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Tuesday, 22 October, 2002, 09:15 GMT 10:15 UK
Latest Wallace and Gromit: Your views
Popular animated duo Wallace and Gromit are back, after winning an Oscar with A Close Shave in 1995.

That film, together with The Wrong Trousers in 1993 and their first outing, 1989's A Grand Day Out, established them as a UK film industry success story and a huge success with film and TV audiences.

But they took an extended holiday while Bristol's Aardman Animations, their makers, took on such projects as 2000's full-length feature film Chicken Run.

Aardman has now made 10 one-minute shorts in preparation for a major Wallace and Gromit feature film. The shorts, Cracking Contraptions, launch on Tuesday with the world première of Soccamatic on BBC News Online.

What do you think of Soccamatic? Are Wallace and Gromit still funny? Are you pleased to see them return?

This Talking Point has now closed. Thank you for your comments.

All the kids were in hysterics

David, Australia
Fantastic clip! The desert children of Western Australia are now laughing with the rest of the world at the antics of Wallace and Gromit. I was so excited I downloaded it and showed the Aboriginal kids I teach, today. All the kids were in hysterics. They can't wait for more contraptions.
David, Australia

It's so great to see Wallace and Gromit again! Finally there's more!!
June Marie Holm, Norway

Hilarious and cracking great fun! We nearly dropped our crackers and cheese! Everyone in our family loves these guys, and we're waiting for the next work.
Steve, Canada

Soccamatic is brilliant! Watching Wallace and Gromit was like seeing good old friends again! I can't wait until BBC show the whole series... Well done, Nick Park!
Jo Power, UK

Jolly great hilarious short poking fun at England's national pastime

Lawrence, USA
Jolly great hilarious short poking fun at England's national pastime. Welcome back, Wallace and Gromit, after a long hiatus. And thank you, Nick Park, for still having that wonderfully skewed sense of humor. I can hardly wait for the other 9 shorts and the next W & G feature film from Aardman to appear in theaters and eventually on DVD.
Lawrence, USA

Fantastic!! If the film's half as good as that two-minute taster then it looks like Mr Park will have more than three Oscars to his name.
Steven Henderson, UK

Superb! Our heroes are back again, we can't wait for more! Thank you so much Mr Park!
R. Geuzinge, The Netherlands

I've been a fan since I first saw Creature Comforts at a local animation festival. Nick Park's work has only improved as the years have gone by, and I applaud his skill at claymation, an art which is slowly being overlooked in favour of computer animation. Good work, Nick, and thanks for bringing back a duo I thought had retired!
Tina Hickman, USA

Cracking short, Gromit!

Ian Westwood, UK
Brilliant. Great to see Peter Sallis is 'the voice' of Wallace. My sons are now demanding the other nine films. Looks like they're gonna release a DVD with them on. That'll be worth every penny. Cracking short, Gromit!
Ian Westwood, UK

Smashing. Wallace and Gromit were very funny. Cracking movie Mr Park.
Emory Leftwich (6 years old), Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I know Aardman needs to work on other projects, but W & G are our favourites and we want more, more, more, as selfish as it sounds! Gromit rules!
Marcy, USA

Welcome back. We've missed you. Now get on with it.
Moogie, Yorkshire, UK

It was great! My boss called me in, we watched it and I laughed for hours. Can't wait for them all and can't wait for the feature film.
Mark, New Jersey, United States

My two-year-old daughter has just demanded to watch Wallace and Gromit four times in a row

Steve Coombs, Germany
My two-year-old daughter has just demanded to watch Wallace and Gromit four times in a row. She's obviously got good taste! Fun for all ages, I reckon - the younger kids watch the action, teenagers can compare Wallace's sporting attire with David Beckham's and older generations can go into transports of delight reminiscing about the footballing greats of earlier years who get name checked in the film. All of this in two minutes, including credits, simply has to be admired. More, please.
Steve Coombs, Germany

Nut-cracking good fun, Aardman! Seeing this short is like great old friends suddenly showing up at your door.
Dave, USA

I thought it was superb!! I can't wait for more!!
Robert, aged 7, England

Condensed comic genius. Can't wait for the rest and the feature film.
Neil Elkes, England

Looking forward for more stories

Amy, Hong Kong
Superb!! I've been waiting for Wallace and Gromit for such a long time. Gromit is still as brilliant as he used to be!! Looking forward for more stories of Wallace and Gromit.
Amy, Hong Kong

