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Thursday, 24 October, 2002, 16:35 GMT 17:35 UK
Bali terror: Were you there?
A devastating car bomb blast at a crowded nightclub has brought death and destruction to the paradise island of Bali.

Nearly 200 people were killed, most of them Western tourists.

UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said that as many as 33 Britons were killed in the bomb attack.

The Sari Club in the resort of Kuta was reduced to a heap of smouldering ruins by the blast, which also wrecked nearby discos, restaurants and a hotel.

The area was crowded with people who were on a Saturday night out.

It is being described as the worst act of terror in Indonesia's history, and has brought condemnation from world leaders.

Were you there? Send us your comments. If you are looking for friends or relatives, you can send us a picture as an attachment.

This Talking Point is now closed. A selection of your e-mails is published below.


Here is a link of telephone numbers to local hospitals in Bali. Also a list of people in hospital at the bottom of the page. My heart goes out to all people involved in this horrific incident.
Jesper, Thailand

Could someone please tell me where I can find the names of missing Balinese people from the bombing as I have many Balinese friends? Is it already posted on the web? Thanks.
Taia Bennit, Australia

The Balinese have also created a crisis centre to report or find missing persons. The address is My deepest sympathy to the families of the one who died or were hurt, and also to the two people united in sorrow, Indonesian and Australian.
Isabelle, France

To everyone: there's a list of people who have been identified at
Alice, USA

Another website that has info about the Bali bombing with a list of hospitalised victims and other important facts is:
N. Segar, Indonesia

The Singapore Cricket Club has a rugby team website - . My thoughts are with you all back in Asia and your friends and relatives around the world.
Singapore ex-pat, USA

Does anyone has information about Anthony Cachia, and whether he has been found?
Karen Matthews, U.K

I'm currently a student at the Chinese International School in Hong Kong and one of the teachers from our school is on the missing list in Bali. Shane Walsh-Till is still unaccounted and if you have any information about him please contact my school as soon as possible. You will be able to find an e-mail address at our school website which is The son of another teacher at my school is also missing, his name is Jamie Wellington and he was a teacher at the Jakarta International School, If you have any information about him as well, please get in touch. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and the people of Bali. I'm now hoping that foreigners will still continue to visit Bali, since I strongly believe that the Balinese people shouldn't have to a pay a price for something that they didn't deserve.
Melissa, Hong Kong

Looking for a young gal in her late 20's, a teacher from USA but working in Korea and was in Bali the day of the bomb. We have heard nothing - and am anxiously awaiting to know of her whereabouts. Name of: Megan Heffernan. Please advise. Thank you!!!
Lorna M. Lee, USA

Does anyone have information about five young British men who were in Kuta at the night of the explosion? They were surfing and Kuta was the second stop on their six months journey. I think they lived in Cornwall, they were aged 19-22. Three of them were called Gary, Josh and Dan. They flew in to Bali on 10th of October coming from the Philippines.
We also want information about seven young men from the Melbourne area of Australia, they stayed at the Kuta Beach Club and were travelling on a package tour. The Australians were aged 19-20 and five of them were called, James, Steve, Bo, Craig and Dan.
Thank you.
Sofia and Charlotte, Sweden

If you could help me that would be fantastic: Charles Vanrenen (26 years old) an Australian citizen, living in Singapore, was with friends in Paddy's Bar on October 12 when the bomb blast occurred. Many of his friends did not survive but Charlie was pulled from the wreckage by SOS workers and taken to the main Bali Hospital. He had burns on his arms and other parts of his body. He was unconscious but alive. He may still be unconscious or have amnesia.

His face was recognisable. Two of his friends found him and recorded his name on an identification sheet. He has a scar which wraps from the front of his chest to his back. He was wearing a TAG watch. His passport and wallet were left in his hotel room and have since been retrieved by his parents who have flown from France - hoping to find him.

The hospital staff are adamant that Charles was dispatched on one of the first flights to Darwin with Polly Miller, a friend who has since been located in the Royal Brisbane Hospital. However Charles' name has not been recorded on any of the evacuation lists and no trace of him can be found. He has not been sighted in the morgue in Bali. If ANYONE remembers seeing him on a RAAF plane or in any of the hospitals (Photo of Charlie attached, more to come) please contact Thank you.
Jonathan Fitzgerald, England

John Beaumont - where are you? Still waiting for news on our cousin. He was in Manado, North Sulawesi on 8 October. From there he was heading to Flores in East Nusa Tengarra and on to Bali. He's a backpacker and usually wears his hair pulled back in a pony tail. He may be off the beaten path, but if you have seen him, please email me so I can set his parents' mind at rest.
Heather-Anne, UK

John Beaumont now found safely back in Manado after being out of touch with civilization on the Togean Islands, not having made it to Bali. Thanks for all your well wishes. Our thoughts and prayers go out to other families and friends who are still waiting for news.
Heather-Anne, UK

I have a friend who went over to Bali to attend a wedding in the area. He went over with his wife and his two sons. I have not heard anything from them and would be very grateful if anyone could give me some information. The family name is Walsh.
Awaiss Mirza, England

We are trying to piece together what happened before the attack

Chloe, UK
I am a close friend of Natalie Perkins, 20 from Sheffield, who was in Bali travelling with her cousin Laura France, 18 from Sheffield. The girls are known to be missing and their families are finding it difficult to piece together what happened before the attack and the whereabouts of them in the Sari club. They are known to have made friends with an Aussie Rules football team, particularly a lad called Ricky. If anyone has any info on the two girls please contact me and I will pass any information on to the girls' families. We are trying to piece together what happened before the attack. Thank you.
Chloe, UK

