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Thursday, 25 April, 2002, 14:14 GMT 15:14 UK
Your tributes to singer Layne Staley
Layne Staley, singer and guitarist with the American grunge band Alice in Chains, has been found dead at his flat in Seattle.

Alice in Chains were founded in 1987 and ranked with Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden as one of the bands that made Seattle famous in the early 1990s.

The band stopped touring in the mid-1990s when Staley went into rehabilitation for heroin use.

His death comes eight years after Kurt Cobain, leader of Seattle's best-known rock band Nirvana, killed himself.

Local medical officials said that the cause of Staley's death had yet to be determined.

Send us your tributes to Layne Staley.

This Talking Point is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your comments:

Layne was a great inspiration for me, I looked up to that man a lot. Everything he sang, he felt and I felt it also. He was a creative mind, a god amongst others, he helped me out throughout the years. Man in the Box and Got me Wrong, are two of the best songs I've heard and that have touched me in my heart. Layne, you are a wonderful man, with a big heart, I will miss you everyday, for the rest of my life, listening to your music now makes me feel sad, but it also makes me work harder, knowing I have lost someone I loved dearly and hoped I could have met. Thank you Layne, your words have influenced me and helped me a lot on realizing, the meaning of life. Thank You Layne, I'll miss you and love you deeply.
Albert Echavarria, USA

I travelled to Seattle almost monthly just to be close to him

Jamie, USA
Alice In Chains has been my favourite band since 1991. Layne was my everything for years. I shared a lot of "first" moments with him... even if his beautiful voice was just the background music to my life! I travelled to Seattle almost monthly just to be close to him, and the city that produced the best band ever. Layne, you are an angel and I hope you are free from whatever held you back here on earth. May you rest in piece. I love you.
Jamie, USA

I met Layne when I was 13. He is a friend of my brothers, and will always be in my heart, despite what has gone on with us. Now, at 21, Layne has put a great inspiration on me. Thank you Layne. I will never forget the dream .
lyza, USA

It's comforting to read about the effect his music had on so many people. He won't be forgotten. Drugs are what killed him, but they are also a vital part of the music he made and how absolutely heart wrenching his lyrics were. Thank you Layne, your music lives on. I am going to drift away to his beautiful voice now. RIP
Heather, Canada

Layne is gone, Alice is quiet. But the music lives on and somewhere there is another Layne waiting for his moment to touch us all. We have our season in the sun and then we are gone. Layne is at peace and so too should we.
Mark, Some where in Seattle

It is my fondest hope that now, in death, he has reached his place of respite and peace.

Nav, Boston, USA
I am not quite certain what it is that disturbs me more, Layne's untimely death, or the fact that he passed away in such desolation. I was in college, living out the darkest period of my life, when I first heard Alice in Chains. The despondence in Layne's voice and his lyrics very much mirrored the pain I felt in those days, so hearing someone sing with such desperate passion was, if nothing else, comforting proof that my pain was not unique. Learning of Layne's death has brought back some difficult memories, but has also reminded me that there is always an end to the pain in our souls. And although Layne never did find the healing he so desperately sought in his life, it is my fondest hope that now, in death, he has reached his place of respite and peace. Vaya con Dios, mi amigo.......
nav, Boston, USA

After reading all of the tributes before mine, it makes me realize that someone this loved and respected is never truly alone. He may have been alone in his apartment, but a little piece of all of us was there as well... and also died. Thank you, Layne, for all the strength you gave me when I needed it. I am glad your pain is finally over. I will always miss you and never forget you.
Eric J. Wubbenhorst, USA

I loved Layne, I always will. My first concert was AIC and even with a broken leg, Layne put on the best show I've ever seen. I will miss him forever.
Mary, USA

Never have I ever been touched by music as I have by Alice In Chains.

