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Thursday, 20 December, 2001, 15:15 GMT
Bin Laden tape: Is this proof of his guilt?
The US has released a video that it says implicates Osama Bin Laden in the 11 September attacks on New York and the Pentagon, in which more than 3,000 people died.

In it, the Saudi-born militant suggests that some of the hijackers did not know that their mission was to end in their own deaths.

The US administration hopes the video will bolster international support for the war on terrorism. "For those who see this tape, they'll realise that not only is he guilty of incredible murder, he has no conscience and no soul, that he represents the worst of civilisation," said President George W Bush.

Vice-President Dick Cheney and other American officials who have seen the video - believed to have been filmed at a dinner last month - describe it as a "smoking gun" that leaves "no doubt" about the al-Qaeda leader's guilt.

Is this proof of Bin Laden's involvement in the 11 September attacks? Do you think this will bolster support for the US-led war on terror?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

What about all the other bits of broadcasts we've all seen from bin Laden?

Fatimah Begum, UK
It's hugely amusing that people automatically think the tape is a fake. What about all the other bits of broadcasts we've all seen from bin Laden? I didn't hear any clamourings that those were fake. When he first protested his innocence about the events of 11 Sept, we didn't hear much in the way that those were faked. Arabic people I know have said that it seems exactly like what they've heard publicly from bin Laden before. Apparently there are people around who wouldn't take an admission of guilt from bin Laden in person as being authentic.
Fatimah Begum, UK

In the video, not only are bin Laden's face and beard different, but there are no close ups. Furthermore, you see snow and people wearing jackets are shown while it was summer in Afghanistan (at the time). What does that show?
Bilal Tarar, Pakistan

Why did Bin Laden allow himself to be filmed?

Andrew, New Zealand
I think Bin Laden was behind these September 11 attacks but I don't think this video proves it. There seems to be a huge amount of angry, bloodthirsty Americans who want to believe it is real though. Why did Bin Laden allow himself to be filmed? And why did he allow the tape to fall into US hands?
Andrew, New Zealand

Has anyone thought that this video is a fake - not made by the US but by Bin Laden and left intentionally for the US forces to find and show the whole world? Then later it could be easily proved to be a fake by the people who made it and everyone would assume it was the US that faked it. How many people would that convince of Bin Laden's 'innocence'?
Stevie D, UK

This is a fake tape released not to prove Bin Laden's guilt but to get a response. With all US eyes and ears focused on Afghanistan, a hasty response from Bin Laden would have "revealed" his location and given US troops a chance to take him out. I guess the US has yet to realise that he is not as stupid as they think.
Imran, USA

This video is a fake

John, USA
This video is a fake. It should be held up to the highest scrutiny, being the only proof that has been given to the world's public. So far, the main argument I hear is "Yes, they could do it but they wouldn't be that stupid". To accept something that can admittedly be faked without testing it is crazy and desperate.
John, USA

The tape is only additional evidence of Bin Laden's responsibility for the attacks. Who needs more proof? An international court? For those who do not believe in his guilt, this tape will not change their opinions, unfortunately.
Edson Freitas, Brazil

It wouldn't be the first time a government lied to cover up an immoral act. After all, Hitler faked evidence to justify his invasion of Poland. Blind faith in the actions of our leaders is the biggest threat to democracy from either side.
Ben, England, UK

Having it revealed as a fake would be far too damaging to risk.

Colin Wright, UK
The fact is, although it is possible to fake a video like this, why now? At the moment the US government doesn┐t have enough to gain by releasing this video to make the enormous risk of faking it worthwhile. Fakes can be detected by expert examination and they must know that sooner or later this video will come under such examination. Having it revealed as a fake would be far too damaging to risk. Besides which, the broadcasts by Bin Laden himself where enough to convince me he was pretty much a psychopath who, if not responsible for these killings, would have loved to have been. Also there is no doubt he is at the centre of international anti-western terrorism. Ample evidence of this was in circulation long before September 11.
Colin Wright, UK

I don┐t think this is credible evidence. I have seen other Bin Laden videos, and if you compare them, you can tell that this one has been fabricated. His actions, speech body language are different in this video. It just doesn't feel right.
Farooq Hansi

The video is clearly the real thing. I'm sure during the CIA training which Bin Laden received he was told that after committing an act of terrorism, to confess to it on video, and to leave the video in a place where any Tom, Dick or Harry could find it.
James, UK

Most of you seem to think that Bin Laden doesn't want the World to know he is responsible for the Twin Towers. I disagree totally.

