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Monday, 17 December, 2001, 14:11 GMT
George Harrison: Your tributes
Former Beatle George Harrison has lost his battle against cancer.

Harrison penned some of the band's most enduring tunes - including While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Something.

He was the first of the Fab Four to top the charts with My Sweet Lord in 1970 after the band split.

Although he was always regarded as the quietest band member, his talent spoke for itself.

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Your reaction:

Much moral support to George's family especially his wife Olivia. I feel proud that there was a representative of my country in his life.
Pablo, Mexico

Thanks for all your music that filled my summer school holidays with so much fun.
Laura, UK

I grew up in the industrial North Midlands during the 60´s. The Beatles were much more than the best group the world has ever known. They were working class heroes and our lives were definitely touched by them. I dearly love you all, John, Paul, George and Ringo.
Myra Smith, Spain

George and John may have gone but they join other artists like Bob Marley, Keith Moon and Jimi Hendrix who have gone to the white clouds. They have left legacies and they will live on. RIP, George Harrison 1943-2001
Gary Hunt England

I first saw The Beatles as a baby in 1964 when mum dragged me along to their visit in Adelaide. As I grew up I listened to their songs and found a part of me in all of them. But, most of all I love George's songs, Something, Here comes the Sun, My Sweet Lord - thanks George, gonna miss you.
Con Pyromallis, Australia

I feel for Mr Harrison's family. My dad died a year ago and it is hard to lose a soul mate. I thank George's family for sharing him with the world. My prayers are with you. The sun will rise tomorrow. Love and best wishes from the States.
Danelle, USA

"My Sweet Lord" expresses a wholesome yearning for union with God. In these troubled times, with greed and hate all around, it bears singing again and again.
Paul, UK

They were working class heroes

Myra Smith, Spain

His embrace of Hinduism led me to study it in college in the early 70's

Jim, USA
I was 10 years old when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964. I had never paid any attention to popular music or listened to the radio before that. Afterwards, I couldn't get enough of either. The amazing thing is that the Beatles' music grew up with me. From sweet, simple pop songs, they developed into truly substantial musicians introducing us to Eastern influences and spawned the psychedelic revolution of the late 60's. George Harrison in particular was the driving force behind these phenomena. His embrace of Hinduism led me to study it in college in the early 70's and profoundly affected my personal values and philosophy. George, I miss you greatly, but as you have taught me, all things must pass.
Jim, USA

George was not just a member of the greatest band in history, he was a beautiful man and musician in his own right. The world will miss his talent and passion. Peace, perfect peace George.
Isabella O'Connor, Australia

He was born in England, died here with us in America, but loved by millions all over the world. As an African American, I can say that he and the Beatles touched our community too by bringing R&B music to the world. I love you George. Heaven is a bright beautiful place with you but earth is sad and lonely without you!
Essie, USA

Like so many, I have loved the Beatles my entire life

Kevin, New York, USA
I was born in 1967. One of my earliest memories as a small child is riding in the back seat of the car on a sunny summer drive and hearing "My Sweet Lord" on the car radio. Like so many, I have loved the Beatles my entire life. This event is such a vivid reminder that life is short, so very short. It is a sad time.
Kevin, New York, USA

May God bless you, were the best.
Glenda, Canada

Such an under-appreciated talent. George inspired me to take up the guitar 16 years ago. I am deeply saddened by his passing and I feel as though I have lost a close friend. This spiritual light will find his reward in heaven and rightfully so. Goodbye my dear friend!
Roger McGee, USA

Thank you George!
Andrew Feiler, Germany

He touched my soul with his songs

Petra Wegner, Germany
Words can't express what I feel. To me, George Harrison was not only a great musician but a truly wonderful person. He touched my soul with his songs. Without him the world is a little bit colder now. Thank you for all you gave to me. Your music and spirit will live forever in our hearts. Wherever you are, God bless you George. I'll miss you.
Petra Wegner, Germany

As a member of the Hindu community I want to pass my deepest condolences to George's family. I was a little too young to have grown up with Beatle mania but I have recently started discovering the beautiful music of the Beatles and of course George Harrison. Being from Canada and experiencing cold weather and snow, my favourite song was always Here Comes the Sun. I guess this shows you that their music is immortal and they will all live on through their music. George, may you rest in peace with my sweet Lord.
Nina, Toronto, Canada

It seems like yesterday when I saw you in concert in 1965, since I saw you in San Francisco in 1967, in concert in 1974, since I ran into you in Central Park in 1984 and I looked up and noticed it was you and said, "Hi George", and you smiled and said hello. All things must pass, I will never forget your music and the love you have shown. There is no more weeping for you as you have gone to your God but your guitar still weeps. Pray for us all George and say hi to John.
Don Romine, USA

I was born in 1976 - far too young to have experienced the Beatles first hand. But thanks to my pop loving dad, the Beatles WERE the musical backdrop during my younger formative years. Thanks, George, for the joy and happiness you and your three mates gave my family with your music. We shall miss you.
Adeline, Victoria, Australia

Thank you for the music. Miss you, man.
Kasper Kjærsgaard, Denmark

George will forever be in our hearts and minds. I was fortunate to see the Beatles on stage in the mid 60's while on holiday in Yarmouth. Let us all allow him to rest in peace.
Angela Martinelli, USA

