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Monday, 3 June, 2002, 16:07 GMT 17:07 UK
Golden Jubilee: What will you be doing?

Some more of your comments

In spite of managing to emigrate from Blighty and altering my accent a little, I will be surrounded by Americans wishing me a happy Jubilee...
Sam Archer, US

The concert was excellent

Craig Thompson, London
Last night we took a picnic into St James' Park to watch the opening concert on the large screens. Although the concert itself was excellent, the organisation within the park was pathetic. The different sound systems were out of sync with each other, the better video screens faced onto the portaloos. The burger bar waiters seemed to be enjoying themselves out-shouting each other to the tune of "Next please." Most of us had to leave for Green Park which was excellent.
Craig Thompson, London

I shall be wondering about why the head of the Commonwealth has nothing to say on nuclear war between two members. After all, she has served our ex-colonies "so well". Just a shame about some of the mess her relatives left behind....
KB, Germany

In 1977 I was 15 and I got drunk. Now I'm 40 and I'll be doing the same.
Johny, UK

We are having an Anglican Church service at St Mary of the Angels in Hollywood for the St Andrew's Society, anglophiles and descendents of the Early American Whig Party. We love Queen Elizabeth. Long may she reign!
Joan, USA

The Empire State Building is decked out in the Queen's colours

Kathleen, New York, US
The Empire State Building in NYC is decked out in the Queen's colours in honour of her Jubilee. Although American, we will have a barbecue in the glow of the lights of the Empire State Building and toast the Queen on her accomplishments. Then... back to the National Basketball Championships on TV!
Kathleen, New York, US

When a child is born in the US, most parents will look at it and think... will my son or daughter ever be a US President? In any sane and equitable nation everyone would have the opportunity to rise to the top... but not here and so I say to all those overseas who think the monarchy so wonderful, please take them off our hands. I will be celebrating and raising a glass in hope for the future. The Queen's staggering wealth and privilege is an insult to the millions in this country who have nothing to celebrate this weekend.
Paul, UK

Watching the concerts with a beer and a curry

Adam, US
I'll be watching the concerts with a beer and a curry. Those in the UK who would be rid of the monarchy should take a good look at the US's head of state.
Adam, US

I'll probably spend the day being reminded that politics and marketing are not that different. Wrap anything up in enough shiny packaging, get someone genial and authoritative to endorse it and people will buy it - even though it's unnecessary, and you can't get rid of it.
Alex S, UK

After the fall of ITV Digital I can no longer get a decent selection of programmes. Every time a national event comes around the entire TV seems to be taken over by it. So to mark the Jubilee I will be complaining madly as to why other programmes and shows should be cut for something that clearly very few really seem to care about. Long live The Simpsons!!!
Simon, Scotland

The royalists are where it's at, man

Ashley Davies, Czech Republic (British ex-pat)
I have to admit, the royalists are where it's at, man. Miserable, curmudgeonly republicans can sit there and snipe from the sidelines, but royalists up and down the country will be closing down entire streets, drinking tea, having egg and spoon races and wearing hats. Those people really know how to party!
Ashley Davies, Czech Republic (British ex-pat)

On 22 June, there'll be an anti-jubilee street party in Cambridge. Sound Systems, Samba bands, jugglers, fire eaters, and lots and lots and lots of smiley happy people. Anyone fed up with the monarchy... or even just anyone up for going to a fun street party should hop on a bus or a train and get down to Cambridge for the day.
Some One, UK

I am a true royalist and monarchist. I believe that every country in the world must be ruled by a monarchy. So in this Golden Jubilee, I will spend my whole day praying to God so He will always protect and guard the honour, the dignity and the existence of the British monarchy especially, and every monarchy in the world generally.
Tanaka, Japan

This country takes some very old-fashioned things too seriously

GH, Britain
As a foreigner that lives in Britain, I have come to think that this country takes some very old-fashioned things too seriously, such as fox hunting; and the monarchy is at the top of the 'sad joke' things that people here do actually, unbelievably, take too seriously.
GH, Britain

Thanks to George Washington, nothing!
Chris, USA

As with the majority of Scotland I will be doing nothing to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee - she does nothing for us except taking our money.
Chris Stewart, UK

