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Friday, 25 January, 2002, 09:56 GMT
Golden Globes: Did the best films win?
Russell Crowe's drama about schizophrenia, A Beautiful Mind, and musical Moulin Rouge have dominated the 59th Golden Globes film and television awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

A Beautiful Mind won four awards, including best dramatic film and best dramatic actor for Crowe. Moulin Rouge scooped two honours including best actress in a film musical which went to its star Nicole Kidman.

Britain's Jim Broadbent was named best supporting actor for his performance opposite Dame Judi Dench in the film Iris, while the best direction accolade went to Robert Altman for his work on the murder-mystery satire Gosford Park.

The prizes are seen by some as an indicator of possible Oscar winners and draw the biggest names in US cinema and television.

Do you think the best films scooped the Globes? Or was your favourite film strangely absent from the list of winners? Who has the best chance of winning the Oscars now?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

Unfortunately in the last few years over-hyped big budget blockbusters are the only films getting much attention. Titanic? Gladiator? Come on. They used to have a good story line at least. We all knew how those were going to turn out.
Tracy, Texas

I can't believe the amount of people saying that the Americans are always congratulating themselves with their own awards. You only need to watch the BAFTA's to realise that we are far more guilty of this.
Paul N , UK

If people are seriously suggesting that childish rubbish like Lord of the Rings is worthy of Oscar recognition then I despair.

Richard, UK
There was a time when the best films won the Oscars but I think that all ended with Titanic, a film which hammered the final nail in the coffin of Oscar credibility. There was a time when even the academy would have been embarrassed to have honoured the soul-less American blockbuster but now...Gladiator?!?! As for this year, if people are seriously suggesting that childish rubbish like Lord of the Rings is worthy of Oscar recognition then I despair. Moulin Rouge has undoubtedly been the film of the year (save for Nicole Kidman's performance) and deserves credit.
Richard, UK

If the Lord of the Rings is "childish rubbish", let me always remain a child at heart.
James, USA

If Americans were just into congratulating each other, then we wouldn't be giving awards to Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe. I love it when people conveniently forget that "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was nominated for best picture last year, or that Roberto Benigni won for "Life Is Beautiful". Obviously, there's nothing we can do to please people who hate the US simply because it dominates the film business. Besides, the Golden Globes are voted on by the "foreign press", get it? I'm not going to pretend it was a great year for film, domestic or foreign, but if you're so sick of our films and award shows, don't watch them. And by the way, both "Gosford Park" and "Lord Of The Rings" are US films. Oops, sorry to ruin it for you.
Frank, US

Frank - LOTR is not a US film. It has a NZ director, it was filmed in NZ, the crew and workers on the set are predominantly kiwis, the production, editing & special effects companies are all NZ based and run, the book was written by a Brit. Where do you get your information from?
Bo, London

It's very funny to read some of these comments about these awards just being Americans congratulating themselves. While that's applicable to the Oscars, the Golden Globes are voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn, representing international publications, not American interests. A Beautiful Mind is okay, but overly simplistic - you'd think that schizophrenia was something you could overcome if you just set your mind to it. And I know I'm in the minority here, but I just don't get why people love Lord of the Rings so much. It just seemed like a bunch of little muddy people surrounded by computer-generated graphics and fighting monsters and running away, fighting monsters and running away. But if it's any consolation to the anti-American or pro-LotR faction, virtually everyone I know here is completely in love with LotR. It was number one at the box office here for at least 4 or 5 weeks running. It's been compared to Lawrence of Arabia (epic and classic) in the American press, and I know people who have seen it at least 3 times.
Valarie, USA

I am so thrilled that Jim Broadbent won.

Nat, England
I am so thrilled that Jim Broadbent won. He has been tragically undervalued for years but now he has some global recognition. I very sure he will get an OSCAR nomination but is unlikely to win. The Academy's record on recognising British talent is still rather poor! Well done Jim, you really deserved it and we're all so proud of you!
Nat, England

Those of you who think the only American movies are Hollywood blockbusters should be ashamed! If you did some research instead of just watching what your cinemas feed to you, you would see American films are the most risk-taking and artistic around. Disregard these silly award shows if you must, but believing that American films only populate the mainstream is pure film ignorance!
Franklin, Maryland, USA

I don't agree with any of the picks! Moulin Rouge simply was a bad movie and a waste of time to watch. Best score... what did they do other than cover old songs? What about the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack??? Nicole Kidman was not that good either. What about Bridget Jones? But hey, that's just my humble view...
Regina Kolm, Austria