Whilst reading the Evening Standard yesterday I noticed that a Mr Jon Ellwood was murdered in Bali. A former teacher of mine at Duke of Kent School in Ewhurst was also a Mr Ellwood and the picture provided was very familiar. The Mr Ellwood I knew was a fantastic teacher and I would like to either have my mind put at ease or if somebody could confirm the worst. The Mr Ellwood I knew left the school around 1994. Thank you to anyone who may be able to help.
James Bainbridge, UK

I'd like to offer my deepest sympathy to the family of Jon Ellwood. I was a student of his at Duke of Kent school in Surrey from 1989-1992 and he was a fantastic, inspirational and ultimately fun teacher. He taught me history and coached me in athletics and to this day I remember the great times spent under his tutelage, his humouring smirks and the fun and freshness he'd bring to each lesson. He will be sorely missed.
Sarah Blackshaw, UK

She is a big lady wearing a flower in her hair

Ronnie and Nikky, UK/Aus
We are praying for news of our friend Sylvia Dalais from Melbourne: a regular holidaymaker in Kuta, she has been missing since the night of the bombing. She is a big lady with a big personality and wearing a flower in her hair. She was last heard of in accommodation near the Bagus pub in Poppies Lane 2 but has not returned from possibly being at the Sari Club. Did you see her? We met her in Kuta last year and have built a deep friendship. Our hearts go out to Michael, her son, in his search.
Ronnie and Nikky, UK/Aus

Ronnie and Nikky: I am also looking to hear word about Sylvia Dolais from Melbourne - the big woman with an even bigger heart. She is one of my closest and dearest friends. I saw Michael in a news clip showing her picture to a reporter. I am so broken up about this. I don't know how to contact Michael. Can you help?
Roxanna, Montana, USA

Roxanna, I did speak to Michael in Bali but have lost contact since he moved hotel there. We will not stop in our search to find news of our dear friend Sylvia. Please e-mail us!
Ronnie and Nikky, UK/Aus

Does anyone know anything about Patrick Castagnet or Carlos Ruiz?
Sebastian de Romana, Peru

I am looking for information regarding my friend Michael Standring. He is a South African chap working in Sydney. He was holidaying in Kuta and was in the vicinity of the blast. Last we heard was he got separated from the rest just after the first blast. Any information regarding Michael will be appreciated.
Arnie Chaudhuri, UK

Arnie Chaudhuri, you were looking for Michael Standring, news I am sorry to say is not good. Mike has not been found yet, he was with his friend Jason in the middle of the Sari nightclub and after a search which involved two of his brothers going to Bali, they have not been able to bring us any good news. I met you at the Nokia day at Chesington Park a few years ago. Thanks for your concern.
Trish, UK

Trish, thanks for the update. I am really sorry to hear the news. Our thoughts are with you and Mike's family. We are still hoping.
Arnie Chaudhuri, UK

We now have to wait for the forensic team

Trish, UK
My boyfriend Mike, who I haven't seen for seven months was at the Sari nightclub. He was with his friend Jason. Mike was wearing a white T-shirt with a blue rectangle on it with the words US Liberty Wreck. Jason lost sight of Mike after the first explosion and has not seen him since. Mike's brothers have been out there and were not able to find him among the injured. We now have to wait for the forensic team to identify Mike by DNA. If anyone saw Mike please let me know, we are so devastated by the news, as I am sure all of you are. Any news - however bad - will be appreciated.
Trish, UK

Do you have any information about Anthony Francis Cachia of Maltese origin residing in Australia?
Hector Farrugia, Malta

Huge distress and discomfort since our favourite cousin was spending a holiday in Bali. Any news of Francis Anthony Cachia from Melbourne, Australia? Please? XXX
Ben, Malta

Any news of (or hopefully from) my friend Anne Hext from England who was in Bali last weekend?
Vicky, UK

My daughter's really good friend Aussie Jason Stokes from Perth has been confirmed as being in the nightclub on that night. He is missing and no news as yet. His family and we are hoping he is OK. If you have heard anything re: Jason, please e-mail.
Sue Butler, UK

My step-daughter is somewhere in Indonesia

Nick Forrest, UK
My step-daughter Emma Carling is travelling somewhere in Indonesia. She was spending time on islands to the west of Bali where communications were difficult. She was due to travel to Bali sometime around now. If anybody has heard of Emma or recently met her, please let me know. Many thanks,
Nick Forrest, UK

I would love to speak to Matt Boyce who was in Paddy's bar on Saturday evening. My brother-in-law Tim was there too and has not been seen since. He was on tour with Singapore cricket/rugby club. Can anyone help? PLEASE!!!!
Debbie, England

I have good news for those who are looking for Matt Boyce and Daniel, they survived the blast.
Evo, Indonesia

To Evo, Indonesia: You mentioned Matt Boyce and Daniel... Daniel who?? We are searching for a Daniel Braden (was supporting rugby team). Please, any news, anyone?!
Charlotte, USA/UK

I'm sorry Charlotte, I have no more complete data on Daniel guy. I got these names through an e-mail and just passed it on... but I'll tell you if I get more info.
Evo, Indonesia

His friends at church are concerned

Paula Schaap, USA
Stephen McFadden is a friend who is travelling in Indonesia with an Indonesian friend. His friends at church are concerned about their welfare. Stephen - if you're reading this, please e-mail me and I'll pass the news along. Thanks.
Paula Schaap, USA

Has anyone found Karrie Casner, 23 years old from San Diego and Texas???
Richard, USA

Just 50 metres from the blast, the ground shaking, the roof falling in, glass smashing everywhere, chaos all around: the shock was immense. To CJ and Bead please let Alex and I know you're OK. And to Eric Constantine from Surfers Paradise, get in touch please! My heart goes out to everyone who was there and to family and friends of those lost in the tragedy.
Mhairi Sim, Scotland

Daniel Mathews, from Ireland, is missing. He is the son of my life-partner. Does anyone know more?
Sabine Libuda, Germany