Heidi, USA
Layne, your music will forever rock my world. There is so much meaning and emotion in all your music, I will forever get chills when I hear it. It is so beautiful yet so eerie, yet so perfect. Never have I ever been touched by music as I have by Alice In Chains. I have a 2 year old daughter...her name is Laynie. Named after mom's favourite musician. May you rest in peace.
Heidi, USA

I've been dreading this day for years. RIP Layne, you were the best. I hope you're with your beloved Demri again now. My sympathy to Jerry, Sean and Mike and especially the Staley Family.
Julie Scanlan, UK

Here is a poem I wrote for Layne after hearing the news:

Your music has been influential to me and to my friends.
Why did your life have to come to such a tragic end?
Whether it be Rooster, Down in a Hole, Man in the Box or Would
All your songs helped me through hard times more than any others could.
See Layne, My mom is a recovering addict, but somehow she made it through.
I wish with all my heart and soul we could say the same for you.
34 years old is just too young to die.
I wish no-one ever came up with the idea of getting high.
Alice in Chains' music will play in my heart forever to say the least.
Layne Staley I truly hope that you can rest in peace.

LAYNE STALEY 1968-2002 R.I.P.
Leighann, USA

Just prior to hearing of Layne's terrible demise, I was listening to "Nutshell" - the most beautiful and touching song I have ever heard. In this song, Layne sings "If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead." Sadly, he wasn't his own man; the needle owned him. I've shed many tears over this heartbreaking event. Layne's lyrics and music provided us with a window to his tormented soul, and we have lost the greatest voice and personality this world has ever known. My heart goes out to Layne's family and friends. It is so sad he died alone. Goodbye Layne, and thank you for being who you are.
Beau Maxwell, New Zealand

I love you Layne, you have meant the world to me and helped to saved my life. I wish I could have done the same for you.

Laura, US
Man, I can't believe that my saviour is dead. I am heartbroken totally. I also had a needle addiction to cocaine and crank, and I owe Layne my sobriety for almost four years now. I got lucky. Layne's words and struggles let me know I wasn't alone in this struggle I only wish I could have been his friend so I could let him know how much he means to me. This is the worst day of my life I have cried so much and can feel my heart breaking in two. I love you Layne, you have meant the world to me and helped to saved my life I wish I could have done the same for you. Rest in peace my friend, that is the only thing that is giving any comfort right now is to know that your relentless struggles are now over. To the Alice In Chains band members: I am so sorry for your loss, Your music will live on in my heart forever. Thanks for your words and music - what a gift! I love Layne I will miss you so much and regret that I never got to meet such a beautiful person.
Laura, US.

Being a loyal fan of Alice's music, I was deeply saddened by Layne's death. Layne was a truly gifted musician and a talented writer. Layne was a musician that could give one word an emotion of it's own. His pain was well documented through out the pages of the Alice albums and his words in mad season still touch me today. The music world will never be the same after his passing, but his talent will stay forever
Brian Becklund, USA

Alice In Chains was one of those bands that had shaped and completed my life through all the tough times. I have loved them and deeply respected them since I was 12 years old. I am now 22, and it is hard to believe that someone so special to me and to millions of others has left us. You will never be forgotten were a beautiful angel.
Lea, Australia

My heart breaks that we have lost yet another talented artist to this illness of drug addiction. I have heard so many people commenting on how he died and I hope we can get over that and remember how he lived... as a talented artist with a illness he just couldn't fight any more. Layne, I hope you have found the peace you looked for here for so long and couldn't find. You will live on forever in our hearts and you will be forever missed. Rest In Peace Layne... we love you.
Traci, us

I think the song "Down in the Hole" was Layne crying for help.

Michael Knight, USA
I think the song "Down in the Hole" was Layne crying for help. It really moved me. And sadly there was no one to help him in the end. As with most people who end up like him, friends and family soon turn away. I was haunted by Layne's words and music. But it was his voice that first gave me chills. He paid the ultimate price.
Michael Knight, U.S.A.