I will be with all of my family and friends celebrating our Majesty's Golden Jubilee as all true Brits will be. We are having a street party for adults and kids and we will be drinking her Majesty's health, wealth and happiness. God bless you Ma'am, from Barrow in Furness.
Alan Hambling, England

It's great to see so many national flags and Union Jacks flying

Barb, UK
We're having a street party with about 200 guests. Hat competition for the children, afternoon tea, then on to party time for the hardened partygoers. It's great to see so many national flags and Union Jacks flying. Be proud of your country!
Barb, UK

My partner and I are both church bell ringers. As well as ringing in a quarter peal before morning service today, we will be ringing during a street party tomorrow afternoon.
Martin Jones, England

These people who are regarded as republicans are the one who forgo celebrations like this, and find compensation in interfering with the happiness of others! For us who think the monarchy is still the best for the UK, let's party. Forget about those republicans, they're just details anyway.
Ib Balicanta, Philippines

As a royalist and anglophile, I wanted to go to Britain this weekend but, as I am still in high school, it is impossible. Thus, I will be wearing my Jubilee pin, probably putting a Union Jack in the window, reading about what is going on, and thinking how lucky you British are to have a monarchy!
Joseph Tiger, USA

A German descendant, wed to a Greek with a handful of freeloading adulterous children

Mic Docherty, Scotland
Why on earth would I wish to celebrate? A German descendant, wed to a Greek with a handful of freeloading adulterous children who lord it over my homeland like it was their own..! Vive la republique.
Mic Docherty, Scotland

The street's being closed for a party today - we've got donkey rides, a bouncy castle... the works!!!
Andrew Bayliss, England

We've closed the street

Keith, UK
There was a street party here in Ladywell in 1977 and we've closed the street to hold another party today (1 June). At this moment, the local kids are really enjoying the freedom of being able to cycle safely up and down the street just as we could 50 years ago. We failed in our bid for tickets to the prom from the palace this evening so we'll be watching it on TV... party permitting!
Keith, UK

In 1977 I was at home in Wales where my father caused a scandal by organising the first party in the church hall to include alcoholic beverages. I can't get home this time so I'll raise a glass or two of tequila and quietly say thanks. Salve Regina!
Andrew, Brit ex-pat

I am sincerely glad to be absent from the embarrassing spectacle

GB, France
I am spending a year at university in France and am sincerely glad to be absent from the embarrassing spectacle of the Jubilee and not to have to endure the sycophantic media coverage. Why should one very wealthy person, and her family, be subsidised by the public, and entitled to a lifetime of privilege? She has not served the UK, she has never had to work during her reign, it is inconceivable to consider visiting foreign countries, shaking people's hands and reading other people's words as work. The existence of the monarchy is incompatible with a belief in equality.
GB, France

I think there are too many people in this country who do not understand why they are celebrating the privileges of this one family instead of protesting why they will never have the same privileges themselves.
David Pilkington, England

Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many Jubilee celebrations in Cambridge, which I find disappointing, but I've been to the local primary's Jubilee tea and will attend a Jubilee flower show at the local church. I'll give London a go if the weather's good. I think it's a marvellous occasion to celebrate Britain and its loyal, loving monarch.
Lisa de Araujo, Cambridge, UK

I will be praying for a republic

Martin, Scotland
I will be working - something that woman has no idea about - and praying for a republic.
Martin, Scotland

I shall be opening my vegan sandwich bar (the only one in the UK, folks!) as usual. Hoping that humanity moves as quickly as possible towards emotional and spiritual maturity based on equality, mutual respect and compassion - in other words the exact opposite of monarchical sentiments. Feeling no enmity whatsoever towards Elizabeth Windsor, just pity for the unnatural, stifling and degrading position she is in.
Niall Stuart, UK

We are having a royal garden party here and inviting all the ex-pats we know.
S Wilson, New York, USA

I will be trying my best to avoid all Jubilee events and dreaming that one day we can elect a president and get rid of people like Prince Philip when he makes stupid comments abroad.
Matthew, England

By Sunday, I hope to be ever so slightly subservient

Jon, England
I will be gradually working my way up to the Jubilee bank holiday Monday. To get in the mood, on Saturday I will start using phrases like "God bless you Ma'am!" By Sunday, I hope to be ever so slightly subservient and, by Monday, my critical faculties totally suspended, completely sycophantic and cow-towing. "Your 'umble subject. Gawd bless you Ma'am!" There, you see, it's started already.
Jon, England

