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Last Updated:  Friday, 21 March, 2003, 20:55 GMT
Iraq invasion: Your views
US Marines from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit take position in southern Iraq
US and British troops are advancing deep into Iraqi territory on the second day of the military campaign to topple Saddam Hussein.

US Marines reached the south-eastern port at Umm Qasr, after meeting some early resistance, and British troops have taken control of the nearby al-Faw peninsula after a brief firefight.

American-led forces reported their first combat fatality of the campaign - a US Marine killed by gunfire in southern Iraq.

It came hours after eight British and four American soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in Kuwait.

What are your views on the war? Has your view changed since the outbreak of hostilities? Send us your comments.

This is a fourth page of your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

Why didn't the UN send in tens of thousands of inspectors?
Wayne, Wilsonville, USA
Why didn't the UN send in tens of thousands of inspectors? A place the size of California with how many inspectors? 50? 100? It would take a hundred years for a small group like that to inspect LA alone. The French and Germans are opposed to war; why didn't they send in thousands of their own inspectors to help the process?
Wayne, Wilsonville, USA

A supposedly democratic government, in total breach of international law, and its UK friend are invading Iraq to bring democracy - a value today suppressed in the US. Thanks for teaching us all the lessons... as before in Central America.
Martin, Geneva, Switzerland

War with Iraq will cause more hatred between the West and certain Arab countries. It will cause more terrorism. I do not believe that America will feel safer afer a war. I hope I am wrong. A little note to the Christian Bush: love your enemies
Rebecca Minio-Paluello, Berlin, Germany

Whilst one hopes we don't see "weapons of mass destruction" utilised in this conflict, one wonders if Saddam is truly "mad" and has all these weapons as alleged, why then is he not using them? Could it be he was never really that strong to begin with, and what we are seeing is an aggressive form of American Imperialism?
Christopher Kimber-Hutchinson, Dayton, Ohio USA

I am ashamed of my country and the fact that in an age of knowledge and technology humans still have to resort to violence. Some people seem to think that just because our troops are fighting this war we have to support them. That's like saying that the German citizens had to support their troops during WW2 and thus assisting the extermination of the Jews just because they were German soldiers. An action doesn't become morally right because your troops are fighting for it. We should be careful not to compromise our moral standards just to "support" our troops- after all the nation didn't send them there.
Steve, UK

Is Saddam Hussein a really threat?
Björn Runngren, Sweden
Is Saddam Hussein a really threat? I believe he is a dead duck and that his days could have been counted. He could easily have been harnessed by the weapon inspectors and a constant pressure from the International community. The strategy could instead have been to discredit and hamper the leadership of Iraq. Sooner or later they would weaken from inside and have to let the reins go. This strategy would win over world opinion.
Björn Runngren, Sweden

By refusing to act in accordance with international law the UK and the USA have added legitimacy to what terrorist groups have been saying about the West for decades. You are proving that only violence works, there is no need for diplomacy or law any more. Enjoy your new bedfellows.
Aubrey Styles, Dublin Ireland

To those here who have said they're ashamed to live in the UK or the US - remember, you live in free countries so feel free to leave. I'm sure your superior enlightenment would be more than welcome in North Korea, Cuba or China.
M. Hensley, Iowa, USA

I believe that this invasion is illegal and mostly immoral. American television is the US's propaganda machine. If Americans knew the truth about all this or even cared to know, there would be more people visibly opposing this slaughter. I am thoroughly ashamed of the US government and outraged to learn that the congress is full of wimps and flunkies.
Paula Dawson, San Jose, CA, America

This illegal invasion provides abundant rationale for future attacks on the American empire.
Robert Dudley, Berkeley CA

I'd like to thank Britain for being a close ally of the United States and wish your troops much success in the campaign in Iraq.
Nellie, Tucson, Arizona, USA

What really scares me is how George W. Bush finished his speech to the American people on Tuesday night, March 18th. His 3rd from the last sentence in his speech was "We will bring freedom to others". What does this mean? Where will the US government stop? I am in no way behind the warring path the U.S. government is taking us down.
Clint, Denver, USA

I have unwavering faith that my fellow Americans are a righteous, virtuous and moral people
Eric Bisman, New York, NY USA
It is unfortunate that protesters focus on desire for oil as being the American catalyst for war in Iraq. I am an American and I have unwavering faith that my fellow Americans are a righteous, virtuous and moral people. Therefore, can it just be that we as Americans aim to bring a successful republic-style government to an oppressed people?
Eric Bisman, New York, NY USA

Two wrongs don't make a right.
Kenny Liang, Singapore

We know how important balance is. If the balance is lost, things go bad. EU clearly needs to enlarge, to arm and to do just that: keep the power balance level, get some respect from over the pond.
Anon., USA

Am I the only one who heard Bush's speech last night? He clearly stated that the real reason for this illegal invasion is "Securing our (US) energy supplies". Those who believe that this invasion is for humanitarian purposes are very naive. This invasion has nothing to do with the evil way Saddam Hussein treats his people. This has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. Yes it is right to get rid of Saddam Hussein, but to bomb the Iraqi people is immoral, illegal and stupid.
Karen, London, England

It annoys me to hear people say that they think the war is wrong or unjustified, and that America only wants the Oil in Iraq or that we have an ulterior motive. War is never good, and innocent people are always victims. Take it from a veteran of the first Gulf War, the citizens were very happy to see us coming. We gave up our food and water and anything else that we could to help them.
Jerry, Atlanta, USA

US and British invasion of Iraq is a criminal and terrorist act. These two civilised countries, with the support of Spain and Portugal, are behaving with the same level of morality as Osama Bin Laden.
Ozeias S. Oliveira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I see the coalition army have made some very good progress. They should advance more and be cautious as they invade.
Gideon Attah, Zaria, Nigeria.

