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Monday, 29 April, 2002, 12:12 GMT 13:12 UK
Christopher Price: Your tributes
The BBC television presenter Christopher Price has been found dead at his London home.

Price, who was 34, was a presenter of the showbiz bulletin Liquid News, shown nightly on digital channel BBC Choice.

The show took an irreverent look at the day's events in the world of entertainment, with daily guests of celebrities, comedians, journalists and industry figures.

Christopher Price started his career as a journalist in BBC local radio, moving to Radio Five Live, News 24 before joining BBC Choice.

Hundreds of BBC News Online readers e-mailed their tributes to Christopher Price. Here is a selection of them.

Christopher's family would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all those who have said or written so many nice things about him.

Bill Price, UK
Christopher's family would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all those who have said or written so many nice things about him. Your kind words are a great help at this very sad time.
Bill Price, UK

I'm still in shock. How can he be gone? I was relying on seeing him present years and years worth of great television. What I remember most about Christopher Price on Liquid News is how he managed to disarm his guests by asking gloriously witty and frivolous questions. The show always had an intimate, impromptu atmosphere that made you wonder what he'd say next. Here's to Christopher - who always made me laugh out loud.
Ruth Arnold, UK

Christopher, although I didn't know you, you were the highlight of my evenings. I always looked forward to my half hour of Liquid News, because I knew, without a doubt, you would say something to make me laugh and entertain me like no other presenter could. The sadness I feel as a fan is tremendous, I can't begin to imagine how your friends and family must feel at this time and I pray that you are watching over them to give them the strength they will need to get through this. Wherever your spirit may be, I hope it is moving towards another level of happiness. You are fantastic Christopher Price, may you rest in peace.
Samantha, UK

Broadcasters as bright, as smart, as polished and as interesting as Christopher Price only come around once or twice every generation. He had a brilliant career ahead of him.
Graham McCann, England

I miss my drinks with him at the LA

Richard Jackson, UK
In the good old days of "The London Apprentice" Christopher was a regular drinking partner of mine. It was delightful that so many people got to experience that uncompromising wit on Zero 30 and Liquid News. I miss my drinks with him at the LA and will miss his TV sparkle.
Richard Jackson, UK

If Liquid News does continue, then only one man should replace CP - and that is Robert Nesbit. Robert doesn't have the same style as CP, but clearly understood everything that CP was about.
Nick, UK

I am so shocked and saddened by the untimely loss of one so obviously talented. Unfortunately, I had just begun to watch Liquid News and did not get to see a lot of Mr Price. Hopefully, BBC America will rerun some of his best work. He will be sorely missed. My condolences to the family.
Ava Rodgers, USA

A sad, sad loss of a prodigious talent. I had met, chatted and e-mailed Christopher on several occasions and he was as sharp, clever and witty in life as he was on Liquid News. His style and presence will be sadly missed on the BBC. Christopher, wherever you are, peace and a big hug.
Iain Willett, UK

I really do think that he was the best presenter on TV

Mark, England
Christopher's death has genuinely shocked me, and I think I'm pretty unshockable. I really do think that he was the best presenter on TV. I had only recently discovered Liquid News, and he managed to cheer me up however bad my day had been. Just wish I had discovered the show sooner. Best wishes to his family and friends (feel like we all fell into that category).
Mark, England

I saw a tribute to Christopher Price on BBC1 just now. I am shocked he is no longer with us. I am a great fan of Liquid News and that had a lot to do with the way Christopher presented the show. I shall miss him on the screen. My sympathies go to his family and friends.
Sophie De Laere, Belgium

I was shocked and greatly saddened to hear about the death of Christopher. He had great talent and I looked forward to his show and enjoyed his caustic wit. I extend my sympathy to his family and friends. I will miss him greatly.
Janeth Kempston, UK

What a terrible tragedy. I will miss his banter over the satellite links, the cutting remarks under the breath, the style. So much was yet to come but I am proud to have enjoyed watching so much wonderful entertainment since Zero30 and even before that.

My heart goes out to his friends and family, the whole Liquid News team and particularly Robert Nisbet for the very moving "My Friend Christopher" article. I can't read all the tributes, it is too upsetting. For some reason I can't explain I thought I'd meet him one day and say hello. I believe I still will.
Mike Henry, Birmingham, UK

He was one of the most natural and assured broadcasters around.

Roy, Britain
Everything that has been said about Christopher is very true. The BBC were smart to offer him a good long term package as he was one of the most natural and assured broadcasters around. People with wit, humour and natural style are few and far between. The Beeb may have lost a star, but the viewing public have also lost someone who was guaranteed to go on to greater things based solely on talent.
Roy, Britain

I first worked with Christopher when News24 was launched back in late 1997. Every time he would throw to me on the weather he would always have a clever and witty remark. He was a wonderfully unique personality and he will be greatly missed.
Daniel Corbett, USA

My Girlfriend and I were simply devastated upon hearing the news Monday night. I first saw CP making a caustic comment about Celine Dion on Zero30, and was a fan ever since. We only got to see him once a week on BBC1 but he seemed so genuine and nice that it was always something to look forward to. He would have us clapping and in stitches at many of the comments he made, and his rapport with guests was fantastic. In a day and age where any openly gay presenter normally just camps it up, CP was a breath of fresh air; a brilliant brilliant presenter, who just happened to be gay. I can see why he was such an inspiration and icon. Our hearts go out to his family, and friends and all whose lives he touched. The world will be smaller and a bit darker without him. Quite simply a beautiful, lovely man.
Matt, UK

This is such a terrible loss. One of his great talents was to make each viewer feel he was having an exclusive friendly chat with them. I hope he knew how well-loved he is. His family, friends and colleagues are in my prayers.
Mary , Scotland

A fabulously irreverent and intelligent reporter who instantly put the viewer at ease. He was one of the first people to treat a programme made for a digital station like it was the only programme on at the time, and was sure to be even more of a legend in his own lifetime.
Thanks Chris - above and beyond the call of duty.
Sean Murricane, Leeds, UK

He stood out clearly against the dross of other presenters.

