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Monday, 7 January, 2002, 13:07 GMT
Tell us your New Year resolutions
The champagne has been drunk, the hangover is passing and all those New Year resolutions are coming back to haunt you.

The seasonal urge to commit to something is so strong that the British health authorities are using the New Year to launch a new advertising campaign to help smokers give up.

Last year, the NHS Smoking Helpline received 10,000 calls in the first week of January - three times the average number of calls.

It is not only smoking. Countless others will promise themselves, and others, to lose weight, stop swearing or visit the mother-in-law more regularly.

For most of us, according to the experts, it will end in failure and frustration.

What was your New Year resolution? How long will it last? Why do we torture ourselves with them?

This Talking Point has now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

I want to listen more

Mike Littleton, USA
I am going to try and see things the way the other person sees it instead of the way I see it. I need to understand that my way of seeing things is not the only way there is. I also want to listen more and see what I can do to maybe help sometimes.
Mike Littleton, USA

Try as hard as I can until I finally see my own message posted on Talking Point.
Jeannie Chen, USA

I wish to become more practical and persevering because every year I make good resolutions but unfortunately I seldom keep them! (Sigh!)
Nichia Liang, Taiwan

I will stop whining about the life. I believe Life is like this. It is a challenge for us, so, whatever happens, I will try to accept without having my feelings hurt.
Paulo Nunes da Mata, Brazil

Give up sex, drugs and rock n roll

I give up sex, drugs and rock n roll every year. It makes things very easy, as none of them feature in my life.

My resolution is to accept that I can't save the world. In the past I've always been the one that people rush to when they are in trouble and as a result I've lost out on a good part of my enjoyment of life. I was the major carer for my in-laws over the past ten years and now they're gone, is the rest of the family grateful - not a bit. Will they help me when I need it - judging by present actions - most unlikely. Therefore my resolution is just to take care of me in future.
Susan, USA

I'll try not to email Talking Point so much. It will be hard, but I'll really try. There are pills, I believe. Oh, and I want to learn how to tango.
Robert del Valle, USA

I could not get a new job last year and so it's my resolution to get one this year.
Satoshi, Japan

My only resolution is that 2002 will be my best year yet!
Volker, England/Germany

More fun and damn the consequences!

Hal, UK
My New Year resolution is to be more debauched than ever. More fun and damn the consequences!
Hal, UK

Mine is not to spend too many of my fresh new euro on cigarettes!
Billy Baxter, France

Stop doing entirely: Shouting down the phone, DIY, crashing my car. Do less of: Business travel, eating, getting wound up by the idiocy of others. Do more of: Golf, supporting good causes, chilling out.
John, UK

My New Year resolution is to write everyday. Most writers do not do that.
Agha Ata, USA

My New Year resolution? I am going to try and help the poor. I would also like to spread a little love - the world needs it. I wish everyone could be like me.
Tracii, France

I had resolved to curb my addiction to Talking Point. So much for that!
Barrie Martindale, Canada/UK

I have never left my own country hence I desire to go abroad to see what I have never seen . In order to attain my desire, I must save my money , make my grades good enough to win a scholarship , and do some part-time jobs. This my New Year resolution.
Ean-Jin Chen, Nanto, Taiwan

My New Year resolution is to lose more weight but I wonder if I will manage to keep it - I've been on a diet for 8 years now and you'd think this would mean I am far too thin but I've stayed at approx 14 stone except for when I attended slimming club briefly and went down to 11 stone. Every morning I wake up and say today I am going to diet and sometimes I'll even plan what to eat and even calculate the calories but I never persist. This year I am determined though. Wish me luck!
Maureen, Northern Ireland

My New Year's resolution is not to sleep so much. I always sleep over 12 hours during weekend. Therefore my roommates call me a little pig. As a medical college student I really feel that sleeping is waste of time since I have a lot of reports I need to finish. Furthermore sleeping too much is also not good for your health. This is the most challenging thing for me to achieve in this New Year.
Shee yen tay, Taiwan

My New Year's resolution used to be to start a diet. These days I aim not to start a diet, but to enjoy my food and to worry less about media scaremongering about food. It's all the worrying that will ultimately kill!
S McGrath, UK

I made no resolutions. Eases life a bit, though I didn't take them so seriously even when I used to make them. Forgot them the same evening. It's nice to promise something but very hard to actually do something.
J. Armfelt, Finland

Er ... my New Year resolution? With help of the powers above I resolve NOT to make any New Year resolution.
E K Mmiro, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

I never start any resolutions on New Years day, instead I make changes a few days ealier. That way, on waking up on Jan 1st, I'm continuing a new habit, not starting a new one, which is a lot easier. As Sam said in the "Lord Of The Rings", 'The task that takes longest, is the one that's never started.'
Martin, England, UK

I've made two New Year Resolutions. Resolution Number 1 reads: "Resolution Number 2 must not be implemented until next year". Resolution Number 2 reads: "The making of further resolutions is disallowed." No problems there then.
Chris B., England

As a college student, my New Year resolution is to work hard in order to get an high pass score in my school exam, to learn how to play guitar well, to have a driving license and to learn a second language. It may take the whole year!!!
Jun-Lin Kuo, Taipei, Taiwan

Same as every year. Improve or at least maintain my good health and lifestyle!
Victor D, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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