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Monday, 18 March, 2002, 11:33 GMT
Which children's TV show should return?
Children's classic Andy Pandy is making his TV comeback after more than 30 years.

He will be joined by a new cast of chums including Hissy Missy, a snake-shaped draught excluder, Tiffo, a stuffed dog, Orbie a bouncing ball and Bilbo who sails a yacht on wheels.

Actor Tom Conti has voiced the series which will go out first on digital channel Cbeebies on 25 March.

The revival follows in the footsteps of Bill and Ben who made their TV comeback at the start of 2001 after a multi-million pound make-over.

Which classic children's TV programme would you like to see on the screen again? Are there any that should remain locked in the archive?

This debate is now closed. Read your comments below.

Your reaction:

Basil Brush needs to be brought to new audiences around the world

Simon, Australia
Basil Brush should come back in its original form. Basil Brush needs to be brought to new audiences around the world. Although in the early 90s, there was a television remake, the format was really dreadful, nothing like the original. Please bring back Basil!
Simon, Australia

Skippy the bush kangaroo.
Louise, Sydney, Australia

It's got to be Cities of Gold, Ullyses and the Flumps.
Graham King, UK

Bring back 'The Wacky Races' - maybe it would give Bernie Ecclestone a run for his money?
Rhys Jaggar, England

Doctor Who -enough said.
Dave Robertson, USA

Yes I would love to see Dr Who back. The Daleks could terrify a new generation of children.
J West, Scotland

It's Friday, it's five to five and it's CRACKERJACK. Just think of the fun they could have sending up Britney, Eminem et al.
Bernard, England

I have happy memories of the Woodentops and would love to see a programme of children's classic TV shows from years gone by.
A Aspell, UK

Ian McDowell, UK

Personally, both on a budget and entertainment basis, I would encourage the schedulers to go for re-runs of "Fingermouse" and "Button Moon". Suspension of disbelief was never likely to be their stong point given that puppet strings and lollipop sticks were plain to see but quality entertainment nonetheless. On another note, I cant believe no one has mentioned He-Man yet. By the power of Greyskull!
Matthew Bailey, England

Please don't give us a high tech Bagpuss!

Rachel Tyrrell, England
I've been sitting here saying "yes!" to all the suggestions here - but only if they are re-runs. Please don't give us a high tech Bagpuss! I'd love to see the cartoon Ullyses again. I could stomach Silas for the unintentional humour and also The Flashing Blade (I could sing you the theme song....)
Rachel Tyrrell, England

What I'd like is for the BBC to invest in new and original programming, not rehashes of programmes young to middle adults found entertaining. Times move on.
Neil Pearce, London, England

What about Mary, Mungo & Midge, Chorlton and the Wheelies and the Flumps. I also think The Magic Roundabout as having watched it on a satellite channel recently with friends there is a great deal of humour that went straight over my head as a child.
Ann, UK

How about The Pipkins - Hartley Hare and the gang should be dragged out of the mothballs of history. Time - for a story! But please - no re-make. The originals were great.
Elliot, UK

Ulysses 31. "It is the 31st century - Ulysses killed the giant Cyclops when he rescued the children and his son Telemicus - but the ancient Gods of Olympus are angry and threaten a terrible revenge" - Best kids TV ever. I reckon there must be a large market for a channel to re-show old kids TV shows. I know a lot of 20 somethings who would be glued to the TV if things like Willow-the-Wisp, Bagpuss, Trumpton, The Flumps and Dungeons and Dragons were re-shown. C'mon BBC, there's a money spinner here waiting to be taken.
Nicola, UK

Mary, Mungo & Midge, Hector's House, Clangers, all the Chigley/Trumpton ones, and Vision On; it was a classic. Nosey Bonk was off his head. Please say they'll do it. I'd love my kids to see the things I saw, without the hi-tech revamps; Bill and Ben are just not the same.
E Coldwell-Hall, England

The Muppets? Go on!

Dan, UK
Dogtanian and the Muskahounds, 80 Days Around The World, Cities of Gold, The Chronicles of Narnia, Dungeons and Dragons, plus Fraggle Rock, please. That show was so good. And the Muppets? Go on!
Dan, UK

Battle of the Planets!
Rachel, England

Captain Pugwash and his loyal crew.
Graeme, UK

Oh, definitely, please not Roland Rat! Wacaday was massive though, much better!
Edward Vista, Bristol, UK

Jamie and the Magic Torch! It's been released on DVD now and I have spent many happy hours with Mr Boo and friends in the last couple of days!
Ian Cowley, Cambridge University, UK

Any intelligently plotted animated series that, with skilful writing and believable characters, can be enjoyed by young and old alike. I really wish I'd seen Robotech as a kid. Fortunately, it's out on DVD.
Stephen, England

Bod - with state of the art 3D graphics!
Jon Cummins, UK

Why on earth does Andy Pandy need new characters?

Helen, UK
Why change them? Why not bring back Andy Pandy, Hector's house, Pugwash and Bagpuss exactly as they were? And why on earth does Andy Pandy need new characters? I can only guess they will complicate and overstimulate with noise, colour and disruption, making them less straightforward unpretentious stories. What a shame political correctness and the need to tamper has to change things! Also, I'd love the see the old black and white Robinson Crusoe series again!
Helen, UK

I liked the "Magic Roundabout", but it should be locked away - the music from that show is ingrained in my mind - I just can't seem to get rid it.
M. M. Zaman, UK in US

It has to be Dangermouse. Simply the best ever. However, it would be difficult to replace Terry Scott's voice as Penfold!
Allan Grant, N. Ireland

Gronda Gronda Rangdo.

