guts to attack North Korea? They attack innocent people only.
Rajeev, India

European countries should draw their conclusions from this unnecessary war and disband Nato.
John Somerhausen, USA

I am sorry, and apologise to the people of Iraq on behalf of the people of America. This aggression on the part of our government is not the will of all. Pray for us, as we pray for you.
Sue Crise, USA

May this day live in infamy
Ross Lee, Malaysia
May this day live in infamy. For all the people in this world. I would like to extend our utmost regret and apologies to the Iraqi people. May you find the strength and solace in this hour of need.
Ross Lee, Malaysia

Why war? What will the US and UK get out of war? Can't the same money used for military action be utilised for improving the globe and improving people's quality of life? We need to live and let live.
Anand MR, India

I feel terrible despair for the people of Iraq. My prayers are with them, and for the military to come home safely. I don't understand how this "war" has happened over so much opposition. This war was not initiated by a democratic United States.
Jennifer, USA

Can't wait to see the stars and stripes over Baghdad. Let the American Century begin.
Scott S, USA

We are destroying mankind to solve a problem that we ourselves created
Steve, Uganda
It is absurd that we are destroying mankind to solve a problem that we ourselves created! Women and children will be killed in the name of a "pre-emptive strike".
Steve, Uganda

All we can do now is hope. It was the best thing to do.
Mark, UK

My heart is with the poor innocent families and kids who wake up in the morning with terrifying bombs over them. I don't know what's more horrifying than this. Mr Bush has pressed a button which terrified five million people in Baghdad, and pushed the world into a new order, for the worse. Mr Howard is co-conspirator.
Raymond Fung, Australia

Is this war really necessary? George W Bush does not have a clue what the consequences are for the region, doesn't care and will expect the rest of us to clean up his mess. Excuse me, why do we continually have to put up with America poking its nose in where it doesn't belong? It's so nice of the US to ignore the rest of the world's wishes. I feel so angry about not being listened to.
Cheryl, Canadian in New Zealand

May the Iraqi people finally be liberated and may our own children rest easier at night
Jamie Bessich, USA
Thank God. May the Iraqi people finally be liberated and may our own children rest easier at night. If this went on much longer, we'd have Hitler redux, and then we would all lament the missed opportunity.
Jamie Bessich, USA

I am sad and worried about the whole thing and what's next in store for all of us: the Iraqis, the Americans and people around the globe.
Rajesh, USA

I am appalled and disappointed in our administration for this war. I pray for peace, and the lives of our service people and the people of Iraq.
Scott, USA

Bush is now a war criminal.
Wendi, Canada

The world has entered into a lawless and woeful stage
Mahesh, Canada
The world has entered into a lawless and woeful stage. The majority of the world has been ignored, and has been dragged into a personal conflict between two egotistic men.
Mahesh, Canada

Better start worrying about who's going be next - I'm sure that's what Bush is thinking about now that the war has started and can't be stopped.
Dan, Japan

Saddam's day of reckoning is finally here. The Butcher of Baghdad's terror reign is ending, the people of Iraq will soon be liberated and most importantly the world will be a safer place. Thank you President Bush and Prime Minister Blair for having the courage to stand up to this terrorist and remove him from power. I have never been prouder to be an American.
Lawrence Merrill, USA

It's simply a terrorist campaign to attack Iraq. US and her allies are illegal to operate without the UN's authorisation.
Joe Hui, Hong Kong, China

No one enjoys war, but this is the right thing to do
Kara, USA
I have the utmost respect for President Bush and Tony Blair. No one enjoys war, but this is the right thing to do. Hussein is a monster who must be stopped. May liberation come swiftly.
Kara, USA

I am deeply disappointed in the outcome of events in Iraq. Although Hussein needs to be removed from power, the lack of diplomacy on the part of the US is careless. Our government no longer listens to its people. The actions of the current administration will cause a great schism in our country that will be felt for years to come.
Erik G, USA

A small price for the liberation of Iraq. Saddam is a similar tyrant who is cruel to his own people and should be removed. This war will not cause many casualties as the government will weaken when Saddam is removed.
Nirmal Kumar, Indian in Australia

About time! Free the world of this despicable despot! I would suggest that the people who don't want war move to Iraq, lose their freedom, then see what it feels like to be a repressed Iraqi.
Noah Little, USA

Despite the fact that this war has been opposed by millions around the globe, the bombs are falling even as we speak, how terribly sad for the world and how gravely shameful for the American government. I am mortified that I live in a newly declared Imperialist nation.
Brian Yates, USA

