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Thursday, 12 September, 2002, 14:54 GMT 15:54 UK
How should we remember?
The names of all 2,800 people killed in the terrorist attacks of 11 September were read out during a ceremony in New York to mark the year anniversary on Wednesday.

The ceremony began at 08:46 at Ground Zero, exactly one year since the north World Trade Center tower was hit by American Airlines Flight 11.

President George W Bush is visiting New York later in the day and heads of state will observe the lighting of an eternal flame.

But schools and businesses remain open to show that the city is committed to the future.

Around the world other ceremonies are also taking place, in London, Paris and in Afghanistan.

How should the world commemorate 11 September?

This Talking Point has now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Forget the world it was the USA where this tragedy happened. Let us not forget the terrible treatment the US has dished out to others around the globe. There is no minute's silence for them. No memorials. Nothing. At 1.46 this afternoon my thoughts were with the innocent victims of the US and UK's bombing in Afghanistan. Sorry.
Muzikin, UK

More despairing are the threats by terrorist groups against national monuments

Mithun, India
Whenever I read about some more people killed in Kashmir or Northern Ireland or the Balkans, I feel helpless and disgusted over the senseless killing of innocent people over land or religion. But what is more despairing are the threats by terrorist groups against national monuments. There are threats against historical landmarks in America and India (the Taj Mahal). Whatever these men want cannot be achieved by killing civilians or destroying monuments of historical and national heritage. May the future bring peace to the world and education to the fanatical.
Mithun, India

September 11th should be remembered as a day of awakening. All humans should ponder the deeds in their every day lives that cause misery to others in the name of religion, race, sex, nationalism or any other form of creed. September 11th is the day that echoes the inequalities, intolerance, injustice & inhumane acts of humanity that goes unnoticed in every corners of the world every second.
Nathan, USA

People should pray and adopt peace. As one said, we should treat other civilians like ourselves. We should not allow our leaders to make the same mistakes as these stupid terrorists. Let's all live in peace. Peace is the only solution. We like our neighbours to be friendly to us.
Jim, USA

I'll remember how countries all over the world stood with us in the days following September 11. This American says thank you from the bottom of his heart.
Steve Bertorelli, USA

The lives that have been lost due to terrorist attacks should not be in vain

Davina, UK
Everyone should use this day to think about all those who have lost their lives in terrorist attacks, all over the world. This should be a day of peace when world leaders consider the real issues about war and think about how many more innocent lives will be lost if we continue fighting with eachother. The lives that have been lost due to terrorist attacks should not be in vain. They should remind us war and terrorism should always be avoided and peace and goodwill should always be the first option.
Davina, UK

My heart goes out to all involved. Human spirit survives and we believe in truth, honesty and the good in people. Life goes on. The world can learn lessons from the people of New York and put their own problems in perspective. There is always someone suffering more than you. Life is for living.
Tracie Reeves, England

Let's not forget the policemen and firemen who ran towards the danger and not away from it.
M, Valley Forge, PA

I think that what happened was inexcusably inhuman, but there are greater tragedies going on in the world every day. It was such a shock because it happened to a country unused to suffering. A minute's silence and revenge attacks won't help the victims to rest in peace.
Dave, UK

I reckon there are a lot of things in this world which keep happening. Unfortunately nobody commemorates all those people who have died in similar terrorist attacks in other countries. Nobody gives an ear to the cries of the people who keep dieing in Northern Ireland, India, Israel, Indonesia etc.
Jake, UK

9/11 was an awful day that hit everyone hard. Today I feel optimistic that the net is closing in on those evil people around the world that want to kill or maim innocent victims. My thoughts are with the families that lost loved ones and with all those who were affected by this gravest of events.
Suneil, UK

Let's transform Ground Zero into a big garden with only six buildings inside: a Christian cathedral, an Islamic mosque, a Jewish synagogue, a Buddhist and a Hindu temple. These buildings could form a big circle in the garden with a beautiful youth hostel in its centre, run by the United Nations. This will help to create a world of mutual understanding between all the different cultures and religions.
Joerg Ramseger, Berlin, Germany

Pray that the future will be a safe and happy one

Jen, Australia
I will pray for all the people lost. I was at home when it happened, pregnant with my first child, and I felt scared that this was the kind of world I was bringing a child up in. God bless you all, and pray that the future will be a safe and happy one.
Jen, Australia

