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Thursday, 11 April, 2002, 13:34 GMT 14:34 UK
Farewell to the Queen Mother: Your thoughts
Thousands of people paid their tributes to Queen Mother
The Queen Mother has made her final journey on Tuesday. A ceremonial service at Westminster Abbey was followed by a private committal at St George's Chapel in Windsor.

Foreign dignitaries from around the world joined a congregation of 2,000 at the Abbey, while many thousands more lined the streets outside to witness the end of a Royal era.

Across Britain, two minutes' silence was observed at 1130, while in the previous days an estimated 200,000 members of the public queued to file past the Queen Mother's lying-in-state at Westminster Hall.

All of it has been marked by the kind of pomp and ceremony that Britain has become noted for.

What are your reflections on the last few days as the Queen Mother is laid to rest? Has it been a fitting end to a long life? Was her death relevant to you, and have you marked it in some way?

And as the era draws to a close, will we ever witness anything like it again?

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I watched the ceremony on TV and was moved by it

Maggie, Australia
I watched the ceremony on TV and was moved by it. Not only because of the passing of the Queen Mother but because the British do that sort of thing so well. However, reading the above comments I have had to laugh at some of the 'whinging pommies', as we call them in Australia. What a load of miseries you have in your country!
Maggie, Australia

Thank god it is over. I'm sick of hearing how much she did in the war. Also the "she was one of us"!
David, UK

Yet another expense for the British tax payer to burden. Sorry she died but that we all must. Please we put this into perspective and acknowledge the really important news in the world?
Monica Moulders, UK

What a fitting honour it was to a wonderful woman

Chris, UK
Although I only got to observe the 2 minute silence and had to watch the funeral later due to work, I must say what a fitting honour it was to a wonderful woman. It made me proud to be British for two reasons, firstly because of the phenomenal ceremony and history evident; the second because of the remarkably diverse crowd all pulling together in a love of their country. I sincerely hope this isn't forgotten over time. I would like to thank all those friends from overseas for their kind thanks, we Brits appreciate your kind words. I would also like to say to the spiteful, mean, hateful republicans who say no-one under 30 cares; we do! The difference is those that do care tend to know a whole lot more about duty, honour, loyalty, respect and sacrifice.
Chris, UK

I think that despite the best attempts of the press to denigrate the royal family in the eyes of the British people, it has been shown that the people of this country basically support the Royal family rather than politicians at the head of the state
Paul Cater, England

I watched the whole thing on the BBC from Melbourne and as an expat I've never felt prouder of my country and people. I think everyone did her proud. As for those who say we'll never see an occasion like this again, wait until we have to farewell the Queen. I think we're really only just beginning to appreciate what she and the Royal Family mean to Great Britain.
Jayne, Australia

No one does pomp and ceremonials like the British. Every element was present to make a heart-wrenching, emotional farewell. No one could remain untouched by the Queen's dignity, the pain etched on Prince Charles' face, or the solemnity of the young princes. Bravo! Once again the monarchy has retrieved itself from the brink of extinction. Yes it was fitting that a woman who lived so long and did devote a substantial chunk of her life to public service should be honoured. However, the same system which she was devoted to, perpetuates class distinction and allows the privileged to retain their rank regardless of merit. We should not forget that amidst all the sadness about the death of a very elderly lady.
Susan, UK/USA

She did mean a lot to me

Sarah, England
I am getting increasingly annoyed by the number of people in their twenties and thirties who make comments like, 'The Queen Mother meant nothing to our generation'. I am in my mid-twenties and she did mean a lot to me. No, I didn't know her personally but I know she did a lot for our country, and I had respect for her because of that.
Sarah, England

I sang at the funeral, and it was a very emotional service. There were so many people who came to pay their respects, which shows how loved and respected she really was.
Ben Sheen, England

It's a breath of fresh air to finally see this country show its patriotic colours once again, without risking being called insensitive, politically incorrect or even racist by the liberal elite. It's just a shame that such a great lady had to die in order for it to happen.
Stuart Ford, UK

HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother epitomised virtue, grace, courage and duty. Through her warmth and strength, she was a light, a gift to the world. The world mourns her but shall remember her and her contributions to better the lives of all. May God bless the Queen Mother; may God bless and comfort HM the Queen and the Royal Family.
Mrs. Sara Vajay Cserhati Morley, Hungary and Canada

The emotions expressed over the last few weeks should not be allowed to rest with the burial of the Queen Mother,

Noel, UK
Whilst not particularly Royal-friendly, I feel the emotions expressed over the last few weeks should not be allowed to rest with the burial of the Queen Mother, they should be directed to the many living elderly members of our country, most of whom are not as fortunate as the Queen Mum was and face daily difficulties. Wouldn't the most fitting memorial be us acknowledging the lives and value of every old person...
Noel, UK

I thought it very important to stay at home today to take part in a very special and meaningful event. I've never taken much time to look at the royal family but felt deep pain for the entire family and watching this on TV brought tears to my eyes. This woman belonged to us, she was to me a great gran that watched over our wellbeing and lived life for not just herself but others. At home I sat with my sick mother and mourned her death. To me this will always be something to remember, it has made me a part of history. And made me proud to be British. I thought her send off was dignified, and made us all realise what a wonderful lady she was.
Thank you Your Majesty, sleep peacefully and god bless.
Hayley Wells, Britain

