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Pope John Paul II: Your tributes
Pope John Paul II's coffin
We heard your tributes to Pope John Paul II in a special edition of Talking Point. Our guests were the Archbishop of Cardiff, Peter Smith, and Papal biographer, Michael Walsh.

The Requiem Mass for Pope John Paul II has ended in Rome.

Tens of thousands of mourners and leaders from all over the world gathered in St Peter's Square for the ceremony.

The square had been closed overnight to prepare for the funeral but pilgrims who had slept out on surrounding roads were allowed back into the square at dawn so they could be close to the ceremony.

Around 200 world leaders attended his funeral - including George Bush, Tony Blair, Robert Mugabe and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who leads the world's largest Catholic country.

Thank you for your tributes to Pope John Paul II. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your tributes:

A great good man of peace on Earth.
M.Zafar, Pakistan

If all of the world leaders can sit next to one another and turn to one another to wish them peace as they did at John Paul II funeral's, why can they not be at peace all year round? He can now rest in peace and shall never be forgotten.
Vanessa, UK

Pope John Paul II has been a father to the whole nation without discrimination. May you dear father rest in eternal peace as a reward for what you've done. Let the Holy Spirit guide our cardinals in choosing in a new Pope so that John Paul II's efforts continue. God, hear our prayers.
Christine Nagawa, Uganda

I am really sorry to see him depart this world as he did a lot more in reuniting the peoples of the world than some political leaders
Kaye, Barrie, Canada
I am really sorry to see him depart this world as he did a lot more in reuniting the peoples of the world than some political leaders. I think however that he should have been buried in Poland if that was his wish, and I am sorry that the Catholic hierarchy did not respect his request.
Kaye, Barrie, Canada

I have never displayed such emotion in my life. I cry, I weep but most of all, you influenced me to rediscover my Catholic faith. May God take good care of you John Paul II. You have made me a believer again. A wonderful gift you have bestowed upon me. You have convinced me that I am not alone and that the Catholic Church remains mighty and an institution of good. I love you John Paul II.
HenrySzymkiewicz, Canada

I do not understand this obsession with mourning for those passed away. Surely this should be a time of celebration. This man gave his life's work to serving God and is now in the arms of God. It is what he strived for. Why grieve? We should rejoice that he is happy with what he achieved on Earth.
Mike P, England

It's unfortunate that we had to lose a rare gem who had no relative but all the same, God knows best and I pray the whole world will learn from him in his manner of having the less privilege at heart and may his soul rest in peace. Amen.
Ezinne Onoh, Nigeria

Everybody, especially we the youths have lost a great leader that will be very difficult to replace. His leadership will be forever remembered not only by Catholics but all humanity. May his soul rest in peace.
Andy J Kakate, Solomon Islands

I'm a Muslim but John Paul II really has been an exemplary religious world leader and an inspirational soul. I'm so proud of him. Now the world mourns the passing of a good man. But knowing that he's up there somewhere, watching over us, let's not fill this world with hatred and conflict anymore. Let's together live in peace and harmony. May God rest his soul in peace.
Leena Ryan, Malaysia

We can continue his legacy by remaining united in peace and respect, reaching out with love to those whose needs are greatest
Spencer and Winnie, USA
Although we feel a deep sadness in the loss of our beloved Pope, we know that he has transcended this world to find the peace he deserves in the presence of God. In the troubled times of today, he brought the world together in prayers during his illness, and we mourn his death in unity. We can continue his legacy by remaining united in peace and respect, reaching out with love to those whose needs are greatest.
Spencer and Winnie, USA

The Pope has changed the world as we know it for the better for a deeper understanding on what it is to be human.
Tarcisio Tancredi, Canada

Farewell to a great man. I was privileged to see Pope John Paul II in Toronto in 1984 when I was a young teenager. He touched the hearts of the young than and he continued to do so until the very end. God bless you John Paul II.
Connie Martins, Canada(Toronto)

The ceremony was so marvellous. May his soul rest in peace
Kamia Galeta, Malawi

As far as a funeral can be counted as an uplifting experience, this was one. I wish to thank the BBC for the sympathetic and extensive coverage of the solemn occasion.
Kath Finnerty, England

Pope John Paul II has shown the greatness of papacy by loving his enemy and requesting pardon for the past offences of the Church.
Mithradham, India

Even in death, for a few moments he brought peace between warring nations. What an example for every world leader!
John, Bahrain

The humble Pope through his attitude towards all classes of believers and non-believers has showed us the beauty and mercy of God.