Let those who will act responsibly do so; let those who won't watch and maybe learn something.
Scott Johnson, Houston, Texas

What right have we to install another puppet?
Dafydd Ladd, Carmarthen, Wales
I find it amazing what short memories people have. It was the West that armed Saddam so he could fight their wars and the fact that he brutally oppressed his own people did not matter then. Now he has got out of hand (like Panama, Guatamela, Honduras, Afghanistan etc) it is alright for us to inflict more suffering upon the Iraqi people. What right have we to install another puppet?
Dafydd Ladd, Carmarthen, Wales

As one who witnessed what was perpetrated in the name of Britain and the US on the road to Basra at the end of the last Gulf War, I hope that people will not be stupid enough to think anyone gives a monkeys about minimising casualties until the "job is done". When unarmed men, surrendering, were simply mown down by machine gun bullets in a 90 minute orgy of blood lust, I lost my belief forever in my country's righteousness.
Gareth Tenby, Durham, England

It makes me sick. I can't watch it on TV. We're going in there, all high and mighty as always. We don't have a clue. We are still going to the movies, visiting our neighbours, doing our day to day activities. How would we feel to have to pack up our kids, pets, belongings and leave our houses, knowing we may be killed and our house may not even be there when we return, whenever that is?
Kaylee Scholes, Renton, Wa. USA

I am grateful for the commitment of the Royal Marines who perished yesterday
Marc Atkinson, USA
I am grateful for the commitment of the Royal Marines who perished yesterday, and I pray for their families. The UK, despite misguided thinking from some of your public, is still a clear-headed ally that we value dearly.
Marc Atkinson, USA

Saddam has to go.
Chriss Tetteh, Accra, Ghana

I am tired of the listening to the majority of anti-war protesters suggesting that we should not go to war because of the inevitable loss of innocent lives. Do they not understand that if we continue talking amongst ourselves that 100,000's of innocent people will continue to die at the hands of Saddam Hussein?
Rob Benson, London UK

Now that USA and Britain have acted without the UN consent, I am afraid it will give the green light for other powerful nations to initiate similar actions against weaker neighbours.
Umair Asif, New Jersey, USA

A cup of coffee with Saddam followed by a game of golf sounds educated and mature. USA ? I thought you love peace?
Fita Zahra, Jakarta Indonesia

How can one president ask another president to go on exile?
Samuel Onoja, Abuja, Nigeria
How can one president ask another president to go on exile? The US should have allowed the UN to complete weapon inspections.
Samuel Onoja, Abuja, Nigeria

It's a clear act of terrorism to attack on a country with out the permission of UN.
Awais, Pakistan

I think this war is bogus. If President Bush really wanted to relieve the people of Iraq of oppression he would not be killing them now. I believe his only purpose is to kill Saddam in order to attain oil and consolidate America's position as a superpower. If he so wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein why doesn't he fight the war himself instead of killing his people.
Anon., Trinidad and Tobago.

First they gave cooked up reasons to start the war. Now they give cooked up reasons to take control of their oil wells.
Ananth, USA

I am strongly supportive of the Blair and Bush Administrations for what they are doing to prosecute a war criminal like Saddam Hussein. They are liberating the Iraqi people, getting rid of terrible weapons, and starting the long process of stabilizing a region. British and American people can truly be proud of their leaders and their troops on this important mission for a better world.
Tom Pope, USA

Let the people be free of Saddam's clutches and enjoy democracy and new life.
Isfand yar Afridi, Karachi, Pakistan

If it were up to me, I would put Mr. Bush and Saddam in an isolated room and would supply them with Vodka, Pistachio, and lots of movies. After a week, I would invite them to be roommates and would webcast live their life to the world. Wars are gradually turning into old and imitated pretexts in defence of civilization.
Sam, Boston

The West should not be held hostage by extremists/militants
Robert Husted, Miami, FL USA
The West should not be held hostage by extremists/militants who intimidate innocent civilians to achieve political agendas. We are removing a renegade government. Maybe they will now have a chance for democracy. We are not attacking the Iraqi people, but a dictatorship, which the UN failed miserably to handle diplomatically. Many people fail to see the big picture - terrorism leads to global economic instability which leads to more hunger and more misery.
Robert Husted, Miami, FL USA

I hope the war will be swift and short and with minimal casualties, and that it will help to bring more balance to this region. I respect the UK and US for their work; I hope they will help us establish peace here in Israel.
Sergey, Israel

After all this time, many peace protestors still ignore the fact that Saddam will stop at nothing to rule Iraq with an iron fist. Just look at the atrocities that he carried out in Northern Iraq. How many more millions would die if the Western World didn't intervene? As much as I resent President Bush, and for what ever reasons he is doing this, at least it is getting done. May the people of Iraq be free to govern their own country soon.
Ian, Preston, UK

