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 Tuesday, 14 January, 2003, 21:17 GMT
Your tributes to Bee Gee Maurice Gibb
A second page of your tributes to Bee Gee Maurice Gibb, who died on Saturday, aged 53.

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    I was brought up with the Bee Gees and have loved them for as long as I can remember. Their music and voices are unique and Maurice will be very much's like losing one of my family members. With much sympathy to the Gibb family and we can only be grateful for the influence that Maurice, Robin and Barry have had on the music industry and my life - thank you. XXX
    Emma Lippiatt, England

    It was a big thrill for one of us to spot a Gibb brother somewhere

    Liz, USA
    I lived on Miami Beach for 30 years. I was a young teen when Fever hit and all my friends and I were totally obsessed with the movie and the album, as was everyone at the time. It was a big thrill for one of us to spot a Gibb brother somewhere, which we did on several occasions. But, I loved their music even before then. My aunt played Main Course constantly when it came out and Fanny remains my favourite song of theirs to date. These men all gave back to the community and invested money locally, as well as gave to charity. I feel even more sense of loss since I was from the Beach. A terrible loss and my deepest sympathy.
    Liz, USA

    As I write this, I am still in total shock. Maurice gave so much to the world with his music, and along with Barry and Robin, never ceased to amaze me with his song writing and producing. I had the pleasure of meeting all three Gibbs brothers in 1989 and found Mo to be absolutely wonderful and a great conversationalist. He left us too soon; his music and spirit will remain in our hearts forever.
    Craig Pearman, USA

    Talent that transcends all of Music. We have witnessed the passing of a giant, who knew the value of his fans and appreciated all that he had accomplished in the most humble of ways.
    Rick Hawks, USA

    We will remember him forever through his music and his fun outlook on life

    Fiona, Australia
    A true performer is never lost, as his music is here to stay forever for us to listen to and remember him by until the end of time. My deepest sympathy to the Gibb family on the loss of one of their most treasured sons. We will remember him forever through his music and his fun outlook on life. RIP forever
    Fiona, Australia

    My heartfelt condolences go out to Maurice's family. The man, more than the songwriter/singer, will be missed. My prayers are with his family and loved ones. Thanks, Maurice, for the great music over the years. It takes us all back to a happier time and frame of mind whenever we hear it.
    Liz Goss, U.S.A.

    How shocked we were to hear of the sudden death of a music icon like Maurice Gibb. His memories and songs will live on for ever in each and everyone of us. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all his family and friends. The music industry will not be the same without the unique style which Maurice helped provide for the Bee Gees. Rest in peace Maurice. Now united with brother Andy.
    Leonie, Australia

    It is a shock, real loss and real tragedy. Maurice shall always be in our hearts when we listen to Bee Gees music.
    Cheng, Brunei

    My deepest condolence and sympathy I offer a prayer for all the Gibb Family during this tragic event and may God give them the strength and the courage to accept the death of Maurice and may he rest in peace. I just want say Maurice we love you and you will always be with us through songs and your great sense of humour.
    Basil, Iraq

    Maurice, you are one of life's sweetest memories. I am totally devastated that you are now gone - my love to you, Yvonne and your children, together with my deepest sympathy. Thank you for the wonderful years that you were part of the Bee Gees. My deepest sympathy, and love, to Robin and Barry.
    Susan Brentnall, Mountain View. California. USA

    Their perfectionism made them the brilliant musicians they are

    Frank Walker, USA
    My favourite Bee Gees story is from Beatles producer Sir George Martin, when he described recording them for the Sgt. Pepper film. Sir George was satisfied with a vocal take but they were not, and asked for another despite George's insistence that it wasn't necessary. But they did another and George was surprised to find that they were right! The next take was even better than the previous! Their perfectionism made them the brilliant musicians they are and watching recent concert footage shows how much Maurice was depended on to hold the sound together. A truly gifted man in a truly gifted group....he will be greatly missed.
    Frank Walker, USA

    I saw them in concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We knew where they were staying and went there to get autographs. We met all of the Bee Gees and Maurice, especially, was extremely kind and generous in talking with us. We will truly miss his presence.
    Jana Sunderland, USA

    The Bee Gees have been a big part of my life for the past 25 years. I had the privilege of seeing them live, most recently on their 'One Night Only' tour at Wembley which was an unforgettable experience. My only comfort at this awful time is that he will continue to live on through his music and the love of his fans. My sincere sympathy to his family. Thank you for bringing me such pleasure over the years.
    Diana Cooper, UK

    As an employee of MCA and Universal I had the great honour of testing their albums. I listened with great pleasure and became a true fan. My prayers are with you all, God Bless
    Dawn Steele, USA