11 September should be remembered simply for the fact that innocent people always pay for the misdeeds of others.
Terry Dillon, USA

Is America "commemorating" 11 September? No. We are remembering the loss of thousands of lives from all nationalities. Knowing people who have lost loved ones on this day, they would agree as well. No, I don't feel that we should be seeing the images all day, but to have a moment of silence is the respectful thing to do. Americans are not expecting anyone to bend over backwards for us. That will never happen. The US will continue to stand on its own feet.
CMA, Philadelphia, PA

Peace be with all

Tom, UK
I will be attending a service at my local church, remembering all the victims of 11 September. May I add that having a football programme on the anniversary is a total disgrace, and this comes from a massive football fan. Peace be with all, especially the grieving families.
Tom, UK

Thanks to all Brits who have supported their friends across the pond. It truly means a lot. American press and politics can be self-centred and it bothers the average US citizen. However, attacks upon civilians of any nation or religion are one hundred percent unacceptable. My personal response is that of sadness and questioning, just how can people harbour so much hate. Peace to all.

True commemoration involves a worldwide commitment to fight the forces of radical terrorism

Tom, USA
Moments of silence, vigils and the reading of names are a good starting point but true commemoration involves a worldwide commitment to fight the forces of radical terrorism. This fight does not always have to involve guns and bombs and should include education, aid and goodwill. It must however be a long term commitment to fight the forces that would try to take us back to the dark ages and whose pinnacle of culture was the Taleban regime in Afghanistan.
Tom, USA

What happened on 11 September was awful and we should all have silence to remember those who died and think of them and their families. We are having silence at our school to show how much we care. I'd like to give all my thoughts to everyone for tomorrow, we'll all be thinking about them.
Kerri, age 14, UK

I will commemorate 9-11 by having two minutes of silence and praying for peace as I do everyday.
Susan Kanellakis, NY, USA

I think the best way to remember is by letting go. We have not done justice to the bereaved families by constantly talking about 9/11. To add insult to injury we keep showing images of what happened on that fateful day.
Josh, Kenya

The vast majority of British people were appalled at the events of 11 September, and will be remembering them with great sorrow on the anniversary. I have probably cried more in the past year than I care to remember. A great many British people have upset me greatly with their unfeeling comments, but unfortunately the nature of these things is that they attract people with strong negative feelings, and so are unrepresentative of the British people in general, who have enormous sympathy and support for the United States.
Dave, UK

There couldn't be enough events to commemorate it

Igonikon Jack, USA
The 11 September tragedy is the worst terrorist act in history. There couldn't be enough events to commemorate it.
Igonikon Jack, USA

The best way to commemorate 11 September is to view it as a whole humanity tragedy, meditate on why this had to have happened and do something about it, like marching for peace.
Carlkos, USA

11 September is a day of mourning for humanity's fight against terrorism for all the world. A tall tree starts as a small seed. We need to plant small seeds to overgrow the older trees of hatred.
Ryan, USA

I believe that this should be a subdued event with a moment of silence

Frank, USA
I believe that this should be a subdued event with a moment of silence. We must ensure that the possibility of another terrorist act of that magnitude is reduced.
Frank, USA

As a daughter of emigrants from Europe, I plan to spend some time with all of the other emigrants from all over the world. Yes, we Americans are British, French, German, Russian, Chinese, African, Greek, Irish, Arab, Indian; we are from all over the world. We plan a moment of silence and prayer for all victims of terror and will be waving flags too!
Kathleen, USA

The heroes who really stand out in my mind were those on flight 93

Mike, USA
There were many heroes that day including the New York fire and police departments but the heroes who really stand out in my mind were those on flight 93. They knew what was happening and gave their lives to defend me and my country. It wasn't their job or anything they signed up to do, they just did it. That is what we all must do and our government must wake up to the fact that determined citizens are the most formidable defensive force of any country. I commemorate the passengers of flight 93 and those on the other flights that fought directly to stop the attackers.
Mike, USA

Americans (everywhere) should commemorate September 11 with a moment of silence for those whose lives were lost on that horrific day.
Mary, USA

I will be reminded that freedom is neither cheap nor assured

Joe Santore, USA
I for one will be working and commemorating the lives lost as well as being reminded that freedom is neither cheap nor assured. As for our friends, knowing you stand beside us is more than enough, as to our enemies and hostile foes I say we are coming; may God have mercy on your pathetic souls for we will not.
Joe Santore, USA

It all seems too much like a hyped media event. I would like to see a memorial wall like the Vietnam Memorial placed in the proper setting at Ground Zero.