Hector Zammit, Malta
Pope John Paul II is the man that God hand-picked to lead His Catholic Church to new heights of spirituality. Above all the numerous speeches, writings and encyclicals that have been left to us as testimony of his Holiness, the humble Pope through his attitude towards all classes of believers and non-believers has showed us the beauty and mercy of God. Through his sufferings and patience he was a testimony that the life of Jesus as given to us in the Gospels is still relevant today 2000 years after it happened.
Hector Zammit, Malta

A great Pope and an inspiration to us all. I am not a Roman Catholic, very much Anglican, but I held this man in great respect. requiescat in pace Joannes Paulus
J Harris, United Kingdom

A man for the ages. With his passing, greatness will ebb for the time being. His beliefs, decisions and sincerity were never compromised. This world just saw the passing of the 20th Century.
Roger Bernstein, USA

This leader of the Catholic church had not one possession to leave behind. Yet he left us much richer than we were before. He walked the walk, and he talked the talk. This was truly a man of God.
Jordan Miner, USA

Sad as the loss of the Pope was, did it have to be on every channel and in every newspaper ad nauseum for a whole week. Although one can respect the passing of a man who did at least show some integrity, not all of us are Catholics, nor do we care who leads their church.
Susan, UK

I would like to thank Rome's mayor and authorities for such warm hospitality to all pilgrims
Zosia Mill, UK
I have just come back from Rome after attending John Paul's II funeral. I would like to thank Rome's mayor and authorities for such warm hospitality to all pilgrims for free water, blankets shuttle buses, extra transport they provided to make our stay more comfortable. Well done and thank you
Zosia Mill, UK

Pope John Paul was a great Pope among the others who lived in 20th century. I hope that the Church will honour him by calling him as a Saint within nearest future. He was man who loved all the people of all categories. In this present world it is rare to have such people like him. Let us pray to him for the peace of the world. George Joseph
George Joseph, India

We have lost a sincere, loving universal pope. May God rest his soul, peace be with him.
Arnel Pedro, Philippines

We ask strength to save and preach our Catholic faith
Gerad Shiran Johnson, Sri Lanka
Our Living Saint Holy Father Pope John Paul II is not died, he is with us. I love him very, very much. He has in our Jesus Christ Lord, so we try to be a good Catholics. We love our Pope. We ask strength to save and preach our Catholic faith. God will bless us and our Holy Church more and more.
Gerad Shiran Johnson, Sri Lanka

in 1979, just 1 year into the papacy, US Archbishop Fulton Sheen said that Pope John Paul II will become Pope John Paul The Great"
Trisha Azcona, Singapore

God Bless the greatest man and humanitarian the world has ever seen. For a few days and hours he alone brought the world together despite our differences. Pray our world leaders took that thought with them as they left the Vatican on this memorable day.
Terri Chandler, USA

Pope John Paul was an extraordinary man as revealed in his funeral. It will be very difficult to find a pope like him in the near future.
Michael Mgonja, East Timor

A Roman Catholic funeral became a peaceful gathering of world leaders
Tim McMahon, Pennar, Wales
How perfect the balance of what was basically a Roman Catholic funeral became a peaceful gathering of world leaders. It proves that invasion of countries, nuclear weapons and trade embargos is not the solution. I feel lucky to have lived in this world at the same time as this charismatic man.
Tim McMahon, Pennar, Wales

He was a father figure to so many. A man who clearly enjoyed life and all peoples of this world regardless of religion. Through all his pain he pushed himself to give himself to us even in death. We'll miss you. RIP Holy Father
Kate Dorrington, Australia

Just a word of Thanks for you coverage of the late Pope's funeral and Mass. Well done BBC..
Noel, N Ireland

The Pope was been the most beautiful person in the world. Pope I love you!
Aida, Spain