Those damn harmonies between Jerry and Layne will never happen again!! That tandem is amongst the best in rock history. They didn't miss the mark much on their albums. Almost every song stimulates that part of your brain - where you feel emotion, invite it, embrace it. We need bands like Alice in Chains. Rest in peace, Layne.
Ray Dominick, United States

Layne Staley, the single greatest singer of rock music. The minute I heard the great song Man In a Box I was hooked. The man sang from his heart and reached into many millions of hearts by doing so. Through my own dark periods Layne's words were there to let me know people suffer more than I and there is always a hope. Layne to you I extend my Love thank you for years of enjoyment, therapy and motivation. REST IN PEACE
Jesse Ward, USA

I will always remember "river of deceit" as the greatest song to come out of the grunge- scene. The lyric "my pain is self chosen, at least I believe it to be", runs deep. You will always be remembered for your lyrics and music, Layne, I hope you have found peace. Rest in peace, my heart is crying for you.
ěystein, Norway

Their music was more than grunge

Matt Dotseth, USA
Layne Staley and his vocals complimented Jerry Cantrell┐s beautiful lyrics for so many years, and touched so many hearts. Their music was more than grunge, and bands years from now will still be echoing the influence of his great voice. His art poetry and music will be missed by more than anyone knows.
Matt Dotseth, USA

When I first heard the news I was speechless, had to catch my breath, then I cried. I've done my mourning, I've put in every AIC CD and listened to it twice. I know that there are people who will say "it was only a matter of time before it destroyed him" but I think his song he wrote for Andrew Wood now speaks for himself..."So I made a big mistake, try to see it once my way." I love you Layne, and you will surely be missed. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and of course his bandmates Jerry, Mike and Sean. Keep rocking!
Beth Schmied, USA

Layne touched my heart like no other artist ever has. His lyrics not only helped me through hard times, but saved me from myself at some points. He is finally at peace and is able to rest. "Heaven beside you".
Melanie, USA

With sadness another great from a generation of talent has gone. It's better to burn out than fade away...
John, UK

It's a shame that he couldn't conquer his demon, but I'll always remember him for his contribution to music

Ray C Bannister, USA
I wasn't an Alice in Chains die-hard fan, but I did appreciate their music. To me, the song that stands out the most is Man in the Box, and that song will stay with me forever, as will the memory of Layne Staley. It's a shame that he couldn't conquer his demon, but I'll always remember him for his contribution to music. RIP Layne.
Ray C Bannister, USA

Drugs have killed a poet, an inspiration, and a friend. We will miss you Layne. I sink lower without your words to lift me up.
Anthony Sarracino, USA

AIC has been my favourite band for the past eight years, and I always hoped Layne had cleaned up and was just avoiding the pressures of the music industry to stay that way. But deep down I was always expecting something like this to happen. Yet the news of his death hit me so much harder than expected. I hope he is happy and at peace now, wherever he is. My condolences to everyone who knew and loved him.
David, Sweden

Layne: Although I'm in shock about your death and am truly saddened by this tragedy I will continue to show my dedication towards all that you stood for.
Peter, USA

I have never been good at coming up with words and this has left me speechless. Layne was an amazing singer and Layne and Jerry wrote some of the greatest songs I have ever heard. All I can say is I will miss him deeply. RIP Layne
Denny, USA

I didn't know him, but I do appreciate their great music, especially the track "What the Hell Have I", and somehow I am still touched by the loss of this man. His voice was amazing. Very sad.
Gary, UK

I had expected it to happen soon. But the news came as lightning on bright day.
Myrddin, Amsterdam

They were a pretty dark band, and no-one embodied that darkness better than Layne

Mick Fitzsimmons, Scotland
I saw Alice in Chains play at Glasgow Barrowland in (I think) 1992 on the "Dirt" tour, and it was one of the most powerful, unsettling gigs I've ever been to. They were a pretty dark band, and no-one embodied that darkness better than Layne. Listening to songs like Godsmack, We Die Young and Them Bones will take on a whole new meaning now. Is this the day the Seattle scene finally dies?
Mick Fitzsimmons, Scotland