I cannot understand how Bush and Blair are to bring democracy to Iraq if they dispense with it themselves in order to get their way. Instead of bringing peace, it sends the message that it is fine to invade another country. The UK and US decry Saddam for ignoring the UN, yet they have just done it themselves. They are all as bad as each other. Exile for Saddam, Bush & Blair.
Andy, Slough, UK

Some civilians were unfortunately killed in the Afghanistan war, but the objectives were accomplished. Who isn't happy about the outcome of that, not least the Afghan people? The US may have its own interests (such as oil etc), but the war can still bring good things.
Gil Roitto, Malmö, Sweden

Are you blind to the blatant double standards that have been adopted?
Angela, Hong Kong
To all those who bought into the "removing dictator, liberating Iraqi people" rhetoric and support the war: wise up. Are you blind to the blatant double standards that have been adopted? Israel is killing civilians, but they're an American ally, no war there; North Korea has nuclear weapons but won't be invaded, because they have China for an ally, so no war there either.
Angela, Hong Kong

Liberty has seldom come to a people without the use of force. The war in Iraq is a stepping stone to freedom and prosperity for the Iraqi people.
Christopher Henricksen, Ohio, USA

Turkey's attitude is obviously dictated by its desire to please Chirac - to facilitate its entry into the E.U.
Maurice Cohen, France

So who will impose sanctions on the US and Britain with their mass stockpiles of 'weapons of mass destruction'? Who will see the politicians and military leaders from these countries, who have overseen the invasion of Iraq without the United Nations consent? It would seem the United Nations will go the way of the League of Nations as the most powerful country on the planet has effectively said it does not need the UN anymore.
Doug Grundy, Ireland

I am one on those who has been against the use of force to topple Saddam Hussein. However, as the war has already started, I have no option now but to pray for the innocent dying souls of Iraq. May I then urge America to bring the situation under control. The longer it takes the more the people will suffer.
John Ballah, Belgium

Waging war on Saddam is the right thing to do
Robert, Zürich, Switzerland
Waging war on Saddam is the right thing to do. Those opposed have no strategic vision; when the history of this period is written, Tony Blair will be seen as a great man.
Robert, Zürich, Switzerland

America has a long history of liberation. Do we still occupy any of the following countries after helping to liberate them: France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Holland, South Korea, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Panama, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan? Of course not. Do not weep for Saddam. We are not a nation out for empire. In the end we always go home.
Brendan, New York City, USA

Are we ready to go all the way if this doesn't turn out the way it's supposed to? What frightens me is that this gives fanatics a "carte blanche" to carry out further attacks. We have just given them a "reason" recreate the dreadful scenes from 9/11.
Henrik Munk Nielsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

I just wonder if anyone who is against this war would feel the same if they lived in a constant state of fear. If people in the UK awoke to the news that Tony Blair had gassed 180'000 people in Scotland, would they really expect the rest of the world to turn a blind eye and do nothing? We also know that if a terrorist organization uses WMDs in future, then many millions of lives could be lost and many hundreds of millions of lives seriously effected by the worldwide financial crisis which would follow.
Adrian Taylor, Vaasa Finland

This is not war on terror but a war of terror
Saira Rehman, Lahore, Pakistan
The attack on Iraq is indeed sickening. It is quite clear now who has the weapons of mass destruction and who needs to be disarmed. This is not war on terror but a war of terror. It is ridiculous the way they are referring to this war as "Operation Iraqi freedom" when the only motive is their insatiable greed for oil.
Saira Rehman, Lahore, Pakistan

As a Military mom I'm concerned but I back our countries efforts and our coalition forces. Something needs to be done to take this man out of power. He has oppressed his country far too long, the people in Iraq want freedom and peace. This unfortunately is the only way, since Saddam wouldn't disarm. After numerous chances time and time again he has defied all offers to step down,
Theresa, Pa, USA

Although my son-in- law, who left the army 3 years ago after 12 years service to get married has been compulsorily called up and is now in Iraq, I still support the war 100%. He will miss the birth of his first child.
J Thompson, Radcliffe, Manchester

My husband - an Arab living in the Emirates - feels the war is right.....I, on the other hand, protest
Carolina, Los Angeles
My husband, an Arab living in the Emirates, feels the war is right and the Iraqi's need redemption. I, on the other hand, protest peacefully with thousands on the streets of LA - not to question the President's motives on this war, but to question why the same war is not being waged against the same Reign of Terror as sponsored by Ariel Sharon?
Carolina, Los Angeles

Now that the war is on the way, it's the responsibility of the U.S to provide protection to the Countries surrounding Iraq
Mohammad, Toronto, Canada

My main concern is that the UN has been disobeyed; as a result, the world will be overshadowed by chaos, and we may be lead back to a primitive age.
Samir, Irvine, USA

It's sad to read comments, from people who supposedly live in free countries, saying that the anti-war voices here do not have the right to express their views. Telling these people to be ashamed of their positions is just wrong. Maybe those people would feel more at home in a dictatorial society like Iraq. Face it - the people who cry out against their governments are exercising their freedom.
John Olsen, Orange California, USA

I know little about the reasons of this war; I have yet to formulate my own opinion. I believe the public deserves to know "the whole truth and nothing but the truth" so that we, as individuals, can make a decision. Thus, the question remains, "Will we ever know the truth?"
Desiree, USA

We've heard various levels of propaganda from different sides, conveniently fed us by the media. Some people are saying: "we all know Saddam has banned weapons" How do you know this? Surely our best bet in such contentious situations is to let a union of countries (one that is more than just a convenience) vote on the course of action. I feel it will alleviate the threat of renegade nations like the US 'correcting' parts of the world which are picked out with an amazingly partial perception of virtues.
Anon, St. Petersburg, Russia.

