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Last Updated:  Monday, 24 February, 2003, 09:31 GMT
The Brits: What do you think of the winners?
Ms Dynamite
Double Brit winners Ms Dynamite and Coldplay have voiced their opposition to any war on Iraq at the British music industry's biggest night of the year.

Ms Dynamite - who took best British female artist and best urban act - performed a specially rewritten version of George Michael's song Faith which featured the line: "I don't want no blood on my hands."

Coldplay singer Chris Martin - who won best British group and album - said: "Awards are basically a nonsense and we're all going to die if George Bush has his way."

Eminem was the other big winner on the night, also scooping two prizes - best international male and album.

What do you think of the winners? Are awards ceremonies the place for political statements?

This debate is now closed. Read your comments below.

Your reaction:

It is suppose to be a night of celebration and fun
Heather Pearson, Scotland
What a great event. I was there in the pit and enjoyed it very much. Performances on those amazing sets were fantastic and I was truly thrilled to see Will Young at last get the recognition he deserves in winning breakthrough. And in my opinion it is no place for political statements. It is suppose to be a night of celebration and fun, not a platform for celeb 'rants'.
Heather Pearson, Scotland

Too many awards, too little talent.
Roy UK,

Anyone upset by pop stars exercising their democratic rights should be happy to watch the Grammies on Sunday. CBS executives have stated they will cut the mikes of anyone making an anti-war statement. Land of the free, indeed!
Nick Tulett, UK

Everyone is allowed a say where politics are concerned and Brit award winners are no exception. Do the people complaining about the winners opinions on a possible war think that kind of thing should be left solely to politicians and themselves ? After all, they are posting their own opinions here aren't they ?
Ian, Holland/UK

They're about as relevant as last week's leftover mashed potato
Alan Green, UK
Coldplay, Pink and the Chilli Peppers - great. The rest of the awards were handed out to the most untalented bunch of rubbish since last year. What happened to musicians who could actually play their instruments and write their own songs? The Brit awards should be scrapped. They're about as relevant as last week's leftover mashed potato.
Alan Green, UK

I think these award ceremonies are great entertainment, but, It really annoys me when pop stars abuse the platform they have by using it to broadcast their personal, under-informed politics to millions of impressionable teenagers. What do they know? I don't see Tony Blair using a press conference or a session of parliament to belt out an attempt at singing 'Trouble' by Coldplay!
Dominic Smales, England

If one of the artists had spoken out in support of the war, do you think as many of the press controlled public would be supporting their right to an opinion? I think not. Leave politics to the politicians.
Lee, Birmingham, UK

She deserves it, but there are not many others to choose from
Chynna Browne, England
Okay she is well educated when it comes to music and she deserves it, but there are not many others to choose from hence Ms Dynamite being nominated for so many awards.
Chynna Browne, England

Good on Coldplay and Ms Dynamite. It's about time pop music was less apathetic. Maybe I'm getting old but I thought that being young was about being radical and rebelling. For the new generation, Blair is in danger of becoming as out of touch as Thatcher was before him.
Bill Stokes, UK

True celebrities talk with their ability instead of making crass, ingrate, statements. I suppose their political statements will be something they are remembered by, most of them will be gone and forgotten in a few years time. The music they make will not be so memorable.
Nigel Bull, UK

Artists have just as much right to comment on politics as anyone else. Perhaps people should also reflect on our prospects for a long life if we provoke Saddam Hussein into retaliating to an attack.
Robin, UK

Ms Dynamite is loud mouthed, opinionated and speaks her mind. Thank God!
Clare, UK
Ms Dynamite is loud mouthed, opinionated and speaks her mind when she does not like what she sees! Thank God! I cannot imagine that Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera would have stood up in front of 1m plus people and not only speak impassionedly against the war but get the Kent Gardening Brigade "bopping" to one of their songs. Good on you love - good luck with the marriage and the baby as well!
Clare, UK

How many more times do we have to hear that Ms Dynamite is 'the biggest thing ever blah blah to come out of the UK'. Every year the awards go on about a fantastic emerging artist only for them to disappear without trace. Let's see if she's still here in two years' time.
Sam, UK

Artists have every right to express their opinions on world events. It is a fundamental right those of who are lucky enough to live in this country have, as demonstrated by this site. We should celebrate the fact that all walks of life are able to do so. Chris Martin however, would be better off reflecting on whether he'd be able to voice such opinions if he were an Iraqi citizen and his views were contrary to those of the Iraqi head of state.
Mike, UK

I think they should stick to singing and leave the politics to the politicians. Perhaps Chris Martin should reflect on our prospects for a long life if nothing is done about Saddam Hussein and global terrorism? He didn't seem to appreciate the award so perhaps he shouldn't have accepted it. The Brits shouldn't be a platform for such ill-considered opinions and the artists should be required not to make political comments.
Jim H, London, UK

Stop trying to do the pathetic amateur politics
Alan Coley, London, UK
I agree with Jim from London. Why don't they stick to what they are good at - music. And stop trying to do the pathetic amateur politics.
Alan Coley, London, UK

I am very pleased for Will Young. He could easily have been tarnished with the TV talent rubbish but he is genuinely very talented. He will now be able to reflect his true musical taste and ability in his new album and thus lose the Pop Idol tag and become major player in the industry today.

I am sick and tired of these endless rounds of mutual admiration and all the fuss over "celebrities".
Chris, UK

Tom Jones is finally getting the respect he so deserves. Why did it take so long for him to get this award?
Marian Dinan, USA

All of the winners were mind-numbingly predictable. How come The Streets walked away with nothing? Why did the Libertines get ignored? Does Robbie Williams even have to do anything to get best British Male? The Brit Awards are a joke.
Anthony Skinner, UK

Someone once used the phrase "music's about passion, the chart's are about fashion", and this has long been the case with the Brits. It says something when most of the winners can't be bothered to turn up, and those that do dismiss their awards (Chris Martin). At least the Mercury Music Prize and the NME Awards recognise true talent above cynical marketing.
Anon, England

The bombshell that 'Mrs' Dynamite has dropped on her male fans has really devastated us
Tariro Tekere, UK
The bombshell that 'Mrs' Dynamite has dropped on her male fans like me has really devastated us. She is a bound energy, and very multi-talented. She is very interactive with the community which is great, as we saw her recently participate in the peace march, alongside Rev. Jesse Jackson and his Excellency the Lord Mayor of London.
Tariro Tekere, UK

Tariro...devastated?! Time for a reality check!
Rob, UK




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