I will never forget your music

Don Romine, USA
On arriving at the gates of Friar Park, George Harrison's home in Henley on Thames, I was amazed to be the only one there. I checked the time on my mobile phone display, it was still only 8:50. I took a few minutes to look at the many cards, pictures and poems that people from all over had lovingly placed by the wall among glass jars with candles inside them, some decorated with coloured beads. As I looked, it became more and more apparent that those who listened and appreciated his music truly felt a connection with him. Some of the words were very personal, perhaps from friends, but I suspect they were from ordinary people like me, people touched by his music, maybe even his spirituality.
Adrian Wilkins, England

Thanks George for all the great music you made. I love you like a big brother and I'll miss you so much
Fico Mesinas, Perú

It was great to be a teenager in the 60's and savour the Beatles experience first hand. I was one of thousands of American kids who learned the guitar after seeing them on television and George playing that Gretsch. It was all so cool. I am so sad we have lost another member of the greatest band in rock history. George, your music and spirit will live forever in our hearts. God bless.
Gary Denson, Texas, USA

Those who listened and appreciated his music truly felt a connection with him

Adrian Wilkins, England
On behalf of the Bangladesh community in Berlin my sincerest heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of George Harrison. My lifeline passion for the Beatles was made richer and more pleasurable by his music. His message of freedom through "The Concert for Bangladesh" during the war of liberation in 1971 revealed a man of the most delicate sensibility. I pray for the eternal peace of his departed soul.
Mir Monaz Haque, Germany

As far as I'm concerned, George was my first love and I was just 11 years old. I never had the privilege to meet him but I was lucky enough to have seen the Beatles in concert twice ... in '64 and '66 ... and I'll never forget how exciting that experience was. I am truly saddened by his death and I wish to express to Olivia and Dhani my sincerest sympathy.
Linda, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

I play in a band and I've been several times to Liverpool to perform at the Cavern. All things must pass but George will live forever.
Bruno Cirrone, Italy

A man of the most delicate sensibility

Mir Monaz Haque, Germany

In the '60's we thought we could change the world

Cheri R, USA
I saw the Beatles in Detroit in 1964, then saw and heard them grow - so much because of the soulful influence and spiritual journey of George Harrison. I lost my father recently to cancer and so also rejoice for George that he is released from all of that and know that his spirit now can fly. In the '60s we thought we could change the world. George certainly did change the world with his sweet music.
Cheri R, USA

I want to thank George for the wonderful music he left us. We will treasure it always.
Tanya Vautour, Canada

My father, (G.J.Peat), who was an electrician maintenance manager of Blackler's Store in Liverpool, used to tell me of his apprentice who played guitar in a local group. One day he came home with a cautionary story. The young man had told my father he was quitting work to go with his group to Hamburg. "George Harrison", my father said, "Mark my words. One day you'll crawl back on your knees pleading for your job back!"
David Peat

At least he is now at peace

Kylie, Australia
George Harrison was a great performer and shall be missed. I loved his songs such as My Sweet Lord and Got My Mind Set On You. At least he is now at peace and with Lennon. Maybe they are together having a beer or two
Kylie, Australia

Thanks for all the music and love you gave to everyone. Your songs and music gave so much to us all. Be at rest, blessed be!
Michael, New Zealand

I remember we, Moscow University students, organised a meeting in memory of John Lennon, December, 1980. For that we spent some time in prison. Now George... They were teaching us to be free. And we are.
Andrei March, USA/Russia

We were in England, I must have been 10, and my father got Sgt. Pepper's from Ravi Shankar, a family friend. It changed my musical tastes for ever. Thankyou George for being true.
Shubhranshu, India

I came to know about George Harrison when I first saw his "Concert for Bangladesh" in Bangladesh. Since then I have a special respect for this great personality with enormous talents. I would like to express our deepest gratitude to George on behalf of Bangladeshis for supporting us to achieve our freedom. May Almighty bestow peace on his departed soul.
Osama S M Khan, Bangladesh

Thanks George...for your great spiritual attitude to life...and death

Jan, Sydney, Australia
"A Hard Day's Night" was the first LP I ever owned and I have fond memories of listening to many great Beatles's songs. Thanks George.. for "Something" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"; but also, for your great spiritual attitude to life .. and death.
Jan, Sydney, Australia

He was an enlightened spirit who touched us all with his serenity and creative heart. Although it's sad for us all, I'm happy for him. He's truly home with universal loving consciousness, which he was always a part of.
Laurel, Canada

Thank you for your spirit to all the world. Thank you also for the beautifull music.
Kris Stevesyns, Belgium

I screamed in Brighton at 15 - and weeped in Southampton at 53. You gave freedom to feelings in a world where emotions were taboo - so it began and so it ended. So loved by everyone.
Mel Barber, UK

I saw the Beatles at the Apollo, Manchester in the 60`s.Four young lads looking as if they were having fun. That is how I will remember George.
Sheila, UK

i want to express my deep regret and that of many spanish people by the death of one of the greatest singers of the last century.
francisco garcia,

George has moved and stirred so many good things in my soul

Ona, Catalonia

George has moved and stirred so many good things in my soul that I can't but thank him.
Ona, Catalonia

Yes something does seem different - knowing that a great man has passed. I wish everyone could be more like George Harrison. He was truly a great man who acknowledged the beauty of music and enlightenment.
Kathryn Charlesworth, Australia

