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Tuesday, 2 April, 2002, 08:42 GMT 09:42 UK
Dudley Moore: Your tributes
Dudley Moore, one of Britain's best-loved comedians, actors and musicians, has died aged 66.

He died at his home in New Jersey, a spokeswoman said.

Moore had been suffering from the degenerative brain condition Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.

He won worldwide stardom for his 1960s comic partnership with the late Peter Cook and his role as a hard-drinking millionaire in the 1981 film Arthur won him an Oscar nomination.

Send your tributes about Dudley Moore.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

I'm blowing kisses to heaven for you Dudley, as you make them all laugh. How wonderful, you have your music back again!! You will certainly be missed here and, as I currently suffer from a rare disorder too, I have a deep understanding of some of the pain that you no longer deal with. Thank you for the love, the laughter and the tears.
Karen, USA

Dudley Moore made us laugh like no one has ever done or will ever do! He will be missed.
Viren Khanna, India

Only the kind at heart love music as much as you did

Monica, Netherlands
Only the kind at heart love music as much as you did. Should the world have more of people like you than it would be a better place to be. Wish you'd still be here to make this world a little more beautiful.
Monica, Netherlands

Well I must say how sad I was to get the news about Dudley Moore. He will be greatly missed. May he rest in peace.
Adrian Poyner, Holland

The 'Frog and Peach' is now open for business in heaven. Thank you for teaching so many of us how to laugh. Stories from the north indeed!
Steve M, Canada

In my opinion Dudley Moore was foremost a wonderful composer and pianist

Steve Law, England
In my opinion Dudley Moore was foremost a wonderful composer and pianist. He had a rare gift for communication; his jazz playing conveyed a spirit, feeling and melodic inspiration worthy of his idol Erroll Garner. His outstanding musicianship, for example in his performance of his music from Bedazzled at the Royal Albert Hall, left a deep and lasting impression on me. I will also never forget the feeling of warmth, ease and humanity that he exuded and which I've not encountered in anyone else I've met. It seemed that he was the only person who doubted his greatness, but looking back there really is no doubt. It was such a cruel end for someone who had so much vitality and talent. Such a great loss. The memory of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook will continue to live on in our hearts.
Steve Law, England

God has some elite members in his family this week, I can just imagine the fun they will eventually have. God Bless you Dud for the joy you bought into so many lives. Sleep well.
Susie, Canada

I wish I could've met Dudley or even e-mailed him before he died. Why do we always wait to say "You are absolutely a shining star!" I hope his star is shining brightly up above and that he is at peace. What a truly gifted person. The world and I will miss him. Rest in peace, Dudley.
Whalen, USA

I think that I will always remember Mr. Moore as a funny man who achieved a great thing. Who said that you had to be beautiful to become an actor? I also liked the music that he played and that's how I think that I will remember him the most.
Arlette Pixley, USA

A truly memorable tribute to Dudley Moore, you were able to mix & reflect the mans musical talent and comic abilities in this heartfelt show.
Paul Walker, UK/Ireland

I grew up with jazz and an LP I play constantly to this day is 'Dudley Down Under'

Caroline, UK
I grew up with jazz and an LP I play constantly to this day is 'Dudley Down Under'. It brought tears to my eyes to hear he had died. What a musician.
Caroline, UK

Thank you for making me laugh so much. May you rest in peace. We will missed you
Anita Groves, England

Your music and your humour will be missed... We, in the USA, loved you well. Rest in peace.
Vonnie Plunkett, Texas, USA

I remember developing quite a crush on Dudley Moore when I was a little girl. He was a man who made lots of people laugh. Now, a lot of people cry. We'll miss you, Dudley!
Cheryl Smith, USA

There's not much I can say, words fail me. You really knew how to make people laugh! You will be sorely missed. Rest in peace Duds.
Sadie, Kingston, England

I am searching for a fan club

Frances Campbell, Australia
If possible could my e-mail address be given out to any other fanatical Dud fans? I am searching for a fan club - maybe one does not exist but at least I might be able to get a video I have been searching for from a UK fan - Dudley's TV autobiography made in UK by channel 4 -maybe someone in Australia (like the ABC or SBS) might find it and run it just for old times sake?
Frances Campbell, Australia

I read what PCP does to a person. I am very sure a person with your talent and comic genius would have prayed for death. God bless your soul and thanks for all the laughter.
Aaron Barry, Malaysia

Dud was born two streets from where I live and it seems he never lost touch with the common people. Dud the People of Dagenham will miss you. You were one of comedy's greats
Eddy Blanche, Dagenham U.K.