Emma, UK
Being nocturnal it was a delight to find something funny on tv in the early hours. Liquid news was perfect at 4.30 am when it was on BBC News 24. Christopher Price was the reason I watched. Witty, acerbic but always friendly. He stood out clearly against the dross of other presenters. My condolences to his family and friends. I never knew him but he looked like a great guy.
Emma, UK

I felt that Christopher had so much empathy with everyone he had on the show. I never got the impression that he was just there for the pay packet-I knew that he would have done exactly the same wonderfully witty, often sarcastic hilariously funny but never rude or offensive job even without the money. He was a real star who showed so much potential, it's tragic that his star couldn't shine even brighter and dazzle the rest of the world.
Naomi Rosenberg, U.K.

Christopher Price was going to be a big star. I felt he would make an impact somewhere down the line, in the same way Graham Norton did on those early Jack Docherty guest spots. I was eager to watch the progression of his career and be proud that I was a fan so early in his career. I was shocked and saddened by yesterday's news and will miss his witty put downs and catty remarks. A very sad loss.
Louise Robinson, UK

I am gutted. I'm still in shock. I don't have BBC choice so the Monday night round-ups on BBC1 were something I looked forward to; not because of the news but because Christopher was genuinely funny and lovable. I feel like I've lost a mate.
Serena, UK

I feel like I have lost a mate that popped in every night for a gossip.

Claire, UK
What can I say except I am absolutely gutted. Celebrity deaths have never really touched me before, but I feel like I have lost a mate that popped in every night for a gossip. Last night's liquid news had me in tears - of laughter at his caustic wit and sadness for the loss of a great talent. We loved you Chris.
Claire, UK

One of the funniest, driest comics the BBC has seen for a long time...he made Liquid News the popular, upbeat unmissable show it is today. What a shame that someone so promising has been stolen from us so prematurely.
Michaela Hamilton, England

He made me smile, giggle and laugh out loud... an incredible talented gent, who seemed friendly and full of fun, he was very refreshing in his style. May I send my best wishes to his family, friends and colleagues. He was a ray of sunshine from the screen and that is how many of us will remember him...
Mark Roberts, UK

A breath of fresh air for television. A great shame.
Rob Denholm, UK

I had no idea what Liquid News was the first time I saw it. I thought I'd watch a few minutes, then turn over, but Christopher Price was so good, so witty and so cutting, I loved it. I found it a real treat to see a showbiz show where the industry and guests were not being put on a pedestal. He had that rare ability to be smart and funny, completely off the cuff, every time I saw the show. I wish I'd seen it more often.
Chris Field, UK

His wit, humour and openness was utterly endearing

Alex Bayley, UK
I rarely feel particularly strong emotions when famous people pass away, but with Christopher it has been different. His wit, humour and openness was utterly endearing, and I am deeply saddened that he has been taken in his prime. The sheer volume of tributes which have poured in are testament to his talent and dedication.
Alex Bayley, UK

Friday Evenings will no longer be the same. We always watched Liquid News on BBC Prime as it was the perfect wind-down after the working week and we loved Chris. It was always a disappointment if someone else run the show and I don't think we will watch the program now when Chris is gone. Very Sad News... And A Great Loss for the whole World!
Thomas & Catie Broome, Sweden

Last nights Liquid News special really made the sad news sink in for me. Christopher's style and manor was unique and you always felt perfectly at ease with his tongue-in-cheek commentary. Its a massive loss and I will miss his wit and charm. All the very best to those who knew and loved him.
Jim, UK

Christopher and Liquid News were required viewing for us here in Dubai on BBC Prime. His warmth and wit will be sorely missed. I believe that the BBC has lost a massive talent. Our sincere condolences to Chris's family, friends and the Liquid News team.
John Deykin, UAE

Price seemed always to be a thoughtful considerate journalist

David Broughton, UK
Price seemed always to be a thoughtful considerate journalist, he put grace and effort into his work and was genuinely friendly by nature. I will miss watching him on Liquid News, his interview with Kylie had to be among the best I have seen. A sad loss for the BBC and for journalism as a whole.
David Broughton, UK

I was really saddened when I woke up to the news about his death on Radio 1. Christopher was such a fun and witty presenter. I am sure like me, most people watched liquid news just to see Christopher, regardless of who was on. Guests were just a bonus. It is a tragedy that he did not go onto greater things. God bless you Chris.
Mark Money, Derbyshire, UK

When so many gay friends and acquaintances have died prematurely over the years, it was great to think there was a guy who looked like he was definitely going to fulfil a promise - 34 and doing so well. So sad to lose you Christopher but thanks for passing this way. Perhaps his death is even more noticeable because people have realised that here was a gay man who wasn't defined by a role, an illness or a stereotype, and whom they could easily integrate into their own lives - as it should be for all of us. I am 50s, fat and balding and see this as one ray of light being blocked out- but there are others and he will have helped them shine through.
Tony Newton, UK

My wife and I were very shocked and saddened to of Christopher Price's death. We are big fans of Liquid News and over time became quite attached to the style of Christopher. He was a TV personality who was genuinely funny, entertaining and quite watchable. Unfortunately he was one of few who matched this description. TV land in the UK will be a more desolate place without him.
Jarrod & Joanna Hall, United Kingdom

An absolute star!

