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Thursday, 4 July, 2002, 17:52 GMT 18:52 UK
Celebrity euro votes: Will they persuade you?
Former pop star turned activist Bob Geldof has joined the campaign to keep the pound.

The former Boomtown Rats singer features in an advert being launched by the No campaign on Tuesday to highlight what they say are the dangers of joining the single currency. His catchphrase in the ad is: "You know it's not anti-European to be against the euro."

Geldof is joined by comedians Harry Enfield and Rik Mayall and the musician Jools Holland in an advertising campaign designed to appeal to those who are switched off by traditional politics.

The No campaign's director George Eustice said he recognised that politicians were unpopular and they wanted to reach the whole electorate.

Will celebrity endorsements influence your vote on the euro? Or do you think they should leave it to the politicians? Do you agree with Bob Geldof's catchphrase

This debate is now closed. See below for a selection of your comments.

I couldn't care less what celebrities think about this issue. The information would be better coming from people who knew what they are talking about. I think this ploy is quite cynical. We live in a celebrity hero worship culture, which is actually a very negative and destructive thing. It gives politicians the opportunity to do what they like without attracting too many awkward questions from the public. Most regular folk will always be more concerned about Big Brother or what Posh & Becks had for breakfast than the state of our economy. I think this is a dangerous approach to deciding our economic future.
Andy, UK

Bob Geldof should add to the debate not try to steer it.

James, UK
Celebrity endorsements are endemic in the culturally redundant times we live in today. When everyone wants to be a Pop Idol or on Big Brother or play football for Manchester Utd then it's only natural that we begin to follow celebrities and hold them up as cultural leaders. Bob Geldof did some great things for humanity - but if he must get involved in politics then he should add to the debate not try to steer it.
James, UK

While celebrities, like the rest of us, are certainly entitled to their (endorsed) opinions, I would much prefer to see them using their time more wisely. Instead of simply saying "No" to the Euro, why could they not publicly demand full information for all to consider? For them to believe that intelligent people could be easily swayed with the use of celebrity is a grave mistake.
Elizabeth, UK

I have seen the advert and I am left with a bad taste of xenophonia rather than any good reason to reject the Euro. Was I meant to believe that Germans want to impose a fourth reich via the Euro? If so I am about as impressed as if one of them had dressed up as Jesus saying they endorsed the Euro.
Iain McLaurin, Scotland

These ignorant celebs need to remember that their jobs are simply to provide entertainment

Jason Jones, London
If it's not Geri Halliwell appearing in party political broadcasts, or George Michael trying to revive his flagging career by being politically controversial, then we it's Sir Bob Geldoff telling us to protect the GB Pound? These ignorant celebs need to remember that their jobs are simply to provide entertainment, not to be politicians!
Jason Jones, London, England

I fear that we are seeing forgotten celebrities trying to boost their own careers, rather than discussing the issues. Why would anyone with half a brain listen to such drivel.
Alex White, UK

There are arguments for and against the Euro, but democracy is not one of them. If the Euro (presumably the European Bank as it administers the Euro) is "hugely undemocratic" - by logical extension there must be huge support for removing the (undemocratic) independence of the Bank of England. Or is it just that scoundrels will use any argument to support their case, even the obviously bogus ones?
Jonathan, Bimingham, UK

I don't care if it's someone famous or my next-door neighbour, no-one is going to change my opinion on this matter. If all it takes is a few celebrities to influence your decisions and opinions then you have got to be either dumb or shallow or both!
Jane, UK

I'd be more interested in people with an economics background than B-list celebrities

Johnny, London, UK
It would be nice to hear some serious discussion about the economic issues but I'd be more interested in hearing from people with a credible economics background than from B-list celebrities.
Johnny, London, UK

To the anti euro brigade I say "read my lips, if you think I can be influenced by a gimmick of using a celebrity (good chap that he is) you are sadly mistaken. I will listen to people who have the knowledge and experience of economic matters and nobody else".
Peter, UK

Who does Geldof think he is? This ex-pop star not so long ago was going on about single parents. Now he is harping on about the euro. I for one am not interested in what he has to say. Maybe he should concentrate on deflating that huge ego of his and leave the rest of us to make up our own minds.
Natalie, Middlesbrough, England