Let God the All Mighty receive him and let his soul rest in perfect peace
William Nana Fabu, USA
To get so many people to come to your burial is a wonderful and powerful sign of your grandeur, importance and the love of others. This is the best Pope I have known as he did what was asked by God. Go and spread the good word all over the world! The Pope did it so well that in all the multiple churches and beliefs, we might have some consensus when it came to worship God. This is a great achievement. Let God the All Mighty receive him and let his soul rest in perfect peace!
William Nana Fabu, USA

Today our 5 year old son noticed that it had been raining all day. He knew about the funeral of Pope John Paul II. He said simply that the Earth was crying because a good man had gone to Heaven. Not only was he a good man but a great man. He was like a father to us all. John Paul, we are all your children and we will miss you. We take comfort that you are finally with your Lord and Saviour. Rest in Peace.
Donato family, USA (Originally UK and Italy)

Great leaders and good people are often hard to find nowadays. The late Pope John Paul II should be used as an example to other world leaders; religion not being the point, simply his compassion, will and resolution. He strove to bring people together and make them feel "wanted", which he did with a passion. I respect that greatly, and the world is a sadder place with his passing. Although I am not a Catholic, I mourn his ascension. Rest in Peace Your Holiness. We shall miss you, but never forget you.
Ian, Australia

May the Precious soul of Pope John Paul II rest in the peaceful bosom of the Lord. His leadership at the papacy has been a successful one especially his good doctrines and legacy of forgiveness. His passing away has open a big gap within the Catholic Church and I'm praying that God Almighty should lead the Cardinals through in their process of electing a new Pope, so that they can elect a new pope who will emulate the good example of Pope John Paul II. Amen
Fubah Emmanuel Takwe, Cameroon

Please accept my condolence of His death. As Catholic, He is my leader more than religious leader but also a moral leader. He is a Saint. Good Bye Papa. I hope to meet you in heaven.
Angela Derta Praptan Nyani, Indonesia

He was a leader for all of us, he offered his hand to all

Richard Bogusz, UK
In an age marked by materialism of the individual, and leaders who often do not speak openly or honestly, or with any great feeling for those they serve, what a remarkable man our Pope was. He was a leader for all of us, he offered his hand to all. In a world as diverse as ours, not everyone could agree with his views, but we need leaders who are honest and compassionate and set a standard for good. The world does not get many like this. Thank you for your inspiration, your wisdom, and your leadership.
Richard Bogusz, UK

I am not a Catholic, but I am a Christian. I was only 14 when he was elected. Pope John Paul II was MY Pope, truly a man of God, and whilst I do not agree with all aspects of Catholic teaching, he profoundly affected me and influenced my faith. He has now gone to a better place, and I wish him eternal rest and joy. We should rejoice with him in his passing, and in his release from pain after a long illness. Pray for a worthy successor to an inspiring leader.
Alison Towler, UK

We where blessed with such a great leader, everyone and in particular world leaders must strive in there judgement to show the vision and compassion to bring people together in our troubled world as the Great John Paul 11 has done.
Trevor Jones, Wales

I'm not a Catholic, but you've been Pope since I can remember, and you've done so so much good work. You'll be sadly missed in this house, and around the world. We can rest assured that you've gone straight to Heaven - I hope to meet you there one day. God Bless.
Tracey Catt, England

I was taken to an audience (along with about 500 other pilgrims) with Pope Paul with my catholic school in the courtyard of Castel Gandolfo in 1978. He was also a great man but he seemed to me then remote and distant to me even in his courtyard. What is clear from these tributes is just how much Pope John Paul II has touched everybody, catholics and non-catholics alike and just how much he has raised the profile of his office. That, surely, is a measure of his greatness although he will be a very hard act to follow.
Jeremy, Oxford, Oxford, UK

To me his anti-homosexual and birth control stance still leave me with an extremely negative view of the man. He preached of love in one hand and hatred in the other.
Dex, UK

Pope John Paul: brave, warm, clever, and truly spiritual and holy as well. He was how I imagine St Peter himself to have been. He was the catalyst which brought down Communism, and he would never compromise his beliefs in order to gain popularity for himself or the church. A courageous and very great man. Surely one of the greatest warriors for Christ ever. How we will miss his voice. He is already a saint, but he deserves to be made one officially, very soon. (I am an Anglican, by the way, not a Roman Catholic).
J. Betson, England