I am outraged that the diplomatic, peaceful and rational option was not allowed to continue
Julie Frawley, Fl. USA
I am outraged that the diplomatic, peaceful and rational option was not allowed to continue. The trigger happy administration just couldn't wait a little while longer before putting the lives of Iraqis and our own troops in jeopardy.
Julie Frawley, Fl. USA

Much of Iraq's chemical and biological weaponry was sold to them by the USA when Iran was seen as the greater threat. The hypocrisy of George Bush is beyond belief. This war cannot be justified without full UN backing.
Steve, UK

Countries should be careful about obstructing the USA and UK in this conflict. In the not to distant future they may look to the USA for help, they may not be to keen. Now they have started they must finish the job this time.
Ian Macdonald, UK

Is the U. S spreading Democracy through the barrel of a Gun? Much like kingdoms of old who spread religion by the sword? Listening to soldiers talk about "saving lives" is really starting to annoy me! I am truly ashamed to be an American citizen
Yamoni Bari, East Lansing, USA

The mission being carried out by America and UK is the only viable route to the liberation of Iraq. Those who took part in the anti-war demonstrations dislike America because of its power and its ability to act! I am deeply disappointed with the weakness and complete lack of vision shown by most of Western Europe. A powerful democracy like the US is a blessing for our world!
Alexander Ganchev, Sofia, Bulgaria

The only people to suffer will be the citizens of Iraq. It is lamentable that they will be forced to endure the US military muscle - for one man (Saddam).
Paul Rwankole, London, Ontario, Canada

The US has proven that it can be as "evil" as any regime out there. It has participated in the "cleansing" operations e.g. in South America, and has adhered to double standards by supplying arms to nations at war.
Ralph, Australia

I am deeply ashamed to belong to a country whose government backs a war motivated by hate and revenge
Carlos Lozano, Barcelona, Spain
I am deeply ashamed to belong to a country whose government backs a war motivated by hate and revenge against the will of the people it represents. Hate and revenge are the very reasons that led to the 9/11 tragedy; another tragedy is unfolding right now before our eyes - "democracy" or "freedom" has nothing to do with it. We should not forget that Saddam is an American-Made monster - trained, equipped and backed by the US during the IRAN/IRAQ war. Iraqis love their children too despite the images of the tyrant we are presented on TV. .
Carlos Lozano, Barcelona, Spain

As a Spaniard I wish I were with the British and American forces fighting the dictator and his supporters. They are in Iraq to defend the Iraqi people and the rest of the world.
Diego, Madrid, Spain

It angers me to hear fellow Americans bemoaning persons protesting this war and calling them traitors, un-American and actually trying to imply that it is they who are responsible for any bloodshed that will occur. A pre-emptive strike, is illegal and sets a most dangerous precedent.
Amy Tatem, Salem, USA

War is deplorable. Let us be reminded that this war was pushed forward by an Iraqi tyrant who refused to prevent it while killing his own people. Perhaps all the American suffering, sacrifices, and humanitarian aid made for many decades has been forgotten by the very people who received it.
Robert Oliver, Ft. Worth, Tx.

I feel ashamed! It was the most disgusting experience watching the TV station showing the bombardment of another country and we are here watching it in America like another reality show.
George, Cleveland, USA

Muslim communities in the USA have been torn apart. Patriotic duties are conflicting with Arab/Muslim loyalty. Most people would like to see Saddam to go but in a peaceful manner. I hope US government finishes the job quickly and gets out of Iraq territories in short period of time, otherwise, Islamic world would see it as an occupying force with bad consequences.
Magan Ibrahim, Minneapolis, MN USA

I support the actions of the USA and others - they are bringing democracy to the region
Shuhbam Agnihotri, India/Taiwan
Iraqi people are now step closer to experiencing the most wonderful things - "Democracy" and "Freedom". I support the actions of the USA and others - they are bringing democracy to the region. This is also a warning to other dictators in Middle East that their days are numbered.
Shuhbam Agnihotri, India/Taiwan

I think the people opposing this operation aren't seeing the picture in its entirety. Being American shouldn't make people think I'm mega gung-ho about this whole thing. Yeah, I know the US has carried out a lot of illegal CIA coups and assassinations. I do however believe that it would be a mistake to leave Saddam in power in any way, shape, or form, as it would be a form of appeasement in a way and leave his government thinking that they might as well get away with anything.
Jesse, Houston, TX, USA

Folks like Senator Byrd have left me feeling there is still hope for America and the rest of the world.
Jayawickreme B, Hatton Sri Lanka

Tony Blair: A true leader! Absolutely in the forefront of his peer group. He should hold a "How-to" seminar for all Presidents and Prime Ministers.
Michael, USA