I am trying to get news about Steen Ekstrom who lives in Kuta. He is Danish, 59 years old about 6' 1", short white hair, tanned and medium build. If anyone has any news, he has not contacted his family in Denmark, I have been unable to contact him. He lived in Perumahan Villas in Kuta. Any news please e-mail.
Chris, England

Looking for Steen Ekstorm. Please e-mail
Chris, England

Any news of Tim Arnold?
Ann Bentley, England

My heart goes to all who must keep hope

Kim, New Zealand
As one of many still waiting for news of someone still missing, Jamie Wellington, a NZer currently teaching at a school in Jakarta and at the Sari with rugby team mates, my heart goes to all who have not yet heard and must keep hope in their hearts.
Kim, New Zealand

Looking for relatives, Pete Hickerson and Jim Cobell.
Pete Cox, USA

Kate Blackmore and Jamie Houghton
Kate Blackmore and Jamie Houghton
Looking for Kate Blackmore and Jamie Houghton (both English). Kate is 5' 9", brunette hair, Jamie is a surfer, about 5' 11" with brown hair. We have not heard from them since Saturday and are worried. If you have seen them or know where they are please let me know -
Thank you so much.
Rachel Blackmore, England

We have just heard that Kate Blackmore and Jamie Houghton are safe and sound. As a family we would like to thank everyone for their help and support over the last few days. Our thoughts are with those still waiting to hear about loved ones.
Rachel Blackmore, England

I'm looking for our friend Crispian (Cris) Spring and his new wife Joe (Cook) Spring from England. They were honeymooning in Bali and I have not been able to reach Cris's parents. If anyone knows, please let me know right away. Thank you.
Judi Heisler, United States

I'm trying to contact Andrew (Collo) Collins and his brother Richard (Dickie) Collins who were staying at the Wina Hotel. They were on a footie tour from Melbourne, also Andrew's girlfriend Jessie. Please help if you know how I can contact them. Thanks.
Nikki Bloomfield, UK

We are looking for Emma Fox from the UK who was travelling with her friend Lucy. Emma is 165cm tall, 60kgs with blue eyes and mousy brown hair. She has two moles on her right cheek and one mole to the left of her nose. We last heard from her at approx 19:30 local time at Kuta beach on Saturday. If you have any information, please e-mail
Sarah Game, UK

Concerned about an old friend who MAY (unsure) have been in Bali - Alison Joy, last e-mailed me from Bali last November.
Dennis Taylor, Australia

My friend Dimitris Panagoulas is missing in Bali. I would be very grateful if any one had any information regarding his whereabouts.
Alexis Norman, UK

I am trying to track down my friends Bettina Brandes and her boyfriend Charlie who were last seen in the Sari nightclub. Both of them are still missing and we are really desperate to find out if they have been found. Can anyone help us to find out their whereabouts?
Gillian Hull, Scotland

I, too, am seeking information regarding Bettina Brandes. Please, has anyone heard from her or any of the people she was with at the Sari nightclub?
Lisa, USA

To Gillian Hull and Lisa (USA), Bettina Brandes is listed as one of the HKFC gang still missing (together with friends of ours). I believe it is thought that Charlie was hospitalised after the blast and may now be in Australia? Further information can be obtained from the HKFC website.
K&P, London

I'm a friend of Bettina Brandes. She was studying with me in Nice and her hometown is just 20 ks away from mine. I was shocked when I heard about her being missing, as I had wondered about not hearing anything from her for 4 weeks now. Is Charlie being treated in Australia ? My thoughts are with her Mum, who is a lovely person. Tina, I miss you.
Daniel Prüfer, Germany

To Lisa (USA), K&P and Gillian Hull, I am Bettina's best friend in Hong Kong. At the time of the blast she was with two other close friends of mine on the dance floor in the Sari Club. Polly is in hospital in Australia - the others are still missing. All their friends and families are now awaiting news from the authorities and would appreciate some time and space.
Stacey, Hong Kong

Don't rely on the lists, there are a lot of discrepancies

Elora, Bali, Indonesia
Please don't rely on the lists of missing and deceased people on the internet and media to date, there are a lot of discrepancies between them. A forensic team just arrived at Sanglah Hospital on Tuesday. So many people here in Bali - locals and expatriates are working hard to help out with everything from counselling to setting up bank accounts for donations. It is a beautiful thing to see in the face of so much sadness.
Elora, Bali, Indonesia

Hi, anyone seen Jen Lychy from Whistler, Canada? She was looking forward to a well-earned month's break in Kuta last time I heard from her and just need to know she's OK. Thanks and thoughts are with you.
Hannah Morrell, UK

My family and I are desperately seeking news of our good friend Ketut Suwastika. Ketut lives in Kuta and works at the Novotel. We have sent many mails since the devastating bomb but with no replies which is very unusual and our concern grows by the silent hours. We only pray that he was at home visiting his parents when this atrocity occurred. Anyone with any news please let us know. Thank you.
Denise, England

Denise, England: Contact number for the Novotel Benoa (ex-Australia), I hope they are of some help:
phone: 0011 62 361 772 239
fax: 0011 62 361 772 237
Best of luck. My prayers are with you.
Vee, Ausrtralia

I'm seeking any information on my sister

Alex, England
I'm desperately seeking any information on my sister Kate, backpacking in Bali with her partner Sam. Both are from Brighton and were last known to be in Katu. Both have long dark hair and are in their late 20s. If anyone knows anything of their whereabouts please let me know.
Alex, England

We are looking for any information on Mervin Popadynec. He was in Bali and a member of the Australian rugby team.
Dave Wasylynka, Canada

We are looking for Emma Fox and Lucy Empson from the UK who were last heard from in Kuta Beach on Saturday. They are both in their early 30s. Please contact us if you have any information. Thank you.
Sarah Game, UK