Celebrity endorsements won't persuade me. Neither will politicians' lies. I will vote based on my understanding of the economic arguments.
Tom, UK

I think it's virtually impossible for the person in the street to develop an informed opinion on this issue. There has been hardly any proper debate of the pros and cons of joining the euro. The opposition tries to appeal to our nationalism, the government says nothing of any substance - all part of their general fear of expressing views which are out of line with those of Middle England. Perhaps the economic case is very unclear, even to those who are supposed to understand it. As Romano Prodi, amongst others, has stated the real objectives are political rather than economic.
Andrew Cooper, England

I'll be influenced by celebrities' views on the euro the day I go to see Eddie George play at Glastonbury and Gordon Brown do a tour of stand-up comedy.
James, UK

I will not be influenced at all. Many of these stars do not reside in the UK and are in effect tax exiles. The euro is one of the best ways of excluding tax dodgers.
Jeff, UK

He'll be a Lord in no time

Arno, Scotland/Holland
First this former rebel activist becomes Sir, and now he's joined the Conservatives as well. Thatcher must be rolling over laughing. Together with his fellow celebrity friends he can now start the New Conservatives. He'll be a Lord in no time. Has this shining light in politics stated any reasons for not joining the euro, or is it just that "he doesn't like euros as well as Mondays?
Arno, Scotland/Holland

I think that in this case, celebrity endorsements are justified. New Labour have completely ignored the idea that a referendum should be the choice of the people and are already telling us how we should vote. If anyone at Millbank Towers is worried that a celebrity campaign could sway votes then it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
Richard, Leeds, UK

Bob Geldof is just as entitled to his opinion as anyone else. However, why anyone should listen to it is a completely separate matter. We should all make up our own minds and only judge the values of those with genuine knowledge or experience, and not be swayed by the more meaningless celebrity culture.
Helen, UK

No, I'm persuaded already. But if respected figures like Bob Geldof (not to mention the likes of Denis Healey, David Owen and a host of serious economists) wish to keep the pound, then we should all be on guard against those who want to throw it away. In a global economy, retaining a degree of independence must be better than abandoning the last vestiges of democratic control over our own affairs.
John Thurman, UK

I fear that the only information we are going to get will be based purely on emotion and hype

Eileen, UK
Celebrity endorsements will hold no sway with me when I decide how to vote on the euro. The information I am interested in is what impact the euro will make on the way the British economy is run, what impact it will have on businesses, and how it will affect me in my financial dealings. Unfortunately I don't hold out much hope about getting relevant information in order to make an informed decision. I fear that the only information we are going to get will be based purely on emotion and hype.
Eileen, UK

No celebrity ego is going to make me change my mind on this issue. Whatever the economic pros and cons, I suspect that most opponents of the euro will conduct their campaign on the basis of a jingoistic flag-waving exercise.
Robert Crosby, Nottingham, UK

I agree with Robert Crosby. The majority of the electorate will be led by the nose into the voting booths by sound bites. To see what the euro really means for countries that are not powerful, just take a look at Portugal.
Chris Klein, UK

Chris Klein, exactly what has the Euro done to Portugal? Are you seeing a correlation between the Euro and our economic situation? The are two unrelated events The current Portuguese economic situation is due to lax fiscal policy and the one or two year-old western slowdown that only caught up with us now. If we didn't have the Euro the Escudo would now be devalued and we'd be in trouble much sooner and would take longer to recover.
Norberto Amaral, Portugal

Once again we get gimmicks instead of a well informed debate

Richard, UK
Once again we get gimmicks instead of a well informed debate where the real issues of joining the European Monetary Union are discussed. I am against the UK entering the EMU because I don't think it will bring any material benefits to the economy, while simultaneously giving away monetary policy decisions to the European Central Bank. This year we have seen countries failing to meet their budget targets and being let off from fines. So the system which is supposed to keep each county in check isn't even enforced. I think the euro will eventually work, but why join now and for no discernable reason. We shouldn't make a decision based on trivia such as a celebrity endorsement of one side or the other. Please can we have informed debate?
Richard, UK

Since Geldof is Irish and they have already voted yes to the euro I wonder what it's got to do with him?
Chris, UK

Can celebs influence your euro vote?



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