Nikki Wilton, Scotland
I found Christopher Price on Liquid News one night when flicking through cable, and found him and his humour compulsive viewing. I watched his Oscars 'bar' and no matter how big the celebrity he always had that hint of mischief when producing dry, witty lines in the nicest way. An absolute star!
Nikki Wilton, Scotland

I was a latecomer to Liquid News, but from the very first time I saw it I was bowled over by the sheer force of Christopher Price's wit and personality. It's such a shock to see someone on TV one night and then they are suddenly gone. I will miss seeing him. The evenings were so much brighter when he was around.
Karen Lovell, UK

The best TV presenter is no longer around. TV was going to be so different.
Shaun Stoker, Scotland

A wicked sense of humour, he will be greatly missed
Myriam Brunsdon, UK

This man was the spirit of BBC Choice. I have never been a "showbusiness" type of person but his program was unmissable. I shall miss him a very great deal.
Tony King, UK

Dear Chris: Thank you for making me laugh behind the scenes every time I worked with you. I really enjoyed your caustic wit. You will be greatly missed.
Lara, Taiwan

I heard the news last night and I can honestly say that I am shocked and devastated by Christopher's passing. I remember flicking through the TV, saw Christopher once and from then on I was completely hooked. His sharp wit, charm, warmth and professionalism at making a hard job seem easy were exceptional. Christopher, wherever you are, your loss could never go unnoticed - just look at these tributes. You were, and always will be a star to so many.
Paulette Martin, London, England

I've enjoyed watching Christopher on BBC America for the last few months. Often I wouldn't quite get the joke because of the differences in accents and slang, but he was such a refreshing change from the fawning of most entertainment reporters. I am going to miss his sense of humour very much. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Deb Johnson, Denver, USA

There is no one like him on TV here

Alan Olsen, USA
I see Liquid News on BBC America. It is the only reason for digital cable here. Liquid News is one of the few programs on the entertainment biz that I could watch without hype overload. Christopher Price was great. You could tell what he really thought about each story, positive or negative. There is no one like him on TV here. He will be missed on this continent as well.
Alan Olsen, USA

We will very much miss Christopher's witty presenting and a very enjoyable show.
Susan Tattersfield, North Carolina, USA

How very, very sad, what a great loss to us all, he will be greatly missed by all who watched him on both sides of the pond - a great shock.
John McCann, USA

I am in shock at such a tragic loss. Christopher brought such a great perspective to the entertainment world. He is irreplaceable. His show is one of the best things on BBC America. God bless him, he will be missed.
Natalie, USA

We've truly lost someone special

Gemma U, UK
I'm still in shock about this news. Christopher was always a joy to watch. I rarely missed a show. I just know that wherever he is now, he's making them all laugh with his razor sharp wit and sarcastic humour. We've truly lost someone special.
Gemma U, UK

In a dreary diet of soaps, quiz shows and cookery programmes, Liquid News is a breath of fresh air. Chris will be greatly missed.
Paul Crowcroft, UK

An individual talent which will be missed. A brilliant funny guy, always made me smile. Peace.
Martin, Sunderland, UK

A brilliant personality

Helen Whitehead, UK
Putting it simply, he was a brilliant personality in a world where there are sadly very few, and he seemed to be a lovely bloke. I'm going to miss both him and his work, but I hope he's remembered for a very long time, as he was one of the few people involved in the media who was actually worth remembering.
Helen Whitehead, UK

What a sad loss for a man whose career was blossoming. His friendly and down to earth style made him a very popular presenter. A fresh talent has tragically been lost.
Jonathan, England

After a late night at work, I always looked forward to a liquid G&T and Christopher to unwind the stresses of the day. That aside look and smile to camera said it all - he didn't need to pass comment - you just knew what he was thinking. I shall miss those evenings when he used to be a part of my household. A tragic loss to the new face of BBC broadcasting and I send my sincere condolences to all his colleagues and family.
Michael D. F., Hampshire, UK

What a funny guy Christopher was. He often brightened up my late nights after a hard day at work. He was only doing his 'job', but he made it look effortless and fun. I hope he's still entertaining wherever he is now.
Deb, UK

I will miss his enthusiasm, charm and flamboyance

Ohin Louiz, England
I am not really into the entertainment industry but watching television one night, the introduction by Christopher to Liquid News was so sharp it caught my attention and I ended up watching the whole show. Every time since then I would just watch the show to see his snazzy introduction. Reading about his death truly struck a sad note for me. I will miss his enthusiasm, charm and flamboyance.
Ohin Louiz, England

I have wept since I heard the news. As I speak I'm weeping and laughing at the same time whilst watching the compilation of his best work on BBC Choice. No other TV presenter has actually made you think you knew him by his style of work. It's a very sad day
Ivan, UK

I can't bear to watch his tribute show. It's tragic, such a great loss. A very funny, witty man who has kept me entertained and laughing for many hours.
Christine, UK

I am sitting here watching the tributes to Chris Price on BBC Choice. It is very rare that you turn on your television and find yourself watching someone who was so clearly born to present. God bless you Christopher.
Malcolm, UK

