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Tuesday, 18 February, 2003, 10:27 GMT
Spice Girls reunion: Is a comeback possible?
British tabloids have reported that the Spice Girls are planning to reunite face to face for the first time in five years.

They are due to meet up again for a special dinner at Victoria Beckham's mansion in Sawbridgeworth, Herts which could take place as early as Monday evening.

It has been speculated that this could result in a greatest hits album and possible farewell tour.

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell, Scary Spice Melanie Brown, Sporty Spice Melanie Chisholm and Baby Spice Emma Bunton had nine number one hits and their debut album sold 28 million.

They are said to have earned up to 20 million each but have experienced mixed fortunes in their solo careers.

Do you think the Spice Girls should reunite?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

They are now too old to be attractive to the teenie audience that first propelled them to fame and they don't have the musical depth to survive in the adult world of real music. You had your day in the sun girls - a reunion can only end in failure.
Chris Connor, Scotland

Doesn't sound as though the news went down too well when Becks told Ferguson.
Richard Smith, UK

The Spice Girls were fabulous, and I hope they decide to make a comeback. They all had their individual look and personality, and were nothing like the pop groups at the moment who are over styled and look like they've fallen off the catwalk. Please, please, please!
David Ingram, Scotland

Yeah why not? At least they had a decent team of songwriters behind them - more than most manufactured groups seem to have. Although can Geri please eat something, lest she snaps on stage?
Gary Feldman, London, UK

It just goes to show how much of the so called news is "celebrity" led. There are much more important things happening in the world, than the revival of an over publicised, talentless girl band.
Nigel MacDonald, uk

Their songs were fun and used to cheer me up

Ruth, England
I really miss the Spice Girls, no, not in a sad pathetic way, but in the way that their songs were fun and used to cheer me up. If Geri was back in the group that would make it worth doing. My only request would be that they don't take it too seriously like their last album (although I thought 'Holler' was very good), and try and hold Mel B back from rapping in the middle of practically every song.
Ruth, England

If they do they'll still be more enjoyable to watch with the sound off.
Ian , England

Who cares, the popular charts are a shambles - there are thousands of progressive musical artists in this country across all genres who have to struggle to get their music played and performed because of the monopoly of the majors and their profit driven garbage marketed for 11 year old girls with lots of pocket money to spend on singles. I wish the public would realise this and stop allowing their ears to be tortured by this 4 chord middle of the road lifeless drivel known as pop just because of the pretty pictures on the CD sleeve.
Phil, UK

I can understand Mel B and Victoria wanting it because they've both been ditched by their record companies and their solo musical careers look to be finished. Emma might go for it as well. Mel C has been very successful so far though and it would be a backward step for her. Also Geri manages, against all the odds, to be reasonably successful and I can't see her ego being subsumed back into the band.
Dave, England

It wouldn't feel fun to me now

Kaitlyn, USA
They were fun while it lasted, but it wouldn't feel fun to me now. More like they couldn't make it solo, so they're only reforming to get back fame and money.
Kaitlyn, USA

They are the queens of British pop music, and nobody is taking their crowns! Girl Power!
Diogo Branco, Portugal

I'm hoping the Spice Girls get back together and Spice up our lives just one last time.
Justin, USA

I think a Spice comeback would be amazing. With all five Spice Girls together again I'm sure a greatest hits album would be a huge success.
Phillip, USA

I look forward to the 2003 re-mix of that all time classic Wannabe - it was such a fantastic record. I'm sure everyone would want to hear it again and again and again...
Jason Dale, England

They have had their day! It was fun then, but let's face it, it would be a bit of a joke this time around.
Tracie Evans, Antigua

Whether they are together or not we know how they helped us in so many ways

Brian S, USA
They have influenced so many people. Many don't realise it. But the fans realise how without them their lives would be different. Yes they'd have more money, but the girls taught everyone about self esteem and being positive about things. Whether they are together or not we know how they helped us in so many ways.
Brian S, USA

Yes! I think a comeback would be great! After all as they said in their movie, 'the press needs Spice to sell". But, seeing on how they were and still are the biggest girl group I think it'd be great for them to form as a five piece! They never have officially split as a four piece so I don't see why having Geri back is such a big deal to everyone! If they wanna do it, let them do it, no one should try to stop them!
Kim, USA

I've just managed to get out of therapy from their first appearance

Terry, Leeds, UK
A reunion would be nice - in about 40 years time! I've just managed to get out of therapy from their first appearance.
Terry, Leeds, UK

'Real' musicians are only just getting back into the mainstream again due to bands like the Spice Girls in the 90s keeping them away. Let's keep the Spice Girls away!
Jon, England

The Spices can never re-live the moment they had six years ago. They were one of a kind, and since then we have had numerous girl bands thrown together. There is no point in them reuniting - their old fan base will have grown up and today's sound has moved on.
Flash Wilson, UK

Taking themselves too seriously was their biggest mistake

Jennifer, Netherlands
Only if they come back together minus the chips they all had on their shoulders when they split the first time - taking themselves too seriously was their biggest mistake!
Jennifer, Netherlands

Why not? I think they were brilliant the first time around, ok they were a bit brash, but so what? Young girls loved it! Their songs may not have been the best, but they were a huge hit, they can't have been as bad as everyone says otherwise they would never have become the phenomenon that they are. A greatest hits album would be super!
A Edwards, Wales

What have we done to deserve this? Somebody stop them, please!
Dan, UK

Yeah, join them up again so we can give 'em a few bob. They're bored and down to their last few million!
Jim Henshaw, England

I wanna...I wannna...I wanna...I wanna get a pair of earmuffs quick!
Jacob Busby, UK

Am I the only one thinking 'who cares?'
Rob, UK

Not without a UN resolution, I hope
Bob, UK

Oh yes, I loved them the first time round. The joy they would bring for a second time would be amazing.
Kev Grix, England

It was bad enough the first time

David, Liverpool, England
It was bad enough the first time. Not again. Surely the UN can stop it? They must have some power.
David, Liverpool, England

I really hope that they give their fans a farewell present. A greatest hits album or farewell tour would be superb.
Sam Burke, Essex

Ye Gods, no!
Max, UK

The ex-Spice Girls are constantly demonstrating their lust for fame. I can't imagine it to be to hard for one of the music execs around them to persuade them to reform, with the promise of success like in '97. Obviously though, any comeback will result in total failure.
Markie, Peterborough

In these days of abject misery what with a threatened war in Iraq and the economy etc, I think the Spice Girls offer us a bit of escapism and fun. After all it's showbiz. And that's what showbiz should be all about. I say go for it Spice Girls!
John Young, USA

Please Nooooo. Stop them before it's too late.
Rob, UK

Next you'll be asking us if Hear'say should reunite. The collaborative song writing potential of the Spice Girls is obviously massive in comparison!
Glenn, England

Is there not enough terror and distress in the world at the moment?
Donna Liddell, Scotland

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