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Friday, 18 January, 2002, 12:41 GMT
Sir Jimmy Young to leave lunchtime show: Your views
Sir Jimmy Young is set to leave his lunchtime show on Radio 2 at the end of the year after hosting it for 28 years.

However, the presenter who was recently knighted in the New Year's Honours List will host a weekend current affairs programme on the station in 2003.

The move had been widely rumoured with Radio 5 DJ Nicky Campbell being named as a possible replacement for Sir Jiimmy.

Send us your memories of Sir Jimmy's long stint on his lunchtime show.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

I too think that it is terrible that Sir Jimmy is been sidelined by Radio 2. It is clear that he is still a very popular presenter, how many other radio programmes can attract 5.4 million listeners day in day out. It is pure ageism at the Radio 2, I think that it will be impossible to replace him, which will lead to a sharp fall in figures for his radio show after he has gone. Good Luck Jimmy in your new venture.
George, UK

A real loss to the network - Jimmy's programme is one that sets the flavour of Radio 2, and even as a younger listener (aged 20), I shall miss it dearly.
David Sheppard, Bristol, England

There's no denying Jimmy Young is a fantastic broadcaster, but he should've left Radio 2 a few years ago when the station went through it's change of image. I enjoy his style of show, but maybe it's time to pull the plug on these mid-morning debates. Most people want entertainment throughout the day, so maybe Radio 2 should be looking for someone like Steve Wright to fill the void, and leave the John Inverdales and Nicky Campbells of the broadcasting world to Radio 4. After all, Radio Two's image change has made them into Britain's most listened to radio station.
Jon, Scotland

Yes, it is sad that JY is leaving his programme, and he will definately be a hard act to follow. But trying hard not to sound ageist, he is 80 and the direction that Radio 2 is heading he is well past it. Shouldn't the BBC now start to think of a new station for "the older listeners" who like much older music. Personally, I've never liked Nicky Campbell even when he was at Radio 1. He is too opinionated and arrogant and could never step into JYs shoes.
Jenny Snedden, Scotland

I teach English and as part of a lesson on presentation skills I use 5 - 10 minutes of one of his interviews to show the pupils the value of listening and on how to use their voice. Indeed, the class were quick to comment on Jimmy's flexible tones and the way he varies his intonation to point up meaning. Today in class they were talking about Jimmy and how they couldn't believe he is in his late 70s - they thought he sounded so sharp and energetic on the radio. Perhaps the BBC could bring out a CD of his greatest interviews - he certainly has a lot to teach anyone interested in improving their communication skills.
Scott Hart, Scotland

JY is an inspiration to all people around his age, he still has a quick mind and a great sense of humour, all the best Jimmy.
Westhaven, UK

He is an excellent broadcaster

Alan Taylor, Scotland
I will be sorry to see Jimmy go. I remember him on Radio 1 in the mid-mornings and his programmes have always been entertaining and informative. He is an excellent broadcaster and many younger presenters could learn a lot from him. I certainly don't think that Nicky Campbell is a suitable replacement.
Alan Taylor, Scotland

JY will be missed. I work from home and his programme gives me a good balance of light entertainment and serious views.
John Atkins, England

I am a relatively new listener to Jimmy's excellent show and feel very hard done by that I did not switch on sooner. Good luck on your retirement, Jimmy you will be a hard act to follow!
Andy Clarke, England

I was a fan of JY when he took "Till" to the top of the hit parade. He had/has a pleasant voice.
Peter, Western Australia

It's time for Radio 2 to change

Andy Thacker, UK
JY is a very experienced broadcaster and I admire his style and approach - no-one like him. But I also think it's time for Radio 2 to change thus helping the gap left when Radio 1 restyled itself in '94. I think the station has improved from its old MOR image but the JY show was old R2 and didn't fit in. The weekend is an excellent time for this 'specialist' show. Hopefully R2 can start to become more like the old R1.
Andy Thacker, UK