As an Englishman living abroad, I sometimes miss the sarcastic, evil but oh so funny English humour. Liquid News and Christopher lifted my spirits and restored my faith in the great English skill of loving celebrities but also reminding them of how ridiculous their worlds could be. Thank You Chris and keep them laughing!
Carl Noble, USA

I am shocked and stunned. I will sorely miss his charm and wit and his very subtle digs at so-called celebs. Christopher was Liquid News - Liquid News was BBC Choice. He cannot be replaced. A very sad day!
David Y, England

He will be greatly missed. Such a shame, he was one of the best presenters around. Liquid News will never be the same again. My condolences go out to all his friends and family.
Louise, Manchester, England

He had a wonderfully sly sense of humour

Andy, UK
I've just checked the news on BBC Online and read about Christopher. I wouldn't believe my mate when he texted me to tell me this afternoon but now I know, it's quite a shock. Christopher had a wonderfully sly sense of humour when talking to his guests on Liquid News and he really made the programme enjoyable to watch. There is no way it can be as entertaining without him, and he was undoubtedly on course for greater things. My condolences to all his family, friends and fellow fans.
Andy, UK

Christopher made the show so watchable. It was evident that his interviewees loved him and this gave the show its unmissable quality. He showed great potential and it is a huge shame that he has been taken at such an early stage of his career and life. Condolences to all who knew him.
Rhiannon Thomas, UK

An avid Liquid News fan, I must admit to feeling short changed when Christopher Price was away as he really made the programme. He will be deeply, deeply missed.
Luca , UK

I can't believe it. Christopher Price was one of the most exciting talents in broadcasting. He was witty, sharp, original and the main reason for watching Liquid News. He was absolutely brilliant.
Cat, UK

He was an excellent presenter but more than that, I liked him a lot

David, UK
Christopher Price is one of those people whose death leaves you feeling genuinely shocked and impoverished. He was worth watching no matter who else was on. He was an excellent presenter but more than that, I liked him a lot.
David, UK

Christopher Price was without a doubt, the most refreshing and talented presenter the BBC has had the privilege of working with in a long time. His witty repartee, talent and cheeky smile won him many fans and this sad news has definitely been a blow to all who knew and grew to like and love him. Christopher Price, you are a true star and may your star continue to shine. God bless you.
Nadia, London, UK

I thought he was brilliant. He seemed like one of the few people in television who was genuinely nice. I watched Liquid News throughout my pregnancy and he made a trying time a lot more bearable - basically by making me laugh for half an hour each night. You were ace Christopher.
Abigail Macfarlane, Scotland

I'm so very shocked and saddened to hear of Christopher's death. He really seemed a humble and sweet man with amazing talent. As has already been said he was liquid news. God bless Christopher, and rest in peace.
Dave H, uk

What sad and terrible news. I'll miss his unique broadcasting style, excellent sense of comedy timing and truly acerbic wit. All in all a great, great man. Massive heartfelt thoughts to all his friends, family and Beeb colleagues. Oh sad day.
Emma B, Britain

I loved watching Liquid News and it was due entirely to Christopher's entertaining interviewing style. As an aspiring journalist myself, I saw Christopher as an inspiration, somebody I looked up to. His easy going demeanour, humour and wit, made him stand out from the crowd. I'm sure he had his fair share of fans as well - of which I was most definitely one. Bless you Christopher, you were one in a million.
David Wilkie, Newcastle, UK

I never met Christopher Price, but I feel a huge sense of loss at his passing. His risqué humour, genuine love of celebrity gossip, and his relaxed presentation style made Liquid News un-missable. I feel a great sadness that we won't get to enjoy his company again in our living rooms. My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this time.
James Bowley, England

He was a groundbreaker in every respect

Barn, UK
This is so, so sad, and so untimely: CP was a fantastic and flourishing example of how gay people have begun to carve out a genuinely relevant, entertaining, witty and valuable niche in broadcasting. Not only will he be sorely missed, but so will his unique angle, charm and irreverence. He was a groundbreaker in every respect of his ability, showmanship, performance and style.
Barn, UK

This is a terrible and tragic loss and my sympathies go out to his family and friends. His sharp wit and coolness made Liquid News the best show on BBC Choice.
Chris Williams, UK

I am absolutely horrified and distraught by the death of Christopher. He was pure talent and genius and I am upset beyond words at his passing. It is so sad and shocking that someone with his potential did not go on to achieve the greatness that he undoubtedly would have. All my love to his family, friends and colleagues. I am upset without even knowing him - I cannot imagine their pain.
Laurey Jean, England

His humour was unsurpassed

Jamie Morgan, Middlesbrough, UK
Christopher Price was the reason I started watching BBC Choice on the regular basis that I do watch it now. His humour was unsurpassed and the best I've ever seen on mainstream TV. He would say an off the cuff remark so casually that would leave me laughing long after it was said. He was an excellent presenter, and although I will continue watching Liquid News, it will never be with that flare that Christopher brought. TV magic.
Jamie Morgan, Middlesbrough, UK

Christopher Price was a true star who had a unique talent that no-one else can even replicate. He will be sorely missed.
Juanita Rosenior, UK

I'm stunned. Christopher Price was funny, sharp, and terrifically entertaining. He seemed like the person I would hope to be seated next to at a party. What a sad loss.
Mickey Rogers, USA

Total shock. Great presenter. Definitely the sexiest voice on TV.
Catherine, London, UK

The programme was made for him

Darren Calvert, UK
Christopher was a good presenter who was yet to reach his full potential. He was quick-witted and always interacted well with guests and even on slow news days, was still smiling and pleased with his job. In some ways the programme was made for him and it should have been on BBC1 after Eastenders.
Darren Calvert, UK

