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 Friday, 27 December, 2002, 13:32 GMT
How do you like the new WTC designs?
Seven different designs for a memorial on the World Trade Center site have been presented by leading architects in New York.

The plans need to please business interests alongside honouring those who died when the original twin towers collapsed.

Earlier blueprints for the site were abandoned by New Yorkers for being unimaginative and this time round, the competing companies were given more freedom with the designs.

The new outlines are all gentler shapes than the gigantic towers which weren't well received when they went up in the Sixties. One includes a floating memorial with 2,800 lights - one for every victim of the 11 September attacks.

British architect Lord Foster is a strong contender to win when the decision is made in the new year. He described his design as the tallest, greenest and safest - "Two towers which kiss and touch and become one."

What do you think of the new designs for rebuilding south Manhattan? Are they better than those unveiled earlier this year? Has anything been missed out?

To view the designs click on the link on the top right of this webpage: In pictures: World Trade Center plans.

Which design is your favourite?

Richard Meier and Partners

Foster and Partners

Skidmore Owings and Merrill group

Think team

United Architects

Studio Libeskind


36676 Votes Cast

Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion

Thank you for your comments. This Talking Point is now closed. A selection of your e-mails is published below.

The only buildings that look like they belong in NYC are the ones designed by Peterson/Littenberg. I really like the way this design blends with the city landscape and leaves room for a memorial in the centre and it's the only design that's not obnoxiously hideous.
John, Maine,USA

The old WTC was chosen as a terrorist target for symbolic reasons, as much as anything else. To rebuild smaller than before would be a victory for the terrorists. The Foster design is stunning - Please, New York, we love your famous skyline - make us envious!
Pat Holliday, Portsmouth, UK

It would be a shame if the WTC were replaced with some meagre, forgettable structure

Michael, USA
It would be a shame if the WTC were replaced with some meagre, forgettable structure. If it's their intention to honour those who've died, they shouldn't build something that disappears into the rest of the New York skyline. These designs are a lot more ambitious than the last ones; I just hope naysayers don't hold down the grander ideas.
Michael, USA

I would go for the Peterson Littenberg design. Similar enough to the original site but different enough to show respect for those whose lives were lost. We should remember what was there rather than try to replace it completely, showing the world that it doesn't matter how they are attacked life will go on in the same old way.
Christina, England

None of these designs will ever replace what was lost. It doesn't matter what gets built, as long as it isn't the Think Team's idea, which is a huge waste of space.
Dave Smith, UK

Think Team definitely gets my vote, representation is superb, and the fact that no one has to work in this building means something surely to those who had friends and family lost on the top floors.
Jackie, Scotland

It seems most people like the Fosters design. It certainly looks the most elegant of these proposals so I would have to say it is my favourite too. However, I'm more than a little disappointed with the proposals in general. They all tend to look a little unclear and messy. Aren't tall, imposing buildings supposed to have a clear, well defined profile? Is Richard Meier entirely mad? The last thing New York needs is a massive trellis fence.
Philip Hicks, UK

I lost a very dear friend in WTC1 and I see no greater stand than to rebuild the World Trade Centers as they were before as an act of defiance. This will show that we will not bow down to any act of terrorism.
Emma Lawson, England

Ugly, ugly, ugly. This is unbelievable! I can't believe all these supposedly superb and prominent architects couldn't do something that wouldn't look like it's from planet Zork. The one with the Think Team looks fine, though.
Navid, USA

These designs are definitely ugly. All they are doing is adding more concrete to already concrete jungle. These are not in harmony with nature, just like the events which took away twin towers were not in harmony with human nature. The new design should use more natural looks and material. Height does not matter....the beauty, and the harmony it brings, should be the central theme. The world needs beauty, not a tall symbol to symbolize ego's!
Tejinder Singh, India

The Twin Towers cannot be replaced but, with designs like these a new history can be built on a foundation of strength and unity displayed by the NYC people during that terrible time.
Cindy, South Africa

The Norman Foster and Associates design is superb

Michael Cox, Canada
The Norman Foster and Associates design is superb. I applaud their honesty and willingness to share and I really like the design. It has genius and boldness in it and it doesn't condescend but challenges us to confront the reality of what was once there and rejoice in the beauty of what will be built to honour and replace those towers.
Michael Cox, Canada

Finally, plans that call for tall, majestic buildings. What better way to heal the city famous for tall buildings. I especially like the Richard Meier's inter-connected 5-buildings.
Daniel Golus, United States

Wow! The design from Foster and Partners is my favourite. I never thought anyone could come up with a better design than the original twin tower style. It will be a fabulous tribute to NYC from a wonderful British design team.
James Scurlock, United States

These designs are hideous! They may be daring and different but in 30 years they are going to be old fashioned and out of place. I am a supporter of innovation and difference in buildings but if you ignore the surroundings or forget about practicality what is the point? If any of these go up I will be glad that I don't live in NY.
Emanda, UK

At last some interesting designs. The first designs that were presented were awful. Sir Foster's design is very impressive and my favourite by far. However, people might be concerned about the height; in that case I'd go for Libeskind or the Think Team's design. I hate the Peterson Littenberg design; this is the 21st century after all.
Tine, Belgium

Defiance of terrorism is okay, but must surely come second to safety and respectful remembrance