Can anyone please give me news on David French, staying in the Suka Beach Inn or Johno and Brad, two big Ozzie lads from south of Perth? I left Bali last Monday after three weeks holiday, much of which in Jalan Legian, the SC and Paddy's. I made many friends there with travellers and the staff of the bars. I feel disbelief, horror and despair at the tragic loss of life in its prime.
Jonathan Hutchinson, English living in Paris

I have just spent the last two hours in a pub talking to a close friend... She knows for sure one of her friends is dead and is still waiting for the names of the other eight. This was one of the illustrious Hong Kong rugby clubs, a club that I myself was invited to join not weeks ago.
Stuart Brown, Hong Kong

We send our prayers to the victims

Josh Geurtsen, USA
Trying to locate our friends Matthew Maclear and Amy Rafter. If you guys read this, e-mail or call at once. The New York and Cali families need to hear from you. We send our prayers to the victims, their families and to all who are there helping to deal with this barbaric crime against humanity.
Josh Geurtsen, USA

I am looking for Simon Yearley and his Japanese girlfriend, Kio. Any news, please:
Ben, UK

A teacher at my school was with his rugby team just about to enter the Sari Club when the bomb went off. If anyone has any information on Jamie Wellington from Jakarta International School, let me or the school know.
Brian, Jakarta, Indonesia

In response to two of the messages listed here, I can only say that an e-mail circulated amongst expats in Jakarta today confirmed that the following members of the ISCI (Jakarta) Rugby Club are still unaccounted for: Mervin Popandynec, Jamie Wellington, Nathan Swaine, Robert Thwaites and Scott Lysart. If anyone has better or more up to date news, please contribute to this site, asap.
Mike Bruce, Jakarta, Indonesia

This entry is for Mike Bruce, Jakarta, Indonesia. Mike, it is with sad news that one of the fine young men that you mentioned, Robert Thwaites, was outside the Sari Club and did not make it. As for the other names you mention, I have no information. A tragic event in such a beautiful part of the world. Why?
Tristan Cameron, Australian living in London

I had a niece in Bali just a few doors down from Sari Club, Tara Isherwood, she is OK and now safe in Sydney Australia. If you need any other info let me know.
John Scott, New Zealand

I have a good friend in Bali who is co-ordinating the relief effort

Imogen, UK
I have a good friend in Bali who is co-ordinating the relief effort on behalf of local Balinese and the expat community. Her name is Petra and anyone who wants to donate money to the Balinese victims or offer any other kind of help can contact her on:
Please help, everything from burns medication to counselling services are desperately needed and any help you can offer will be appreciated.
Imogen, UK

My husband Richard and I returned home from Bali on Thursday. Many thanks to all friends and family who have been contacting us to check on our safety and whereabouts. We hope that everyone staying at the Bali Tropic Hotel in Benoa are OK.
Nicola Alvey, UK

Looking for news about best mate Joe Griffiths, who last contacted me from Bali whilst travelling in the Far East. Joe, if you're reading this, drop me a line and let me know that you're OK mate. If anyone who has met him has any news, please get in touch.
Roland, France

Roland in France, don't worry about Joe Griffiths, he is in Thailand and fine. I was in the bomb but he had left for Thailand the week before. The whole thing was horrendous - I am lucky to be alive and am now back in UK.
Melanie Coene, England

Melanie from England, thank you so much.
Roland, France

I'm a Filipina living in Finland, trying to trace my friends who probably went to Indonesia. Does anyone know if there is a list of victims' names up on the web yet?
Wei, Finland

Andrew and Ann Marie arrived home safely from their honeymoon in Bali

Bill Phillips Lenzie, Scotland
Some good news for those concerned: Andrew Phillips and his bride Ann Marie arrived home safely in Glasgow on Sunday morning from their honeymoon in Bali. They have fond memories of the people of the island.
Bill Phillips Lenzie, Scotland

Looking for Neil Forrester, who was in Kuta on Saturday night. Tall, 23-year-old Scottish lad, just arrived in Bali last week travelling. Please contact if anyone has any news, we haven't heard from him at all.
Ally Cook, England

Some Hong Kong people, Chinese and Westerners (mostly Brits and Aussies) included, were reported missing after the blasts. Many of them toured with their rugby teams. May God help them come home in good shape.
Bernard, Hong Kong

Can anyone help me find my brother? He is English, his name is Dan and he was with his Japanese wife Nobye in Kuta on Saturday night. I have not heard from them since the bomb. If you have any information at all please email on
Peter Joyce, UK

Looking for Russell Deane from US, visiting Bali.
Donna, USA

Can anyone help locate Ian Findley, age 55 from the north-east of England, last seen in the Sari Club when the bomb went off?
Julie, England

Ian Findley, 55, from West Pelton, County Durham, has been confirmed dead by a friend and travelling companion who identified the body in Bali.

We used to be members of HKFC and fear we have lost some friends in the blast as many were on a rugby tour. We have been told that there are 10 missing, almost certainly dead and one who has been airlifted to Australia with severe injuries. Our only hope is that they spent their last moments living life to the full as we remember them!
Ex-HKFC members, London

A list of the missing is on a Hong Kong Rugby Union website (goto "HK Football Club statement" at the bottom of the home page).
Kieran, Hong Kong

For anybody wanting to know those persons at present unaccounted for from Hong Kong Football Club please visit
Jonathon, Hong Kong

Is there a list of the British dead and missing?
Amber-Jade Sanderson, Australia

Has anyone any news of a Canadian couple, Patricia Germain and Pierre St Laurent? Friends of mine were married last Saturday and have been in Bali on their honeymoon. Their families have not been able to reach them since the tragedy.
Sarah Gray, Canada