We´ve lost one of the Fab Four, and this is a great lost for the Music, but he leave us his music, and that´s a treasure for the human being
Pedro Pablo, Spain

Old blue eyes was right when he said that Something was one of the most beautiful love songs ever written

Decco, Ireland
George your pain is over now. May you rest in peace. I can picture you now jamming with John up there. Thank you for writing Something. Old blue eyes was right when he said that Something was one of the most beautiful love songs ever written.
Decco, Ireland

I thought that if anyone could bring the Beatles back together for just one more concert or record that it would be George. Then John was murdered and that left three, and even then as George became a great solo artist, I thought that he could be the one to bring the last three surviving Beatles together. Now he has been taken away from us and as John once said: "The dream is over." RIP George, I hope that you are seeing "Our Sweet Lord".
Richard Abbenbroek, Canada

You're gone but thank goodness the music remains. You'll choose your next life yourself. You deserve it. Thanks, George, I'll never forget you.
Boris, Russia

I wonder if I'd have had the same life if there had never been any Beatles

Megumi Connolly, Japan
We'll miss you George here in Japan. I was only eight days old when the Beatles came to Japan. Your music changed my life so much. Because of the Beatles I learned to love English and see a whole new world. My husband is a Liverpool-born Irishman who plays the guitar and we have a great life together. I wonder if I'd have had the same life I have now if there had never been any Beatles. We miss you but you already did so much for us. Thank you George from Megumi, Martin, Leo and Ken.
Megumi Connolly, Japan

I'm listening to a tribute programme on Dutch radio while writing this. In the last hour some very memorable songs were played. He was truly a great musician and songwriter. It's a comfort that through modern technology his music will be able to live forever. He will be sadly missed and I pay my respect to Mr Harrison for all the great music and films he gave to the world.
Mark, Netherlands

Thanks George for your beautiful music and your great big smile. Peace and love to you. You're going to be missed but definitely never forgotten.
Tom, Dublin, Ireland

Half of the magic's gone

Victor Amarilla, Paraguay
Half of the magic's gone. George, thank you for leaving such a priceless legacy. May your memory carry on for centuries and the tears turn into a sweet smile.
Victor Amarilla, Paraguay

If you loved George then throw away your cigarettes forever. He'll be watching from up there, if he's not jamming with John, and he will smile.
Frank Rice, France

Thank you for your music, inspiration and imagination. You will be missed but not forgotten.
Paul Jobling, England

When John died I felt that part of me had died too. Now George has gone to the great gig in the sky and another part of me has gone. The Beatles meant so much to a generation, and offered us hope for the future. That hope's fading every time one dies.
Curly Spencer, UK

George Harrison has been a bridge between different cultures and generations

Kostas Niafas, Greece
George Harrison has been a bridge between different cultures and generations. Some of his best work is still underrated - all that wealth of music in his solo output. His music has enriched my life and that of so many other people everywhere in the world.
Kostas Niafas, Greece

Like most people my age, I grew up with the Beatles. In fact, three friends and I always kidded ourselves about how much we seemed to resemble the characters of the Beatles. When John died in New York in 1980, we were stunned. But when one of our gang died in 1995, we turned to the Beatles to soothe the pain. Because each of my other friends managed to take the other Beatle roles, I was seen as the George of our group, the one who was the most serious and spiritual. Over time, I came to relate to his music in a special way and cannot listen to All Things Must Pass without being moved. I cannot help feeling as if a part of myself has vanished with George's passing. I will miss his spirit and his inspiration.
Al Sullivan, USA

Thank you George. Your music and spirit will live forever.
Fred, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

There must be a lot of fifty-somethings around the world who, like me, feel a personal loss on hearing of the death of George Harrison. Maybe a George Harrison memorial concert in aid of Afghanistan is just too obvious a tribute to a man who cared deeply about the less fortunate and who, more or less invented the concept of the fundraising rock concert.
Gordon Thompson, England

George was a great man who will be remembered over the centuries to come. His music will live on forever. But people will also remember him as a man who searched for God, for love, and for peace in this world. Without George Harrison the world would have been a very different place. Thanks George. We love you.
Eddie Janssens, Belgium

Even though Mr Harrison was a private man he was larger than life. In tribute to him, my department at work is holding a fundraiser and the proceeds will be going to cancer research in his memory. My thoughts and prayers are with Olivia and Dhani at this time.
Heidi Erlichman, Nottingham, England

Simply a great man. May he rest in peace. "Now my guitar gently weeps."
Farah, Karachi, Pakistan

He passed away with as much dignity as he lived his life

Ilkka, Finland
George once made a song called the Art of Dying. He passed away with as much dignity as he lived his life. I thank him for the wonderful music and for being a fine human being. Tonight my guitar gently weeps for George.
Ilkka, Finland

George Harrison was the best Beatle. He was my idol from the day I heard one of his songs until he died tragically yesterday morning. He will be in my dreams forever more. He will be truly missed. Here's to the greatest Beatle ever.
Lauren Wotherspoon, Scotland

Thanks for the music, George. You'll always be number one!
Jens, Denmark

George, I'm 24 years old, like Dhani. I want to thank you for all those years ago you gave us and I'll remember you forever. God bless you.
Yiac Beatle, Chile

George was a true legend. He was as great as Lennon and McCartney. His song writing was unique and his guitar playing was filled with emotion. He will remain in our hearts and minds forever. God bless you George.
Ross Cargill, Scotland