Although I am not a Catholic myself, I still felt some sadness when watching the funeral on TV
Michael Brindle, Hull
The pope was a very remarkable man. Although I am not a Catholic myself, I still felt some sadness when watching the funeral on TV. May he rest in peace and let perpetual light shine upon him.
Michael Brindle, Hull

Farewell to the most kind, gentle and understanding man that ever lived. He did so much for the people of the world and the Catholic Church, I pray that the next Pope will be as much a people's man as Pope John Paul
Bridget Byrne, United Kingdom

Having attended today's massive open-air service in Krakow along with 100,000 other people, I'm stunned by the deep affection the Poles have for 'their' Pope. Candles, flags and tributes on every corner. Incredible sights. May his lasting legacy be that of trying to bring the faiths closer together. Too many people have died fighting others in the name of their gods. Rest in Peace John Paul.
Ingmar Collinson, East Yorkshire, UK (visiting Krakow)

Even with my atheistic view of the universe, i had great respect for Karol Wojtyla or John Paul II as he was later known. I feel the philosophy that he shared with the world was one which i greatly admire. He should be remember not only as a catholic leader, not only as a strong political figure. But as a good human being. Rest in peace Karol Wojtyla.
James Barker, England

I don't know the value of cypress wood, but on structural value, I have to say what a humble coffin for a truly remarkable man. No worldly goods to leave behind. I am in awe of his example!
Isabel Cole, England

It is a shame it takes such a sad event as the Pope's death to bring the world together.
L Moore, Exeter

And so the Holy Father has been laid to rest. Thank you Pope John Paul II for your work. May we thank God for your time among us. Rest in peace.
John, Bristol

John Paul II your work here on earth is finished may you rest in peace.
Dave, Anglesey

No matter your race or religion, John Paul II was amazing guidance for peace and love.
Julia, Middlesex

He has done something great to the Church and the world
Fr Peter Chung, Macau, China
At the departure of our beloved John Paul II I came to realize that I had met Jesus Christ in him. He has done something great to the Church and the world. He has reflected the Gospel values in his life. Especially, he knew what human pains were. John Paul II is a great man in our history.
Fr Peter Chung, Macau, China

The Pope was a spiritual messenger that God had lent the world to work for the whole world. After that work, God has taken him back to his side. God bless you.
Faztudo Langisse, Maputo, Mozambique

An incredible funeral for an incredible man. The dignity and respect which he showed to all were reflected back to him at his funeral. He obviously touched the heart of so many people and I think that their commitment and intense desire to be with him until the last, shows how big his impact was upon millions.
Catherine (14), Suffolk, UK

As a gay Catholic I disagreed with your Holiness on some matters of doctrine, but I have been weeping for you all week. You strengthened my faith in God and in his goodness to all his children. Thank you for your wonderful life, your shining example, God grant you eternal rest.
Joe S, England

The Late Pope John Paul II was a servant of the lord. He lived his entire life in the service of God. He was a man who preached and lived in humility, religious tolerance, a man of peace who spread about the gospel of our lord Jesus through his numerous trips around the globe while he was alive. I strongly believe you are not dead but you have ascended into the bosom of God almighty. May your soul rest in peace.
Tinuoye, Raphael, Nigeria

The death of Pope John Paul II has robbed the world of one of the greatest men. Indeed he was an inspiration to most of us. He will be remembered always. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.
Francisca M Jere, Zambia

Today's funeral was one more really crushing experience within the last few days (as the news of the Pope's death was) but such shock didn't leave us worn-out and empty, in my opinion. Thanks to the Pope's messages and spiritual legacy we do not feel abandoned. There is a sense of belonging and brotherhood that he left and for these we shall not forget him.
Monia, Gdansk, Poland

We, the staff of the Diocesan Offices in the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh wish to send our sincere condolences on the death of Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II.
Molly Wade, Scotland

A man who taught us all to be good, kind, care for one another and so much more
Laura, Sweden
A man who taught us all to be good, kind, care for one another and so much more. We should be happy we got this once in a life time chance to live in the same century/time with such a wonderful person, His Holiness. We will always remember you!
Laura, Sweden

Watching your funeral humbled me. Just seeing the simplicity of your coffin and yet the magnitude of how you touched peoples' lives. May your soul rest in eternal peace. You were a shining example to the world.
Mukuka Mulenga, United Kingdom

