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Monday, 4 November, 2002, 08:39 GMT
Jam Master Jay: Your tributes
Run-DMC rapper Jam Master Jay
Jam Master Jay, a member of the pioneering US rap group Run-DMC, has been shot dead at a recording studio in New York.

Police said that the 37-year-old disc jockey had been shot in the head and that the attacker was still at large.

Run-DMC are widely credited with bringing hip-hop music to a mainstream audience in the 1980s.

Their smash-hit collaboration with Aerosmith, Walk This Way, helped them become the first rap act to enter the US top 10, and the first to have a video screened on the music channel, MTV.

They were also the first hip-hop group with a Rolling Stone Magazine cover and the trio's 1985 release, Raising Hell, became the first rap album to go platinum.

Send your tributes to Jam Master Jay.

Thank you for your tributes to Jam Master Jay. Read a selection of your comments below.

My daughters and I saw Run-DMC at Reading festival last year where they had a 'rock' audience eating out of their hands. Jam Master Jay on his 'wheels of steel' was breathtakingly good at orchestrating the whole set. It's another tragedy for music in general and hip-hop in particular. We will remember you always JMJ.
Tony, UK

Somewhere in heaven, probably in an isolated, dimly lit, tin roof hut, there is one hell of a concert going on. Tupac and Biggie on the mic, and Jam Master Jay spinning the vinyl. Rest in peace Jay, your light will be sorely missed.
Chris Mullins, USA

A wonderful talent and a wonderful person

Ryan Jeffries, Canada
I saw Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay performing about 5 years ago. It was the most electrifying performance I have ever seen. The energy of that show I will never forget. Sadly, JMJ is another of hip-hop's casualties, a wonderful talent and a wonderful person, taken before his time. Rest in Peace, Jay.
Ryan Jeffries, Canada

His music will live for ever. R.I.P. Jam Master Jay.
Sam, U.S.A.

This is another horrible tragedy in our Hip-Hop community. This great, intelligent, young good man did not deserve that. I have to say that Jam Master Jay had his whole life ahead of him. He was only getting started.
Brandenn, United States

Growing up on your music, the only thing we took to school were words. Your positive influence will be missed, may the Lord guide, protect and nurture your wife and children.
Brian, Jamaica

Jam Master Jay and Run DMC were one of the greatest things that ever happened to Hip Hop. Without them the music would not be where it is today. This is truly a dark day for the Hip Hop community.
Rob, US

A real sad day

Andrew, US
Here again, an idol, a role model, a man of courage who spoke against violence, he himself became it victim. A real sad day!
Andrew, US

Truly a musical inspiration to us all. He will be missed by many fans across the world.
Louise, US

It is a huge tragedy to see one of the big musical innovators of the last twenty years die so suddenly and violently. When I was about 8, I heard Run DMC for the first time and have been listening to them ever since. I am thankful that they introduced me to a whole new and different style of music and Jam Master Jay will be missed.
Mark, USA

A very sad day indeed. Run DMC were one of the first bands that I heavily got into. Jay was a pioneer of contemporary hip hop, an absolute forefather. He will be sorely missed, my thoughts and sympathy go out to his family
John, UK

Jam Master Jay - You have made an indelible contribution to the art. You will always be remembered.

I saw JMJ at a festival last year and he had the crowd eating from his hands, I was never interested in hip-hop before that day - today, that has all changed. Thoughts to his family and friends, may he rest in peace.
Dave S, UK

A pioneer in popular music

Martyn S, UK
Even people who were not the biggest fans of hip-hop and rap will always remember the ground breaking cut "Walk this way" which has paved the way to rap-rock. JMJ will be remembered as a pioneer in popular music.... My sympathy to all those who were close to him.
Martyn S, UK

One of the best DJs ever. A senseless waste of life. Will always remind me of being about 13 years old and the compulsion for owning the most expensive Addidas trainers. RIP.
Alan Liddell, England, UK

This is so very sad. The industry has lost a true pioneer.
Charlie, Australia

I shall be wearing my Adidas Shell toes with black fat laces all weekend as a mark of respect for a rap legend...
Richard Smith, UK

The creators of a sound that shaped a generation

Andrew Adebowale, UK
What can you say? An honest, genuine and caring man who always preached the positive aspects of life to those that would listen, has been taken away from a community that has precious few good, positive, role models, such as he. The world of black urban youth has lost, not only a pioneer of its musical culture, but a true role model, someone that strove to make his community a better place for everyone to be.