I am sick of hearing of how much the Queen Mother helped the war effort. My grandad actually did help, he fought in Burma throughout the war, and didn't live in a palace looked after by numerous servants. It sickens me to see people showing such supposed grief for a women who lived for free off us all for so long.
Philip Trotter, UK

My deepest sympathy goes out to the people of the UK, they have lost a great treasure. Seldom anymore in this day and age, do people of her stature provide a stellar example of grace, strength, and moral foundation. It can not be found here in America, nor in even in our churches anymore. The UK has lost a priceless treasure, a treasure that we can't even come close to here in the US
Scott Hepper, Missouri USA

At last we might be able to get back to normal

Steve, UK
At last we might be able to get back to normal. Maybe now we can buy a newspaper that actually has something else on the first seven pages other than the Queen Mother. Sorry if it sounds uncaring but the only memory I have of her is a frail old lady who looked like she was on her way out. I'm 32 years old and she means nothing to me or my generation - I can't even remember hearing her speak at any stage. Very sad for those of you who were touched by her but please let's get back to normal now!
Steve, UK

On Friday, I went to pay my respects on the Mall. Monday night, went to Westminster Hall in the middle of the night to pay my respects again and bid farewell to the Queen Mother. I also spent some time that night, walking round Central London, just watching the preparations taking place for the funerals. I didn't do these things to swell up numbers, or because I was infected by some kind of mass hysteria. I did it because I wanted to, deep down inside me. Walking around Parliament square, I felt proud of what I am, of being British. This was just a truly personal gesture I wanted to make. I am fed up of all those so-called republicans who don't have a clue about what they are talking about. I was born and raised in France and have experienced a republic. The cost of maintaining a republic is as high if not higher than running a Monarchy.
Anthony, UK

There is no doubt that the Queen Mother made a lot of people very happy during her lifetime but people talk about her nice character as being something unique. Surely everyone should be nice and decent. However, I'm not in favour of the Royal Family because there is no such thing as royalty. They can't give us that "divine right of kings" rubbish anymore. If you accept the concept of royalty, then you are saying that they are inherently better than everyone else - merely by birth, regardless of achievement. Even worse, the rest of us will always be inferior, regardless of how much we accomplish and how little they achieve. For the record, I'm not a 'commoner.'
Russell, UK

This nation has lost its greatest lady with the passing of the Queen Mother. Her love, devotion, loyalty and duty should serve as a lesson to us all as she showed us how to behave. We will never see the like of her again. You can talk about national treasures but she was most certainly ours. God bless Ma'am. The country was better for you being here.
Marie, North Wales

I felt that some of the coverage of the funeral was a little intrusive, especially the concentration on Prince Charles

David Hazel, UK
I felt that some of the coverage of the funeral was a little intrusive, especially the concentration on Prince Charles, who was obviously feeling upset at the loss of someone he loved so much. Photographers and journalists sometimes need to be reminded that the Royal Family are human beings, too, and should be given the same chance to grieve at funerals as anyone else would, without having cameras staring at them during the process. I lost my own grandmother a few years ago, and my father back in 1985, and my brother lost a daughter the year before my grandmother died. I am very glad I didn't have cameras peering at me during any of those funerals.
David Hazel, UK

A million people watched the procession yesterday? Really? The route was 23 miles from Westminster to Windsor. If one person can stand per yard along the route then the crowd would have to have been 13 people deep on both sides of the road all the way, which I certainly did no see! Why do the police see fit to inflate the figures? Probably most of the royalists in the country came out of the cupboard yesterday, and the rest of us just got on with our business.
Richard, Holland, ex UK

I thought the whole day made me very proud of my Country. I thought it is disgusting that certain schools would not let the children watch it or hold 2 minutes silence because it may be against their ethnic origin. This is Great Britain and although we may be moving into a multi-cultural society, this Country still has history and respect. Children growing up in our Country should be taught the history of this Country regardless of their ethnic background.
Hunt, England

Oh yes, a fitting end. It would appear her funeral was just as costly and extravagant as her over-privileged life.
Melanie Torrance, Scotland

While any death is sad, let's put it in context. She led a pampered and luxurious existence which enabled her to see out a century. She was not a saint, or divine being. I have never been so glad to have digital TV and thereby avoid the whole sad spectacle. Feel free to mourn however you wish - just don't try and make the rest of us feel guilty because we feel no connection to this anachronistic institution.
David Harman, UK

What a grand Lady! I am sad to see her go. She was an inspiration during WWII and a delight for us all in the 50+ years that followed. I am only sorry to see her death, and that of her younger daughter, come at the time of celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 50th year on the throne.
Jane B Edwards, SF Bay Area, USA