Dudley was a great actor, musician, and comedian. He will be sadly missed. But he will suffer no more. So be at peace and rest! God bless.
Peyton McIntyre, Irish Native Living In USA

We were saddened to hear of Dudley Moore's passing. A funny little man, who had a knack of winning people's hearts, by his (often hidden) talents. There was only one Dudley Moore. Another era ended.
Mrs. R.A. Buller, Australia

Dudley Moore was at his best when he was at the piano just being himself

Margaret Green, UK
Dudley Moore was at his best when he was at the piano just being himself. A naturally witty, funny man. R.I.P.
Margaret Green, UK

We laughed and laughed, we loved you always no matter what... Rest in Peace Dudley
Carol, California, USA.

Small man, huge talents.
George Nipah, England

There will never be another quite like you. So witty, so, talented, we'll miss you.
Kerry Webster, UK

I was the great fan of Mr. Moore and enjoyed his movies. Now he is gone. Godspeed "Arthur".
Marko Helin, Finland

Ditto to all the accolades written so far

Kenny Walker, USA/UK
Ditto to all the accolades written so far. "A master of all his trades", Pete & Dud are re-united. RIP
Kenny Walker, USA/UK

Dudley Moore - Pure genius in both his fields of comedy and music I will miss him dearly
Virginia Ingram, USA

Thank you for your struggles and your gifts. You probably had no idea, did you, that we all loved you so? Farewell.
Glenn Knowles, USA

I spoke to my brother on the phone, when I heard the news. My brother lifted the phone and said, "He's gone" We loved you to pieces, Dud!!
Pook, Denmark

Dudley was super talented and made lots of people laugh

Linda Day, UK
Dudley was super talented and made lots of people laugh. He was too young to die and from such a cruel illness. I feel sad but now glad he's in a better place. We will miss him.
Linda Day, UK

He brought so much joy around him. Why him? A man like him didn't deserve such a sad end, it's too bad. God bless his wonderful soul!
Violet, Italy

Dud, in a heightist world you shone through with your brilliance and talent! We have so few positive short role models and now we have one less.
Lauren, Wales

Well done Dud for showing the world that short men are just as sexy and able as our taller brothers! You did a lot to counter height prejudice in our society. RIP
Steve, England

I still remember laughing uncontrollably when I first saw the 'Tarzan' sketch, and the thought of it still gives me the giggles

Teresa, Canada
I still remember laughing uncontrollably when I first saw the 'Tarzan' sketch, and the thought of it still gives me the giggles. God bless, Dud and Pete and thanks for all the laughs.
Teresa, Canada

Dudley, I know how it is to be forced to give up playing music professionally, when the body will no longer do what the muse has stirred within you. Now, may you have that ability restored to you in the Eternal Hereafter. I long to join you. How about practicing the Brahms G major Violin & Piano Sonata until I get there?
Pat Noonan, USA

Dudley Moore, You shall be missed dearly and remembered fondly. You are truly in a better place. Thank you for bringing so many of us so much laughter and enjoyment.
Donna Mae, Canada

Dudley Moore will be with all of us who seek laughter and a unique sense of humour daily to break the tensions of a war torn world. He taught us all how to look and reflect upon the positive. He has now left the dressing room and entered Eterntiy. God Bless Dudley Moore who gave us such happiness, hope and escape from the ugliness of that around us all.
Marjorie Dowling, USA

I remember discovering "Derek and Clive Live", listening to it in my bedroom, aged 14 with the volume turned down in case my mother heard it. "This bloke walked up to me...". I laughed so much my face ached for days. I miss you Pete and Dud!
Pete, UK

An hilarious man who, along with that man Cook, taught me that swearing is indeed grown up, clever and funny...
nik, UK

I have always treasured that time with him as I have watched his career grow.