George Harrison was a musical genius and an inspiration to all young aspiring groups and music lovers all around the world. I grew up with the music of the Beatles - it was great stuff. They were superior in their field, and they were four great lads. It was a joy to have been part of such musical history. Our thoughts and love are extended to all George's family. We will miss him greatly.
Carolyn Davies, England

Sorry to see you leave us but John will be waiting for you.
Gossi, UK

I'm only 15 years old and yet I still feel that I've lost a friend

Melissa Morris, England
I'm only 15 years old and yet I still feel that I've lost a friend. I grew up listening to his music and the Beatles. He truly was the best musician I've ever known
Melissa Morris, England

Thank you for the memories. You shall forever remain in our hearts and thoughts. May you rest in peace.
Titan, Libya

There was something in the way he was that made the Beatles the best pop group ever and the world a happier place to be.
Stephen Miranda, Germany

The Beatles showed me the meaning of music and today I couldn't live without it. It's with me everywhere and always. Some of my most beloved songs were written by George Harrison and through his songs I have found strength and joy at hard times. My heart is full of music everyday but today it will be full of respect for George and his work. Certain beloved songs will echo in my heart forever since it is divided into four: John, Paul, George and Ringo. Thank you George. Rest in peace. Condolences to family and friends.
Minna T, Finland

I am going through exactly what I went through when I first heard of John's death: It can't be true, I said to myself. My deepest sympathies to his family, Paul and Ringo. I can't seem to get rid of the heaviness I feel in my heart. I am at work and am trying to fight the tears. I shall morn you tonight with your music. Thank you George for giving me some wonderful years in the 60s.
Saad Haddawi, KSA

Thank you George, for all you gave to me. All things must pass. See you later.
Burghardt, Germany

He came into his own after the break up of the Beatles

James, Northern Ireland
It is so unfortunate that we only realise what special people we have in our midst when they leave us. A man who was hidden in the shadow of Lennon and McCartney for so long came into his own after the break up of the band. "There'll come a time when most of us return here, brought back by our desire to be a perfect entity" - The Art of Dying by George Harrison, 1970. Thanks George for all of your music. If only there were more like you!
James, Northern Ireland

The Beatles showed us what a diverse range of music can be accomplished within a single band. And George Harrison is the one who brought a lot of it to the fore. He began by showing John how to play guitar and reached the pinnacle by playing sitar at his concert for Bangladesh. They all reflect his talent in music and his true love for humans. And yet he was the most underrated Beatle. Among all the Beatle members, George Harrison was the one who wasn't really all about being famous. It was his dedication to music that separated him from the other Beatles and made him truly extraordinary.
Rubel, Bangladesh/USA

Thank you, George. I loved your music the most.
Toda Manabu, Japan

I miss you already man! Have a good trip. And thanks.
Roberto, USA

His concert for Bangladesh heightened the world's attention to the plight of my country

Shams Mahmud, USA/Bangladesh
George Harrison has always been an idol to a lot of people around the world, not just because he was one of the greatest musicians but also because he always stood side by side with the common people. I am from Bangladesh and his concert for Bangladesh in 1971 heightened the world's attention to the plight of my country and helped us a lot to spread our desire for independence. We here as Bangladeshis bow our heads to this great human being and show our respect for him.
Shams Mahmud, USA/Bangladesh

I think I am getting old. When I heard the news I cried and I am not ashamed. It's as if I have lost someone I know. I never met him, never even saw him, he actually belonged to my parents generation but I am going to miss him. Why does God take away good people. I guess he likes the Beatles. Well listen Lord you've got two and we've got two, so shall we call it quits? George we'll miss you.
Rajeev Pawar, India

One of the things that I most admired about the Beatles was that even at a very young age, with the world at their feet, they were searching for the next level. George Harrison was a big part of that and he will always remind me that one should never stop reaching and learning, especially when everyone around you feels you have made it. A beautiful person that I will always admire.
Ejay Lockwood, USA

Thank you George. You've made our lives brighter.
Noni Buencamino, Philippines

In our shared sadness, let us fulfil his will to love one another. This man was underrated, understated and superb at his craft. A good man has passed too soon. My heart gently weeps.
Adrian Gaynor, San Diego, USA/Manchester, UK

Thanks for giving me the soundtrack to my childhood

Paul Toner, UK
When my mind strays to my earliest memories, they're always punctuated with Beatles songs. George, John, Paul and Ringo, thanks for giving me the soundtrack to my childhood. George, God bless and keep you.
Paul Toner, UK

The Beatles were at the centre of my growing up. Each and every song to this day brings back treasured memories. Their music, for me, stands by itself and is irreplaceable. I feel very lucky to have been around when they were. I think of each of them as older brothers that I did not have. Today I feel as though I have lost another brother. Rest in peace George, I'll never forget you.
Bryan Lopez, Australia

All things must pass, yes, but oh how I wish it wasn't so. George Harrison, the Beatles and their infinitely great music have always had one of the greatest influences of my life. I will respect a moment of silence in his honour.
Nina, USA

You inspired me to play. You are my piece of the rock. God bless you George Harrison.
Steve, USA