I shall be studying for my finals at Cambridge University - we're all doing exams at the moment, and some of my friends even have exams on Tuesday, the Jubilee day, so we shall be rather oblivious to the celebrations unfortunately. My room is right next to the river, so what I shall notice most is the extra noise from people out punting and having fun, while I'm locked up in my room studying! If I weren't here, however, I'd be out celebrating with everyone - I love the fact we have a monarchy and I think we should be proud of it!
Sarah, UK

Amongst other things I'll be watching Top of the Pops on BBC Prime, hoping to see Billy Bragg perform his new hit song "Take down the Union Jack".
Doris Riediker, Switzerland

The British Consulate in Venice will celebrate its Queen's Golden Jubilee party at the Consulate, which is on the Grand Canal. We have a terrace with a beautiful view along the Grand Canal. Local dignitaries and British residents will be invited and we hope to have a special party atmosphere this year.
Ivor Coward, Italy

I'm an Australian who voted to become a republic, but the monarchy has an historical significance

Matt Coller, UK (Australian)
Whatever your views on the relevance of the monarchy, if the Jubilee serves the purpose of bringing neighbours together to spread a little joy, what does it matter? I'm an Australian who voted for my home country to become a republic, but here in Britain the monarchy has an important historical significance. I'll be enjoying my village's celebrations here in Dorset.
Matt Coller, UK (Australian)

I shall be basking in a heady mixture of pride and sheer delight. Pride, because we have the finest monarch in the world. I am not always proud to be English, but I am ALWAYS proud to be represented by our monarch. I am delighted , that at the age of 45 , I have been lucky enough to live and remember almost all of her reign. I feel honoured.
Kevin Ashley, Belgium

I'd rather celebrate my cat's fifth anniversary.
Russell, Canada

Unfortunately, I will be celebrating on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and probably being forced to eat shrimp and rice instead of real food like fish and chips. Never mind, my car is parked at the dock with a British flag proudly mounted as my front license plate and an even bigger flag is flying over my house in Louisiana. God save the Queen.
Darrin Lanchbury, USA

I shall be writing a dissertation on why republicanism is the only rational and moral form of government permissable. Down with the monarchy! Up with thinking for ourselves!!
Andrew, Scotland

Let's hope British Airways will have some kind of gangway street party on board

Mark Pittam, UK
Sadly I won't have time to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee, I have to fly to Japan on Monday morning for a business meeting. My thoughts of course will go to the Queen. Let's hope British Airways will have some kind of gangway street party on board their planes!
Mark Pittam, UK

In spite of being Brazilian, I love so much England and all your culture and traditions, so I will try hard to follow it all the through the internet and watch the clips from the BBC on my computer. Have a wonderful time, dear Brits!!
Jorge Pereira, Brazil

I wish they were celebrating the Golden Jubilee here in the US because maybe that would help everybody here take their minds off terrorist attacks and the country as a whole could just have fun.
Jonathan Lieberman, USA

Spending the day in the company of my fellow republicans

Michael, Scotland
I will be attending a 'citizens not subjects' fair in Glasgow on the Jubilee. Spending the day in the company of my fellow republicans and trying to avoid all the pro-monarchy drivel that will be in the media.
Michael, Scotland

Anyone spotting a common theme amongst the Scots? BORING!!!!
Andrew, UK

Glasgow might not be enthusiastic about the celebrations, but we IN EDINBURGH sure are!
Mrs M, Scotland

We are having a formal-dress street party with lights, music, bunting and lots of good food, wine and champagne.
Derek Blyth, UK

I'll be escaping to visit my parents in France where they'll soon be celebrating 213 years without a monarch. Vive la revolution!
John Thomson, England

I shall be out enjoying the Jubilee with my friends in central London enjoying the well-earned extra day off work. Already looking forward to the Diamond Jubilee.
Sunjay Bhogal, Croydon, UK

I will be working as a staff nurse in a hospital that would have been a more appropriate recipient of government funds than Clarence House.
Rod, UK

Have a wonderful time my fellow Brits!