    I am so saddened by this great loss

    Heather Samson, USA
    I grew up listening to the Bee Gees and they have always been my favourite group. I had the honour of meeting them in 1997 and they could not have been anymore down to earth if they tried. They are all such sweet, fun, caring, talented men and I am so saddened by this great loss. I pray for Maurice's family and especially for Robin and Barry.
    Heather Samson, USA

    I'm a "young" lady of 64 years and still love to dance to the Bee Gees' music. It gets into your soul as well as your ears. My heartfelt sympathy to his family, my heart is broken for them.
    Jan Phillips, USA

    One of the fondest memories I have of my early adolescence was having bought, and played time and time again, the soundtrack to "Saturday Night Fever." This is a devastating loss to all who appreciate the timeless music of the Brothers Gibb. My thoughts and prayers are with Maurice's family and friends. May he and Andy rest in peace.
    Ondina Passaniti, Argentina

    I met Maurice briefly at Las Vegas airport after the first One Night Only concert. He lit up when I called his name, and came over to me as if I were an old friend. And I will never forget his thanking me for coming to the concert, as if I had done something special for him! This man whose music had touched my entire life was thanking me! I almost broke into tears on the spot.
    J.R. Ray, USA

    He was so gracious, kind and funny

    Melissa Potzler, USA
    I met Maurice last March in Miami. He was so gracious, kind and funny - posing for a picture with my friend and me. I have been fortunate enough to see the Bee Gees perform live 3 times in the last 3 and a half years. I can't believe Maurice is gone, but the Bee Gees will go on. Barry, Robin and the rest of the family - please know that our prayers are with you. God bless you. Your fans are here for you.
    Melissa Potzler, USA

    We have a special reason for being sad at Maurice Gibb's death - we had one of his songs played at our wedding in the Seychelles on the 19th May 2001. The song was called Wedding Day.
    Brenda and Geoff Bradley, England UK

    This was very devastating. I grew up listening to the Bee Gees and continue to absolutely love them to this day. We just bought my father-in-law a tape for Christmas. Bless the family, I am so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourselves.
    Jennifer, USA

    I can honestly say that Bee Gees music has touched my soul and provided harmony and inspiration in my life when needed. Having had the privilege to sit in the front row during a live performance in NYC, I felt how truly spectacular and talented the brothers are. Maurice may be gone, but he will never be forgotten in the hearts of his many fans. Irene K, New York
    Irene, USA

    It felt like a personal loss

    Visha and Jerry, Malaysia
    My husband and I have been ardent fans of the Bee Gees and when my husband told me that Maurice had died, I couldn't believe it, it felt like it was a personal loss. Though he's gone, his voice will never leave this planet. I hope to meet you in heaven one day and you may sing there too. We love you.
    Visha and Jerry, Malaysia

    Another great and remarkable person passed away, he was a great person!
    Przemus Najda, Poland

    A little piece of me died when I heard the news. Please tell the brothers Gibb and families of my heartfelt sorrow. Thank you for all the music you gave to us. You fellows have had to deal with too much heartache for one lifetime. Yours lovingly.
    Denise McMullan, Canada

    I couldn't accept the sad news

    Atsuko, Japan
    No expression of condolence will lighten the Gibbs' loss. Maurice's death gave me a great shock. I couldn't accept the sad news. I've been a fan of the Bee Gees for over 30 years. Their songs are so sweet, especially their harmony. Maurice will be in the sounds of the Bee Gees forever. My sincere condolence to the family. I miss Maurice.
    Atsuko, Japan

    Maurice. It has and always will be a pleasure! You will be missed forever!
    Hannah Styler, UK

    It is like I have lost a brother. The Bee Gees have been a part of me since they came to America, I saw them on The Ed Sullivan Show and that was all it took. I became their biggest fan, and had the pleasure of seeing them in concert in Virginia in 1979, what a night I will never forget! Maurice was such a gentleman, his smile could light up an arena, always the jokester, you could tell he was always having fun. My prayers and thoughts go out to all of the Gibb family, and I ache for Barry and Robin, as this has to be just heartbreaking.
    Jeanie, USA

    A gifted musician

    Judy Wilson, England
    I was shocked and saddened to hear the news. Maurice will be greatly missed both as a gifted musician and as a genuinely nice person.
    Judy Wilson, England

    To Maurice: Some people come into our lives, and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same. And that is how we feel about you. You are a very special person, and we will keep you in our hearts.
    Petra und Jürgen Schlemmer, Germany

    In the 1970s and 1980s it was the Bee Gees' sound that comforted and saved many of us, young Vietnamese, from the devastation and depression of war and oppression. Many of us will never forget songs from their albums Saturday Night Fever, Spirits Having Flown. We love Maurice as much as we love each of his talented brothers. We will miss him deeply.
    Vien Tran, Vietnam

    Not many artists have been able to make such an impact over four decades

    Dan Rachlin, Denmark
    As a DJ and radio host for nearly 25 years, I cannot count the many times I've played tracks from the Bee Gees. Their music and sound is pop music at its very best. Not many artists have been able to make such an impact over four decades. Maurice Gibb will be sadly missed.
    Dan Rachlin, Denmark