Diane Staniforth, USA
I had brunch with Dudley Moore at the Alta Mira Restaurant in Sausalito, CA after the first performance of "Beyond The Fringe" at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco in the late 60's.In those days, he and Peter Cook were hardly known in the US. A group of us (22 Brits) watched him from the 2nd row, laughing hilariously throughout the performance. So moved was I that I called him at his hotel the next day and invited him to join me for a tour of my beloved city. We spent 4 hours together, during which time he seemed to want to "unload", and told me in great detail all about his childhood, his fears that his mother "hated him and thought of him as a monster" because of his club-foot, and how he had spent years in therapy dealing with it.

I felt extremely honoured and privileged to be the recipient of this very personal information, and because of the trust he bestowed upon me, a virtual stranger. I have always treasured that time with him as I have watched his career grow, and his life change in so many ways. Strangely, we hardly laughed at all during that time together, and I felt in some way that he also valued spending time with someone where he didn't have to be "on". (It was only many years later that he revealed to the public at large that he had a club-foot). Dudley was a wonderful human being, and I am deeply saddened by his death. I know he is now at peace, and keeping everyone entertained in Heaven.
Diane Staniforth, USA

Small bloke....HUGE talent!
Paul Rodgers, USA

"You see Dudley's are not seaworthy" cannot float on a Dudley.......Give our regards to Saint Peter mate.
Steve Dawson, Great Britain

I yelled "Hi" to you amid the throngs at Toronto airport, you stuck up your arm loaded with bags & yelled "How are you!" What a thrill!. Your comic genius in the dentist aftermath scene in "10" & The apt scene with Goldie in "Foul Play" were classics!!! Thank you. I pray you are at peace now , we will continue to laugh always, at a very creative loving man. The world will be less without you! GOD BLESS YOU DUDLEY!

Even though Mr Moore's passing means a great loss to the world of comedy, we must think of Mr Moore's life as a gift. How often is it that the mere thought of someone can make you break out into uncontrollable fits of laughter? His talent was on par with the great Peter Sellers, and I hope the two are cooking up a storm of laughter in Elysium at this moment.
Rockne, USA

He was modest about his musical talent, and, of course, an hilarious interviewee.

Bryan Day, Ireland
Being the same height, Dud was my role model in my teens in the 60s. Not only but also brought more than that wonderful humour , but was a conduit to jazz through his wonderful piano playing. Ten years ago it was my ambition fulfilled to meet him on a visit to Dublin and interview him for my jazz radio show. He was modest about his musical talent, and, of course, an hilarious interviewee. At last some of his early jazz LPsare now reissued on CD, so his musical legacy will always be with us.
Bryan Day, Ireland

What can I say... Dudley Moore was a genius - I'll never forget the "Derek & Clive" tapes - used to listen to them was a student. You were a great all rounder - we will all miss your unique genius.
John Nelson, Paris, France.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Moore in LA for one of his films. I told him that I was an amateur musician with a love for Bach and we spent the rest of the interview talking about his love of Bach's organ works that he had studied and played at Oxford. It was "to heck with this movie business, let's talk music." It was something I'll always fondly remember. What a wonderful musician he was!
Cliff Lenz, USA

Such a shame that Dud - like the irrepressible Pete - had such misery in his final years, such a shame the two of them fell out for so long, such a shame the foolish Beeb erased so much of their early work. But lets just remember the tears of absolute joy and hilarity we shared with Dud as Pete made him crack up yet again - "never go to sea on a bogie". We must have a new generation to take the mantle of the Moores, Cooks and Milligans - but where are they?
Robson Stroud, England

There will only ever be one "Patch", hope Santa looks after you now. Rest in Peace.
B Turner, UK

I don't even know where to begin. Without doubt the funniest, most talented man I've ever seen. And at the piano ż absolutely incredible and enchanting. I loved it all. It's a sad, sad day but also a release. I just hope you're playing the piano again upstairs. And maybe 'philosophising' with Pete.
Mark Allen, USA/UK

From one piano player to another, you were the tops!