What a fantastic broadcaster Sir Jimmy is! Still in my 20's, I find his style to be perfectly balanced and his ability to present and interview without letting personal opinions sway him are second to none. What a pleasure it is to listen to someone who understands his audience. For my part I would have to say that Jeremy Vine would seem to be a good host to fill the afternoon slot.
Ben, UK

Good luck, Jimmy

Elaine Donnelly, USA
I always loved Terry Wogan as a kid and I enjoyed the good-natured banter between Terry and Jimmy Young. Jimmy may not have been my favourite but he is no doubt a consummate professional. Good luck, Jimmy - American DJs just don't have what it takes..............
Elaine Donnelly, USA

The JY departure is the best news in years. Could we now have a complete clean-out and be rid of the Dimblebys, Terry Wogan and Esther Rantzen - PLEASE.
Jack Oliver, England

Whenever I visit the UK I listen to JY and I know lots of others who do too. He's doing an excellent job so as they say - If it ain't broke don't fix it!
Jenny Hopkins, Hong Kong

I will be sorry to see Jimmy Young go - every time someone sits in for him, I stop listening. The rest sound strained and forced compared to the news knight.
Bryan, London, England

He's a saint in my eyes

Len Crank, Lancashire, England
I am home alone each day and I listen to Jimmy all the time. He's a saint in my eyes. I think it's wrong that everyone keeps dogging him.
Len Crank, Lancashire, England

Jeremy Vine must get the job. He fits the Radio 2 style much more than the blokeish, 5-Live way of Nicky Campbell.
Peter O'Connor, London, UK

Lunchtimes will never be the same

Mark Blackburn, London, UK
Lunchtimes will never be the same. My memories consist of smiling whilst tucking into my sandwiches. What an incredible loss.
Mark Blackburn, London, UK

My only memories of Jimmy Young are turning the radio off every time he came on. He's had a successful career but I won't be sorry to see him go.
Paul Kenyon, Lancashire, England

I listen to JY whenever I can, usually in the car. When we were in the heart of the General Election last year, I was so impressed in the way he interviewed the party leaders. Jimmy's questioning was un-biased and asked the questions the listeners wanted to have asked. If necessary, he would press the point home, sometimes with a hint of sarcasm. He has an interesting quorum of guests, which never fail to inform and entertain - especially the Legal Beagle. He will be missed.
Simon Millard, Poole, Dorset

Jim is just brilliant at asking the awkward question and bringing out the best

Ray Blackwell, England
Jim will be almost impossible to replace. We have seen attempts during his holiday stints and ALL of the 'fill-in' presenters have fallen down, by not realising that it IS NOT their view we want to hear but that of the person being interviewed. Jim is just brilliant at asking the awkward question and bringing out the best, without imposing his own views. No-one has yet managed to identify just what his political persuasion is - a tribute to his presentation and interviewing skills.
Ray Blackwell, England

He's had a good enough run. The time for change is now, but rather than going for a big name presenter I think the BBC ought to invite applications for BBC local radio too. Alan Beswick - BBC GMR / Barbara Sturgeon - BBC Radio Kent will fit in quite nicely.
Michael, UK

I hope Jim's successor will be as adept as JY at interviewing people who don't want to answer the question - I wish all interviewers were so well prepared and determined - well done JY - and good luck in the new job - no ageism probs for you then!
Pat, UK

The BBC is very short-sighted if it does not do everything possible to try to retain JY's services. The idea that the arrogant and self satisfied Nicky Campbell could ever fill his shoes is quite simply preposterous.
Dominic Vincent, England

My joy is unconfined, I have waited most of my life in the expectation that Jimmy will retire soon; at last we will be free of the man. We will, won't we?
John Brownlee, England

I think it's sad. The show is as good as it's always been and Jimmy's fresh voice will be missed. It's hard to see who can fill his shoes.
Ben Pearson, UK



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