    Much sympathy for his family and close friends. He was a shining light to music and was a great idol to many. He will be missed dearly by his family, friends and fans. Rest in peace Maurice.
    Rob Coultard, England

    Sunday was a very sad day, I cried, you have always been my heroes in music throughout my fifty years. God bless you all.
    Liz Golden, England

    Maurice will be remembered for his great harmonising voice and his sense of humour. My very deepest sympathy to the families of Maurice, he will be missed by everyone.
    Janet Smith, New Zealand

    Growing up in sleepy Brisbane in the 70s to the tunes of the Brothers Gibb seems a world away. I still recall with pride the fact that these boys from Brisbane made it to the top of the music world. This memory has just come back a whole lot clearer, and yet sadder. If only today's "world of fools" could inherit some of the love and peace that the Bee Gees' tunes emitted.
    Rob Tyson, Australia

    We've lost a wonderful singer and a part of the Bee Gees that will be dearly missed

    Sarah Gray, Little Rock, USA
    I am totally stunned. I just found out at 2:20am Monday morning that Maurice Gibb died. I can't believe it. We've lost a wonderful singer and a part of the Bee Gees that will be dearly missed. May you rest in peace Maurice. You're in a better place now looking down on all the fans that have loved and adored you for years. I extend my heartfelt sympathy to the Bee Gees on this tremendous loss. May your music give you the strength to help you through your time of sorrow.
    Sarah Gray, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

    I may only be 15, but I have come to appreciate very highly the musical talent of the Bee Gees and can't believe that at the age of just 53 a legend has left us. My thoughts and prayers are with the Gibb family.
    Peter Lilley, UK

    I just can't believe it! You meant so much to me. Your sweet smile. Music of our life, always with us. Thank you.
    Vanessa, Italy

    The Bee Gees without Maurice is unthinkable. I offer a prayer for all the members of the Gibb family during this time. May God give you the strength to accept this sudden demise of our beloved Maurice. Maurice, thank you for your music.
    Farah, Philippines

    In my life I have previously felt real sadness by the death of only one musician and that was Freddie Mercury. The death of Maurice has brought about a second real sadness for me - may he rest in peace in God's Heaven.
    Michael Williams, England, Manchester

    I was a mere "casual" Bee Gees fan, preferring another family group, Beach Boys, whose ranks have also been devastated by death. Reading the tributes to Maurice from all around the world is a good reminder of the force for good that music is - particularly GOOD music. To all BBC Talking Point's correspondents - treasure your memories - they will last as long as you do.
    Liz, UK

    I have done numerous projects on the Bee Gees for school

    Lorraine Paterson, Scotland
    I didn't believe my mum when she came into my room this morning with the awful news! I came downstairs and switched on the news and came online, it was all over both! I can't concentrate on anything. I've loved the Bee Gees since I was eight and I'm now nearly 14. I have done numerous projects on the Bee Gees for school. I hope he has a happy afterlife, and I'll see him there one day! Cheers Mo for all the greatness you gave into this twisted world!!!
    Lorraine Paterson, Scotland

    My oldest son was only one and a half when he started singing the song Stayin' Alive. He will be truly missed. I send my sincere condolences to his family.
    Janet Brooks, United States

    My brothers and I have loved and grown up with the Bee Gees music. Since there were four of us, like the Bee Gees, we watched and imitated their behaviour because what we saw was sincere and genuine. Their music has an innocence which is so lacking today. Barry, Robin, Maurice, and Andy really loved each other - you could see it in their smiles, their music, and how they took care of each other. We're heartfully praying for Yvonne and the family.
    John Steffes, USA

    I've lost someone that I truly loved

    Stephanie McLarty, Arizona, USA
    It was almost like someone slapped me in the face when I heard the news. I am more than sad at his passing. It's like I've lost someone that I truly loved, like a best friend. I feel as if a part of me is now missing. It was tragic enough with the loss of Andy, and now Maurice. May he be at peace, without pain, and watch over his brothers and mother. He now has Andy to look after. God bless you Maurice.
    Stephanie McLarty, Arizona, USA

    Deepest sympathy to his family, friends and fans. I, like millions of others worldwide, have followed the Bee Gees along their paths in life. We watched your debut on Australian TV and became instant fans of three extremely talented young boys. That was nearly 40 years ago. We've been with you through the good times and the bad. We prayed like crazy that Maurice would win his battle. Now we grieve once again with his family. They talk about the Beatles, but they were nothing compared to you guys. Maurice you are a legend - a true English/Aussie legend. The world will never forget you.
    Kate Edwards, Australia

    A man is dead but still lives in all of us. Just a simple thanks for the music, you and your band/brothers will never leave this planet. With lots of respect and love.
    Michael Cordt Møller, Denmark