Ruth, USA
I'll be feeling sad and homesick here in New York City, but my husband is a sweetheart and got me a Union Jack so that will be hanging outside our window for the full four days. Have a wonderful time my fellow Brits! Long live the Queen!
Ruth, USA

I shall be sleeping during the day and working during the night on a drilling rig in the Netherlands!!!!!!
Kev Rothery, UK

I will be listening to the Sex Pistols' 'God Save the Queen' 50 times in a row, as mark of respect.
Andrzej Wawrowski, UK

I will be working hard making sure that all our village celebrations go according to plan and that everyone has a good time. Currently praying for good weather!
M. Butler, England

I might switch on to see Ozzy Osbourne

George, UK
I'll be watching the World Cup, taking the children out somewhere nice and all the usual things you do when you're not at work. I'll also be avoiding all the royalist nonsense on TV, though I might switch on to see Ozzy Osbourne. Can I ask all the sad eejits in red, white and blue to take their mess home with them so that those of us who work in London can get back to normal on Thursday?
George, UK

I was born in April 1977, so as a Jubilee baby it gives me added pleasure to celebrate along with her Majesty. I will be having a barbecue-athon with lots of friends and neighbours and when it turns dark we will be waking the neighbours and republicans up with a great big firework display! Then it is off to London on Monday to see the beacons being lit, then to watch the Queen travel from Buckingham Palace to St Paul's with a flyover from Concorde.
Ian Mackie, UK

I will probably never see anything like this again in my lifetime

Fiona, London
I will certainly be raising a glass or two to the Queen over the weekend and will be in the Mall with my family on Tuesday. I know I will probably never see anything like this again in my lifetime, so I am going to enjoy it. Congratulations Ma'am.
Fiona, London

Working, and trying to avoid the deluded fools who think they've got something to celebrate.
Mike Morris, GB

Born on June 5th, 1977, I was a Silver Jubilee baby! My crib at the hospital was decorated with red, white and blue pom-poms and Mum tells me that I was presented to her wearing red white and blue knitted booties! She also tells me that my Dad came in from the party to watch my birth and then went back out into it to celebrate!!! Although we emigrated to Canada 15 years ago I still consider myself a proud Brit. I'm looking forward to watching the celebrations on TV and spending time with my family British contingent!
Tracy Howlett, Canada

After encountering general apathy towards my own attempts to organise a street party, I am celebrating the Queen's Jubilee with my family in much the same way as I did in 1977. I am doing this for my children so that they can feel the importance and heritage of this occasion and to honour my Queen.
Anne, Herts, UK

The monarchy will live on!

Andrew Schrader, England, UK
I shall be down London with some mates, covered in Union Flags and saying a big thank you to an old lady who's served the country for 50 years and will continue to do so, it would seem, until she dies. Republicanism is dead because it's a soulless ideology. The monarchy will live on! God Save the Queen!
Andrew Schrader, Age 20, England, UK

We will be having a massive picnic with a bouncy castle, eating contest, jazz and beer and all manner of sports. It's the least we can do!
Tim Kearns, University College, Oxford

I will be at the Party at the Palace on Monday and am looking forward to having a great time. God save our Queen.
Michael Smith, UK

I'll be on my honeymoon but I've packed plenty of Union Flag shorts etc, so even though I'll be abroad, I'll still be celebrating! God save the Queen!!
Simon, England

Let's celebrate

Eileen Arnold, England
I have planted out containers of red, white and blue flowers and will fly the Union Jack over the entire Jubilee weekend. Why dumb-down such a truly remarkable achievement? No-one alive today has ever seen a Golden Jubilee and no-one alive today will ever see one again. Let's celebrate - God bless you Ma'am.
Eileen Arnold, England

We shall be sailing up and down the River Yare in Norfolk proudly flying the Union Flag and 'drinking a health unto Her Majesty'!
Barry Rochfort, England

I will be going to Nottingham University's massive Jubilee summer party on 1 June, watching England in the World Cup the next day and, more than likely, drinking a lot! All in the name of Her Majesty of course!! On behalf of all students like myself, we wish the Queen a very happy Jubilee holiday!! (Please consider having one every year).
Matt Hayward, Bath, England

I will be on a boat on the Norfolk Broads, very quietly enjoying the holiday with my family and being very grateful for the contribution Her Majesty (and her mum and dad) made to this nation. She does a wonderful wonderful job and we are lucky to have her. Oh... and I will be watching the World Cup!
Barry, UK

50 years in any job deserves a party.