Lesley Kempson, Toronto, Canada
One of the funniest, lovable, talented men to grace the earth. Dudley, you will be sadly missed. I first remember seeing you with Peter Cook when I was a young girl but when Arthur came out I was so glad the audiences that hadn't seen your genius before would now get a chance. No matter what project you did, your genuine talent always shone. You made me smile and laugh an awful lot. To have all this and to be a proficient pianist, amazing. From one piano player to another, you were the tops!
Lesley Kempson, Toronto, Canada

I had been thinking of you just the night before, wondering how you were doing, then the next morning came the sad news. You were first on my list of "guests I would invite to dinner". Thank God we have "Gospel Truth", "one legged Tarzan" and that "little bit of gauze strategically placed on all the Rubens paintings of women". From that first Mayfair Hotel performance of "Beyond the Fringe" to the chance meeting in the lift on Rodeo Drive what joy and laughter you gave us through the years. Au revoir sweet man, au revoir.
Pamella, U.K. and U.S

Dudley held a special place in my heart. He was a man who seemed to grace the darker issues of life with a beautiful sense of humour and irony. It was always that special mix of fine-tuned wit and occasional drunken idiocy that made him so interesting. God bless him, I raise a glass.
Torben, Newcastle, UK

Dudley, you were a great bloke and I'm sure I speak for all of England, we'll miss you and we'll always remember you. You've deserve your rest.
Cliff Babbs, Hong Kong

He was the first comic who showed me that you can be hilarious and make a real point at the same time. How do you thank someone for that?
Mike, Canada

I guess that God needed to laugh and hear some GREAT piano music!

Elizabeth Shepherd, USA
I guess that God needed to laugh and hear some GREAT piano music! His gain our loss....We love you Dudley and always will.
Elizabeth Shepherd, USA

Dudley Moore was such a talented man. Whether acting or playing the piano. Arthur was such a great movie. But I remember him best with Peter Cook. What a fantastic duo they were. He will be greatly missed.
Lin Ridley, USA

One of the comedy worlds greatest, Dud joins his old mate Peter Cook.
Jon Monk, UK

Something rare today, real talent and a good man, sadly the good die young.
Tim O'Connor, UK/Ireland

From concert pianist to one of the funniest men that ever lived. Dudley you will be sadly missed.
Peter De-Laurey, UK

I remember listening to Pete & Dud as Derek and Clive years ago and laughing so hard, my stomach would hurt and tears would pour down my face. The chemistry between the both of them was superb and we will probably never see their like again. I'll always remember the two of them breaking out of character because Dudley was laughing uncontrollably - always good to see people happy in their work.
Steve Sullivan. UK

"Arthur" is one of my top three favourite movies, made great by Dudley's irrepressible and infectious humour. I loved him.
Nancy, USA

So funny, so talented, so musically gifted and finally so courageous

Jeremy Morris, UK
So funny, so talented, so musically gifted and finally so courageous. Rest easy Dud, and I hope they've got a good piano up there.
Jeremy Morris, UK

To the Master (from your number one fan in New Mexico). My God, how you made me laugh! How you made me rip with laughter, gave me that zest to burst into life 100 miles an hour. And how you made me feel good, from my heart to my soul. I shall miss you. There's gonna be some laughing going on up there! I shall never forget you.
Jolene, USA

A truly great comedian and musician who made and gave pleasure to millions he and his music will be greatly missed.
Steve Pearce, UK

Thanks for all the happy comedy and laughter you gave to millions. You'll always be around to make us smile. Regards to Pete, he'll be waiting for you.
Jeremy Bain, Canada

A light has gone out in the comedy world, Dud joins his old mate Peter Cook.

What a sad loss. We as teenagers used to listen to "Clive and Derek" (Against our parents' wishes!) and thought it was brilliant! A talented man who will be greatly missed.
Lisa, England

Will be sadly missed by my family, as my uncle was in the same choir in Dagenham as boys - he lived only around the corner from my Mother/Uncle. Deepest regrets.
Paul Kemp, U.K.

You pleased so many people with your wit and wisdom. you will be greatly missed by millions. Rest Well
Rob, UK

You will never be forgotten, you have given us all so much laughter thru' the years, you are missed so much.
Peggy Boakes, Australia

There was something irresistibly real and humane about Dudley that reaffirmed that life isn't all cold and calculated.
Nick PKB, New Zealand

Oh Dudley. You're the best there ever was. I love you dearly, and miss you so. I can just imagine you now, happy as ever, playing the piano in between laughing fits with Pete. I love you.
Elise, USA

Dudley Moore was the first celebrity I ever saw, walking out of a newsagent in Hampstead

Mike, Washington DC
No more "Sad song for George" no more Buzzing around in Bedazzled. Thank you Dud you were up there with Peggy Lee.
George, Australia

Dudley Moore was the first celebrity I ever saw, walking out of a newsagent in Hampstead. I was eight-years-old and I followed him half way to his house - I knew him as Santa's little elf that sold to the world those flying sugar canes! We'll miss you Dud!
Mike, Washington, D.C.