By removing all trace of religion from the governments of the world. I will not pray on this date. I'll give my moment of silence and remember those people - not all Americans, but from many nations - but it was a warped belief in God that caused this. Let the prayers be a private occasion.
Tom, USA

I hope that all those observing one or two minutes silence for the victims of 11 September will also give thought to those civilians who have subsequently died in the attacks on Afghanistan. It would be a comfort to much of the world to see that the US administration and its people had at least stopped to question why and tried to understand why these attacks took place. Unfortunately they have taken the easier option of revenge. As many people quoted in the immediate aftermath "An eye for an eye will make the world blind."
Nicci, Germany

Our thoughts are with our American friends on this day

Patrick, England
Our thoughts are with our American friends on this day. I am ashamed by some of the views expressed by my fellow Brits and it must be made clear that these voices are in a tiny minority. We stand as close by you as we always have. As for Nicci, being German, you more than anybody should know the dangers of appeasement.
Patrick, England

Don't just pray for America or her allies, pray for EVERYONE

Scott, USA
I think that we should remember the victims lost, and also pray for peace on Earth. And I don't just mean pray for America or her allies, I mean pray for EVERYONE. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc, terrorists, thieves, EVERYONE. We all need to recognise our brothers; everyone we meet.
Scott, USA

I can appreciate the politicians and media need to hype up 11 September for their own agendas. Some will be making big bucks out of it all. For the rest of us it's just another working day.
Norman Wilcox, Saudi Arabia

Pray that terror never rains down on humanity again

Beverly, USA
Pray that terror never rains down on humanity again. Regardless of where one lives.
Beverly, USA

With a moment of silence for all victims of oppression everywhere. And by shaming our leaders into refusing to support the insane, oil-motivated plans of the Bush administration to wage war on Iraq.
Rand B. Lee, USA

All humans should bow for a two minute silence. Then shout "Peace, peace, peace."
Debo Belvis O'diaji, Nigerian

I will remember the victims on that day. Remember it as a day when the rest of the world joined forces together for the common good. Even those that seem to dislike us so much should at least remember that and vow to continue to work together.
Jeff, USA

Nothing! There has been too much hype and blame laid on 11 September

Bill, Canada
Nothing! The loss of life is regrettable, but there has been too much hype and blame laid on 11 September.
Bill, Canada

I plan to get up early and attend a service at my church and remember the two friends I lost. Then I will go to work and keep moving forward with my life. My friend would have done the very same thing.
Eric, New Jersey, USA

Should the rest of the world commemorate anything that has to do with selfish, ignorant, indifferent and self-serving US of A? I don't think so. By some weird logic, events on September 11 will help Americans get to their senses and teach them to respect this little planet and all inhabitants on it. Or not. The choice is theirs, not ours to make.

To Anonymous: It's clear that it is YOU who is ignorant and needs to learn respect.
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA

It should be declared a work-free day

Kema Oparah, Nigeria
I think September 11 should be remembered with reverence and soberness of heart worldwide. It should be declared a work-free day in all countries that that uphold human right and support the US government's fight against all forms of terrorism. Aside this, world leaders should immortalize that day by making it a WORLD FREEDOM DAY.
Kema Oparah, Nigeria

Maybe we should spend the 11th in prayer. A prayer to all those who died on that day, and to all those people of other nations that the Americans have killed without any thought in the past.
Omar, England

Let all take pledge that we will change our swords to plow- shares and extend our hands to embrace the gift of life.
Khalid Rahim, Canada

I commemorate it every day when I walk over the site on my way to work. I say a silent prayer for the guy in my building who died (Australian), my friend's brother and the nine firemen from our neighbourhood firehouse who died that day.
Laurie, USA

Each person feels differently and needs to accept what happened in their personal way

Petra, USA
I do not think that anything needs to be done to commemorate 11 September, as the media has never allowed us to move on. Every day in news reports there is some mention of 11 September. The constant barrage of images and talk of what happened seems to diminish the value of what we should have learned. I think that each person needs to remember in his or her own way, without having fellow Americans telling us how we should feel or remember, or what we should do. I am not going to do anything because I am tired of hearing about it. You cannot re-remember something you have not been allowed to "forget" in the first place.
Petra, USA

We should observe two minutes silence all over the world. At the specified time, all TV radio channels will stop broadcast for the two minutes.