The guy was a natural, and would have been a much bigger star than he already was. I loved the way he not once sucked up to the pampered celeb guests and actually made them look silly, but in such a way that they didn't realise it. Chris Price WAS Liquid News, I hope they cancel the programme as a mark of respect because the programme would be as pointless as Parkinson without Parkinson.. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Andy, UK

Christopher's presentation style catapulted Liquid News from run-of-the-mill showbiz filler to compelling must-see TV. My condolences to all those close to this wonderfully talented man.
Pat Sissons, UK

His enviable ability to be cheeky and get away with it was an inspiration

Scott Cruickshank, UK
Liquid News will never be the same again; his enviable ability to be cheeky and get away with it was an inspiration to us all!
Scott Cruickshank, UK

A real loss to television, me and all my fellow late-night TV watchers loved his sense of humour and presence on screen. Was a great chap, student hero.
Gwil, UK

I feel so sad and shocked...I watched Liquid News religiously for his wit and magnetic personality.
Alex Rodriguez, UK

Guests on his show really liked this guy

Joe, England
He was good and his guests were relaxed when on his show. I got the feeling that guests on his show really liked this big guy.
Joe, England

The most interesting presenter on the box, I last saw broadcasting from LA in his element; I'll always think of him that way.
Zoe, UK

One of the greatest presenters the BBC had: truly one of the new generation. It is true that the great die far too soon.
John Bond, UK

Such a shock ....we will all miss his wit and smile.
Mark Mccrory, UK

Christopher was a very refreshing presenter with a great wit and really made the show his own.
Yaron Perry, UK

I am deeply shocked at the loss of the future of the BBC. He had style, panache and a flair to overcome any obstacle presented to him. Mr Price will be missed as a flagbearer for the BBC team.
Jay Harris, UK

An individual voice in a crowd of millions

Joel Freedman, England
You were witty, charismatic and an individual voice in a crowd of millions. You used to make me laugh just before I went to sleep. Everyone will remember you for that.
Joel Freedman, England

What a shock and what a sad time for the BBC and his family. He was one of the best. He will be missed.
Arthur Kuleszka, America

If ever the BBC picked the right man for the job, it was in picking Christopher Price. He was a very talented presenter, and will be sadly missed by everyone who watched and knew him. Goodnight and God bless Christopher.
Stuart Bassett, Leicestershire, England

I could not believe it when I saw this sad story on the website. He had a much needed very fresh style of presenting entertainment news and I am very sorry for his friends at the Beeb and his family. The first time I saw his true potential in front of the camera was his interview with Kylie Minogue, he was very charming and funny and got her to admit to some things I don't think she had any intention of revealing. A great skill. Rest in peace.
Jim Gardner, England

TV has lost a great talent and we have lost a source of sharp, innuendo-based wit. Very sad news.
Andy Potter, Scotland

I was terribly sorry to hear of the death of Christopher Price. I only watched Liquid News a few times, but Christopher Price managed to make mindless celebrity gossip interesting enough to be entertaining. I was looking forward to seeing his career progress into other forms of television; I found him very funny and very shrewd. I am surprisingly upset at the news of his death. Requiem in peace, Christopher. May God bless your soul.
Al, Bedford, England

The viewer has lost a great presenter

Pete, UK
I am really sorry to learn of Christopher's death. He was journalistically talented and whereas I usually ditch all other magazine programmes, his retained my interest because of its sassy and up-to-date nature. The viewer has lost a great presenter.
Pete, UK

The few times I watched Liquid News Mr. Price seemed to be a genuinely nice man. I offer my condolences to his family and friends.
Keith Denham, UK

I'm completely stunned by the news. He was one of the best presenters on TV and it's tragic he never found the mainstream fame he deserved. His interview with Kylie was hysterical and showed just how charismatic he could be. My thoughts are with his friends, colleagues and family.
David Malcolm, UK

He was a tremendous talent and an obvious highlight in evening viewing.

Chris and Richard, UK

Really very sad news, we can't believe it - he was a tremendous talent and an obvious highlight in evening viewing. His potential was all too apparent, and all will be sadly missed. Let his intelligence and great wit be remembered. Condolences to all his family and friends at the Beeb. Still can't believe it, we only saw him having fun out last week. Your short life is treasured.
Chris and Richard, UK

I had only caught Liquid News a few times as BBC America is a recent addition to our cable line-up, but will miss Christopher's humor and quick wit. He is the main reason why the show was on in my home.
John, USA

Christopher lit up our screens with his charm and wit. We watched him all the time, he will be sadly missed - very shocked.
Rachael and Nick Davies, Teeside, UK

I was shocked to hear of the death of Christopher Price. His wit, charisma and innuendoes made Liquid News a joy to watch and he will be a very tough act to follow.
Matt Michael, UK

This is really a terrible shock. Christopher Price made Liquid News into unmissable TV - you felt you had to watch to see just how far he would push his jokes and cheeky comments! He will be impossible to replace and greatly missed.
Sophie Steinmore, UK

The only entertainment programme on TV with intelligence.
Mohsen Tehranian, Iran

So very sad to hear the news this evening about Christopher. Liquid News was one of the most funny, irreverent and watchable programmes on TV and Christopher was fab - such a terrible loss and heartfelt thoughts to all who knew him.
Toni Harrison, UK

Having watched Christopher since his Zero30 days on News 24, it's a real shame to see someone cut off just before they went onto greater things.
Matthew Revell, Wolverhampton, UK