In 1993 when I received the album "Dirt" on my birthday I found my favourite album, my favourite band and my favourite singer. My greatest inspiration. Exactly 9 years later a friend told me on my birthday that Layne Staley was dead. Just at the same moment, the radio played Journey's "Who's crying now". A moment I will never forget.
Tobias Rauch, Germany

When I heard the news I was driving. I pulled over and tried to pick up the pieces. Layne, my association with you and your haunting, heart-wrenched vocals was intimate and will continue to be. You gave my Sweetheart and myself something so dear to share at our most intimate times. Stab me in the eye so many times to take this pain away. A thousand hurts. See you on the other side. Thank you for everything Layne.
Jamie, Australia

Having caught on to Alice late, I feel cheated that I won't get to experience any more of Layne's moving vocal performances. He was a very talented man and I hope his name is never forgotten. Rest in peace Layne.
Bimla Safka, United Kingdom

I still can't believe it, such a waste of talent. He gave us some wonderfully poetic lyrics and haunting melodies. I hope he's happier in the next life, for us, the fans, the music will mean so much more. RIP Layne.
Cagey, Ireland

He was undoubtedly the most creative musician of the time

PV2 Gene F Parsons, USA
Layne Staley was a man who I didn't worship as a god, but whose talent placed him near the God status. He was undoubtedly the most creative musician of the time, not only with his words, but his visions that he put in his videos.
PV2 Gene F Parsons, USA

Hardly a more honest and brave musician has been seen by our generation. Layne's music gave us visions of the whole of our humanity, including the darker corners we seldom admit or dare to investigate. He gave us a gift, and gave it was his job to test the boundaries of human experience and report back faithfully what he found. Layne did it with skill and with heart. Rest well
Grillo, UK

We've been hoping against hope that this day would never come, but in our hearts we knew that it would. My thoughts go out to the Staley family, Jerry, Sean, Mike and Mike, all Layne's friends and his legion of fans throughout the world. "I could either drown or pull off my skin and swim to shore"
Sid Daly, Republic of Ireland

I think that is the best voice of the Seattle scene gone. I think that the modern rock scene, will cry for his death, at least I'll do it.
Miquel Company, Spain

R.I.P Layne, you were the best...
Karl, Sweden

Layne was one of the most passionate musicians of our time, his music, lyrics and life reflected that. Like Kurt your went out too soon and will be missed, but you'll live on in my heart forever R.I.P
George, Canada

Layne - I will miss you. As I also miss Curt. You both inspired me so much to play and sing. Your Music was truly one of kind and gave me so much direction. You never wrote a bad song. Again I will miss you. Rest in Peace.
Chris Rollins, US

I'm 24 now and I can say that last 12 years were influenced by the music of Alice in Chains and Layne

Chris Roman, Romania
Layne Staley was one of my favourite musicians, as well as Kurt Cobain. As a Romanian, where gypsy and Balkan influences matter more and more, Layne and AIC was something incredible. I think we are like 1000 people in a 22 million country who like grunge music. Sad for a European country, sad for me and my precious friends that we have lost such a huge person like Layne. I'm 24 now and I can say that last 12 years were influenced by the music of Alice in Chains and Layne. In a country which progresses very slowly, music is something very strong for my soul. Without Layne, my life is so poor.
Chris Roman, Romania

Layne Staley was a great vocalist and made some of the best music I have heard in my life. Alice In Chains was one of my favourite bands and their music has always been very close to my heart. May Layne's soul rest in peace and may he find the peace and warmth to gratify his soul wherever he is. He will be missed forever.
Mannu Kohli, India

It is so sad that such an amazing talent has gone from our world - his beautiful voice and the beautiful lyrics of Alice in Chains songs have often made me melt, and will continue to for the rest of my life. My thoughts go to his friends and family, who must be feeling such desperation at this time. May peace find you all again one day, and I hope Layne has finally found the peace he never seemed to find in life. RIP Layne xx
Lorn, UK

Alice in Chains remind of an era that was great in rock. He will be sadly missed as one of the great frontmen of rock and a great lyricists
Chris, England