The blatant lying by the governments of the US and UK has got its way. Yes, Saddam is a brutal tyrant who should be removed from power. It is a disgrace to the memory of those who died on 11/9, that their deaths are being used as an excuse for Bush to get his dirty little mitts on the oilfields. That's all he cares about - he doesn't care about people being killed, whether it is in New York, Washington or Baghdad. As for freeing the Iraqi people - will someone explain to me how you liberate someone by dropping a bomb on them???
Karen Johnson, Wolverhampton,UK

We can't make the peace by war. I'm shocked how some people are proud to be American when they started the war. Innocent people will die - again. I feel for Iraqi ordinary people. God bless them. I'm a University student and, as well as my schoolmates, am ashamed of the role of US and his allies. We hate Saddam's regime and don't support him but nobody has a right to infringe on his affairs.
Radek Dvoracek, Moravska Trebova, Czech Republic

I am beginning to believe more and more that the world has been seriously duped. The series of inspections for weapons of mass destruction by UN Inspectors was very necessary for the US. All they wanted was a confirmation that Iraq was clear of such weapons so that it would be easier to carry out their dishonourable intentions.
Kin, Singapore

The big question is: will this war spark a religious war in the future?
Albert Insinger, Paris, France
This will make the Muslim world even angrier. The big question is: will this war spark a religious war well in the future, and create more terrorist attacks on America, rather than lessen them?
Albert Insinger, Paris, France

Now I guess the world does not need and respect the UN Security Council, Bush and Blair set an example for the world.
N Osman, Tokyo Japan

This invasion is criminal by any measure. The UN have done their job in considering the Iraq issue and deciding not to wage war on Iraq. The USA and its allies have stuck their noses up at the UN and this should be deplored by all right thinking nations. It is time that the USA "diplomacy" is rewarded by a war waged on their land.
Paul, Auckland, New Zealand

On this day I am ashamed to be British, just as I am ashamed to be living in the States. Blair is a man of honour, but he has been duped by men who cynically manipulate sentiment for a living. It is time to dump the special relationship and join our sane European friends in resisting the new reign of imperial power politics.
David wood, Nashville, USA

Get it over and done with and get our troops out of Iraq
Bob, Berkshire, UK
My view is; let's get it over and done with and get our troops out of Iraq. And why is the media interviewing peace protesters who do not have a clue why they are protesting? I was in the forces and I give the military all my support.
Bob, Berkshire, UK

I cannot believe this is happening. It is complete madness. Have the US Administration lost sense of reality? Are they doing this in the name of God? Is theirs the right God? In the name of freedom? Is their definition of freedom the only one? Because Iraq has weapons of mass destruction? So does the US. Because fear of Iraq having access to nuclear weapons? Only the US has ever used such weapons against civilians.
Alberto Terron, RJ, Brazil

There is a lot of talk of freedom. I believe there is no such thing as freedom and never will be. We are all vulnerable to the many risks that surround us. If it is the people's view that President Bush is fighting for freedom, the simple fact is; guns will never bring about freedom. If anything, President Bush is only adding more risks and uncertainty to the lives of many. May the lord shield the innocent?
Jonathan, Suva, Fiji Islands.

I support Tony Blair and his stance on Iraq. We have already had reports of the Iraqis sending SCUD missiles over the border to attack Kuwait - this was a weapon he claimed he didn't have and that was banned by the UN after the gulf war. I wonder what else he has kept hidden and is planning to use.
Ewan Small, Cupar, Scotland

Saddam has already killed and probably will kill again if he stays in power
Shane, Torquay, UK
I think that removing Saddam is the only right thing to do, and if a few civilians die it is of course bad - but look at how many civilians Saddam has already killed and probably will kill again if he stays in power. I also think that bush is right; people want Saddam removed but they don't want war.
Shane, Torquay, UK

GW Bush forgets there are innocent civilians. It's shocking to see on the TV how the mighty American generals are proud of their fleet. War should be obsolete in today's world. Ten years from now it will not be a surprise if there is another September 11 in the USA - because war begets war!
Kamnesh Pradhan, Indianapolis, USA

For all of you who protest for the innocent; I did not hear you all these years as many atrocities happened in that country. I will support this effort as I would rather do something now than to mourn once again as I did on September 11. Godspeed to all those who defend freedom and liberty.
J Fischer, Leominster, USA

I hope the rest of the world doesn't believe that the majority of American citizens support the terror our government is literally raining down on the Iraqi people. Despite what our corporate-owned and government-censored media report, most of us are appalled by the erroneous, macho cowboy-mentality and "Might Makes Right" policies of the Bush administration. Simply put - we are horribly, horribly wrong.
Niki Belkowski, Hancock, Michigan

Part of respecting freedom is allowing other countries to create their own governments, whether we agree with them or not
Alana, Athens, GA USA
I love freedom and I think democracy can be a wonderful thing. However, I do not think the US has the right to decide how another country's government should be constructed and who the leader should or should not be. Part of respecting freedom is allowing other countries to create their own governments, whether we agree with them or not. Part of respecting freedom is also allowing countries, like France, to take a stand against war without resorting to petty retribution, like the creation of "freedom fries." This war is a demonstration of the failure of democracy.
Alana, Athens, GA USA

A lot of people seem to believe that the sovereignty of a nation is more important than the right to life and freedom of the people that live within that nation. To all those saying that the US and UK have no right to enter Iraq; are you willing to let the Iraqi people live under their present tyranny? What if the Allies said this of Hitler when he invaded Poland? "He's not bothering us, so it's none of our business."
Vlad, Calgary Canada