    We all have lost a great singer and songwriter

    Annette Kraster, Netherlands
    My heart goes out to the Gibb family. I grew up in Canada with the Bee Gees and took them with me when I moved to the Netherlands. I also believe there must have been a mistake made. We all have lost a great singer and songwriter. I do believe that the Bee Gees will go on, but it will never be the same. The magic of the three voices is gone forever but will live on in our hearts. God bless the family and friends.
    Annette Kraster, Netherlands

    I'd just like to send my thoughts and prayers to the Gibb family and his brothers. Like so many others I was hoping that he would pull through. He will be sadly missed.
    Jackie Hill, England

    I'm still coming to grips with your death Maurice. After growing up with The Bee Gees' music, and remembering the release of your first hit Spicks and Specks it feels like losing a family member. How happy I am that I got to see you in Western Springs in March 1999 and how I was looking forward to your next visit down under. My sincere condolences to your family. Rest in peace my friend.
    Diane, New Zealand

    It's a loss beyond description. Words fail me to express the deep sorrow I feel. The Bee Gees will always remind me of my teenage years. It's a tragedy as their old song says and we all have to go on. May God grant Maurice's family the strength to carry on.
    Joanna, Egypt

    What a wonderful talent so tragically taken

    Helen Gordon, England
    I was brought up listening to the Bee Gees and Saturday Night Fever reminds me of my first day at school. What a wonderful talent so tragically taken. My sincere condolences to all Maurice's friends, family and fans.
    Helen Gordon, England

    If only he could read these notes to see how deep the love was. RIP.
    Naveet Singh, London/Hong Kong

    Thank you for the memories. We will miss you.
    Terry and Madelene, Australia

    I interviewed the Bee Gees in the mid-90s for Premiere Radio. This was a tremendous treat for me because I consider them to be among the greatest performers and songwriters of this or any time. It was a delight to find that their rare synergy as musicians is equally abundant in conversation. It's not just in music that they, shine, it's additionally, as people. They are warm and articulate and hilarious, consistently topping and amusing each other. My heart is breaking for Robin and Barry. It's clear how much these brothers cherish each other. Their loss can only be imagined.
    Louise Palanker, USA

    I'm just pleased I went to the "One Night Only Concert" at Stadium Australia in 1999. I could not have known it would be the last opportunity to listen and enjoy the skill and artistry of modern voice harmony at its best and to see three guys who enjoyed enduring success and fame but remained untainted by either.
    Peter Davis, Australia

    Very saddened by the death of Maurice. Such a loss! My thoughts go to his family, his brothers and to all his fans around the world. Thank you Maurice for having brought us so much. We'll miss you.
    Karim, Morocco

    Maurice will be sadly missed not only for his talent but his sense of humour

    Lilian Price, New Zealand
    What a life and a legacy. The Bee Gees are an intrinsic part of the music fabric of more than one generation. Maurice will be sadly missed not only for his talent but his sense of humour. Indeed this is a tragedy. My condolences to all of the family.
    Lilian Price, New Zealand

    From my earliest memories of Massachussetts and How can you mend a broken heart? through the songs of Saturday Night Fever and in the 90s, great songs for other artists, such as Heartbreaker for Dionne Warwick and recently their interview and performance on TV, their music has been the backdrop to my life. I was shocked to hear the news that he didn't make it through this sudden and unexpected illness. At 53 he is far too young to go. The Bee Gees are one of the great British music acts of our time and will live on forever. The remaining members must continue to make music and honour his legacy, though the sound will never be quite the same. Deepest condolences to his family and friends.
    Aidan O'Rourke, Manchester UK

    My heart goes out to the Gibb family. I have been listening to the Bee Gees my entire life, as my mom is also a fan. God bless his family, and may Maurice rest in peace.
    Wendy Burbank, USA

    This is such a tragic loss. My heart goes out to Yvonne, Adam, Samantha and the entire Gibb family. I met Maurice in 1994 at an AGMF fundraiser and I found him to be very charming and very funny. He will be missed.
    Michelle, USA

    The first album I ever bought was Saturday Night Fever and I have loved the Bee Gees since I was a little girl. No one harmonizes like them. No one writes like them. I am filled with incredible sadness that their wonderful voices will not join together again on this earth and deeply regret that I never saw them perform live. I comfort myself with the thought that Maurice is now with Andy and that he will live forever through the extraordinary words and music of the Bee Gees.
    Tina Smith, United States

    I have been a loyal Bee Gee fan since 1967 and was privileged to be at their very first American concert in Anaheim, California in January 1968. Seems like yesterday. We have grown middle-aged together. My sincere condolences to the Gibb family.
    Janet Carroll, California, USA

    I still play the Bee Gees. Now my kids are also enjoying them with me, which is great. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
    Ashfaque ALi, Pakistan.