M Maguire, UK
Most of you seem to think that Bin Laden doesn't want the World to know he is responsible for the Twin Towers. I disagree totally. Everything about the man suggests he very much wants the World, and especially the Muslim World, to know he did it. The guy is all about his own ego. He wants to be the hero of the Muslim world. there's also no way he's just gonna run away over the border - that would make him look a coward in front of his own people. What better way for a Muslim to secure his fame in the hearts and minds of his people than to die a so-called 'Martyr'. This guy did it and he's quite happy for us all to know he did it!
M Maguire, UK

If this isn't proof someone please tell me what needs to be shown in order to make people to accept it as the truth
Jake, UK

If Bin Laden is guilty it should be proved in a court of law. At present we are getting only the case for the prosecution. The evidence we have been allowed to see suggests his guilt but we have not been told everything.
Mark, UK

Whether the tape is real or not, after the US government got their hands on it, they kept it for a number of days before releasing it. It could have been modified. One of the most basic tricks of the trade in war is to cover your tracks. If the US did really find the tape, it was planted for them to find. If this is the evidence that implicates Bin Laden in the Sept 11 attacks then why did the US government attack Afghanistan before this? Why did the world not see the original evidence? Why did the US, the land of democracy and free speech, deny al-Qaeda broadcasts? What don't they want the world to see? If all you people were originally convinced of Bin Laden's guilt then why all the outrage when you saw the tape? Were you really that sure? Or do you just not think for yourself and believe everything CNN tells you.
Rodni, Australia

With all the naysayers out there claiming that the US, with Hollywood's help, fabricated this videotape, I'm surprised they aren't also claiming that the US, with Hollywood's help, fabricated the collapse of the Twin Towers. Bin Laden was careless and left behind a piece of damning evidence which I believe to be genuine. It's happened before! The Nazis left behind evidence of their atrocities all over the place.
Anne-Marie, Georgia, USA

If we love our freedom and democracy we should always be sceptical

Sara, UK
How convenient to find a videotape of Bin Laden confessing his sins! Is he really that stupid are we to believe. Why would he have himself filmed discussing his alleged involvement in the attacks, and then leave the tape for the US to find? Far easier and less messy to own up immediately and link it to chosen cause(s) as terrorists do. If this is conclusive evidence of his guilt then on what evidence thus far has the US been bombing Afghanistan into oblivion, in order to find Bin Laden. Who told us originally that Bin Laden was guilty and who is telling us now? Yes the US government. Can someone offer me just one good reason why I should not doubt everything uttered by the US government. If we love our freedom and democracy we should always be sceptical.
Sara, UK

Everybody knows that OBL committed many satanic incidents in the past years. I am not here to argue that whether he did Sept. 11 terrorist attack or not? Probably he might be and probably he might not. Obviously the recent released videotape will easily be accepted by his opposers and denied by his supporters. But in fact that is not the perfect proof in this technological world where single still pictures are more than enough to create these clips.
Santosh Rai, Sydney, Australia

I do not think the video is fake, but I think there are parts that are omitted not to offend US allies, i.e. Saudi Arabia. We know one of Bin Laden's enemies are the ruling Saudi family. Surely there would be some discussion about how corrupt the regime is or that it is lackey of the West since the guest is from the Saudi Arabia. Also for the people who doubt the video, I think the video is stolen or hidden by an Afghan servant or maid who like many Afghans do not like the Arabs to make their country the base of international terrorism.
Reza Vahab, US

These people probably thought the whole thing was a Hollywood movie

Neil Small, Scotland
Here we go again. The "Apollo was a fake...." brigade always come out. This is the same lot that would like Osama given "social rehabilitation" studies. If the guy was so innocent then why did he not appear immediately after the attacks and deny all knowledge? These people probably thought the whole thing was a Hollywood movie and that everyone is a conspirator.
Neil Small, Scotland

What happened to the previous proof of Osama Bin Laden's guilt for the September 11th attacks? George W. Bush and Tony Blair said they had irrefutable evidence of his implication. The quality and interpretation of these tapes only help make it another conspiracy theory. Will Saudi Arabia become a target for this "war on terrorism" now that there is an indication of its complicity?
Brian M, Quebec, Canada.

Why worry? OBL is probably guilty and other state sponsors of terrorism know it. And now they also know the consequences if they help or shelter terrorists. This is pretty basic stuff. History suggests that it is sometimes necessary to wield the big stick, even if it is not to be applauded.
Michael Adam, UK

Would the US intelligence services have been capable and desperate enough to fake a tape like this?
Would Ben Laden have been confident and vain enough to allow himself to be filmed like this?

But why are poorly informed, naive and prejudiced people like ourselves even discussing this? Let's have Bin Laden tried by an international court, produce and test all the evidence and listen to what he has to say.
Govinda, India

We have technology to create amazing special effects in movies so of course the video could of been fabricated. The fact that there was no other proof put forward two months ago when the Taleban requested it makes me very suspicious. Bin Laden is however a terrorists and his acts before Sept 11th are justification for the war. He may well be behind Sept 11th but lets not get in to stupid arguments about this tape.
Sam Horrocks, Florida, USA

We do have faith that the government wouldn't dare doctor this tape, because the press would crucify Bush as they did Nixon in his blunders

John Patrick, USA
For Gregory's comment in the UK: Several years ago the British government broke into BBC offices and commandeered files. In the United States we were appalled at this. Our press exposes the government corruption, as in the Watergate tapes. It doesn't cower under the government, as your press must. Hence, we do have faith that the government wouldn't dare doctor this tape, because the press would crucify Bush as they did Nixon in his blunders.
John Patrick, USA