He was a very special person and a wonderful songwriter, and will be very deeply missed by us all. I believe the most important things in life are friends, family and faith and to my friends and me this was what George represented. His songs and style have been the source of so much inspiration, I wish I could thank him - maybe one day I'll be able to tell him face to face. Let us not only mourn his death, but also celebrate a wonderful man who enjoyed his life, as we should.
Tammy, UK

He has taken a little bit of me with him

William H Osborne, Ontario, Canada
It can be truly said that we really are unaware of how important we may be to each other until the moment comes when we find ourselves forever separated. George Harrison - the man and his music, have given me strength during the most painful and hopeless periods of my life. He has taken a little bit of me with him. To his friends and family I am deeply sorry for your loss. With genuine love and concern.
William H Osborne, Ontario, Canada

George Harrison was really a great spiritual person. His interest in and devotion to Indian spirituality and Eastern religions made him win many admirers in India. He will be remembered forever by his great songs and his charity work. May your soul rest in peace, our dear George. The angels in heaven will compose a song for you dear George and welcome you to be with them. There you can pray for peace in the world.
Albert P'Rayan, India

George may have been the quiet Beatle but when the world needed to hear about the tragedy in Bangladesh he was the first to stand up and shout. Perhaps it would be fitting that he be given the title "the Beatle with heart".
Stephen Burslem, Thailand

Even though I was only fourteen when the Beatles hit North America, I will always remember George as the one who was always in the middle -between Paul and John. I think that he was the one that really kept the band together by simply being the one in between. I will miss you man. Why do the good always have to go so young?
Tim Fisher, Canada

Now you can see now how much the world loves you George

Anna, UK
Now you can see now how much the world loves you. Thank you for all the happiness you gave us.
Anna, UK

Today I am 53 years old, living in a very little country in South America, and I can tell you that what George taught us about love has no price at all. He had real authentic love for humanity.
Fabiola Bejar, Equador

It is hard to read these beautiful tributes with rainy eyes! You touched so many lives, George and I hope somehow you always felt all this love and concern.
Cheryl, USA

I remember the very first 45 that I bought as a 10 year old, My sweet Lord, every time I hear this song it brings back great family memories - even more now that I live so far away from my family. Thanks George.
Graham, Vancouver Island, Canada

I'm just very sad. Earlier today a friend of mine lamented: "What kind of world only has two Beatles?"
Michael Pardys, USA

My first contact with your music was as a six-year-old walking home from school singing Beatles songs. Since those early years you have had an impact not only on me but on countless of millions. In many ways you encouraged us to discover our spiritual boundaries. The world has been a richer place for you living. May you rest in peace.
Brian Smith, Australia

He and the Beatles will live forever

Rob, Spalding, Lincs, England
I am listening to the Beatles right now. I was never around when they were at the height of their fame but I know that George Harrison and the Beatles' music still runs rings around the music of today. He and the Beatles will live forever.
Rob, Spalding, Lincs, England

George, your songs bring me peace of mind and I will never stop playing them. Rest in peace, quiet one. You have earned it. Hope you and John get some jam sessions going there in heaven!
Maurice Rudolph, USA

I was born four years after John Lennon was murdered. But the Beatles were the first band that I really fell in love with and, in turn, I fell in love with music. George led such an incredible life and did so much and gave so much back through music and charity. He is truly an inspiration and I'm incredibly sad at his death.
Corinne, USA

All proper and heartfelt condolences are hereby extended to the family, friends and countrymen of George Harrison. He may have lived in the United Kingdom, but he was truly loved by the rest of the world. As accomplished as he was in this world, I am moved by how important God, his family, and his work were to him, and of how important it was that these things were in that particular order. I think these things being said about him are about the highest form of honour a man could ask for. I only wish the same could be said for me when I pass on.
Charles Roger Powell, Waco, Texas, USA

Talent speaks louder than words. To me, George was never the "quiet" Beatle.
Robert del Valle, USA

The sense of the loss of this exceptional musician was profound yet his presence seemed there around those Liverpool streets

Jenny Jones, UK
I heard the news driving to work on a damp, dark morning in Liverpool. I live near where George lived in Mackett's Lane; I travel past his former school and my early life was touched by the Beatles. The sense of the loss of this exceptional musician was profound yet his presence seemed there around those Liverpool streets. What greater accolade than if the global village adopted his peaceful philosophy. Rest in peace, George, and thank you for all you have given us.
Jenny Jones, UK

The World is a different place today. George, along with the other Beatles were so much part of our lives. I always loved hearing George's songs. We work with a lot of young up and coming musicians and the Beatles music is undoubtedly a major influence on them. But George brought a lot more than just music. George opened our ears to spiritual matters as well. God bless you George.
Ged, Liverpool, England

Frank Sinatra said that "Something" was the greatest love song that he had ever heard. I think that says everything about the exceptionally talented man that was George Harrison.
Des, England

Today the world lost a great friend. I met George at the Hammersmith Odeon for their first concert there. He phoned my sister (she was 7 years old) just to say hello. Nothing was to much for him. He was an ordinary guy who you would find in your local pub and we will mourn his lost forever. My heart goes out to his family, at least his in a peaceful place and most importantly he has no pain may you rest in peace for ever George we all loved you and your fantastic music. Thank you.
Barry Kemp, England

Our world was enriched with the musical contributions as a Beatle, a Wilbury, and a wonderful solo artist. While others took a brighter light, George Harrison served as a solid foundation and poet that made his mates better. I believe as George meets God, God will in fact say..."Welcome...My Sweet George!" May your contributions Mr Harrison always be with us in some way shape and form...(but we know they always will!)
Larry Noto, St. Louis, Missouri United States of America