What can I say, another fallen brother to the hype and hysteria. First Jimmi, Stevie, now Layne. My idols, forever etched in time, but forever to be heard. When I heard the news my throat went dry and my heart raced, just the same way I was when listening to the Chains. Let the grief not last long, and let's celebrate in what we were offered. Life, love and thoughtful dreams for all the dark that lay in this world. You were always so far away, but I know that pain, and I won't walk away, like I used to do. Love forever.
Chris R., USA

It's such a shame that someone so talented and beautiful was ultimately beaten by heroin

Selma, UK
I was listening to Frogs just before I heard the terrible's never been quite so ominous and haunting before. It's such a shame that someone so talented and beautiful was ultimately beaten by heroin. And it breaks my heart to think of someone whose creativity helped so many through hard times dying alone in such circumstances. I really hope that Layne has finally found peace, and I know that Alice will be an important part of our lives always. Much love to you Layne.
Selma, UK

I feel so low. Another star is lost to the evil Heroin.
Mike Berg, Australia

AIC produced some great songs. Layne was part of something great that made a difference. RIP.
Gail, USA

Rest in peace
Maja, Poland

Layne Staley: One of the biggest artists on this planet. I'm sad but he's not anymore... I believe in him and give respect to his decision... After giving all the beautiful examples of melodies and lyrics to us, he shouldn't be blamed for being a drug user. He was a true talent and he did what he wanted. You will live in our hearts forever. R.I.P
Aykut Ozen, Turkey

Layne, thanks for being a part of my life. Growing up I often turned to your lyrics and music for inspiration. Sorry it had to end this way. You will be missed. My condolences to the family and the remaining members of Alice in Chains. Rest in Peace Layne.......
Greg W., USA

We have lost the best voice of the rock music in the world. Go on singing' in my heart.
Matteo, Italy

AIC had a huge impact on me and millions of others in the early 90's

Ario Xenios, South Africa
AIC had a huge impact on me and millions of others in the early 90's, and the band was great enough to continue making the magic that touched us. I cannot help but be angry that you ended your life for a fix. My sympathy to your bandmates and to the people who loved you. Thank you for making amazing music but I will not excuse your deed.
Ario Xenios, South Africa

It's a sad testament to our times that such an important musician died alone, unknown and unmourned by most people of the age I was when I was first touched by AIC's music. Let's hope future generations aren't so amiss. Layne's harmonies will forever be the sound-track to my teenage years. Good bye Layne, I wish it didn't have to end this way. Another great talent impaled on the end of a needle.
Camille, Australia

Layne Staley.....what can I say...his voice was brilliant. It was truly something else. Alice in chains were truly something. Their music meant a lot to me, especially Nutshell which has so much truth in it.
Adeela, Pakistan

His life was not wasted, even if it was cut short

Stephen Ross, UK
Layne Staley's voice could really rip and charm at the same time. His lyrics were dark but at the same time sympathetic and uplifting. I loved his "awww yeahs". His and Jerry's riffs and harmonies made me listen to and make music in a new way. AIC were one of the most underrated bands to come out of Seattle, but they were one of the deepest. Cheers to Layne, Jerry, Sean, Mike Starr and Mike Inez. His life was not wasted, even if it was cut short.
Stephen Ross, UK

He will be truly missed. His haunting lyrics were mesmerising. I was lucky enough to have seen the band, an experience I will not forget. RIP Layne
Lee Goudie, Northern Ireland

The current rock scene could not be fully understood without Layne

Pato Cuevas, Chile
The current rock scene could not be fully understood without the presence of Layne. Although part of the grunge armada, Alice in Chains was always different both in sound and attitude.
Pato Cuevas, Chile

After learning about the death of Layne Staley I was deeply moved. Alice in Chains made growing up in the 90s far more enjoyable. He was a star with an abundance of talent and will be missed greatly. RIP.
Darren, Worcester, UK

Layne Staley has got to be one of the best entertainers ever. Everything he sang and wrote about came from the heart. It was all real. He will be missed very badly.
Mark Reyna, USA

I think it's so sad that a man whose music was loved by millions around the world could die so alone. He will live on forever in his music.
Ryan, US

I would've been hard-pressed to hear worse news this past weekend. Layne was and asset to his fans and undoubtedly those who knew him personally. I'll never get to see my favourite band in concert, but this isn't about that, I suppose. I've lost my best friend to heroin, her body is still here, but she's not, and now my music idol is gone. Maybe, finally, Layne can find happiness, as painful as it is for us who remain here, I know that he's found a better place. My heart to the rest of AIC...
Ash, US

Another piece of my life buried.