I am not Catholic, but I believed in Pope John Paul II's ideology of the world and human nature, that's why he will be missed so much.
Oabona Johannes, Botswana

May you rest in peace at last. Even a man of your calibre must have had so many questions. I pray now that they are all answered. God Bless.
Gerry Ward, Scotland

We think that Pope John Paul II will make many miracles from the heaven, because he was a very good person and he liked the children. We pray the new Pope will be a good Pope like John Paul II for all the world.
Sara and Mar, Spain

I couldn't be at the funeral in person, I prayed with the crowd, I watched on TV, what a moving ceremony. Pope John Paul was one of the greatest leaders. His funeral has been one of the largest. He has been admired and followed round the world even in death as a good shepherd. God bless him and may he rest in peace and watch over his large flock round the world.
Rose Sholay, United Kingdom

I was not a great fan of this Pope but I respected his strong convictions. Like all Catholic's around the world I will pray for his soul and may his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.
Helen, UK

All he did in his life left a mark in my heart
Raluca, Romania
I don't know what to admire more. The faith, the strength, the kindness, the courage to fight illness. I didn't have the honour to know the Pope, but all he did in his life left a mark in my heart. Thank you for being there, Holy Father!
Raluca, Romania

A great man who has had an incredible effect on the world. He has been a force for peace and love and has rejuvenated the Catholic Church. Rest in peace.
Paul Smyth, Ireland

He was a man from God and he did so much for the whole world as nobody before. I wish everybody could know him and bless his life! God give him rest, the whole world is missing you.
Ivana, Slovakia

Even though he is no more with us, in the spirit he shall forever remain. John Paul II was a great man of our times. History will live to talk for him. Rest in peace John Paul II.
Sylvester Muoki, Kenya

I was brought up a Catholic but renounced the religion a while ago. However, I have been extremely moved by the reaction to the death of Pope John Paul II. I saw him in my town just outside Paris when I was a child and it was one of the happiest days of my life. Now, 25 years later, the memories from that day keep flowing back. Pope John Paul II was an amazing man and even in death, he manages to touch the hearts of millions of people and bring religions together. May we learn from this moment in history and live in peace.
Isabelle Antunes, UK/France

On behalf of my family I wish to thank Pope John Paul II for giving us the opportunity to see how precious life is and how important God is in our lives, especially my two beautiful daughters who are already old enough to understand what life is. Hope the next Pope will continue the way Pope John Paul II does, we'll surely missed him.
Mary Querilyn A Tinae, Philippines

An inspiration of hope and peace to us all to follow your message and example of what can be achieved if we have faith. I know you are with our Lord where you belong. Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you.
M Stewart, Northern Ireland

In addition to paying tribute to the Pope, I'd like to commend the city of Rome for how well they've handled themselves this past week. They've accommodated millions of pilgrims and dignitaries so well on such short notice. It's fortunate that Rome is so gracious and capable, as paying proper respects has been very important to so many people.
Eddie, NYC, USA

Pope John Paul II will be remembered for being the one man who selflessly strived to bring unity to the world people. May he rest in Peace. He is watching us from Heaven.
Hyder Ali Pirwany, England

I pray that the cardinals can elect a man as good and kind as John Paul II
Bojan, Serbia and Montenegro
I send my greatest regards to all the world Catholics. A great man has passed away. He will be missed by all. I pray that the cardinals can elect a man as good and kind as John Paul II.
Bojan, Serbia and Montenegro

One man, a servant of God, Pope John Paul II was buried today, bringing together many world leaders and representatives wanting to pay tribute to a man who battled in this lifetime to restore peace to the world. I watched in anticipation as these world leaders shook hands as a sign of peace during the service. If only these influential people could extend that peace and respect beyond this day, Beyond that shaking of hands, Our beloved Pope John Paul's passing would not have been in vain and would mark a significant change in our time.
Tina McCourt, N Ireland

I remember his visit to Ireland in 1979. I remember watching his arrival at Dublin Airport on television, I was only 9 at the time but still remember what a huge event it was. He was a voice of moderation in this world of war and violence and I do fear for what will happen to us now. I really hope that his replacement will be able to carry on the same work and, more importantly, the same message.
Grace, Ireland