Chris Merriman, UK
The Adventure Game. A few episodes are "lost", but most of them are just sitting ready for a re-run. And the format is probably more relevant than ever today. Why not a new series? Gronda Gronda Rangdo.
Chris Merriman, UK

Fantastic shows such as WHY DON'T YOU, RENTAGHOST, SUPERGRAN and Behind the Bikeshed are just a few I remember. The 80's were the best when it came to Children Programmes. I could sit and watch Dangermouse, Tiswas, and Rat on the Road all day.
Robert Cohen, UK

Rag Tag and Bobtail please (my that's going back a few years) and original Bagpusses at peak viewing time.
Linda Howse, UK

"The Big Blue Marble". I remember that as a great program that raised awareness of other cultures around the world.
Mark, UK

A 7-foot tall intellectually challenged bear.

Andy Warner, UK
I can't believe no-one has mentioned Rainbow. A dungaree wearing front-man, a gay hippopotamus and a 7-foot tall intellectually challenged bear. Brilliant stuff!
Andy Warner, UK

As I'm sure anyone who grew up in the early 80s will agree, the following children's TV programmes were the ones that defined our generation and should be reshown post haste:
Dogtanian and the Muskahounds
80 Days Around The World
Cities of Gold
The Chronicles of Narnia
and last, but most importantly:
Dungeons and Dragons

The common theme of these, of course, is high adventure with a strong narrative which ran through the entire series. And the fact that the main characters were children themselves who had real adventures (or, more bizarrely, animals which walked on their hind legs and wore clothes...).
JP, Scotland

Tiswas, without a shadow. I guess the BBC wouldn't entertain that idea. But then I'm not sure I would entertain the idea of repeat of Swap Shop.
Paul C, UK

Well - I would have to say that Doctor Who has to be one of the main shows that need a return, if we just look at the huge success of Buffy for example, Doctor Who could easily become a new British SCI-FI show for young and old alike-the Childrenżs programmes need to appeal across the boards of young and old children alike, and Doctor who is one of few shows that can do this. Failing that Button Moon was also very very good-and we need some Children's Sci-fi.
Andrew , Scotland

Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley! Voiced by Brian Cant obviously.
Gareth, UK

I'd love to see Trapdoor, Danger Mouse, Moss Chops, Willow the Wisp, Jamie and his Magic Torch and other classic '80s cartoons. I don't understand the new Japanese stuff like Pokémon, the characters have no humour, and no adult appeal that I still retain from my old favourites that I loved as a child.
Louise Nowacka, UK

Remakes of any kind usually disappoint.

James, London
Why bother dredging up the past? TV writers shouldn't be so lazy and actually come up with original ideas, maybe that way we'll get some new classics. After all these programmes are supposed to be for children to watch, not for their parents to reminisce over. Remakes of any kind, be it film, TV, music or whatever, usually disappoint the original's fans and fail to make much of an impact on the new audience. Having said that, I'd love to see The Moomins repeated (The original version of course of course, not the awful cartoon remake!)
James, London

Anything by the Children's Film Foundation
Berite, UK

Just give us endless re-runs of Fraggle Rock and that'll keep me happy....
Peter O, UK

Without any doubt, the Mysterious Cities of Gold! But not a remake, the original, around thirteen years now since that series was last aired on the BBC. You cannot comprehend the number of uni students and 20-somethings who'd kill to see this once more.
Dan Slatford, Skipton, UK

Another series of 'Knightmare' wouldn't go amiss. Only with today's budgets the dungeon could be real, the prizes glittering and with the child's life at stake if it bumbles of the edge into a chasm.....are you with me on this people?
Momentary De Gaulle, UK

Weeeeee're WIDE AWAKE!

Robert Del Naja, UK
The wide awake club with Timmy Mallett - no contest! Weeeeee're WIDE AWAKE!
Robert Del Naja, UK

Children's television is inevitably a product of its time, reflecting the environment of here-and-now. It's always a part educational guide, part moral handbook, demonstrating the attitudes that we aspire to impart to our children. That's why they have to change. Having said all that, I wouldn't mind seeing the original Phoenix and the Carpet again. Or, failing that, Paper Play with Itsy, Bitsy, and Susan Stranks.
Matt Clifton, New York, USA

These programs will never be the same as they were back in the 70s. Leave them as they were. Unfortunately the new millennium has brought boredom to the TV and a total lack of imagination. I mean can you honestly see anyone thinking up a name like "Humphrey Cushion" and then broadcasting it to the masses? Pity though!
C Boemen, Netherlands

Jamie and the Magic Torch. Without doubt, the greatest lunchtime children's program ever. Of course, in these politically correct times, Officer Gotcha will be the subject of endless public enquiries when making an arrest.
Wyatt, England

They were fine the way they were

Ed, UK
It's heresy I say - leave them alone the way they were. I shudder to think what they would do to the likes of Mr Benn and Bagpuss. They were fine the way they were.
Ed, UK

Bod. Without doubt.
Richard, UK

Unfortunately whatever we get will be saccharine coated and politically correct. The days of anything off the wall or interesting (Roobarb and Custard, Clangers or the early Magic Roundabout) have passed.
B. Essada, UK

Definitely Dr Who. Perhaps a remake from the start, rather than carrying on where they left off.
Peter Judge, West Yorkshire, UK

I would like to see Sir Prancelot brought back.....and also Hector's House!
Shaun, Teignmouth, UK

I remember a few dark and moody series from my childhood that I'd like to see again as an adult, even if only to realise that they're very different to how I remember them. The ones that stick in my mind are "Timeslip", "The Changes" and the series "Escape Into Night" based on the children's book "Marianne Dreams" by Catherine Storr. The image of the standing stones with eyes seemed very frightening at the time.
M. Holmes, Scotland

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