John Wilkins, United States
Layne played with our band once after their show in S.F. I like to think that "I survived Seattle" beginning with Andrew Wood. I think Seattle started something other than just Grunge. What a shame. An incredible talented, tortured soul. It had to be this way I guess. Still, such a shock - no matter how obvious it was. Went by his house about a month ago thinking "What is Layne doing these days?" No-one has heard anything from him in a long time. Another piece of my life buried. Everyone loved you Layne. R.I.P.
John Wilkins, United States

AIC was the first band I ever saw play live. They set the standard for every show I ever saw after that(hundreds). Layne influenced my music and I still hear new bands trying to imitate the way that he sang. You will be missed but not forgotten Layne.
Jesse Wimberly, USA

His voice was one of those very 'unique' voices that you could pick out if you tuned into a song midway through it. He was a talented musician, songwriter and vocalist. But, in the end, the addiction did him in. I was saddened, but not surprised. Heroin is not a drug that is very forgiving. Many heroin addicts seem to face a similar fate. Layne could not suppress his desire for the drug and it is sad - but he should have known better. Rest in peace, Layne. You will be missed.
Ed David, USA

I feared the day I would hear that Layne had died and I'm sorry it had to come so soon. Chains will live on forever as well as Layne's memory. That's the greatest thing about music. I don't have the words to convey my sadness. All I can say is Thank You for the songs you left us, I'll listen to them every day.
Ben Rosenberg, USA

We named our first son Layne

Wendy, US
Alice in Chains have been a huge part of my life since 1992. I fell in love with the music and Layne Staley. I saw them in concert 3 times and had the honour to meet them as well. It was a common interest in their music that led me to my Husband, as a tribute to that we named our first son Layne. We have lost a truly talented man...his lyrics shall live on forever.
Wendy, US

Some of the fondest memories of my teenage years are of me and my mates driving around in a beat-up old car, not going anywhere in particular, just driving. Empty fag packs and soda cans were strewn across the floor, springs popped out of the worn out seats and poked our legs as we drove over potholes and Alice in Chains was ALWAYS playing on the tape deck. Listening to AIC always takes me back to those long gone days. Thank you, Layne, for the music and the memories. Rest in peace.
Drew, UK

Layne and Alice In Chains were a true inspiration to young musicians, due to their dark, twisted melodies and powerful lyrics. Layne depicted all of his pain and frustration through his lyrics, and the music complimented his words perfectly. AIC and the world of music will not be the same for his passing. R.I.P. Layne and let your music and words be the teachings for many generations.
Lee Alloway, UK

Stunned, but not necessarily surprised.

Kent Moore, Canada
Stunned, but not necessarily surprised. Along with Faith No More, Alice in Chains are the most influential band of the last years. Give "Down in a Hole" another listen; and REALLY listen. We've lost a rare talent.
Kent Moore, Canada

Of all the Seattle bands, I loved Alice in Chains best. "Jar of Flies" remains for me the perfect early 1990s album, even though it is half the length of a full CD. Such a rich and distinctive sound! I am saddened by his passing, but also not surprised. I only pray that his death may help lead others to sobriety...
Hugo Schwyzer, UK/USA dual national

Layne Staley and Alice in Chains changed the direction of music, along with Soundgarden, PJ, Nirvana and many others in the early days of the Seattle madness, that seemed to engulf all of us and twist pop culture into an entirely new face. They transcended all that 'grunge' hype by continuing to create some of the most memorable sounding music of any of the bands. His voice is haunting, a delicate line walking a balance between restraint and rage. I think I'm gonna throw on Mad Season and just sit back for a moment.
Justin Call, Boulder, Colorado