Personally, I will commemorate the day with a moment of silence out of respect for those who died, Americans and non-Americans alike. I don't understand why this is inappropriate, as so many (mostly in the UK) seem to think. To say that those outside the US have no need to remember that terrible day is unnecessary. If the event touched you and you feel the desire to pause for a moment of reflection please do so. But if this event was unimportant to you, turn off your TV or radio and just ignore it. If it means nothing to you then why do you bother to comment? No one is forcing you to feel empathy and you have no right to tell those of us who do feel something that we should not do so.
Chris, US

September 11th may not be the quiet day of remembrance it should be.

Katie, Massachusetts
Unfortunately, September 11 may not be the quiet day of remembrance it should be. I'm sure that there will many bomb threats and false other threats seeing as their were many false threats the days after September 11th last year. So instead quietly mourning and remembering, the day will probably be spent evacuating and fearing more attacks.
Katie, Massachusetts, USA

11 September is the designated Day of Prayer at the Unity Church. I think that is the most appropriate way of remembering- to pray for peace, to meditate, to visualize a world at peace, and to make a resolution to begin the peace process on a personal level. No, we shouldn't forget about it, but the best way to fight a "war" on terrorism is to improve the conditions on our planet which breed this type of hatred, violence, and unrest.
Roxanne, USA

It's a tragic incident in global history; it should be remembered quietly and by praying for the departed souls. Because crying will show the weakness of the survivor against terrorism.

I see it as an American event, not a global one

Victor D, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
I see no reason to commemorate September 11th. I see it as an American event, not a global one. Many disasters happen almost daily all over the world, some natural and others caused by human actions. Where is the commemoration of these events? We should strive to prevent events like September 11th from happening rather than commemorating them.
Victor D, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Many of the comments on here refer to the events as an American tragedy, has everyone forgotten the wide variety of nations represented amongst the dead from that day? I have avoided visiting the area since September but my parents were visiting this weekend and we took a walk around that area. It was extremely emotional, I think that everyone should try and remember and reflect in their own way on what happened, not just on the 11th Sept but anytime.
Neil, USA/UK

In America, September 11th will be remembered the way we see fit, with or without the world's approval. We have a tradition of never forgetting tragedies. We do this to honour the lost and to learn from it. If some Americans and foreigners, foolishly, choose to forget it, you will learn nothing, you will gain nothing. You will be ignorant and doomed to suffer from it later - but not America.
Dave S., Boston, USA

Why not use the date to remember tragic deaths across the world as well as those on 11 September?

Corinne, England
As we remember those that die in war with a minute's silence every 11 November, why not use 11 September to remember other tragic deaths across the world from people who have been killed in domestic violence to bombs, guns as well as those on that date? All these are caused by fellow man not looking after each other. A minute's silence isn't much to give them.
Corinne, England

How should we remember 9/11? By continuing to hunt down those who decided to wage a war against the peaceful civilian population of the United States. I'm not moved by those from the UK who have posted views sympathetic to those who attacked the US. England has pursued its own anti-terrorist agenda in Northern Ireland since the turn of the century. Fix your own backyard before passing judgement on those who have the will and the weapons to force the terrorist organisations of the world to their knees.
Dennis, USA

I pray for forgiveness of sins which the perpetrator of September 11 has committed and pray for a just, peaceful and loving world.
Emmanuel Akinsanya, Sierra Leone

The rest of the world will be obliged to watch it on TV, and then let's hope that will be the end of it. This opening up of wounds is doing nothing to effect the closure that many in the States are going on about. The focus needs to be shifted to examining the "why?" a lot more closely, easing back on the bitterness, and trying to engender global goodwill.
Terry Jones, Thailand

What should be a day for quiet reflection will no doubt be turned into an all-day media frenzy

Mark, UK
What should be a day for quiet reflection will no doubt be turned into an all-day media frenzy. Every time I see that footage of those planes flying into the Towers, all I think of is the poor relatives who no doubt cannot always avoid seeing it. What do the TV companies think of? Revenue.
Mark, UK

I imagine that all those people who say that nothing should be done to remember September 11 are the same people who insist on ignoring the two minute silence on November 11.
Philip, England