Matt Bird, Birmingham
I am currently conducting a research project for sociology based on the Queen's Golden Jubilee. I am 21 and have never witnessed a major royal event before. I don't understand how opinions of the Queen can change so much in 25 years. Britain painted itself red white and blue then and gave 100% support for Her Majesty. I am not really what you'd call a royalist but 50 years in any job deserves a party. I hope you have a great time!
Matt Bird, Birmingham UK

I work in Mallorca and we are holding a massive street party at one of the water parks for ourselves and all our guests. We might not be in the UK at the moment but we are still going to celebrate our Queen's Jubilee!!
Marie, Mallorca

I was one of the many who applied for but were unlucky enough to not to receive a palace concert invite. Will I be celebrating? You bet I will. Ma'am, you are one of the few public figures who demonstrate dedication, duty, and responsibility to the people you serve. I shall be raising more than a few glasses to toast your long reign in the small Oxfordshire village of Wootton!
Laulen Todd, UK

I will probably stay in bed

Janet Gladstone, UK
As a staunch republican who hates football and can't go to work because it's shut for the day, I will probably stay in bed and read to avoid all the royalist hype.
Janet Gladstone, UK

I'm going to escape all the fuss. I've got a long weekend in New York booked!
Glenn Corrie, UK

I'll be out in the street with the other organisers of the Prospect Road street party getting everything ready for the big party on 3 June. I can't wait... it's really brought our community together and I've made some great friends! God bless you Ma'am and long may you reign!
Karen Oliver, England, UK

Let's be very proud of what we have to celebrate

Ian M, Gloucestershire, UK
The first part of the weekend I will be on duty like many others who protect the Queen's peace every day (that's why we in the emergency services deserve a medal as much as the military). On the 4th, my American wife and myself are planning to go to London for the celebrations. Let's be very proud of what we have to celebrate, we seem unable to do so in this country. Where are all the flags like in USA?
Ian M, Gloucestershire, UK

I will be travelling down to London in the brightest boldest British flag outfit (hat, t-shirt, balloon, flag etc) and joining in with the celebrations!
Ed, England

Watching the World Cup, of course!
Jim, England

I shall be avoiding the TV and the mass hysteria and will be instead landscaping my garden.
Duncan Stewart, UK

The younger generation will be celebrating just as the last generation did

Darryl, UK
I am a final year uni student with loads of exams to revise for. However, I have organised a street party which half of my course is coming to. Many have different political views on the Monarchy but all respect the Queen herself and recognise what an excellent job she has done for this country over the past 50 years. The younger generation will be celebrating just as the last generation did - street parties, drinks and fireworks!
Darryl, UK

I am glad to see that many of the envious are going abroad. I will be returning from the North Sea oil fields to gather with my three brothers and family to celebrate this auspicious event. My opposite number, a Swede, even changed his wedding date to accommodate this! In a gloomy world full of war news, isn't it a delight to have so many people feeling happy about something?
Bob Gardiner, England

We shall all dress up as different members of the royal family

Ross, Scotland
I shall be waiting to watch the dawn break over the palace, then off for some fish and chips before heading back for the street party. Lots of banners and bunting and we shall all dress up as different members of the wonderful royal family. I can't wait and it's going to be the best day of our lives ever.
Ross, Scotland

As a visiting student with finals for which to revise, it's been a bit hectic trying to plan our 1950s style garden party! But we are planning a beer tent with a knobbly knees competition and pin the tail on the donkey! We're all so much looking forward to it and I just hope the English weather is as sunny as its King and Queen!
Frenchie McNae, England

As a GP who drew the short straw, I will be celebrating by being on call over three days of the long weekend for no extra pay in our caring NHS.
Dr Stephen Hayes, England

I shall be attending the party at the palace - looking forward to every minute of it!
Clare Brake, N. Ireland

Masses of red, white and blue decorations - barbecue on the Saturday; party on the Sunday; street party on the Monday - video all the events from London to watch while recovering on Tuesday! It's going to be a great weekend - God bless you Ma'am!
MBH, England

Helping to organise a barbecue

Jeffers Riddoch, Inverness, Scotland
I shall be putting bunting up in my street then helping to organise a barbecue for my neighbours to celebrate
Jeffers Riddoch, Inverness, Scotland