I have found the media coverage way over the top

Sara Dawson, UK
I have been moved more than I ever believed possible by the death of the Queen Mother. I have found it touching to watch a grown man so desperately upset at the loss of his grandmother as it made me remember how I felt when my own grandmother died. However, I have found the media coverage way over the top. Of course all major newspapers and TV stations have been preparing for this event for years and were clearly determined to get their money's worth. Of course there should have been coverage, and it was appropriate that there should have been a fair amount of it but I found some of the TV coverage unbelievable.
Sara Dawson, UK

I also don't care, and I have been unable to find someone under the age of forty that does! She wasn't my favourite granny nor an inspiration to me. I never met the woman, I don't think that she is genetically or morally superior to me and I also don't particularly like the idea of her or her kin, going round the world, representing me ¿because guess what, they don't. I think that the royal family is England's version of our tartan shortbread tins with Bonnie Prince Charlie on them, outdated and unrepresentative.
Cameron, Scotland

I watched the Queen Mother's funeral, and found its very moving and touch. I wept most of the services which I made me proud to be a British. Now it's farewell to Queen Mother, as we will always remember her as part of Royal History. God bless her and may she now rest in peace.
David Dutton, Hampshire, UK

Yes many do care - and I am one of many more from the other side of the World. The ceremony was tremendously moving and united a great spirit. I can still hear the rhythm of the drum rolls and the tolling of the bell. The Queen Mother was a wonderful lady who gave great service to her country. This is a part what made Britain great.
Jane, New Zealand

We lost a century of appealing smile

Shyam, India
We lost a century of appealing smile. I guess we have to carry on with her long lasting memories.
Shyam, India

Suicide bombings in Israel, death in Gaza and the West Bank, the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe, looming conflict with Iraq¿ don't worry all you cynics/republicans out there, normal news service will be resumed soon. That should make you all happy! God Bless the Queen Mum.
Martin Moyse, England

I would just like to remind all those revelling in the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony about the story of the similarly aged woman being evicted from her care home due to lack of funds.
Brent, UK

The comments on the order of service said it all to me, you can cry that she is gone or you can smile because she has lived. I will be doing the later, she always brought a smile to me as she was such a gracious lady and worked hard for the causes she believed in, just look at her list of associated charities and people will realise the work she did. She deserved all the pomp and circumstance as she marks the end of an era that I doubt will ever be returned to. And as for the critics, I was brought up to believe if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. You are welcome to your own opinions but don't belittle others in expressing them. A bit of respect at a time like this is would be appropriate but then respect is a thing of the past as well.
Nicola, UK

One less person to spend taxpayers' money.
Santana, Nigeria

David Hoghton-Carter talks about democracy, the will of the majority, yet finds it hard to understand that the majority do support the monarchy and the Queen Mother was one of the reasons they do so. This majority also funds the BBC so I think it's only right and proper that they cover these events to the extent that they have done.
Neill Whillans, The Netherlands (ex-pat)

A great lady, whose final journey to be with her husband, was a testament to all who loved and admired her. May she rest in peace, we will not see her like again.
Stephanie Miles, UK

She had had many titles, but I think none were as precious to her as Grandmother.

Amanda, UK
Watching the service today, and the way that her grandchildren (noticeably Prince Charles) and Great Grandchildren were obviously affected by their loss, caused me to think what a wonderful person the she must have been. Yes, she had had many titles, but I think none were as precious to her as Grandmother. I miss my own very much and have the greatest sympathy for her family. God bless the Country's Grandma.
Amanda, UK

I was uplifted by the funeral service today and was touched by the heartfelt sorrow of the death of Queen Mother but also I felt it was a time to reflect upon a long life and give thanks for such a wonderful and kind person. I feel everyone around the world today should celebrate and give thanks to a wonderful woman. May she rest in peace now and forever.
Emma, United Kingdom

The funeral of the Queen Mum showed how good we are at celebrating the lives of the dead. The Pageantry was superb. Like her daughter the Queen she was a great lady and perhaps like her daughter, the last of the great Royals. The end of an era is nearly with us.
Jeremy Dredge, UK

With Easter eggs and tulips we celebrate your years, with daffodils and tulips we slowly shed our tears, in His arms you now rest for all our earthly years
Fiona Ward, Great Britain

The news coverage regarding the Queen Mother's death has been way over the top. She was an old lady who'd had a good innings whose death should not have been an excuse to bring this country to a halt for 2 hours or so this morning. Life has to go on. There are far more important world events occurring - deaths in the Middle East for example.
Ann, UK

Darren Sharrocks, Manchester, UK, writes of "a feeling of pride in a nation that can do something well." If only we could run our hospitals, schools and railways half as well as we can organise a decent state funeral.
Jane, Wales, UK

I do not favour the monarchy at all. But these events over the past few days have struck a chord in me.