To all these doubters out there, OBL himself could come up to you and say he did it, and you would not believe it. You'd probably say, "The Americans put you up to this, didn't they?
Sam, USA

Clearly, the simplest way to establish (at least visually, if not aurally) if the video is a fake, is for anybody with a access to photo-editing tools to compare and scale the video frames with still photos of bin laden, and then perform 'graphic forensics' on the images (measurement of eye to eye width, length of the cranium, facial angles etc, etc, etc).
Jim, UK

I don't know. It seems too easy. I agree with many on this chat. I'm not a supporter of the current administration. I just plain don't trust them! Fake or not though. We are involved in a horrible conflict. And I will support my friends who are over there! I just want them home safe, sound and soon.
Russ, USA

The tape seems to have surfaced at a very convenient moment in the US attack on Afghanistan

Ram, India
The tape seems to have surfaced at a very convenient moment in the US attack on Afghanistan. I would not put it beyond the powers of the US government to obtain a tape and doctor it so it can serve its purpose. After all, the US is desperately trying to convince the world that it is the good guy.
Ram, India

Those shouting down the doubters better calm down and think. Remember the American movie Wag the Dog? Don't underestimate the power of modern graphics technology. And to those that doubt the US would fake something like this, there have been bigger and more serious incidents at the top in the past. Don't all be so readily gullible.
John Butler, UK

These theories are hilarious. Scepticism can be good, but not at this level of absurdity. All the doubters' questions can be easily answered with common sense. Why is the quality of the tape so bad? Because it's a home video. Why did he say those things on tape? Because obviously, he never intended the tape to be seen by the entire world. Why did the US take so long to release it? Because it was probably confirming its authenticity and translating it properly. Believe what you want, but I think we all know the truth. Bin Laden is guilty of conspiring to murder thousands of Americans. Why is that such a painful truth for so many people? With or without your support, we're going to get him and punish him accordingly.
Franklin, Maryland, USA

There will always be doubters. There are people to this day that doubt the authenticity of the holocaust footage. Clearly people are going to doubt the authenticity of this footage. However, make no mistake about it, Osama Bin Laden is an evil man. He has repeatedly attacked the western world and everything it stands for. Let us not make the same mistake we made with Adolf Hitler, and more recently, Saddam Hussein. Let us not forget the past so we don't make the same mistakes again.
Alex, USA

It is sufficient for us to believe he supports actions against our citizens

Jim, USA
You doubters still don't get it. We don't need to give you or anyone else proof that Bin Laden did anything. It is sufficient for us to believe he supports actions against our citizens. We no longer will tolerate any attacks nor will we give in to threats. We will take action.
Jim, USA

Of course Bin Laden supporters, US haters and conspiracy theorists would think the tape is a fake. That's a forgone conclusion. But I wonder if they would rather live under American authority or one administered by Bin Laden? I invite all those living in the US who have more trust in the wisdom of Bin Laden to leave, the door is open. I am no Bush-lover, but yes, it is unpatriotic to make excuses for a man who seeks our destruction.
Elizabeth, USA

This video is disturbing. I cannot believe it is genuine. Not only is the video quality too good - why on earth would someone have left it to be found. The tape would have been hidden. It is just too convenient to be treated as evidence.
Iain Jones, UK

What does it take to convince some people? I watched the live feed at 4pm yesterday and I'm convinced. I'm not the biggest fan of President Bush's administration, but I'm confident it wouldn't risk the exposure of faking something like this. There are people out there who will believe what they want to believe. The rest of us have open minds and make reasonable decisions based upon presented evidence.
David, UK

As a supporter of the war on terrorism I did not need the tape to know that OBL and all other terror groups need to be stopped. But I am concerned that so many Americans think that their government is above fabricating the tape. Do I have to remind them of Watergate, Iran-Contra and the Gulf of Tonka incident?
Gregory, UK

Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, especially when it's related to your faith.
Deepak, USA

Judging from many US comments below this video has certainly had its required effect in America

Adam Rae, UK
I would love to believe this video as damning proof of guilt, and therefore have absolute justification in the actions in Afghanistan, but I cannot wholeheartedly accept the evidence I have seen presented by the world media as unconditional proof. America has noticed that there are people who do not believe Bin Laden was behind the attacks and has attempted to bolster its support for the military action in Afghanistan. What better way to encourage patriotism, waylay the doubts of the fence-sitting Americans and strengthen international support than by suddenly releasing a video such as this? It may well be genuine. It may not. Judging from many US comments below, this video has certainly had its required effect in America.
Adam Rae, UK

All Bin Laden is saying is that he knew about the attacks in advance, and he even calculated how many people in New York would be murdered - which does not mean he directed the attacks. He might also be lying through his teeth, for all we know (obviously, good moral character is not one of his strong qualities). One inconsistency is that he said that he only expected the upper floors of the twin towers (but not the entire buildings) to collapse. If he directed this attack, he would want the hijacked planes to hit the buildings as low as possible, in order to kill the most people in the buildings. Hopefully, good will come out of this tragedy - it will bring the world closer together, something that really needs to happen in a world as small as this.
Mark, Seattle, USA

What would convince us it is real?