All the usual bank holiday things including recognising the Queen's contribution to our national life over 50 years. God bless you Ma'am
Simon Walsh, UK

As it is my boyfriend's birthday that weekend - a bunch of us boys are having a garden party in East London. I'm sure at some point all the queens at the party will be raising a glass to the 'real' Queen. God bless you Ma'am.
Alasdair Gordon, London, UK

Ashford Community Centre. I will be there with 50 other members having a 50 bygone years celebration, on 2 and 3 June. A street party on Monday at 17:30 in the car park and live bands, football knockout, face painting, drama, dancing, and a pearly king and queen!
Tracy Daly, UK

I shall be out with my fellow volunteers with St John Ambulance, making sure all you partiers get first aid

Orlando Woolf, UK
I shall be out with my fellow volunteers with St John Ambulance, making sure all you partiers get first aid if needed during the celebrations! With the huge number of visitors expected in London and the different events going on, we will have a very busy time. If I get the chance I'll raise a glass to Her Maj - I was seven years old at the Silver Jubilee and remember it fondly (afternoon off school if nothing else!)
Orlando Woolf, London, UK

I find it very sad that people are willing to idolise film and pop 'stars' who, let's be fair, haven't done anything for society apart from make themselves massive piles of cash. Yet these same people loathe a Queen who spends most of her time actually bringing a small amount of excitement and joy into peoples lives - which,
a)doesn't make her any money, and
b)must get pretty boring after 50 years.
I am 23 and glad to have some pride in one of the few institutions left in this country, I'll leave'Pop Idol to the rest. Long live the Queen!
Daniel, UK

A gala dinner in May. A Canadian barbecue in the summer. A royal visit in October. God save the Queen of Canada!
Bob Finch, Canada

My husband and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary in June. We decided to do something really special and visit some of our friends, whom I met at the USMC Command and staff college at one time. They have visited us and we are coming to see them and have lots of fun. It so happens we will be in England before the celebrations begin in earnest so I am not sure where we will be or quite what we will do but I am sure we will toast the Queen and wish her well, especially after the sad events in recent weeks. So, UK please put your best foot forward and have sunshine.
Marie Oseguera, United States of America

Why can't it be cool to be pro-royal?

Michael Stubbs, England
I will be off to the palace to the classical concert. (NB republicans: paid for by the Queen). Then it's the whole weekend taking in the London celebrations. I don't think people should be bothered about what others think. Support the Queen if that is what you believe in. I have found that speaking out in favour has brought a few of my friends out of their shells! Why should you be ridiculed? Why can't it be cool to be pro-royal?
Michael Stubbs, England

I will be having a barbecue, weather permitting, and have invited family members to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. After the great loss the Queen has suffered this year, the least we can do is support her by celebrating her 50 years on the throne. And let's face it, it hasn't been an easy journey. God bless you, ma'am!
Val, UK

That is the weekend of my third daughter's sixth birthday - we will be combining that, the Queen's Golden Jubilee, and my youngest daughter's third birthday all on Memorial Day weekend with my British friend and her family. Here in Oklahoma we know how to party!
Pebbles S, USA

I'll be getting abroad to avoid all the sycophantic nonsense peddled by a vocal minority. One day off for all the years' taxes is a pretty poor return, but I may as well take advantage and enjoy real life rather than the myth of someone else's.
Ron, England

This will be the only Jubilee I, and many others, will see so we should make the most of it

Lucy, UK
I think it's a shame to see all these petty little comments about the Queen. I am not a massive royalist but I do think the Queen is good for this country and I do have respect for her. I will be having a good laugh and celebrating at a barbecue with my friends. I was born in 1977 so I was too young to celebrate last time and it seems a shame to let it pass by without doing anything. This will be the only Jubilee I, and many others, will see so we should make the most of it. This country needs to take some lessons from America. They may be a bit over the top sometimes but at least most of the are proud to be American and proud of their country.
Lucy, UK

I think the number of negative comments I have read here are very sad. The Queen has made a lot of people feel very happy and special over her reign, with memories that they will treasure for their whole lives. I would rather pay my tax money to someone who does work for the nation, than for a bunch of people happy to live off the state and provide us with nothing but attitude!