When all the sentimentality has died down this Pope will be seen in the correct light: As a reactionary whose failure to engage with the fundamental realities of his time has done considerable harm to developing countries on the African continent.
David Watson, UK

We lost a great man of peace. His preaching about oneness and praying without ceasing for the world. You thought us the value of dignity, love, faith and life. Papal was a father to fatherless he is gone and still will be remembered by many. Thank you for coming to Nigeria in 1983 and 1998, which I was lucky to see you and attend the mass which you officiated. This memory will always be with me. Good by Papal. May his soul rest in peace Amen
Evelyn Atuma, Nigeria

This is a question for the world. Name one other man in the past 100 years who stood against war and promoted love and forgiveness as John Paul II has ? I can't think of one, can you? You will live in my heart as Jesus does. You gave me joy happiness and courage in my life. Rest in peace, you deserve it.
Allison Gunn, France

Pope John Paul II was one of the most important men of the last two and a half decades. I admire his strong faith and his unprecedented fight for a peaceful world. I think his death is a great loss. Holy Father, I'm going to miss you! May you rest in peace.
Thorsten Spree, Bavaria, Germany

We shall miss this man, the holy father. He visited Zambia in 1989 He shared his life with the poor in our community just as much as he came from a poor family. May his prayers continue to be with us.
David Tasker, Zambia

Pope John Paul visited Ireland in 1979. There's a small monument, a Celtic cross, near where I live in Drogheda to commemorate the day he addressed a crowd of about 300,000 people. On Sunday, the day after he died, I drove up to the site, in the countryside a few miles outside of town. A steady stream of people had been arriving all day leaving flowers, lighting candles and saying prayers. By the time I got there, the whole monument was adorned with bouquets of flowers and lighted-candles. There wasn't any room left to even place a candle. Every night since then, a couple of hundred people have gathered together paying their respects. Even last night when it was freezing cold, over two hundred people gathered for the rosary in the Pope's honour. For someone who is too young to remember the 1979 visit, I consider this to be a breath of fresh air for our jaded, cynical times, and a fitting tribute to Pope JP II, a virtuous and good man.
Dan, Ireland

Pope John Paul II was an extraordinary man devoted to all across the world. His willingness to communicate with all cultures and all religions should teach us all about the way we all should live our lives. His leadership and insight will be hard to replace.
Brian, USA

At his death bed, the Pope heard that there was a huge crowd of young people at St Peters. He said, "I went to search for you. Now you have come to me. I thank you". Could any last words be more beautiful?
Eugene Tan, Singapore

A true spokesman for Christ, who asked us to love one another, and to be our neighbour's keeper, no matter what his religion, or where he was from. Christ would be proud of him. I am not a Catholic, but I know this was a good man.
A, Ghana

Thank you for your 26 years of dedication trying to get the human race to see that despite differences (religious/colour/race etc), we could and should all get along to make our world a more caring, respectful and faithful place to be. He made us remember how special it is and should be to be alive and living in this world.
S Pennell, Bristol

Great Pope John Paul II - he gave leadership not only to the Catholic Church but also to the world. He was the universal shepherd of the catholic church at the time when we were in most need of great moral and spiritual leadership. Though I couldn't attend his funeral to pay my last respects to His Holiness let me say final thank you and good bye. May his soul rest in peace.
Haren Franklin, Sri Lanka

It is truly awe inspiring to believe that one man could unite the entire world, proof that goodness transcends all religious differences. He will be missed greatly.
Elizabeth S., USA

He showed the world that we are all one
Hassan Kamara, Sierra Leone/USA
Race and colour meant nothing to His Holiness. He showed the world that we are all one. I pray that all the world leaders attending the funeral will learn and change. May His Soul Rest In Peace.
Hassan Kamara, Sierra Leone/USA

The Pope came into the world to fulfil a destiny, and he has done just that. He touched numerous lives, many of whom are poor living in the segregated parts of on the globe. What is left is for those at the helm of affairs to make his blueprint serve its worth. May the Catholic Church remain united more than ever.
Albert Bob Eshjun, Ghana

Tribute from an unbeliever: So few leaders of church, government or industry became loved like the Pope did. So few gave like the Pope did. So few served the world like the Pope served. And so few Popes have deserved this tribute. I am grateful for the man that was the Pope.