He was a breath of fresh air

Michael J Drost, Netherlands
He was a breath of fresh air. He will be sadly missed.
Michael J. Drost, Netherlands

Gobsmacked to hear of Christopher's sudden death. I'm a big fan of Liquid News and feel very sad for his family who've lost a very talented, friendly person
Liz, UK

I am completely shocked and extremely sad to hear this news. Christopher Price has done wonders for the profile of gay men in this country, showing that we can be witty, mature and self-assured. He was going to present alternative coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, and I was really looking forward to that. BBC Choice will never be able to replace him. Liquid News has died too.
Marcus, UK

This guy was definitely going to go onto great things. I loved the way you could never really tell if he was taking the mick or not! Rest in peace.
Gary Parravani, England

He was sharp, intelligent, endlessly amusing, with an irresistible twinkle in his eye. So sad.

Sue Merriman, UK
I may be an over-the-hill 55-year-old, but Liquid News was a must-see, providing Christopher was presenting. He was sharp, intelligent, endlessly amusing, with an irresistible twinkle in his eye. So sad.
Sue Merriman, UK

I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Christopher Price. Christopher was quite simply "Mr BBC Choice" - the channel was his own. His dry wit and sense of humour lightened the Liquid News show - he will be deeply missed across the entire BBC spectrum
Joanne Hall, UK

I would just like to convey my sadness upon hearing the devastating news about Christopher, a great talent who had the world ahead of him. The showbiz world has lost suffered a great loss.
Russell Peake, Midlands, UK

I just can't believe it. A sad loss to everyone who watched Liquid News, and to everyone who will miss out of the undoubtedly huge career that was ahead of him. BBC Choice will not be the same.
Damien Everett, UK

Absolutely devastating news, he will be sorely missed. All the more tragic as it seemed he was set for great things and would have finally received the recognition he deserved. Liquid News will never be the same. TV has lost one of its brightest, funniest and most watchable stars.
Nora Davies, Wales

I really enjoyed watching the programme and his wit and personality made it a joy to watch. I am shocked and saddened to hear of his death and my prayers go out to family and friends.
Ruth Merry, UK

Christopher made the show highly entertaining. I'm sure he would have gone on to host many other great shows.
Diane, Scotland

This is tragic. Liquid News was an hilarious show at times, and always hugely watchable. This is a big loss, and my heart goes out to those close to Mr Price.
Iain Bartholomew, Scotland

Christopher was a massive talent

Steven Turner, Britain
I am in total shock at hearing this news tonight. Christopher was a massive talent and also seemed like a nice bloke. Wherever you are tonight Christopher, God bless you.
Steven Turner, Britain

What a sad loss - he was a refreshing and intelligent alternative to the tired reporting that usually passes for entertainment journalism. His style and wit made him one of the most entertaining presenters on television.
Mark Crossen, Ireland

Christopher Price's death comes as such a shock. One of the few truly original broadcast talents gone so soon - before he achieved the wider recognition he deserved and would undoubtedly have received. Such a funny man. I feel I have lost someone and I didn't even know Christopher personally. I can only guess at the grief and sadness this has caused his family and friends.
Colin Walklin, UK

I am stunned by this awful news. Christopher had a unique TV presence; warm yet sassy and unpredictable - a joy to spend time with. My thoughts are with his family and friends but I hope they can take some comfort from these messages. They demonstrate that Christopher will be remembered with genuine affection by those who felt they knew him - his viewers.
James Caterer, UK

It is such a shame that just as he was about to become the major force he was sure to become, we lose him. His name has been on many peoples' tongues for months now and he will be sorely missed by public and peers alike.
Padraig Burke, N. Ireland

Chris made it cool to be a fat, balding gay man in your mid-30s: for which I am grateful!

Rory Graham, UK
As a person who is rarely shocked or saddened by the deaths of celebrities I can honestly say that the death of Christopher Price has genuinely saddened me. He was obviously a great presenter on Liquid News but more than that, he had charm, wit and an engaging personality. Clearly he was and is well loved by guests and fans of the show. Even as a Brit living in the US I feel deeply sad and a sense of loss. My thoughts are with all those who knew him the most.
Andrew, Boston, USA

I blinked in disbelief when I read the Ceefax page last night. I didn't watch the show all the time but when I did I enjoyed watching all the celebrities getting knocked onto their showbiz backsides by this witty man. Although by no means perfect, he had a certain authentic tone that made me think "Yeah, you are spot on". What a waste of a human being.
Dave, Great Britain

What a great loss. Someone who was upfront and unashamed about who and what they were! A major step forward for the BEEB as well! Pity the world didn't have more rolemodels like this!
Dec, Scotland

Chris made it cool to be a fat, balding gay man in your mid-30s: for which I am grateful! He was an engaging and talented presenter, obviously destined to do incredibly well. He said in a Gay Times interview that he was looking for a partner: I am torn between hoping that he did find happiness and sorrow for that partner.
Rory Graham, UK

I regarded him as more of a brilliant comedian with perfect timing and the ability to not take himself too seriously, rather than just a television presenter

Fraser Millward, UK
Really sad. It's always exciting to see new talent coming through but even more so when there is a lot of originality. Christopher Price was funny, professional AND original. He will be missed by many and the programmes he undoubtedly would have made for the BBC could be lost forever. Such a shame.
Gary Adams, UK

Christopher Price and Liquid News has only recently started airing on BBC America. It offered a real alternative to the US pop culture news magazines on American television. Christopher Price's unique style and cheeky wit will be missed.
David Berry, Chicago, USA

I was and still am incredibly sad when I heard the news of Christopher Price's death. I watched Zero 30 on BBC News 24 and thought that this man would go far. I wasn't the only one as was shown when he became the face of BBC Choice. There he really did come into his own and quickly established himself as a true star with talent to admire and enjoy. His dry and dead pan humour was so refreshing to see. I regarded him as more of a brilliant comedian with perfect timing and the ability to not take himself too seriously, rather than just a television presenter. I looked forward to his programmes everynight and so did my friends.