Sheila Fitzgerald, Britain
Why is this recent tape the evidence we are shown? Why have they not revealed the original evidence they said they had that started the retaliation war? It does not help that doubts can appear over this tape's authenticity, but then what would convince us it is real?
Sheila Fitzgerald, Britain

To think the US would do something as risky as fabricating evidence now, at a time where the majority of world opinion is still in their favour, and the war effort is going quite well, just doesn't hold water. Some will look for any excuse to accuse the United States. My government has made some questionable foreign policy decisions (I am especially upset that we did not take part in the Kyoto treaty) but that does not mean this country is the automatic evil in every situation. Bin Laden was responsible; we knew it already.
Matt, USA

It made me so angry that I wish I was in the military

Charles M, USA
The release of the tape is a very clear indication that Bin Laden is guilty of the September 11 attacks. After viewing the tape I was very upset and angry at this cold blooded killer calling himself a Muslim. This should serve as a convincing factor for any Muslims who had reservations over his responsibility for the attacks. The constant use of Allah's name in his evil act made me so angry that I wish I was in the military. I am positive this killer and his friends will be brought to justice. My heart goes out to those many families that lost family, friends and lovers on September 11. Remember that God loves you all and he will protect you in these troubled times.
Charles M, USA

Since Bin Laden is unlikely to be taken alive, the question is redundant. Nevertheless, I do not believe for one moment that the US would be stupid enough to pass off a fake in this manner.
Chris Klein, UK

This tape proves nothing. If Bin Laden is clever enough to mastermind an attack on the USA he is in no way stupid enough to accidentally let slip that it was him. If he had wanted the world to know he would have announced it straight away. How can someone seriously say that this tape proves 100 percent that it was him? This is laughable.
Paul Einstein, USA

I think that even if Osama Bin Laden personally visited each one of the doubters in this forum, looked them straight in the eye and said "I did it", they would still think it was a CIA fabrication. No doubt there will be many theories bandied around for some time.
Steve Brown, UK

This video is fake. The US government doctored it. Something very scary is going on here and the news media is not investigating. It is impossible to question any of the Bush Administration's outrageous actions without being labelled unpatriotic in the United States.
Mark Austin, Madison, WI, USA

Let the people of the Arab and Muslim world decide if it's convincing. They are better placed to judge

Nadina, UK
This video was not released to convince westerners of his guilt. I don't think we need any convincing, it was released to show the Arab and Muslim world the evidence it requested. Let these people decide if it's convincing. They are better placed to judge.
Nadina, UK

It does not matter if Arab Muslims believe the tape or not. Americans do believe the tape and will act accordingly. The real question is whether or not the Arab Muslims believe America's justifiable wrath. I have never seen Americans more prepared and resolved for war in my lifetime.
Bill, Chicago, USA

I really doubt that the US faked this tape. While the US has been guilty of many suspect moves in the past, I don't honestly believe it would orchestrate something like this. The Northern Alliance, on the other hand, had the motive, the means and the method to do it. How difficult would it be to attire someone like OBL and give him and a few other Arabic-looking people a script? After all, all OBL's other videos were from caves and were of good quality. It simply doesn't add up to me.
Andy, Australia

I don't know what is more upsetting, the contents of the video, which had me seething or the comments here - that some people outside the US, and worse our own citizens, would believe that our government is foolish enough to fake a video like this. There is absolutely no reason to believe that this is faked. So we must present the chain of evidence showing how we got our hands on it? Is it too bizarre to assume that someone left it lying around or that some good Afghan citizen found it and turned it over to friendly forces? Osama Bin Laden is a cold-hearted killer who shows his disregard for the many fine teachings of Islam by laughing during at the deaths of infidels and Muslims alike. It's really that simple.
M LaMancha, San Antonio, Texas, USA

The fact is that those who believe OBL is guilty will accept this tape and those who believe he is innocent will not. This tape alone cannot convict him, however.
Rajeev, Germany

I believe that Osama Bin Laden is guilty of many crimes. I also believe that he would have been delighted by the attacks on September the 11th. But let's face it, there isn't a shred of hard evidence that proves he was involved. And if he is just a scapegoat, that means that the real mastermind is still unknown, and is free to wreak more havoc.
Guy Hammond, England

I professed many years ago not to believe or put my trust in anything that is released by the US government. And I am in the same position with Guy Hammond from England. If this is all the proof the US has, then why did it decide to attack Afghanistan before receiving this tape? The answer is that the US attacked Afghanistan with no proof.
Rawan Abdul, Sydney, Australia

Did Bin Laden know he was being filmed?

