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Thora Hird: Your tributes
The distinguished actress Dame Thora Hird has died aged 91.

In a career lasting almost a century, her solid screen presence and distinctive northern tones made her an enduring favourite with British audiences.

Dame Thora suffered a stroke last weekend and had been staying at Brinsworth House, a retirement home for actors in south-west London.

Thank you for your tributes to Dame Thora Hird. Read a selection of your comments below.

I remember I first saw her in Alan Bennett's brilliant monologue, "A Cream Cracker Under The Settee": she was, quite simply, superb.
Jake Lund, UK

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Dame Thora on a few occasions. I remember once, she was sitting in an armchair, and I was crouching down to speak to her, and mid conversation she said "You'd better get up or else you'll have terrible creases in the back of them trousers!" and then continued the conversation where she had left off! You could see where Alan Bennett must have got a lot of his inspiration from! I consider her as one of the "Royal Family of Entertainment" and she will be missed by me and countless others. "God Bless You" Dame Thora!
Keith Parker, England

A lady who saw the best in everything
Ellie, UK
Having read "Lost For Words" and "Diana's Story" I really don't think there could have been any other actress to play the part of Annie Longden, Thora brought out the best in lines, script and literature. A lady who saw the best in everything and who always made me feel better whenever she graced the screen. A Role model for all ages, we could all learn a little something from such a wondeful women. She was elderly but never old, very funny but never rude, honest yet never hurtful. God bless
Ellie, UK

Thora Hird was a wonderful actress and turned in some wonderful, moving, performances especially in her later years. She always appeared grounded and without ego in interviews but was always interesting. I send my condolences to her family, especially her daughter, Jeannette. The world will miss you Thora!
D Davies, England

A marvellous actress, equally skilled in sit-coms and poignant dramas. Watch her in "Waiting for the Telegram" (one of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads monologues); you can't fail to be moved by her performance.
Andrew Buckingham, London, England

How sad I am that Thora has passed away. I'll always remember her powerful and moving performance in Alan Bennett's "Cream Cracker under the Settee". I wept and was heartened by turns. Rest in Peace Dame Thora.
Carl Warner, UK

Dame Thora was an absolute darling and my family and myself will miss her dreadfully. God bless you Thora and may you be happy now in Heaven where I hope we will all meet when our time comes to go too. Love Grace
Grace, England

Every inch a lady, Every inch a good Christian who is already sorely missed. Thank you for your time. There is one less light in the world today and we cannot afford to loose such lights.
Colin Huntingford, England

She could make you laugh or make you cry
Doe Harris, England
What a lovely person so down to earth so Northern just like me. She could make you laugh or make you cry, right now I am crying. I will miss her sense of humour her sense of fun. Last of the Summer Wine is my all time favourite it will never be the same again. My Deepest Sympathy to her family and to all who knew and loved her.
Doe Harris, England

Dame Thora was living proof that you don't have to be a blonde bimbo to succeed in showbiz! Dame Thora never had cosmetic surgery - let the character shine through! An icon of the theatre - thank God for video, her shows will live on.
Jan Goffey, UK/US

If you can listen to "Waiting for the Telegram" by Alan Bennett without shedding a tear you are a very hard person - it is one of her best performances - I urge you all to get a copy
Rod Kemp, UK

Thora Hird was one of the funniest and most entertaining women on the screen. If she were in a play or film, you automatically knew that it would be good. Born and bred in Morecambe myself but now living in the South, there was always a great sense of affection and interest in this remarkable lady.
Valerie Short, United Kingdom

As a Brit overseas it was always good to see her on the BBC America screen. As an actress she was a wonderful ambassador for the northern people. For me the cracker will always be under the settee.
David Williams, USA

She could as easily tickle your funny bone as break your heart. A great lady.
Sarah Vernon, United Kingdom

I always liked her discourses on life and men
S Small, US
I enjoyed Dame Thora in Last of the Summer Wine. I always liked her discourses on life and men. She was so funny.
S Small, US

I wonder how many times she has made us laugh? Last week, when I heard she'd had a stroke, I knew she was leaving us. But what a grand old age - 91! Well done darling!
Vivien Watson, North Wales

Thora was simply one of the most versatile actresses of her generation. I first remember her in the BBC adaptation of Smiley's People in the 70s. She will be missed.
Paul, England

Thora Hird was everyone's northern gran or auntie, she was brilliant in Last of the Summer Wine, and as without Bill Owen, the programme will not seem the same. She always came over as a warm and gracious lady.
Helen Hampson, UK

Ta-ra, love.
Guy Chapman, UK

Goodbye to the best 'Gran' I never had...
Alika Drove, currently working in Vancouver, Canada

A great person as well as one of Britain's greatest actresses she will be missed.
Nazma Khatun, UK

A sad loss of a great lovely lady.
Brian Simmonds, England

She could get laughs with great ease
Nick Palfreyman, UK
I may only be 19 but I've been enjoying the work of Dame Thora Hird for well over half of my life. From Last Of The Summer Wine and In Loving Memory, where she could get laughs with great ease, to Lost For Words and Waiting For The Telegram, where she managed to get the tears streaming down my cheeks after having made me laugh just minutes before, she showed herself to be a fine and commanding actress.

It's also clear that she was a deeply religious woman, very approachable, and much loved by her family and friends, and by the public at large.

It is very sad for the country, now bereft of one of its most prized and loveable actresses. We are very lucky to have been able to enjoy her work for so many years.
Nick Palfreyman, UK

Dame Thora, a real lady with a great sense of humour who enriched the lives with her no nonsense advice which came from the heart and was portrayed in her many films and TV programmes.
Grant Ciccone, England

Britain has lost one of the most wonderful actresses of our time. She led a great life, and will be sadly missed.
James Slone, East Yorkshire

On behalf of myself and my family, we wish her family to remember the fantastic entertainment she brought into the public's lives and she will go on entertaining us each time we see her in the repeats. She was a great lady and she is a great loss to this country's entertainment industry. She will be sorely missed by us all.
Martin , UK

Obituary: Dame Thora Hird
15 Mar 03 |  UK


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