Mike Williamson, Germany
It seems very foolish to me to put up towers even higher that those destroyed on 11 September. Maybe the BBC can do a survey on how many people really would want to work in them? Defiance of terrorism is okay, but must surely come second to safety and respectful remembrance of the victims.
Mike Williamson, Germany

On the basis that people may not want to occupy such tall buildings again, the Think Team's proposal might be the most appropriate.
Nikolai, Edinburgh, Scotland

I am happy that honourable architects have unveiled designs for the new WTC and I appreciate their work as an Afghan and represent all other innocent Afghans' appreciation to hard working architects and pain staked New Yorkers.
Ajmal Waziri, Afghanistan

Something that stands out would be beautiful, these only clash

Catherine, NYC, USA
These are all awful. This isn't supposed to be the fulfilment of some architect's wet dream - this is supposed to be an addition to the NYC skyline and a tribute to what once stood there. All of these look like an ugly 'current' creation that sticks out like a sore thumb in the midst of the classic beauty of NYC's other skyscrapers. Horrible, horrible. Something that stands out would be beautiful, these only clash.
Catherine, NYC, USA

I think all the proposed project look absolutely terrible. Have they all gone mad? It is as if the architects believe that it can replace the losses from 9/11 by building big and above all very distasteful. I would think a stylish and more discrete development would 0suit better. Get an Italian architect involved, they have a much better taste and feel for this.
Rein de Gier, Australia

I don't like any of them. My preference would be to see the exact same design go back up, but perhaps with a black/smoke colored glass exterior. What greater tribute to those lost than to show that they did not die in vain? I say put them back the way they were AS a tribute to those lost.
Laurie, Connecticut, USA

I agree with Laurie from Connecticut. I think all the designs are trying too hard. They got it right the first time - the towers should be recreated as they used to be.
David, UK

These designs are definitely ugly

Tejinder Singh, India
These designs are definitely ugly. All they are doing is adding more concrete to an already concrete jungle. The new design should be closer to nature, and should use more natural looks and material. Height does not matter - the beauty, and the harmony it brings should be the central theme. The world needs beauty, not stand-alone symbols to symbolise big egos!
Tejinder Singh, India

You know, as long as the buildings are as tall, or taller, than the original WTC, I'll be happy.
Adam Ruddermann, Connecticut, USA

For those who died, we should definitely keep mainly the memorial park, and rebuild something symbolic for New York City with no business offices in it. I suggest the steel towers keep the victims' souls in the sky. They are still alive!
Yoshihiro Miyazaki, Japan

I think there are enough high rise buildings in NY city. They need to create a park instead for folks to enjoy and a memorial for those that perished.
Valeria, Alaska, USA

Two guardians watching over New York

Chris Briggs, UK
Norman Foster's building looks almost Cubist in design. Simple, poignant and beautiful. Two guardians watching over New York.
Chris Briggs, UK

These designs represent a good range of international flavour. The most fitting to me seems to be Peterson/Littenberg due to its suggestive tranquillity, a nice honour to those who died.
Nick Howard, USA (English)

As a New Yorker I am very glad to see that no matter which design is chosen, at least it will fill the hole in the sky. Fifty stories would never have satisfied me. New York is famous for its bold and innovative spirit, and these designs are far more in keeping with its character.
Mike, NYC, NY, USA

Aesthetically, I like Studio Libeskind's design best. It's a bold statement in the skyline that gives off a distinctly 21st century sleek yet strong impression. However, I fear any office building that gets built will become so heavily fortified that it would be impractical for business. Perhaps the Think team idea (purely decoaritve towers) is more realisitic.
Aaron, New York, USA

These designs are just plain ugly

Bill Kammermeier, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Tic Tac Toe? Leaning Towers of New York? Some of these designs are just plain ugly. Can't the "best" architects in the world do any better than this? NYC has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. I think the new WTC should match the rest of the city in its beauty.
Bill Kammermeier, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

These designs are better. They finally understand that repairing the skyline is important to New Yorkers. They may have trouble finding occupants at first, but remember the Empire State building was unprofitable for 30 years after it was built. The tenants will come eventually.
Frank, New York, USA

I find it hard to decide. Foster and Partners design is beautiful, and the kissing towers are romantic. They could change downtown from a fairly cold, financial area into a romantic, fun and forward looking part of the Big Apple. We can remember the dead and still look to the future.
Chris Irvine, New York USA

These designers seem to forget that some of us have to live here and we don't want to look at these monstrosities everyday. I hope they go with the Peterson/Littenberg design as it is will create the most appealing skyline. Otherwise the Think team's design is second best. The rest are nothing but eyesores.
Kathleen, NY, United States

It's defiant and daring

Peter C. Kohler, USA
I like the Lord Foster design the best: It's defiant and daring. We don't need insipid and inconspicuous. And what better than a brilliant British architect to create this? All Americans are indebted to the one nation that has given steadfast support during these trying times. Build it. Now.
Peter C. Kohler, USA

Any design that's as tall as or taller than the WTC is doomed to failure. Who's going to want to work in an obvious terror target?
Peter Stern, USA

Finally, something daring, defiant, breathtaking and forward-looking. Something that recaptures vision and soaring heights of New York and its vibrancy. These designs are great. The taller the better. And yes, I'd live or work in any of them, target or not.
BPK, New York City

These are so much more imaginative and reflective of New York City in the 21st century than the first set of designs. Lord Foster's is my favourite.
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA

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