    I remember meeting Maurice and his brothers at an Adelaide TV Station in the 1960s and he was a lovely guy with a great smile. You will be sadly missed, Maurice. Love to you and your family.
    Sandie Stone, South Australia

    Their music will be kept in my heart and spirit forever

    Tânia Milheiro, Portugal
    I'm only 24 years old and I have known and loved the Bee Gees since I was a little girl. Of the memories of my childhood, I remember listening to the Saturday Night Fever album and just loving the sound of it. I've got the vinyl and the CD of the soundtrack. I've got other Bee Gees CDs, especially the last one, The Greatest Hits. I hoped that one day I would see the Bee Gees live in Portugal - it was one of those dreams that command my life, but by the saddest death of Maurice Gibb I know that the dream I have since I was a little girl will never come true.

    All I can say now is that their music will be kept in my heart and spirit forever and I want to congratulate them for doing such great songs over the last 30 years. I want to say that How deep is your love? is my favourite song ever. I want to pay my respect to Maurice and the rest of the Bee Gees family, they deserve it. They're the best. Long live the Bee Gees. Thanks for everything.
    Tânia Milheiro, Portugal

    Lamentamos profundamente a morte de Maurice. Sem dúvida, ele representava a "cozinha do grupo". Um talento que deixava as músicas com uma personalidade própria. S em contar, claro, o seu bom humor. Descanse em paz. Abraços deste casal que o admira sempre.
    Di Martino e Nikka, Brasil

    I received my first record album for my seventh birthday. That album was "Saturday Night Fever". I became a fan back in 1977, and have loved everything they have written and recorded since. God Bless You Maurice. May you rest in peace.
    Heather Laurin, USA

    I was very saddened to hear the news of Maurice. The Bee Gees especially Maurice were a big factor in my life when I was growing up. Their music was fantastic. He will be greatly missed by all. My condolences to the family.
    Lesley, US

    The talent that Maurice takes with him will never be replaced

    Laurie, USA
    The music created and shared by the Gibbs helped to shape the world as I know it. The talent that Maurice takes with him will never be replaced. Knowing that Maurice, Andy and their father are together again is helping to ease the pain we all feel. Heaven just gained another sweet singing angel. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Gibb family. May God bless you all!
    Laurie, USA

    The Bee Gees have been a truly magnificent group. They have a distinct sound which in my opinion cannot be copied by anyone. The amazing thing as well is that they have survived the changing pace and types of music over the decades and if they were not doing something right they would have fallen by the way as so many artistes have done. Maurice has contributed to that distinct Bee Gees sound that will never be equalled. Thank God for recordings so that we may continue to hear some of the best in the world, compliments of the Bee Gees. Rest in peace Maurice.
    Thelma Porter, Jamaica

    What a sad, sad day for the world. I knew he was in hospital but, like everyone else, expected him to recover. I've been a huge fan of the Bee Gees since the late 60s and was privileged to see them perform live here in Toronto in the late 70's during their Main Course tour. I was always hoping for a new tour, but now it's not to be. I am weeping as I write this. My heart goes out to his family as now the circle of three has been broken.
    Paula Whitlock, Canada

    I was stunned to hear this terrible news. I loved the Bee Gees music but more importantly, Maurice seemed like such a sweet and lovely man; one who could make you feel that all was right with the world just by seeing his smile. He will be sorely missed and I wish his brothers and family well in the time ahead.
    Debbie, USA

    I feel like the music has just become an orphan

    Muhammad Ali Malik, Pakistan
    Aaaah! This is one of the biggest shocks I have received in my whole life. I feel like the music has just become an orphan. He was my one of my favourite personalities. I have cried for him, for there may be no one like him born again. My condolences to his widow. He was a very nice man and a good artist. The world and I will regret his death for ever. I am deeply shocked. I love you Maurice... may God bless your soul.
    Muhammad Ali Malik, Pakistan

    I am deeply saddened by the passing of Maurice Gibb. This may surprise some, but Maurice was possibly the most talented of Gibb brothers from a technical viewpoint. He often took the ideas of Barry and Robin and fleshed them out to create the songs we all know and love. If there are future recordings by Barry and Robin as The Bee Gees, Maurice's absence will be noticed. Maurice, may you rest in peace with Andy.
    Jimmy Wade, United States

    My sister Natalie and I have always loved the Bee Gees and they give us so much pleasure and enjoyment - they are not only the world's greatest musical talent but they are so down to earth and beautiful people. We are very saddened to hear of Maurice's passing and please accept our heartfelt sympathies to the Gibb families. We send you all our love and best wishes.
    From Margaret and Natalie Wilson in Toronto, Canada