Matt, UK
This video appears to be proof that Osama Bin Laden orchestrated the September 11 attacks on the US. However, after watching every news channel I receive, and looking at around ten news websites, I can find no information on why the US has this video. Why was it filmed in the first place? Did Bin Laden know he was being filmed? Why would this video be left where the US can get it? Is it really Bin Laden in the video, or is it (as some seem to think) a fake filmed by the US itself? I just hope the world gets some answers soon.
Matt, United Kingdom

It could have been faked, and it could just as well be genuine. Neither of the sides in this conflict are exactly whiter-than-white. In this case there's a whole pile of other information pointing towards Bin Laden, so I'll go for at genuine, but I am sickened by the Americans who think that anyone who doesn't automatically think that this video is 101 per cent proof are in league with Bin Laden. A plague on both your houses!
Peter, UK

There cannot be any doubt that this tape is a fabrication from beginning to end. Are we to believe that the US forces sat back in their chairs and skimmed all the video-tapes they found while in Afghanistan? Why would Bin Laden have allowed himself to be filmed saying what he allegedly said? Why is the quality of this tape so extremely bad? Call me just another lover of conspiracy-theory stories, I still believe in common sense. Common sense says that the Americans, not having given any proof of Bin Laden's guilt, want to convince the average citizen. Apparently they succeeded.
A Wulder, France

If the US could concoct some grand conspiracy and fake this tape, couldn't they also conspire to have someone other than the US government release the video? The sad reality is that even if Bin Laden went on live TV and said "Ok, I confess, I did it" there would still be people who would say "Who are you and what have you done with Osama?!?!?"
Steve, USA

It amazes me that some will think that this is fake. Whatever the US government has done wrong in the past does not justify killing its civilians. We did not start this conflict but mark my words we will end it.
Marty Young, USA

I think it is an American right to question the government, it is what our country is built upon, but to say that the government would fabricate a tape to garner more worldwide support seems ludicrous! I think though there is little to no doubt of Bin Laden's involvement, the concern I have is that there will be those that still applaud the actions of September 11th. I think those that on the lunatic fringe know the truth, and support it all the same. That is why I believe the US has the right to fight for the safety of our country, and the world from terrorism. I am concerned over the casualties, both of Afghanis as well as US soldiers, but I think it was not the US that destroyed this country, but 20 years of war, and hopefully we will see a rebuilding of this country, its people and culture!
Mary, US/UK

If the US would've wanted to produce a fake video, they would've done it sooner and its images and sound would be much better. I don't know why they taped this meeting as much as I could guess why they committed such atrocious attack. I cannot see how anyone could now doubt Bin Laden did it, and my only hope is that they catch him alive for a much deserved punishment that, unfortunately, will never suffice.
Esteban, Ecuador

The commentary on the video doesn't even match the lip-movements - they could be discussing holiday snaps for all we know. It doesn't take much to realise that a few guys in a dubbing studio could be providing the Arabic commentary for the video. All sounds far too convenient for me. People should stop acting like sheep and start thinking critically for themselves. Funny how everyone's turned into Arabic linguists overnight.
Faisal, England

Guilty or not guilty, Bin Laden has already been condemned by the international public opinion. Would it be possible for this "lunatic" to receive tomorrow a fair trial anywhere in the world? If he is killed in combat, his case will become cause celebre-an irrational enigma. He has harm the Arab nations and the Muslim community.
Salahadin, France

Who knows if the tape is a fake or if it is real?

Brent Livingston, USA

I personally do not trust the US government and/or Bin Laden. Who knows if the tape is a fake or if it is real? There are thousands of people dead over the attacks on the World Trade Towers and the carnage shows no signs of stopping. Who will be brave enough to orchestrate a call for peace?
Brent Livingston, USA

This proves it all over again. The only crazy person known to the world, right now, who could come up with this sinister plot, is Bin Laden. This tape proves it beyond a doubt.
Ashutosh Sapru, India/US

He did it. To think otherwise is to be a supporter of what he did. Anyone who still protests his guilt or questions the authenticity of this tape is not ever going to support the war on terrorism.
Susan C, USA

To be blunt, you'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind to believe Bin Laden's innocent.
Mark, USA via England

As a prosecutor, I can say that such a tape, if properly authenticated, would be a most damning piece of evidence against Bin Laden in court. He also stands revealed in the court of public opinion as a heartless fanatic with such little regard for human life that he is amused by the thought of his own followers going unwittingly to their deaths.
Kevin Rardin, USA

How dare they invoke the name of Allah to justify this

Mike, Finland
Once more we see people rejoicing and celebrating the deaths of September 11. As horrific as the planes crashing was, this obscenity is worse. How dare they invoke the name of Allah to justify this.
Mike, Finland

Of course it is- however there will always be some professional US haters who will bandy around their conspiracy theories.
Richard Chubb, UK

Absolutely. Of course, there will be the tiny minority who will claim otherwise, but to hear Bin Laden not only describing the orchestration and the calculated damage of the assaults, but to be gleeful about it, is, I should think, the thin end of the wedge as far as his culpability is concerned. The world wanted it is, in colour.
James Cloninger, USA

There is no doubt that Bin Laden was behind this attack. If any one still has doubt they only refuse to see the truth.
Martin, US