In my opinion, Kevin Spacey's performance in The Shipping News was phenomenal and far superior than that of the other nominees. I also agree that Lord of the Rings was not given the credit it deserved.
Gillian, Canada

Can't believe Lord of the Rings didn't win. No one can take these US awards seriously, when they are so seriously biased! I'm sure Beautiful Mind is a good film and I love Russell Crowe, but come on... Lord of the Rings is a masterpiece!
Josie, UK

Americans seem to think that only their productions are the worthwhile ones while the foreign films get hardly noticed

Peter Nadig, Germany
I am getting tired of all those award ceremonies. Very rarely do the awarded films reflect the real quality productions of a year. The Americans seem to think that only their productions are the worthwhile ones while the foreign films get hardly noticed. I am glad that many more British actors are stealing the show nowadays.
Peter Nadig, Germany

I think a film that did not get enough credit was The Man Who Wasn't There. I felt it brought an element of real acting to the screen. To me the "Blockbusters" are often overacted and overdramatic, which then creates a easily packaged experience that everyone can digest. Films that make you think differently or challenge you are the ones that are cinema, not just a movie.
Evan Noble, US

I don't understand the point of the Golden Globes. If we have the Emmys for TV and the Oscars for film - what is the point of having a combined awards show that acknowledges the same 'in crowd'?
Helen Ward, Australia

I am fascinated by how many comments there are from people expressing disappointment at the way US movies always dominate the awards. Here in Australia the media have made a huge deal out of how Australians dominated the Golden Globes! We are all bursting with pride that "our" Nic (Nicole Kidman), Russell Crowe, Baz Lurhmann, Rachel Griffiths and Judy Davis - all Australians - won awards. Moulin Rouge was made in Australia. Curious, how where we are in the world colours our perception of events!
Zoe, Australia

For Goodness sake Zoe, and all other Australians who consider Russell Crowe to be their own. Crowe was born in Wellington, New Zealand and has a Maori Grandparent. He is the cousin of the NZ cricket players, Jeff and Martin Crowe. He moved to Australia simply because their are better prospects for being based there than in NZ. That does not make him Australian. It would have been nice to see further New Zealand recognition in terms of the superbly filmed and directed Lord of the Rings.
Rebecca, England

Ewan MacGregor was unfortunate not to win the best actor award. His performance in Moulin Rouge was oustanding. Obi Wan can really sing!
Nathan King, US

I hope the Academy Awards has the courage to recognise Peter Jackson's vision.

Alena Moriana, Italy
I was surprised not to see Lord of the Rings receive some accolades for being what is certainly the most enthralling and enchanting film of the year. Its extraordinary scope and vision has extended the bounds of what is possible in film, and it is a deserving winner in awards ceremonies such as these. I hope the Academy Awards has the courage to recognise Peter Jackson's vision.
Alena Moriana, Turin, Italy

Moulin Rouge deserves the plaudits and will hopefully get some Oscars. I'm sceptical about A Beautiful Mind, though. I haven't seen it yet, but Ron Howard has never made anything above average. It's probably a well acted, touching, real life drama that challenges no one - the kind the Academy likes to reward.
Marko, Belgium

The whole awards thing is a complete waste of time, the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and countless others I haven't mentioned are all just the Americans congratulating each other on how brilliant they are!!!
Liz, UK

I unexpectedly enjoyed Moulin Rouge, but lament the fact that Nicole Kidman got the lead simply because the film no doubt needed a Hollywod "star" to give it any credibility. In my opinion, a better yet lesser known actress could actually dance, sing and look sexier would have assured the film more honours.
Steve, UK

I'm tired of watching Amercian's vanity grace the screen.

Bruce Hill, Canada
I didn't watch them, I'm tired of watching Amercian's vanity grace the screen. For example, Goldie Hawn looking younger than her daughter. I praise European films - they take chances and are alot more beatiful inside than outside. I'm glad the British are winning - it shows who are better actors. Gosford Park is the best only because of the cast of some of the greatest actors to grace the screen

It would be nice to see a woman get a lifetime acheivment role rather than some 50 year old man - how about Catherine Deneuve.
Bruce Hill, Canada/England

I'd like to have seen Nicole Kidman get the award for The Others rather then Moulin Rouge. Her peformance in that (The others) was outstanding and she did well with the accent!
Mark Renshaw, UK

Lord of the Rings affected me a lot more than Moulin Rouge

Sally, England
Lord of the Rings affected me a lot more than Moulin Rouge, which whilst being original resembled a big old mess more often than not. It should not have been neglected as it was. Despite the fact that with the two upcoming installments there is an opportunity for the cast and crew to be nominated for awards in recognition for their fine work, it seems wrong to ignore what is clearly a superior film.
sally, England