    This is shocking. I have been a fan of the Gibb brothers since 1967. They will always be the number one harmony that no other group can have. They have been an inspiration and I really hope that Maurice's passing will continue to inspire family bands and be the light of continued work by Barry and Robin. But now the trio may be just a duet. No high notes and those moments of spontaneous jokes in interviews anymore. My sincere condolences to Yvonne, Adam and Samantha as well as to Barry, Robin and the rest of the Gibb family. May Maurice's soul rest in peace.
    Johnny Michael Tan, Malaysia

    Maurice will be loved forever

    Bernadette Mihalicz, Canada
    Through his music Maurice reached out and touched us all. He and his brothers have been a daily part of my life for as long as I can remember. Maurice was an extremely talented man who has touched us all. My thought and prayers go out to his family, Yvonne, Adam, Samantha. His mother, brothers Barry and Robin and all their families as well his friends. Maurice will be loved forever.
    Bernadette Mihalicz, Canada

    I was never a fan of the Bee Gees or disco music for that matter. Gradually, I became aware that their music was so much more that that. They didn't change. I changed. Maurice's talent was obvious by the joy and happiness he and his brothers brought to millions of fans around the world. He will be remembered.
    David McCreary, US

    Having listened to his music since 1968, and having spoken to many friends and musical collaborators while writing a book on the Bee Gees, I feel as if I knew him personally and it is hard to think that he is gone. He was the one who held the Bee Gees together and made so much of their music happen. I wish he could have been with us much, much longer.
    Joseph Brennan, USA

    The Bee Gees have been a part of my life since I was very young.

    Gisele. USA
    The Bee Gees have been a part of my life since I was very young. I am so thankful for the wonderful music and memories he has given us. He contributed so much to the world in his short life. He will be greatly missed.
    Gisele, USA

    As a teenager in Manchester in the 1960s I remember hearing New York Mining Disaster and my love of the Bee Gees started there. Please stop referring to him just as Lulu's ex-husband. His wife Yvonne and children were at his bedside and my thoughts are with them.
    Edith Bailey, England

    One of the greatest harmony singers in the history of pop. Our loss is Heaven's gain.
    Greg Godovitz, Canada

    I am truly heartbroken about Maurice.

    Kathy Mullins, USA
    I am truly heartbroken about Maurice. I have been a fan now for over 30 years. I will miss Mo and his humor, laughter, and talent so much. He will always be in my heart. My condolences and prayers go out to all the Gibb families. Take care and God you bless you all.
    Kathy Mullins, USA

    What more can one say, thank you for teaching me to appreciate the words and music. Thank you for the laughter. The only thing that brings me peace right now is knowing you're with Andy and your dad, once again making them laugh too.
    Dianne, Pennsylvania USA

    The music world lost a wonderful person today in Maurice Gibb. The music he and his brothers have made over the years still remain at the top of my list and no one will ever be able to re-create the sound these three made together. I send my warmest regards and deepest sympathy to the family of Maurice Gibb.
    Charles Schwarze, Grand Prairie, Texas USA

    Bee Gees. Masters of their craft. One of planet earth's greatest modern music innovators.
    Chris Pluck, USA

    It amazed me just how much of today's music was written by the brothers Gibb

    Ange, UK
    On the hits package The Record it amazed me just how much of today's music was written by the brothers Gibb, This is a huge loss to the music world but I am sure their music will live on. Our hearts go out to the family.
    Ange, UK

    I was four years of age when Saturday Night Fever was released and very clearly remember Staying Alive playing on the radio. It has remained one of my favourite of their songs. Last year, I "rediscovered" the brothers Gibb and marvelled at the fact that I knew almost all of their 80s and 90s hits - like I had never left them. I am incredibly saddened by this loss and wish to send all of my prayers and thoughts out to Barry and Robin in this terrible time.
    K Wiltshire, USA

    His distinctive style and his resonating voice captured the hearts of million around the world. An unfillable gap has been created by his passing, but he lives on in his music which has transcended every barrier known to and created by man. Maurice Gibb will be greatly missed.
    Hal Shane Burke, Jamaica

    It's so sad, I am going to miss him deeply. His memories are part of my life and my generation in Cuba. We¿ll never forget you Maurice. Rest in peace
    Augusto Juarrero, Cuba

    I'll remember you as long as I live -see you in Heaven!