Darren Sharrocks, Manchester
I am a republican. I do not favour the monarchy at all. But these events over the past few days have struck a chord in me. A sense of being British, a sense of identity, and a feeling of pride in a nation that can do something well. Although it is easy to say her life was full of service, especially when she is paid millions to bare the burden. What her life, her service meant to the British was that she was something they could look at and say "this is who we were, and this is who we want to be again." This may not be in accordance with her true reality but is what we feel she represented. The monarchy is safe for another 50 years because of the death of this woman and what she represented.
Darren Sharrocks, Manchester, UK

Put simply, Her Majesty was much loved and is greatly missed. For many she was the epitome of what makes the British proud of who we are. I just wish I could have been at home to wish her farewell. This day belonged to those of us who mourn the end of an era and the passing of a great and gracious lady. Simple. The sour anti-Royalists who feel that this event was an irrelevant waste of time and money should be going about their own business instead of "wasting" further time on this website: AND having the nerve to complain about it.
Stephanie, U.S.A. (but proudly British)

My mother was in London during the time the Queen Mother and the late King would visit the bomb sites. She often told us of the inspiration that people derived from this act of love and loyalty to people and country.
Brenda Horne, USA

Whether you're a monarchist or a republican, you have to acknowledge that the Royal family represents our country in the eyes of the world, and I for one can't help but be sorry that it's lost such an example of dedication to duty, positivity and warmth - there are many people celebrated for a lot less. I hope the younger members of the family will be remembered in the same way in eighty or so years' time!
Carolyn, Italy

It is only fitting that someone who has been so loved should have a tribute like that.

Marijke, The Netherlands
I have followed the days after the Queen-Mother's death with great interest and must say that the Nation's tribute was quite touching. As many people have said these last days she was an institution, someone from an era that has been long gone and I think with her the era has ended forever. It is only fitting that someone who has been so loved should have a tribute like that.
Marijke, The Netherlands

I was very touched by the beautiful service for HRH The Queen Mother. I felt that it truly symbolized everything she held dear to her, from her Scottish roots to her immense sense of duty and love of country. She was a wonderful woman who never lost touch with her subjects, and the flyover by the Lancaster and Spitfires simply cemented the fact of how meaningful her role as Queen was to her people during WWII. I believe the British people have honoured her memory in a remarkable and touching manner.

And to those who made remarks about the procession impeding their progress to work...shame on you for your selfishness. Whether you are a Royalist or not, or in my case an American - the Queen Mother was a grand lady and a historical fixture of the 20th century. She has more than earned the respect shown to her today. I certainly hope people are kinder to you in your hour of loss than you have been to the Royal Family. They are just people, and they grieve just the same.
Jennifer Thompson, United States of America

It was very worthwhile getting up at 6:00 a.m. as we always do over here to see anything live from London. The whole service was very meaningful & a wonderful tribute to one great lady. She will be missed but she lived a very meaningful life. To the rest of the family: may God continue to be with you in the days ahead as you continue on with your duties. Thank you for sharing her with the rest of the world.
Debbie Pickard, Canada

Now that the funeral proceedings for the Queen Mother are at an end, let's spare a thought for the Royal Family's sole surviving centenarian, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, who I gather was absent from the funeral at Westminster Abbey yesterday.
Nigel Baldwin, UK

It's times like these that make me believe in the days of royalty gone past

Russell, USA
I've never fully grasped the meaning of the royal family to England, but it's times like these that make me believe in the days of royalty gone past. For whatever reason, God bless the Queen Mum, and God save the Queen. I feel like afternoon tea now. What's next?
Russell, USA

Besides having two kids, what else did she accomplish?- The Blitz! Give me a break-at least she had an underground shelter! Why waste money that could be put to better use in the fading shadow that used to be Britain?
Steve Davies, Brit in the Bahamas

While I am not old enough to remember the Queen Mother during the war, I was always charmed by her grace. We pause to think. To witness the end of an era with her passing. God Speed.
Sylvia Reichley, California, USA,

God bless the UK Royal Family.
Anthony Smith, USA

The British Monarchy is a wonderfully colourful, intriguing and essentially human institution. What a boring world this would be if we were all US-style Republicans! The Queen Mum performed a very difficult public role exceedingly well for the best part of 101 years; she certainly deserves her rest.
Amit Kar, US in Oman

The only people who cared about this death in my office are my Japanese colleagues. If you did a demographic survey of the people watching the funeral, I am sure that it would consist of a lot of foreigners and geriatrics. During the Second World War, was London deserted apart form the Queen Mother? I don't think so! All this sentimentality will be short lived. My sympathies go to the family, and that's it!!
David Thomas, Japan

She was brave and represented a dignity that will be missed . She was a person created in some measure by the times she lived, we will probably not see her like again.
Bill, US

Could the money be better spent on those that are alive?

