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Monday, 21 January, 2002, 12:59 GMT
Is it time for the bombing to stop?
It is just over 100 days since the start of the US campaign in Afghanistan yet the al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and his ally Mullah Mohammad Omar, remain at large.

On Tuesday a group of US soldiers discovered a cache of weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades, at an alleged al-Qaeda complex just outside Kandahar airport after unidentified gunmen opened fire on them.

Demolition experts then blew up the site, located just several hundred metres from the nearby US base.

Is it time for the bombing of Afghanistan to stop?

This Talking Point has now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The Allies should continue the bombing until the Taleban forces are destroyed and surrender unconditionally.
Dylan Kidd, USA

I have complete faith in Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld

Gwen, USA
I think the worst thing we could do is to leave the job half-finished. The complex that was bombed the other day was a large one that could have been used for al-Qaeda to regroup. Even the interim government in Afghanistan has stated that they want the military action to continue until all of the terrorists are gone from their country. The bombing has become less frequent as only targets of opportunity are being struck. I have complete faith in Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld and General Tommy Franks to execute this war in an appropriate and effective manner.
Gwen, USA

The mission in Afghanistan is far from over. There is quite clearly still a significant enemy presence in the eastern region.
Neal, USA/UK

Stop it now. What is there left to bomb apart from dust and rocks? Bin Laden has clearly moved on from Afghanistan.
Chris Gower, London, England

The bombing should stop as there appears to be no targets left - apart from Bin Laden and his immediate crew. Bin Laden should have been caught long ago and the American Intelligence Force do not seem to have a brain between them. At the moment things are going nowhere so I would suggest for the bombing to stop, the American Intelligence Force withdraws and some new blood is injected into a plan to hunt Bin Laden down. Look at the project over the last 100 days? Have there been any major breakthroughs? No. Back to the drawing board.
Paul Kenyon, Lancashire, UK

Creating hatred is easy

Jo, UK (USA)
What is being gained by continuous bombing? Is our lust for revenge not assuaged yet? We have left a country in ruin and the results of our action will be felt for decades. Starting a war, causing destruction, creating hatred is easy, pausing to take time to asses, rebuild and make friends, well now that requires vision and commitment.
Jo, UK (USA)

Any idiot would know that Bin Laden isn't there anymore; if Bush had any sense he'd stop bombing NOW. I hate to admit this, but Bin Laden has won, we will never find him now.
Miles, UK

The bombing needs to continue until al-Qaeda are utterly destroyed. We didn't finish the Gulf War off properly; we need to see this through.
Tom, London, UK

It should stop only when the politicians, with the advice of the military, decide it is no longer effective in dealing with the terrorists and their allies. You and I are in no position, sitting in our living rooms, second-guessing our leaders on this one.
Mark M. Newdick, US/UK

If we stop, they'll start, bomb then, bomb then until they surrender
John Cogginski, UK

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