The day should be dealt with personally, quietly, and reasonably. For once can we all be spared the commercialism that has obliterated any sense of decency in our United States? Let's try turning off all of our television sets and radios and do something with our loved ones. Let's take a walk down a road that we usually travel at the speed of light!
Brian Muschong, US

A memorial to all those lost in the attack should stand on Ground Zero

Sean, USA
The world should commemorate the 9/11 disaster by vowing never to let something like it happen again. A memorial to all those lost in the attack should stand on Ground Zero, so that everyone who sees it will realise the impact this event had on the history of the world. It should show the people of the world the devastation that it caused and help them realise that terrorism solves nothing and that something like this must never happen again.
Sean, USA

The only way to honour those people who died in the aftermath of September 11, is to condemn terrorism and battle the threats that rock our peace. The war on terrorism must go on.
Suresh Gnasegarah, Malaysia

I will be at my villa in Florida that week and will not have the TV on and will not read the press! I will spare a thought for the victims but life goes on and all we can do is try to live a good life.
Anonymous, USA/ UK

I don't think the world should commemorate it at all. I think it should be a day of private reflection and mourning for survivors and for the families of the victims.
Joy White, England

I think there should be a global two minutes silence in memory of all victims of terrorism

Angela, Thailand (British)
I think there should be a global two minutes silence in memory of all victims of terrorism, not just those killed on Sept 11 but those killed in Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland, Oklahoma and all other countries around the world where terrorism is the only way of life. Perhaps if we all contemplate the waste of life these attacks cause, it could open doors to find solutions. Perhaps this is naive but surely now, things must change. How many more lives have to be wasted in the name of religion, land or political beliefs?
Angela, Thailand (British)

The world doesn't need to do anything but to go on with your daily routines. This will show that fear and mass murder have no place in this century.
John, USA

However the Americans choose to remember and commemorate that awful day, I hope they can pause for a few seconds and think also of the thousands of innocents that have also lost their lives in Afghanistan. I know I'll be think of them as well as the American and British bereaved.
Andy, Scotland

How should the world commemorate September the 11th? Why should the world commemorate it? It was a terrorist attack on the USA, I for one will be treating it as a normal day, I can understand people who lost friends or loved ones doing something for it, but for the rest of us to do anything would be an empty gesture. We in the UK and Europe have had our atrocities, but we don't go on about it. Yes it was terrible but life goes on.
Martin, UK

I keep reading from our "friends" that 9-11 is not any different than other disasters. While the loss of life is no more or less important, the World Trade Center was a symbol of America, much like the Eiffel Tower is to France. I'm sure the French would commemorate that day if terrorists took out their tower!
Chris, NYC, US

Pretty hilarious that the world is supposed to show sympathy over the death of a 104-year-old and yet on the anniversary date of the worst terrorist strike in history our eyes are assaulted by vitriolic rhetoric from the UK. The lesson of 9/11 is that Europe sucks. I am prouder than ever that I am American - not the subject of aristocratic snobs with a glorious history, meddling in someone else's present. God Bless America.
Charli, Chicago, USA

I hope America will not go as over the top as it has done before with such events. A simple reading of names, two minute silence and a performance of the national anthem would be simple and beautiful. When a new building is finally built at Ground Zero, space should be left for a memorial wall or such like with all 2,000 victims' names inscribed on it. Simplicity is the key, just look at the World War I cemeteries and memorials in France and Belgium.
Henry, UK

We could have a day of quiet contemplation

Katie, UK
We could have a day of quiet contemplation. Or we could have a day of jingoistic media frenzy, frenetic flag-waving, 24 hour re-runs of the video footage and much playing of "Star Spangled Banner". I can guess which is going to happen...
Katie, UK

The way I will commemorate September 11 and the way I hope most people will is by hugging my children, and kissing my husband while remembering that there are many families in New York, Washington D.C., USA, as well as foreign countries that wish they could do the same with their children and loved ones.
Lisa, USA

I think it would be great if everyone in the world took a moment on 11 September to pray that we all come to our senses that everyone's mind and heart be filled with love, tolerance, kindness and humanitarianism for one another; that everyone comes to realise that violence only begets violence.
Kathryn, USA

It should be commemorated by declaring universal peace. People should at long last understand that acts like this can only bring more suffering. But I fear that no matter how it is commemorated it will really mean nothing, and all we'll get is more finger pointing and violence. I wish for peace and yet expect more war, maybe I am part of the problem. But then I am a realist. May God have mercy on us all, even if your beliefs are different than mine.
Shawn, Eugene, Oregon - USA