Francisco Letters, Australia
I must admit that all the pomp and ceremony of this obscenely extravagant funeral seems all but a bit antiquated in its morality. What I mean is, could the money be better spent on those that are alive? This may seems rather callous until real poverty and the desperate conditions of third world countries are thought about. Thank you
Francisco Letters, Australia

She gave her life to her people and all people of goodwill around the world. May the gentle Christ receive her in his arms.
Kenneth and Judy Priem, USA

The world was blessed to have such a great lady as the Queen Mother. She will be remembered fondly for generations.
Debra Westlake, Tulsa, OK, USA

As an outsider, and from a country which disdained the idea of monarchy enough to throw it off, I must say that I am surprised by those Britons who disdain the royals. When they speak of the extravagance and privilege of being a royal, they neglect the truly Herculean burden of being such an important symbol, and in the public microscope. Quite a price for a life deluxe. You've such a special tradition and symbol in the monarchy, don't just toss it out- We Americans have our flag, but you have a living, breathing, symbol of which the Queen Mum was a very special part. God Save the Queen.
Douglas Young, USA

I never knew her nor much about her, but someone who could move so many must have been very extraordinary indeed.
P.S. How many of us can expect 20 people on our funeral?
Patrick Bryant, Hemet Califonia, USA

I watched the service on the BBC website this evening and felt moved that a special person had passed from our lives. Also that only Britain could pay tribute in such a grand style.
Steve, Colombia

God bless your Queen Mum. As for comments on this page, I regret some may fail to acknowledge how much the current Sovereign and her family have done to serve the UK and Commonwealth.
Horatius, Argentina

We say goodbye to a lady who committed her life to just causes

Adam W, Australia
We say goodbye to a lady who committed her life to just causes. I hope the people who have made their unwanted opinions so public on this chat board have something useful to add to their obviously bitter existence. Yes, she was privileged, but like so many of the royals these days, she put a lot into other peoples' lives and made them happy.
Adam W, Australia

I am an American. When I heard of the Queen Mother's death on TV, I rose from my chair and stood while the news gave details. Standing for a moment seemed appropriate. I just wanted to let you know that we care, too. Thanks, UK, for standing with us.
D.H. (Hastings) Bauman, USA

All my life and as I grew up I was being told she was a great woman the Queen was. I now find it very sad that the Queen mother has gone. She has led a plentiful life, and at the ripe age of 101 she couldn't have asked for more. She will be sadly missed by a lot of people, not just the Royal family, but from all over the world. R.I.P Queen mother.
Helen, Australia

Today my wife and I watched four hours of touching news coverage and then two hours on "Biography'. The days of hereditary leaders have probably passed, but we all need a Queen Mum. If the Monarchy fails, to whom will we turn?
John McCombe, USA

I remember the Queen Mother from 1997's Trooping The Colour. Although I could only see her carriage from the tribunes, I was so overwhelmed that I stood up and chanted God Save The Queen like any other Briton would have done. The funeral fits her life, and all that can be said about her remarkable life is understated. She was the pillar of a troubled Monarchy, the last remain of the Edwardian Period. She is a piece of history of glory and service to the people. We have a 5 hour time difference with Britain here in Chile. Nevertheless, I woke up at 6 in the morning especially to watch the funeral live on TV. It's the last I can do; it is a very relevant mark in British and world's history. All I can say is, Farewell, Queen Mum, from the furthest corner of the World.
Roberto, Chile

She was the inspiration of our country and allies

Tony and Dawn Prince, Canada
My husband and I were born during the war in England and we remember our wonderful Queen. She was the inspiration of our country and allies. Queen Mum, we will miss you even though we are over here you will always be an inspiration to all that knew you, in any way, and even those that come after us. Thank you for your love and care for your people you will live on in our hearts. We will not be lost because you have gone for you are leading the way. May God bless you and all of the family.
Tony and Dawn Prince, Canada

My condolences to the British people and the Royal Family on the loss of a great lady. She not only inspired the British people, but the whole world, especially those of us in America of English descent. During the times of the great tragedies of the 20th century, the USA and Great Britain have stood firm together. During the Battle of Britain, you stood alone with a courageous Queen to inspire you. We did not stand alone on September 11 or since. Your American cousins thank you and our prayers are with you during this time.
Barbara Waldron, USA

So what if this costs money, it's not as if such occasions occur every year. It could well be another 25 years before we see something like this again. Britain is the envy of the world when it comes to ceremonial. Be proud. As my American friends say "Love it or leave it" - It's a choice you can easily make.
Geoff, USA

The Queen Mother's death has allowed us to be proud of who we are

Paul, London, UK
In an age of cynicism it's wonderful to see that people can put that aside and rejoice in a life and a symbol purely because it meant something to them. Sometimes there's no rational or scientific explanation for feelings, emotions or actions, sometimes things just are as they are. I am so proud of Britain, of my country, my fellow countrymen and my Royal Family. The Queen Mother's death has allowed us to be proud of who we are. Instead of being sad today, I feel immense warmth. May the cynics allow the Queen Mother to rest in peace.
Paul, London, UK

The most fitting tribute we could give to the Queen Mother is to make sure we all come together this summer and celebrate her daughter's Golden Jubilee.