This short shows a sharp drop in the standard of humour achieved by their earlier incantations.
Benjamin, England

I'm not sure which is the most endearing. The voice of Peter Sallis or the images of Wallace and the patient Gromit. Put all together and the result is magic.
Brian Watts, UK

It takes time and patience to be this funny but why do we have to wait so long between such brilliant characters outings?
Niall, Scotland

I'm not into watching football, but I could watch this over and over again.
Nick, UK

Nick Park is a comedic genius

William van Zwanenberg, UK
Nick Park is a comedic genius and Soccamatic hits all the right notes. It's fantastic and brilliantly funny in the way that all the past W & G films have been.
William van Zwanenberg, United Kingdom

National treasures - so good to have the madly inspired Wallace and long suffering but faithful Gromit back again. Greatly looking forward to the other shorts and the movie. Cheers to all at Aardman.
Dave H, UK

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Just viewing it at work and told sister about it via e-mail and she checked it out and both of us just were howling over Wallace and Gromit. The boys are similar to another set of "boys" - Laurel and Hardy with their innovation and innocence. Both charm, entice, and make you laugh your butts off over their antics! Way to go Mr Park! Keep up the good Brit work and keep Wallace and Gromit unmistakably English.
Laura, United States / New Zealand

Another long-awaited masterpiece. Welcome back, my heroes. Can't wait to see the other new films. Just crackin'.
Vivienne Rorie, Orkney

Can't wait to see it on big screen.

Janet, UK
Well worth the wait downloading on to my computer, my kids came to see what I was laughing at. Can't wait to see it on big screen. Well done to everyone involved in the making.
Janet, UK

I thought that was brilliant but please, please, please can Shaun the Sheep star in one?!
Andi Wisker, UK

Top stuff. If these are the training exercises then roll on the feature! In an age of ever more CG animation, it's lovely to see some beautifully crafted stop-motion work.
Peter, UK

Great to see Nick backing his home town team with the Preston North End Soccamatic. Craig Brown sign him up. I counted three former PNE legends and many other PNE references. Wallace and Gromit are Lillywhites!
John, UK

Never stop! Laurel and Hardy kept going for many years. Do likewise, please.
Neil Farquharson, UK

The short is just that, too short!

Christina, USA
Wallace and Gromit are back in top form! I am pleased to see them back and still as funny as ever. The years haven't spoiled the humour of their adventures one bit. The short is just that, too short, but the promise of a feature film will tide us fans over.
Christina, USA

Looking back at it now, I can't think how I could have been scared when I was younger at the antics of this man and his dog in The Wrong Trousers. Now, just under a decade down the line, I can appreciate the skill and work that goes into these guys, and I enjoy them now no matter how much they frightened me in 1993. Having just watched Soccamatic, I'd like to congratulate Aardman on a great job with these clips. They make you laugh out at the wonderful wit of Wallace, and the ending almost had me falling out of my seat, rather than cowering behind a pillow. 15 out of 15, love!
Chris Philpot, UK

Nick Park's Wallace and Gromit new online film is the best claymation-stopmotion-animation since... the old Wallace and Gromit shorts.
Victor Escardo, Montevideo, Uruguay

It was sooooo good to see Wallace and Gromit again!! awesome movie! :)
Kristian Rangnes, Norway

The soccer coaches were in stitches

Eric Berman, USA
Showed it at school and the soccer coaches were in stitches. Gromit's inflatable goalie ploy brought down the house! So glad the duo is back.
Eric Berman, USA

Some superb saves by Gromit! Does anyone know what nationality he is? Scotland are a bit thin on the ground in terms of goalkeepers at the moment!
Donny, Scotland

Thank God for a little zany humour these days from the classiest double act since Plato and Socrates.
Joe, USA

WOW! Back in the best form expected! Excellent!
Hans M. Poulsen, Denmark

Fantastic short animation but we need MORE of them. I give this 5 out of 5 maple leafs.
P. Stanway, Canada

Well dun chuck!
Mavis, Germany

It was great! I can't wait to see more. I especially liked Wallace's little ploy after the credits.
Bob Lee, USA

Soccamatic is hilarious! I'm so glad to see the boys are back in town!
Lisa Lyman, Baltimore, MD, USA