I grew up on Pete & Dud. I have missed Pete and now I miss Dud too. Such sad news. Tonight I shall watch the immortal "Bo Dudley" and "Mama's Got a Brand New Bag" sketches (you know the ones I mean) plus the one-legged Tarzan sketch. Sheer brilliance. Heaven must be in stitches by now!

You've brought us so many laughs when we've needed then, now it's time for you to rest in God's arms and finally be in peace. You shall never be forgotten.
Elaine Schweyer, Canada

The underrated George Harrison of comedy, compared to Pete's genius. But a comic master himself. Viva Derek and Clive. Thanks, Dudley, you were bloody brilliant.
Guy Perry, UK

I remember my face aching after laughing so much at Pete and Dud

Graham Astley, New Zealand
Thanks for the laughter over the years, you had me in stitches. Sleep well and keep em' laughing up there!
Karen, USA

I remember my face aching after laughing so much at Pete and Dud. Dud's talent was simply huge.
Graham Astley, New Zealand

Thank you for immortalising some very funny lines... (Arthur, take my hand) "But that will leave you with only one". Many laughs - and the reunion of Peter & Dud.
Kym, Australia

Dearest Dud, at an early age I've always marvelled at your musical and acting attributes. You've certainly set a bench mark for others awaiting to embark along your footsteps. RIP my friend.
Adrian, Singapore

Probably one of the greatest all-round entertainers of his generation, Dudley Moore seemed to excel effortlessly at everything he did in front of an audience. To achieve all that he did, and yet to remain so reticent and down-to-earth made him almost unique. Thanks for all the laughs Dud - you were a gentleman in the truest sense of the word.
Chris B, England

Firstly Peter Cook left us. Then Spike Milligan. And now the super Dud. We have lost our best comedy talent. The a now a much darker place.
Eric Thomas, UK

Goin' to miss yer Dud. I don't think I can stand too much more of these very sad losses. I was just getting over the loss of lovely Harry Secomb, when the brilliant Spike Milligan died, then George Harrison and now Dud (another brilliant musician and comedian).
John Armstrong, USA

Although not a great fan of his acting ability or of the vehicles he chose, my memory of Dudley go back to the golden days of 'Beyond the Fringe' when he and Peter Cook had my undergraduate friends and I rolling in the aisles with their wry comments on the human condition. And what a pianist too. RIP Dud, you'll be sadly missed.
Alan Thompson, Canada

I was first introduced to British humour from Dudley Moore and Peter Coo

Sean Leitsch, Chicago
Thanks Dud. 'Not Only but Also' lives in my memory. I remember every Pub in London was filled with half the blokes playing 'Pete' and the other half playing 'Dud'. What a tragedy that the BBC trashed those program tapes.
Sayer, USA

I was first introduced to British humour from Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. The two made me laugh hysterically for days. It's sad that his light has been snuffed so early and by something that even he had a problem forgiving because he knew it would take his life anyway. His sense of humour will be missed. His sensitivity in the acting realm will be missed, but, even more, Dudley will be missed.
Sean Leitsch, CHICAGO

I will most fondly remember Dudley Moore as "Patch" the elf in "Santa Claus The Movie," amongst other things. Another great person gone from the world. I hope he will rest in peace.
Paul Gilbert, London, UK.

What dreadful news. Dud will be impossible to replace. He was not only a brilliant actor and a naturally funny man, but a first class musician. Lets have a BEEB tribute to a great guy.
Paul balm, ENGLAND

My sister and I went and saw the Dudley Moore Trio when they toured Australia back in the late 70s. We weren't enthusiasts of jazz - we just wanted to see lovely, cuddly Dudley. The jazz ended up being really great but the show was more than that. He did some wonderful comedy sketches throughout the show and it was one of the funniest evenings I've ever spent in a theatre. How cruel it was then that a man who entertained so many with his music and his humour should be "rewarded" with such a horrible illness. Thank you Dudley for some happy memories.
Fran, Australia

I am so sorry to hear Arthur is not going to be among us anymore.
Anna, Poland

Only yesterday on a flight between Ecuador and Chile were the immortal words "all that brandy and all those cigars" spoken!