Profound sadness made deeper by the long encroachment of his illness. What moves me most is the powerful affection people still have for him - something which comes of his thoughtfulness, integrity, dry wit and perhaps most of all his honesty. These qualities emanated from the best of his music and quietly reinforced the Beatles bond with the public. I recently listened to All Things Must Pass with a friend - who felt it was overly sentimental. Yet I felt exactly the opposite - that these songs retain their value because George, at his best, was capable of being both piercingly unsentimental and warmly loving at the same time. I doubt he was a man for eulogies - so far better to put on one of his best songs - Long Long Long or From Behind That Locked Door - and take time to sit and think. Feel the shiver of recognition at emotion truly expressed - a rare thing for in any art.
Alex, UK

This is the sweetest memory I've got from my childhood and you, George, are part of it

Valeria, Argentina
I remember myself being 4 years old and watching my shadow on the wall as I were dancing along with Beatles music... This is the sweetest memory I've got from my childhood and you, George, are part of it. Love you forever.
Valeria, Argentina

In Strawberry Fields two Masters lay
Mates at last together again
Enriched by their living
And now poorer for their passing
Sadly missed tho' gone only a day.
Mike Gard, Australia

As all other kids were playing around I was trying to learn English to understand Beatles' songs (or was it learning English through Beatles' songs?). Since then I felt I had 4 close friends over there, and now one more is gone. He's with his sweet Lord now, he really wanted to see him and we are sorry it didn't took so long... My Lord... George, you brought joy to my life: may the peace be with you.
Mario J. Otero, Colombia

Though I've never met George, I feel like I have lost a dear friend. He will be sorely missed. I play guitar just for fun, and almost always find myself going back to Beatles songs to play. George has left his mark on millions of people, and will continue to be an inspiration to guitarists, both fledgling and virtuoso alike. Thanks George. Hare Krishna from an atheist.
John O'Toole, USA

I got into the Beatles when I was 8. My sister was at college when John was murdered. The radios played non-stop Beatles and my sister decided she liked the music and bought some albums. She brought the albums home the following summer and I got hooked. Hopefully some good will come of this and young people will be introduced to the Beatles. BTW my first child was born earlier this year - named "Harrison" of course.
Mark McComb, Detroit

George to me was the best Beatle with my most favourite work of his being "All the things must pass" a truly amazing triple album. A huge gap has now been left in the music world. My thoughts go out to his family and Paul and Ringo.
Graham, Kingston-upon-Thames, England

I'll be reminising with my "LP's" tonight

Gareth, Wales
A very sad day indeed. A hugely talented man. A great guitarist and wonderful songwriter in his own right. Lived in the shadow of the Lennon and McCartney phenomenon but the likes of Something, Here comes the Sun and Taxman stand up against anything they wrote. I personally thought the Wilburys were great fun too and wrote some great tracks. I'll be reminising with my "LP's" tonight. Goodbye George.
Gareth, Wales

I was living in Paris and I was ten when I heard "I saw her standing there". All my life has been backed by the Fab Four's music. Yesterday night, my kids - 7 and 5 -were watching Help. A door shuts on my youth. Goodbye, George. God bless you and your wonderful sound. Your songs are here to remind us how life can be pleasant and peaceful. Thanks for all.
Gerard Bialot, France

I am just another faceless Beatles fan, but I will truly miss George Harrison. I loved everything he did in and especially after the Beatles. His music was an inspiration.
Stella G, UK

Today, Liverpool has lost one of it's finest sons who gave oodles of pleasure to millions of fans all around the world. Always a dark horse, he used his immense talent to benefit good causes, quietly and true to his beliefs. As the flags fly at have mast in Liverpool, the city he left to conquer the world with music, George has continued his journey into the next life. Those who knew of him are united in their sorrow of his passing, "This is Love" George. God Bless.
Bruce Jones, Liverpool, UK

I'm so heartbroken that George has passed even though I know he's in a better world now. I just hope it's at least another 21 years until we lose another Beatle. My heart goes out to all his family, friends and fans.
Bob, USA

His songs demonstrated clearly the wonderful lyrical gifts he expressed all too rarely on Beatles tracks

Tom, UK
I saw the Beatles live only once - in Blackburn as the main support to Roy Orbison! In those days, George was the only one with any real skill on his instrument. His songs demonstrated clearly the wonderful lyrical gifts he expressed all too rarely on Beatles tracks. John Lennon was always the media choice as the thinking Beatle. For my money, George always did it quieter but better. His concert for Bangladesh was a remarkable individual achievement - still unequalled, even by Sir Bob. A very fine musician and a very fine man. Cheers George.
Tom, UK

In a world where manufactured falseness and fakery are strangling the life out music, and where band can't go anywhere without spilling beer and behaving badly. George Harrison stood out as a shining beacon of respect and dignity. His music and now his legacy will outlast any boy band or vocal group that clogs up the charts. A true genius has been lost.
Stephen Higgins, England

You were never in the shadow of Paul and John as far as I was concerned, my eyes always went to you, I fell in love with you and your music when I heard "Not a Second Time" as a young girl.
Dawn, England

My first 6 months in boarding school were hell cause I missed home a lot. Somehow 'Here comes the Sun' always made me feel better then and now whenever I listen to it. It's a song of hope. 'My Sweet Lord' is a humble song of yearning to know somebody or something greater than you ever will be and 'Something' is probably the best love song ever written, it's so sincere. We'll miss you George. Rest in peace and thank you for the music and the memories.
AL, Canada

This is absolutely true: I woke up startled early this morning. I didn't know why. I turned on my computer and slipped a Beatles CD in as I logged onto the web. Needless to say, I was shocked to read the news of George's passing as the CD automatically began to play. I'm shaking as I write this and the tears are uncontrollable. George Harrison, you were appreciated for the music and moments you brought the world, now you will be missed for them.
Victor Cervantes, U.S.A.