Nowhere near as good as the others, I expect better from Nick Park.
Nick, UK

Wallace and Gromit are a local treasure

Eileen, UK
Living in Bristol, Wallace and Gromit are a local treasure. This British made programme is delightfully innocent for our children, and enjoyed by as many adults. Well done lads, hopefully lots more to come.
Eileen, UK

Pure animated genius, a class short, as usual.
Robert, Sweden

The plasticine equivalents of Morecambe and Wise - universally loved (except by a few sad people!) and funny forever.
Jessica Magill, UK

I have been waiting for this day so long, to see the new adventures of Wallace and Gromit!
Leonid Khmelnitski, Russia

Keep up the good work!

Andrew Wade, UK
Superb! It's about time they're back. Kids love Wallace and Gromit, keeps them entertained for hours. Think it reminds them of me, inventing useless inventions, but having lots of fun along the way. Keep up the good work!
Andrew Wade, UK

Brilliant as ever, just not long enough. My four-year-old made me play it over and over again, he just can't get enough. Bravo.
Debbie Robertson, UK

Yes they have had their funny moments, but enough is enough please. Ever heard the term quit while you are ahead? I just feel they have taken it too far.
Stephanie, Scotland

Poor Stephanie from Scotland. I really am amazed that there is a single person out there who is not amazed at the care and love that goes into Wallace and Gromit. As far as I am concerned they could make them forever and I still couldn't get enough. My whole family, from my five-year-old up to my 89-year-old Grandma love these wonderful characters.
Nikkie, UK

Cracking Soccamatic, Gromit! Our son Timmy, two and half, watched it TEN times this morning. He loves it. Can't wait until the next one... Thank you to all at Aaaaaardman.
Sophie and Tony, France and UK

I can't wait for this feature film!!!!
Mark Saddler, UK

It's a crackin' story

Lisa, UK
I've just watched Soccamatic and found myself giggling at the predictably silly ending and feeling very pleased that my two favourite northern blokes are back on form. It's a crackin' story and I'm looking forward to the other nine!
Lisa, UK

I like Soccamatic. They are still funny and I am delighted to see them return.
Patrick O'Callaghan, Ireland

Funny, but too short.
Taiswing, Hong Kong, China

Two minutes of pure animated, comic genius. I loved it and my two-year-old son just adores Gromit. Great goalkeeping! Keeps up Nick Park's fine tradition - if it ain't broke...
Jig, China

Excellent. Welcome back to the funniest double act ever. Thank you Nick Park for your wonderful creations.
Kevin, Spain

We named our dog after Gromit!

Barbara Lassiter, Australia
Love it! We have always loved this great duo, so much so that we named our dog after Gromit! Keep 'em coming!
Barbara Lassiter, Australia

Can't wait to see them back. Their unique humour is always a joy, but especially in these times.
Lee, Australia

Thank God that Nick is back on the job. He's a three-dimensional Chuck Jones.
Brendan, USA

I have enjoyed, nay loved, everything concerning Wallace and Gromit and Soccamatic has not disappointed. Well done, Auntie Beeb. In the upcoming W & G feature film please, Mr Park, resist the urge to include Yank accents or a North American connection, as in Chook Run, and keep it quintessentially British. Keep it Pom!
Reg Swinnerton, Australia

Wallace and Gromit were, and still will be, a favourite in my country. We're holding onto the seats of our pants for the film!
Jonathan, USA

Wonderfully funny. Evidently, we're all in for a treat with this series. More please!
Richard Boyce, England

Fabulous new flick this Soccamatic. Lots of funny little details that make it great fun to watch over and over... eh? And what a treat to see it on Monday night in Canada at 9:30! Thanks Nick.
Gerald Tripp, Canada

A refreshing change

Dave W, UK
Wallace and Gromit and the child-like innocence that they portray are a refreshing change from the in-your-face and second-rate entertainment we are forced to put up with today. Kudos to Nick and all of the guys at Aardman (including Jon who did the W&G website - nice one!). Without you all, we would all be feeling a few years older! And how you ever managed to make an art form out of something that gets stuck in your hair...
Dave W, UK

Class in a glass! Keep up the good work!
Jules, UK

It's great to see the lads up to mischief again. I think this series of short animations will keep us going until they finish the big Hollywood movie!
Darren, UK

This Talking Point has now closed. Thank you for your comments.

Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions

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