    Iwona, Poland
    I have loved the Bee Gees since I was a teenager. I have saw them in concert when I was 20. I received an autographed poster from them signed at their studio in Miami. This is one of my most saddest days of my life. My heart goes out to his family, to Barry and Robin and his mother Barbara, his nieces and nephews, his closest friends. They loved him so much, and all of us together will love him forever.
    Yvette Noel, Canada

    Through his music he was a part of my life since I was fifteen. He was a very creative and sympathetic man. I have to thank him for making my life more worth living.
    Peter Mennigen, Germany

    Bee Gees music has been the soundtrack of my life since I was a teen... Mo you'll be sadly missed.
    Teri, United States

    Dear Mo: I'll remember you as long as I live. See you in Heaven! Rest in peace.
    Iwona, Poland

    Maurice's loss is huge for all of us

    Hicham Boueri, Lebanon
    My wife and I got married to the music of the Bee Gees, it is hard to believe that it will never be the same. Music has lost some of its voice.
    David Wilson, Canada

    We lived our life with the love you gave us through your voice. Love never dies and neither do you. You're still alive!
    Alireza Ashrafian, Iran

    As an airline employee, I had Maurice Gibb on a flight between LA and Dallas, about 10 years ago. He was extremely gracious and nice to my crew members.
    Linda L, US

    I fell in love with the Bee Gees' music in the 1970s. Maurice's loss is huge for all of us. I deeply regret his loss and I salute his family and his remaining brothers in their deep sorrow. My prayers go for all of you and for Maurice.
    Hicham Boueri, Lebanon

    The Bee Gees were my favourite band during my teenage years. Maurice was great on stage, we will miss him. My deeply condolences to his family and friend.
    Nooraldeen MA Rahman, Bahrain

    Dear Maurice, you are still alive in our hearts and souls. We never will forget your laughter and sense of humour. We miss you very much.
    Yours sincerely
    Your friend
    Manfred Baumann, Germany

    Your spirit will live on in the music

    Richard & Rachel, England
    An unbelievable loss to this world. Your music has touched the hearts of so many, and your death will be mourned the world over. Your spirit will live on in the music you leave us, and for this we thank you. Our deepest sympathies go to your family, Robin, and Barry. May you rest in peace, gone but never forgotten.
    Richard & Rachel, England

    I cannot remember a time in my life when the Bee Gees weren't around. I was born knowing who Maurice, Robin and Barry were. I'm now at a complete loss. I got to meet Mo a couple of years back and I remember how he made me feel loved just from meeting him once and I'll always remember that he hugged the tightest. God bless you Mo and may the Gibb family find the strength to endure at this trying time. You will be loved forever Mo.
    Pamela Floyd, USA

    I read this news on the internet, I cannot believe that Maurice has gone. One hour before, I was watching him on DVD.
    Wah, Hong Kong

    I have listened to them since the early 1970s during my RAF career and they were never off BFBS in Cyprus, when TV wasn't available for HM Forces. They have stood the test of time and I enjoy both listening to their records and their chat. He will missed by many thousands and deepest sympathy to the family
    Tony, Scotland

    His songs will sing in all our memories and hearts forever.

    Sanjeev Vijayan, Dubai
    This is a really a sad day for Bee Gees fans all over the world. I can't believe at what has happened. I have never met him in person but it seems like I have known him all my life. His songs will sing in all our memories and hearts forever. May his soul rest in peace. My condolences to his family and friends.
    Sanjeev Vijayan, Dubai, UAE

    I am deeply traumatised by the passing of Maurice Gibb. I am only 17, but for most of my life, I have heard most of their songs and it is a deep shame that the music world has lost of the greatest pioneers. Today's generation have grown up listening to the Bee Gees and I can only send my sincere condolences to his beloved family. God rest his soul.
    Ravi Miah, UK

    We have lost one of the world's best songwriting geniuses. He will be truly missed. Rest in peace.
    Paul and Zoe, Reading, UK

    I was shocked to hear that Maurice Gibb had had a heart attack and like others hoped that he would be ok. He had to be ok! I just cannot believe yet another young decent famous person has gone. They say He only takes the best first! My thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.
    Sandra Russell, New Zealand

    It feels like the passing of a family friend

    Phil K, UK
    When Maurice smiled the world smiled back. He was a wonderful human being, one the world will forever miss
    Connie Downing, Canada

    You have brought music to our ears, and happiness to our lives and for this we thank you... Rest in peace. I will be a fan of yours always.
    Michael, New Zealand

    For many years my husband Bob Sherman was the official Bee Gees photographer, but sadly Bob too passed away 24 September. On many a picture session we all got to know Maurice, Barry, Robin and Andy. Our condolences to the whole Bee Gee family
    Carolyn and Roby Sherman, US

    I saw you perform just once, but my memories are happy ones and will be with me always. Your talent and personality will be sadly missed.
    David Pittey, Oman

    I'm sure he'll continue to play music from heaven

    Paolo, Italy

    A bright shining light now dimmed. Such pleasure from sounds and words. The world has lost another great craftsman. Thank you for the music you have left us.
    Ian Stephenson, South Korea

    I feel like I've lost a brother... I grew up with Bee Gees in Iran during the war, and Maurice Gibb was part of the reason that I survived during the war and sadness of my country. Mo's smile made a cloudy day a sunny day. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten. God bless you Maurice. You'll be painfully missed - love never dies.
    Gita Ollange, Maryland, US