Layne Staley had the most touching and poignant voice I've ever heard. His vocal talents inspired me to get into singing, and for that I'm very grateful. The world has lost one of the most unique-sounding voices of the last century, but his great legacy will certainly live on in his many fans.
Neil Gilmartin, England

His dark, brooding music kept me afloat through difficult times

Shehzad, Pakistan
His dark, brooding music seemed so relevant to the problems we face in life - it kept me afloat through many, many difficult times. He shall be missed.
Shehzad, Pakistan

Great songwriter, great frontman and a great contributor to rock music. Will definitely be a loss for the music scene. "Into the flood again, same old trip it was back then."
Mikey Altered, UK

His harmonies with Jerry Cantrell on laments such as 'Down In A Hole' and 'Rooster' rate as some of the worthiest musical moments of the grunge era, and the Unplugged shows proved that along with Nirvana and Pearl Jam they were leagues ahead of their peers.
Tim Dean, Switzerland

I remember them from their beginnings as a band from my high school, and was so proud of their success. I didn't agree with the lifestyle choice that Layne made in regards to hard drugs, but I know that it was a integral part of the musical creativity that made them famous.
John Driver, US

I hosted radio shows for seven years and Alice In Chains were excellent to work with. You could slot them into any rock or metal show and they fitted into almost any set. I guess without Layne the sound will change. Reckon I'll stay with the old CDs. Rock on Layne.
Quentin Holt, New Zealand

One of the greatest voices in rock, his lyrics and music with Alice In Chains have been an inspiration to a lot of people. The music will live on as a reminder of his talent which he shared with the world.
David Gibson, England

Layne had such an amazing voice and sung with intensity. Layne and Alice In Chains were pioneers of a style of music that was totally unique and ultimately rewarding.
Pete, UK

One of the most influential vocalists ever to live! I think even the band could say this wasn't a surprise. Rest in peace, Layne! I will always have you in my ears!
Graham, USA

I just found out about Layne, and it just broke my heart

I just found out about Layne, and it just broke my heart. I didn't personally know Layne, I'm just a fan of his work. He's given us so much great music that I thought that it would only be appropriate if I said some nice words about him. He had such a great voice, and he wrote such honest, emotional lyrics. He drew great pictures as well. Layne will be most remembered for his work with Alice in Chains, which is all fantastic stuff. But to anyone out there who is reading this, try listening to his side project called Mad Season that he did with John Baker Sanders (who unfortunately also passed away), Barret Martin (Screaming Trees), and Mike McCready (Pearl Jam). I promise you won't regret it, and you'll get a chance to experience Layne at his best. A huge talent, and his passing is a huge loss. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

Layne Staley will be missed by us all, for his beautiful voice, and songs. I discovered Alice in Chains and Layne when I was about 13 and they are still a big influence on my own musical endeavours. It makes me so sad that all the good ones die so young. "Say hello to heaven" Layne.
Gabriel Ehrlich, Israel

Layne, I hope your pain is over, thank you for the priceless nights spent with my beautiful wife listening. God bless.
Bill Zimmermann, USA

Had once seen life through your lonely eyes, will miss you... Ali
Ali, Pakistan

I couldn't believe when my mom told me he was found dead. He's been a part of my life since the early 1990s, and I had always harboured the hope that I would get to see AIC in concert one day, and that I would see another album out of them. I even had a secret fantasy about meeting him and falling in love. :) I think I'm still in shock, and his loss hasn't fully touched me yet. I know so many people are in pain from this, and I will forever hold him, and his blinding honesty, close to my heart.
Clio, US

The end of a disturbingly creative talent. Facelift (their first album) was a revelation.
Edward, UK