Pope John Paul II was someone very special for Polish people. In fact He was our spiritual leader and greatest speaker for freedom. I am 19 and am grateful that now I am living in free Poland which is a member of the EU. This is to a large degree his merit.
Paul, Poland

I am not a Catholic, but when I heard of the pope's agony and subsequent death I cried. Regardless of the fact that I did not consider him my spiritual leader, I believe that he is one of the greatest men of all times. His courage was evident not only when confronting dictators, and endorsing the cause of the poor, sick and disabled but also in forgiving his would-be assassin and asking for forgiveness for the Catholic Church's mistakes over the centuries. Clearly, John Paul the II will go down on the annals of history not only as perhaps the greatest pope of all times, but also as one of the most influential leaders of all times. I mourn his death. The world has lost a man of such worth he is impossible to replace.
Carmen Maron, El Salvador

Pope John Paul will be sadly missed. He was an inspiration to world peace, he was a great role model, and I hope the next Pope will as good but we will never have another Pope John Paul II. I love you!
Julia Behan, aged 12, Widnes, Cheshire, England

May his soul rest in prefect peace, light perpetual shine on him and his legacy live on. I believe he has being received by God. We will miss him. He was very holy and loved people especially the poor in Africa.
Henry S Dolopei, Liberia

I saw you once very closely. You blessed me. You blessed my life you changed me wholly. I pray we have another pope like you who makes a difference in each ones spiritual lives. Let us try and set an example in this world of wars. May his soul rest in peace.
Isabella A Fernandes, India

His faith and trust in God is an inspiration to all of us
Anon, USA
I think John Paul II was the greatest man of this century. The fact that he is so loved and respected by people of all faiths is testament to his greatness. His faith and trust in God is an inspiration to all of us. God Bless you John Paul II. You will be in our hearts forever.
Anon, USA

Holy Father Pope John Paul II is the most courageous leader in the history who dared to risk his life for the cause of peace and reconciliation. He addressed people of all faiths as brothers and sisters and witnessed the true Gospel values. The world has truly lost such a great man of God, may he enjoy the eternal reward in Heaven.
Cecilia, Nepal

A great man, a kind man. If only there were more men like him!
Omar Khokhar, UK

Rest in peace, Holy Father. You were a shining beacon of truth, honesty and justice in this troubled world. I will miss you.
Dorothy, UK

I think he is our national hero
Radek, Poland
Pope John Paul II was the greatest man in our world and I think he is our national hero. I have never seen him. I'm sure he won't be forgotten by the people, especially by the Polish.
Radek, Poland

An inspiration to world peace.
Matthew Edwards, England

I'm not a Catholic, but I think that John Paul II was an exceptional man who dedicated his life to the Catholic people. He will be missed.
A Dawson, Great Britain

Dear John Paul II, we are in pain. I am always amazed with the Pope's effect on the people. You are the greatest Pole. A truly great man and a truly great loss, he will be missed by everyone. God bless you!!!!!!
Adrian Krysiak, UK

By His passage, a great source of hope and courage has been extinguished. But we are consoled by the vast amount of legacies he left behind. Adieu.
Ebele Ben, Nigeria

You are a very good Pope. I miss you very much.
Jacob I Witek, Poland

An inspiration to all of us as a peacemaker, he spoke out against war. Why didn't people listen?
Ann, UK

May your greatness on the world also reign in heaven
Bahizi Ignatius, Uganda
You have been a great man of God on this world. This can be evidenced by millions of people from different faiths around the world that are mourning your death. May your greatness on the world also reign in heaven. May the lord God reward you for all the good you have done on this world. Rest in peace.
Bahizi Ignatius, Uganda

I'll miss you Pope. You are the greatest Pole.
Pawel R, Poland

Many tears have been shed for the absence of such sweetness. Every death is a noble death. My heart breaks with goodbyes.
Rebecca Wolfe Sahni, USA

We have been truly blessed to have had a man so holy guide us through our faith.
Angie Tschopp, U.S.A.