    Very, very sad. I'm almost the same age as Maurice and my wife and I and grew up, courted and got married to the music of the Bee Gees. When they had their second brush with fame with Saturday Night Fever we went to discos and danced to their sound again. As we all grew older they produced a series of albums filled with superb music. I don't suppose the Bee Gees will survive this shock, it feels like the passing of a family friend
    Phil K, UK

    He will live on in our hearts and ears forever. My heartfelt thanks go out to Maurice Gibb - a true pop idol! And my condolences to his family... farewell Maurice!
    Stew Guy, UK

    Life won't be quite the same

    Dave Horwell, New Zealand
    I'm so sad to hear this very bad news. I still can't believe he is not more with us! I'm sure he'll continue to play music from heaven because he was the music. Maurice we will love you forever !!!
    Paolo, Italy

    A sad day - one of the nicer people in music who will leave us many good memories.
    Richard, England

    A brilliant musician is gone, how very sad! Bee Gees songs accompanied me specially during my teenage days and, even now, their songs seem irreplaceable. The perfect tune and melodious note of their many songs gave me immense joy at all times. My condolence to Maurice's family. May the Bee Gees continue their music despite this great loss!
    Winnie Lau, Hong Kong

    Deeply saddened at the tragic loss of Maurice. The Bee Gees music has been a part of my life since the early 70s. Life won't be quite the same.
    Dave Horwell, New Zealand

    The Bee Gees have been my favourite band for as long as I can remember. Seeing Maurice die has left a deep hole in my being. Rest in peace Maurice - we'll never forget or stop loving you.
    Rob, England

    Your sparkling personality and great talent touched the lives of all of us around the world

    Kathy Gray, US
    Words cannot express the deep sorrow and shock from hearing this sad news. Maurice will always be in my heart, remembered fondly as the bright, vibrant soul that he was. My love goes out to all of his family.
    Meg, Australia

    He died too young and will be badly missed. You'll live forever with us Maurice!
    Jaime, London, UK

    I'm in shock. I grew up with the Bee Gees, and it saddens me to know that he is gone. He left behind such beautiful music. My sympathy and prayers to his friends and family. The world will miss his talent, humour and grace.
    Debi, US

    We love you Maurice and will miss you deeply. Your sparkling personality and great talent touched the lives of all of us around the world. Blessings to your family. Thank you for everything... the great music and the wonderful memories. We'll never forget you!
    Kathy Gray, US

    Words can't describe the sorrow I feel right now. He was a ray of sunshine in my life. I will always remember his shining smile and zest for life.

    Maurice Gibb will always be fondly remembered in my family. My siblings and I grew up listening his songs. May God bless his soul, and may him rest in peace.
    James Wong , Malaysia

    He will be long missed

    Mikayel Grigoryan, Armenia

    I saw Maurice in Sydney in 1963 and never forgot that day after all those years. He will be sadly missed. God Bless.
    Marie Crichton, Scotland

    I am deeply saddened at this shock loss of such a talented musician. I wish his family, Barry and Robin lots of strength to get through this loss. No doubt Maurice is happy to meet up with Andy again.
    Suzanne, Melbourne, Australia

    I am stunned beyond belief. To me the Bee Gees were more enduring than any other band - I cannot believe that Maurice has gone, and at such young age. A sad, sad loss.
    Zahid, Australia

    My heart is heavy tonight upon learning the death of Maurice Gibb. What wonderful memories I have of the 1970s wonderful music of the Bee Gees. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family. May he rest in peace.
    Diane, Scottsdale, US

    So sad, so many broken hearts will not soon be mended. My sincere condolences to his family.
    Su J, USA

    Thanks for the chance to bop all night long!
    Judith Di Chio, Canada

    You have to give respect where it is due. The Bee Gees were truly one of the foundations for pop music. The soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever will be a favourite of generations to come.
    Shane, UK

    I am stunned and I am distressed at the loss of Maurice

    David Ready, Australia
    Maurice was always full of positive energy and passion. He was a talented musician and a kind human being. He will be long missed.
    Mikayel Grigoryan, Armenia

    The Bee Gees will never be the same without him. May he rest in peace.
    Ken Meeks, US

    The music of the Bee Gees was a part of my teenage years, and even now I still regard their songs as a required part of my day. Thanks Maurice for being a part of my growing up and for your part in developing my appreciation of music.
    Neil Fellowes, UK

    Maurice will be deeply missed by fans from all over the world. My heart goes out to his family whom he deeply loved. I will always remember his bright smile, quick wit and his love of life.
    Angie, US

    A generation grew up listening to Bee Gees. Maurice's contribution was priceless and his songs will always remain. R.I.P.
    Khalid Jamali, UK

    I am stunned and I am distressed at the loss of Maurice. I have fond memories of him as the cutest little guy when he first appeared on Australian television with the most angelic voice in harmony with his brothers. I have even fonder memories of him as being part of the Saturday Night Fever craze.
    David Ready, Australia

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