Unfortunately some silly person at Fifa decided to clash the World Cup with the Queen's Jubilee. So I will have to leave the celebrations in London. However, I will be raising a glass in a Tokyo bar with other Brits.
Jo, London, UK

I am really looking forward to being in London

Theodore Harvey, USA
I will be making my first ever visit to the UK for Jubilee weekend. As an ardent monarchist and Anglophile, I am really looking forward to being in London to cheer for one of my favourite public figures and for an institution that means so much to me. God save the Queen!
Theodore Harvey, USA

I am helping to organise an old-fashioned street party in the East End of London - and in case you're wondering, I'm not an old lady!
Cath, UK

This Golden Jubilee I will mostly be drinking and avoiding the "oh so important" World Cup. It's about time we got another holiday off the monarch.
Doug, London, UK

I expect it will be a fabulous week

Sean Palmer, Canada
I am coming all the way from Toronto specifically for the Jubilee. I expect it will be a fabulous week. I am however, surprised by all the anti-monarchy comments on this site. I certainly wouldn't be coming over to dump my tourism dollars into the pockets of disgruntled citizens of the United Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Sean Palmer, Canada

Sean Palmer and others - why on earth are you coming to the UK just for the Jubilee? Have you got more money than sense? Because trust me, you're going to need it when the Jubilee milk-a-tourist-a-thon kicks in. It's bad enough that we have to put up with British people allowing the media to whip them up without tourists cluttering London up as well.
Yvonne, UK

I am looking forward to my eighth trip to England at the end of May, and also looking forward to the exciting events planned for the Queen's 50th Anniversary. Even though she is seen by some as simply a figurehead, she has brought joy to many people and has represented England in a dignified fashion for most of my 54 years. Happy Anniversary, Ma'am! Also, I must take issue with the person who wrote that we tourists will be "cluttering" London for the celebrations. People who are interested in other cultures and other events outside their own environs are hardly cluttering anything in this world. I hope that you will visit the United States one day and take advantage of what the world has to offer. Get off your provincial high horse and travel, please!
Georgia, United States

My girlfriend and I will be out in the fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine climbing the three peaks in Yorkshire. We hope the Queen has a right royal knees-up as we won't be able to lift ours by the end of the day.
Richard, UK

A group of us in the wide open plains of North Dakota will be joining together for a picnic in Oak Park Minot ND on 2 June. You can take the girl out of England but you can't take England out of her heart!
Barbara, USA

I'll be at my brother's barbecue that we're having to celebrate a four day weekend. Also if we're in the garden we should be lucky enough to avoid any media coverage of an event that means nothing to me.
Kath, UK

These people always know how to throw a party for the monarch!

Russ, Hampshire, UK
I'll first be celebrating with a large party in London (I'm having several golden Union Jacks made up) and then I'll be going home to Portsmouth to celebrate again later in the long weekend. These people always know how to throw a party for the monarch!
Russ, Hampshire, UK

As everybody in the country has paid for everything the Queen has done in the last 50 years, I think the least she could do would be to celebrate by buying us all a drink. I certainly won't be raising one for her.
Pete Hazell, UK

I hope the Queen has a great time celebrating her Jubilee after all the recent sad events. In 1977 I was in the middle of my finals and so spent the day revising for two exams next day. This year my kids will be revising for their exams so should be a pretty quiet time at home.
Richard Philips, UK

This year it'll be the World Cup that will be foremost in my mind

Steve B, Scotland
In 1977 I was listening to the Sex Pistols. This year it'll be the World Cup that will be foremost in my mind and I'll be making all attempts to avoid the wall-to-wall carpet broadcasting of all things relating to the dysfunctional, over-privileged, under-achieving family, which our armed forces still swear allegiance to above the people and their legitimate government.
Steve B, Scotland

Steve B: Sorry you feel like that, but the Golden Jubilee will be the start of my mission to avoid anything to do with a team of men kicking a ball about! Attending a street party will be far less boring!
Andy, UK

I shall be going down to London from my home in Cheshire. I am not put off by the apathy I find in my area, where nothing has been planned! There may never be another Golden Jubilee (certainly not in my lifetime!) It is a pity there is so much complacency in this country; people seem to not value what they have!
Diana, UK

Well, Diana, UK, you complain about the apathy because nobody organised anything. Why didn't YOU do something about organising a do instead of waiting for everybody else to do it?
Derek, England