War is not pleasant but continuing Saddam's regime is much worse
awzy Radwan, London, UK
I support the war to remove Saddam and his murderous cruel regime. Did you listen to the young woman exiled from Iraq? She is praying for the liberation of Iraq, and how about the 600 Kuwaitis who were taken prisoners in the first gulf war and never heard of them since. War is not pleasant but continuing Saddam's regime is much worse.
Fawzy Radwan, London, UK

I am proud to be an American and especially proud of our soldiers for doing what needs to be done to make the world a better place. Anyone who would argue that the World will not be a better place when the Iraqi people are free needs to spend some time living beneath the rule of a tyrant like Saddam.
Barry, Oklahoma City, OK

The forces of evil in this world don't play by any rules. Blair and Bush are not mad lunatics, they are both men, equipped with knowledge and a belief that the free world is worth protecting. As a free world we should support the belief.
Henry, Birmingham, UK

I'm an Iraqi student in Malaysia, my family in Baghdad. I wonder why we are having this war - there was a big chance to solve the problem peacefully. This war will encourage terrorists
Shimaa A Taher, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We finally delivered the reality of war to Saddam's front door
Bret Bommer, Wyoming, USA
I listened to the BBC World Service with interest as it was discussed how terrible it was that the United States military bombed Saddam Hussein's residence and family. I think its great that we finally delivered the reality of war to Saddam's front door. I think it was long overdue. Let him have a taste of his own medicine.
Bret Bommer, Jackson, Wyoming, USA

Normally I do not like the war. But when despots like Saddam Hussain terrorise the world and the neighbours in particular, there is no alternative but for the ables to get together and halt him.
Lionel Rajapakse, Kandy SriLanka

America should not sit down and let what happened on 9-11 to happen again. If America had told the world before 9-11 that it was going to attack Osama and the Taleban because it has information of a terrorist attack, the same people who criticise this war would have accused the US of having no justification. I support America to go on and get rid of Saddam who has been killing his own people. He is also a big threat to the whole world. America should go on but I pray and hope it will be very short.
Kofi Amoabeng, Accra, Ghana

Coalition of the willing? Coalition of the bought and sold would be a better description. Some of these countries are less willing than others, Nicaragua has publicly denied being part of the group, Turkey has yet to open its airspace to the US, and which part of Afghanistan are we talking about? The suburbs of Kabul? Most of the rest either backed themselves into a corner (UK, Australia) or are dependant on US financial support (most of the rest). This is just a clumsy attempt to bring credibility to an operation that was not authorised by the UN Security Council and stands condemned by the majority of nations.
Tony, Brazil

UN negligence led to this war
Peter Volford, Hungary
In my opinion, UN negligence led to this war. It could have been avoided. Of course, that would have meant active and precise UN policies at least after the Gulf War had ended. However, the UN first let Iraq rearm, then in the last months gave Iraq the wrong impression that if they seem to cooperate than the war will not start... How can one hope anymore that the UN diplomacy will be concentrated on solemnly keeping peace and truly accomplishing disarmament?
Peter Volford, Ödenburg in Hungary

Why can't Iraq lodge a Memoriam in the International Court of Justice at the Hague and seek an order to stop the so-called 'Coalition of the Willing' from invading the country. The action is in total breach of international law. The suggestion by US and UK that they are merely enforcing the terms of the earlier Ceasefire Agreement in 1991 carries no legal strength. The Ceasefire Agreement of 1991 was entered into under the auspices of the United Nations. If there was a breach of the Ceasefire terms, only the UN can authorize military or punitive action against Iraq - not individual members acting outside a UN mandate.
Andie Norrie, Honiara, Solomon Islands

How is it that people from the west say that the world will be a safer place after this war. Please define who exactly will it be safer for? Certainly not for the developing countries. And please don't say that you are concerned and care about the people in non-western countries because you don't.
Sabina, Karachi, Pakistan

Our prime minister has made an informed choice and we should be loyal to him
Carolyn Booth, England
I think we should thank God that we have a prime minister and forces who are willing to take a stand against a leader who terrorises and oppresses his own people. People demonstrate in anti-war protests but they should take time to consider the price that was paid in wars gone by that they may exercise their freedom of speech. We, the public are not privy to the information that has led our nation to deem this action to be necessary. We should consider the desire of the Iraqi people to be liberated. As a nation, we should stand united. Our prime minister has made an informed choice and we should be loyal to him and the troops that have gone.
Carolyn Booth, Bradford, England

There is no justification for shedding blood of innocent people. The end does not justify the means but the right means can sanctify even an evil end. Invasion without the consent of UN means that a war crime has been committed. Hitler did the same thing. The reason does not matter, you can construct any reason you wish. Pre-emptive action means that we can kill a co-citizen because we suspect that he may commit a crime in the future. I hope that God may give an explanation why this happened to the people who will suffer because no human can.
Kostas Spaidiotis, Athens Greece

I don't think Bush has ever taken into account the consequences of invasion (war) and those who are affected by it. People don't forget being invaded, most remember it for a very long time. This is the type of aggression that will haunt us for future generations. Unfortunately, we are going to find ourselves with a middle east that is more unstable and much more dangerous than it is today... I can only hope that after this invasion (war) the American people will be wise enough to keep "Bush" out of power for second term.
Aly Virani, Canada/France