It is with great sadness that we the Church of Scotland Irvine Mure Church Prayer Group offer our sincere condolences to the Queen and the Royal family on the death of the Queen Mother. We will keep you all in our daily prayers.
C Cook, Scotland

I think the people who wish to silence the voices of dissent on this issue forget that it is when these overblown events occur that Republicans need to speak out. The death of the Queen Mother is sad for her family, and for those old enough to remember her symbolic role during WW2, but that is it. I actually feel sad that the country I was born in and love still bows its head to the monarchy. Oh, and if people are upset that they weren't given a special day off - you should have taken a day out of your own holidays and shown how much you really cared.
Phil Bailey, USA

The Queen Mother was the embodiment of what Royalty should be. In every sense of the word, a truly gracious lady!
R Shaw, Canada

Pupils and staff paid their respects and watched the funeral this morning. The children will look back in years to come and be able to say, proudly, that they witnessed this historic event. Our thoughts are with the Royal family at this time.
West Garforth Jnr. School, England

I can quite honestly say that this has no effect on me other than to make me avoid the news for the past few days. I can understand that many have felt some grief on her passing, but I am just relieved it is over and now we can get back to the important news stories in the world.
Judith, UK

It has been a joy to see so many people paying tribute to a great lady and for the first time in many years actually support the Queen and her family, rather than give thenm and incredibly hard time.
Nicky Coleman, England

Farewell to the world's most beloved centenarian

Charles Floyd, USA
Farewell to the world's most beloved centenarian. Her smile was always an inspiration and the memory of her good, kind spirit will continue to inspire. May God's good grace and comfort be with the surviving members of the entire Royal Family, not the least of which, Her Majesty, The Queen.
Charles Floyd, USA

I'm only 17, and haven't had a chance to see how influential the Queen Mother actually was when she was in control, but looking at her recent years I have come to admire the strength and determination that she had. She is a lady who will be mourned for a long time. God Save the Queen.
Mark Boreland, Northern Ireland

A large international crowd watched the service in our staff restaurant in silence. It was a sobering event - no one was upset - but all seemed to feel that a tangible link with the entirety of the 20th Century had passed.
Bryan Hunt, Italy

A truly beautiful, yet simple service, reflecting so much of the respect the public had for the Queen Mother. A just tribute for such a gracious lady - we will remember her.
C Forrester, Scotland

Obviously she enjoyed privileges - but she maintained a disciplined sense of duty right up to the end.

Clare Colton, UK
The Monarchy is one of the enduring traditions of Britain, a very real part of what it means to be British. The Royal Family is one aspect of Britain that we have a right to be proud of. As was mentioned during last Friday's ceremony, the Queen Mother remained above the cynicism that appears prevalent today. Obviously she enjoyed privileges - but she maintained a disciplined sense of duty right up to the end. She will always be remembered for her radiant smile, charm and empathy with Britons everywhere.
Claire Colton, UK

Breathtaking service, especially to see the coffin arrive accompanied by the beautiful sound of the choir.
Julie Williamson, UK

Like millions here in Britain, I¿m sad to see an end of an era. Her Majesty the Queen Mother had served the nation through thick and thin. Together with her husband, they were there when they were needed during Britain's darkest hour. And it's a shame that her funeral day is not a state affair, which it should be. Many people want to line up to say their final farewell or to watch it on TV. But most of us have to be at work.
Sophie, United Kingdom

Thank you, BBC, as usual you've done us proud. Our history and traditions may be archaic but they clearly mean a lot to a lot of people, both here and overseas. So thanks to the BBC for the service it gives, and thanks to the Queen Mother for the service she gave. Neither of you cost a lot and both have been worth your weight in gold.
Caroline, UK

What a wonderful spectacle.

George Moores, UK
What a wonderful spectacle. It reminded me of the time Her Majesty presented a new Guidon to The Queen's Royal hussars at Catterick Camp, the weather was awful until the Colonel in Chief drove onto the square, the SUN came out and stayed out until she left the square again. The padre stated that she must have a direct line to the Boss upstairs. It is still at work - just witness the weather today. God Bless you Ma'am.
George Moores, United Kingdom

I remember with great affection standing outside our branch of the National Children's Home, Alverstoke Gosport back in the 1950's. I was one of many children from the orphanage who gathered outside the gate, waving flags and cheering as the Queen Mum went passed on her way to the Navy Base. She smiled and waved so enthusiastically, which made us all feel very special. The memory of that day has stayed with me.
Sheila Freeman, UK

The Queen Mother possessed an enormous capacity to love. The sheer volume of people who turned out to acknowledge her passing truly reflects how much she meant to us and how successful she was in her goal to make a difference. Our indefinable Queen Mother and her extraordinary enthusiasm for life will never be replaced or extinguished from our minds.
Charlotte, Great Britain

We followed the funeral in South Africa, and were very moved by it. What a fitting tribute to a wonderful life. Again, the UK succeeded in honouring a very respected person. Through all the turmoil that the royal family had been suffering, the Queen Mother was a symbol, all over the world, of the dignity and stability in the British Royal Family. God bless the Queen Mother and the UK.
Irene, South Africa

I think particularly of Prince Charles - the devastation for him was obvious to see.