I introduced them to Liquid News last year and they shared my enthusiasm at his comedy abilities. A rare talent that the BBC and television needed. Liquid News should cease to exist as it is now. Thank you Christopher. It was a true pleasure.
Fraser Millward, London, UK

He was really going places. I am numbed and devastated. God bless you Chris

Thom Myles, UK
He seemed to be on of the only BBC presenters introduced in the last few years that was neither too traditional and stuffy nor overly trendy and patronising. A great presenter who should be recognised as the talent he was.
Moker, England

Chris made Liquid News a must see. Naturally at ease being a great wit, host, josher of guests (and knowing when not to go toooooo far). I feel for his family and friends now as he was plainly a lovely and talented person who gave a lot of joy to those around him, so evident even down the cynical TV tube.
Michael Juffs, UK

Christopher Price will be very sorely missed. He was a hugely talented journalist who was obviously destined for much greater things. I can remember nearly choking, late one night in bed, when Liquid News was on BBC24, at some of the very funny remarks he was making about a certain Hollywood actor. He had a great talent for making charming but caustic conversation with his guests. Liquid News will never be the same again. Wherever he may be, may he look down peacefully on us all, then open his mouth and let rip!
Jo Hulks, England

I will miss his easy going style, a loss to all who enjoy good television...
Colin, UK

Saddened to hear the news this morning. Christopher was a very talented broadcaster with an ability to appeal across the generations.
Stewart, UK

This is a huge shock, the best entertainment presenter the BBC has ever had has been lost in his prime. He was Liquid News and will be sorely missed. RIP.
Tom Jenner, Leeds, UK

The best television presenter for the last 10 years or more. This man was STAR QUALITY. He was really going places. I am numbed and devastated. God bless you Chris.
Thom Myles, UK

Christopher Price was a fantastic talent, the real life incarnation of Popbitch and Heat magazine

Jeanie, Nottingham, UK
Christopher had a wonderful screen prescence and was Liquid News, I cannot imagine anyone else presenting it. A great loss to the viewing public.
Andrew Collingwood, UK

Christopher made Liquid News what it was. I was looking forward to watching his coverage of Eurovision this year - I'm sure he would have been fantastic. I will really miss his sharp observations and friendly touch - a great loss to us all.
Matt Hall, UK

I thought Christopher Price was a really refreshing change from the usual stuffy presenters we get on TV. Clever and intelligent, he was one of the few people on TV I genuinely liked.
Stan Shepherd, Scotland

I've watched Liquid News since I got BBC America on the cable, Christopher brought everyone a lot of laughs, he was a great man, an unbeatable talent, no one could ever come close. We will miss him
Kim Narvaez, USA

He was so different. That made him what he was and is today. He will be sorely missed by all the fans.
Stephen Grieve, Scotland

He even made Song for Europe look good! God Bless you sir!

Phil, Britain
One of the funniest, quickest-witted presenters or recent times. A great loss to the BBC, comedy, and the world...
Anthony Paynter, UK

Christopher Price was a fantastic talent, the real life incarnation of Popbitch and Heat magazine. He'll be sadly missed. All my love goes to his family and loved ones.
Jeanie, Nottingham, UK

He made me smile. Enough said.
Henry Hyde, UK

I woke up to this shocking news and still cannot quite believe it's true. What a tragic, tragic loss.
Sim Cipriano, UK

I am so gutted to hear this sad news. Christopher Price made Liquid News, he was the reason I watched the show. My thoughts go out to those close to him.
Sammas, England

A talent like his is rare and special and to be extinguished so soon is a tragedy

Brian Roe, England
I am in total shock! Such a tragic thing to happen.

Liquid News was a must see programme. Christopher always made me smile and laugh, even when I was feeling down. His unique interviewing style and sense of humour made him the sort of presenter that would have gone on to much bigger things within the industry. He will be sorely missed.

My heart goes out to his family, friends and collegues.
Jenny, UK

The nation's expectations of what the future of broadcasting could offer has taken a severe blow. Mr Price was becoming everything that one expects from the highest quality of current presenters.
Dom, UK

This is such a tragic event. He was one of the brightest presenters on TV, and he will be greatly missed if, like myself, you watched him in action on Liquid News every night. He even made Song for Europe look good! God Bless you sir!
Phil, Britain

It was such a shock to hear of Chris's death. He was one of the very talented presenters that could transcend the tube and build a very personal relationship with his audience. He would have become one of the Beeb's top presenters. RIP.
Peter Barrett, Birmingham, U.K.