When one pretends to be a world leader, one should consider the well being of the world in general, not of a single nation
John, the Netherlands
It is a pity that the USA's leading arguments to wage this war are only in their own strategical and political interest. When one pretends to be a world leader, one should consider the well being of the world in general, not of a single nation. To have muscles is not enough to be a world leader, one needs brains as well. The ones who proclaim to be world leader and only possess muscles, are called dictators. And should therefore be stopped. I hope one day the USA will be enriched with this insight. It's also in their own long term interest.
John, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

As an American living in London, I am in aw. Seeing the world super powers unit to eliminate the evils of terrorism. I do shake my head at the anti-war demonstrators who put more effort into their freedom of speech than the realization that freedom is what we are still fighting for. My thoughts & prayer to those who are fighting for me & my family. -
Kathleen Prior, London, England (Houston,Texas - USA)

I hate war and at the same time do not like Saddam. He must go so Iraqis will be free. One thing is sure; there is always a better way of dealing with any situation and I do not think war is the best way now. Husbands, fathers, brothers and sons will die needlessly. I wish this will stop
nathaniel, Accra, Ghana

More lives will be saved by this action than will be killed by it
Peter Stone, Kent, UK
In recent days the world has been sent a message. No longer will we stand idly by and ignore despicable acts by despicable people. More lives will be saved by this action than will be killed by it. Twelve years of talking and sanctions have achieved little but vast numbers of civilian deaths (especially children). This action will remove the reason for those sanctions being in place and help to reduce the number of civilian deaths in the future.
Peter Stone, Kent, UK

There would not have been a need for war in Iraq if Saddam and his sons had left, that was the deal, he is responsible for the innocent lives that may be lost as a result of the current conflict. I am not totally in favour of the current action, although, now it has happened and friends of mine are fighting I am backing them in their job.
Gordon, London,UK

The foundation for personal freedom in a global society is the international law. In my opinion, neglecting precisely this law can attain no sustainable peace and freedom for the global population. If there was imminent threat from any country to another country, or if there were acute atrocities going on, no member of the international community would refuse their support for military intervention. Sadly, the US have successfully established/maintained their position as the only country in the world that can attack other countries at will without having to fear international sanctions.
Robert, Frankfurt, Germany

All Arab countries who support war in Iraq are cowards
Mohammed, Bloemfontein
All Arab countries who support war in Iraq are cowards. How come outsiders (USA/UK) may decide who will run the country and who must live? All Arab countries must wake up otherwise they are next on the USA's hit list. The neighbouring countries should decide what is good for the Iraqi people - not the USA or UK.
Mohammed, Bloemfontein

Resolution 1441 talks about Iraqi disarmament and not removing Saddam Hussein. America has breached International Law and the UN Charter by invading a Sovereign nation just because it doesn't like its leader. The "Coalition of the Willing" should have allowed the UN to organise a referendum to enable the Iraqis say whether they want Saddam or not. Does Israel not have Nuclear Weapons? Why has America not pursued Israeli disarmament?
Erameh Alexander, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

I am deeply disturbed by the fact that the war, just or unjust, is started by the leader who uses terms like "Axis of Evil" and "Coalition of the Willing". It is exactly this kind of sentiment that segregates humankind and started the last World War. These slogans perhaps provide great soundbites but they serve little purpose in making the world a better place. Mr Blair, please resign from your post as the US Foreign Minister and takes Britain away from the 'League of Ignorance'.
Hanzy Kay, London, UK

The most one-sided slaughter of humanity in the history of modern warfare
Richard Alonzo, UK
The most one-sided slaughter of humanity in the history of modern warfare, there has not been a single reference to Iraqi combat causalities, are they not worthy of our humanity or compassion? Or has the west become so arrogant and blind it does consider those outside the sphere of Western influence to be members of the human race?
Richard Alonzo, Halesowen UK

As a Kurdish from Iraq... It was my dream that Saddam is going to the hell finally, even though all countries in West and US were supporting him with every thing. But now all agree with us to remove him. You will see how the Kurdish and Iraqis will make the country a democratic and real heaven for everyone.
Mr. Nawroly, London-UK

To those here who ask for an alternative to this attack on Iraq: lift the economic sanctions, allow UNMOVIC to complete its job and let the Iraqi people overthrow Iraq. Career US diplomats and intelligence officers have resigned in protest as this phoney war is just going to turn more people towards the fundamentalists that were responsible for the 11th September attacks. The US needs the support of the international community whether it likes it or not.
Mark, Dublin, Ireland

This is a disgraceful, wicked and stupid war
Ian Stewart, Leicester
I am ashamed to live in a country that is taking part in an unprovoked invasion of another. Bush and Blair have trashed and stamped on the traditions of western democracy. Saddam IS no threat: it is precisely BECAUSE he is so impotent that the USA has no qualms about invading. The evidence for the much-touted WMD has been shabbily trumped-up. Get ready for more lies, it will be easy to fabricate evidence and prepare 'witnesses' afterward. This is a disgraceful, wicked and stupid war.
Ian Stewart, Leicester, UK

I look at this war in a different manner; if we are the land of the free and home of the brave, why are we so afraid? It seems to me we are a country of the afraid. We are so afraid and paranoid we attack an entire country because they might someday have bad intentions towards us. Who won on Sept 11 - us or them? Please help us feel safe Mr President. Please, please, please - I am so afraid.
David Sopko, New York, US