The saddest irony is that JMJ ultimately was killed in the sort of street violence that he and the band spent a lifetime campaigning against. JMJ is right up there with, Grandmaster Flash, Cool Herc and Afrika Bombatta as the creators of a sound that shaped a generation. RIP, we love you.
Andrew Adebowale, UK

A truly great artist, a pioneer in his profession. A huge loss not only to the world of music, but to the rest of society who would have benefitted from his peace-loving charitable ways.
Stuart Gallagher, UK

Run-DMC stole the show and made it their own

Sam Watts, UK
My first ever hip hop concert was LL Cool J, Public Enemy and Run-DMC at the Brighton Centre when I was a wee teenager... it was a very influential gig for me at the time, Run-DMC stole the show and made it their own and it will always be a fond memory for me; will severely miss the man.
Sam Watts, UK

I grew up listening to Run-DMC; it was how I got into DJing myself. I liked the old skool rap music and still do. May his soul rest in peace.
Mark, London

What a great loss to music

Ian, UK
What a great loss to music. I was fortunate enough to meet Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay a couple of years ago. Genuinely nice people and excellent musicians. A great loss. R.I.P.
Ian, UK

While other artists pocket their fortune, Jam Master Jay made How To DJ videos because he wanted to help others succeed. That says a great deal about his integrity.
Rob Wegner, USA

Goodbye Jam Master Jay you will be terribly missed. My prayers go to friends and family.
George Nipah, England

It's a real tragedy, but he so rightly helped point out life's, "like that, and that's the way it is, huh!"
Colin, UK

You were an inspiration to a generation

Chris, London
Another senseless death. You were the sound of my youth and an inspiration to a generation. R.I.P.
Chris, London

Once again rap music has to be called into question. After Tupac it is now the turn of Jam Master Jay to leave. Why such a violence among American rappers? We now face the fait accompli and all we can say is may he rest in peace.
Ayanou, Senegal

Who's next? Jam Master Jay R.I.P, your contribution to the music industry will never be forgotten by true hip hoppers.
James, Crewe, UK

Thanks Jay you truly rocked our world

G, Ireland
Say it ain't so. Thanks Jay you truly rocked our world. Be it Brixton or Dublin, all the vintage crews salute you and remember the great times your music gave us. Our thoughts are with your friends and family. We'll never see your likes again. Peace
G, Ireland

A great loss to the music world. He was one third of the group responsible for dragging rap and hip hop out of the ghettos and into the mainstream. It is simple really: Run-DMC, in collaboration with Aerosmith allowed both rap and rock to make a giant leap forward, leaving an indelible mark on both forms of music. Thanks Jam Master Jay.
Jon, France

I grew up listening to Run-DMC's unique influence on hip hop in the 80s. Those experiences will stay with me forever. Jam Master Jay you will be missed. Respect.
James P, UK

Jam Master Jay was a living legend in terms of hip hop. He will be sorely missed.
Jerry, UK

What a tragedy, I grew up listening to all the old school hip hop and electro and then along came Run-DMC and brought fresh impetus to the industry, fresh beats and rhymes that earmarked a new age in hip hop. A fantastic DJ and will be sorely missed in the world of hip hop. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends will be greatly missed.
Darren Booth, England

Why does the rap world have to suffer another shooting?

May he rest in peace

Gwyn Parry, Wales
Such a shame, he made some great music and seems to have been true to his community. May he rest in peace.
Gwyn Parry, Wales

His music will stand the test of time. We have so much to thank him for. It's a cruel world we live in.
Martin Pringle, Sweden

I am greatly saddened by the demise of Jam Master Jay. He was one of the forerunners of mainstream hip hop culture and many bands like Rage Against the Machine and Limp Bizkit, who cross rock and hip hop, owe a lot to their single Walk this Way. Run-DMC were an anti-gangster hip hop group who always promoted the positive side of the culture and never got into slanging matches with other artists. For a member of a group that broadened my musical horizons to be shot is, to me, a travesty and I feel for the rest of Run-DMC and their fans alike. Jam Master Jay RIP.
Liam Church, UK


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