I am looking for two friends from the Gold Coast

Hadsy, Australia
I am looking for two friends from the Gold Coast. Their names are Brendan Reed (Red). He has red hair, Celtic tattoo across his entire back and a tattoo of flames up one leg. He is travelling with Nicole Buhagiar 5' 7" with brown/black medium length hair. Has anyone seen them?? Please let me know...
Hadsy, Australia

If anyone needs news on the SCC members, we have a hotline +65 6338 5896.
SCC Member, Singapore

I was there and very close to the blast. Hope I'm not one of the people feared missing.
Richard Murray, England

Kiwi in London was contacted by another friend in Singapore Hospital, who thought he (Kiwi in London) might know someone injured. I was then contacted and had just been told five minutes before, about an injured person recovering in Singapore. Small world, thanks to e-mail news travels faster than voice messages. He was a UN worker in East Timor, on a short holiday break to Bali. He suffered 10% burns his on arms and shoulders, and is recovering in a general ward.
Graeme Moscrip, New Zealand

I travelled on the coach from Penang - KL - Singapore with a girl called Anita Beckwith; when I came to Oz she went to Bali. Just want to say I hope she is safe and well.
Lee Matthews, British, currently in Oz


Once again the lists are posted as they were in my country in the early days after 9/11. My heart mourns as the hairs go up on the back of my neck at the achingly similar pleas for information, the descriptions of beloved ones, the desperate searches amidst this insane psychopathic nihilistic madness. Please know in this time of your tragedy that this American loves you Aussies and Brits, and sends to all our prayers and deep sympathy. .
Robert McIntyre, United States

I spent the best two years working in Lombok and have yet to live anywhere better. I will get back to Bali as soon as and carry as much cash as possible to spend. I hope others who have loved the islands as much as I have will do the very same. Go to Bali and dont let those few destroy the livelihoods of the whole region, as if they haven't already had enough to deal with. Guarantee you will have the best time.
Jeremy White, UK

We can't stop exploring the world

Christian Askman, Sweden
One thing I remember about Kuta was that Indonesians always had to pay to come in to the clubs when most can't even afford it. But we backpackers always came in right away and NEVER paid. I am so sad. Bali was a second home and I hoped to return. Now I don't know. I am not very religious but let's pray for all those who lost someone. Let their life go on because we can't stop exploring the world. I love backpacking and will never stop.
Christian Askman, Sweden

Since people still visit New York - there's no reason to suddenly abandon Bali. I am planning a trip early next year and I haven't changed my mind.
Alex, New Zealand

I am a good friend of somebody that lost a good friend in the Bali bombing. My friend, caught in the epicentre of grief, is inconsolable and like the blast waves of the explosion, spreading outwards, I too feel the grief left as I am to pick up the pieces, clear up the debris of this terrible crime born of an ignorance and hatred to which we must not stoop.
Benjamin Caro, England

We feel the hurt and pain in the unnecessary loss of so many precious lives

Tuiasau Leota Petaia, Samoa
Sitting here reading all the messages and words of comfort from so many people of so many different nationalities, one could not help but be moved to add a few words. Even though we are so far away from these troubles, we feel the hurt and pain in the unnecessary loss of so many precious lives. My family are presently holidaying in Sydney and I cannot bear the thought of anything happening to them while I am not there. My prayer is that the Gods of our forefathers be with you all who have lost loved ones in this senseless and barbaric act.
Tuiasau Leota Petaia, Samoa

I was in Bali for two weeks in September. The day before the blast I booked a return trip and leave next week to spend another month in one of the most beautiful and friendly countries on earth. I grew up in Belfast and know the effects of terrorism all too well but they cannot be allowed to win. I urge everyone who was thinking of going there not to abandon their plans. Help the people of Bali and show the terrorists that they cannot win. Bali is still a paradise on earth and you will be as safe there as in any Western country.
Gordon Jenkins, New Zealand

Today I was informed of the death of a very dear friend, Doug Warner who was murdered in the blast. To all those people who ever met him, he will be missed. My thoughts go to his family, and wife Inga. Wherever you may be now roaming Doug, you will forever have a place in my heart. Rest in peace.
Nathan Hingley, English/working in Canada

We are part of the Brownsons soccer team staying in Bali; we returned home 24 hours before the blast. Thank you to everyone who has called to check on our safety, it is very moving. My prayers to all those still waiting for news - your wait must be agonising, God bless.
Jo, New Zealand

I feel so useless here and wish I could join my friends in their efforts to help the local people

Sarah, UK
I left Bali at lunchtime on the 12th after five years of living and working in Indonesia, four of those years in Bali. My husband, Gede, is Balinese, we have a two-year-old daughter and have returned to the UK to have our second child who is due in February. Gede has lost a friend in the bombings and could so easily have been in the area himself if we hadn't left that day. I'm probably one of the only people in the UK who wishes they were in Bali right now, I feel so useless here and wish I could join my friends in their efforts to help the local people most of whom, unlike the tourists, don't have the luxury of being able to get on a plane and leave behind the nightmare they find themselves in. We are praying that an end will come to this senseless violence and loss of life so we can bring our children up in peace. My deepest condolences to all who have lost loved ones wherever you are around the world and to everyone in Bali, stay strong.
Sarah, UK

My son Tom Woods and partner Denise were reported missing by us on Saturday night. We went through the terrible nightmare of waiting three nights - 58 hours - but were one of the lucky families. They were off the island at the time of the blast and knew nothing of the horror. Imagine the relief we felt but also the deep sadness for all the others coping with that overpowering grief.
Maureen Woods, England