On the one hand I want to see Iraq free of this horrible monster. But on the other, Pres Bush has handled this with the skill of a blind man. Bring back Bill Clinton!
Duirmuid Jones, Dublin, Ireland

Regrettably it's too late and we have little choice but to take military action
Alex, New York, USA
The new unilateral and pre-emptive US foreign policy doctrine that this attack implies gives plenty of reason for concern. Alas it did not have to be this way. Had France, Germany and the rest of Europe stood fast along with Britain and the US and applied consistent pressure on Saddam for the past twelve years we probably would not be at war right now. Instead, France and others pursued every avenue to lighten Saddam's burden and maximize France's own economic benefit. Now regrettably it's too late and we have little choice but to take military action.
Alex, New York, USA

I don't support this war, but i won't protest against it. It's started now and no amount of protesting is going to stop it, so why don't we stop wasting everyone's time by trying and spend more time supporting our troops. The last thing they need is to think we are not behind them.
Cheryl Barnes, Lincolnshire, UK

No one could/should play God unless he/she is God! It is really sad that we can't do anything about the madness of war.
Carol, Hong Kong

How can anyone in his right mind say Iraq was a threat to US security? The once prosperous Iraq had already been crippled by continuous UN sanctions for over a decade. Bush was determined to attack Iraq regardless of the outcome of weapon inspectors' reports. It was heard the US would gain moral victory if the resolution got the majority vote - the resolution was withdrawn, so clearly US lost the vote. President Chirac and Putin: you have earned respect of billions around the world for having the guts to speak up, unlike puppet Blair.
Nachiketa, India

Everyone wants peace but if we are reluctant to confront to these threats, we will never gain peace
FN, Japan
Since the end of the Cold War, in the name of Globalisation, Western governments paid too much attention to their economic prosperity. During that period, brutal regimes were overlooked and terrorist strengthened their power. Everyone wants peace but if we are reluctant to confront to these threats, we will never gain peace. Unlike Bill Clinton, President Bush understands this very well.
FN, Japan

The weapons inspectors were sent in to ensure Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. They found none - and that's how the USA knows it's now safe to invade. They were always going to invade! The whole thing about the weapons inspectors was a trick to make sure they could do it without too many casualties.
Peter, Bradford, UK

If we are to achieve peace and harmony in this world, the war must go on and be won. God bless us all.
Stephanie Asher, San Diego, CA USA

George Bush is trying to paint this story as black and white, when the reality is that there are only shades of gloomy grey to this morality-free conflict. It saddens me to be English today.
Penny Homer, Nottingham, England

I am sad but not surprised by what the mighty USA is doing. I think that the rational people's mistrust of the USA is now justified. It's all about oil, nothing more or less. This day is a blow against mankind of all faiths and backgrounds around the world.
Joe, Ireland

This is the single most tragic decision our government has ever made
Emily Fry, London, England
I feel sick about what happened today. I have never been part of a protest movement before but tonight I was in parliament square. I was there for the vote on Tuesday too and I may well be there tomorrow. I will certainly be marching this Saturday. This is the single most tragic decision our government has ever made - to slaughter innocent people in defiance of the UN and engage us not only in this war but also in the repercussions that will be felt in Palestine, the Kashmir and wherever else, threatening global security for generations to come.
Emily Fry, London, England

How can one country judge another country fate? How can one country start the war and say it is the right thing to do? How can we be sure that they will stop only Iraq? How can they betray the prime principle of United Nation? How can we trust them in the future?
TIK, Bangkok, Thailand

Let us not forget that America helped put Saddam in power and America has provided a large part of his weapons. Now it seems that only war can undo these mistakes. But what guarantees do we have that these errors will not be committed in the future? Or will American foreign policy continue to support corrupt and immoral dictators, as long as they support America?
Nik, Madrid, Spain

There were signs that Iraq were giving cooperation with the arms inspectors
S.Sri Preakash, Malaysia
Why resort to war? There were signs that Iraq were giving cooperation with the arms inspectors. Must the coalition forces be given the green light to attack in the midst of the co-operation given by Iraq? Its not about Saddam or his sons, its about innocent lives that will be lost and its about the lack of trust in peace by the coalition forces led by the US. Its clear that it wants the oil and the leader the US install in place of Saddam will be their puppet!! Isn't it obvious?
S.Sri Preakash, Cyberjaya, Malaysia

I come from a family which has suffered immensely from the totalitarian communist regime which was in power in Bulgaria for nearly 60 years. The communist regime, among other things, executed my grandfather. I cannot express fully how much I regret that the Western governments did not move to destroy this evil empire. In this sense, the Iraqi children will be much luckier than me as they will be given the chance by the US and UK to live in freedom and democracy. As a Bulgarian, I feel deeply ashamed by the anti-war position of the Bulgarian president Georgi Parvanov!
Vess Gentchev, Sofia, Bulgaria

Can someone at the BBC please explain why it is necessary to report military aircraft movements? A report has just appeared saying that B-52s have taken off from RAF Fairford, giving the Iraqis lots of notice. They can now calculate the approximate flying time to target and ignore any suppression missions being flown ahead of the attacking aircraft. This information seems to carry now overwhelming "public interest" imperative and can only do harm.
Martin Barrett, London, UK

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