I don't understand why somebody in Jalalabad would have this tape and why the tape would even be viewed in a war zone (i.e. if I was an Anti-Taleban in Jalalabad, why would I pay attention to a tape in a house?) I'd pay more attention to the tape if it was made clear where it came from.
Tariq, Canada

I truly believe this is the proof that the US government needed to show the world Bin Laden was involved in these horrific acts of murder. As I watched this coward speak, his joy, smiles and satisfaction made my stomach turn. The US government did not need any additional support before the release of this tape... now, it has proven, without a doubt, that Bin Laden not only knew of the impending attacks, but is fully responsible for them. May God have mercy on his soul, because I know we will not.
Andrew, El Paso, TX, USA

Will we have "independent verification" that this video is not a fake?
Martin, England, UK

Of course it's proof

Peter C Kohler, USA
Of course it's proof. It's proof that, once again, all of the naysayers, doubters and handwringers were wrong. They were wrong about there not being proof Bin Laden was directly responsible. They were wrong that anything but military action was necessary. They were wrong that America would not act in a measured, responsible fashion. They were wrong that the Taleban and the terrorists would fight to the death and that America would meet another Vietnam. And they were wrong that the American people do not have the resolve, unity and determination to see this thing through to absolute victory.
Peter C Kohler, USA

The evil Bin Laden has just signed his life away... this proof is solid and shows how evil the fanatics are.
Rajesh Sharma, India

He is an evil man who sends others to their deaths. To suggest that the killing of people is done in Allah's name is blasphemous and after earthly judgment has removed him from this world, may his god exact judgment on him. Sick, evil, twisted. If this man is your hero, you deserve the same fate.
Aphrika, UK

This is absolute proof from Bin Laden himself. How else could he know so much about the attack. He had calculated casualties, he knew there were more planes after the first one hit the Worl Trade Center, and he even mocked the hijackers who didn't know they were going to die. Only the most idiotic conspiracy theorist could believe that Bin Laden did not plan the massacre of September 11. I'm not sure how much support this tape will bolster, though. People hate so see the USA use its power, even when we are clearly doing the right thing and using force responsibly. Quite frankly, I don't care if people support us. We're doing what we have to do to protect ourselves.
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA

Yes it does. Not everyone will think so. We all have our biases and I am sure there will still be doubt by some.
Robert, USA

It's more than enough for me. Let's hope this helps keep people's focus on what this unfortunate conflict is all about - a madman who hoped that his attack on the US -and the US response - would inflame the Muslim world. It hasn't worked.
Stephen, New York City, USA

I was under the impression that in the civilized world we have a judicial system, evidence is heard in court of law and a verdict is delivered. However the US seems intent on a trial by media, it as many of us know likes to make up the rules as it goes along. The US has its own agenda and changes its foreign policy accordingly.
Mithu Singh, Brazil

Of course it's strong proof. However damning it is, those who strongly believe in his cause will never believe he was at fault.
Scott, USA

What the video will do is swing the opinion of countries and people who were sceptical, and that is key. The video shows beyond a shadow of a doubt the Bin Laden knew what was going to happen. Anyone who denies it after seeing the video will never be convinced. But we need the support of as many Arab nations as possible because many of these enemies seek refuge within their borders. To that point, I think it was a good idea to subtitle the piece and not dub it.
Ben, New York, USA

Can we be sure that this video is genuine?

Niall Kennedy, France
Can we be sure that this video is genuine? It would mean that the US has agents at the heart of Al-Qaeda who were able to film Bin Laden making these remarks - and if they do indeed have these agents, why didn't they warn Bush of the attacks in the first place? The US government is certainly capable of cover-up and fabrication of evidence... I wonder if this is not more of the same.
Niall Kennedy, France

To Niall Kennedy of France--how paranoid can you be? The US government is one of the most powerful and intelligent in the world, but it is not invincible--there was no ulterior motive allowing an attack to be carried out on our own civilians, the government simply let it slip by. Also, there are other ways of obtaining a tape of Bin Laden (he has hundreds in circulation!) other than dressing our agents up as Al-Queda and hiding them in caves so they can secretly video tape him. What an absurd theory! Try to exercise common sense rather than forward this unsubstantial nonsense. And remember Arkum's razor: 99 per cent of the time the correct answer is the most obvious one. It is obvious to me Bin Laden is guilty.
Joseph Lopez, New York, USA

Without doubt it proves his guilt. I'm not sure whether it will change the minds of the Bin Laden defenders, who will insist that the tape is the fabricated work of American or Israeli intelligence. Hopefully, the tape will appease the "show us the proof" people around the world.
Neal, USA/UK

I've seen it and it's pretty damning. The way he crows and practically rubs his hands with glee is particularly repellent. The most sickening thing is how those sat around him keep thanking God for this "wonderful" thing that has happened. Guilty.
Kevin, UK/USA

I know only of the excerpts that I have read in the press, but it certainly appears to be yet another piece of evidence towards proving his guilt. I'm sure the apologists and conspiracy theorists for this "animal" will claim the tape was either doctored or a fake, but it is good enough for me. While he is only one piece of the terrorist puzzle, his elimination or imprisonment will bring some small sense of justice. Let's hope he is brought to justice.
Paul, USA