Colin, Chile
Derek. Such an infectious laugh. Thanks for all the fun and abuse! "My mum came into my room and ....."
Teakle, USA

Goodbye, Dudley. You were a comedic genius, one heck of a musician, and will be truly missed by the whole world. Keep the angels laughing, and play a tune for us. We'll miss you, Dudley.
Erin, Canada

Thanks, Dudley Moore, go well.
Tiana, NZ

You and Pete will always be in my heart, I grow up in the UK with you - bye mate!
John Martin, USA

Can't you hear it...heaven is laughing already.
Jim Crichton, Scotland

Dudley. May the afterlife hold good health, cheer, friends and loved ones as well as a good Scottish inn that serves Peche ala Frog and Frog ala Peche. Good bye, old friend.
Todd Howington, US

We will never forget that concert at Marlborough when you visited us with the Oxford University Jazz Band. You set the place 'alight' with your superb talent. Humbled to have been associated with you on a few occasions. Thanks Dudley.
Geoffrey Groome, UK

Goodbye Dudley, we'll miss you - not only one of the funniest of comedians but also a brilliant Jazz pianist.
Chris Lee, USA

May the afterlife hold good health, cheer, friends and loved ones

Todd, US
A great person, he was great and Iżll miss him. my feelings go out to the people who knew him! RIP Dudley
Susannah, UK

We will all miss you Dudley.
Jim Leone, USA

We will miss you very much. Love you
Connie Gray, USA

The "Misty Mr. Whistey" will be missed. What a great talent and nice person.
Bob, USA

Dudley, Thanks for the laughs. You will be missed.
Nathan, USA

Only the best people get to die in New Jersey. Rest in peace, big guy.
Jennifer Ethington, NJ, USA

Dudley's decision to go public about his illness directly resulted in the recognition and eventual diagnosis of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy in my father, who, like Dud, had been mis-diagnosed for years beforehand. So on top of the laughs, the music and the films, thanks for your bravery in raising awareness of the condition.
Colin Hanson, Wales

Bye Dudley. Enjoyed you over the years.
Allan Watson, Canada

I shall miss you so much. I had the privilege of seeing you on stage at The Royal Albert Hall in the early years; and meeting you a couple of times at Thames Television. For the laughter and the music for forty years, I thank you. Love and peace.
Julie Richardson, UK

A great loss, not only for his fine acting accomplishments, but for his extraordinary abilities as an accomplished jazz pianist. God Speed, Dudley Moore.
Mike Lachance, Arizona, USA

Thanks for the laughs Dudley, be careful if you and Pete meet with Joan Crawford up there. God speed mate, I will really miss you.
John Ondreasz, Hungary

This guy was a genius

David, UK
This guy was a genius. Anyone who has listened to the blues singer sketch on Derek and Clive Live will surely agree. Or, indeed, the worst job I ever had sketch. Fishing lobsters out of Jayne Mansfield's bottom? Or was it Winston's bogeys? RIP Dud.
David, UK

Dud, you were part of my life. say 'ello to Pete.
David Chubb, UK

We have been so privileged to laugh, cry, marvel at the comic and musical genius of the boy from Dagenham. Dudley, your departure has already left a void in our lives, we will never forget you......Pete n Dud, re-united again....forever!!
Matthew Harris, United Kingdom

Cheers mate. Derek and Clive will always give me the horn.
Steve Moss, The Netherlands

You made me laugh.
Liz Pentland, Egypt

Dudley was a truly great performer.. his music, wit, and brilliant acting has brought me many an hour of pleasure over the years. May he rest in peace.
Hexy, Wales, UK

Thank you for the laughs & the tears. You will be deeply missed.
Stacy, Canada

Only yesterday on a flight between Ecuador and Chile were the immortal words "all that brandy and all those cigars" spoken! RIP Dud. You were the master.
Colin, Chile

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