I'm sad, and disgusted. I watched Bush's attempt at solemnity and sincerity while announcing the outbreak of war, but he couldn't quite keep the delight from twinkling in his eyes. I hope I'm wrong about his motives.
Steve, UK

I am praying for all of the innocent people of Iraq
Chris Sinclair, USA
I'm glad Bush is finally eliminating Saddam but I am praying for all of the innocent people of Iraq and the soldiers involved.
Chris Sinclair, USA

Unconscionable sadness for the many hundreds of innocent casualties that will result from this war. I pray that the action is swift and rebuilding promised, lives up to our hopes so that maybe regime change for the better can provide some relief of our fears.
Alice June, England

Tony Blair is highly respected in the US for his courageous stand and support of this action. Appeasement didn't work in the 1930s so let us learn from history and remove this threat to our liberty and peace. Our prayers and thoughts to the British and American troops who actually have to carry out our leaders' mission.
Brian Chamberlain, United States

I feel totally elated that the US and the British are finally going into Iraq
Mike Babb, China
I feel totally elated that the US and the British are finally going into Iraq and remove that megalomaniac Saddam Hussein and the murderous regime that he has ruled over. I will shed no tears at all for them. I can't wait for the day when Saddam Hussein breathes his last breath. I will celebrate.
Mike Babb, China

I'm finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that the US and UK with the support of Australia have arrogantly launched military action without the approval of the UN. How dare they think that they now have the right to determine world affairs, right up to the point of sacrificing lives? These are scary times indeed.
Jonno, Australia

How can USA and UK claim to fight for democracy while the majority of the people are against war? I thought democracy was the regime of the people. If so, then how come US and UK leaders are ignoring the voice of their own people and forcing their opinion on the world? That is just sad.
Serkan, Canada

If Saddam decided to go on exile, will he be spared prosecution by the international court of justice for various atrocities he committed?
Nico Castillo, Philippines

Sometimes we need war to ultimately have peace
Jaimie Perry, Australia
Unfortunately sometimes we need war to ultimately have peace. Just remember Saddam Hussein is guilty of genocide, having killed over 345,000 people, Bush is doing the world a favour, ridding us of this tyrant.
Jaimie Perry, British living in Australia

Sad that Mr Blair is perpetrating this act of stupidity in the name of the British people, who, I believe do not support it.
David Edington, UK

Deep sadness, just praying for peace. Ashamed to be British and to be a resident of the USA that brought the world to this terrible point. Bush and Blair - How could you do this?
Fiona Alder, USA

This is outrageous - I don't know who I feel the more sorry for, the people of Iraq who will soon be having bombs raining down on them, or the unfortunate young men and women who are ordered to take over Iraq. Surely the free world should have been able to find a better solution - a small U.N force sent over there could have made sure that Saddam Hussein disarmed, without going to these extremes. I pray that innocent people will not die, but fear that that will happen.
Christine Graf, U.S.

At last! The liberation of Iraq has begun ! All the way with Bush Give Saddam the push!
Domingo Barˇn, New Zealand

My heart is heavy with sadness for the people who will suffer because of this irresponsible act by our country
Karen Butcher, USA
Sadness. My heart is heavy with sadness for the people who will suffer because of this irresponsible act by our country.
Karen Butcher, USA

Karen - Maybe you should talk to Iraqi refugees living here in the US and find out what it is like to live under Sadam. I have and it changed my opinion on the war. I'm proud that our country is taking a stand against this man and will liberate a beautiful people from a monster. Once this war is over a Free Iraq can help lead the middle east toward Peace, Tolerance, and Democracy.
Bryan Keller, San Diego, California USA

I feel embarrassed to be an American. My government does not represent my views. I do not in any way support Saddam Hussein - but I also do not support Bush's tactics. This is a sad day for internatiernational diplomacy.
Jacob Bailly, United States of America

Well Tony you've got your way now. I just wonder how you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you've gone against the British people, undermined the UN, caused deep divisions within the EU and no doubt see many innocent people die at the hands of your military machine. War on terrorism? Get real! You've just started a war which will go on for generations and make 9/11 seem like a walk in the park. It's a sad say for us all.
Gerry, UK

All I can say is this is a very sad day for the whole of mankind. I agree with Gerry and ask the two B's how they can sleep peacefully after committing such a horrific act.
Sheraz Mushtaq, Canada

Absolute stupidity and ignorance on the part of the US , GB, and the little minnow Australia - who made George W the King of the world??
Craig Dalton, Australia

God bless Great Britain, and bring our troops home safely.
Robin Jones, Welshman in California

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