The Bin Laden tape showed him laughing when discussing the September 11 attacks. He also speaks in detail about the operation. He knows some of the hijackers were ignorant about their fate and it amuses him. Of course this shows he was behind the plot. Only the stupid would follow his twisted jihad now.
Diane , NY, USA

This tape, as far as I'm concerned, is absolute justification for all the military action. Maybe now the pacifists/apologists for terror will be a little more muted. I am of course being wildly over-optimistic, as I'm sure it won't long before some mis-guided individuals start talking about 'CIA' plots! Bin Laden is guilty. from this point on the world needs to face up to it.
Joanne F, UK

I've seen videos of a chihuahua expressing its fast food preferences in TV commercials, so any evidence released on videotape doesn't prove anything. Which is a shame, because the question becomes "What credible evidence of Bin Laden's involvement could the USA government produce?" Is there any credible evidence?
Erik Bell, USA

The video not only leaves no doubt about his guilt, it presents serious questions about his sanity. The words and expressions were those of someone utterly removed from moral reality.
Robert del Valle, USA

Bin Laden should be punished for the attacks in the US and others like the ones in Africa (where my uncle was killed). But he shouldn't be sent to the US, England, but to a Muslim country to be punished under Islamic law which from what I understand means they would chop off his head.
Mr Sheikh, UK

I'm not surprised that there are still nay-sayers, but I am relieved to see that there appear to be fewer in light of the video.
Heather, USA

The US has worked too hard to forge a coalition to put out a faked video

Scott, Raleigh, USA
I don't know if I'm more disgusted with Bin Laden (who I know is diabolical) or the home-grown America haters like John in San Diego who've found their way into this thread. The idea that the US Government faked the video defies logic. The US has worked too hard to forge a coalition (or at least secure the complicity of Arab states) to put out a faked video. Even if the Bush Administration is were as devious as some suggest, he wouldn't risk the backlash that would result at this stage in the conflict.
Scott, Raleigh, USA

Even if Bin Laden shouted from the rooftops that he was behind the September 11 attacks, there would still be a large number of people in Britain and around the world who would try and weasel out of admitting he is guilty. They will still say that it's all about American imperialism, oil, a Zionist plot or other such reasons. Of course this is 100 percent proof of his guilt and I think it will bolster support for the war. Anyway, does it really need bolstering? The supposedly imminent overthrows of Musharraf and the House of Saudi haven't exactly happened, have they? Yet another paper tiger dreamt up by anti-American sections of the media and other groups.
Paul, UK

Well, Rob Kelly, UK, when you say "How convenient that the quality of picture and sound in this video are poor. None of the other Bin Laden videos we have seen share this trait" you seem to be suspending common sense. The other, earlier videos were made BY bin Laden for outside world consumption. Surely you can see this video was made not under bin Laden's direction and was intended for "in-house" consumption. Is this so difficult to understand and reason through?
Zaph, UK

It is not unreasonable to believe this alleged Bin Laden video has been cooked up

Rob Kelly, UK
How convenient that the quality of picture and sound in this video are poor. None of the other Bin Laden videos we have seen share this trait. Given the US authorities policy of constantly hiding stories of their own casualties (both in Afghanistan and during the Gulf War) it is not unreasonable to believe this alleged Bin Laden video has been cooked up in some Hollywood studio with lookalikes. Any in any event, it still does not justify bombing an innocent population of ordinary civilians and destroying a whole country.
Rob Kelly, UK

Boy oh boy, Mr Kelly has a warped view of Americans. Does he honestly believe that this is a video produced by Hollywood, with look-a-likes?! Snap out of it Mr Kelly! We in the "real world" would welcome your arrival.
S. Smith, Las Vegas, USA

Just because the quality is poor, doesn't mean its a fake, and as for this admission justifying destroying a country, I don't remember that happening- in fact most Afghans have seen this as a liberation.
Chris Bailey, UK

Paul from the UK, you are dead right! The radical fringe will never accept this, or any other evidence as proof that Bin Laden is guilty. Rob Kelly from the UK, you are displaying the classic behavior of a sociopath's apologist; when faced with over overwhelming evidence, simply deny, deny, deny. Are you sure you weren't on the OJ Simpson jury?
Dan Murray, USA

The only thing more shocking than the evil of this man (Bin Laden) is the attitude of half-wits such as Rob Kelly. It is a moot point whether it is wilful stupidity and/or a blind hatred of Americans that prevents his like from accepting the painfully obvious.
Greg, UK

Who can see this video and say that he is not guilty?