Diane Warrilow, England
I was fortunate to be able to watch some of the Queen Mother's funeral on TV at work and the Internet. I know that she led a very privileged life, but it was a long one and she did mean a great deal to many people. One thing I believe we should remember - she was a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and so there are many close to her who are really hurting today. I think particularly of Prince Charles - the devastation for him was obvious to see. May her majesty rest in peace and may her family keep hold of their memories of her.
Diane Warrilow, England

Watching the events on television over the last week or so (especially this morning), I can't help but feel how moving and beautiful the parades, services and gestures have been. It is right for us to honour and remember the Queen Mother's life in such a way-anything less would be disrespectful to her. But surely in celebrating the life of a much cherished member of the royal family and of our country, we should also be laying to rest the 20th Century - which saw among other things the end of imperialism of which as one time Empress of India, the Queen Mother was a great bastion. Speaking as a monarchist, I saw the manner of foreign royals attending this morning's service and believe that our monarchy should not be afraid to follow suit and redefine itself in a way more in keeping with modern Britain. As one era comes to an end, we should look forward to the start of another.
Paul Hendry, UK

The Queen Mother was always keen to meet people, always with a smile and a kind word. Yes, I'm sure we would all agree that she led a very privileged life, with opportunities that none of us will ever experience, but I believe she also did an awful lot of good for our country. May I also say that this is meant to be a place where we can leave our tributes to the Queen Mum, not where we moan about how long it took us to get to work, or how much her funeral cost. This isn't the time, or the place. I think the Queen Mum deserves a bit more respect than that.
Sarah, England

How reassuring it was to see that so many people wanted to be a part of such an occasion. It was wonderful to see that there are still so many of us who love the Royal family, and all the traditions they represent. My warmest wishes go to Her Majesty the Queen and her family.
Gary Gannon, England

It seems quite strange that so many people should suddenly decide to treat her as one of the family.

David Hoghton-Carter, England
The loss of a life is always a sad matter. However, there are two issues that should be remembered here. First, the Queen Mother is a distant figure, and it seems quite strange that so many people should suddenly decide to treat her as one of the family, and that the BBC and the government should indulge this at such great public expense. Secondly, the Queen Mother represents a highly anachronistic institution; how can "God and My Right", the motto of the House of Windsor, be a legitimate foundation for a modern democratic State? Though I sympathise with the loss suffered by the Royal Family, I strongly believe that this occasion should have little or no civic relevance. I fear this occasion may well yet serve to return some power to an institution which generations of reformers have taken great pains to gradually work towards removing.
David Hoghton-Carter, England

I believe that a lot of people really do care, and I find that reassuring. I love and respect in the Queen Mother the qualities which very obviously strike chords in people's hearts. I think that the last four days have been a great national occasion, beautiful and moving, and the funeral service was a gloriously dignified finale. What a celebration to see 400,000 people of all sorts of backgrounds united in London streets, and what a shame that it should take a death to have this effect.
Julia, Russia

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was a remarkable woman. She touched the lives of many. Through the dark times of World War Two, she brightened up their lives in the East of London and all across the land, her loyalty to her husband, George VI was remarkable. A smile that made everyone feel at ease and made them feel important, the monarchy will be different without her. But she lived her life to the full and we are very lucky to of had her, and we should remember the best times in her life. Britain is a different place without her lovely smile brightening up our day.
Gemma Mitchell, UK

I have been lucky enough to watch both the procession on Friday and today's funeral on the BBC. The Queen Mother was a much loved lady and public figure and will be greatly missed by all, but particularly those who remember her in her as a pioneer of hope and courage during those dreadful war years. Congratulations to the BBC for a wonderful coverage of these sad events.
Elizabeth Page, England

It made me proud to be British

June Jordan, Spain
I have watched the whole ceremony on BBC Prime today, and I have had a lump in my throat all day, as a British subject married to a Spaniard with a family over here it made me proud to be British, and to show off our pageantry and solemnity to my family, I think that the whole event has been treated with the exact dosage of dignity and respect that becomes the British nation as a whole. God Bless the Queen Mother, whom we all regarded as our own Mother figure.
June Jordan, Spain

I am an English man living in the USA and also ex British military, the Queen mum was our Colonel-in-Chief and I met her many years ago. She was a lovely, warm and sincere lady. I always thought I wasn't a Royalist but after these last days I can be honest and say I am a Royalist. God save the Queen.
E Modrowics, USA

Despite their recent sad losses the Royal Family will continue to inspire us with their hard work and sense of duty, made all the more relevant in this graceless age. As long as I live, they will have my unfailing loyalty, commitment and support. Long to Reign Over Us, God Save The Queen.
Phil, United Kingdom

I find it sickening that many Schools we not allowed to watch the procession on television, all because "heads" did not get a directive from the Government. It seems that Private sector employers have more respect for a great Royal than the high level Public Service Staff. Another sad day in more ways than one!
Doug, London, UK

Enough already!
Now perhaps the "normal" people of this country can get back to their "normal" lives. I just hope we are not reminded of this "momentous event" by endless reruns and inane media comment.
John, UK

Remarkable dignity

Irene Craig, Scotland
Would liked to have watched the funeral on television but unfortunately had to work (NHS worker) All the Royals have born their loss well and showed remarkable dignity over this sad period in time.
Irene Craig, Scotland

It is a great loss to the country but there are still people who do not have any respect. At school today we tried to watch the funeral but people were talking and laughing through it. It made me want to cry at how disrespectful people can be. She was a great woman.
Kate, England