We were 100 metres from the explosion

Naidi, Ireland
On the Saturday night that the bomb went off we were sitting in bar called Tubes about 100 metres from the explosion. There were was a loud bang and then a few seconds later an even bigger explosion. Everyone stood up and started running, with screams coming from all directions. Me, my sister and my boyfriend headed straight up to Legian Street to see if we could help. It was amazing to see how people were working together to help all the victims. I would just like to say well done to everyone that helped, you saved many a life. If it wasn't for all that help it could of been a lot worse. My thought are with the friends and family of the victims.
Naidi, Ireland

My two daughters were staying in Bali at the Hard Rock Hotel, three blocks from the bombing. They were in their hotel room Saturday night when they heard a tremendously loud bang and the windows rattled. Their hotel lobby was used as a triage site for the wounded. They describe the whole scene as horrendous. I thank God that my girls were saved. Let us please pray for the many parents who were not so fortunate.
Maureen Cairns, Canada

My condolences to the gentle people of Bali

Peter, UK
Having spent four weeks working and travelling in Bali this summer I was shocked to the core by the events of this weekend. My most heartfelt condolences go to the victims of this heinous crime and also to the gentle people of Bali, who will surely be plunged into the worst of times this winter. I sincerely hope that their tourism industry can recover quickly as so many more lives depend on it.
Peter, UK

In memory of Tom Holmes... mountaineer, engineer, rugby player, friend... Those of you who knew Tom from a young age will appreciate his tremendous enthusiasm for everything he did. I and my family will recall his scaling the heights of Kinabalu in Sabah with his sister Clare at an early age, his "On-on" cry and his rugby scrimmaging skills, his tender regard for others... you have gone Tom but will always be remembered. To Tom, Clare, Paul, Jane and Peter Holmes from the Gudgeon family... Peter, Sue, Claire, Chris, Alex and Piers.
Peter Gudgeon, USA

To the family and close friends of Tom Holmes: I saw Tom in Hong Kong several times, but met him in Singapore just as often. He was always willing to meet for a drink and socialise with anyone he knew. Full of the joys of spring, and full of opinions(!) - never a dull moment. Tom, the others from HKFC, and the SCC in Singapore, you'll be sorely missed. Fond memories,
Geoff Kirk, Singapore/UK

The horrors of losing colleagues and friends in New York last year have come flooding back

Denise, England
Firstly my heart goes out to all who have been injured and lost loved ones in this latest tragedy. My prayers are with all of the lovely people of Bali who have done nothing to deserve this. The horrors of losing colleagues and friends in New York last year have come flooding back. What is this world coming to when fanatical people think it is their right to kill and maim innocent people, and all in the name of religion!!!!! I fail to comprehend how any religion whatsoever can condone slaughter of the magnitude we have all witnessed in the past 13 months.
Denise, England

My boyfriend and I were in Kuta 100 meters from the bombs when they went off. We feel very happy to be alive but incredibly sad for those who didn't make it and their poor families. The feeling here is one of shock. Everyone has been supporting each other in the search for missing friends and relatives. There is a lot of sympathy for the Balinese whose industry will most likely be destroyed for quite sometime. Before and after the tragedy the locals have been friendly and professional, even those who have lost loved ones themselves. I think we need to keep positive and like the Balinese keep smiling and together we can root out the evil responsible for this terrible atrocity.
Georgina Fairley, UK\Bali

What on earth is the British government up to? The Aussies have spared no expense and shown compassion by having the Royal Australian Air Force fly home their dead and injured, yet our government insist that Brits, including the injured must pay their own way. Come on Tony Blair, hang the expense, its peanuts on the defence budget, dispatch a RAF Tristar with a full medical team immediately and bring our injured home for proper care.
Trevor Piper, UK

My girlfriend was killed

Ronaldo, Bali, Indonesia
My girlfriend and best friend of the past five years, Ana Cecila Aviles, was killed in the bomb explosion. Ana was greatly loved and will be sadly missed by those in the Balinese community, who knew her well and loved her deeply. Ana loved the Balinese people and worked in various organisations, her favourite being the Foundation for Street Dogs, as she loved all living beings, with all of her heart. She will also be missed by the ex-pat community, as a shining light and an example of her purity in the way she lived her life.

It has been very difficult for us, here on Bali who are all working without sleep to do what we can, organising funds for Indonesian victims, giving blood, gathering clothing, bringing food, bringing water, contacting families, and trying to stay strong for the families who are on their way from distant lands all over the planet. My girlfriend's family are coming from Ecuador, and will be arriving tomorrow afternoon.

It has been very difficult at the hospital, with so many unrecognisable bodies, burned beyond recognition. I'm grateful that my Ana's body is still so beautiful, her death a result of a large piece of shrapnel in the side of her chest and into her lung. There is still much work ahead for us, and we must go on.
Ronaldo, Bali, Indonesia

Witnessing this horrific carnage has been far more grief-provoking for me than the passing of my poor old Dad last year. All those sweet, young, innocent faces gone forever! Sunday morning brought true stories from our Balinese families who already, suddenly had death and burn injuries in their lives. As the day wore on and the numbness grew, rumours of our dear Ecuadorian friend, Ana Cecila Aviles emerged.

They were that she had died in the arms of an Aussie stranger who she had given her name to and asked him to contact her family. We tried calling her, hoping to hear her voice. We did, but it was only her recording asking us to leave a message. Monday morning brought the truth - it was indeed our peace-loving, happy, beautiful friend that had been in the path of those hideous senseless murderers!

Attempting to shake off some of the numbness, we hit the streets to buy up all of the medical supplies in our neighbourhood and deliver them along with fans, sheets, towels and food to main public hospital in Denpasar and offer our services as volunteers. Doing something actually helped lift our fallen spirits, but arriving at the hospital was just a little above depressing. It was hard to see who was organising what - many locals, expats, tourists, press people and various people in uniforms of allsorts.