How will it differ from the Silver Jubilee? Well, I doubt that the Sex Pistols will be playing on the Thames, but I would bet Johnny would if the right corporate sponsorship team was put together.
Robert Reel, USA

I'll be decorating my 11th floor council flat which I got after losing my home through unemployment and I'll wonder why the Queen doesn't have to pay inheritance tax.
Colin, UK

We will be toasting the Queen on Jubilee weekend from the comfort of our hotel in Monaco

Mario Thomas, UK
We have taken advantage of the longer weekend and booked a short break along with millions of other people judging by the availability of flights last week. However, we are ardent monarchists and so will be toasting the Queen on Jubilee weekend from the comfort of our hotel in Monaco - a place that is not ashamed to show respect for its Royal Family and the traditions that come with them.
Mario Thomas, UK

I'll give the Queen the respect she deserves by accepting the fact that some people wish to celebrate. However, I can't help thinking that this event is being driven by the media. They are turning it into a circus which could almost be seen as a type of propaganda technique to generate a rather false picture of how the monarchy is seen.
Chris Davies, UK

Hopefully there will be a bit of sun shining on Her Majesty, and on me when I'm relaxing in the garden enjoying my time off!
Christine, UK

We shall be celebrating at my sister-in-law's house with a party with the house decked in bunting and Union flags over the Jubilee weekend. Then it's off to London on the bank holidays for the celebration down the mall. God save the Queen!
Philip Shorter, England

I will be helping out with a street party and a fireworks display. Enjoy yourselves party people, you might never see it again! Have a good Jubilee ma'am, you deserve it!
Anthony, Accrington, Lancashire, UK

A long weekend in a sensible republican country

John, UK
I shall be taking a long weekend in a sensible republican country and leave this theme park to play with its illusions.
John, UK

Although I am only half-British and grew up abroad, I will celebrate the Jubilee at a street party in Surrey. I will do so out of respect to the Queen and, to be honest, to have an excuse for a party!
Alex, Germany/ UK

Seeing as it is a bank holiday, I will be doing what everyone else does on a bank holiday - staying indoors because it's raining.
Ian, UK

1977? I had a wonderful picnic party and school parade. Does anyone else still have the silver-printed mug they were given? This year I will be mountain climbing in the Pyrenees, trying to forget it was 25 years ago!
Naomi Whittaker, England

Hopefully attending a protest against the monarchy - leading to the maturing of the UK, many centuries after most first world countries took that step. I certainly won't be encouraging the continued subjugation of the people of this country.
Alan DeBrun, UK

I will be celebrating with my partner and families, by having a barbecue and few champagnes. And toasting the Queen for her Golden Jubilee.
Daz, Hampshire, UK

In 1977 I was six years old and remember a great day with a street party, fancy dress and gorgeous weather. I just wish that this type of celebration which brings together all our communities could occur annually, but for purposes of bringing together our communities alone. I would expect such efforts be shown a little more courtesy and be provided with an extra bank holiday every year, rather than once every 25 years! Unfortunately, we are not deserving of an extra holiday on May (Labour) day as is typical of Europe. Such an occasion could be considered too dangerously 'empowering' it seems, or simply just too good for us 'proles' oops! I mean 'subjects'.
Alex G, London, England

I think it is very important that we show the Queen our support

James, UK
I will be going to London to support the Queen in her Jubilee year. I hope to get a place near the palace. I think it is very important that we show the queen our support for her. She is our best asset - lets show the republicans of this country and the others to whom the Queen is head of state that the monarchy is still a very important, stable and neutral institution that has kept the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand peaceful and prosperous and the envy of the rest of the world. Long live the Queen.
James, UK

I shall be organising a street extravaganza, with dancers, acrobats, and character actors, with a special guest appearance from Nookie the Bear and Roger DeCourcey. We are to be visited by Roger Taylor from Queen, who was born in our street, and possibly H from Steps, although that might just be a rumour. We will be having a fancy dress competition where 100 Princess Annes will be doing an egg and spoon race for a well-known charity. God bless you Ma'am...
Alex, UK

Even though I am, I suppose, pro-monarchy, I won't be celebrating or having a party. The sad truth is that at the age of 17 you are ridiculed or seen as "sad" if you support such an ancient tradition.
David Phillips, UK

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