After a great laugh at Two Pints of Lager, my partner and I saw Christopher's face on screen and I said "Oh look, it's our Christopher" - then heard the news. I don't know what this guy had, but it was something special. We watch BBC Choice all the time - because of Christopher Price, in the main. I have never been so sorry to hear of a death - he was a true talent, with great things in front of him, and will be sadly missed. We absolutely loved to see him.
Cheryl Stephens, UK

His sharp wit and caustic humour entertained my husband and I many a dull night

Jaysica Marvell, UK
What can I say - I woke up with a start when I heard the news on the radio this morning. I watched Liquid News regularly and always missed Christopher if he was away, he was so easy to watch and so funnily dry. It's so terribly sad - it's like losing a friend. I shall miss him very much.
Jill Rooney, UK

I was rendered speechless when I heard the news, what a loss! A talent like his is rare and special and to be extinguished so soon is a tragedy. Unique and irreplaceable, what a loss..
Brian Roe, England

Christopher was a man who made me laugh. A very natural presenter who will be missed by his colleagues at the BBC and the millions of people who watched Liquid News. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Dave Stanford, England

As a bald gay 30-something, Christopher was someone on the box that I and my partner could realy relate to. We watched every night without fail. He always brightened up the most dreary days with his charm and sense of cheaky fun. The face of BBC Choice will be sadly missed. Thanks Christopher, from Tony and Bart.
Tony Kelly, England

Despite the media driven era we're in, there seem to be so few real individuals. Christopher Price will not be easy to replace

Christopher was a breath of fresh air in the midst of bland presenters around him, he made me laugh all the way through his programmes. A unique talent that will be sadly missed.
Jason, Manchester, England

Christopher was a genius presenter. His sharp wit and caustic humour entertained my husband and I many a dull night. We were both saddened and shocked at his death. I personally expected Christopher to do exceptionally well in the future, and it is a shame that more people will not know who he was. We've lost the one entertainment presenter on TV with any real talent.
Jaysica Marvell, UK

The show just won't be the same - it was Christopher's baby. We have a lost a shining new talent too soon
Mark, UK

Very sad news; I thought Price was brilliant. His delivery seemed so effortless and natural, that you only really noticed how sharp he was when other presenters stood in his place. Truly a live TV great.
Keli Richards, Norwich, UK

At last a gay man on TV who doesn't fit the stereotype. A big man in more ways than one

Colin, UK
We look forward to watching Liquid News, and were always disappointed if Christopher Price wasn't presenting - his quick witted, dry sense of humour had us in stitches - he didn't let celebs get away with anything - this is really tragic news and he will certainly be missed in our home.
Rose & Kev, London, Britain

What shocking news about Christopher. My condolences go to his family and all the Liquid News team who have clearly lost a great man. But doesn't it go to show that we all must live life to the full everyday? He certainly seemed to. Goodbye Chris.
Josh, Scotland

Despite the media driven era we're in, there seem to be so few real individuals. Christopher Price will not be easy to replace.

Just come online and very shocked and saddened by the news of Chritopher's sudden death at such a young age too. Liquid news was always incredibly entertaining and credit for that lies completely with Christopher, such an intelligent mind and wit, we have lost a rare commodity. May he rest in peace
Robert Soper, UK

I am totally shocked by Christopher's death. He was a fantastic presenter who combined insight with a witty, comic style. Christopher was destined for even greater things, I'm sure, and it's tragic that more people will now not get the chance to experience his rare talent.
Dean Asker, UK

I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher outside Madonna's concert last year (of all places!) and he was such a lovely gentle giant

Alexander Ryll
I am extremely sad to hear of the death of one of the most talented presenters of BBC TV. I watched the show from the beginning and kept up with its changing time slot! His style is irreplaceable and Liquid News will never be the same. My condolences to his family at this devastating time.
Rosetta Dyer, London, England

There are precious few presenters of Chris' quality. BBC will struggle to replace him. A loss.
Stewart Pleace, Scotland

What a great pity that the mainstream will never know what greatness it has missed. At last a gay man on TV who doesn't fit the stereotype. A big man in more ways than one.
Colin, UK

Always had the feeling that this little gem, tucked away, as he was, in a little news show, was destined for great things. A superb presenter, fantastic wit and a winning smile. I shall miss him a great deal.
Paul N, UK

A terribly sad loss. I was looking forward as ever to watching him yesterday and was shocked by the news this morning. Irreverent, hilarious and a true, true talent.
David, UK

What awfully sad news - a tragically young death for a man who was so clever and funny - he made a late night show on BBC a must to watch - and he seemed like a good lad who you would have a great night out with - condolences to family and friends...
Hilary, England

We are so saddened to hear of such a wonderful loss, we were always annoyed where Christopher wasn't hosting Liquid News as his wit and humour had us in hysterics during dinner. I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher outside Madonna's concert last year (of all places!) and he was such a lovely gentle giant - our thoughts go out to his friends and family, God bless.
Alexander Ryll, England

I will miss the cheeky monkey, he had a look about him that made me just want to wrap my arms round him and give him a big hug and kiss.
Rachel, England

My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this difficult time. He was an extremely entertaining and highly witty individual. We shall all miss his unique approach to television; it's such a shame, but the many hours of laughter I've enjoyed will stay with me forever. Allah Ma'ak, Allah-u-ackbar.
Peter, UK

Terribly, terribly sad news. A funny, charming man who wore his talent and knowledge lightly. All my thoughts go to his friends and family.
Stephen Fry, UK

I only just heard about the death of Christopher Price at work this morning when I clicked over the the Liquid News Message board. I am deeply shocked by his death. Liquid News was a great show, because he made it one. So much charisma, charm and intelligence from a man who would normally be out of place on a show like this. I

I first saw him interview Kerry from Atomic Kitten where he was funny and very quick witted. I loved his banter with the outside reporters and the night of the Robbie Williams première and the celebrity escalators were hilarious.

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