Alice in Chains was honest, fresh and vital

Dave Scott, Ireland
This is terrible news. Alice in Chains were the first band whose music I got into. It was honest, fresh and vital. Especially when compared with the pre-packaged Boyzone, Westlife, Pop Idol era we live in today. Layne had a voice which told his story, his way. No spin-doctoring, managers or PR.
Dave Scott, Ireland

Layne Staley...the music world has lost its greatest ever vocalist. R.I.P Layne. My sorrow goes out to all his family and friends.
Stu Knapper, United Kingdom

I can't believe yet another death from drugs in Seattle. I loved Layne, and I hope he is finally happy.
Bev, England

What a voice. What a band. The unique dark view, the harmonies with Jerry Cantrell. Jar of Flies and Sap have to stand as among the 90s' finest works.
Ian, UK

RIP is all that needs to be said, one of the greatest has passed.
Nik, UK

Alice In Chains was the most underrated band on the grunge scene. Layne Staley was a true original. His dark, emotive lyrics and unique vocal warble made their albums amazing and their live performances even better. It is sad that his private life was so turbulent, ultimately leading to his untimely death. I will miss him.
Phil, UK

Alice In Chains wrote some of the most moving music, they had some great albums and Layne Staley will be sorely missed

Dan, Britain
Alice In Chains wrote some of the most moving music, they had some great albums and Layne Staley will be sorely missed. I hope Alice In Chains keep it together, and can continue. It seems such a shame that yet again a talented person is lost and I really hope that this wasn't drugs-related, but I think that's a false hope. RIP
Dan, Britain

Layne, what happened man? Along with Kurt Cobain, you were my biggest inspiration, you had so much talent and you threw it away. Peace, respect and gratitude, may Alice in Chains live on. See you on the other side Layne. Matt BR> Matt Farrer, UK

We knew this day would come, but always hoped that he'd be able to beat his addiction and produce more great music. Sadly it was not to be. Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. He will be missed. R.I.P Layne.
Matt Hall, England

Saddened by the loss. I enjoyed the music he wrote in Alice In Chains I saw them with Suicidal Tendencies in 1994, I think. I met him at a pub by himself whilst I was playing pool with my brother and a friend. He was a nice person who introduced himself before we approached him. He spoke openly about his drug habit to me. Addiction to such a substance would be very hard to live with. There's my tribute. I will continue to enjoy their music. Another loss to the music world.
Paul, Australia

Layne was one of the greatest singers out there. His voice was so amazing and beautiful. He will be truly missed in the music world. Rest in peace Layne! You are finally free! A sincere fan
Dawn Adkisson, USA

This is a major blow to me... I've been into Alice in Chains for many years, but I missed their last gig over here because I was ill. I always looked forward to the day they would come back, but now that hope has gone. Layne - you were an inspiration to me and many other people. You touched us all with your music, and your legacy will live on. My thoughts and regards to the Staley family, Jerry Cantrell, Mike Starr, Mike Inez and Sean Kinney.
Pete Gilchrist, UK

Alice in Chains was a great band that defined the grunge era

Taz, UK
Simply shocked when I heard the news. Alice In Chains was a great band that defined the grunge era. It is just so sad that this talented musician was taken away from this world so young.
Taz, UK

Sorry to hear of the passing of Layne Staley. So much trouble in the world and here goes another talented individual with insurmountable trouble in his own soul. Sad to see you go, but now the weight has been lifted from you.
Noel Jones, England

I'm just in shock. When Kurt Cobain died, it was so unreal. I don't think anything ever hit me as hard as that, but I was wrong. Driving in my car, I was listening to Rooster on the radio, and after the song it was announced Layne was dead. I was numb. So many years I wanted to see AIC in concert, so long... and now I just wish Layne could be back in his house, avoiding the press. Peace with you Layne, when you died a piece of my heart went with you, for I think we are all battling those demons in different ways. "My wings have been so denied."
Sarah, US

Layne - you will be missed by us all. The inevitable finally happened and a void has been left in the world of music which no-one is fit to fill. A truly unique artist - his music will be his legacy. Alice never made a bad album. Rest In Peace.
George Burton, UK

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