Thank you Holy Father for loving us so much, for loving Slovakia, my country that you visited. You loved all the people around the world and we owe it to you to love and appreciate each other no matter what religion and country we come from! Slovakia loves you.
Katarina, Slovakia

Never knew him personally but a great source of inspiration for integrity and commitment especially in his last days. Hats off to him!
SS, Singapore

Let me start by saying that I feel like a sheep that has lost its shepherd. He was a beautiful man, a holy man and a human being. I looked up to him and I pray for him and the individual who walks in his shoes. They will be big shoes to fill. May we all walk in Peace with Christ.
Ann Gleavy, USA

Through the Pope I learned of peace. A great leader of the millennium. Your countless achievements on earth will be rewarded in heaven, a place where you rightly belong. Rest in peace.
Stella Wanki Mmbi, Cameroon.

A truly great man and a truly great loss, he will be missed be everyone
Agnes, Poland

The world has lost a great man but his spirit will live on
Jorge , USA
To me, Pope John Paul II was a man of vision and will be missed by people of all religions. He indeed did a lot not only for Christianity but for humanity such as helping to end Communism. He indeed will be missed. The world has lost a great man but his spirit will live on.
Jorge , USA

His preaching about oneness and praying without ceasing was so touching even to the non-Catholics, he was so great, may his soul rest in peace.
Cornelius Kaphantengo, Malawi

He was our pillar and will be remembered for all his good work.
Rita Chewe, Zambia

Those queues. For the last time, take the Pope to the people. His body should be moved onto an open top hearse and taken in dignity slowly past the crowds. It's the only way everyone will get to see him, and I am certain that he himself would appreciate his last public appearance.
Arthur, UK

We lost a great man who would have a great say on world peace. Pope John Paul II is a living saint. We mourn his untimely death.
Nathan Alvarez, Philippines

The great Pope John Paul II has led me through an era of corruption and indecency. He has taught me the error of my ways and he has led me to the right path.
Matthew Cutmore, England

The Pope has lead his Catholic people for many years through hate and sorrow and he has shown them the way to lead an equal and innocent life.
James Russell, England

The Pope has been a great ambassador to all the Catholics and the rest of the world
William Worton, England

Indeed he had a heart for the heartless, was a father to the fatherless He's gone and still will be remembered by many. We will always carry his good ways towards humanity in our thoughts and prayers. Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him, Amen.
Pauline Mwape, Zambia

His faith has stood the test of time, let us learn from his example
Soundarie David, Sri Lanka
Pope John Paul II is the only Pope I have known, and respected, since I was born. His death has brought about a sense of deep sadness, a feeling I cannot comprehend which makes it so clear that this great man truly had indeed a connection with the young people, no matter how far they were. I will continue to pray for him and uphold the traditions of the church he so strongly believed. His faith has stood the test of time, let us learn from his example.
Soundarie David, Sri Lanka

When I heard that he died I cried like a small girl. I just want to say THANK YOU for being with ma all my life, You were my inspiration, my hope for a better tomorrow. Thank You John Paul II.
Margaret, Poland

Thank you John Paul II for being the people's Pope. You reached out to us and now we reach out to you. You taught us the values of dignity, love, faith and life. Thank you for coming to Scotland in 1982. I was so lucky to see you at Bellahouston and Murrayfield, and then also in Rome. These memories will always be with us. The sign we carried said "JPII we love you" Always in our hearts.
Agnes McCluskey, Scotland

You were a man of God, a true representative of God. People of all nations, regardless of their religions, beliefs, colour, traditions, and even the non-believers, looked up to you and bowed their heads for you in admiration and respect. May God grant the 117 cardinals the wisdom and strength to choose wisely the man to fit those simple brown leather shoes that carried John Paul throughout the world so close to us all. May his soul rest in well-deserved eternal peace. Amen.
Martha and Alphonce Lyimo, Tanzania

No more suffering, no more pain, you are now with our Heavenly Father
Jennie Lougheed, England
No more suffering, no more pain, you are now with our Heavenly Father. May you rest in everlasting peace. Thank you for sharing and caring for your brothers and sisters, all over the world. You will be sadly missed.
Jennie Lougheed, England

Although we are sad at the demise of our beloved Pope, we are happy with the knowledge that he is in heaven. Never have we Catholics been so devout and fervent in our worship than under his leadership. We hope and pray the next Pope will follow in his footsteps.
Rosemary De Souza, Kuwait

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