A Beautiful Mind was awesome and very inspiring. It has left a lasting impression on me. I think it deserves to get recognised.
Johanna Mead, Florida, USA

Nope the best films did not win. My three favorite of the year: Ghost World, Together, and Gosford Park.
Heidi, USA

Award ceremonies unfortunately do not do what they are designed to do, examine all the entries and pick the best one. Russell Crowe is hot in LA therefore he will be on every ballot for every show. Ditto for Kidman. Lord of the Rings was a historic filmaking achievement and it is deserving of best movie of the year regardless of the awards show.
Corri Anderson, Canada

I think Nicole Kidman deserves all the recognition she finally gets. Her performance in "Moulin Rouge" was really breath-taking as well as her fantastic appearance in "The Others". I hope she will win this year's Oscar for best actress because there's nobody who would deserve it more than she does. She's a real grace!
Melanie, Austria

It's the same year after year, it seems - the over-advertised Hollywood movies win the awards, even though most don't deserve the recognition. Just because the Lord of the Rings was made by Kiwi filmmakers does not mean it deserves less accolades than a movie like A Beautiful Mind, with Spielberg, Katzenberg, and Geffen as producers. It really is disheartening to know that real talent and hard work will never be properly recognized in as capitalistic and corrupt system as Hollywood.
Leica, US

Moulin Rouge deserves all the awards it gets

Amanda, UK
Why is everyone slagging off Moulin Rouge? It's great to see a bit of imagination and originality in this dull age of over-hyped predictable rubbish, special effects and unnecessary cash-in sequels. It deserves all the awards it gets. Shame Ewan MacGregor didn't win anything though. I thought his singing was brilliant and he showed what a versatile actor he is. Nicole was great too but I hope she doesn't end up getting all the praise for this wonderful film.
Amanda, UK

Thank goodness Nicole Kidman didn't get it for The Others. Every now and again she lets some words slip into a weird UK/Aussie tongue. That's simply short of the quality expected from an award winner.
Nikki, UK

It's a pity the soap awards and film awards aren't a combined event. As far as I am concerned acting is acting and the likes of well- established screen faces like Ken Barlow and Mike Baldwin would wipe the floor with the likes of Russell Crowe and Ewan McGregor.
Brian Holmes, Liverpool, England

What about Jean Claude Van Damme?

Johnny, Wales
It's the same every time. The film that is most hyped by the critics and press always dominates the awards. I don't even take any notice of them anymore because you know whatever has rave reviews in the papers will win something. What about people like Jean Claude Van Damme? Why don't they get some recognition for the presence they bring to the big screen.
Johnny, Wales

Jean Claude Van Damme? That's not funny.
Dan, New York, USA

Moulin Rouge has to be the biggest load of undiluted rubbish I have had the unfortunate experience of having paid good money to go and see.
Don Skinner, Australia

Lord of the Rings should have got more nominations

Ross McDonald, England
The excellent Lord of the Rings should have got more nominations, for its use of scenery for instance. Also, where was a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Ian McKellen? Hopefully this will be rectified at the Oscars.
Ross McDonald, England

Since the Golden Globes are awarded by a small coterie of media insiders in the HFPA it is unlikely that the awards will ever reflect the popular opinion that pays Hollywood's bills.
Chris Klein, UK

It's about time Vinnie Jones got some more recognition. Where's his mention. I think he is terrific.
Mark Blackburn, Essex, UK

Moulin Rouge should win the Oscar for most over-hyped film

Pete, UK
If there were a category for most over-hyped film, Moulin Rouge should win the Oscar. It bored me to tears, and Ewan MacGregor's 'singing' was embarrassingly awful.
Pete, UK

I hope these awards don't encourage the making of a Moulin Rouge 2!
Gavin, UK

Nice to see Chief Inspector Slater getting best supporting actor, well done Jim.
Matt, Cambridge

Yet again there was no mention of Robert De Niro

Chris Gower, London, England
Yet again there was no mention of Robert De Niro. His performance in The Score was very powerful and compelling. For all the hard work this man has done throughout his career he only possesses two Oscars. Where is the justification in that?
Chris Gower, London, England

Well done Nicole Kidman and Moulin Rouge. Looks like she's got her hands on that long overdue Oscar nomination.
Sean, UK

I don't think the best films will win the Oscars. I would like to see Amelie promoted from the ghetto category of best foreign language film into the best film category. I'd like to see Mulholland Drive and Naomi Watts receive nominations. Some more recognition for the acting in Lord of the Rings would be nice too.
Max, UK

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