If, as so authoritatively announced by Bush (naively, in my opinion) this was an "act of war" there has to come a time in the existence of humans on this little "spaceship" to stop glorifying war. Stop creating monuments to those who suffered - it is an implicit little victory for each person that killed these victims.
Frank, Oxford, UK

I don't know if the world itself is obligated to commemorate 9/11

Amy, USA
I don't know if the world itself is obligated to commemorate 9/11, because as Americans, we seldom commemorate tragedies outside of the US, but I do believe that the global community make a concerted effort to bring about peace in our individual souls, which in turn will bring about peace all over.
Amy, USA

The planned ceremony in New York seems the most appropriate way of commemorating the events of 11 September. We all hope for a way forward now. Sadly, as long as warmongering Bush stays in office, many fear that we will remain perched on the brink of catastrophe.
Joan, England

I will watch the ceremonies on TV along with my parents who will be visiting from the UK that week. Then once the children finish school we will all travel up to New York to meet my husband. From there we will proceed to Yankee Stadium where we have tickets for that evening's game. Having found that we could get tickets for the September 11th Memorial Game I decided that I couldn't think of a better way to thumb our noses at the terrorists than to go to the ballpark to watch a game we have come to like. We will continue to lead our lives as normal however much they'd like to stop us!
Jane, UK living in US

Was the event so important compared to the millions of people living in extreme poverty and dying of hunger that we need to dedicate a special day to it? I say, let the USA commemorate it but the rest of the world should let it pass.
Stefan Castille, Belgium

We should look at the causes and look at solutions to the causes of terrorism. That would be the best way to remember September 11. If we can't move forward from the tragedy we remain in a situation where we are forever in fear of terror.
James Wild, UK

Silence and prayer, for the victims and to make everyone, on either side aware of the fragility of our democracies and the devastating ignorance of blind wrath and hatred. No excuse for any murder either way.
Reiss, Switzerland

The world should honour and commemorate the victims of 9/11 by supporting the US in its efforts to ensure nothing like it ever happens again. Support the US in the war effort against governments and states that support the murder of our children.
Eric, USA

The same way we commemorate the thousands of people murdered by terrorists in other parts of the world - Northern Ireland, the UK, France, Algeria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Palestine, Israel, etc. etc.
Harry N, England

The tragedy is best remembered by taking steps to ensure such events will never happen again. The best way that can be achieved is by shedding hatred, not more blood. If more steps are not taken to ensure that we move towards a balanced world, there will be more and more such events.
SR, Canada

I will light a candle and I am planning to join a peace march

Rita, US
I was in school when the first plane struck the World Trade Center. It took me two months to overcome what happened on 9/11. I am an international student on a student visa. I may technically not be an American but this country is my home now. I am going to observe a minutes silence at 8:47 when the first plane struck and then I am going to go about my day as usual. This way I believe I will be sending a message to Mr O.B.L that we are stronger and closer as a nation. In the evening I will light a candle and I am planning to join a peace march being held at the University of Florida which I attend.
Rita, US

John Pilger is right. There should be a reflective and thoughtful, solemn theme to the day commemorating the awful tragedies. But I must voice my concern over the notion of a roll call of victims, as I can see this emphasising America's current attitude of valuing American lives more than other lives. What if Arab, or Latin American or Asian rulers were to decide to make a roll call of victims from US led atrocities? This would exacerbate current tensions.
Peter John Hunt, England

I think it's quite appropriate for Americans and in particular New Yorkers to reflect on the terrorist act committed against them. I rather hoped that 11 September would unite Americans with the rest of the global society, not as we can see, behaving in an insular and unilateral way. Unfortunately, current American policy is hungry for revenge and war. This is endless tit-for-tat killing, not something that should be happening in the 21st century.
Colin, The Netherlands

We will be aware of 11 September as a date in history, but do we really need to commemorate this date? What about all the many forgotten victims of violence who the world doesn't commemorate? Why are the sufferings of the Americans any different - and why are they so special? What happened to them has been happening all over the world and the Americans have been uninterested and unsympathetic. When it happens to them though, as usual, it is a different story and we all have to bend over backwards. The best tribute to the victims would be to find a just and permanent peace in the Middle East, and this would stop a repeat of 9/11- anywhere, not just in the US.
John, England

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