We returned back to Seminyak in the late afternoon to honour our friends and fallen angels at a sunset vigil on the beach in front of La Lucciola. About 500 people gathered into a gigantic circle, holding hands, chanting, hugging, crying and praying that last Saturday night can never be repeated.
Lisa, Bali

To me, it looked like hell

Paul Cerny, UK
After the explosions it all turned into chaos. The sky was thick with smoke and flames. I was terrified. Everywhere I looked people were injured or dying or dead. It really sunk in when the body of a dead man was carried passed me, burnt so he was unrecognisable. I watched as they laid him down outside a shop with some of the other victims. To me, it looked like hell. Buildings where falling down around us. I praise everyone that helped out that night.
Paul Cerny, UK

12 October brought the realities of terrorism to the forefront of my mind. Nothing can bring sense to the sight of revellers enjoying the evening in one moment, and the sight of amputated body parts strewn in the street in the very next beat of life. I saw life slip away from so many innocent people throughout the night. So many hours of manpower are dedicated to battling drugs on this island and yet something as destructive and gruesome as bombs slipped into the nightclubs here undetected.
Nea Hildebolt, United States of America

As former club members we were shocked to hear that Hong Kong Football Club rugby team mates were among those missing. The Hong Kong British ex-pat community is so close knit - especially at the football club where this will have a devastating effect. Despite telephone calls from friends in Hong Kong to update us - the news has not been good. Amazing how useless one can feel stuck 13 hours away...
Paul and Kary, London

A young relative of ours was in the Sari Club when the blast hit. He had gone there to celebrate the wedding of close friends married last week in Bali. He is alive but both the bride and groom are presumed dead. I don't know what else to say, how to express the incredible sorrow I feel for all of the lost and shattered lives - many of them our young and strong. Rest in peace.
Glenn, Australia

The madness and destruction must stop

Tim, Australia
I was in Paddy's bar opposite the Sari Club when the explosions went off and I am very lucky to be here now. One minute I was looking at a dancefloor full of people enjoying themselves the next I was covered in rubble and all I could hear was constant screaming - it was horrific.
Joe Davis, UK

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost friends, relatives, their hopes and dreams as a result of this terrible event. Let us also spare a thought for the thousands of Indonesians who are shocked and saddened by this attack, and have no wish to be part of such terrible actions. The madness and destruction must stop, the world over.
Tim, Australia

The car bomb outside the Sari Club in Kuta was horrifying and unjust. I, like many others, have visited the club with friends whilst in Kuta. It is frightening to think it was deemed a terrorist target. Is nowhere safe anymore?
Mhairi Macaulay, Scotland, UK

It's unbelievable that terrorism has arrived at our very doorsteps. I know that Islam is not to be blamed for this and majority of the Muslims are innocent. But I appeal to the Muslim extremists out there to think as fellow humans and spare the innocent civilians from perishing in your cause.
Wayne, Singapore

I am faced with the dilemma of whether to stay or go home

Gavin, Jakarta (British)
I currently work in Jakarta and am faced, like many others, with the dilemma of whether to stay or to go home. At least I have the choice, a luxury not granted to those who died.
Gavin, Jakarta (British)

I have spent the last half an hour reading everyone's comments about the atrocity on Saturday night. My sympathy goes out to those who were there and witnessed the devastation. I have lived in Indonesia for five years and although I am now back in the UK my parents still reside in Jakarta. I have been to Bali on numerous occasions and have fallen in love with it again and again. But I'm afraid to say that this act of terrorism will have brought Indonesia to its knees.
Kelly-Anne Jones, UK

I went to the site today with my big sister and it was really sad to see Kuta like this

Mila, Bali, Indonesia
I went to the site today with my big sister and it was really sad to see Kuta like this. I was crying. The whole place smelt like burnt flesh and the shops around Kuta were pretty much destroyed. Workers don't have jobs anymore, Kuta was totally quiet. My brother and his friends went to the site right after they heard the bomb and they saw bits of limbs and other body parts flying everywhere and there were headless bodies, he said it was really horrific! Police say that there are still more bodies buried and burnt inside the wrecked buildings. Let's all pray for Bali.
Mila, Bali, Indonesia

On Saturday, our last night in Bali, a few friends and I decided to have dinner at Ku De Ta in North Kuta. We finished dinner at around 10 and decided to have a brandy or two and sit on the beach before heading off to central Kuta and probably the Sari nightclub as that was the only place left on our list we hadn't done and were saving it until last. I am only very glad that the brandy on the beach turned into quite a few as the setting was so lovely. I remember seeing and hearing the blast on the beach and not knowing at the time what had happened. The intensity of the blast must have been incredible as the whole night sky was lit up orange. My thoughts go out to those who were not as lucky as my friends and I.
James Hardcastle, British Ex-pat in Tokyo

I just got out of Bali before they shut down the airport after the explosions at the Sari Club and Paddy's. I had been there for a month and had met and become good friends with both local people other travelling tourists, and are still awaiting e-mail responses from people that were there that night. My heart goes out to people who have lost loved ones in this horrific tragedy. But for people still waiting for responses to not give up hope.
Jack, Australia

There was smashed glass everywhere, it was total chaos

Paul Reilly, England
We were about 1.5 km away when the bomb went off. Everything shook around us, then we saw the smoke and the fire above the buildings. We walked closer to the site and people were running away, there was smashed glass everywhere, it was total chaos. We were in there on Thursday night and cannot believe that anyone would want to hurt so many young people.
Paul Reilly, England

I just got back to Canada, as I was scheduled to leave the very next morning. We were very lucky. We were waiting for a mate to arrive before heading out to the internet cafe and bars around the Sari Club. My mate was late showing up, and I was outside my hotel waiting for him instead of being there. The lights flickered, and then there was the explosion.