He not only gave us great music, but he cared about the world. Those of us who were old enough will never forget George's concert for Bangaldesh - the first time rock music got together to help the poor and suffering.
Thanks for everything mate and God bless you
Eric Harvey, UK

We only know you through our parents but thanks for all the wonderful music sounds that you brought to us. Your music will stay with us forever.
Kelly and Lisa, England

George wasn't the most glamorous or outspoken of the four, there was a quiet strength to him

Jason Rigby, UK
Someone once asked me the question which of the four Beatles I though my own character was closest too. I immediately thought of George. Although he wasn't the most glamorous or outspoken of the four, there was a quiet strength to him that I identified with straight away. I think everyone has a favourite Beatle, George was mine. The great loss of a kind and talented man will be felt by millions - and somehow selfishly more so by me.
Jason Rigby, UK

A truly sad day for anybody with a remote interest in music. Hopefully he will receive a fitting memorial which he deserves. Rest in peace George
Declan Diamond, Ireland

George's death has meant that a light has been extinguished on Earth and relit in Heaven. Goodbye, George - you were a true genius and life without you will be all the more harder to bear.
Camilla, United Kingdom

I wish I could have been old enough to understand just what a phenomenon the Beatles were

Susan, USA
My favourite Beatle is gone. I don't know if I'll ever be able to listen to the song "All Things Must Pass" without shedding a tear from this moment on. It has taken on new meaning. I was too young to have appreciated the Beatles when they first came out, I wish I could have been old enough to understand just what a phenomenon the Beatles were (and are today).
Susan, USA

George played lead guitar on the soundtrack of my adolescent years. Thanks for all the help through those years and for all the memories.
Mike Neal, UK

Both my husband and I have grown up with the music of the Fab Four since the 60's and have tears in our eyes today reading all the wonderful tributes to you from all around the world. A quiet and lovely man. Say a big hello to John. Condolences to all your family and to Paul and Ringo. You will be greatly missed by all your fans. God Bless.
Joan, Cardiff , UK

George, your spirit and music will always be with us and take us back to many happy times in our lives. May you at last be happy with the Lord.
Eric Lensing, USA

Growing up I was so enamoured with the Beatles I made cardboard guitars with broomstick handles so that I could sing along and act out as the Beatles. Peace be with George as you continue your journey.
Alex, USA

I would like to thank the city of Liverpool and also your beautiful nation for giving us George and the Beatles

Lisa, USA
I would like to thank the city of Liverpool and also your beautiful nation for giving us George and the Beatles. He has touched so many lives all over the world and so many are now grief stricken at his passing. Our grief is lightened only by knowing that he is now at peace and with the God he strived for throughout his life.
Lisa, USA

"I'm grateful to anyone, that is happy or free for giving to me hope while I'm looking to see the light that has lighted the world." Now you are a part of the light and lighting our world. I'm grateful to you. Thank you George. Rest in peace!
Mori Hiroshi, Japan

Very sad to hear of his passing. Was just in England and Liverpool. I remember that era as the best part of my youth. So much fun! The music has never been topped by any other entertainer.
Kathi B, Canada

You said Hello, the world said Goodbye and thank you.
Arthur, Ireland

All the world's a stage and the world was your stage. We'll all miss your poetic sounds
Humphrey Needle, England

There's no words to express what I feel. I had this last deep hope of George's recovery. I suppose God needed the best guitar man around...How can I say goodbye to a friend that was always, every day with me all my life?
Fernando Alhadeff, Argentina

To me, George was a true disciple of music art, and masterfully practiced his craft. Listening to his songs raised my spirit during many dull "absurd" moments. In all the Beatles fame, George felt diffidently sufficient simply to be a musician; a lesson that humanity may well benefit from. Since our "intelligence" rises with us to the next world when we pass, I'll be very interested to see how George's art progresses in the world to come.
Sleuth, United States of America

My dad queued for 4 hours to get the tickets. I still have the programme

Valerie Wright, UK
1963 Finsbury Park Astoria (It used to be called that) was where I first saw the Beatles, I was 13. My dad queued for 4 hours to get the tickets (I was ill at home with tonsillitis) I still have the programme, I remember going deaf for a while afterwards and losing my voice, having had the best ever experience at my first music concert. It was love at first sight and still is. My children now 25 and 23 have grown up with the Beatles music and know all the words too! Thanks is not enough, but your family and friends know that you will have floated up to heaven on all the love coming from the world right now. God bless, John is there waiting for that reunion.
Valerie Wright, UK

I was there in those early Cavern days when you would talk to us at the lunch-hour sessions. You were a gentleman then and have remained one throughout your life. God Bless you George for the pleasure and happiness you brought to the lives of us 60's Liverpool kids.
Sue Anderson, Switzerland