Tom Bryant, USA
Who can see this video and say that he is not guilty? His fate is sealed. Allah will not be seeing him. However, Satan is preparing a place for him.
Tom Bryant, USA

If this is not enough proof, then its clear that those who support Bin Laden will always support him no what the proof is. Those who do not belive he is behind the attack are those who hate everything that is non-Islamic.
Paresh Puhan, New York, USA

If Hollywood could make Bruce Willis in space on a shuttle or even make Tom Cruise accomplish mission impossible, then I guess the US government could produce any video. The tape is most probably just a fake and a diversion. The US government is just trying to target an entity that they could hold accountable to the American public and veil the failure of their intelligence. It's another distracting attention for the international community to make them believe.
John Foster, San Diego, CA

I don't know if I'm more disgusted with Bin Laden (who I know is diabolical) or the home-grown America haters like John in San Diego who've found their way into this thread. The idea that the US Government faked the video defies logic. The US has worked too hard to forge a coalition (or at least secure the complicity of Arab states) to put out a faked video. Even if the Bush Administration is were as devious as some suggest, he wouldn't risk the backlash that would result at this stage in the conflict.
Scott, Raleigh, USA

Yes, he certainly appears to be guilty, and his apparent delight is disgusting. At the same time, I am just as disgusted when I hear our military spokesmen brag about how efficient and magnificent our weaponry is. Meanwhile, the death toll of innocent Afgans is rapidly approaching September 11, and Bin Laden appears to have escaped unscathed. Well, at least they got the children of his lead man. Go USA!
Cheri DePaulo, USA

What more proof does the world need, photos of Bin Laden taking pilot lessons?

Alwyn, USA
What more proof does the world need, photos of Bin Laden taking pilot lessons? Unfortunately, and the US knows this, there always will be supporters of Bin Laden who will refuse to accept any facts them that show his guilt. No amount of evidence will ever convince those who have already made up their mind. However I hope and believe that this will go a long way to convince moderates in both Europe, and the Islamic world, that this in not a man to be revered and emulated as so many have done recently. It is my fervent wish that some of his current followers who see this tape will rethink their allegiance to this man, so that the world will not have to repeat this experience in another ten years.
Alwyn, USA

To those who question the validity of the tape: Why would the US run the risk of faking such a document and having the truth leak out? America's argument is only marginally strengthened by this release. Faking it would ruin the reputation of the US government forever.
Stephen Lawrence, USA

If this video is proved to be genuine, and Bin Laden kills himself or is killed by US special forces, then far fewer people will see him as a martyr, but as the psychopathic fanatic (and heretic) that he is. There will be conspiracy theories - it is possible to fake videos like this - but I hope that they're utterly ungrounded.
Richard Cowen, UK

Rob are you suggesting that we do nothing thereby tacitly saying that we will cower and do nothing when attacked? This would only say to the terrorists that their tactics work! I empathise with the innocent civilians that have suffered, but if I am forced to choose between Afghanistan being bombed or the US, I choose the former.
Tyler, Washington, DC USA

The US offered proof of Bin Laden's guilt shortly after September 11. The leaders of the democratic nations accepted it as proof positive. The tape is only further proof of Bin Laden's guilt for the murder of more than 3,000 innocent men, women and children in the US. Yet, people will still deny there is proof, just as they are those who still claim the Nazis never murdered Jews during WW11. But the civilised world knows the truth, and is doing something about it right now in Afghanistan, and other countries throughout the world.
Don Church, USA

Regardless of Bin Laden's guilt, there is no reason not to continue questioning the US government's conduct in this war on terrorism and of the US government's motives in pursuing military action in and against other states. The adage still holds true - the end does not justify the means.
Eduard Smit, USA

Assuming this video was not fabricated, as a Muslim I am sickened and terrified at his words. He is invoking God and Islamic theology to justify the September 11 massacre. An immoral and evil man. Whatever sympathy this man had, should by now be gone in the Islamic world.
Mirage, Canada

Regardless of this video, it seems there was enough evidence to bring a large number of the Muslim countries in with the allies. I'm sure this only compounds the amount of evidence against Bin Laden.For some who believe in world conspiracy theories the poor quality of the video will be heralded with cries of hoax regardless of the fact it was most probably made on a hand-held camcorder.
David, England

For those who cannot commit to the possibility that Bin Laden is guilty of September 11, keep in mind that his organization was linked to other incidents over the past years. What is truly tragic, however, is that the US and the world community at large required such an incident as this to commit to a war on terrorism. It would seem that the US government should hold itself somewhat responsible for the tragedy. Further, this war on terrorism is not an altruistic quest, but merely one of limited public appeal. The Bush administration had to be seen to be doing something to avenge this event, and so they have. A sad comment really, that no world organization or state government had the backbone to commit to such an important struggle earlier.
Craig, Canada

The video makes Bin Laden absolutely 100% guilty.
Kofi Ellison, USA via Asuonwun, Ghana

Bin Laden's guilt did not need to be established by this video, only the cold-blooded and fanatical nature of the man and his followers. What is more important is the most disturbing portion of the video. He seems to mention another terrorist operation near the end of Ramadan. Interviews with John (the American Taliban/traitor) seem to corroborate this. Also, why does he say the the Sept 11 strikes was a message that was understood by "Arabs, non-Arabs, and even the Chinese". Why does he mention the Chinese by name?
Jim, USA

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