The bomb must have been huge as glass was shattering where I was over a kilometre away. I initially thought it was a gas explosion as that was the rumour on the streets. It wasn't until we checked the BBC website about two hours later that we knew for sure it was a bomb. It's sick that someone would intentionally go after tourists like that. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who lost loved ones. To the Balinese people, thank you for everything.
Bobby, Edmonton, Canada

We could see the fire from the beach

A Kiwi, New Zealand
I'm alive and only just - by five minutes. We parked opposite the Sari Club at 11pm and walked about 250 metres to the Apache Reggae Bar. We heard a big noise, like a rumble. Then we heard a big explosion and the lights went out everywhere. Everyone was running and screaming.

The side of the building we were in was open anyway, so we ran out and away from the noise. I was really calm and clearheaded but the awful thing was we didn't know where the noise was coming from or what caused it. Some locals said it was electrics. We looked down the road and there was a big fire. We didn't know what it was but I knew that we had to get away, as fire rips through these substandard buildings really fast and I didn't want to get caught in a stampede, there were lots of people in the street.

Then we decided the safest place was the beach and headed down there, seeing broken shop windows on the way. We also saw two blokes, with ripped clothing, cuts and they were covered in black. They were probably on autopilot but we didn't think to stop and help them. We sat on the beach and had a beer.

The roads were blocked so we walked about three kilometres up the beach. We could see the fire from the beach and lots of smoke. What a night! I keep thinking of a woman I saw begging, with a young baby (about 3-4 months). That was shocking in itself, but now I think she probably didn't make it, she was right by the Sari Club.
A Kiwi, New Zealand

To A Kiwi, New Zealand: Your comments really moved me, thank you. I'm glad you got to have your beer so that you could pass that message on. The news in England is packed with bombings and killings from around the East, it makes you glad to be a New Zealander and away from it all. But then something like this happens; suddenly we're in their shoes, it's scary. Even though some of us aren't as close to home as we would like to be at the moment we are still thinking of you. That goes to all the Aussies out there too, I know we argue like dogs over the rugby but we are neighbours and we do stand together.
Another Kiwi, London (New Zealand)

I was in Paddy's pub, 20 metres away. All your worst nightmares mixed up together, after one big ball of fire.
Daan Zuur, Netherlands

We are going to the hospital tomorrow to give blood

Rebecca Herreros, England
I'm here in Kuta and its so shocking and sad. Bali seemed such a safe relaxed and happy place, everyone here had worked and saved and looked forward to their holiday and then this happens, it is unfathomable. We are going to the hospital tomorrow to give blood and volunteer to get the names of those injured and contact their loved ones.
Rebecca Herreros, England

I was only there last week and thank my lucky stars we arrived back to the UK in time. My heart goes out to the people affected by the awful tragedy. My friend Scott is still out there and was sat on his balcony behind the Sari Club having a quiet beer on his own when the explosion took place. The beer bottles smashed and the roof tiles came down on him followed by a gust of very warm wind. The tragedy then unfolded with carnage of the injured appearing in the streets before him. We are devastated.
Chris Gower, London, England

I spent just about every night in the Sari Club

James Allen, UK
I was in Bali six weeks ago after travelling for a couple of years. I spent five weeks in Kuta and just about every night in the Sari Club and Paddy's which was also hit. I'm still in a state of shock that such a soft target could have been hit with people my own age. One of my friends is still missing who I stayed in Bali with. If it had been six weeks ago I would have been one of the victims. I feel very lucky but upset at the same time.
James Allen, UK

My thoughts go out to all those who have lost loved ones in this horrific tragedy. Sari Club holds so many amazing memories for me. I had planned to return again this Christmas, to re-live those times, and add to the stories. I hope that Made (the best barman in Sari) is OK, and that one day I will be able to share the good times over a jungle juice again. For such a beautiful paradise island this is so wrong. Dreamlands I will be back!
Pete, UK

How could such a barbaric tragedy happen in one of the most serene, tranquil and beautiful place on earth? My condolences go to all the victims as well as Balinese and Indonesians. May God light the way and end terrorism once and for all.
Edison Yeoh, Sydney, Australia

Our guests have died in our home

Nila, Indonesia
I have just arrived back in my country after spending a year in the UK, and I spent a week in Bali, including Kuta, two weeks ago. It's a beautiful and lively place. The bomb incident is a real horrible tragedy. Our guests have died in our home. I am sorry for that and my deep heartfelt sympathy goes to all of the victims and their family. I also condemn whoever has done this. They have killed our people, our guests and made our people suffer more.
Nila, Indonesia

To all the surfers who died at the Sari who I will never bump into next time I'm in Bali: I may not know your names but I know your faces. All us travelling Indo surfers are one. Rest in peace. May your spirits ride the bagus ombak.
Russell, Australia

To Russell the surfer, your few lines moved me so much, I think that they embody what we all feel. May all those who suffered be at peace.
Jo, UK

I was in Bali two weeks ago on honeymoon in what I can only describe as being a beautiful country with equally beautiful people. The Balinese people could not be nicer. I am sickened to see what has happened in Bali and my thoughts and prayers are with those of the dead and missing.
Peter, Ireland

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the thing that meant the most to me was the outpouring of sympathy and support from around the world - most especially from Australia, as I have lived and worked there, and know its people as sincere and caring. I hope our words here can bring some of that comfort to the victims of this attack and their families.
Matthew, USA

I am Balinese who is studying in the UK. I was on the phone, talking to my dad when the blast occurred. I heard the sound clearly down the phone. It was at 1600 here in the UK. Then I saw on BBC there was a news about my lovely place and afterwards I cried.

I think it is over - the reputation of Bali as a safe place and island of paradise are history. I am worrying about my friends that are mostly working in the tourism industry. Moreover it is useless as well for me because currently I am studying tourism and hospitality management in the UK - I am thinking of change my course.
Wayan, Bali

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