Let's hope that we'll hear no more about the Royals for a while. What's that? Golden Jubilee? Oh, no!
Mark Jones, UK

I had to race home at lunchtime from work to watch the TV, and was rewarded with the fantastic sight of the Lancaster and two Spitfires flying past my house. What a fitting tribute, and what memories this must have stirred to all those who lived in London during WW2. Thank you.
Katherine, London, England

The Queen Mother was someone who will be remembered for her love of life, her strength, her dignity and her great sense of humour

Catherine Rimasson, France
I both watched last Friday's procession and today's funeral. It was very moving. The Queen Mother was someone who will be remembered for her love of life, her strength, her dignity and her great sense of humour. She was representative of the United Kingdom. She has marked the last century and the House of Windsor. God Bless the Queen Mother.
Catherine Rimasson, France

The Queen Mother has represented a nation throughout the past century. Although sad I think her long life should be celebrated, the achievements and events of the past century will always live on through memories and stories passed on through generations.
Lizzie, UK

There will never be anyone quite like the Queen Mother. She was a unique person and I felt deeply for her family whose hearts must be breaking. I thought the funeral service was wonderful and was a fitting tribute to a fine life which has sadly but inevitably come to and end. There is no other place in the world where you can see pageantry such as ours and it made me feel proud to be British. My only disappointment was that this was not a public holiday. After all she did for her country, surely it was the least her country could have done for her.
Dawn Phillips, England

The sadness is in the passing of an era and the fading of a Monarchy.
Carol Ward, UK

To all of the Royal Family and all of those in the UK, I wish to send my deepest sympathy. God Bless the Queen Mother.
Valerie Deyarmin, USA

This is a time for remembrance. I wish certain commentators to this page would remember that and not be so selfish to the rest of us paying our respects.
Philip Shorter, England

I watched it online at my desk

Ken, UK
Having missed the procession and only having newspapers as a record I wasn't going to miss the funeral due to work, so I watched it online at my desk and our workplace observed a two-minute silence. Having sound problems meant I watched it mute without commentary and music which made it all the more poignant. It also justifies the BBC's digital and online investment so big occasions never to be repeated won't be missed if you can reach a computer.
Ken, UK

I sincerely hope that we will not witness anything like this again. The inane and constant drivel from the BBC as licence fees are wasted on coverage of events and commentary which only appear to have relevance to foreign Royalists who do not pay UK taxes to finance the UK Royal Family.
Aldo, UK

A very moving service for a wonderful lady. We felt that The Archbishop struck just the right note in his solemn address. We were unable to attend today, but visited the wall of remembrance to Her Majesty kindly provided by a business on Java Straat. God Bless You Ma'am, and thank you for your unswerving devotion to service.
John L Davies, Paul Beacock, Norman Cullen, Sipka Klootzak

A beautiful ending to a beautiful life

Brian Franklin, USA
The funeral: A beautiful ending to a beautiful life sent off to live with Christ for eternity. God bless the Royal Family and may there always be an England.
Brian Franklin, USA

The Establishment and media have done a wonderful job of raising positive public interest in the funeral. Would it not be more constructive to commit the same effort to improving the Health Service, education and transport?
C. Elmore, England

I do hope we're not going to be subjected to yet more media saturation for the next week in the form of funeral "highlights" repeated ad nauseum.
H. Celine, UK

I wished that everyone had been given the chance to watch the procession. Oh yes, our company had it on their TV screen upstairs but how can you leave your desk and watch it when you have phones to answer and work to do? I think it would have been nice for everyone to have been given the day off work so that they could watch the funeral on TV at home. My hubby says it was such a moving ceremony and he has been crying for most of the time and also reflecting on his own parents whom he lost not so long ago.
Stella Casson, UK

I wanted to watch the funeral but had to go to school. Our school held a two minute silence in the Queen Mother's honour. God bless her she has left a huge hole in the world.
Keridwen Bronsema, Newcastle, UK

The tradition around them is something to be treasured

John W, England, UK
I did not manage to watch last week's funeral procession but today's was very touching and I thought all those involved did very well. The song played on the bagpipes was perfect for the occasion and the colours and uniforms on display were a wonderful sight. Whatever people think of the Monarchy, the tradition around them is something to be treasured. The Queen Mother will be missed¿
John W, England, UK

Only the UK could provide the tribute to a great lady that she so richly deserved. The service was fit for a Queen. God bless The Queen Mother
Donald Smith, USA

The Queen Mother was someone whose services to this country one cannot forget, and I have marked this by signing the condolence book at St James Palace.
Sejal Patel, UK

May she always be remembered. With love Kit, Laura, Snewy and Graeme
Kit, England

Not only is it the passing of a person, but the passing of an era. She will be greatly missed
Tim Balsom, England

I think it's a shame we all had to work, I think lots of us would have wanted to be there.

God Bless.
Phil Pearce, UK

Who cares? It took me two hours to get into work this morning because half of the transport system had closed down.
Jon Kent, UK

Who cares? The million people who lined the route and the millions more who watched on TV, thats who. Why do republicans always want to deny others their feelings?
Luke Magee, UK

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