How appropriate that it is grey and raining today. Goodbye George...and thanks.
Coo, England

Don't mourn his death. Celebrate is his life through listening to his music
Thomas Sheils, Halesowen, UK

He was one of those rare artists whose music could touch your soul. As the Beatles' music evolved so did my respect for Harrison increase. He was an accomplished guitarist who had the humility to appreciate other instruments from alien cultures like the sitar. Quite early on when the hippie movement was more of a fad his quest for inner peace came through in a refreshingly and surprisingly sincere way. He had carved a unique position both as a human being and as a musician.
Shankar Kumar, India

He went beyond that and did so very much

Lucy Zinkiewicz, UK
I just heard - this is so terrible. Not long ago I visited the tiny house he lived in when the Beatles first got together, and was moved by the reminder of George's working class background. Yet he went beyond that and did so very much. I'll miss him.
Lucy Zinkiewicz, UK

I read the news today - Oh, boy! And wept awhile, with trembling smile, happy for all the joy that he gave us. My living heroes become fewer and fewer...
Gregg, USA

At the moment George died I was listening to his music at a Bootleg Beatles concert. When we shouted 'We love you, George' we really meant it. I'm glad he had a quiet, loving and, most of all, private death. He was so loved and respected and will be missed so very much. God bless you George.
Karen smith, England

I was born a month after John died and as a huge Beatle fan, I can say that you and John, Paul and Ringo have contributed to the world of modern music like no one else. There will be no other group like the Beatles. I expect sales of your solo albums will go up and you were a talent. All my friends' mums said that you were their favourite Beatles. My heart goes to Olivia, your son and all of your family. Paul and Ringo have to go through heartache with losing a college and a friend all over again. A legend. Rest in peace Sweet Lord. Your guitars gently weep with the loss of someone who knew to play them well.
Helen , UK

I live in the furthest corner of the world an yet we are very sad about his death

Roberto, Chile
You may wonder how far can the Beatles legacy can go, well here is your answer: I live in the furthest corner of the world an yet we are very sad about the death of George Harrison. My mum was a huge fan of the Beatles and I, 20, inherited that passion and listened to them as one of the world's greatest musical legacy. George's death will be long mourned all over the world because he was one of the pillars that kept the British music together, although he was introverted. I send my deepest condolences to his family and to the British people, who have brought up in their homeland one of the greatest musicians the world has ever seen.
Roberto, Chile

Heaven must be having a party tonight
Terry Amis, UK

When I was a junior high school student, I put a Beatles cover band together with my friends, and I was George in my band. I bought a white Fender Stratocaster just because George was playing the same guitar at the Concert for Bangladesh. It is still my main and the most precious guitar of mine. George is my favourite guitarist and he inspired me a lot. Thank you for your inspiration
Tosh, Japan

A World with only two Beatles alive is not a good one. We will miss him as much as we miss John.
Augusto Paes de Barros, Brazil

While I'm only 30 years old, I remember going through my moms record collection when I was just 5 years old, which was at least 400 albums. She must of had every Beatle album they made, and I listen to them to this day. He will be missed by everyone.
Mike, St.Louis, U.S.A.

The Beatles started out wanting to make good music. They definitely did that, and without intending to do so, they have made a massive contribution to everyones lives. It just goes to show what an effect they have made when a lad from Hunts Cross can trigger the reaction and emotion that has been seen today. Liverpool mourns today with the rest of the world for a great man. Keep playing George.
Steven Raynor, Liverpool,England

George was the man who made me doubt about atheism. Until nowadays I reserve a piece of my thoughts to faith despite my scepticism, thanks to him. He was not just a singer, guitarist or songwriter. He was a Beatle. That should resume everything in its greatness. Be in peace, my guru.
Alexandre Amorim, Brazil

I didn't know that George has died but something drew me to listen to 'The Great Gig in the Sky' by Pink Floyd last night. I must have known a great spirit had left my life. I will miss his music but I'm sure John will be glad to see him again.
Joanne, USA

If everyone who reads these messages could contribute a little to a cancer charity

Sam, England
Having just lost my mother to this terrible disease, George's death is making me feel sad. If everyone who reads these messages could contribute a little to a cancer charity, I'm sure George would have approved.
Sam, England

Truly awful news. A great, versatile, highly influential and much underrated guitarist. He was the link between country blues/rockabilly guitar and the blues boom of the late 60s. He was also one of very few players to develop an instantly recognisable slide guitar technique. A great songwriter and a humorous and spiritual human being, George is a huge and sad loss to music and to the world.
John Doole, Scotland

George Harrison seemed haunted by his fame which always struck me as a very human reaction to the massive public interest in his life. His music is his legacy and we must be thankful for that. A lot of his work never received the attention it deserved - particularly his distinctive bottle-neck guitar playing. I was lucky enough to be at his Royal Albert Hall gig in 1992 - it turned out to be his one and only solo appearance in this country. It's a memory to cherish. He may be gone but the music lives on.
Nick Watson, Bromsgrove, UK.

I wanted to be a Beatle, I wanted to be George Harrison

Phil, UK
I was 11 years old when I picked up a guitar. I wanted to be a Beatle, I wanted to be George Harrison. 30 years later I'm still playing your songs. Thanks George. God bless you.
Phil, UK

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